KOMI :: Volume #6

#552: Collapsing Li Luo

Li Luo that Chapter 552 collapses 第552章破局的李洛 Rumble! 轰隆隆! The Thunderous Mountain summit, the wild thunder energy is wreaking havoc, the one after another thunder python is coercing the aggressive imposing manner, continuously is going to the upper air three person's shadow bombardments. 雷鸣山山巅,狂暴的雷霆能量肆虐着,一道道雷霆巨蟒裹挟着凶悍气势,连绵不断的对着高空的三道人影轰击而去。 Was rumbled to twist continually void. 连虚空都是被轰得扭曲起来。 Crown Princess, Qin Yue, the Zhao Beili three people use are resisting full power, their facial colors are somewhat dignified, although the attack of Thunderous Tree has not posed the fatal threat to them, but the opposite party is drawing support from the thunder energy in thunder clouds, actually their tying down stubbornly. 长公主,秦岳,赵北离三人倾尽全力的抵御着,他们的面色有些凝重,虽说雷鸣树的攻击并没有对他们造成致命的威胁,但对方借助着雷云中的雷霆能量,却是将他们死死的缠住。 Is facing Thunderous Tree this offensive, they also can only defend unceasingly, ample force that simply has not counter-attacked. 面对着雷鸣树这种攻势,他们也只能不断的防守着,根本没有反扑的余力。 Two, previously Qing'e sent greetings to me, Li Luo seemed like found the law of collapsing, we delayed some time as far as possible.” Crown Princess grasps the sapphire scepter, in it behind, seven radiant heavenly jewel turnovers the between Heaven and Earth boundless energy, her clothes sleeve is floating, such as the silk fabrics long hair moves with the wind, seems somewhat valiant. “两位,先前青娥给我传音,李洛似乎是找到了破局之法,我们尽量多拖延一些时间。”长公主手持青玉权杖,在其身后,七颗璀璨的天珠吞吐着天地间磅礴的能量,她衣袂飘飘,如绸缎般的长发随风而动,显得有些飒爽。 This time she, with Qin Yue, the Zhao Beili two people are giving the information. 此时的她,也正在与秦岳,赵北离二人传递着信息。 Li Luo?” 李洛?” Hears this words, Qin Yue, Zhao Beili all stares: That 1-star courtyard Li Luo?” 听到此话,秦岳,赵北离皆是一愣:“那个一星院李洛?” First, their heart raises some desolate Miao's feelings, the present aspect feels thorny their three Heavenly Jewel Realm, this small Idol Master Realm, how can also? 第一时间,他们心头就升起一些荒缪的感觉,眼下的局面连他们三位天珠境都感到棘手,这一个小小相师境,又能如何? Regarding two people astonishments, Crown Princess slightly is a little also awkward, because she when receiving the Jiang Qing'e signalling, feels stunned, this looks down upon Li Luo actually not, because the present aspect regarding Idol Master Realm, indeed is hard to meddle. 对于两人的惊愕,长公主也略微有点尴尬,因为她在收到姜青娥传信时,也是感到错愕,这倒不是看不起李洛,而是因为眼下的局面对于一个相师境而言,的确是难以插手。 However because of Li Luo in this year the prominent score, the Crown Princess heart deep place, pours is also having an expectation. 不过因为李洛这一年来的显赫战绩,长公主的内心深处,倒也还是对其抱着一丝期望。 Perhaps, what did he really discover? 或许,他真的发现了什么呢? Therefore, is facing Qin Yue, the doubts vision that Zhao Beili casts, Crown Princess was chooses firmly believed Li Luo: Li Luo is not the crude person, he will choose the action adventure, certainly has his reason, the aspect has been at a stalemate in any case, delays time also to have nothing.” 所以,面对着秦岳,赵北离投来的疑惑目光,长公主还是坚定的选择了相信李洛:“李洛不是鲁莽的人,他会选择冒险行动,一定是有他的理由,反正局面已经僵持住了,多拖延一点时间也没什么。” Saw that Crown Princess said that Qin Yue, Zhao Beili, although is filled with the anxiety, but the plan gives this face. 见到长公主都这么说了,秦岳,赵北离虽然还是满心疑虑,但还是打算给她这个面子。 Therefore two people look at each other one, said: Good, that is dragging look again, but this Thunderous Tree energy is exceptionally boundless , to continue to be instead disadvantageous to us for a long time, if the situation continues to refuse to compromise, I suggested to launch the strongest offensive jointly, tried whether to break the prison, then withdrew.” 于是两人对视一眼,道:“好吧,那就再拖着看看,不过这雷鸣树能量异常磅礴,长久持续下去对我们反而不利,所以如果情况继续这么僵持下去的话,我建议联手施展最强攻势,试试能否打破囚牢,然后撤走。” Arrived this situation, they do not plan to complete the beforehand task. 到了这个地步,他们已经不打算完成之前的任务了。 Present urgent matter, must preserve the team, therefore, they have drew back intent. 现在的当务之急,还是要保住队伍,所以,他们已是有了退意。 Crown Princess hears word, molecule small head, if the real matter may not, that indeed only be able to give up the duty, when this time comes, all of them underestimated the Thunderous Mountain degree of hazard. 长公主闻言,微点螓首,如果真的事不可为,那的确只能放弃任务,此次来时,他们所有人都低估了雷鸣山的危险程度。 Here, was more dangerous than several levels Zhenjiang City. 这里,比镇江城危险了好几个层次。 When them exchanges, situated below Jiang Qing'e, when is cleaning up thunderclap vine unceasingly, golden pupil also in unceasing going to Thunderous Tree, slender eyebrow slightly pressed. 而在他们这边交流的时候,位于下方的姜青娥,在不断清理着雷霆蔓藤时,金色眸子也是在不断的投向雷鸣树,纤细的眉毛微蹙。 Hadn't finished?” “还没有结束吗?” Situation actually how?” “情况究竟如何了?” In her heart, unceasing is flashing many thoughts, making Li Luo Idol Master Realm enter to the Thunderous Mountain deep place, this indeed is the extremely adventurous matter, but stemming from the trust Li Luo, she has not stopped, was only with the lapse of time, gives birth to a point to worry at present unavoidably. 她的心中,不断的闪动着诸多的念头,让李洛一个相师境进入到雷鸣山深处,这的确是极其冒险的事情,但出于对李洛的信任,她并没有阻拦,只是眼下随着时间的推移,难免还是生出了一点担忧。 But is worried also to no help at this time, Li Luo has entered the Thunderous Mountain deep place, but well has spirit mirror in him and Lu Ming in the hand, even meets the danger, should be able to guarantee the life. 可此时担心也是于事无补,李洛已经进入到了雷鸣山深处,不过好在他与鹿鸣都有着灵镜在手,想必就算遇见危险,应该还是能够保得性命。 Well?” “咦?” But when she is so thinking, the Jiang Qing'e look moves suddenly, because in this flash, she suddenly discovers the thunder energy on these thunderclap vine twining to weaken. 而就在她这般想着的时候,姜青娥神色突然一动,因为在这一瞬间,她突然发现那些雷霆蔓藤上面缠绕的雷霆能量有所减弱。 Even some drilled underground thunderclap vine as if become in this time lose the control to be the same, unstab, like without python of head, pounding carelessly moved, tears the one after another burned black trace the ground. 甚至一些原本钻出地底雷霆蔓藤仿佛是在此时变得失去了控制一般,东倒西歪,如同没了头的巨蟒般,胡乱的砸动,将地面撕裂开一道道焦黑的痕迹。 Other not far away two 3-star courtyard students also discovered this change suddenly, is stunned. 不远处其他两名三星院的学员也是发现了这突然间的变化,皆是一脸错愕。 Prison was being opened!” That 2-star courtyard Ao Bai makes noise suddenly surprisedly. “囚牢在被打开!”那二星院敖白突然惊讶出声。 The people look, is really pleasantly surprised sight, these are covered the prison that becomes by innumerable thunderclap vine, starts an retrogression layer upon layer in this time unexpectedly, the tyrannical thunder energy, as if also became in this time gentle. 众人看去,果然是惊喜的见到,那些由无数雷霆蔓藤覆盖而成的囚牢,竟然是在此时开始一层层的消退,原本暴虐的雷霆能量,仿佛也是在此时变得平和了一些。 What's the matter?!” Those present all are surprised uncertain, this accident comes was extremely sudden. “怎么回事?!”在场的人皆是惊疑不定,这变故来得太过的突然了。 Actually Jiang Qing'e looking pensive looked to Thunderous Tree, in the golden pupil exuded to wipe the gratified happy expression, looked at like this, was Li Luo succeeds? 倒是姜青娥若有所思的看向了雷鸣树,金色眸子中泛起一抹欣慰笑意,看这样子,是李洛成功了? Then she raised the head, the Crown Princess three people in upper air also stopped the offensive slowly, because they also discovered the Thunderous Tree offensive starts to slow down, simultaneously that everywhere thunder no longer initiative attack to them. 而后她抬起头,高空中的长公主三人也是徐徐的停止了攻势,因为他们同样发现了雷鸣树的攻势开始减缓,同时那漫天雷霆不再主动的攻击向他们。 A three people of face is surprised, then form falling slowly. 三人一脸惊疑,然后身影徐徐的落下。 Qing'e, is this?” Crown Princess looks to Jiang Qing'e, surprised asking. 青娥,这是?”长公主看向姜青娥,惊讶的问道。 Should be Li Luo succeeded, he had previously said that Thunderous Tree will attack us , because it was polluted by evil thoughts aura, therefore the spirit wisdom loses, looks at now this appearance, Thunderous Tree should be the suppression the polluted that part, started to control the strength.” Jiang Qing'e hesitates to say. “应该是李洛成功了,他先前说过,雷鸣树会攻击我们,是因为它受到了恶念之气的污染,所以灵智丧失,看现在这模样,雷鸣树应该是压制下了被污染的那一部分,开始掌控力量了。”姜青娥沉吟道。 He, his also really success?” Making noise that Crown Princess cannot bear, phoenix stares in a big way, is facing this unexpected result, even her temperament a little shakes. “他,他还真的成功了?”长公主忍不住的出声,凤目瞪大,面对着这种出人意料的结果,连她的心性都有点震荡。 Nearby Qin Yue, Zhao Beili look at each other in blank dismay, feels extremely inconceivable. 一旁的秦岳,赵北离面面相觑,也是感到极其的不可思议。 Although they have not entered to the Thunderous Mountain deep place, but is only thinks to understand that there decides however extremely the bad risk, otherwise why was Thunderous Tree this unusual existence even polluted? But Li Luo can Idol Master Realm, actually help polluted Thunderous Tree controls the strength? 虽然他们并未进入到雷鸣山深处,但光是想想就明白那里定然极其凶险,不然为何连雷鸣树这种奇特的存在都被污染了?而李洛一个相师境,竟然能够帮被污染的雷鸣树掌控自身力量? This point, trading to do is they are not necessarily able to achieve. 这一点,换作是他们都未必能做到啊。 That does Li Luo, actually how achieve?! 李洛,究竟怎么做到的?! Regardless in heart what kind of shock and question, but that starts to contract the strength, no longer attacks their Thunderous Tree is the most irrefutable fact, therefore they also can only force itself to accept. 然而不论心中如何的震惊与质疑,但那开始收缩力量,不再攻击他们的雷鸣树就是最不可辩驳的事实,所以他们也只能强迫自己接受。 „, Hehe, this junior brother Li Luo, but also is really a little special.” Qin Yue hollow laugh, said. “呵,呵呵,这个李洛学弟,还真是有点特别呢。”秦岳干笑一声,说道。 Three Heavenly Jewel Realm big experts regarding this result slightly is a little oppressed, after all in three teams, they are the strength strongest people, finally arrives at this Thunderous Mountain, by Thunderous Tree suddenly/violently to beat up, depended on Li Luo this small Idol Master Realm directly finally, got rid of the predicament. 三位天珠境的大高手对于这个结果稍微的有点憋闷,毕竟三支队伍中,他们才是实力最强的人,结果来到这雷鸣山,直接是被雷鸣树一通暴揍,最后还是靠李洛这个小小相师境,才摆脱了困局。 Really a little falls the face. 实在是有点掉面子。 However the Crown Princess actually quick restoration mentality, said with a smile: Also is a good news, no matter what, the trouble of Thunderous Tree, we crossed finally.” 不过长公主倒是很快的恢复心态,笑道:“也算是一个好消息,不管怎么样,雷鸣树的麻烦,我们总算是渡过了。” Qin Yue, Zhao Beili also sighs the nod secretly, ok, can complete the task to be good. 秦岳,赵北离也是暗叹点头,算了,能够完成任务就好。 „Did the Thunderous Tree spirit wisdom restore?” 雷鸣树灵智恢复了吗?” When commencing of action on summit subsides, in that spacious tree cave, Lu Ming looks to start to bloom at present thunder ray tree heart, pleasantly surprised asking. 而当山巅上的战斗开始平息时,在那宽敞的树洞中,鹿鸣望着眼前开始绽放出雷霆光芒的树心,惊喜的问道。 Li Luo is staring at silver tree heart, at this time has the continuous energy like mighty current coming, the tree heart above these black stingers, is here under the impact of strength, starts gradual cracking, black air/Qi of stench also disperses continuously. 李洛盯着银色树心,此时有源源不断的能量在如洪流般的呼啸而来,树心上面那些黑色的毒刺,则是在这里力量的冲击下,开始逐渐的崩裂,一缕缕腥臭的黑气随之而散。 Was similar, this poison had been vacillated, although these poisonous qi remain, but Thunderous Tree are strange tree, it have the ability of detoxification, so long as gives its enough time, these poisonous qi sooner or later by complete resolution.” Li Luo smiles. “差不多了,这座毒阵已经被动摇,虽说这些毒气依旧存在,但雷鸣树自身乃是奇树,它自身就拥有着解毒的能力,只要给它足够的时间,这些毒气迟早会被完全的化解。”李洛笑了笑。 As for the corrosion of these alien, this is more troublesome, but the issue is not too big, Thunderous Tree can absorb the thunder energy from the thunder clouds, is long-time, decides however can erase the change this environment.” “至于那些异类的侵蚀,这个要麻烦一些,但问题也不算太大,雷鸣树能够从雷云中汲取雷霆能量,长久下来,定然能够将这片环境抹除改变。” Solved finally.” Lu Ming hears word, relaxes greatly. “总算是解决了。”鹿鸣闻言,大松了一口气。 Li Luo also nods with a smile, actually their all does , helping Thunderous Tree loosen an opening this strict poison, other is busy at them without ability to add on. 李洛也是笑着点点头,其实他们一切所做的,都只是帮雷鸣树将这严密的毒阵松开一个口子,其他的忙他们都没能力帮上。 But what is undeniable, their small help, regarding Thunderous Tree, are actually one save. 但不可否认的是,他们这点小小的帮忙,对于雷鸣树而言,却是一场拯救。 Bang. 轰隆。 But in Li Luo and Lu Ming body is relaxes, they suddenly see the front tree wall in this time splitting slowly, formed the steps of wooden unexpectedly, above thunder light jumps, to not well-known place. 而就在李洛鹿鸣身体皆是放松下来时,他们突然见到前方的树壁在此时缓缓的裂开,竟是形成了木质的阶梯,其上雷光跳跃,通往不知名的地方。 Li Luo and Lu Ming look at each other one, all sees an earnest color in opposite party eyes, they understand, perhaps, Thunderous Tree must come to their rewards. 李洛鹿鸣对视一眼,皆是看见对方眼中的一丝热切之色,他们明白,或许,雷鸣树对他们的报酬要来了。 Therefore two people taking a step without hesitation. 于是两人毫不犹豫的迈步走了进去。
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