KOMI :: Volume #6

#558: Bumps into Lan Lan

Chapter 558 bumps into Lan Lan 第558章相撞蓝澜 mixed level competition, like a raging fire is continuing. 混级赛,如火如荼的持续着。 Although in this Red Sands County crisis-ridden, the average man in this surely is difficult, but this crisis, came from top squads in various great academy regarding these, is actually not able to contend. 虽说这红砂郡内危机四伏,常人在此必定是寸步难行,可这种危机,对于这些来自各大学府中的顶尖小队而言,却并非就是无法抗衡。 Therefore these days, various Red Sands County place polluted cities by unceasing purification, but this reflects, is in that points list all team rapidly rise points. 所以在这段时间中,红砂郡各处被污染的城市被不断的净化,而这反映出来的,则是那积分榜上所有队伍急速上涨的积分 Each polluted city, in the eye of each squad, directs points that the will of the people moves. 每一座被污染的城市,在各个小队的眼中,都是引人心动的积分 Therefore, when the mixed level competition time arrives in the 20 th day, the Red Sands County map that spirit mirror above demonstrates, had been eliminated most probably, obviously, mixed level competition hence, after has started to enter, half range. 所以,当混级赛的时间抵达第二十日时,灵镜上面显示的红砂郡地图,已是被清除了大半,显然,混级赛至此,已经开始进入到了后半程。 In a ruins huge city, there is sending out that the purification ray blots out the sky, starts evil thoughts aura that eliminates in the city to fill. 一座废墟般的庞大城市中,有净化光芒铺天盖地的散发开来,开始清除着城内弥漫的恶念之气 Li Luo stands in a ruins pavilion, pulled out spirit mirror to look at one, then on the face has the smile to reappear. 李洛站在一座废墟楼阁上,掏出灵镜看了一眼,然后脸庞上就有着笑容浮现出来。 Finally seven 100,000 points, did not waste this period of time crazy advancement.” Li Luo is sighing, from leaving Thunderous Mountain, enough ten days had passed, but in these ten days of time, their squad is almost the moment does not rest, opened the pattern of full speed advancement directly, comes along the way, no matter the city of what rank, so long as in their route scopes, were almost purified completely. “终于七十万积分了,不枉费这段时间的疯狂推进啊。”李洛感叹着,距离离开雷鸣山,已经足足十天过去了,而这十天时间中,他们小队几乎是片刻不歇,直接是开启了全速推进的模式,沿途过来,不管是什么级别的城市,只要在他们的路线范围中,几乎全部都是被净化。 In which alien, was swept cleanly. 其中的异类,也是被扫荡得干干净净。 At this time just finished Crown Princess and Jiang Qing'e of optional sitting war on an interruption wall, they hear the Li Luo sound, is relaxing of quietly, this period of time high-intensity fight, two females almost sustained most likely (80%) pressures, they are encountering with disaster rank alien every day, even many small Heaven Disaster Rank alien. 此时刚刚才结束了一场大战的长公主姜青娥随意的坐在一截断墙上,她们听见李洛的声音,也是悄悄的松了一口气,这段时间的高强度战斗,两女几乎是承担了八成的压力,她们每一日都是在与灾级异类交锋,其中甚至不乏小天灾级异类 They do not have the moment relaxation time. 她们没有片刻休息时间。 If not two females all are the will unusual generations, perhaps really must unable to withstand. 若非两女皆是毅力超凡之辈,恐怕真的是要承受不住了。 Crown Princess wears the personal purple short clothes trousers, the long hair that scattered simple pulling had become high ponytail, this command past elegant she was many feeling of several points of young blood, at this time some slightly breakages of her clothing in the previous fight, the crack place is revealing the fair tender and delicate flesh, but divulges regarding this spring scenery, she does not care, the fight that because experiences are too many, her original some cleanliness/mysophobia were weakened in this case. 长公主穿着贴身的紫色短衣长裤,原本飘散的长发早已简单的挽成了高高的马尾,这令得往日典雅的她多了几分青春活力的感觉,此时她衣衫在先前的战斗中略微有些破损,破口处显露着白皙娇嫩的肌肤,但对于这点春光泄露,她已经不太在意,因为经历的战斗太多,她原本的一些洁癖都在这种情况下被减弱了。 Lan Lan squad?” She is narrowing long and narrow charming phoenix, is making the short recuperation, simultaneously in the mouth asked. 蓝澜小队呢?”她微眯着狭长妩媚的凤目,做着短暂的休整,同时嘴中问道。 They now are 66 ten thousand points.” In position lowest the person as the squad, Li Luo gave in two eldest sister newspapers immediately competitive enemy this time points. “他们现在是六十六万积分。”作为小队中地位最低的人,李洛立即给两位大姐头报上了竞争对头此时的积分 Really is in hot pursuit.” Jiang Qing'e sits cross-legged to sit, the heavy sword places on the slender both legs, the long hair that she pulled, was actually scattered in the previous fight, now like the waterfall sends the silk mild-mannered hangs loose, made the original valiant makings weaken a point actually, becoming somewhat to be gently beautiful. “真是穷追不舍。”姜青娥盘腿而坐,重剑放在修长的双腿上,她原本挽起的长发,却是在先前的战斗中被打散,如今如瀑般的发丝柔顺的披散下来,倒是令得原本的飒爽气质减弱了一分,变得有些柔美起来。 Li Luo nods, actually this period of time they will go all out, has very big reason is pressure that because the Lan Lan squad creates, no matter how because they advance, but points of Lan Lan squad always bites them stubbornly, making them unable to pull open the points disparity. 李洛点点头,其实这段时间他们会这么拼命,有很大的原因就是因为蓝澜小队带来的压力,因为不管他们如何的推进,但蓝澜小队的积分始终死死的咬住他们,令得他们无法将积分差距拉开。 But Jiang Qing'e or Crown Princess, is the characters that type stronger very much, since their goals from the beginning are to go to the champion, therefore regardless at present is difficult, they are absolutely are impossible to relax. 而不论是姜青娥还是长公主,又都是那种很要强的性格,既然她们一开始的目标就是冲着冠军去的,所以眼下不论多艰难,她们都是绝对不可能放松。 I think that they should not feel better now.” Li Luo hesitates to say. “我想他们现在应该也不太好受。”李洛沉吟道。 This comes, they experienced many frigid fight, he is clearest, several times, Crown Princess because these alien strange is nearly injured, but the Lan Lan squad has a 4-star courtyard most powerhouse, but you really must say that he can exceed Crown Princess many is also unlikely, if even Lan Lan does not stimulate to movement his that titled marquis technique to kill to incur, not necessarily really can in the confrontation of Crown Princess occupies many winning side. 这一路而来,他们经历了多少惨烈战斗,他最清楚不过,其中好几次,就连长公主都因为那些异类的诡异险些受伤,而蓝澜小队虽说有着一位四星院的最强者,但你真要说他能够超过长公主多少也不太可能,甚至如果蓝澜不催动他那一道封侯术”杀招,未必就真能够在与长公主的交锋中占得多少的上风。 Moreover in two squads, their here Jiang Qing'e, but obviously exceeded Lu Jinci in opposite party squad. 而且两只小队中,他们这边的姜青娥,可是明显超越了对方小队中的陆金瓷 Therefore really compared with the efficiency, the combination of Lan Lan and Lu Jinci, feared that also is really compared with collaboration of Crown Princess and Jiang Qing'e. 所以真要比效率,蓝澜陆金瓷的组合,怕还真是比不过长公主姜青娥的联手。 But at present felt exhausted Crown Princess and Jiang Qing'e, where can they good to go? 而眼下连长公主姜青娥都感到了疲惫,他们又能好到哪里去? Nothing but is clenches teeth to look that who can the brace be longer. 无非就是咬牙看谁能够撑更久罢了。 Li Luo arrives at Jiang Qing'e behind, he is looking on the latter cheeks exhausted, putting out a hand that immediately loves dearly builds on the latter fragrant shoulder, then strength moderate rubbing pinched. 李洛来到姜青娥身后,他望着后者脸颊上的一点疲惫,顿时心疼的伸出手搭在后者香肩上,然后力道缓和的揉捏了起来。 Li Luo this movement suddenly, making Jiang Qing'e be startled slightly, feels the Li Luo palm to bring rubbing of heat degree to pinch in the shoulder neck place, her body was tied tight, but was quick, she who could not bear relaxed gradually, pure golden pupil faint smile swept Li Luo one, actually was also disinclined to care about this fellow really to love dearly or hold any bad thought. 李洛这突然间的动作,让得姜青娥微微一怔,感受着李洛手掌在肩颈处带着热度的揉捏,她身子都是忍不住的紧绷了起来,不过很快,她又渐渐的放松了下来,纯净的金色眸子似笑非笑的扫了李洛一眼,也懒得在意这家伙究竟是真心疼还是抱着什么不良的念头了。 But Li Luo looks but not see the Jiang Qing'e look, a face awe-inspiring feeling at present girl that exquisite flesh. 李洛对于姜青娥的眼神则是视而不见,一脸正气凛然的感受着眼前女孩那细腻的肌肤。 However his technique but actually indeed is also good, the Jiang Qing'e lip angle is upwarping gently, obviously is quite comfortable. 不过他的手法倒的确是还不错,姜青娥唇角都是轻轻的翘起,显然还是颇为舒服。 Good after long time, Jiang Qing'e felt similarly, stretched out the slender jade to refer, selected gently back of the hand that selected Li Luo, the latter then had not given full expression loosened the palm. 好半晌后,姜青娥感觉差不多了,伸出纤细玉指,轻轻点了点李洛的手背,后者这才意犹未尽的松开了手掌。 sister Qing'e, where will have is not uncomfortable next time, told me as early as possible, I helped you massage.” Li Luo brings yearning for saying. 青娥姐,下次有哪里不舒服,趁早告诉我,我帮你按摩一下。”李洛带着一点留恋的说道。 Giggle, Brother Li Luo, the elder sister I am also the whole body numb and aching, can you help me also press?” Nearby, the Crown Princess tender laughter suddenly resounds, she looks to Li Luo, brings asking of request. “咯咯,李洛小弟,姐姐我也是浑身酸麻,你能帮我也按一下吗?”一旁,长公主的娇笑声突然响起,她看向李洛,带着请求的问道。 Li Luo stares, just wanted to speak, was actually feels Jiang Qing'e to throw to wipe the cold vision, immediately turned serious, said: Your highness, the men and women give and receive do not kiss!” 李洛一愣,刚欲说话,却是感受到姜青娥投来了一抹冷冽的目光,当即神色一正,道:“殿下,男女授受不亲!” Regarding the Li Luo so righteousness look with stern words, the Crown Princess laughter is being such as euphonious resounding, obviously, she is also teasing Li Luo, after all she is not Jiang Qing'e, Li Luo this fellow really dares to touch the seat of honor, she feared that was gives to chop his claw. 对于李洛如此义正严词的神色,长公主的笑声更是如银铃般的响起,显然,她也就是在逗弄着李洛而已,毕竟她又不是姜青娥,李洛这家伙真敢摸上手,她怕是得将其爪子都给剁了。 Li Luo shows the whites of the eyes, but this period of time Crown Princess to his sexually harassing number of times quite a lot, therefore he was also becomes accustomed. 李洛翻了个白眼,不过这段时间长公主对他的调戏次数颇多,所以他也算是习以为常了。 „Our very intensive fights, should immediately to end.” “我们这种高强度的战斗,应该马上就要结束了。” Li Luo pulls out spirit mirror, comes out the map point, points at the point to approach somewhere: „The words that because we continue to proceed to advance, this direction only had a 3rd rank city, this was last, made a connection with here, can go nonstop to the scarlet stone wall.” 李洛掏出灵镜,将地图点出来,手指点向某处:“因为我们继续往前推进的话,这片方向就只剩下一座三级城了,这是最后一座,打通这里,就可以直通赤石城。” Crown Princess and Jiang Qing'e pupil light also looks following the Li Luo finger, finally stopped above a symbol in 3rd rank city. 长公主姜青娥眸光也是顺着李洛手指看去,最后在一座三级城市的标志上面停了下来。 So long as takes this city, then mixed level competition will start to enter the final decisive battle point.” “只要拿下这座城市,那么混级赛就将会开始进入最后的决战点。” This city, is not quite perhaps good to snatch.” The finger of Li Luo drew a region on the map, said: Because of the squad of this region, should rush to this place one after another, when the time comes is not enough to go around, unavoidably will erupt to fight.” “不过这座城市,恐怕不太好抢。”李洛的手指在地图上面画了一片区域,道:“因为这片区域的小队,应该都是会陆续赶往这个地点,到时候僧多粥少,难免会爆发争抢。” Fought for words, hitting to be good, previously we also met squad that snatches the city.” Jiang Qing'e regarding this actually and does not care. “争抢的话,打回去就行了,此前我们同样遇见了抢城的小队。”姜青娥对此倒是并不在意。 Although in mixed level competition, resistances and competitions among the major teams do not have on courtyard level competition is so strong, after all everyone bigger opponent, occupies alien in Red Sands County, but battle sometimes is still inevitable. 虽说混级赛中,各大队伍之间的对抗与竞争没有院级赛上面那么强,毕竟所有人更大的对手,就是盘踞红砂郡之内的异类,但有时候的争斗依旧不可避免。 For example this 3rd rank city, 50,000 points, who occupied can lead one section, no one wants to give up, that naturally can only first do, then the winner took the city. 比如这种三级城,五万的积分,谁占了就能够领先一截,谁都不想放弃,那就自然只能先做过一场,然后胜者取城。 This is the unwritten custom. 这已经算是不成文的规矩了。 Li Luo nods, hesitates to say slightly: I am the feeling, the words here, we may bump into the Lan Lan squad, after all at their speeds, will have the possibility also to stare here.” 李洛点点头,微微沉吟道:“我是感觉,在这里的话,我们可能会撞见蓝澜小队,毕竟以他们的速度,有可能也是会盯上这里。” Crown Princess willow eyebrows one pressed, said: Without is so hapless? They also not necessarily certainly in this region.” 长公主柳眉一蹙,道:“没这么倒霉吧?他们也不见得一定就在这片区域。” The Jiang Qing'e look is actually tranquil, said: Sooner or later will meet, here bumps into, actually many abilities can also try some of their.” 姜青娥倒是神色平静,道:“迟早都会遇见的,在这里撞见,也可以试试他们究竟有多少能力。” Crown Princess nods, she fears Lan Lan actually not, if really met the Lan Lan squad here ahead of time, without doubt will make that startled day collide early. 长公主颔首,她倒不是惧怕蓝澜,只是如果真在这里提前遇见了蓝澜小队,无疑会让那惊天碰撞来得更早一点。 This is also only my guess, will not necessarily really meet.” “这也只是我的猜测,未必就真会遇见。” Li Luo also comforts with a smile, if really can be the last smoothly a 3rd rank city, then presses up to the scarlet stone wall, that naturally is the best result. 李洛也是笑着安抚,如果真的能够顺利取得最后一座三级城,然后直逼赤石城,那当然就是最好的结果。 „A recuperation double-hour, do we leave again directly?” Li Luo is seeking information two female opinions. “再休整一个时辰,我们就直接动身吧?”李洛征询着两女的意见。 Two female hears word, from unobjectionable. 两女闻言,自无异议。 Therefore after a double-hour, the squad left this successfully to arrange the ruins city of refining equipment, started full speed to push onward to the next goal. 于是一个时辰后,小队离开了这座成功布置了净化装置的废墟城市,开始全速对着下一个目标挺进。 So full speed hurries along, spent one day time merely, they then arrived on this route last 3rd rank city. 如此全速赶路,仅仅只是花费了一日时间,他们便是抵达了这条路线上面的最后一座三级城。 But when they arrive in shortly after here, Crown Princess and Jiang Qing'e look then moves, then turned the head to look to another direction, saw only there to have roaring wind to resound, three person's shadows from far to near, swiftly swept. 而就当他们抵达此处后不久,长公主姜青娥的神色便是一动,然后转头看向了另外一个方向,只见得那里有破风声响起,三道人影由远至近,疾掠而来。 Merely less than one minute, three person's shadows fell on another direction of this city city gate. 仅仅不到一分钟的时间,三道人影就落在了这座城市城门的另外一个方向。 The Li Luo vision sweeps, the corners of the mouth then pull out slightly. 李洛目光一扫,嘴角便是微微一抽。 Crown Princess also helpless looked at his one eyes, said: you this fellow, but also is really a crow mouth.” 长公主也是无奈的看了他一眼,道:“伱这家伙,还真是一个乌鸦嘴。” Because of not far away that team, before Li Luo, Lan Lan squad that guessed. 因为不远处那支队伍,正是李洛之前猜测的蓝澜小队。
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