AC :: Volume #4

#351: Helps the Brother Fan conservative work secret

Li Fan stares the big eye, looks at ruins Daoist Gou and Fang Hao and the others, in the heart the thought revolve like lightning, has mixed emotions, said a word ten million/countless, actually does not know that this/should mentioned from where. 李凡瞪大眼睛,看着废墟之下的苟道人方昊等人,心中念头电转,百感交集,千万言语,却不知道该从何说起。 You special should not run!? 你们特么的不应该早就跑了吗!? Why hides here!? 为什么藏在这里!? He closes the eye painfully, does not know that should say disturbed then to put the stone. 他痛苦地闭上眼睛,不知道是不是应该说一声“打扰了”然后把石头放回去。 Finally in heart silent sigh, denied this idea, opens the eye again, is suppressing the grievance, squeezes a smile, said: 最后还是心中无声叹息,否定了这个想法,再次睁开眼睛,强忍着委屈,挤出一丝笑容,说道: Has not really thought that everyone hid here unexpectedly! All right? Hurries!” “真没想到大家竟然躲在了这里!都没事吧?赶紧出来!” I have not really thought. 我是真的没想到。 The eye socket slightly was red. 眼眶都有些微红了。 To cry. 想哭。 Responds at this time immediately in Daoist Gou at the scene, understands on the lord this is prepares to reveal own Awakener status, and rendered meritorious service through the life-saving. 愣在当场的苟道人此时立刻反应过来,明白主上这是准备表露自己觉醒者的身份,并且通过救人立功了。 Makes the expression that is wild with joy hastily, shouts high: 连忙做出欣喜若狂的表情,高喊道: Bureau Chief, you saved us! I in this ruins, heard outside yawp is quite frigid a moment ago, the gloomy anomaly spirit fluctuated, was that summons the demon inevitably, Bureau Chief you actually ignored the danger, the thorough enemy lair, came to rescue me and others, my Gou Fake was really......” 局长,您来救我们了!刚才我在这废墟之内,听到外面的叫喊声极为惨烈,还有阴森至极的异常精神波动,必然是那伦威召唤出了邪魔,局长您竟然不顾危险,深入敌穴,前来救援我等,我苟伐柯实在是……” At this point, Daoist Gou makes the expression that choked immediately, appeared deeply is moved, the words could not be justified. 说到这里,苟道人立刻做出哽咽的表情,显得被深深感动,话都说不下去了。 On lords foolproof plan, since revealed own ability at this kind of time suddenly, and moved things out of the way the giant stone above ruins, rescued them, that to be overly proud obviously. 主上算无遗策,既然在这种时候突然显露出自己的能力,并且搬开废墟之上的巨石,把他们救出,那显然是为了表功。 Moreover has the discretion revealing merit, not only does not make own ability extremely conspicuous, and fully bought the Abnormal Bureau these young Investigator will of the people. 而且是十分有分寸的表露功绩,既不让自己的能力太过显眼,又充分收买了异常局这些年轻调查员的人心。 On the lords handles affairs, is really immeasurably deep. 主上行事,实在是深不可测啊。 Oneself must do, displays well, coordinates the scheme on good lord. 自己要做的,就是好好表现,配合好主上的计谋。 This also as the matter that a mediocre generation can handle only. 这也是作为一个平庸之辈唯一能做的事情了。 Hears the Daoist Gou words, Fang Hao and the others is then suddenly enlighted, understood instantaneously outside had bad risk how a moment ago. 听到苟道人的话,方昊等人这才恍然大悟,瞬间明白了刚才外面到底有多么凶险。 Li Ju risks neck unexpectedly, ran to rescue them! 李局竟然冒着生命危险,跑来救援他们了! This is true the friendship of life! 这是真正过命的交情! Moreover looked that Li Ju eye socket blushes, obviously was desperate under a moment ago, has been worried to cry about them. 而且看李局的眼眶发红,显然刚才情急之下,已经对他们担心得落泪。 What is the true brothers, what is truly the big brother who is worth entrusting the life? 什么是真正的兄弟,什么是真正值得托付性命的大哥? Li Fan is! 李凡就是! Numerous young Investigator was to also move, all red the eye socket at this time, several tears plant roots soft has cried, shouted: 一众年轻调查员此时也是感动不已,全都红了眼眶,有几个泪根子软的已经落泪,纷纷喊道: Young Brother Li! We...... we are all right!” “小李哥!我们……我们没事儿!” Li Ju was laborious, you must pay attention to the security!” “李局辛苦了,您也要注意安全!” What did not say that Brother Fan, my life is your.” “什么都不说了,凡哥,我这条命就是你的。” Li Ju, wū wū...... yeah? Your such big vigor? How many tons can that stone have at least? That is the granite board! You also......” “李局,呜呜……哎?您怎么这么大劲儿?那块石头起码得有几吨重吧?那可是个花岗岩板啊!难道您也……” The last few words were Song Liang said that in the sound is passing joyfully. 最后一句话却是宋良说的,声音之中透着欣喜。 The people patronized were being moved, at this time noticed suddenly, that stone that Li Fan both hands carried simply was much bigger, at all was not the average person can shoulder. 众人光顾着感动了,此时才猛然注意到,李凡双手扛着的那块石头简直大得离谱,根本不是普通人所能够扛起来的。 They are the smart people, at this time also thinks of an answer immediately. 他们都是聪明人,此时也立刻想到了一个答案。 Li Bureau Chief can lift up such giant flagstone unexpectedly, far exceeded the strength of average man, that only had a reason. 局长竟然能扛起这么巨大的石板,远远超出了常人的力量,那就只有一个原因了。 Li Bureau Chief awakened! 局长觉醒了! Brother Fan awakens thoroughly, becomes Awakener that has the ability! 凡哥彻底觉醒,成为了一名拥有能力的觉醒者 Li Fan suppressed is throwing down the giant stone in hand Song Liang to the impulsion of being battered to death, denied hastily: 李凡强忍着将手中的巨石丢下去把宋良给砸死的冲动,连忙否认道: Without, the person will secrete the adrenalin under the desperation it is said massively, erupts to surpass the ordinary strength, my is at heart one anxious, my kidney suppresses now in a big way, said again this is a very light limestone, no weight, I was also desperate under moved, did not believe you to look.” “没有没有,据说人在情急之下会大量分泌肾上腺素,爆发出超出平常的力量,我这就是心里一急,我的腰子现在都憋大了,再说这就是个很轻的石灰岩,根本没什么重量,我也是情急之下才搬了起来,不信你们看。” Was saying makes the relaxed shape, throws several meters away that giant stone, pounds to fall on the ground. 说着做出轻松状,将那块巨石丢出几米远,砸落在地上。 Listens to bang a loud sound, that giant stone smashes a big hole the ground directly. 就听“轰”的一声巨响,那巨石直接将地面砸出一个大坑。 Because this gadget really sinks, the huge weight even makes nearby ground vibrate faintly, the Baodeshan Temple main hall also had about 1/3 palace body collapsing, at this time under this was shaken, the construction structure of main hall surviving collapses loudly, in an instant had turned into rubbles thoroughly. 由于这玩意儿实在是太沉,巨大的重量甚至让附近的地面都隐隐震动,原本报德善寺正殿还剩下大约三分之一的殿体没有垮塌,此时被这一震之下,正殿残存的建筑结构轰然垮塌,转眼间已经彻底变成了一片瓦砾。 A Li Fan face said calm: 李凡一脸淡定地说道: This is the millennium ancient temples, the treasure of human history culture, they were given to destroy by, simply is the criminal of human! Make the blood boil!” “这可是千年古刹啊,人类历史文化的瑰宝,都被伦威他们给毁了,简直是人类的罪人!令人发指!” Saw that Li Fan did not acknowledge oneself have awakened, Fang Hao jumps from the ruins big hole, looked at all around, lowers the sound to say to Li Fan: 眼看李凡并不承认自己已经觉醒,方昊从废墟的大坑之中跳出来,看了看四周,压低声音对李凡说道: Li Ju, is your awakening the highly secret matter? Is this part of our Abnormal Bureau system plan? I know, with your qualifications and conduct, should adjust Head Office to make the high level, was actually jealous of capable people sent to frontier service beautiful city sub-bureau by Zhao Yifeng, this does not gather the common sense......” “李局,您的觉醒是不是属于高度机密的事情?这是咱们异常局系统计划的一部分?我就知道,以您的资历和品行,早就应该调到总局去做高层了,却被赵逸峰嫉贤妒能发配到了丽城分局,这根本不合常理啊……” Li Fan eye one bright, deeply looked at Fang Hao one, felt oneself have not really misread the person, under the donkey taking advantage of the slope, lowers the sound hastily, looks to surrounding numerous young Investigator, the look said with deep veneration: 李凡眼睛一亮,深深看了方昊一眼,感觉自己实在是没有看错人,连忙借坡下驴,同样压低声音,看向周围的一众年轻调查员,神色肃然地说道: Brothers, I have hidden the fact that oneself awaken diligently, has not thought that finally leaked...... Fang Hao to guess well, my awakening ability matter, Head Office high-level and our Southwest Bureau Bureau Chief Zhao has long known steadily.” “兄弟们,我一直都努力隐藏自己觉醒的事实,没想到最终还是泄密了……方昊猜得不错,我觉醒能力这件事,总局高层和咱们西南局赵局长早就已经知道了。” Hears the Li Fan words, numerous young Investigator all appears the shocking and joyful look. 听到李凡的话,一众年轻调查员全都现出震惊和欣喜的神色。 Many people feel suddenly enlighted. 很多人更是觉得恍然大悟。 No wonder Li Bureau Chief can perform so many merits young . Moreover the speed of being promoted looks like rides the rocket to be the same simply, does not seem like the degree that an average person can be. 难怪李局长年纪轻轻能够立下这么多功绩,而且升职的速度简直就像是坐火箭一样,根本不像是一个普通人所能够达到的程度。 Originally Li Ju has awakened, is Awakener! 原来李局早就已经觉醒,一直都是一个觉醒者 Passing that such a, a lot also explain immediately. 这么一来,很多事情也立刻解释的通了。 The Li Fan look with deep veneration, takes a fast look around the people, then said: 李凡神色肃然,扫视众人,接着说道: To carry out secret task, therefore makes me strictly keep secret, and lists as highly secretly this matter...... reveals the ability before everyone today, is I works the major leak event, hopes that everyone can help me keep secret.” “为了执行秘密任务,所以才让我严格保密,并且将这件事列为高度机密……今天在大家面前显露能力,算是我工作中的重大泄密事件,希望大家能够帮我保密。” The look that Gao Yunlei a face is suddenly enlighted at this time, said hastily: 高云雷此时一脸恍然大悟的神色,连忙说道: Brother Fan, were you assigned to beautiful city sub-bureau to also solve the sorcerer three families' things? Said that until now is really you in......” 凡哥,难道你被调往丽城分局也是为了解决巫师三家族的事情?这么说一直以来真的都是你在……” At this point, Gao Yunlei stops suddenly, thinks that this very possible is the highly secret matter, immediately no longer said anything. 说到这里,高云雷猛然停下,想到这很可能是高度机密的事情,当下不再说什么。 The surrounding people show the facial expression that is suddenly enlighted again. 周围众人则是再次露出恍然大悟的神情。 No wonder before beautiful city, the situation bad risk of Mu Family mansion, Li Ju moved out finally, returned safe and sound, originally the Li Ju real strength was immeasurably deep, likely was Li Ju provoked Clean Association and internal fights of sorcerer three families radically! 难怪之前在丽城的时候,穆家大宅的情况那么凶险,李局最终还是全身而退,毫发无伤,原来李局的真实实力深不可测,很可能根本就是李局挑动了清洁协会和巫师三家族的内斗! Thinks again before , they awaken, has much to do with secretly to that unidentified liquid that they drink with Li Fan, all these were passing that explained. 再想想之前他们自己之所以觉醒,和李凡偷偷给他们喝下的那种不明液体有很大关系,这一切更是解释的通了。 Thinks is also, Brother Fan even can help them awaken, can he himself also be weak? 想想也是,凡哥甚至能帮他们觉醒,他自己还能弱了? Illogical. 不合逻辑啊。 Tang Ming is to sob at this time: 唐明此时更是哽咽道: Brother Fan to save us, even violated the organization and discipline, braves, because leaked the punished danger, is really...... brothers today's matter, everyone must keep secret, cannot make that side Head Office know that we have known Brother Fan knows we knew his secret!” 凡哥为了救我们,甚至违反了组织纪律,冒着因为泄密被处分的危险,实在是……兄弟们今天的事情,大家一定要保密,千万不能让总局那边知道我们已经知道凡哥知道我们知道了他的秘密!” The people nod in abundance: 众人纷纷点头: Must! Brother Fan is so amiable, if who today's matter divulging least bit, who is a bastard!” “必须的!凡哥这么仁义,谁要是把今天的事情泄露半点,谁就是王八蛋!” Brother Fan is our saviors, wants the day to hit to be struck by lightning ungratefully absolutely!” 凡哥是我们的救命恩人,忘恩负义绝对要天打雷劈的!” Relax Li Ju, Head Office does not know absolutely we have known you know we knew your secret!” “放心吧李局,总局绝对不会知道我们已经知道你知道我们知道了你的秘密!” To us, Brother Fan you are an average person.” “对我们来说,凡哥你还是个普通人。” In Li Fan heart long stretch/leisurely one breath. 李凡心中长舒一口气。 Secret plan of Abnormal Bureau......, although made this group of brothers discover his ability, but looks like this result also to accept at present. 异常局的秘密计划吗……虽然还是让这帮兄弟们发现了他的能力,但目前看来这个结果也还能接受。 After all they to keep this secret, will not mention to others. 毕竟他们为了保守这个秘密,也不会向其他人提起。 The matter that oneself awaken, entire Abnormal Bureau adds also to know on more than ten people now, moreover is the people on one's own side. 自己觉醒的这件事,整个异常局现在加起来也就十几个人知道,而且都是自己人。 Fortunately fortunately. 还好还好。 At that moment said to numerous young Investigator of: 当下向一众年轻的调查员说道: Ok, the brothers can understand that my is good, Baodeshan Temple should have many injured people now, everyone helps rescue quickly.” “好了,兄弟们能理解我那就再好不过,现在报德善寺应该还有不少受伤的人,大家赶快帮忙救助一下吧。” Now wants to come, the main hall powerful official should all die, sets the example to make. 现在想来,正殿这边的权贵应该全都已经死光了,做样子还是要做一下的。 One crowd of young Investigator comply, to start in the ruins to search for immediately. 一群年轻调查员立刻纷纷答应,开始在废墟里搜寻起来。 Li Fan starts to move the stone similarly, the search of putting on airs. 李凡同样开始搬动石头,装模作样的搜索起来。 Meanwhile signals with the eyes to the Clean Association five people of groups that the one side dresses up the police. 同时向一旁装扮成军警的清洁协会五人组使了个眼色。 Several people bring Clean Association these to be planted the people who the heart plants immediately, scatters in all directions, goes to direct Baodeshan Temple outside armored regiment and police power enters the scene. 几人立刻带着清洁协会的那些被种下心种的众人,四散开去,前去指挥报德善寺外面的装甲团和警察部队进入现场。 Li Fan is also felt relieved at this time thoroughly. 李凡此时也算是彻底放下心来。 Fortunately fortunately, no matter how that side Clean Association, Abnormal Bureau is the small achievement not to stand, does not need to be worried matter that anything is promoted. 还好还好,不管清洁协会那边怎么样,异常局这边算是寸功未立,不用担心什么升职的事情了。 Put on airs to search, is towed to put away by the corpse that the ghost child killed, is the regular police in Thailand also to start to enter the arena officially, took over the rescue work thoroughly. 装模作样搜索了一下,把一些被鬼童弄死的尸体拖出来放好,属于暹罗的正规军警也开始正式进场,彻底接手了救援工作。 Entire Baodeshan Temple is not only the powerful officials and Buddhist priests in these temples, the tourist people that come to attend the celebration, died hundreds of thousands people. 整个报德善寺不光是那些寺中的权贵和僧人,还有前来参加庆典的游客民众们,足足死了十几万人。 It can be said that before coming to naught the disaster. 可以说是一场空前的灾难了。 Before these, was isolated outside rescue personnel, at this time understands that in exactly had anything, often has the depressing wail to transmit. 那些之前被隔绝在外面的搜救人员们,此时才明白里面到底发生了什么,不时有压抑的哭泣声传来。 In the entire Baodeshan Temple ruins, at this time all covers by the sad and frightened atmosphere. 整个报德善寺的废墟之中,此时全都被悲伤和恐惧的氛围所笼罩。 In the Li Fan heart is to also sob at this time. 李凡心中此时也是唏嘘不已。 Song Lian this plan, carried out through horse, has planned for a long time, anomaly infections in these Yin signs have planted in these people within the body, once manifested suddenly, even he could not rescue. 宋濂这个计划,通过沙马和伦威执行,已经筹谋了许久,那些阴牌之中的异常感染早就已经在这些民众体内种下,一旦发作,连他都救不过来。 This also indicates the so-called old god mean sinister. 这也足见所谓旧神的阴狠毒辣。 Caught up with the abyss lifeform quickly. 都快赶上深渊生物了。 Li Fan shakes the head, is preparing to call everyone to go back, one side listened to hear Song Liang the joyful shout suddenly: 李凡摇摇头,正准备招呼大家回去,就听一旁突然传来宋良欣喜的喊声: Li Ju, everyone, comes quickly, here also has a living person!” “李局,大家,快来,这里还有一个活人!” In the Li Fan heart thump, overruns hastily, the rescue personnel who at this time Investigator on the scene and just came in have encircled with huge crowds of people, all joyfully. 李凡心中咯噔一下,连忙冲过去,此时在场的调查员和刚刚进来的搜救人员们早就已经围得里三层外三层,全都欣喜不已。 In the Li Fan heart is speechless. 李凡心中则是一阵无语。 This special feared that what comes what, who is also living? 这特么怕什么来什么,到底谁还活着? How under that environment to live? 那种环境下到底是怎么活下来的? He makes an effort to push the surrounding person, in sneaks in the person to encircle directly, saw Song Liang partly to squat at this time on the ground, holds a person who wore the Royal Exorcism Bureau uniform/subdue, is feeding the water to him. 他用力挤开周围的人,直接钻进人圈里,就见宋良此时正半蹲在地上,扶着一个身穿皇家驱魔局制服的人,在给他喂水。 Li Fan bends down to look immediately, sees that person to raise the head, looks at each other one with him, on the pale weak face appears the grateful smile immediately: 李凡立刻俯下身子看去,就见那人抬起头来,和他对视一眼,苍白虚弱的脸上立刻现出感激的笑容: Li...... Teacher Li, was lucky you!” “李……李老师,多亏了你呐!” In his look, has the fear and moving aside faintly. 他的眼神中,隐隐还有恐惧和躲闪。 Royal Exorcism Bureau Department Head Dissection Department Ruan Wen. 正是皇家驱魔局解剖处处长阮文
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