KOMI :: Volume #6

#559: Peak to bumping

Chapter 559 peak to bumping 第559章巅峰对碰 Is filling outside the evil thoughts aura broken city city gate, the Lan Lan squad drops the body, but their vision, similarly were earliest possible time going to Crown Princess of not far away, Jiang Qing'e, the Li Luo three people. 弥漫着恶念之气的残破城市城门之外,蓝澜小队落下身来,而他们的目光,同样是第一时间的投向了不远处的长公主,姜青娥,李洛三人。 Then three people of facial colors are also some changes. 然后三人的面色也是有些变化。 Even usually calm Lan Lan, were narrowed an eye that could not bear, making the slit between both eyes become smaller. 即便是素来从容的蓝澜,都是忍不住的微眯了一下眼睛,令得双目间的缝隙变得更小了。 Two teams are away from the breakage the main road, the vision looks. 两支队伍隔着破损的大道,目光对望。 On mixed level competition points ranks the most two squads near the top, finally hit in one. 混级赛积分排名最为靠前的两支小队,终于是撞在了一起。 This atmosphere instantaneously became somewhat dignified. 这气氛瞬间就变得有些凝重了起来。 Three, seem like us first step to this city.” In the tight atmosphere, Crown Princess smiles, takes the lead to open the mouth. “三位,似乎是我们更先一步到这座城市呢。”紧绷的气氛中,长公主嫣然一笑,率先开口。 On the Lan Lan face shows the helpless smile, said: Palace schoolmate, on mixed level competition, but outmoded first come first served.” 蓝澜脸庞上露出无奈的笑容,道:“宫同学,混级赛上,可不兴先来后到。” Such barbaric?” Crown Princess sighed one, appears somewhat delicate saying. “这么野蛮的吗?”长公主叹了一声,显得有些柔弱的说道。 Her itself/Ben is charming moving, at this time ships out the so rare delicate appearance, immediately sends out tender makings, perhaps if mental not firmness, must fall to the enemy directly. 她本就是娇媚动人,此时装出这般罕见的柔弱模样,顿时散发出一股让人怜惜的气质,若是心智不坚定者,恐怕直接就要沦陷了。 But obviously, can cultivation bright king Jing Lan Lan, is not considered as absolutely this person, therefore his smile calmly said: Palace schoolmate, your present points also leads our some, I looked, or gives us this city.” 但显然,能够修炼成“明王经”的蓝澜,绝对不算是这种人,所以他笑容平静的道:“宫同学,你们如今积分还领先我们一些,我看要不就将这座城市让给我们吧。” The delicate color on Crown Princess cheeks dissipates instantaneously, said with a smile pale: Face is very big, thinks seriously dependsbright king Jing, can you walk sideways? ” 长公主脸颊上的柔弱之色瞬间消散,淡笑道:“脸还挺大,当真以为仗着“明王经”,你就能横着走吗?” Lan Lan shakes the head, said: For the academy honor, cannot regress, if otherwise in other places, palace schoolmate if wants, I decide however make concessions.” 蓝澜摇了摇头,道:“只是为了学府荣誉,不可退步而已,否则若是在其他地方,宫同学若是想要的话,我定然退让。” Of pleasant to hear that words saying actually, ok, since your I am not willing to make concessions, according to the custom comes.” Crown Princess indifferently said. “话倒是说的好听,算了,既然你我都不肯退让,还是按照规矩来吧。”长公主淡淡的道 The so-called custom, naturally was fights had said again. 所谓规矩,自然就是战过再说。 Here here, arrived perhaps continues our two squads, these sly fellows may wait.” Lan Lan looked in hills outside city, he can the faint feeling, some powerful fluctuations of energy be partly visible, obviously, other academy teams were also catch up, the meaning that but they have not come , must wait for their these two present points highest teams first to bumping intentionally. “此处这里,抵达的或许不止我们两个小队,这些狡猾的家伙可都在等着呢。”蓝澜看了一眼城外的群山间,他能够隐隐的感受到,一些强大的能量波动若隐若现,显然,其他学府的队伍同样是赶来了,只不过他们并没有现身的意思,显然是故意要等他们这两支如今积分最高的队伍先对碰一下。 That just right, we need a fight to shock their coveting.” Crown Princess said. “那正好,我们需要一场战斗来震慑他们的觊觎。”长公主说道。 Lan Lan said with a smile: „Is the palace schoolmate's confidence so strong? In courtyard level competition, we have fought.” 蓝澜笑道:“宫同学的信心这么强吗?院级赛中,我们可是交过手的。” Crown Princess shows a faint smile similarly, said: you knows that now was different.” 长公主同样是微微一笑,道:“伱知道的,现在不一样了。” Yourbright king Jing is very indeed strong, but I must stop your some time to achieve, but these days, my two teammates, should be able to solve your side teammate, when the time comes, I think that you should know how to make the choice. ” “你的“明王经”的确很强,不过我要阻拦你一些时间还是能够做到的,而在这段时间中,我的两名队友,应该可以解决掉你那边的队友,到时候,我想你应该知道怎么做选择的。” Lan Lan said: Your stop, isbright king Jing fermentation becomes the beforehand time such short time, although junior sister Jiang 3-star courtyard is invincible, but Lu Jinci , if determined to delay the time, should be able to tow, as for junior brother Li Luo, he previously spelled mutually wounded with Jing Taixu, just now wins narrowly, therefore wants to win by this rapidly makes the threat, is the possibility is not bigger. ” 蓝澜道:“你的阻拦,是“明王经”酝酿而成之前的时间吧这么短的时间,虽说姜学妹三星院无敌,但陆金瓷如果执意要拖时间的话,应该还是能够拖一些的,至于李洛学弟,他此前与景太虚拼得两败俱伤,方才险胜,所以想要迅速取胜以此来做威胁,更是可能性不大。” I felt, finally could not say Ibright king Jing first do obeisance, when the time comes, the palace schoolmate you must pay some prices. ” “我感觉,最后说不得还是我的“明王经”先拜下来,到时候,宫同学你就得付出一些代价了。” During his light spoken languages, has some meanings of threat. 他平淡的言语间,已是有了一些威胁之意。 However, Crown Princess is light smiles, the white hands grip tightly the sapphire scepter, next one flickers, boundless powerful phase power shoots up to the sky, in it behind, seven radiant heavenly jewel turnovers world's energy, making this time Crown Princess send out the imposing pressure. 然而,长公主却是淡淡一笑,玉手紧握青玉权杖,下一瞬,磅礴强悍的相力冲天而起,在其身后,七颗璀璨天珠吞吐着天地能量,令得此时的长公主散发出凛然威压。 She acts, then does not have the hesitation of least bit, next one flickers, under the sapphire scepter point, blasts open void suddenly. 她一出手,便是没有半点的犹豫,下一瞬,青玉权杖点下,虚空猛然炸裂。 Boundless azure light phase power changed into a huge azure luan light shadow directly, then violently shoots, breaks layer upon layer void, to pursue star to catch up with moon/month of potential, locked Lan Lan directly. 磅礴的青光相力直接是化为了一道巨大的青鸾光影,然后暴射而出,震碎层层虚空,以追星赶月之势,直接锁定了蓝澜 Lan Lan sighed lightly, the palm lifted, pale blue water idol's power as if filled the air from void, resembling was the vast expanse of water sea, in the sea, the huge incomparable water idol great hand raised, grasped directly to that azure luan light shadow. 蓝澜轻叹,手掌抬起,淡蓝色的水相之力仿佛是自虚空中弥漫出来,似是一片汪洋大海,大海之中,有一只巨大无比的水相巨手升起,直接抓向了那青鸾光影。 Bang! 轰! Both bump into, the wild energy impact wreaks havoc, even this piece of between Heaven and Earth evil thoughts aura washed out. 两者相撞,狂暴的能量冲击肆虐开来,连这片天地间恶念之气都被冲散许多。 Meanwhile, the Jiang Qing'e beautiful figure changes into the flowing light to plunder together, radiant bright puts greatly, points to Lu Jinci. 与此同时,姜青娥倩影化为一道流光掠出,璀璨光明大放,直指陆金瓷 But Lu Jinci sees that the complexion changes, without hesitation stimulates to movement phase power all, then turns around runs. 陆金瓷见状,面色一变,毫不犹豫的将自身相力尽数催动,然后掉头就跑。 Li Luo grasped the celestial phenomena blade, a tip of the toe point, the form vertical leaps, falls the Jing Taixu front. 李洛手持玄象刀,脚尖一点,身影纵跃,落到了景太虚的前方。 Must fight.” Li Luo is looking at Jing Taixu, said with a smile. “又要交手了啊。”李洛望着景太虚,笑眯眯的道 Jing Taixu look complex looked at Li Luo, previously the failure of courtyard level competition, making his strongly fragrant air/Qi continue now, because of that fight, so long as he can be lasting, is failed will be Li Luo. 景太虚神色复杂的看了一眼李洛,此前院级赛的失败,让他一口郁气持续到现在,因为那场战斗,只要他能够再持久一点,那么失败的就将会是李洛 1-star courtyard strongest title, will fall on the head of his Jing Taixu. 一星院最强称号,也将会落在他景太虚的头上。 Li Luo, do not waste the strength, this time engagement time will not be long, now can the main anticipation is senior sister Jiang before school leader Lan Lan successfully stimulates to movementbright king three does obeisance holds school leader Lu Jinci, as for here, looks honestly. ” Jing Taixu indifferently said. 李洛,不要浪费力气了,这次的交战时间不会长的,现在主要的看点是姜学姐能不能在蓝澜学长成功催动出“明王三拜”之前抓住陆金瓷学长,至于我们这里,还是老老实实看着吧。”景太虚淡淡的道 Li Luo hears word, is startled slightly, then said: You thought that a possibility, for example, is I first begins to hold you, then threatens Lan Lan to admit defeat?” 李洛闻言,微微一怔,然后说道:“你觉得有没有一种可能,比如说,是我先动手把你抓住,然后威胁蓝澜认输呢?” The Jing Taixu corner of the eye pulled out pulling out, sneers saying: It seems like did the victory of courtyard level competition make you somewhat let success go to the head?” 景太虚眼角抽了抽,冷笑道:“看来院级赛的胜利让你有些得意忘形了吧?” Li Luo is smiling, in the hand celestial phenomena blade uphold slowly, aimed at Jing Taixu. 李洛笑着,手中玄象刀缓缓的抬起,指向了景太虚 Jing Taixu sees that in the eye the anger flashes through, cold sound said: Good, I want to take a look actually, actually you have what qualifications to dare to speak with me!” 景太虚见状,眼中怒意闪过,冷声道:“好啊,那我倒是想要看看,你究竟有什么资格敢这么与我说话!” His palm grasps, the azure palm-leaf fan flashes before, immediately between Heaven and Earth strong winds erupts. 他手掌一握,青色芭蕉扇闪现而出,顿时天地间狂风大作。 When two points rank the first second squad opens a war before the city, in surrounding hills, some vision, in distant is looking into the distance. 而当两支积分排名第一第二的小队在城前开启一场大战的时候,周围的群山中,一些目光,也是在远远的眺望着。 The Gong Shenjun squad, is happen to one of them. 宫神钧小队,正好在其中。 senior Gong, don't we help? You and palace senior sister words jointly, can certainly exceed Lan Lan!” Duze Honglian is looking at the confrontation of distant place, been able to bear saying. 宫学长,我们不去帮忙吗?你和宫学姐联手的话,一定能胜过蓝澜!”都泽红莲望着远处的交锋,忍不住的说道。 „The Lan Lan squad is our academy archenemy, we cannot make points of this 3rd rank city fall absolutely in their hands, otherwise they will surpass the palace senior sister squad.” 蓝澜小队是我们学府的大敌,我们绝对不能让这座三级城市的积分落在他们的手中啊,不然他们就将会超过宫学姐小队了。” Although is the different squads respectively, but looks like in Duze Honglian, they come from Sacred Profound Star Academy after all, in this time, needs hand in hand foreign. 虽说各自属于不同的小队,但在都泽红莲看来,他们终归来自圣玄星学府,在这种时刻,还是需要携手对外的。 Gong Shenjun hears word, shakes the head slightly, said: Cannot move, I can feel that had other squads to lock our position, once I acted, will certainly bring in other squads, because they were glad to see that these two squads began here, if I intervened, will become trouble the aspect.” 宫神钧闻言,微微摇头,道:“动不了的,我能够感觉到有其他小队锁定了我们的位置,一旦我出手,也必将会引来其他的小队,因为他们乐于见到这两支小队在这里动手,如果我出手干预,将会把局面变得更为的麻烦。” Duze Honglian is startled, at once depressed lowering the head. 都泽红莲一怔,旋即沮丧的低下头。 You do not need worry extremely, Luanyu they to be not necessarily able to lose, so long as she can delay some time, once junior sister Jiang holds Lu Jinci, the opposite party naturally can be cautious about harming evildoers lest the innocent be hurt.” Gong Shenjun smiles the comfort to say. “你也不必太过的担忧,鸾羽她们未必就会输,她只要能够拖一些时间,一旦姜学妹抓住陆金瓷,对方自然会投鼠忌器。”宫神钧微笑着安慰道。 Duze Honglian is looking into the chaotic field, finally also can only sigh. 都泽红莲眺望着混乱的场中,最终也只能叹了一口气。 Hope so.” “希望如此吧。”
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