ATG :: Volume #19

#1988: Laughing

You will not work!” Helian Lingzhu is supporting by the arm the father, fierce to yell: My Helian Clan in the Qilin Abyss Realm abundant extremely numerous year, you can easily shake can it be that!” “你们不会得逞的!”赫连玲珠搀着父亲,厉声喊道:“我赫连一族麟渊界盛极多年,岂是你们可以轻易撼动!” Right? However evidently, your Imperial Father and this is thinking crazily to become the Prince Consort person does not think.” Zhai Liancheng is saying with a smile lowly: This is also good, brings your naive, can better enjoys your final Princess status.” “是吗?不过看样子,你这父皇和这痴想着成为驸马的人并不这么想。”砦连城低笑着道:“不过这样也好,带着你的天真,可以更好的享受你最后的公主身份。” You......” “你……” „It is not no need to say again.” “不必再说了。” Helian Jue lifts the hand, weak will block Helian Lingzhu soon to export the word of retorting: The day, I once some estimates, were only do not want such rapidness, has not thought that can be Qilin Worshipping Alliance.” 赫连玦抬手,无力的阻住赫连玲珠即将出口的反斥之言:“这一日,我曾有预想,只是未曾想如此之快,更未想到会是拜麟盟。” „The also anything words, said.” 还有什么话,都说完吧。” Helian Jue sets out reluctantly, but under the severe pain, his face and body are twisting unceasingly, appearing scary and dismal. 赫连玦勉强直起身来,但剧痛之下,他的面孔、躯体不断地扭曲着,显得骇人而悲凉。 „The meeting of this time Qilin god, your Helian Imperial Family does not need.” Zhai Liancheng this time being disinclined upholstery, very direct say/way: Square influence carved up Qilin God Realm reluctantly, has Qilin Worshipping Alliance now, which also turned to obtain your Helian Imperial Family?” “此次的麟神之会,你们赫连皇室不必去了。”砦连城这次都懒得铺垫,很是直接的道:“四方势力瓜分麟神境已是勉强,如今有了拜麟盟,又哪还轮得到你们赫连皇室?” The Mo Cangying nearly chest cavity explodes with rage, vision mean say/way: Qilin God Realm is Abyss Sovereign supposes! Your what to come qualifications......” 陌苍鹰险些胸腔气炸,目光阴狠的道:“麟神界渊皇所设!你们何来的资格……” We naturally do not have the qualifications.” Zhai Liancheng smilingly breaks him: Decides to enter the Qilin God Realm qualifications, is always the strengths. This time Qilin Worshipping Alliance joins, if you insisted that must come, we are also welcome.” “我们当然没资格。”砦连城笑眯眯的打断他:“决定进入麟神境资格的,向来都是实力。此番拜麟盟加入,你们若坚持要来的话,我们也是欢迎的很。” After all, the good play of bringing contempt upon oneself, who isn't willing to watch?” “毕竟,自取其辱的好戏,谁不愿意观赏呢?” Zhai Liancheng and Ximen Qi look at each other one, simultaneously laughs. 砦连城西门祺对视一眼,同时哈哈大笑起来。 Raises while convenient,” Zhai Liancheng continued: Witnesses Abyss Knight of meeting of this Qilin god, precisely Ximen Boyun!” “顺带一提,”砦连城继续道:“见证此届麟神之会的深渊骑士,正是西门博云!” Was heavy such as above the attack of mountain to bring a heavy hammer. 本就沉重如山的打击之上带来一记重锤。 In the gaps between teeth that Mo Cangying bites tightly seeps out the blood threads slowly. 陌苍鹰紧咬的牙缝间缓缓渗出血丝。 Qilin God Realm is abyss final Qilin is , is also the entire abyss earth attribute element is purest the active place. 神境深渊最后的麒麟所在,也是整个深渊土系元素最为精纯活跃的地方。 Qilin Abyss Realm many bottleneck breaks through, many talent expedites childbirth. 麟渊界多少的瓶颈都是在其中突破,多少的天才都是在其中催生。 Has not had breakthrough Helian Lingzhu in the Divine Sovereign Realm peak many years, counted on obtains the breakthrough in Qilin God Realm. 神君境巅峰多年未有突破的赫连玲珠,也是指望在麟神境中获得突破。 If this qualifications were even eliminated, that Helian Imperial Family present age, and descendants will be of difficult the possibility rise. 若连这个资格都被剥夺,那赫连皇室的当代,以及后代都将再难有崛起的可能。 My Helian...... cannot exceed your three sects, but not necessarily, cannot exceed Qilin Worshipping Alliance!” Mo Cangying cutting tooth say/way. “我赫连……胜不过你三宗,但未必,就胜不过拜麟盟!”陌苍鹰切齿道。 Even is not Helian Imperial Family, is only Helian Lingzhu one person, he willing does not give up entering the qualifications of Qilin God Realm. 就算不为赫连皇室,只为赫连玲珠一人,他也绝不甘心放弃进入麟神境的资格。 Said very well, the Qilin Worshipping Alliance rise time was still after all short, background is not abundant, on the younger generation, indeed not necessarily exceeds your Helian Imperial Family.” “说得很好,拜麟盟毕竟崛起时间尚短,底蕴未丰,就少辈而言,的确不一定胜过你赫连皇室。” But you forgot a matter probably.” Zhai Liancheng is squinting he with half eye: Present Qilin Worshipping Alliance, is the back according to Abyss Knight! By the Senior Ximen present position, Qilin Worshipping Alliance wants to invite the powerful foreign aid, that may really be easy as pie!” “可你好像忘了一件事。”砦连城用半只眼睛斜视着他:“如今的拜麟盟,可是背依深渊骑士!以西门前辈如今的身份地位,拜麟盟想邀强大的外援,那可真是易如反掌!” However your Helian? Feared that is raises the people on one's own side to be insufficient, can seek the foreign aid that several can look at?” “而你赫连呢?怕是养自己人都不够,又能求来几个能看的外援呢?” The Mo Cangying corners of the mouth twitch, again difficult spoken language. 陌苍鹰嘴角抽搐,再难言语。 Ximen Qi also saying leisurely: If you really want to go to the final face to lose to us are stepping on playing, that this Young Master might as well first reminded you slightly.” 西门祺也缓悠悠的说道:“如果你们实在想去将最后的脸面丢给我们踩着玩的话,那本少不妨先稍稍提醒你们。” He stretches out a finger, contemptuous pressing fingertip: Strongest foreign aid that our time invited, only needed one person, was run over and died sufficiently you...... completely!” 他伸出一根手指,轻蔑的压了压指尖:“我们此次邀来的最强外援,只需一人,就足以碾死你们……全部!” „The so-called talents that welcome Bother Cangying and Helian Imperial Family rears in a pen come to ask for advice. But whether complete coming back, this Young Master cannot do to guarantee absolutely, Hehehe.” “欢迎苍鹰兄赫连皇室圈养的所谓天才们前来领教。但能否完整的回来,本少可是万万做不得保证,呵呵呵。” finished speaking??” Helian Jue lost the blood-color face to arrive at this moment palely scary, the profound energy rebellion in heart arteries makes him be gradually hard to support: Said, rolled.” 说完了吗?”赫连玦本就失了血色的面孔此刻更是惨白到骇人,心脉中的玄气暴动让他已逐渐难以支撑:“说完了,就滚吧。” Country Lord Helian best support a while.” Ridicule that Zhai Liancheng is relentless: Little nephew here, but also words that a escape route that leaves your Helian Imperial Family, does not listen, later regretted, but without enough time.” 赫连国主最好还是多撑一会儿。”砦连城毫不留情的讥讽道:“小侄这里,可是还有一条留给你们赫连皇室的后路,不听听的话,以后后悔,可就来不及了。” „......” Helian Jue wants present to tumble out immediately, but, escape route two characters, touches his soul string eventually ruthlessly, his chest cavity fluctuates fiercely, finally clenches teeth saying: Said!” “……”赫连玦很想让眼前之人立刻滚出,但,“后路”二字,终究还是狠触他的魂弦,他胸腔剧烈起伏,终于还是咬牙道:“说!” Under the Zhai Liancheng lip angle sips, said leisurely: Your Helian good and evil was the control a Qilin Abyss Realm many years of imperial family, when changed toward, if directed the dispute, what wound was the person, what calamity was entire Qilin Abyss Realm. If some people are extremely impenetrably thickheaded, cannot do well, entire Helian lineage/vein will be eradicated, since then cuts off. This time the scene, solely thinks, is to make the person grasp the wrists to sigh woefully.” 砦连城唇角下抿,慢条斯理道:“你们赫连好歹是统御了麟渊界多年的皇族,改朝之时若引纷争,伤的是人,祸的是整个麟渊界。若是有人太过冥顽不灵,搞不好,整个赫连一脉都会被连根拔起,从此断绝。此番场景,单单想想,都是让人扼腕哀叹。” This is direct, the virulent threat. 这是再直接、恶毒不过的威胁。 But, Helian lineage/vein know, if really arrived that step, this is the most likely cruel reality. 但,赫连一脉又都知道,若真到了那一步,这偏偏是最有可能的残酷现实。 If the rock is unreliable, ten thousand Ren, fierce sand three sects join up to support Qilin Worshipping Alliance seriously, then, is run over and dies Helian Imperial Family, almost it can be said that easy. 若磐玄、万仞、烈砂三宗当真联合起来扶持拜麟盟,那么,碾死赫连皇室,几乎可以说是轻而易举。 In Helian Jue heart endless sad and endless lamentation...... past years, if has not had the asylum of rejection to Mo Beichen wife and daughters, Helian Imperial Family can the back according to this Abyss Knight. How also to hit a person when he is down, humiliation hence. 赫连玦心中无尽悲戚、无尽悔恨……当年若未有舍弃对陌悲尘妻女的庇护,赫连皇室便可背依这深渊骑士。又怎会被落井下石,欺凌至此。 Avoids apply carbon for my Qilin deep pool life, to give your Helian Imperial Family preserves the dignity, Qilin Worshipping Alliance Lord special gracious gift your another choice.” “为我麟渊生灵免遭涂炭,也为了给你们赫连皇室留存尊严,拜麟盟主特恩赐你们另一个选择。” Taking marrying for is the belt/bring, Helian Imperial Family merges into Qilin Worshipping Alliance henceforth!” “以联姻为系带,赫连皇室从此并入拜麟盟!” Did not wait for Helian Jue to respond, the Zhai Liancheng vision had shifted to Helian Lingzhu: To show sincerity, candidate who this marries, naturally should be your imperial family most receives the favor, prestigious also highest Crown Princess.” 不等赫连玦做出回应,砦连城的目光已转向了赫连玲珠:“为示诚意,这联姻的人选,当然该是你们皇室最受恩宠,名望也最高的长公主。” Qilin Worshipping Alliance,” his body leans half revolution, to a Ximen Qi leisurely however ritual: Then was received by auspicious few pushing someone take on a difficult job.” 拜麟盟这边,”他身侧半转,向西门祺施施然一礼:“便由祺少勉为其难的收了。” „It is not difficult, is not difficult.” The Ximen Qi vision sweeps to Helian Lingzhu, the whole face is bald-faced, even is desirably for it immorality. “不难,不难。”西门祺目光扫向赫连玲珠,满脸毫无掩饰,甚至是刻意为之的淫邪。 BANG!! 砰!! Mo Cangying body profound energy explodes, the black hair is but actually vertical, several of pair of eagle under extreme anger wants to disrupt. 陌苍鹰身上玄气爆开,黑发倒竖,一双鹰目在极怒之下几欲碎裂。 Oh!” Zhai Liancheng ridiculed: Country Lord and Crown Princess have not spoken, this scurries to want, when the Prince Consort person first could not calm down.” “唷!”砦连城讥讽道:“国主长公主还没发话,这上赶着要当驸马的人先沉不住气了。” Prince Consort? Heh! Ximen Qi laughs, performs despises obviously. 驸马呵!西门祺一声嗤笑,尽显鄙夷。 Buzz!! 嗡!! A dull thumping sound, Zhai Liancheng clothes sleeve blows up, the whole body turns round shadow of the rock rock: „To begin? Good. Mo Cangying, in this Helian numerous lackey, I dislike, is your countenance. I was glad actually very much...... own folded sheet on which a subordinate reports to a superior your wing!” 一声闷响,砦连城衣袂鼓起,周身覆起一层磐岩之影:“想动手?好的很。陌苍鹰,这赫连的一众走狗之中,我讨厌的,就是你这张嘴脸。我倒是很乐意……亲手折了你的翼!” No! Do not impulse!” Helian Lingzhu puts out a hand, pressed stubbornly on the arm of Mo Cangying. “不!不要冲动!”赫连玲珠伸手,死死压在了陌苍鹰的臂膀上。 three sects union, again a additional back according to Abyss Knight Qilin Worshipping Alliance. 三宗联合,再加一个背依深渊骑士拜麟盟 Helian Imperial Family impossible has any odds of success, a wee bit does not have. 赫连皇室不可能有任何的胜算,一丁点都没有。 Facing no odds of success enemy, rather dead honorably or bend to live dishonorably, is the most difficult choice. 面对毫无胜算的敌人,宁为玉碎还是屈为瓦全,一直是最为艰难的抉择。 The dying war, Helian lineage/vein perhaps really cut off, can stay behind, except for the blood river and skeleton, only had in those days sovereign's prestige and staunch name. 死战,赫连一脉或许真的就此断绝,能留下的,除了血河与尸骨,唯有往日皇威和刚烈之名。 Surrenders...... the dignity to lose entirely, but at least, can preserve bloodline, can keep almost all people. 归降……尊严丧尽,但至少,能保全血脉,能留得几乎所有人。 Three Sect Master and Qilin Worshipping Alliance gave stair. 宗主拜麟盟给了“台阶”。 But builds this stair, without doubt is the serious shame. 但垒成这台阶的,无疑是沉重的羞辱。 The severe pain added the body, Helian Jue broke by biting the tip of tongue. He is looking steadily at Ximen Qi, with voice/sound of belt/bring blood, said for the humiliation words deeply: Marries, but has not been one's turn you! But should be his Ximen Borong son of first wife, pays respects Lin few hegemon —— Ximen is deep!” 剧痛加身,赫连玦更是咬破了舌尖。他盯视着西门祺,用带血的声音,说出了深为屈辱的话语:“联姻可以,但还轮不到你!而应该是他西门博容的嫡子,拜麟的少盟主——西门泓!” Ximen Qi absolutely not Qilin Worshipping Alliance lord the Ximen Borong son of first wife, otherwise Helian Jue will not know. 西门祺绝非拜麟盟西门博容的嫡子,否则赫连玦不会不识。 Wants his Helian Imperial Family Crown Princess to marry a Qilin Worshipping Alliance Lord son, how he possibly accepts! 要他赫连皇室长公主联姻拜麟盟主的一个庶子,他怎可能接受! Country...... lord?” Mo Cangying transfers the head, does not dare to believe looks at Helian Jue, voice/sound all of a sudden becomes hoarse. “国……主?”陌苍鹰转首,不敢置信的看着赫连玦,声音一下子变得嘶哑。 The anger and profound energy of whole body as if were also punctured by anything cruelly, chaotic distortion. 周身的怒气与玄气也仿佛被什么东西残忍戳破,混乱扭曲。 The Helian Jue words let Zhai Liancheng and Ximen Qi stare, simultaneously erupts the ear-piercing laughing wildly sound. 赫连玦的话让砦连城西门祺一愣,随之齐齐爆发出刺耳的狂笑声。 Hahahaha, Hahahahahaha!” Doubling with laughter that Zhai Liancheng smiles, does not have a wee bit deportment, as if heard in this world the most preposterous joke: Helian Jue, you are having what Spring and Autumn Period big dream!” 哈哈哈哈,哈哈哈哈哈哈!”砦连城直笑的前仰后合,全无丁点仪态,仿佛是听到了这世上最荒谬绝伦的笑话:“赫连玦,你在做什么春秋大梦!” You think now in this Imperial City, did the power lean Qilin Abyss Realm Helian Imperial Family in the past?” “你以为如今在这皇城中的,还是当年权倾麟渊界赫连皇室?” „The Qilin Worshipping Alliance lord leaves your escape routes...... Oh not, is the gracious gift, looked, in your Helian protects in the Great Ancestor face. Otherwise, you think seriously your Crown Princess have the qualifications to become the auspicious few concubines!” 拜麟盟主留给你们的退路……不,是恩赐,还是看在你们赫连守护太祖的面子上。否则,你们当真以为你们的长公主有资格成为祺少之妾么!” Concubine!? 妾!? Son...... 庶子…… Also is not the wife, but is the concubine! 还不是妻,而是妾! Bullies... the person... too... really!” “欺…人…太…甚!” How Mo Cangying endures to endure the person of quilt heart pitying 陌苍鹰怎堪忍受心惜之人被 So humiliates. His whole body shivers, blue vein suddenly/violently protrude of both arms to several wants to blast out. 如此折辱。他全身颤抖,双臂的青筋暴凸到几欲炸开。 If not Helian Jue and Helian pearl in the side, his violent anger had submerged the reason of surviving thoroughly. 若非赫连玦赫连明珠在侧,他的暴怒早已彻底淹没了残存的理智。 Do not be convinced.” Zhai Liancheng lifts the step nearly to the side of Ximen Qi, the sloppy face took for several points to think highly: Senior Ximen returns after Pure Land, but personally had said auspicious few is Qilin Worshipping Alliance...... Oh, no, no, no, is in entire Qilin Abyss Realm young one generation the most splendid talent.” “你们可别不服气。”砦连城抬步近到西门祺之侧,散漫的面孔带上了几分恭维:“西门前辈净土归来后,可是亲口说过祺少是拜麟盟……哦不不不,是整个麟渊界年轻一辈中最出色的天才。” Now less than the ages of six sixty-year cycle, is the Divine Sovereign Realm peak. Moreover, auspicious few has been able to complete the breakthrough, achievement Divine Lord. Deliberately suppresses for the Ximen hegemon and Senior Ximen, by abundant its background, hoping may to loftier Realm,” Ximen Qi smile in the future slightly, receives it indifferently. “如今不足六甲子之龄,便已是神君境巅峰。而且,祺少早就可以完成突破,成就神主。是为西门盟主和西门前辈刻意压制,以雄厚其底蕴,以期未来可至更高远的境界,”西门祺微微而笑,淡然承之。 Zhai Liancheng continued: With is the Divine Sovereign Realm peak, feared that is two Helian Crown Princess, is not the auspicious few opponents.” 砦连城继续道:“同为神君境巅峰,怕是两个赫连长公主,都不是祺少的对手。” Heh! Ximen Qi low smiles, proudly however language: this Young Master talked wildly, in this Qilin Abyss Realm, under Divine Lord, no one was the enemy of this Young Master! Country Lord Helian, you said, is actually this Young Master not to match, your doesn't Crown Princess match?” “呵呵!西门祺低低一笑,傲然而语:“本少放言,这麟渊界内,神主之下,无人本少之敌!赫连国主,你说,究竟是本少不配,还是你的长公主不配?” Under blood energy upwells, face of Helian Jue by pale, starts to transfer the color of pig liver little. 血气上涌之下,赫连玦的面孔由苍白,开始一点点转为猪肝之色。 Helian Imperial Family is conservative and complacent too for a long time, the world outside imperial family had changed the color thoroughly. 赫连皇室故步自封太久,皇室之外的世界早已彻底变了颜色。 Including a son of up-and-coming influence, can give them shock and heavy pressure of such big. 连一个后起势力的庶子,都能给他们如此之大的震撼和重压。 ~ ~ “呵~~” Falls abyss when the Helian father and daughter heart, the Mo Cangying anger bites the heart extremely, an extremely inopportune scoffing sound gets up. 就在赫连父女心落深渊,陌苍鹰怒极噬心之时,一个极不合时宜的嗤声响起。 It is obviously light, to from the overflow of lip angle unconsciousness, actually appears especially clear ear-piercing in this atmosphere extremely depressing royal palace lightly. 明明很轻,轻到只是从唇角无意识的溢出,却在这气氛极度压抑的皇殿中显得格外清晰刺耳 Some has the feeling to lower to nearly transparent person, split second pulled Zhai Liancheng and Ximen Qi vision. 某个存在感低到近乎透明的人,也就此一瞬间扯动了砦连城西门祺的目光。 What do you smile?” Ximen Qi narrowed the eye. “你笑什么?”西门祺眯了眯眼睛。 As junior, actually actually compels solemn Country Lord Helian to be thorough, shames to get angry the extreme not to dare to manifest suddenly truly, how nimble and efficient and imposing. 身为后辈,却逼得堂堂赫连国主彻底失态,羞怒到极点却又不敢真正发作,何其的爽利与威风。 Has the goods that does not enlarge ones vision so to spoil the fun unexpectedly. 竟有个不开眼的货色如此煞风景。
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