KOMI :: Volume #6

#560: Second fight with Jing Taixu

Second fight of Chapter 560 and Jing Taixu 第560章与景太虚的第二次交手 The fight erupts extremely swiftly and violently. 战斗爆发得极其的迅猛。 Outside broken city, when the one after another boundless powerful phase power fluctuation shoots up to the sky, this region was divided three battlefields instantaneously. 残破城市之外,当一道道磅礴强悍的相力波动冲天而起时,这片区域瞬间就被分割成了三处战场。 Most noticeable, is the confrontation of Crown Princess and Lan Lan, two people are the Big Dipper Heavenly Jewel Realm strengths, at this time a contact is firepower full, boundless phase power without hesitation just like the mighty current penetration horizon, every to bumping, will cause this side world's energy to shake one time. 最为引人注目的,莫过于长公主蓝澜的交锋,两人都是七星天珠境的实力,此时一接触便是毫不犹豫的火力全开,磅礴相力宛如道道洪流般的贯穿天际,每一次的对碰,都将会引得这方天地能量为之震荡。 Although Lan Lan previously exceeded Crown Princess one time on courtyard level competition, but he will therefore not belittle to its intention absolutely, because strength of both sides actually differs not much, but he has one bright king Jing to take trump card. 而虽说蓝澜此前在院级赛上胜过长公主一次,但他绝对不会因此就对其心怀小觑,因为双方的实力其实相差不多,只不过他拥有着一手“明王经”作为杀手锏而已。 Lan Lan also understands, wants to decide the victory and defeat, he only has dependence bright king Jing. 蓝澜也明白,想要分出胜负,他唯有依靠“明王经”。 When with Crown Princess fights, he also without hesitation stimulates to movement so killed to incur, but so titled marquis technique needs the fermentations of some time. 所以在与长公主交手时,他也是毫不犹豫的催动了这般杀招,只是这般封侯术需要一些时间的酝酿。 In the hills, some sharp vision shifted to Jiang Qing'e and Lu Jinci battlefield, everyone understands, Crown Princess constrains the Lan Lan goal, to give Jiang Qing'e dragging time, so long as Jiang Qing'e can hold Lu Jinci in this time, then natural can make Lan Lan be cautious about harming evildoers lest the innocent be hurt. 群山间,一些锐利的目光转向了姜青娥陆金瓷的战场,所有人都明白,长公主拖住蓝澜的目的,就是为了给姜青娥拖延时间,只要姜青娥能够在这个时间内将陆金瓷抓住,那么自然就能够令蓝澜投鼠忌器。 Because of according to the mixed level competition rule, once in the squad some people were eliminated to leave the stage, points that then the team obtains, corresponding was deducted. 因为按照混级赛的规则,一旦小队中有人被淘汰退场,那么队伍所获得的积分,也会相应的被扣除。 However regarding attempt of Crown Princess, that Lu Jinci is also well aware obviously, moreover he very clear and disparity between Jiang Qing'e, previously on courtyard level competition, he united several top 3-star courtyard students to besiege Jiang Qing'e, was killed by the earliest possible time second, if dares the upfront contact at this time again, perhaps he could not insist for ten seconds in the hand of Jiang Qing'e. 不过对于长公主的企图,那陆金瓷显然也是心知肚明,而且他非常清楚自己与姜青娥之间的差距,此前院级赛上,他联合数位顶尖三星院学员围攻姜青娥,都被第一时间秒杀,如果此时再敢正面接触的话,恐怕他在姜青娥的手中坚持不了十秒。 Therefore, he flees like a scared rat on the direct selection from the beginning. 所以,他从一开始就直接选择抱头鼠窜。 Lu Jinci phase power erupts all, then radically no matter the Jiang Qing'e offensive, direct escapes crazily. 陆金瓷相力尽数爆发,然后根本就不管姜青娥的攻势,直接疯狂而逃。 Obviously plans to delay the time. 显然是打算将时间拖下去。 But Jiang Qing'e pursues rapidly, among two people distance in rapid reduction, but wants to pursue, obviously also needs to select the time, after all Lu Jinci are also the Extreme Fiend Realm strength, the words that the can be victorious light escapes, even Jiang Qing'e, not too easy to tidy up the opposite party for a short time. 姜青娥则是迅速追赶,两人之间的距离在迅速的缩短,但想要追上去,显然也还需要点时间,毕竟陆金瓷自身也是极煞境的实力,打不过光逃的话,想必就算是姜青娥,一时半会也不太容易将对方收拾。 In the wooded mountains, some spies on here the vision to shake the head secretly, because they have seen, Lan Lan behind, a huge fuzzy form has started reappearing gradually, simultaneously brought a constriction beyond description. 山林间,有一些窥探此处的目光暗暗摇头,因为他们已经见到,蓝澜身后,一道巨大的模糊身影已经开始渐渐的浮现,同时带来了一种难以形容的压迫感。 The time, as if stands Lan Lan a point. 时间,似乎更站在蓝澜这边一点。 Buzz! 嗡! When everyone's line of sight gathers in the top battlefields of two squads, actually unmanned attention, under that boundless phase power covers battlefield somewhere, collisions between two small Idol Master Realm. 而当所有人的视线都汇聚于两支小队的顶尖战场时,倒是无人注意,在那磅礴相力覆盖下的某处战场,两个小小相师境之间的碰撞。 In the Jing Taixu hand the palm-leaf fan howls, the innumerable say/way azure wind blade sweeps across, in it behind, false ninth grade wind spirit envoy is partly visible, making the wind blade lethality that he displays astonishing. 景太虚手中芭蕉扇呼啸,无数道青色风刃席卷而出,在其身后,虚九品风灵使若隐若现,令得他所施展出来的风刃杀伤力更为的惊人。 However these wind edges howl, actually by the blade light that vibrates together high-speed forcefully cuts all broken. 然而这些风刃呼啸而过,却是被一道高速震动的刀光硬生生的尽数斩碎。 This contact, the pupil of Jing Taixu shrinks slightly. 这一接触,景太虚的瞳孔就是微微一缩。 You already Idol Transforming stage fourth change?!” He loses the sound said. “你已经化相段第四变了?!”他失声道。 Previously on courtyard level competition, Li Luo depended upon some external force to make shortly achieve Idol Transforming stage fourth change, but in the present contact, Jing Taixu is actually discovered that Li Luo phase power became condenses to be abundant, obviously, this was he completed the breakthrough! 此前在院级赛上,李洛是依靠着某种外力才令得自身短暂的达到了化相段第四变,可现在的接触中,景太虚却是发现李洛相力变得凝聚而雄厚,显然,这是他自身完成了突破! Is facing the Jing Taixu startled sound, the Li Luo look actually extremely tranquil, he is staring at the former, indifferently said: I want to try, present you, whether the qualifications and I am mutually wounded?” 面对着景太虚的惊声,李洛神色却是极为的平静,他盯着前者,淡淡的道:“我想试试,现在的你,是否还有资格与我两败俱伤?” His double palm grips tightly the celestial phenomena blade. 他双掌紧握玄象刀。 Single layer likely supernatural power! 第一重象神力! The Li Luo both arms vibration, the arbitrary strengths swamp into the both arms, when beforehand Li Luo displays the single layer likely supernatural power, although can withstand, but the both arms skin will still present tearing the wound, but this time, his both arms, perfect. 李洛双臂震动,有一股蛮横的力量涌入双臂,以前的李洛施展第一重象神力时,虽然能够承受,但双臂皮肤依然会出现撕裂的伤口,但这一次,他的双臂,完好无损。 The single layer supernatural power, was withstood by him likely perfectly. 第一重象神力,被他完美的承受了下来。 Obviously, this is because previously in the advantage that thunder Wangtan gained. 显然,这是因为此前在那“雷王潭”中所获得的好处。 His mortal body intensity , to promote. 他的肉身强度,提升了。 Feels that such as the strength of galloping in the both arms, the Li Luo corners of the mouth is reappearing to wipe the happy expression likely, then his intention moves, of within the body thunder furnace in this time suddenly fierce vibration. 感受着那于双臂之中如蛮象般奔腾的力量,李洛嘴角浮现出一抹笑意,然后他心念一动,体内的那座“雷霆熔炉”在此时突然剧烈的震动起来。 Bang! 轰! The thunderous bellow in within the body crack, the Li Luo clear feeling, that thunder furnace, there is a mysterious thunderous sound wave to proliferate together. 雷鸣轰鸣声在体内炸响,李洛清晰的感觉到,那“雷霆熔炉”内,有一道玄妙的雷鸣音波扩散开来。 The thunderous sound wave place visited, the flesh, the meridians, the skeleton just like in this time by some unusual strength is awakened generally, started exceptionally to become active and ebullition. 雷鸣音波所过之处,血肉,经络,骨骼都是在此时犹如被某种奇特的力量所唤醒了一般,开始变得异常的活跃与沸腾。 But this response falls beyond the Li Luo body, is on his skin, seems rippling light thunder light, in a especially his pair of eye pupil, has the thunder to glitter unexpectedly. 而这种反应落在李洛的身躯之外,便是他的皮肤上,仿佛荡漾着淡淡的雷光,特别是他的一对眼瞳内,竟是有着雷霆在闪烁。 At this moment, Li Luo felt that his mortal body, seemed like the extremely strong increase. 这一刻,李洛感觉到他的肉身,似乎是得到了极强的增幅。 Therefore, the Li Luo corners of the mouth raise slightly, without hesitation celestial phenomena blade double shape supernatural power activation. 于是,李洛嘴角微微掀起,毫不犹豫的将玄象刀第二重象神力激活。 Bang! 轰! The celestial phenomena blade vibrates, an extremely astonishing wild strength, as if brings the sound of ancient shape recitation, is stepping the step of everything may become vulnerable, crashed in the Li Luo both arms. 玄象刀震动起来,一股极其惊人的狂暴力量,仿佛是带着古老的象吟之声,迈着地动山摇的步伐,冲进了李洛双臂。 His both arms inflated instantaneously enough several in this time. 他的双臂在此时瞬间膨胀了足足数圈。 Above has the blue vein to shrug like the earthworm, each tremor, in turnover terrifying strength. 其上有青筋如蚯蚓般耸动着,每一次的颤动,都在吞吐着恐怖的力量。 Has the blood bead to infiltrate from the pore of both arms, skin and flesh on the both arms as if were supported some type the shatter limit to be soon common. 有血珠从双臂的毛孔中渗透出来,双臂上的皮肤与血肉仿佛是被撑到了某种即将破碎的极限一般。 The both arms have the severe pain to transmit as before, but the smile of Li Luo corners of the mouth actually expanded gradually. 双臂依旧是有着剧痛传来,但李洛嘴角的笑容却是渐渐的扩大了。 Because of this time, the both arms flesh had not been torn unexpectedly! 因为这一次,双臂血肉竟然没有被撕裂! Is drawing support from the increase of thunderous body to mortal body, Li Luo finally is forcefully the double shape supernatural power resisting, did not need to be similar to previous, but also needs to delay with the aid of the phase power restoration effect. 借助着雷鸣体对肉身的增幅,李洛终于是硬生生的将第二重象神力给抗了下来,再也不用如同此前,还需要借助相力的恢复效果来延迟。 He raised the head, the dense/woods cold vision, locks Jing Taixu. 他抬起头,森寒的目光,锁定景太虚 But this time Jing Taixu, had been startled by his a series of operations changed the complexion, because of him can the clear feeling, this time Li Luo bring extremely intense dangerous aura to him. 而此时的景太虚,早已被他这一系列的操作惊得变了脸色,因为他能够清晰的感受到,此时的李洛给他带来了一股极其强烈的危险气息。 That danger, far ultra previously courtyard level competition. 那股危险,远超此前院级赛 „Does this fellow, actually experience what as of late? Unexpectedly became such strong!” “这家伙,最近这段时间究竟经历了什么?竟然变得这么强了!” In the Jing Taixu heart startled palpitates, then his form suddenly/violently to retreat, does not dare to retain simultaneously, the complexion ice is cold, in the hand the azure palm-leaf fan shakes, azure phase power like storm sweeping across, the palm-leaf fan howls, simultaneously resembles has the light dragon's roar sound to get up together. 景太虚心中惊悸,然后他身影暴退,同时再不敢保留,面色冰寒,手中青色芭蕉扇一震,青色相力如风暴般的席卷而出,芭蕉扇呼啸而下,同时似是有着一道淡淡的龙吟声响起。 dragon-general technique, day according to going crazy spear/gun!” 龙将术,天照风魔枪!” Falls along with the Jing Taixu palm-leaf fan fan, everywhere wind energy comes, directly formed azure black energy heavy spear in its above, heavy spear shakes slightly, is twisting continually void. 伴随着景太虚芭蕉扇扇落,漫天风能量呼啸而来,直接是在其上方形成了一柄青黑色的能量重枪,重枪微微震荡,连虚空都在扭曲。 Obviously, faces the dangerous aura that Li Luo is bringing, Jing Taixu stimulates to movement without hesitation killed to incur most. 显然,面对着李洛带来的危险气息,景太虚毫不犹豫的催动了最强杀招。 This move, on previous courtyard level competition, nearly routs Li Luo. 这一招,在此前的院级赛上,险些击溃李洛 Azure black heavy spear passes through void, even the air was torn, spread the sound of grating sonic boom. 青黑重枪贯穿虚空,连空气都被撕裂开来,传出了刺耳的音爆之声。 Li Luo is looking at that rapidly the spear/gun shadow of enlargement in the eye pupil, the complexion is tranquil, the palm grips tightly the celestial phenomena blade, above the knife, the water glow passes high-speed, then he one step treads, is a blade is cutting to the heavy spear anger directly under. 李洛望着那在眼瞳之中急速放大的枪影,面色平静,手掌紧握玄象刀,刀身之上,水芒高速流转,而后他一步踏出,直接就是一刀对着重枪怒斩而下。 Buzz! 嗡! A blade cuts, in front of terrifying strength even/including void as if cuts a slight trace, simultaneously the front land, emerged out of thin air directly a dozens zhang (3.33 m) smooth slash. 一刀斩下,恐怖的力量连面前的虚空仿佛都是斩出了一道细微的痕迹,同时前方的大地,直接是凭空出现了一道数十丈长的光滑刀痕。 The prestige energy of this blade, surpasses the attack that past Li Luo any depended upon itself to send out time. 这一刀的威能,超出了以往李洛任何一次依靠自身而发出的攻击。 Clang! 铛! Then, the blade light falls, bumps into with heavy spear. 而后,刀光落下,与重枪相撞。 Clear resonant metallic sound, such as thunderclap resounding through outside this broken city. 清脆嘹亮的金铁之声,如炸雷般的响彻于这座残破的城市之外。
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