ATG :: Volume #19

#1995: At that time remote immortal

Aaaaahh!!” 啊啊啊啊啊!!” Throat tearing of Meng Jianzhou, the blood froth of neighing flutters about. 梦见洲的喉管撕裂,嘶叫的血沫纷飞。 Flickers the arm, originally not being the extent that profound heart, let alone half step Divine Extinction Realm cultivation base. 一瞬断臂,本不至于如此痛彻心扉,何况还是半步神灭境修为 But the sword of Sword Immortal, how in every knowledge. 剑仙之剑,岂在凡识之间。 Wisp of azure glow, ten thousand Heavy Sword intent. 一缕青芒,万重剑意。 The single layer breaks the arm, ten thousand heavy piercing heart! 一重断臂,万重穿心 The grey robe old man palm turns over, the profound energy release, is actually not seal Meng Jianzhou breaks the wound in arm place, but blocked him to call out pitifully embarrassedly, simultaneously depressed his physique forcefully. 灰袍老者手掌翻转,玄气释放,却不是封结梦见洲断臂处的创伤,而是封死了他过于难堪的惨叫,同时将他身姿强行压下。 „The Jianzhou conduct is inferior, offends ignorantly, thanks...... Sword Immortal to teach.” The grey robe old man can send out voice/sound finally, but breaks the person of arm the child of God Venerate facing this cruelly, said was actually the word of inferior bow. 见洲品行低劣,无知冒犯,谢……剑仙管教。”灰袍老者终于能发出声音,但面对这个将神尊之子残忍断臂的人,说出的却是卑躬之言。 The old face does not dare to reveal, even if unwilling or the anger. 苍老的面孔不敢表露哪怕一丝的不甘或怒意。 Meng Jianzhou is enlarging the pupil, eyeful with amazement. 梦见洲放大着瞳孔,满眼的骇然。 He heard Sword Immortal two characters. 他听到了“剑仙”二字。 The azure shadow falls asleep, does not see him to accommodate, only may distinguish faintly is a back: This arm within three years cannot remould, immediately roll to this place.” 青影入梦,不见其容,只隐隐可辨是一个背影:“此臂三年之内不可重塑,立刻滚离此地。” This sound hears, the grey robe old man reveals is actually the look of being overjoyed, hurries to press Meng Jianzhou to lower the head together: Thanked the Sword Immortal forgiveness, our was far away, no longer dares to alarm God's Daughter Caili certainly.” 此音入耳,灰袍老者露出的却是大喜过望的神色,慌忙压着梦见洲一起垂首:“谢剑仙宽恕,我们这就远离,绝不再敢惊扰彩璃神女。” God's Daughter Caili four character, Meng Jianzhou had expanded to the biggest pupil is nearly startled explodes. 彩璃神女”四字一出,梦见洲本已扩张到最大的瞳孔惊得险些爆裂。 In that legend a pupil leans ten thousand realms...... Heaven Breaker Divine Country this generation of God's Daughter...... Hua Caili!? 那个传说之中一眸倾万界……折天神国这一代的神女……画彩璃!? The Sword Immortal immortal shadow thousand years are difficult to seek, God's Daughter Caili just like remote dream...... 剑仙仙影千载难觅,彩璃神女宛若遥梦…… He unexpectedly in this trivial Qilin Abyss Realm...... 他竟在这区区麟渊界…… The Meng Jianzhou state of mind also almost wants, as pupil blasting open. 梦见洲的心绪也几乎要随着瞳孔炸裂。 For a while actually he somewhat cannot distinguish clearly this is the disaster or lucky. 他一时都有些分不清这究竟是天灾还是万幸。 Meng Jingzhe, goes back to tell Meng Kongchan to teach own son! Good 梦惊蛰,回去告诉梦空蝉管教好自己的儿子!好 The evil is a son of first wife, don't Weaving Dream Divine Country originally few face countenance defeats completely! ” 歹是个嫡子,可别将织梦神国本就无几的颜面败尽!” immortal sound is remote, goes far away moment. 仙音渺渺,须臾远去。 The azure glow in line of sight also dissipates finally, the world restored the original color and voice/sound. 视线中的青芒也终于消散,世界恢复了原本的色彩与声音 As if suddenly crashes into the dreamland, wakes up from the dreamland suddenly. 仿佛忽然坠入梦境,又忽然从梦境中醒来。 Only has the left arm and is informed Meng Jianzhou all these absolutely not illusions by puncture Soul of break clearly. 唯有断裂的左臂和被穿刺的灵魂清晰告知着梦见洲这一切绝非幻梦。 Walks!” “走!” Meng Jingzhe brings Meng Jianzhou, goes far away fast. 梦惊蛰重新带起梦见洲,快速远去。 Even the azure shadow has gone, he does not dare to make any stay as before. 即使青影已去,他依旧不敢做任何停留。 Because that is Sword Immortal —— Hua Qingying. 因为那是剑仙——画清影 Divine Pinnacle Realm final level, under abyss god the first person. 神极境极境,深渊神下第一人。 But Hua Caili, is her only reverse scale. 画彩璃,是她唯一的逆鳞 ............ ………… Qilin Worshipping Alliance, outside Main Palace. 拜麟盟,主殿外。 Qilin Worshipping Alliance lord Ximen Borong, the Abyss Knight Ximen Boyun straight body stands, a behind numerous Hall Master rudder Lord all, each one manners are respectful and prudent, each wisp of air current of whole body is passing tight. 拜麟盟西门博容,深渊骑士西门博云直身而立,身后一众堂主舵主皆在,个个神态恭谨,周身的每一缕气流都透着紧张。 Being critical situation. 如临大敌。 Except for the Qilin Worshipping Alliance person, Rock Profound Sect and Sect Master, Young Sect Master and core figure ten thousand Renzong, fierce sand sect also impressively in row. 除了拜麟盟的人,磐玄宗、万仞宗、烈砂宗的宗主少宗主以及核心人物也都赫然在列。 Their faces, pass similarly...... are almost being the deepest dignity since birth. 他们的面孔,同样透着……几乎是有生以来最深的凝重。 A double-hour...... three double-hour...... ten double-hour...... 一个时辰……三个时辰……十个时辰…… mind tight is too long, powerful profound practitioner also exhausted difficult brace. 精神紧绷的太久,再强大的玄者也会疲惫难撑。 Finally, Rock Profound Sect Lord stockade to subdue|grams is unable to endure patiently evilly again, said in a low voice: Bo Yunxiong, that dream young master......” 终于,磐玄宗主砦克邪再无法忍耐,低声道:“博云兄,那梦公子……” „Wait.” Ximen Boyun light character. “等。”西门博云淡淡一字。 Ximen Boyun fully realized that Meng Jianzhou is not good the kind, but if this is not the case, the seduction how also to be ejected easily by him directs to Qilin Abyss Realm. 西门博云深知梦见洲并非良类,但若非如此,又怎会轻易被他抛出的诱惑引至麟渊界 Although his personality is poor, especially excellent female sexual attractiveness, but he in weaving God Venerate Meng descendants is also outstanding, is precisely only two( have) one of the sons of first wife, at least in deciding dependent country at this matter, must have enough right to speak. 他性情虽劣,尤其极好女色,但他在织梦神尊一众子孙中也算出类拔萃,且是唯二(尚存)的嫡子之一,至少在决定“附属国”这件事上,应当有着足够的话语权。 So the character, giving their demonstration of authority is the normal matter, if arrives on time, instead is strange. 如此人物,给他们下马威是再正常不过的事,若是按时到来,反而奇怪。 Also is 12 double-hour passes. 又是十二个时辰过去。 Ten thousand ancient measure of length Sect Master ten thousand Wei said out loud: „Has dream young master really come? Can he...... confuse for the sandstorm, lost the direction?” 万仞宗主万巍出声道:“梦公子真的已经来了?他会不会……为沙暴所迷,失了方向?” Ximen Boyun said: Snort, the child of Divine Country, how will be harassed by the trivial sandstorm.” 西门博云道:“哼,神国之子,岂会被区区沙暴所扰。” Thinks, he said: Dream young master two had then arrived other day, now, but in enjoys. When he wants to come, will come. If he does not want to come, alarms rashly, instead is disrespectful.” 想了想,他还是说道:“梦公子两日前便已到来,如今,只是在自行赏玩中。他想要现身时,自会现身。他若不想现身,贸然惊扰,反是失礼。” Immediately no one talks too much again. 顿时无人再多言。 That is Divine Country the child of God Venerate, can arrive, is the huge gracious gift. The big stance, they must receive. 那可是神国神尊之子,能亲临,便是天大的恩赐。多大的架势,他们也得受着。 If can become Divine Country attached, even if sends under the god fence, half a lifetime humble/despise Gong, still feels better the present. 若能就此成为神国的附属,即使寄神篱下,半生卑躬,也远好过现在。 Also is one passes all day. 又是一整天过去。 This time, Ximen Boyun was unable to calm down. 这次,西门博云也已无法沉住气。 Has arrived obviously, actually dried in the sun their entire three days. Even the child of God Venerate still went too far. 明明已经到来,却晾了他们整整三天。就算是神尊之子也着实太过分了些。 Looked at Ximen Boyun complexion, Ximen Borong said in a low voice: Bo cloud, passes message invites one time again.” 看了一眼西门博云的脸色,西门博容低声道:“博云,还是传音再邀一次吧。” Ximen Boyun also no longer insisted, takes advantage of a situation to appear sound transmission jade, then put in order the intonation, passes message to go to honored guest who” not having for a long time comes. 西门博云也不再坚持,就势现出传音玉,然后整了整语调,向久未现身的“贵客”传音而去。 Quick, then received the echo from Meng Jianzhou. 很快,便收到了来自梦见洲的回音。 One character, having the extremely fierce anger with detesting: Go away!!” 只有一个字,带着极烈的愤怒与嫌恶:“滚!!” The Ximen Boyun complexion sank instantaneously, everyone lifts the head startled, look at each other in blank dismay. 西门博云的脸色瞬间沉了下来,所有人都愕然抬首,面面相觑 This?” Stockade to subdue|grams is evil, ten thousand Wei, fierce thousand Hong three Sect Master all are the complexion continually changes. “这?”砦克邪、万巍、烈千洪三宗主皆是面色连变。 The disposition always calm such as the water Ximen Boyun complexion is black like the bottom of the pot, among the volumes the blue vein braves, probably swallow alive a clod dead fly. 心性一向沉稳如水的西门博云脸色已是黑如锅底,额间青筋直冒,像是生吞了一坨子死苍蝇。 He is serves Abyss Sovereign and Divine Emissary Abyss Knight, even the child of God Venerate, will still give him several points of face. 他好歹是侍奉渊皇神官深渊骑士,就算是神尊之子,也该给他几分面子。 But this Meng Jianzhou unexpectedly...... 而这梦见洲居然…… How... to have... this... the principle!” His words cutting tooth, had lost the Abyss Knight deportment. “岂…有…此…理!”他字字切齿,已是失了深渊骑士的仪态。 After all, is he to weaves dream honored guest who” Qilin Worshipping Alliance and three sects promised personally and „the bestowed by heaven good opportunity, caused three sects to admire thoroughly. 毕竟,是他向拜麟盟三宗亲口许下的“织梦贵客”与“天赐良机”,引得三宗彻底拜服。 Now rolling character, not only Qilin Abyss Realm became the Divine Country attached hope directly certainly, is to make him completely lose the dignity and face countenance in the presence of everyone. 如今一个“滚”字,不仅直接绝了麟渊界成为神国附属的希望,更是让他当众尽失威严与颜面。 He does not know that Meng Jianzhou encountered anything, does not know that Meng Jianzhou vented anger his head...... only to think all this Meng Jianzhou is playing jokes upon and shaming him intentionally. 他不知道梦见洲遭遇了什么,更不知梦见洲将一切都迁怒到了他的头上……只觉得这梦见洲在故意戏耍、羞辱他。 Ximen Borong inspires ruthlessly, then turns around to face the person of three sects, looks at they gloomy uncertain complexion, he uses the toe to think of them in unstated criticism anything. 西门博容狠狠吸了一口气,然后转身面向三宗之人,看着他们阴暗不定的脸色,他用脚趾头都能想到他们在腹诽什么。 It seems like the dream young master encountered what accident on the way.” He is maintaining unflustered of voice: At present Qilin God Realm opening nears, closes up the matter of Divine Country, may postpone slightly.” “看来梦公子途中遭遇了什么变故。”他保持着语态的从容不迫:“眼下麟神境开启在即,靠拢神国之事,可稍加延后。” Un, it seems like also can only so.” Stockade to subdue|grams evil nod, but voice/sound and stance, obviously do not have previous respectful and prudent. “嗯,看来也只能如此了。”砦克邪点头,但声音、姿态,已明显没有了先前的恭谨。 „, The stockade some then first returns to the meeting of sect arrangement Qilin god, said goodbye.” “那么,砦某便先回宗门筹备麟神之会,告辞。” Then, stockade to subdue|grams does not wait for Ximen Borong to respond evilly, flings the sleeve to turn around to go directly. 说完,砦克邪也不等西门博容回应,直接甩袖转身而去。 ten thousand Wei also leads ten thousand Renzong to depart up and down. 万巍也随之带着万仞宗上下离去。 „The Ximen hegemon, hears that Helian still to insist that must participate in the meeting of this Qilin god, perhaps has taken advantage.” Fierce sand Sect Master fierce thousand Hong good intention is reminding: Your Qilin Worshipping Alliance do not plant.” 西门盟主,听闻那赫连依然坚持要参与此次麟神之会,或许是有所依仗。”烈砂宗主烈千洪“好心”提醒着:“你拜麟盟可别栽了。” Fierce Sect Master was overanxious.” Ximen Borong is false smile. “烈宗主过虑了。”西门博容皮笑肉不笑。 three sects left, quick, their behind then transmits a loud sound, is accompanying a Ximen Boyun venting low roar. 三宗先后离开,很快,他们身后便传来一声巨响,伴着西门博云一声发泄的低吼。 ............ ………… At the same time, beyond Qilin Abyss Realm ten thousand li (0.5 km). 同一时间,麟渊界的万里之外。 This nonsense Ximen Boyun, the also face passes message to me unexpectedly!” “这狗屁西门博云,居然还有脸给我传音!” Bang! 砰! Palms that sound transmission jade in Meng Jianzhou that only remains pinched smashing. His chest cavity fluctuates, is breathing heavily fiercely, whole piece face fierce fearfulness. 传音玉梦见洲那只仅剩的手掌间被捏的粉碎。他胸腔起伏,剧烈喘着粗气,整张脸狰狞的可怕。 Because he was suffered 36 double-hour by Sword Immortal awl soul sword intent fully. 因为他被剑仙的锥魂剑意整整折磨了三十六个时辰。 He just withdrew from Purgatory, received passes message of Ximen Boyun, hate intent erupted filled with instantaneously, wishes one could to frustrate the bone to raise the ash Abyss Knight of this new promote personally. 他刚从炼狱中脱身,就接到了西门博云的传音,满腔恨意瞬间爆发,恨不能亲手将这个新晋的深渊骑士挫骨扬灰。 If not for he, how oneself will condescend this lowly place, how also to be suffered and humiliated by this! 若不是他,自己怎会屈尊来这卑贱之地,又怎会遭此折磨和折辱! if not Meng Jingzhe assigns/life him is not possible to approach Qilin Abyss Realm again, he will certainly flush, that dog shit Qilin Worshipping Alliance to having it all...... went to especially Abyss Knight! 要不是梦惊蛰命他绝不可再靠近麟渊界,他一定会冲回去,将那个狗屎拜麟盟给一锅端了……去特么的深渊骑士 Is separated Meng Jianzhou that sword intent suffers finally to speak and act normally. He will refer to the sound transmission jade fragment casting off, said to Meng Jingzhe: Grandpa Zhe, helping me remould the left arm.” 脱离剑意折磨的梦见洲终于可以正常的说话和行动。他将指间的传音玉碎片甩开,向梦惊蛰道:“蛰爷,帮我重塑左臂。” May not!” Meng Jingzhe has no decline of hesitation: Sword Immortal talked wildly for three years is not possible to remould, a that early day was not then good!” “不可!”梦惊蛰没有任何犹疑的回绝:“剑仙放言三年不可重塑,那便早一天都不行!” Meng Jianzhou clenches teeth the sinking sound: I weave the child of God Venerate Meng! Although her Sword Immortal is known as under the god the first person, but eventually is not True God! Some Father God, what Xu fear her!” 梦见洲咬牙沉声:“我好歹是织梦神尊之子!她剑仙虽号称神下第一人,但终究不是真神!有父神在,何需惧她!” Naive.” This time, Meng Jingzhe does not have vertical him the meaning, but is coldly snorted one: These words, your Father God, does not have face/color to say even.” “天真。”这一次,梦惊蛰却没有纵他之意,而是冷哼一声:“这句话,就算是你父神,也无颜说出。” Meng Jianzhou fierce raising the head, in Meng Jingzhe words does not have face two characters, keeping him from understanding. 梦见洲猛的抬头,梦惊蛰话中的“无颜”二字,让他无法理解。 Meng Jingzhe said: You are young, is not naturally able to understand that the era matter, obediently remembers this lesson. You have seen Heaven Breaker Divine Country God's Daughter Caili now, later, must be far away in her ten million/countless, the farther the better!” 梦惊蛰道:“你还年轻,自然无法理解上个时代的事,乖乖记住此次教训。你如今已见过折天神国彩璃神女,以后,千万要远离于她,越远越好!” Provokes Hua Caili, provokes Sword Immortal! Who do not forget her unmarried husband are!” “招惹画彩璃,就是招惹剑仙!你也不要忘了她的未婚夫婿是谁!” God's Daughter Caili unmarried husband...... 彩璃神女的未婚夫婿…… Boundless Divine Country God's Son, is first God's Son of present age...... Dian Jiuzhi! 森罗神国神子,亦是当代的第一神子……殿九知 The marriage affinity of two people, is Abyss Sovereign own permits, world no one does not know. 两人之姻缘,还是渊皇亲许,天下无人不知。 The Meng Jianzhou heart twitched fiercely, full head cold sweat streaming to fall, hated to rise suddenly about the anger of Ximen Boyun again. 梦见洲心脏猛的抽搐了一下,满头冷汗涔涔而落,对西门博云的怒恨再度暴涨。 Slow some little time, he asked finally: I am not clear. Why you will say that my Father God...... dreads Sword Immortal, because could it be that she is the Painted Heart God Venerate biological younger sister?” 缓了好一会儿,他终于还是问道:“我不明白。为何你会说我父神都……忌惮剑仙,难道就因为她是画心神尊的亲妹?” Heaven Breaker Divine Country of Six Divine Countries God Venerate Hua Fuchen, God Title Painted Heart. 六神国折天神国神尊画浮沉,神号画心”。 Pours non- dreaded.” Meng Jingzhe hesitant, said: „When your Father God or God's Son, once disastrous defeat under her sword.” “倒非忌惮。”梦惊蛰犹豫了一番,还是说道:“你父神还是神子之时,曾惨败于她的剑下。” „!!” In Meng Jianzhou heart intense shock. “!!”梦见洲心中剧震 Then just like the deity......, is not the deity father, in the Meng Jingzhe mouth, played the part of disastrous defeat two characters. 那宛如天神……不,就是天神的父亲,在梦惊蛰的口中,被饰予“惨败”二字。 Not is only your Father God.” Recalled remotely in the past, in Meng Jingzhe hearts disappointed: „The meeting of that Pure Land, numerous God's Son God's Daughter, does not have one to be possible in time enemy her hand the sword.” “不仅是你父神。”忆起遥远往昔,梦惊蛰心间万般怅然:“那一次的净土之会,一众神子神女,无一可敌她手中之剑。” However they, are present Absolute Net God Venerate Dian Luohou( Boundless Divine Country), Unilluminated God Venerate Shenwu Yanye( Eternal Night Divine Country), Heavenly Star God Venerate Wushen Xing( Star Moon Divine Country), Lofty Moon God Venerate Wushen Yue( Star Moon Divine Country), Dreamless God Venerate Meng Kongchan( Weaving Dream Divine Country), Spreading Prayer God Venerate Pan Yusheng( Owl Butterfly Divine Country).” “而他们,是如今的绝罗神尊殿罗睺(森罗神国)、无明神尊神无厌夜(永夜神国)、天星神尊巫神星(星月神国)、穹月神尊巫神月(星月神国)、无梦神尊梦空蝉(织梦神国)、祈恒神尊槃余生(枭蝶神国)。” Wha...... assorted...... assorted...... what!?” Outside Meng Jianzhou both eyes raised, the tongue seemed tangled ruthlessly. “什……什……什……什么!?”梦见洲双目外凸,舌头仿佛被狠狠缠结。 Meng Jingzhe continued: Now, they all are control respective Divine Country unsurpassed God Venerate, once defeat has also become the taboo, your generation of nature difficult from knowing.” 梦惊蛰继续道:“如今,他们皆已是统御各自神国的无上神尊,曾经的败绩也已成为禁忌,你们这一辈自然难从知晓。” „......” Meng Jianzhou is startled being hard to say a word for a while. “……”梦见洲一时惊得难以言语。 Meng Jingzhe both eyes slightly whole, thinks that he is unable to say junior passing. 梦惊蛰双目微阖,想到了那段他无法说予后辈的过往。 , Wove the dream and Owl Butterfly...... past three God's Son to pursue Hua Qingying together, that was that era maximum subject. 森罗、织梦、枭蝶……当年三神子齐追画清影,那可是那个时代最大的谈资。 What a pity, what Hua Qingying cultivates folds the brutal sword in Sky Sword, has broken wants to cut the sentiment, all does not spare a glance to that three God's Son. 可惜,画清影修的是折天剑中的无情剑,早已断欲斩情,对那三神子皆不屑一顾。 Now, past three God's Son all are Divine Country God Venerate, but that wipes the azure shadow, perhaps the life is unable to cancel from the soul bottom. 如今,当年的三神子皆已为神国神尊,但那抹青影,或许一生都无法从魂底抹去。 The Sword Immortal two characters, belonging to her are in the sword the immortal, but is...... she is the Yaochi immortal dreams of too many, touch. 剑仙二字,非她是剑中之仙,而是……她是太多人的瑶池仙梦,不可触及。 Absolute Net God Venerate Dian Luohou facilitates marrying with Heaven Breaker Divine Country vigorously, perhaps, to finish indistinct dream slightly. 绝罗神尊殿罗睺极力促成与折天神国的联姻,或许,也是为了稍稍了却飘渺之梦。 When he for Boundless God's Son, cannot result in Heaven Breaker God's Daughter to flicker to lean the pupil, that then makes his son complete this to hope for him. 他为森罗神子时,未能得折天神女一瞬倾眸,那便让他的儿子替他完成此愿。 She...... she, since is so fierce, why Heaven Breaker Divine Country this generation of God Venerate are actually Hua Fuchen?” Meng Jianzhou extremely puzzled say/way. “她……她既然这么厉害,为什么折天神国这一代的神尊却是画浮沉?”梦见洲万分不解道。 Meng Jingzhe said slowly: In the past, Heaven Breaker Divine Country bestowed by heaven two stars, Hua Fuchen of eight points of godship, Hua Qingying of nine points of godship.” 梦惊蛰徐徐道:“当年,折天神国天赐双星,八分神格的画浮沉,九分神格的画清影。” Previous generation's booklet day of God Venerate has not selected abandons one, but both stands for god receiving. Therefore, Heaven Breaker Divine Country then had Heaven Breaker God's Son Hua Fuchen, Heaven Breaker God's Daughter Hua Qingying.” “上一代的折天神尊未择一弃一,而是双双立为神承者。于是,折天神国便有了一个折天神子画浮沉,一个折天神女画清影。” But, past Hua Fuchen and other ambitious God's Son were all different. He is dissolute, does not follow the ritual of earthliness, the unhappy any restraint, conflicts to to become God Venerate extremely. In addition his cultivation base and Sword Path throughout by the Hua Qingying in pairs steamroll. Therefore, everyone believes, continues Heaven Breaker Divine Country God Venerate, must for Hua Qingying.” “但,当年的画浮沉与其他野心勃勃的神子皆不同。他狂肆不羁,不循俗世之礼,不喜任何约束,对成为神尊更是极为抵触。再加上他的修为剑道始终被画清影双双碾压。因此,所有人都坚信,承接折天神国神尊的,必为画清影。” Had the first child until...... Hua Fuchen, is present Heaven Breaker God's Daughter Hua Caili.” “直到……画浮沉有了第一个孩子,也就是如今的折天神女画彩璃。” Also because of this child, Hua Qingying gave up the god receiving, delivered to Hua Fuchen the position of God Venerate, had present Painted Heart God Venerate and Sword Immortal.” “也是因为这个孩子,画清影放弃了神承,将神尊之位交予了画浮沉,也才有了如今的画心神尊剑仙。” Why??” Meng Jianzhou is more puzzled. “为什么??”梦见洲更加不解。 Meng Jingzhe looks at his one eyes, has not actually continued to explain again: Reason, my also knowledge really shallow, you do not need to closely examine. You only need to know, even your Father God, does not dare to regard Sword Immortal decisively lowly.” 梦惊蛰看他一眼,却没有再继续解释下去:“这其中缘由,我也知之甚浅,你不必追问。你只需要知道,就算是你父神,也断然不敢低视剑仙。” Even...... he saw Hua Qingying, the words not necessarily said agily. 甚至……他见了画清影,话都不一定说得利索。 Vertical is True God, essentially also is still a man. 纵已为真神,本质上也依然是个男子。 But to the male lethality biggest thing...... often is the white moonlight. 而对男子杀伤力最大之物……往往是白月光。 But, is not right.” Meng Jianzhou very natural detection to the place of huge incompatiblity: Painted Heart God Venerate has reigned at least ten thousand years, if before Hua Caili he becomes God Venerate, lives, that at least, these over 10,000 years old.” “可是,不对啊。”梦见洲很自然的察觉到了巨大的不契合之处:“画心神尊已在位至少万载,画彩璃若是他成为神尊前所生,那至少,也该一万多岁。” But, that Hua Caili seems like...... radically is the little miss who is completely not long. Moreover time that God's Daughter Caili this title presents......” “可是,那画彩璃看起来……根本还是个没有完全长开的小姑娘。而且彩璃神女这个称号出现的时间……” I said that does not need to closely examine.” Meng Jingzhe breaks him, then warned: This matter, I only know that indistinctly as if involves to the secret that Abyss Sovereign is not willing outside to proclaim. And really by, feared that is unclear of your Father God knowledge.” “我说了,不必追问。”梦惊蛰打断他,然后警告道:“这件事,我只隐约知道似乎涉及到一件渊皇不愿外宣的隐秘。其中真由,怕是你父神都知之不详。” Related to „the Abyss Sovereign secret, Meng Jianzhou is also insufficient is too stupid, the obediently silent, does not dare to ask hastily again. 涉及“渊皇隐秘”,梦见洲还不至于太蠢,连忙乖乖闭口,不敢再问。 " If this world, can some people not be received by the god, the strength builds True God...... only to have Hua Qingying by oneself. " 「若此世,能有人不经神承,以自身之力修成真神……唯有画清影。」 This was in the past, Pure Land big Divine Emissary light moan a few words...... Meng Jingzhe, and all people of presence printed in the heart all firmly, never faded from the memory. 这是当年,净土神官轻吟的一句话……梦惊蛰,以及所有在场之人无不牢印于心,从未淡忘。 The tour of this Qilin Abyss Realm, when realizing the person of Meng Jianzhou provoking is extremely possible is God's Daughter Caili, he was startled broke the guts seriously. 此次麟渊界之行,在意识到梦见洲招惹之人极可能是彩璃神女时,他当真是惊破了胆。 Even if broke an arm, may not break this experience.” Meng Jingzhe said resolutely: On the contrary, if you go back, your Father God knows you to break the arm, because, decides to meet the thunder to be furious, will also be more disappointed about you.” “就算断了一臂,也不可断了此次历练。”梦惊蛰正色道:“相反,若你就此回去,你父神知你断臂之因,定会雷霆震怒,对你亦会更为失望。” Disappointed?” These two characters punctured the Meng Jianzhou nerve ruthlessly, his heavily clenched teeth: I also feared that he is disappointed? He to me, is not forever only then these two characters......, regardless of I make anything, makes how great effort!” “失望?”这两个字狠狠刺动了梦见洲的神经,他重重咬牙:“我还怕他失望?他对我,不是永远都只有这两个字么……无论我做什么,付出多么大的努力!” Meng Jingzhe consolation: That well informed and experienced, if can succeed to break through to Divine Extinction Realm, your Father God will regard with a special fondness about you surely, even if knows this next best matter, will still reduce its anger.” 梦惊蛰劝慰:“那就好好历练,若能成功突破至神灭境,你父神定会对你另眼相看,就算知道了此次之事,也会消减其怒。” Useless.” Meng Jianzhou is actually deeply laughed: Has Meng Jianxi, his where will also see me. Even the achievement half god, still...... rewards such a at most!” “没用的。”梦见洲却是低笑一声:“有梦见溪在,他哪里还会看到我。就算是成就半神,也顶多……只是多赏赐那么一眼!” Meng Jingzhe said desolately: This is the destiny. You and Jianxi, are finally incomparable.” 梦惊蛰冷淡道:“这是天命。你与见溪,终不可比。” Bang! 砰! On Meng Jianzhou ruthlessly fist pound on the ground. 梦见洲狠狠一拳砸在地上。 Why! Why!! Thought of every means to kill Meng Jianyuan, That youth obviously stupidest Meng Jianxi unexpectedly awakening godship...... Wu! “为什么!凭什么!!费尽心思才弄死了【梦见渊】,那个少时明明最蠢笨的梦见溪居然又觉醒神格……唔! Expert covering of stubbornly being dried up on the mouth of Meng Jianzhou, blocked him ruthlessly fully is unwilling voice/sound. Meng Jingzhe hurries to look in all directions, isolates formation to congeal hastily, he suppresses the sound said: You were insane! That name...... that matter can never raise again! A character cannot!!” 一只干枯的老手死死的捂在了梦见洲的嘴上,狠狠阻断了他满是不甘的声音梦惊蛰慌忙四顾,一个隔绝结界更是仓促凝成,他狠声道:“你疯了吗!那个名字……那件事永远都不能再提!一个字都不能!!” Once exposes, even if you are your Father God son of first wife...... we must die without the burial ground!” “一旦暴露,就算你是你父神的嫡子……我们也都得死无葬身之地!” The Meng Jianzhou white of the eye upturns, the whole body is startled to brave cold sweat, nod that nervous does not fall. 梦见洲眼白上翻,全身惊冒冷汗,慌不跌的点头 ———— ———— Remembers Meng Jianyuan this name, not ~ ~ often ~ ~ important.】 【记住“梦见渊”这个名字,非~~常~~重要。】
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