Beginning from Naruto Selling Jars 从火影开始卖罐子

Crossing over to the world of Naruto, there is also a myriad things transaction system.

Therefore, Shen Mo stepped forth across the all heavens to sell jars as a travelling merchant.

Tsunade: Don’t obstruct me Shizune, today I must pull a Life Token!

Uchiha Sasuke: Can I really become stronger by opening jars? Use my entire family fortune to buy jars, I must surpass that man!

Gol D. Roger: Why isn’t everyone going to seek my buried treasure, instead went to purchase jars?

Misaka Mikoto: One side goes through, I will finish opening these jars then I will thoroughly flatten you!

Uchiha Itachi: My stupid otouto, I opened more jars than you.


Shen Mo is looking at the crazily cash recharging numerous protagonists with a helpless expression... I initially just wanted to earn enough money to buy Ikaros, that’s all.

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