ATG :: Volume #19

#1993: If only sees initially

Compares in silver clothes, stranger, is his eye. 相比于银衣,更为奇异的,是他的一双眼睛。 His eye seems hoodwinking light fog, after the mist, as if accumulated one...... or is being the innumerable wrapped in a shroud of obscurity world. 他的眼睛仿佛蒙著一层薄薄的雾,雾气之后,又仿佛蕴著一个……或者是无数个神秘莫测的世界。 It is attracting condensation of line of sight, provokes the desire of inquiring about, until sane perishes...... 它吸引著视线的凝聚,撩拨著探寻的欲望,直至理智的沉沦…… The Yun Che's vision puts aside: This person, majors in the soul strength! 云澈的目光移开:这个人,主修魂力! His status, absolutely not common without a doubt. 他的身份,毫无疑问的绝非寻常 But pitifully, the Yun Che's look soon then from inquiring about to turn regarded lowly. 但可惜,云澈的眼神很快便从探寻变成了低视。 The stance and vision of this person, Yun Che may be too familiar. 此人的姿态和目光,云澈可太熟悉了。 His footsteps are ease, the double pupil only opens half, as if shallow luxurious has not awaked. 他脚步悠然缓慢,双眸只睁一半,仿佛浅酣未醒。 The person's shadow, the different stone and building rock from his line of sight fast, is actually not able to map in his pupil flickers. As if all, regardless of the lifeform dying thing, does not match into him the eye. 人影、异石、建筑从他视线中快速晃动,却无法在他瞳中映入一瞬。仿佛此间一切,无论生物死物,都不配入他之目。 Corners of the mouth faint smile, the brow tip that occasionally fluctuates what provokes is bald-faced despising and detesting. 嘴角似笑非笑,偶尔起伏的眉梢挑动的是毫无掩饰的鄙夷与嫌恶。 This stance, such as the person of space descends to earth, hangs the eyebrow to patrol to look at inferior world mortal. 这番姿态,就如天上之人下凡,垂眉巡看卑世凡灵 The eyeful whole faces are writing: His condescending arrival, is this humble/despise world unsurpassed honor ; But this humble/despise world person of thing, one brick one watt, in invisible is tarnishing his excellence noblly. 满眼满脸都在写著:他的屈尊到来,是这卑世的无上荣光;而这卑世的一人一物,一砖一瓦,都在无形玷污著他的无上高贵。 Heh! is also well-born, avid follower who presses the great talent.” Yun Che gives the appraisal, then no longer looks at his one eyes, felt relieved. 呵!又是个出身高贵,难为大器的狂徒。”云澈给出评价,便不再多看他一眼,同时也放下心来。 The natural disposition of person, more lacks anything, then more will long for and show off anything. 人之本性,越是缺少什么,便越会去渴望和炫耀什么。 This silver clothes man must not be unsuccessful in the place of oneself family background, in the place of Low-Rank, so releases recklessly own noble with proudly, shows itself to regard all such as the fly wasp. 这个银衣男子在自己的出身之地必不得志,才会在下位之地,如此肆意释放自己的高贵与傲然,彰显自己视此间一切如蚍蜉。 But these or the having god-given wisdom rare talent, or is the high-ranking, never lacks the person who others praise and look up, cannot...... 而那些或天纵奇才,或身居高位,从不缺乏他人赞誉与仰视的人,根本不会…… Also disdains in relies on before the spirit of Low-Rank arrogantly. 也不屑于在下位之灵前倨傲自恃。 This kind of person exists in each plane. Yun Che has seen too many...... has been far away then, nothing to be worried. 这类人存在于各个位面云澈已见过太多……远离即可,不足为虑。 To come his plane/level person, is insufficient to be interested to Qilin God Realm. 想来他那个层面的人,也不至于对麟神境有兴趣。 Takes back the attention, the Yun Che footsteps are invariable, gradually far away from. 收回注意力,云澈脚步不变,逐渐远离。 Actually short ten count breaths, his footsteps stagnate again, even/including vision, is startled shortly however. 却不过短短十数息,他的脚步再一次停滞,就连目光,也短暂怔然。 Because he touched one...... the pupil light from dream. 因为他碰触到了一抹……来自梦中的眸光。 That is one pair, as if pulls out by myriad star months to eyes that oneself most radiant star light and moonlight turn into, is pasting beautiful splendid light that the fabricated and red dream has not expected. 那是一双,仿佛由万千星月抽离自己最璀璨的星芒与月华所化成的眼眸,流转著虚妄与绯梦都未曾奢望的绝美华光。 He saw world only Glazed Glass, the nighttime sky only bright star. 他看到了世间唯一的琉璃,夜空唯一的璨星。 The complete picture of young girl, slowly clear in his line of sight. 少女的全貌,也才缓缓的清晰于他的视线中。 Her wins the snow smoke gauze, obvious magnificent and expensive unparalleled. The magnificent and expensive smoke gauze that the lustrous jade cream that but its turns round, actually reflects how fortunately. 她一身胜雪烟纱,一眼可见的华贵无双。但其所覆的莹玉凝脂,却映的这华贵的烟纱何其有幸。 Her one person alone walks in this piece of withered and yellow Imperial City, is obviously simplest taking a step, the physique actually sweet and pretty such as the butterfly dance lightly, the long hair drags along with the physique, imitates, if black Yao's color drift of stars. 她孤身行走于这片枯黄的皇城,明明只是最简单不过的迈步,身姿却娇美如蝶舞翩跹,长发随身姿摇曳,仿若黑曜色的星流。 This resembles is the young girl who has not grown completely, the smoke gauze complex plane, obstructs his half face, but its un- hidden place, white Ruchu the snow, the sparkling stone such as the immortal litchi, even/including pair of light fine eyebrows, is overflowing all the spirit rhyme. 这似是一个尚未完全成长的少女,烟纱覆面,遮其半颜,但其未隐之处,无不白如初雪,莹如仙荔,就连一双淡淡纤眉,都在溢动著灵韵。 She has not unfolded the complete appearance, but instant shocking, unexpectedly rude past Shen Xi, that put on the soul grace and talent bone to inter the body, God's Daughter Qianye that not less than saw initially. 她未展完整容颜,但刹那的惊艳,竟不逊当年的神曦,那穿魂入骨的风华,不啻初见的神女千叶 „......” Yun Che takes back the vision. “……”云澈将目光生生收回。 After accepting Chi Wuyao all memories, Yun Che observes others 's way also gradually closely...... to peep his eyeground with her, learns its soul. 在接受了池妩仸的所有记忆后,云澈窥测他人的方式也逐渐与她相近……窥其眼底,悉其心魂。 He keeps firmly in mind Chi Wuyao to his warning, never dares to fade from the memory oneself to arrive at the abyss goal...... or the mission. 他牢记著池妩仸对他的告诫,更从不敢淡忘自己到来深渊的目的……或者说使命。 Therefore, his to seal/confer Xinsuo sentiment, how regardless of his external mood changes, others 's vision only may forever and his eye, is unable to touch his heart. 所以,他封心锁情,无论他的外在情绪如何变动,他人的目光永远只可及他之目,无法触他之心。 But by that moment that her pupil light touches, actually split second, screened one star lake in his heart. 但被她眸光触及的那一刻,却一瞬间,在他心底映出了一汪星湖 Therefore, he transfers the goal at that moment, forcing own will to change to the blade of heartless, renounces the gouging to eliminate that woof Yinru soul bottom star lake. 所以,他转目的那一刻,逼迫自己的意志化作绝情的刀刃,去决绝剜除那汪印入魂底的星湖 Any can move his emotion, the thing that interferes with his will, should not exist! 任何能撩动他情感,干涉他意志的东西,都绝不该存在! Quick, his physique and young girl interlock, in the line of sight does not have her form again. 很快,他的身姿与少女交错而过,视线之中再无她的身影。 But, Yun Che's footsteps actually suddenly slow. 但,云澈的脚步却又忽然缓了下来。 Because of young girl the direction, precisely that silver clothes man is. 因为少女所去的方向,正是那个银衣男子所在。 In his brain suddenly has the storm. 他的脑中顿起风暴。 The appearance of young girl seemingly is only 17-18 years old, but its aura, has actually broken through Divine Lord to the extreme, is half step Divine Extinction Realm. 少女的外貌看上去只有17-18岁,但其气息,却已突破神主之极,也就是半步神灭境 Between Divine Lord Realm and Divine Extinction Realm, what spanned is spans the person with the natural moat of half god, innumerable abyss profound practitioner the lie before this natural moat, its life is unable to break through forever finally. 神主境神灭境之间,横亘的是跨越人与半神的天堑,无数的深渊玄者永远停驻在这个天堑之前,终其一生也无法突破。 But, this Realm presents young girl body that this has not as if grown into completely, actually seems extremely scary. 但,这个境界出现这个似乎还未完全长成的少女身上,却显得极为骇人。 Such natural talent, such cultivation base, also such grace and talent, such eyes...... 这样的天赋,这样的修为,还有如此的风华,如此的眼眸…… Her whole person, can say that complete Wugou (stainless) has no time, does not have any abyss dust etching pit, even...... could not find the trace that a wee bit this world minor faults dye. 她的整个人,可以说完完全全的无垢无暇,没有任何渊尘的蚀痕,甚至……找不到丁点凡尘玷染的痕迹。 Initially falls this world...... these four characters, clear presently in the Yun Che's inner world. 初落凡尘……这四个字,清晰的现于云澈的心海之中。 Then, what kind of family background can be, what kind of love, as well as what kind of peak protection, can nurture such female? 那么,会是怎样的出身,怎样的宠爱,以及怎样的极致保护,才可育出如此的女子? Can be...... 会不会是…… His footsteps were slower under 他的脚步更加慢了下 Come, restraining Spirit Sense silent has also released. 来,一直收敛的灵觉也无声释放。 That silver clothes man, making him think of a person. 那个银衣男子,让他想到了一个人。 When Floating Cloud City, his Profound Vein disabled person, that Xiao Kuangyun from Xiao Sect. 流云城,他玄脉残废之时,那个来自萧宗萧狂云 plane is different, the family background is different, but synthesizes him and Chi Wuyao story observes, when is the jackals from the same lair. 位面不同,出身迥异,但综合他与池妩仸的阅历而观,当属一丘之貉。 When arrives at the place of Low-Rank by the noble body, does not need to be restrained, does not need to toe the line, when may release heartily proudly with dissolute, the judgment also naturally can drop sharply. 当以高贵之身到来下位之地,无需受到约束,无需循规蹈矩,可尽情释放傲然与狂肆时,判断力也自然会大跌。 After all, the place of Low-Rank, how revolved and dreaded with his noble person. 毕竟,下位之地,怎配他高贵之人细思与忌惮。 Then, he runs into this young girl, what kind of response can be...... 那么,他遇到这个少女,会是怎样的反应呢…… But, the family background of that silver clothes man is quite surely top, there is still one returns terrifying compared with Mo Beichen, the person who his impossible contends with decisively protects in secret. 但,那个银衣男子的出身必定极为高位,还有一个陌悲尘恐怖,他断然不可能抗衡的人暗中守护。 In addition Qilin God Realm is close, in the reason, should not cause complications. 加上麟神境已近在咫尺,理智上,绝不该节外生枝。 The balance of safety and advantages in his brain violent flood moves is dashing. 安危与利弊的权衡在他脑中猛烈的泛动冲撞著。 ...... …… Did not have accidental/surprised, the silver clothes man saw the young girl of coming. 毫无意外,银衣男子看到了迎面而来的少女。 If heavenly palace imperially were in long-drawn-out the silver clothes man inspection world of mortals to decide unexpectedly there, his five senses seemed like ossified suddenly, the pair of eyes bead was only raised in unconscious outside...... almost must jump out of the eye socket. 天阙帝王般悠哉巡视凡间的银衣男子蓦地定在了那里,他的五官像是忽然被僵化,唯有一双眼珠子在不自觉的外凸著……几乎要跳出眼眶。 By his family background, what beautiful woman color has seen there are numerous similar cases, the harem concubine is several thousand numbers, in this Qilin Abyss Realm, he sees the female actually only to endure him to scoff at the nose to detest. 以他的出身,什么倾城色见过不知凡几,后宫姬妾更是数千之数,在这麟渊界,他所见女子却只堪他嗤鼻嫌恶。 Is actually seeing that moment of smoke gauze young girl, flickered to lose the soul. 却在看到烟纱少女的那一刻,一瞬失了心魂。 The split vision from young girl eyes plunders from his body lightly, this appearance dumb as a wooden chicken, she in short enter world trial then still had seen in this time is too many. 来自少女眼眸的余光从他身上轻掠而过,这种呆若木鸡的样子,她在这时间尚短的入世试炼中便已见过太多。 Also is this period of time, she had a more defined cognition to oneself appearance. 也是这段时间,她对自己的外貌有了更加明晰的认知。 The sandstorm disturbed her Spirit Sense to abyss dust that has not fully adapted to a certain extent, but the paternal aunt is not willing to give her any direction. 沙暴与尚未完全适应的渊尘在一定程度上干扰了她的灵觉,而姑姑不愿给她任何指引。 She spiteful general instead does not go out of the sandstorm eagerly, but keeps, until own Spirit Sense was not harassed by the sandstorm, satisfied going out, visited this Qilin Abyss Realm, line into Imperial City of this every world. 她赌气一般的反而不急于走出沙暴,而是留予其中,直至自己的灵觉再不受沙暴所扰,才满意的走出,踏足了这处麟渊界,又行入了这个凡世的皇城 Because body reason, She has been protected peak, and whole time Resides in Pure Land. Now true enter world, she to all, is filling the deep curiosity. 因为【身体的原因】,她一直被保护到极致,且大部分时间【居于净土】。如今真正入世,她对一切,都充满著深深的好奇。 The silver clothes man stares at the straight vision to be adsorbed stubbornly in young girl body, what feels nothing oneself presents is what ugly performance. 银衣男子瞠直的目光一直被死死吸附在少女身上,浑然不觉自己呈现的是何种丑态。 Very far until the form emigration of young girl, he returns to the soul finally. Then discovers own eye to track down the form of young girl, turned an extremely funny shape the body unexpectedly. 直到少女的身影移出很远,他才终于回魂。这才发现自己的眼睛为了追寻少女的身影,竟将躯体扭成了一个极为滑稽的形状。 This and other tattered places, unexpectedly has...... so the female......” “这等破烂的地方,居然有……如此女子……” Four points of excitement, four points of pleasant surprise, also two points of scared witless. His voice/sound somewhat trembles, on stretched out palm, ten fingers in unconscious bent/tune stretch/open. 四分激动,四分惊喜,还有两分的魂不守舍。他的声音有些发抖,伸出的手掌上,十指在不自觉的曲张著。 Really come out informed and experienced is good, here frontier slightly, has such treasure unexpectedly. 果然出来历练就是好,这边陲小地,竟有如此瑰宝。 Little Sister, should you not be this Qilin Abyss Realm person?” 小妹妹,你应该不是这麟渊界的人吧?” Very simple and elegant voice/sound from young girl behind transmits, the voice has not ended, then has transferred before the body. 一个很是清雅的声音从少女身后传来,话音未完,便已转至身前。 The silver clothes man is moves to the body to young girl the front, his stature is tall and straight, the pupil belt/bring mist, the arc of corners of the mouth is perfect, the stance graceful brings the danger and mysticalness, the five senses are also outstanding to make the female glance sufficiently unforgettablily. 银衣男子已是移身到了少女前方,他身材挺拔,眸带薄雾,嘴角的弧线完美无瑕,姿态优雅中带著危险与神秘,五官亦俊逸到足以让女子过目难忘。 In the hand grasps the folding fan that one is gathering, is swaying the silver ear. 手里握著一把合起的折扇,晃荡著银色的穗子。 Good handsome son of upper-class family. 好一个翩翩贵公子。 Compares in his family background, this leather bag is his most self-satisfied place. 相比于他的出身,这身皮囊才是他最得意之处。 The young girls stop the footsteps, has not had takes a look at him carefully, very natural reply: I indeed am not here person.” 少女停住脚步,却也未有仔细打量他,很是自然的回答:“我的确不是这里的人。” Very quiet pale, hardly carries emotion color a few words, actually such as outside cloud immortal sound, endless delightful seeping heart. 很是幽淡,几乎不携带情感色彩的一句话,却如云外仙音,无尽的悦耳沁心。 The silver clothes man smiled: That was really skillful, I also so. Your I all am the one person alone, was inferior that...... goes hand in hand?” 银衣男子笑了起来:“那真是太巧了,我也如此。你我又皆是孤身,不如……结伴而行?” No need.” “不必。” The young girls reject, then no longer talks too much, prepares to depart. 少女拒绝,便不再多言,准备离去。 Little Sister, first anxiously the rejection.” 小妹妹,先不要急著拒绝。” The silver clothes man moves to the body again, is nearly before the young girl body ten steps away. The folding fan in hand also opened at this time, sways, refracted in his pupil to be hard to self-restrain immoral with palpitating: This world malicious four volts, words of person, are very dangerous.” 银衣男子再次移身,已是近到少女身前十步之距。手中的折扇也在这时打开,摇晃间,折射著他眸中已难以自抑的淫邪与悸动:“这个世界恶意四伏,一个人的话,可是很危险的。” The young girls are not willing to pay attention, but when she prepares to flicker the body directly far away from, fine moon/month eyebrow slightly one pressed. 少女不愿理会,而就在她准备直接瞬身远离之时,纤月般的眼眉微微一蹙。 Among folding fans that sways, is shaking something the Soul ripples of harboring evil intentions, without the sounds is infiltrating to her soul sea. 那摇晃的折扇间,荡动著不怀好意的灵魂涟漪,在毫无声息间向她的魂海渗透著。 But this Soul infiltrates...... her to know. 而这种灵魂渗透……她识得。 The warm moon/month in pupil changes to the cold star immediately, she said one rarely in the harsh language that in her life presents: You best make way. Otherwise......” 眸中的暖月顿时化作寒星,她说出了一句很少在她生命中出现的重话:“你最好让开。否则……” Otherwise, he will be very miserable. 否则,他会很惨的。 Otherwise how?” The silver clothes man smiled, smiled giving birth for the first time. “否则如何?”银衣男子笑了,笑的很是开怀。 At present this makes the female family background that heavenly palace Fairy is overshadowed decide sufficiently however uncommonly, but is uncommon, impossible is bigger than him decisively. 眼前这足以让天阙仙女都黯然失色的女子出身定然不凡,但再不凡,也断然不可能大过他。 He is rocking the folding fan, at a moderate pace taking a step forward, is getting more and more near from the young girl, the space before body, in Soul surges slightly the naked eye obvious ripple: Meets by chance, if actually sees Heavenly Star. I feared to miss, will harbor regret life-long. Becoming friends with, does not have him to read certainly.” 他晃动著折扇,不紧不慢的向前迈步,距离少女越来越近,身前的空间,也在灵魂激荡间微起肉眼可见的波纹:“萍水相逢,却如见天星。我怕错过了,会抱憾终生。只是结交一番,绝无他念。” In his mouth the sound, has the soul ripples. 他口中之音,亦带魂漪。 His graces, Shadowless invisible within, but then prisoner of war person will. Even if the opposite is the person of same boundary, he also has assurance very to harass its soul. 他举手投足,无影无形间,便可俘人意志。哪怕对面是同境之人,他也有十分的把握扰其心魂。 The soul merit that because he cultivates, plane/level excels by far abyss, incomparable. 因为他所修炼的魂功,层面冠绝深渊,无可比拟。 During speeches, he already extend the hand palm, very natural wants to touch the white arms of young girl. 说话间,他已伸出手掌,很是自然的想去碰触少女的皓腕。 At this moment, is not intense, aura that but does not enlarge ones vision extremely from the distant place to/clashes suddenly, but , the bang falls in two people, and explodes to burn the goal flame light to the direction of silver clothes man blazingly. 就在这时,一个并不强烈,但极不开眼的气息从远处骤冲而至,轰落于两人之间,并向银衣男子的方向爆开炽热灼目的炎光。 Rolls the distant point!” Before Yun Che sets up the body young girl body, the body flame is isolating the silver clothes men's cage to the line of sight and aura of young girl: You have not heard, she lets you making way!” “滚远点!”云澈立身少女身前,身上的火焰隔绝著银衣男子笼向少女的视线与气息:“你没听到,她让你‘让开’吗!” silver clothes man eyes narrows the eyes, sized up Yun Che, the corners of the mouth cancelled lightly. 银衣男子眼眸瞇下,打量了一眼云澈,嘴角淡淡的勾了起来。 Nothing disturbed feels disappointed or angry, instead is one type...... such as looks at pitying and pondering of ignorant clown. 没有任何被打扰的扫兴或恼怒,反而是一种……如看无知小丑的怜悯与玩味。 Yun Che whole body guarding condition, does not forget the side pupil to say to the behind young girl simultaneously: This Fairy Elder Sister, this person is a lecher, is obviously illegal to your opinion chart. You are quicker leave, I block him.” 云澈全身提防之态,同时不忘侧眸向身后少女道:“这位仙子姐姐,此人是个登徒子,明显对你意图不轨。你快些离开,我来阻住他。” The young girls have not moved, flowery lips opening slightly. 少女未动,唇瓣微微的张开。 ei? 欸? Did this person, he...... call me Elder Sister unexpectedly? 这个人,他居然……叫我姐姐
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