KOMI :: Volume #6

#551: Huang Lou

Chapter 551 Huang Lou 第551章黄楼 Bang! 轰! Thunder Dragon roared, just like the potential of thunderclap, shelled in the position of black-armored person waist abdomen, but black armor beyond latter body also erupted rich black light in this time, black light as is fighting Thunder Dragon's impact desperately. 雷龙咆哮,宛如迅雷之势,轰击在了黑甲人腰腹的位置,而后者身躯外的黑甲也是在此时爆发出浓郁的黑光,黑光似是在拼命的抵御着雷龙的冲击。 But this time resistance extremely hasty. 只不过此时的抵御太过的仓促。 In addition before several breaths , the shake of black-armored person state of mind, this time he, was happen to held the flaw by Li Luo. 再加上数息前黑甲人心绪的震荡,此时的他,正好被李洛抓住了破绽。 The thunder light even more dazzling, black light is starts to be repulsed, finally in that panic-stricken desire look certainly under black-armored person surface armor, thunder light pierced the black light defense loudly, incomparably hard black armor also starts to crack the mark in this time shatter. 雷光愈发的耀眼,黑光则是开始败退,最终在黑甲人面甲下那惊骇欲绝的眼神中,雷光轰然洞穿了黑光防御,无比坚硬的黑甲也是在此时开始破碎开裂痕。 Bang! 轰隆! thunder light gets angry the dragon to tear black armor, in the next flash, pierced the waist abdomen of black-armored person directly, rumbled his whole person on the tree wall, shattered the deep fissure. 雷光怒龙撕裂开黑甲,直接是在下一瞬间,洞穿了黑甲人的腰腹,将其整个人轰在了树壁上,震裂出深深的裂痕。 Tittering. 噗嗤。 The black-armored person blood spurts crazily, infiltrates from surface armor , the look under surface armor fills is being angry and unwilling. 黑甲人鲜血狂喷,自面甲上渗透出来,面甲下的眼神充满着愤怒与不甘。 How he has not thought, he will plant unexpectedly here. 他怎么都没想到,他竟然会在这里栽了。 His solemn Earthly Fiend General Level expert, unexpectedly by Idol Master Realm plotting! 他堂堂地煞将阶的高手,居然被一个相师境给暗算了! black-armored person is whooshing, stirs final phase power, tries to flee. 黑甲人嘶吼着,鼓荡起最后的相力,试图逃离。 Xiū! 咻! But at this time above the tree wall, an sharp tree punctures violently shoots like lightning, exceptionally is directly cunning ruthlessly spicy penetrates his chest. 但此时树壁之上,一根尖锐的树刺如闪电般的暴射而出,直接异常刁钻狠辣的将其胸膛穿透。 Struggling of black-armored person stops suddenly. 黑甲人的挣扎戛然而止。 The body also knelt down slowly. 身体也是缓缓的跪倒了下去。 On the body tyrannical phase power starts the rapid dissipation. 身体上强横的相力开始迅速的消散。 The sound in tree cave becomes peaceful. 树洞内的动静变得安静起来。 Li Luo loosened light falcon bow, numerous gasping for breath, both arms seemingly incomparable pitiful of covered with blood, but his vision, actually in stubbornly is staring at the black-armored person form, prevents his sudden sticking out suddenly. 李洛松开了光隼弓,重重的喘着气,血肉模糊的双臂看上去无比的凄惨,而他的目光,却是在死死的盯着黑甲人的身影,防止他突然的暴起。 Nearby Lu Ming is also sipping the small mouth tightly, elegant face cold solemn, in the eye pupil has the tense meaning. 一旁的鹿鸣也是紧抿着小嘴,俏脸冷肃,眼眸中带着紧张之意。 She also is a little actually unbelievable, Li Luo. Unexpectedly a Earthly Fiend General Level expert killing. 她其实也有点难以置信,李洛.竟然把一名地煞将阶的高手给射杀了。 Although that overwhelming majority merit are the arrow of thunder because Thunderous Tree gives, but this is Li Luo does after all. 虽然那绝大部分的功劳是因为雷鸣树给予的雷霆之箭,但这终归是李洛做的。 This fellow, was too aggressive. 这家伙,也太生猛了。 Lu Ming looked at Li Luo that covered with blood both arms, in the heart also had meaning of the admiration, this fellow, can become the Eastern Territory Divine Province 1-star courtyard strongest student, actually some truth, this near the decisiveness and calmness of enemy, compared with Jing Taixu, even better. 鹿鸣看了一眼李洛那血肉模糊的双臂,心中也是生出了一点钦佩之意,这家伙,能够成为东域神州一星院最强的学员,其实还是有些道理的,这份临敌的果断与冷静,比起景太虚,更胜一筹。 The Li Luo look is actually calm, he is staring at the body of black-armored person, the latter chest has weak fluctuating, obviously also remains the one breath, the speed of but from phase power vanishing, his injury has been enough fatally. 李洛神色倒是还算冷静,他盯着黑甲人的身体,后者胸膛有着微弱的起伏,显然还残留着一口气,不过从相力消失的速度来看,他的伤势已经足以致命了。 Therefore he then goes forward slowly, in the hand the celestial phenomena blade cuts together the blade light, chops into pieces directly black-armored person surface armor. 于是他这才缓缓上前,手中玄象刀斩出一道刀光,将黑甲人面甲直接劈碎开来。 But with shatter of surface armor, one was also somewhat familiar middle-aged person face revealed that after Li Luo they arrived at Red Sands County, in Huang Lou that on that small town met. 而随着面甲的破碎,一张还算是有些熟悉的中年人面庞显露了出来,正是李洛他们来到红砂郡后,在那小镇上面遇见的黄楼 This time Huang Lou, the face full is the blood, the look is gloomy. 此时的黄楼,面庞满是鲜血,眼神灰暗。 Huang Lou commands, really has not thought that will meet here.” Li Luo is staring at him, indifferently said. 黄楼统领,真是没想到会在这里见面。”李洛盯着他,淡淡的道 The Huang Lou corners of the mouth move, the gloomy eye is staring at Li Luo, the sound hoarse and difficult say/way: You, how you know that is my?” 黄楼嘴角动了动,灰暗的眼睛盯着李洛,声音沙哑而艰难的道:“你,你怎么知道是我的?” When Zhenjiang City, a little guessed, although this black armor camouflaged your phase power attribute, but something do not have the means to cover up, naturally that time was only the suspicion of flashing past, met you until me in Thunderous Mountain again.” “在镇江城时,就有一点猜测,虽然这黑甲遮蔽了你相力的属性,但有些东西是没办法遮掩的,当然那时候只是一闪而过的怀疑,直到我在雷鸣山再遇见伱。” I may remember, in small town, Thunderous Tree information that you disclosed specially, at that time look, perhaps was you reminds unknowingly, but recalls now, you should want to direct here then us to solve?” Li Luo said. “我可记得,在小镇时,还是你专门透露的雷鸣树信息,当时看,或许是你不经意的提醒,可现在回想起来,你应该是想要把我们引到这里然后解决掉吧?”李洛说道。 Naturally, actually all guessed, I a little cannot determine, therefore those words, more cheated your a moment ago, if you have not responded, that naturally was I wants.” “当然,其实一切都只是猜测,我也有点不太敢确定,所以刚才那句话,更多只是诈你一下,如果你没反应的话,那自然就是我想多了。” But my luck seems to be good at this point, Li Luo smiles. “但是我运气似乎不错”说到此处,李洛笑了笑。 The Huang Lou facial skin twitched, this boy had not confirmed that a moment ago those words, but touches the prize. 黄楼脸皮都是抽动了起来,这小子原来也没有确认,刚才那句话,只是摸奖。 But in those words stamp his secret in heart, making him instantaneously shock absent-minded, was held the flaw by Li Luo, an arrow causes heavy losses. 而偏偏那句话戳中他心中的隐秘,让得他瞬间震惊失神,被李洛抓住破绽,一箭重创。 The Huang Lou fierce look returned to normal finally slowly, his look is dim, difficult say/way: „The Li Luo little friend, I have no other desire, only hopes that do not tell the brothers and mother in small town my matter.” 黄楼狰狞的眼神最终又缓缓的平复了下来,他眼神黯淡,艰难的道:“李洛小友,我别无他求,只希望你不要将我的事情告诉小镇中的兄弟与老娘。” Li Luo look gloomily said: Huang Lou commands, you clearly know that Black Wind Empire turns into this, is these alien causes, but alien wreaks havoc, is the mysterious influence that because you are, this, why can you also help them?” 李洛眼神阴沉的道:“黄楼统领,你明知道黑风帝国变成这样,就是那些异类所导致,而异类肆虐,又是因为你们所在的这神秘势力,就这样,为何你还要帮助他们?” Huang Lou difficult say/way: „If not join, you think that relied on my strength, really can protect the small town long time?” 黄楼艰涩的道:“若是不加入,你以为凭我的实力,真能护得住小镇那么久的时间吗?” Li Luo sound desolate say/way: „Can you see in Zhenjiang City these reared in a pen person? You once were there city guard commander, they should protect by you.” 李洛声音冷淡的道:“那你可看见过镇江城内那些被圈养的人?你曾是那里的城卫统领,他们本应该由你保护。” Huang Lou is speechless, smiles grieved. 黄楼无话可说,惨然一笑。 Li Luo stares to focus on the vitality in Huang Lou of unceasing dissipation, said indifferently: I can not tell the person on town your matter, but do you return me with what?” 李洛盯着眼中生机在不断消散的黄楼,漠然道:“我可以不将你的事告诉镇子上的人,但你又用什么回报我?” Huang Lou silent, eye closing gradually, hoarse-voiced say/way: Li Luo, the scarlet stone wall has a red armor rice to assume personal command, you went also to bring death, Thunderous Mountain these, were he arrange, I urged you to stop.” 黄楼沉默了一下,眼睛渐渐的闭拢,声音沙哑的道:“李洛,赤石城有一位赤甲将坐镇,你们去了也只是送死,雷鸣山的这些,都是他布置的,我劝你们就到此为止吧。” „The Black Wind Empire matter, is not your young people can mix.” 黑风帝国的事,不是你们这些年轻人能够掺和的。” The sound falls, his head sudden low, that say/way residual vitality, by his driving cutting off. 声音落下,他的头颅突然的低下,那道残留的生机,被他主动的断绝了。 Li Luo looks at Huang Lou that the vitality is cutting off at present , can only look complex sigh. 李洛望着眼前生机断绝的黄楼,也只能神色复杂的叹息一声。 Will the red armor rice that he said what be? His higher authority?” The Lu Ming doubts said. “他说的赤甲将是什么?他的上级吗?”鹿鸣疑惑道。 Should so, but does not know that so-calledactually red armor rice is what rank, but can damage this Thunderous Tree. Perhaps, is the Heavenly Idol Realm top powerhouse. ” Li Luo somewhat heavy say/way. “应该如此吧,只是不知道那所谓的“赤甲将”究竟是什么等级,不过能够将雷鸣树祸害成这样.说不定,是天相境的顶尖强者。”李洛有些沉重的道。 Heavenly Astral General Level divides two boundaries, Heavenly Jewel Realm and Heavenly Idol Realm. 天罡将阶分两个境界,天珠境天相境 The 4-star courtyard students in various great academy, even strongest Lan Lan, is still in the Heavenly Jewel Realm boundary, if that red armor rice will be the Heavenly Idol Realm strength, that may really somewhat be troublesome when the time comes. 大学府中的四星院学员,即便是最强的蓝澜,也还只是处于天珠境的境界,而如果那“赤甲将”是天相境的实力,那到时候可就真的有些麻烦了。 Because of Heavenly Jewel Realm and Heavenly Idol Realm, although is only separation of boundary, but is actually the twofold world. 因为天珠境天相境,虽然只是一境之隔,但却是两重天地。 Let alone, no one knows, there, besides this red armor rice outside, still has great disaster rank alien? 更何况,谁也不知道,在那里,除了这“赤甲将”外,是不是还存在着大天灾级异类 The lineup, is only so thinking, makes people feel scalp tingles. 如此阵容,光是想着,就让人感觉到头皮发麻。 This time mixed level competition, the difficulty excessively was rather high. 此次的混级赛,未免难度过高了一些。 In the Li Luo heart flashes through these ideas, then repressed it, after all now does not consider this time, he has turned around, arrives at that beat by again silver tree heart, the biggest trouble has relieved now, then only needs to continue to help tree heart weaken that stinger, suppresses, this time duty, even if successfully completed. 李洛心中闪过这些想法,然后就将其按耐了下来,毕竟现在也不是考虑这个的时候,他转过身,再度来到那颗跳动的银色树心旁,最大的麻烦现在已经解除了,接下来只需要继续帮树心将那一根毒刺削弱,压制,此次的任务,就算是圆满完成了。 , does not know, if after helping Thunderous Tree solves to be troublesome, the opposite party can actually give him what to reward? 唔,也不知道如果帮雷鸣树解决麻烦后,对方究竟能给他一些什么奖励? After all his in any case is also risks neck to rescue, can't this reward be too light? 毕竟他好歹也是冒着生命危险才来救援的,这奖励不能太轻了吧? Li Luo vision twinkle stared at present tree heart, the look is reappearing to wipe the color of anticipation actually. 李洛目光闪烁的盯着眼前的树心,眼神倒是浮现出了一抹期待之色。
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