AC :: Volume #4

#350: Fish slip through

old Chen takes up that camera that attentively is connecting the line, direct alignment the Sir Collector direction, came a feature article. 老陈殷勤的拿起那枚连接着线路的摄像头,直接对准了收藏家大人的方向,来了一个特写。 Especially aimed in the head that these years sank to carry to float Song Lian the head, patted a clarity carefully. 特别是对准了那些载沉载浮的头颅里面宋濂的脑袋,仔仔细细拍了个清楚。 The great strength of Sir Collector, endures compared with the ghosts and gods. 收藏家大人的强大,堪比鬼神。 The fellows who what a pity these association headquarters hold a job without doing any work, have not seen martial-looking physique of Sir Collector in the ghost sovereign mystical place. 可惜那些协会总部尸位素餐的家伙们,没有看到收藏家大人在鬼皇秘境之中英武的身姿。 This has saying that is a regret. 这不得不说是一种遗憾。 Also therefore, must let that fellows in headquarters, the entire Clean Association cadres around the world, saw Song Lian the withered head, saw that with fate that Sir Collector opposed! 也正因此,更要让总部的那帮家伙,还有整个清洁协会在全世界范围内的干部们,看到宋濂干瘪的头颅,看到和收藏家大人作对的下场! Initially laid down these cameras, obviously to play some tricks, now was intelligent instead is instead harmed intelligently, made the Sir Collector bridal clothes. 当初沙马埋下这些摄像头,显然是为了耍一些小聪明,现在反而是聪明反被聪明误,做了收藏家大人的嫁衣。 Equipment ready-made, as the Sir Collector subordinate subordinate, his old Chen must handle attractively the matter, shows the great strength of Sir Collector thoroughly, shocks these to have the illegal ganef in secret. 设备都是现成的,作为收藏家大人的直属下属,他老陈必须把事情办得漂亮,彻底展现出收藏家大人的强大,震慑住那些暗中心怀不轨的宵小。 What is his old Chen biggest merit? 他老陈最大的优点是什么? Will work! 会做事啊! Now saw that the Sir is getting stronger and stronger, have't oneself can display well? 现在眼看着大人已经越来越强,自己还不得好好表现表现? old Chen is thinking, while lifted up nearby one half person of high statue that directly thinks of the camera, carries the camera to be the same probably, rushes to side Li Fan, photographed Song Lian that withered head carefully. 老陈一边想着,一边直接扛起了旁边的一个装着摄像头的半人高的塑像,像是扛着摄像机一样,冲到李凡身边,细细拍摄宋濂那颗干瘪的头颅。 Simultaneously is gesturing toward Li Fan quietly, hints the Sir now in the process that takes a good photo, must pay attention to the slightly expression management and personal image. 同时悄悄朝李凡打着手势,示意大人现在正在上镜的过程中,要注意一下微表情管理和个人形象。 When around hearing these red points all are the camera, the Li Fan instinct wanted to lift the handle Song Lian head hiding, but stopped finally. 当听到周围的那些红点全是摄像头的时候,李凡本能地想要抬手把宋濂的脑袋给藏起来,只是最后生生的停了下来。 After all here camera has dozens at least, must pat to pat, conceals was also useless. 毕竟这里的摄像头起码有几十个,要拍早就拍到了,藏也没用了。 At this time saw that old Chen is helping him toward the Clean Association cadre live broadcast of the world, the Li Fan look look at old Chen one eyes in high spirits complex, a starting to speak but hesitating facial expression. 此时眼看老陈正在兴冲冲地帮他向着全世界的清洁协会干部直播,李凡神色复杂地看了老陈一眼,一副欲言又止的神情。 old Chen silent compares a thumb immediately, later is a OK hand signal, a face is jubilant, the meaning is I handles matters, you feel relieved, later invests into the tense photography process. 老陈立刻无声地比了一个大拇指,随后是一个OK的手势,一脸喜气洋洋,意思是“我办事,您放心”,随后又投入到紧张的拍摄过程中。 Li Fan opens mouth, finally puts down the hand, has not said anything. 李凡张了张嘴,最终把手放下,没有说什么。 Ok, now is seen already late, then thinks other move...... 算了,现在都被看到了已经晚了,还是回头想别的招吧…… To come injured anything's deceit Clean Association headquarters through the addition is not realistic, after all the patriarch is not a fool, perhaps will instead have other ideas. 想来通过加装受伤什么的欺骗清洁协会总部也不现实,毕竟大牧首不是个傻子,说不定反而会有其他想法。 Meanwhile, the Clean Association cadres in Clean Association headquarters as well as around the world, are staring at the live broadcast picture of regaining, all revealed the color of deep shock! 与此同时,清洁协会总部以及全世界各地的清洁协会干部们,盯着失而复得的直播画面,全都露出了深深的震惊之色! Appears before them above the screen, was Song Lian that withered head! 出现在他们面前屏幕之上的,正是宋濂那干瘪的头颅! Moreover lip of eyeball and gathering that often vibrated from Song Lian the head, he was still also living, but also had own consciousness! 而且从宋濂头颅不时抖动的眼珠和张合的嘴唇来看,他仍然还活着,还拥有自己的意识! , Almost wanted to destroy all Song Lian extremely arrogantly, at this time vision is dull, the surface like the dying embers, came under the huge blow obviously. 正是原本狂妄至极,几乎想要毁灭一切的宋濂,此时目光呆滞,面如死灰,显然受到了巨大的打击。 In his look full is the desperate color, as if has lost hope thoroughly. 他的眼神之中满是绝望之色,似乎已经彻底心死。 Many people are the keen capture, when Song Lian the vision looked to nearby Collector form, appeared endless panic-stricken and despair, as if has cast the huge trauma. 很多人更是敏锐的捕捉到,宋濂的目光看向一旁的收藏家的身影之时,现出无尽的惊恐和绝望,似乎已经留下了巨大的心理阴影。 What did Collector make? 收藏家到底做了什么? Did that four devil kings, how disappear a moment ago? 刚才那四大鬼王,怎么一个都不见踪影了? Before entire Baodeshan Temple vanishes, Song Lian as if also shouted anything ghost sovereign the given name, simply has not appeared obviously. 在整个报德善寺消失之前,宋濂似乎还喊出了什么“鬼皇”的名号,显然也根本没有出现。 After Baodeshan Temple vanishes, appears again, many people died, four devil kings disappear, and lotus flower Grandmaster and the others have also lived similarly does not see the person to refuse stubbornly to see the corpse. 报德善寺消失后又再次出现,很多人都死了,四大鬼王不见踪影,伦威和莲花大师等人同样也都已经生不见人死不见尸。 They naturally possibly were not leave. 他们自然不可能是自己离开了。 The answer only then, they had died, dies of the hand of Collector! 答案只有一个,他们都已经死了,死于收藏家之手! Clean Association these high levels and cadres, no fool, measure the Collector real strength in the heart at this time immediately. 清洁协会的这些高层和干部,没有一个傻子,此时立刻在心中权衡起收藏家真实的实力。 Is the estimate, they more are the heart are startled. 越是估算,他们就越是心惊。 Now looks like, Collector real strength, even before them knows is much more powerful than! 现在看来,收藏家本身的真实实力,甚至远比他们之前所知道的还要强大得多! In these Clean Association cadres, many had also understood so-called former days various God existence, has also estimated regarding the real strengths of these four devil kings Man City presents. 这些清洁协会的干部之中,有不少也同样对于所谓的旧日诸神的存在有所了解,对于曼城出现的这四大鬼王的真实战力也有所估算。 Now four devil king simultaneously destruction, sufficiently imagination to the Collector real strength, is worthy of the given name of most Awakener absolutely. 现在四大鬼王齐齐覆灭,足以想象的到收藏家真实的实力,绝对无愧于最觉醒者的名号。 Associated to the former Clean Association headquarters again in the role that in this event played, North American Subdue Soul Bureau's infiltration to the Clean Association, many cadres understands, Clean Association could cloud over! 再联想到之前清洁协会总部在这次事件之中所扮演的角色,还有北美镇魂局对清洁协会的渗透,很多干部都明白,清洁协会可能要变天了! If Collector wants, even sufficiently completely and headquarters contend. 如果收藏家愿意的话,甚至足以完全和总部抗衡。 Although does not know that beforehand Song Lian actions, whether the back has the patriarch is as for inciting of President, but now the situation in headquarters is quite awkward. 虽然不知道之前宋濂的所作所为,背后是否有大牧首乃至于会长的授意,不过现在总部的处境极为尴尬。 Looked how behind the headquarters to handle this matter. 就看总部后面到底怎么处理这件事了。 When Clean Association people thoughts constantly welling up, the live broadcast signal stops suddenly. 就在清洁协会众人思绪万千的时候,直播信号戛然而止。 Was Li Fan makes the Clean Association five people of groups destroy all cameras. 却是李凡清洁协会五人组将所有的摄像头都破坏了。 The live broadcast cannot the live broadcast, broadcast again, it is estimated that side the Clean Association headquarters is awkwarder. 直播是不能再直播了,再播下去,估计清洁协会总部那边更为难。 If by some chance gives him to come to be promoted compensates anything, is troublesome...... 万一给他来个升职补偿什么的,也是个麻烦…… Later in secret again and Clean Association headquarters communicate. 还是以后私下里再和清洁协会总部沟通吧。 When the time comes stated clearly itself not to be promoted directly, it is estimated that side the headquarters will also accept with pleasure. 到时候直接明说自己不想升职,估计总部那边也会欣然接受。 But separates the live broadcast signal in Li Fan the instance, the entire Clean Association headquarters have the Clean Association cadres around the world, exploded the pot instantaneously, in the heart raised the difficult situation! 而就在李凡断开直播信号的瞬间,整个清洁协会总部还有全世界范围内的清洁协会干部们,瞬间炸了锅,心中掀起了惊涛骇浪! Collector unexpectedly after demonstrating Song Lian the head, interrupted the live broadcast signal directly! 收藏家竟然在展示了宋濂的头颅之后,直接中断了直播信号! Really, he is quite discontented with the Clean Association headquarters! 果然,他已经对清洁协会总部极为不满! Perhaps after this Baodeshan Temple event, Collector will break off with the headquarters directly! 说不定在这次报德善寺事件之后,收藏家就会直接与总部决裂了! The Clean Association headquarters in Central America, is facing live broadcast screen of one snowflakes, the patriarch is pale at this time the face, silent long time, said with the hoarse sound later: 位于中美洲的清洁协会总部之中,面对着一片雪花的直播屏幕,大牧首此时铁青着脸,沉默半晌,随后用嘶哑的声音说道: Carries on the signal communications to the Collector group, the request talks over the telephone immediately!” “对收藏家小组进行通讯联络,要求立刻通话!” Meanwhile, in the Baodeshan Temple ruins, Li Fan somewhat sighed the one breath reluctantly, sank the air shrinkage heads that carried to float to load into the backpack the body side load, drew in the zipper. 与此同时,报德善寺的废墟之内,李凡有些无奈地叹一口气,将身边载沉载浮的干缩头颅们全都装进了背包里,拉上了拉链。 Currently will have the rescue personnel to come in anytime, saw own these heads were not quite good. 现在随时都会有救援人员进来,看到自己身边那些脑袋就不太好了。 The Clean Association five people of groups also conducted changed/easy appearance/allow at this time rapidly, dressed up the semblance of police, played the role of the rescue personnel. 清洁协会五人组此时也迅速进行了易容,打扮成了军警的外表,扮成了搜救人员。 Has a look at the present main hall ruins, the powerful official body everywhere, Li Fan said toward nearby Clean Association five people of groups: 看看眼前的正殿废墟,还有遍地的权贵尸体,李凡朝一旁的清洁协会五人组说道: „Under searches, has a look also to bury the living person.” “搜一搜,看看下面还有没有埋着活人。” Although Song Lian has read aloud the ghost to kill the incantation to kill these powerful officials, but also has probably is living individually. 虽然宋濂已经念诵鬼杀咒杀了这些权贵,但保不齐还有个别活着的。 In order to guarantee Abnormal Bureau absolutely safe, cannot keep the living witness. 为了确保异常局这边万无一失,不能留活口。 Meets is also angry, must eliminate a potential informant. 遇到还有气的,必须得灭口了。 Thinks of here, one crowd of Advent Group heads in Li Fan positive governing backpack, exerted the strength incantation to oneself, prepares to begin to search personally. 想到这里,李凡直接控制背包里的一群降临会头颅,给自己施加了力咒,准备亲自动手搜查。 A lot, must do it yourself, reassurance that comes. 很多事情,还是要亲力亲为,才来的放心。 After all under this helper is really makes him somewhat have nothing to say in reply every so often. 毕竟这帮手下很多时候实在是让他有些无言以对。 Under in addition of strength incantation holds, the Li Fan instantaneous whole body muscle sticks out, changes efficient greatly infinite. 力咒的加持之下,李凡瞬间全身肌肉隆起,变得力大无穷。 These Advent Group lackeys at this time regarding their master's request, that absolutely are 1000% satisfactions. 这些降临会的狗腿子此时对于自家主人的要求,那绝对是百分之一千的满足。 Li Fan goes forward several steps, moved things out of the way several corpses, the confirmation has died thoroughly, started to move some big house beams and flagstones. 李凡上前几步,搬开几具死尸,确认已经死透了,又开始搬动一些大的房梁和石板。 Arrived at a pile to become in front of the stone pestle of hillock quickly. 很快来到了一个堆成小丘的石碓面前。 Li Fan both hands hold a house beam, drags suddenly, loses one side, later raises flagstones. 李凡双手抓住一根房梁,猛然拖开,丢到一旁,随后把一块块石板掀起。 And finally, he grasps together enough about one ton flagstone suddenly, makes an effort to hold up, immediately appears the following more than ten forms. 到了最后,他猛然抓起一块足足将近一吨重的石板,用力举起,立刻现出下面的十几个身影来。 These people as if hid from beginning to end here, at this time by Li Fan directly digging. 这些人似乎自始至终都藏在这里,此时才被李凡直接给挖了出来。 Really has fish slip through! 果然有漏网之鱼! In Li Fan heart one happy, looks up, instantaneous and hides Daoist Gou and Fang Hao in ruins and the others to the apparent same place. 李凡心中一喜,抬头看去,瞬间和藏在废墟之中的苟道人方昊等人对视在一起。 All stares. 全都是一愣。 ~ ~ ( Everyone good night, asked monthly ticket!) (大家晚安,求月票呀!)
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