ATG :: Volume #19

#1994: The female of God Venerate

The heroes rescue the beautiful repertoire dog blood, and rotten vulgar, but is very without doubt useful. 英雄救美的套路狗血且烂俗,但无疑很有用。 Especially has not dyed every young girl in wordly affairs Egypt to one. 尤其是对一个未染凡世尘埃的少女。 Because is the pure white smoke gauze, is then easier to leave behind the mark, and initial mark is always most difficult to erase. 因为越是纯白的烟纱,便越容易留下印记,且最初的印记总是最难抹除。 Naturally, at the angle of view of silver clothes man, at present what performs is a funny pleasure. 当然,以银衣男子的视角,眼前上演的是一场滑稽的乐子。 aura of Divine Sovereign Realm peak, in this Qilin Abyss Realm is also the powerhouse plane/level character. What a pity before him, is actually jumps the clown of face on own initiative......, because he does not know that what oneself provokes is what kind of character. 神君境巅峰的气息,想必在这个麟渊界也是强者层面的人物。可惜在他面前,却是个主动跳脸的小丑……因为他根本不知道自己招惹的是何许人物。 Outside world, is really interesting to the extreme. 外面的世界,真是有趣之极 Where do you drill the come out stinking insect?” He is hanging eyes slantingly, that is one type does not need desirably, purely despising naturally. “你又是从哪里钻出来的臭虫?”他斜垂著眼眸,那是一种无需刻意,纯粹自然而然的蔑视。 „?” Yun Che smiles is more contemptuous than him: Really the stinking insect looks at anything is the stinking insect. The odor of this whole body sending out, beyond my ten li (0.5 km) nearly spits come out, but you are but actually clear to your cognition.” “又?”云澈笑得比他还要轻蔑:“果然臭虫看什么都是臭虫。你这全身散发的恶臭,我十里之外都险些吐出来,不过你对自己的认知倒还蛮清晰的。” „......” The flowery lips unconscious warpage of young girl flickered. “……”少女的唇瓣不自觉的弯翘了一瞬。 Yun Che has never lost on the mouth, the shame person has words at fingertips and writes with facility. But this to the growth the young girl of perfect environment, is actually extremely new and strange. 云澈从未在嘴上输过,辱人更是信手拈来。但这对生长于完美环境的少女而言,却是太过新异。 Originally, but can also curse at people like this. 原来,还可以这样骂人。 Complexion suddenly gloomy of silver clothes man several points. 银衣男子的脸色陡然阴沉了几分。 Has not gone away!” Yun Che lifts the hand, the flame between palms were many for several points to deter: Has ulterior motives, bullies. This abyss world most this/should elimination, is you is so filled with the dirty person.” “还不滚开!”云澈抬手,掌间的火焰多了几分威慑:“心怀叵测,仗势凌人。这深渊之世最该清除的,便是你这般满心肮脏之人。” Suddenly notices the young girl as in behind, he reviews again, voice/sound reduces were also many several points of urgency: Has not walked quickly!” 忽然注意到少女依旧在身后,他再次回眸,声音压低的同时也多了几分急切:“还不快走!” „, Hehehe.” The silver clothes man smiled: You know, you are speaking with whom?” “呵,呵呵呵。”银衣男子笑了:“你知道,自己在和谁说话吗?” „......” The Yun Che's corners of the mouth move slightly. Worthily is the jackals from the same lair, even the lines are exactly the same. “……”云澈的嘴角微动。不愧是一丘之貉,连台词都一模一样。 Makes me roll?” In the silver clothes man hand the folding fan gathers, around the eyelid that sinks floats off a strange ripple: „Do you believe that my finger moves, your obediently kneels, kowtows to knock dead!” “让我滚?”银衣男子手中折扇合起,微沉的眼睑周围浮起一层诡异的波纹:“你信不信,我这手指一动,你就会乖乖的跪下来,磕头磕到死!” Right?” Yun Che does not show weakness, the palm scarlet flame flees zhang (3.33 m) high: You do not roll far, feared the opportunity of continually kneeling down did not have!” “是吗?”云澈毫不示弱,掌心赤炎直窜丈高:“你再不滚远,怕是连跪下的机会都没有了!” The young girls stick out one's tongue secretly. 少女暗暗吐舌。 But deeply feels interesting. 但深感有趣。 Good very!” Money man finger stretches out, fingertip superficial below presses. “好的很!”银子男子手指伸出,指尖轻描淡写的下压。 Instantaneously, the Yun Che's knees fierce bend, only kneels under. 瞬间,云澈的双膝猛的弯折,只跪而下。 „......” Young girl frowns, jade-like finger stretches out, concentrates to refer to for the sword. “……”少女蹙眉,玉指伸出,凝指为剑。 But sword light has not become, actually discovered startled, the Yun Che bend the less than half knees stagnated unexpectedly, then bit by bit...... slowly is straight. 剑芒未成,却愕然发现,云澈弯折了小半的双膝竟生生停滞,然后又一点一点……缓缓的直起。 The sword light stagnation of young girl fingertip, in the foreheads concentrates one to be surprised. 少女指尖的剑芒停滞,眉宇间凝起一抹惊讶。 Did he...... resist opposite soul pressure by Divine Sovereign Realm cultivation base unexpectedly? 他竟然以神君境修为……抵御住了对面的魂压? Also appeared on the face of silver clothes man stunned, he obviously knits the brows , the vision sank, the crafty light of pupil deep place steep present several times. 错愕同样出现在了银衣男子的脸上,他明显皱了皱眉,随之目光一沉,瞳孔深处陡现数倍的诡光。 Kneels down!” “跪下!” !! 咯!! Follows closely the silver clothes man low roaring sound sound is not the sound of knees kneeling place, but is...... clenches teeth to want the broken sound. 紧随银衣男子低喝声的不是双膝跪地之音,而是……咬牙欲碎的声响。 Yun Che's body is shivering, the five senses twist fiercely, the forehead will be shortly under sweat like rain, obviously is bearing the huge pain. 云澈的身躯在颤抖,五官剧烈扭曲,额头更是顷刻间汗如雨下,显然在承受著巨大的痛苦。 But his leg bone and back actually as before rigid, the scarlet flame in even/including hand is not willing to extinguish. 但他的腿骨、脊背却依旧刚直,就连手中的赤炎都不肯熄灭。 Even, he shivers another arm to promote backward, having one to want the air wave that the young girl shoves open by far: Quick...... walks! This person...... extremely...... danger.” 甚至,他颤抖著另一只手臂向后推出,带起一股想要将少女远远推开的气浪:“快……走!这个人……极为……危险。” Young girls: „...... 少女:“…… „......!?” The deep being surprised color passes on the silver clothes man face, transfers angrily, in double pupil steep presently together hot tempered different glow. “……!?”深深的诧色在银衣男子脸上晃过,随之转为恼怒,双眸之中陡现一道暴躁的异芒。 But, his soul strength just erupted, punctures the break sound of heart to resound together suddenly. 但,他的魂力刚刚爆发,一道刺心的断裂声陡然响起。 Chi! 哧! A azure mark seal between the silver clothes man and Yun Che, broke the space, that pressure on Yun Che's soul prestige also by complete cut-off. 一线青痕印于银衣男子与云澈之间,断裂了空间,那道压向云澈的魂威亦被完整的切断。 The Yun Che body play shakes, covers the chest to draw back, then a face shock looks to arriving at his body side young girl. 云澈身躯剧晃,捂胸而退,然后一脸“震惊”的看向走到他身侧的少女。 The pupil of silver clothes man had changing colors of split second, is staggering retreat one step, then fierce raising the head looks to the young girl, after short amazed, the corners of the mouth bring back the happy expression that one ponders: Good, can break my soul silk by sword intent unexpectedly, really makes me pleasantly surprised.” 银衣男子的瞳孔有了一瞬间的失色,踉跄著后退一步,然后猛的抬头看向少女,短暂的惊诧之后,嘴角又重新勾起一抹玩味的笑意:“不错,竟然能以剑意断我的魂丝,真是让我大为惊喜。” This time, before being one's turn the young girl arrived at the Yun Che body, fingertip slightly shining emerald general sword light, the between lips warning, is resembling to talk to oneself: Punishment evil person, is informed and experienced one.” 这次,轮到少女走到了云澈身前,指尖微耀著翡翠一般的剑芒,唇间似警告,似自语:“惩处恶人,也是历练的一种。” Evil person? Hehe, Hahahaha.” silver clothes man relaxing body, smiled sincere, however arrogant: Little Sister, you know that who...... I am?” “恶人?嘿嘿,哈哈哈哈。”银衣男子直起腰身,笑的笃然而倨傲:“小妹妹,你知道……我是谁吗?” Young girl flowery lips opens lightly: You are surnamed the dream.” 少女唇瓣轻启:“你姓梦。” Yun Che: „......” 云澈:“……” The happy expression is stiff on the face immediately, the silver clothes man knits the brows: How do you know?” 笑意顿时僵于脸上,银衣男子皱眉:“你怎么知道?” You urge to transfer the soul strength the way, with dreaming of the stream looks like very much, on external aura, there is a similarity.” Young girl's reply is light and direct: You and he, should be the people of same clan.” “你催转魂力的方式,和梦见溪很像,外在气息上,也有相近之处。”少女的回答平淡而直接:“你与他,应该是同族之人。” „When dreams of stream three characters hear, the eyeball of silver clothes man is obviously turbulent flickered, the expression also presented radical out-of-control. “梦见溪”三个字入耳之时,银衣男子的眼珠子明显动荡了一瞬,表情也出现了剧烈的失控。 You......” the tonality of money man changed: „Do you know me...... the younger blood brother?” “你……”银子男子的音调变了:“你认识我……胞弟?” Younger blood brother?” Star moon/month beautiful eyes of young girl pasted slightly, thinks words that attacked the opposite party: Name that disrespects, to dream of the character of stream, if he knew, will not be definitely happy.” “胞弟?”少女的星月美眸微微流转,想到了一句攻击对方的话语:“这么不敬的称呼,以梦见溪的性格,他若是知道了,肯定会很不高兴。” Such a bystander listens to no deterrent force the words, is lets the silver clothes man upper body unexpectedly fiercely in a flash. 就这么一句外人听来毫无威慑力的话,竟是让银衣男子上身剧烈一晃。 Oh ~ ~ I knew.” The young girls thought of anything suddenly: Can call the person who dreams of the stream younger blood brothers, your name should be...... dreams of the continent!” ~~我知道了。”少女忽然想到了什么:“能叫梦见溪胞弟的人,你的名字应该是……梦见洲!” The silver clothes man...... dreams of the continent complexion again changes, both eyes concentrate tightly, all immoral, arrogant and assured was shocked to replace completely: Who are you? Actually you are who!” 银衣男子……梦见洲脸色再变,双目紧凝,所有的淫邪、傲慢、笃定全部被震惊所代替:“你是谁?你究竟是谁!” At this moment, a grey shadow drops from the clouds suddenly, such as the ghosts and demons appeared in the silver clothes man body side. 就在这时,一个灰影忽然从天而降,如鬼魅般出现在了银衣男子身侧。 Under a terrifying peerless aura cage, making Yun Che the congealing soul, the vision stare instantly to that grey shadow. 一股恐怖绝伦的气息笼下,让云澈霎时凝魂,目光盯向那个灰影。 Fearful aura that this precisely that his previous sensation arrives at! 正是那股他先前感知到的可怕气息 This is a face cold and stiff, wears the grey robe, the short hair must steadily old man. 这是一个面孔僵冷,身穿灰袍,短发长须的老者。 This as the Guardian person comes in secret suddenly, but so when aura, comes does not have the pressure, even has not swung an air wave...... for fear that as if alarms anything. 这个身为暗中守护者的人就这么忽然现身,而如此气息,现身时却不带威压,甚至没有荡起一丝气浪……仿佛唯恐惊扰到什么。 Dreams of the continent completely not to think that the old man will come unexpectedly inexplicably, over the face surprise opens the mouth......, but he has not put out a character with enough time, the arm had been grasped by the old man: Walks!” 梦见洲全然没想到老者竟会莫名现身,满面诧异的开口……但他还没来得及吐出一个字,手臂已被老者抓紧:“走!” Eh? For......” ?为……” Shut up! Walks!!” “闭嘴!走!!” buzz! 呼嗡! profound energy surges, having the two people extreme speed to escape, has then vanished in the line of sight in a flash. 玄气涌动,带著两人极速远遁,转瞬便已消失于视线之中。 Divine Extinction Realm profound energy erupts how terrifying. The air current that but brings...... or was deliberately limited among in Chizhang unexpectedly cautiously, has not affected the young girl and Yun Che slightest. 神灭境玄气爆发何其恐怖。但带起的气流竟被刻意……或者说小心翼翼的限制于尺丈之间,没有波及到少女和云澈分毫。 Even hair has not had the belt/bring. 发丝都未有带起。 The Yun Che's vision takes back secretly. 云澈的目光暗暗收回。 Person who exceeds Mo Beichen, actually a moment ago...... 一个超越陌悲尘的人,却在刚才…… If the dog of broken guts! 如破胆之犬! His vision shoots a look at quietly to the young girl. 他目光悄然瞥向少女。 Really, has such appearance and charm, when obviously by love and protection peak person, initially this world how possible no one protection. 果然,一个拥有如此外貌和神韵,又明显被宠爱、保护到极致的人,初涉凡尘时怎可能无人保护。 Oneself had not inferred slightly , is really because the opposite party to by his Spirit Sense, simply does not have Realm of qualifications sensation powerful. 自己丝毫没有察知,也果然是因为对方已然强大到以他的灵觉,都根本没有资格感知的境界 „Are you...... all right?” “你……没事吧?” voice/sound of young girl resounds in the ear, Glazed Glass beautiful eyes of that pair of extremely imaginary beautiful falls in this behavior is rash, but will tenacious man body, hesitates like that must cure to recover the Soul wound for him. 少女的声音在耳边响起,那一双太过幻美的琉璃美眸落于这个行为莽撞,但意志那般坚韧的男子身上,犹豫著要不要为他疗愈灵魂的创伤。 That was dreams of the continent the soul to press marvelously...... his anti-, but was definitely injured? 那可是梦见洲的魂压……他奇迹般的抗了下来,但肯定受伤了吧? Yun Che sets out, in the facial features is fluctuating the obvious paleness, actually very gentle say/way: Well. It seems like that was I minded others' business, this Fairy Elder Sister, said goodbye.” 云澈直起身,面容上浮动著明显的苍白,却很是平和的道:“无恙。看来,是我多管闲事了,这位仙子姐姐,告辞。” Then, he shows a faint smile toward the young girl, then incomparably direct turns around to leave. 说完,他向著少女微微一笑,便无比直接的转身离开。 The white arms of young girl lifted subconsciously. 少女的皓腕下意识的抬了一下。 ...... Walked? 就这么……走了? Yun Che has not looked back, the speed is getting more and more fast. Quick, two people then cannot touch aura of opposite party again. 云澈没有回首,速度还越来越快。很快,两人便再也触碰不到对方的气息 Paternal aunt, this person good...... good...... good specially.” The young girls found one as if also to calculate that the appropriate word usage, said: You have wanted me to be careful all the people of nearness, because each person of nearness definitely harbors the special thoughts.” “姑姑,这个人好……好……好特别。”少女找到了一个似乎还算贴切的用词,随之道:“你一直要我小心所有靠近的人,因为每一个靠近的人都肯定怀有特别的心思。” But you look at him, he that wish diligently saves me, Soul also receives the wound, actually left, do not say the scheme, even my name had not asked.” “但你看他,他那么努力的想要救我,灵魂还受到创伤,却就这么离开了,不要说图谋,连我的名字都没有问。” Really, in this world, there is a very good person.” “果然,这个世界上,还是有很多很好的人。” Her beautiful eyes ripples lightly, the winning smile is attractive, as if the bitter experience dreamed of the matter of continent and grey robe old man a moment ago, to her is insufficient into the dust particle of heart, between lips spoke of that instead is Yun Che. 美眸轻漾,巧笑倩兮,仿佛刚才遭遇梦见洲和灰袍老者之事,对她而言是不足入心的微尘,唇间说及的,反而是云澈 World has hundred condition, the person has thousand.” In her hearts transmits remote immortal sound: What kind of person runs into to be nothing unusual, easily do not draw the conclusion to anyone.” “世有百态,人有千面。”她的心间传来渺渺仙音:“遇到怎样的人都不足为奇,更不要轻易对任何一个人下定论。” Knows.” The young girls are smiling faintly the reply. “知道啦。”少女浅笑著回答。 Value that this place has not stayed for a long time, leaves.” “此地没有久留的价值,离开吧。” The young girls think, said: Paternal aunt has said that dwells Qilin Qilin God Realm to take ten sixty-year cycle to open finally one time. We such lucky just catching up, if no a look, was a pity.” 少女想了一想,道:“姑姑说过,栖息著最后麒麟的麟神境要十个甲子才开启一次。我们这么幸运的刚好赶上,若不去看看的话,就太可惜了。” As you like.” immortal sound did not oppose. “随你。”仙音不予反对。 Her experience, naturally take responsibility. 她的历练,自然自己做主。 This time she, precisely was being affected the curiosity time by various types of novel thing, is forcefully depressing, instead is hindering her complete cognition to the world. 此时的她,正是被各种新奇之物牵动著好奇心的时刻,强行压抑,反而是在阻碍她对世界的完整认知。 Naturally, the consequence also all wants to undertake...... her to remind Qilin God Realm entrance restriction is supposes by Abyss Sovereign personally, insisted consequence, is she simply does not have the means to enter at the appointed time. 当然,后果也皆要自己承担……她已提醒过麟神境入口的禁制是由渊皇亲手所设,坚持的后果,是她到时根本没有办法进入其中。 ............ ………… Yun Che goes out is very far, on the face the expression completely all restrains, the frown is slowly pressed. 云澈走出很远,脸上表情才尽皆收敛,双眉缓缓蹙起。 Dream! 梦! This surname, making Yun Che think instantaneously in six big Divine Country, God Venerate that took dream as the surname. 这个姓氏,让云澈瞬间想到了六大神国中,那个以“梦”为姓的神尊 Weaving Dream Divine Country —— Dreamless God Venerate —— Meng Kongchan! 织梦神国——无梦神尊——梦空蝉 Weaving Dream Divine Country profound practitioner excels at cultivating soul extremely...... Chi Wuyao to the description of Weaving Dream Divine Country, Yun Che inscribes in the heart. 织梦神国玄者极擅修魂”……池妩仸织梦神国的描述,云澈铭刻于心 That seemed called the silver clothes man who dreamed of the continent, he likely unexpectedly was...... the child of God Venerate! 那个似乎叫梦见洲的银衣男子,他很可能竟是……神尊之子! When such status, single outside, will have -and-a-half God Realm people to protect is reasonable. 此等身份,独身在外时,会有一个半神境界的人相护再合理不过。 Then, that young girl...... 那么,那个少女…… Let half god old man broken guts retreat, does not dare to say a young girl of character the words...... 让半神老者破胆溃逃,连话都不敢多说一字的少女…… She mentioned a name: Dreams of the stream. 她提到了一个名字:梦见溪。 Child the dreaming of continent of as God Venerate, in hearing this, is in his mouth younger blood brother, appears enormous dreading unexpectedly. 身为神尊之子的梦见洲,在听到此名,还是他口中的“胞弟”,竟现出极大的忌惮。 The biggest possibility...... that is Weaving Dream Divine Country the name of God's Son! 最大的可能……那是织梦神国神子之名! But the young girl mentioned this, not had scruples, pale, if clear spring. 而少女提及此名,毫无顾忌,淡若清泉。 Then her status...... 那么她的身份…… His footsteps stagnate, suddenly thinks Chi Wuyao and he has mentioned emphatically a person. 他脚步停滞,忽然想到池妩仸和他著重提及过的一个人。 ............ ………… Said, will disperse the remnant soul that to seize from Mo Beichen, is the cognition of some most foundations and to him the most profound memory. The even/including four big Divine Emissary marks blur to are unable to recognize....... Quite is deep to this Heaven Breaker God's Daughter memory.” “说起来,从陌悲尘将散的残魂所能攫取到的,都是一些最基础的认知和对他而言最深刻的记忆。就连四大神官的印记都模糊到无法辨识。却偏偏……对这个折天神女记忆颇深。” I even can from his thin remnant soul, catch a not that fuzzy shadow.” “我甚至能从他稀薄的残魂中,捕捉到一个不那么模糊的影子。” Your meaning is...... he and between this Heaven Breaker God's Daughter......” “你的意思是……他与这个折天神女之间……” Of course not. Even if Mo Beichen expensive/noble is Abyss Knight , and disqualification and Heaven Breaker God's Daughter have happened together. But merely in Heaven Breaker God's Daughter goes to Pure Land, has shot a look at one from afar.” “当然不是。陌悲尘纵然贵为深渊骑士,也并无资格与折天神女有所交集。而仅仅是在折天神女前往净土之时,远远瞥过一眼。” However glances distantly, the full inscription is life-long.” “而遥遥一瞥,足铭终生。” ............ ………… In the Yun Che's pupil flashes the different glow steep. 云澈的眸中陡闪异芒。 She is...... 她是…… Heaven Breaker Divine Country Heaven Breaker God's Daughter!? 折天神国折天神女!? He has turned around, looks remotely to dark spatial. 他转过身,看向遥远的暗空。 If own suspicion does not have the deviation, that this wave, but also really bet happiness of the huge accidental/surprised. 若自己的猜想没有偏差,那这一波,还真是赌到了一个巨大的意外之喜。 Does not know that this small seed, whether from now on to start out the pleasantly surprised bright flower. 只是不知这枚小小的种子,今后能否开出惊喜的璨花。 ............ ………… Beside Helian Imperial City, two person's shadow extreme speeds graze, profound energy that manic surges brings the sound of intermittent thundering. 赫连皇城之外,两个人影极速飞掠,狂躁涌动的玄气带起阵阵轰雷之音。 The dreaming of continent face that the space broken mark cuts aches fiercely. He asked again: Hibernation of insects master! Exactly happened......” 空间碎痕切的梦见洲面孔剧烈作痛。他再一次问道:“蛰爷!到底发生了……” Shut up! Cannot ask!” “闭嘴!不许问!” The grey robe old man arrives seriously fearfully, he only wants to escape to here now full power, the farther the better, wishes one could the wearing out dimension. 灰袍老者面色凝重到可怕,他现在只想全力遁离此处,越远越好,恨不能穿破次元。 In a twinkling, near ear voice/sound dissipates suddenly. 霎时间,耳边的声音忽然消逝。 even/including present scene also fast removing color, an only piece gradually profound azure glow. 就连眼前的景象也快速的褪去颜色,只余一片逐渐深邃的青芒。 This strange change suddenly lets dream of continent over the face ignorant however, knew nothing about to have anything. But grabs the old man complexion of his arm to be instant tightly, the figure such as was entrained by an invisible walking tractor, stagnated fast. 这忽然的诡异变化让梦见洲满面懵然,浑然不知发生了什么。而紧抓著他手臂的老者面色瞬时煞白,身形如被一只无形之手拖拽,快速的停滞了下来。 All scenes vanished, world that is, only has piece of dream-like green glow. 一切的景象都消失了,所在的世界,唯有一片梦幻般的翠芒。 And...... one vast, if immortal imaginary azure shadow. 以及……一抹渺若仙幻的青影。 The grey robe old man mouth opens, he obviously wanted to say anything, was a pronunciation is actually not able to put out, probably was blocked the throat stubbornly. 灰袍老者嘴巴张开,他明显想要说什么,却是一个字音都无法吐出,像是被死死扼住了喉咙。 „The Meng Kongchan son, is really has prospects one by one.” 梦空蝉的儿子,真是一个比一个有出息。” Azure shadow immortal sound, cold soul biting cold. 青影仙音,寒魂彻骨。 Since he does not teach well the son, I then teach for him!” “既然他教不好儿子,那我便替他来教!” The azure glow flashes, no word without interest. 青芒一闪,无音无息。 Brings to dream of the continent chilly fierce pitiful yell in next instant...... as well as entire only sprinkles the left arm that the blood flies horizontally. 却在下一瞬带起梦见洲凄烈的惨叫……以及整只洒血横飞的左臂。
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