KOMI :: Volume #6

#553: Thunder Wangtan

Chapter 553 thunder Wangtan 第553章雷王潭 Li Luo and Lu Ming following the steps the line, so do not know that passes through many ladders, that dim front appeared finally luminously, two people look at each other one, steps out, enters from that luminous place. 李洛鹿鸣顺着阶梯而行,如此不知道走过多少梯,那昏暗的前方终于是出现了光亮,两人对视一眼,加快脚步,自那光亮处走进。 The present field of vision widens instantaneously. 眼前的视野瞬间开阔起来。 Two people lines of sight almost as if by prior agreement looked to under ten several meters position, there, has a silver puddle. 两人的视线几乎是不约而同的看向了下方十数米的位置处,那里,有着一座银色的水潭。 No, perhaps should not say that is the puddle. 不,或许不应该说是水潭。 Because in that is not the ordinary water, but is silver thunder Jiang, innumerable thunder light jumps, changes into thunder Hu, making noise. 因为那里面的并非是普通的水,而是一种银色的雷浆,无数雷光从中跳跃出来,化为雷弧,噼里啪啦的作响。 This is thunder Wangtan!” “这是雷王潭!” Lu Ming is looking at the silver puddle, been able to bear losing one's voice, in the attractive eye pupil full is the color of pleasant surprise. 鹿鸣望着银色水潭,忍不住的失声,漂亮的眼眸中满是惊喜之色。 Thunder Wangtan?” The Li Luo look moves. “雷王潭?”李洛神色一动。 Lu Ming somewhat excited nod, said: I have studied Black Wind Empire Thunderous Tree, it is said thunder Wangtan is the Thunderous Tree biggest advantage, here thunder Jiang, is Thunderous Tree derives the between Heaven and Earth thunder energy to accumulate over a long period of time, in this Black Wind Empire, Thunderous Mountain is royal all, but ordinary imperial juniors, even if performs the big merit, still obtains thunderous fruit at most, only has that person who can mount the throne, has the qualifications to open Thunderous Tree, enters in thunder Wangtan tempering to practice.” 鹿鸣有些激动的点点头,道:“我研究过黑风帝国雷鸣树,据说雷王潭才是雷鸣树最大的好处,这里的雷浆,是雷鸣树汲取天地间的雷霆能量日积月累而成,在这黑风帝国,雷鸣山为皇族所有,可普通的皇家子弟,即便立下再大的功劳,也顶多只是获得雷鸣果而已,唯有能够登上皇位的那个人,才有资格打开雷鸣树,进入雷王潭中淬炼修行。” You know also many.” Li Luo surprised said. “你知道的还不少呢。”李洛惊讶的道 Because I have thunder idol, nature regarding these with thunder energy related uniqueness some understanding, but Black Wind Empire Thunderous Tree is one of them, but Black Wind Empire never allowed the bystander to enter Thunderous Mountain in the past, therefore I also can only look from some various country chats.” “因为我自身拥有雷相,自然对于这些与雷霆能量有关的奇特之处都有过了解,而黑风帝国雷鸣树就是其中之一,只不过以往黑风帝国从不允许外人进入雷鸣山,所以我也就只能从一些诸国杂谈上面看过。” It is said this thunder Wangtan not only can the tempering mortal body, but also enters, can refine thunderous body surely!” “据说这雷王潭不仅能够淬炼肉身,而且进入其中者,必定能够炼成雷鸣体!” Li Luo hears word, is palpitating with excitement that cannot bear, then he to all around was arching cupping one hand in the other across the chest, said with a smile: Many thanks brother Tree presented.” 李洛闻言,也是忍不住的怦然心动,然后他对着四周拱了拱手,笑道:“多谢树哥馈赠了。” Obviously, Thunderous Tree may not have the human like that complex emotion, looks like in it, Li Luo two people saved it, then it naturally must make best effort to return. 显然,雷鸣树可没有人类那般复杂的情感,在它看来,李洛两人拯救了它,那么它自然是要尽最大的努力来回报。 Li Luo and Lu Ming do not have the ink marks, the form to leap, was falls outside thunder Wangtan. 李洛鹿鸣也并没有墨迹,身影一跃,便是落到了雷王潭之外。 The Li Luo squatting down body, the palm touched thunder Jiang cautiously, immediately the palm place transmitted the numb pricking, simultaneously his clear feeling the flesh of palm place is becomes active, seems cheering. 李洛蹲下身子,手掌小心翼翼的摸了摸雷浆,顿时手掌处传来了酥麻刺痛感,同时他清晰的感觉到手掌处的血肉都是变得活跃起来,仿佛是在欢呼雀跃。 Really is the good thing.” Li Luo exclaimed in surprise, touched merely, oneself flesh can have the so huge response, obviously this thunder thick liquid regarding the temperance of mortal body obvious. “真是好东西。”李洛惊叹,仅仅只是摸了一下,自身血肉就能够有如此剧烈的反应,可见这雷浆对于肉身的锤炼有多明显。 Perhaps when tempering, displays the double shape supernatural power here quite next time again, my both arms should be insufficient to tear that type.” In the Li Luo heart full is the anticipation, the shape supernatural power of this celestial phenomena blade is indeed overbearing, but is also very high to the mortal body intensity request, if not he has water idol, light idol, phase power of wood idol these three bringing treatments, his both arms could not perhaps have preserved. “如果在这里好生淬炼一番,恐怕下一次再施展第二重象神力时,我的双臂应该就不至于撕裂成那个样了。”李洛心中满是期待,这玄象刀的象神力的确霸道,但对肉身强度要求也很高,如果不是他自身拥有着水相,光明相,木相这三种自带治疗的相力,恐怕他的双臂早就保不住了。 But this type contends with likely the supernatural power in the way of treatment to the load that the mortal body brings after all is not the long-term task, therefore 但这种以治疗的方式来抗衡象神力对肉身带来的负荷终归不是长久之道,所以 Strengthens the mortal body, the itself/Ben is Li Luo has wanted to achieve urgently. 增强肉身,本就是李洛一直迫切想要做到的。 But thunder Wangtan, then agrees with extremely his request. 而雷王潭,则是极其契合他的要求。 Li Luo, this time actually many thanks you.” Nearby, the Lu Ming pupil light received from thunder Wangtan finally, her line of sight shifts to Li Luo, some not too natural are expressing thanks slightly. 李洛,此次倒是多谢你了。”一旁,鹿鸣的眸光终于从雷王潭上收了回来,她视线转向李洛,有些微微不太自然的表达着感谢。 Lu Ming is well aware, this time follows Li Luo to enter to the Thunderous Mountain deep place, is lets her even white mixed a big chance, after all thunder Wangtan has the thunder idol person regarding this, the significance probably is more intense than Li Luo. 鹿鸣心知肚明,此次跟随李洛进入到雷鸣山深处,算是让她平白的混了一个大机缘,毕竟“雷王潭”对于她这种自身拥有着雷相的人来说,意义或许比李洛要强烈许多。 Therefore she felt that she owed a favor. 所以她感觉自己欠了一个人情。 But she personality is also that quite cold one, this type expressed gratitude face to face, made her some difficult. 但她自身性格又是属于那种比较冷的一种,这种当面道谢,还是让得她有些难以启齿。 Faces thanks of Lu Ming, Li Luo is actually beckoning with the hand, says with a smile: Does not need to feel oneself have a deficit I, you also helped me, if not you, perhaps I also planted, we cooperate mutually.” 面对着鹿鸣的感谢,李洛却是摆了摆手,笑道:“不必觉得自己亏欠我,你也帮了我,如果不是伱,我说不定也栽了,咱们只是互相合作而已。” If you really feel a little grateful, before that do not bear a grudge me, matter that again intoxicates on line.” “如果你实在觉得有点感激,那就不要再记恨我之前下毒的事情就行了。” Lu Ming cheeks slightly red, no longer said anything. 鹿鸣脸颊微红,也就不再多说什么。 I must get down.” She is saying. “那我要下去了。”她说着。 Wait.” “等等。” Hears the Li Luo words, Lu Ming doubts looks like. 听到李洛的话,鹿鸣疑惑的看来。 Li Luo earnest asking: Doesn't need to take off the clothes? This feels like in the take a bath is the same.” 李洛认真的问道:“不用脱衣服吧?这感觉像是在泡澡一样。” Lu Ming fair cheeks red, ill-humored curling the lip said: Has your fond dream.” 鹿鸣白皙的脸颊一红,没好气的撇嘴道:“做你的美梦呢。” Then is takes the lead the starting to walk long leg, is walks into thunder Wangtan directly, sought one, sits cross-legged. 而后便是率先迈开长腿,直接是走入到雷王潭中,寻了一处,盘坐下来。 With the Lu Ming entering pond, thunder Jiang of that region she is at is also surges, seems the mucus is ordinary, little covers her slender tender body, above thunder light jumps crazily, makes the sound. 随着鹿鸣的入池,她所在的那片区域的雷浆也是涌动起来,仿佛是黏液一般,一点点的将她纤细的娇躯所覆盖,其上雷光疯狂的跳跃,发出噼里啪啦的声响。 But Lu Ming look actually quite tranquil, as if regarding this and has no feeling. 鹿鸣的神色却是颇为的平静,仿佛对此并没有什么感受。 Li Luo sees that this feels relieved arrives at another region, jumped directly. 李洛见状,这才放心的走到另外一片区域,直接跳了进去。 passes. 噗通。 thunder Jiang splutters, body of Li Luo immediately by thunder thick liquid submergence all. 雷浆溅射,李洛的身子顿时被雷浆尽数的淹没。 Then he feels a wild thunder energy to swarm to enter from its whole body innumerable pores at this time directly, that flash, the Li Luo hair raises up instantaneously, a feeling of extreme stabbing pain erupts from the whole body, was he who made to be caught off guard called out pitifully directly one. 然后他就感受到一股狂暴的雷霆能量此时直接自其周身无数毛孔蜂拥而进,那一瞬间,李洛头发瞬间竖起,一种极端刺痛的感觉从周身爆发开来,直接是令得措手不及的他惨叫了一声。 Thunder energy crazy beats in the flesh, that boiling hot, scalding hot and wild feeling, although made the flesh also respond intensely, but that pain, felt the acid to be crisp. 雷霆能量疯狂的在血肉中跳动,那种滚烫,灼热而狂暴的感觉,虽然令得血肉也是在激烈的回应着,可那种痛苦,也倍感酸爽。 Was played!” “被耍了!” Li Luo looks fierce, in this thunder Wangtan particularly is obviously painful, but Lu Ming also shipped out a tranquil appearance a moment ago, this misled him obviously. 李洛龇牙咧嘴,明明这雷王潭中分外痛苦,但鹿鸣刚才还装出一副平静的模样,这显然是误导了他。 But Li Luo here sound, was makes Lu Ming open the pupil to look at one, her look a little had doubts, appearance that this fellow fell into the wok with cooking oil? Her feels a feeling of numb and aching obviously merely? 李洛这边的动静,也是令得鹿鸣睁开眸子看了一眼,她的眼神有点疑惑,这家伙怎么一副掉进油锅的模样?明明她这边仅仅只是感受到一点酸麻的感觉而已啊? But looks at the Li Luo pain, as if not install. 但看李洛的痛苦,似乎也不是装出来的。 Therefore Lu Ming swept this thunder Wangtan, perhaps is because have the thunder idol reason, she discovered that seems like many thunder energies in such as electricity python surging, but direction that wells up, is the position that Li Luo is. 于是鹿鸣扫了一眼这雷王潭,或许是因为自身拥有着雷相的原因,她发现似乎许多雷霆能量在如电蟒般的涌动,而涌去的方向,就是李洛所在的位置。 one after another thunder Mang gathers in the position that Li Luo is, becomes exceptionally dazzling, but Li Luo, then by these thunder light coverages all, was covered. 一道道雷蟒在李洛所在的位置汇聚,变得异常的璀璨夺目,而李洛,则是被这些雷光尽数的覆盖,笼罩。 Sees this, she understood anything immediately. 见到这一幕,她顿时明白了什么。 Immediately some pupil envying looked at miserable howling Li Luo. 当即眸子有些羡慕的看了惨嚎中的李洛一眼。 This Thunderous Tree, but also is really impartial in administering rewards and punishments.” “这雷鸣树,还真是赏罚分明呢。” Rushes to Li Luo that side thunder energy without doubt abundantly, but here, can control the thunder Wangtan energy, only then Thunderous Tree, obviously, Thunderous Tree also knows, this rescue, the function of Li Luo is stronger than Lu Ming, presenting that therefore gives also rich. 涌向李洛那边的雷霆能量无疑更为的雄厚,而在这里,能够操控雷王潭能量的,只有雷鸣树,显然,雷鸣树也知晓,此次的救援,李洛的作用比鹿鸣更强,所以给予的馈赠也更为的丰厚。 Really is the fellow of appreciating one's own good fortune.” “真是身在福中不知福的家伙。” Lu Ming whispered, pain that although this time Li Luo possibly suffers, that but that benefits finally, far will also exceed her without doubt, if both sides can exchange, Lu Ming without hesitation withstands that thunder to quench the pain of body. 鹿鸣嘀咕了一声,虽然此时的李洛可能遭受的痛苦更强一些,但那最后所得到的好处,无疑也将会远超她这边,如果双方可以交换的话,鹿鸣会毫不犹豫的去承受那种雷霆淬体的痛苦。 But obviously, this pain is not who wants to have. 但显然,这份痛苦不是谁想要就能有的。 Therefore Lu Ming also no longer thinks, but closes a pupil, starts presenting that will enjoy itself soon to obtain. 所以鹿鸣也就不再多想,而是闭拢眼眸,开始享受自身即将得到的馈赠。
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