YXCHD :: Volume #7

#689: When walked the stair has become a custom ( 2 / 2 )

Cat cat......” Luoluo attention has placed on that fox tabby cat, after Mama called two, she reluctant to part turned head, the small hand is pointing, said with the Mama report. “猫猫……”落落刚才的注意力都放在了那只狸花猫身上,被妈妈叫了两声之后,她才恋恋不舍地回过头来,小手指着,跟妈妈汇报道。 Cat cat? Where has the cat cat?” The Xia Yu doubts looked at the past following a little girl finger/refers of direction, she only saw several female students. “猫猫?哪有猫猫?”夏瑜疑惑地循着小姑娘指的方向看过去,她只看到了几个女生。 Without the cat cat? 没有猫猫? Luoluo has gawked, turns the head to look, she has not seen that fox tabby cat! 落落愣了一下,转头看回去,她也没看到那只狸花猫了! It is estimated that is runs too quickly, this in an instant time, it slid in the steps two sides shrubberies! 估计是跑得太快,就这一转眼功夫,它就溜到了阶梯两边的灌木丛里了! Cat cat......” Luoluo does not know that is a little cannot believe own eye, still does not give up that fox tabby cat, she transferred the small head, looks around in all directions. “猫猫呢……”落落不知道是有点不敢相信自己的眼睛,还是依然舍不得那只狸花猫,她转了转小脑袋,四处张望起来。 Walks, no matter cat cat, we also came up, Mama did hug hello/you good?” Xia Yu squats, before opening the arm little girl hugs the body, the gentle voice said. “走吧,不管猫猫了,我们也上去,妈妈抱你好不好?”夏瑜蹲下来,张开手臂将小姑娘搂到身前,柔声说道。 From the beginning Xia Yu holds Luoluo is very smooth, but, walked less than a while, little girl that finally gives up searching for has gotten back one's composure, she cannot treat in the bosom that Mama jolted! 一开始夏瑜落落抱起来还是很顺利的,可是,走了不到一会儿,终于放弃搜寻的小姑娘回过了神来,她又在妈妈颠簸的怀抱里待不下去了! „, Mama, does not get down......” the Luoluo small buttocks downward to sit, the small hand also pushes in the Mama chest front, struggles to want. “唔,麻麻,下来……”落落小屁股往下坐,小手还推在妈妈的胸前,挣扎着想要下来。 Wants? Can you walk such high place?” Xia Yu puts reluctantly her, then has referred to also dozens stairs, asked. “又要下来?你能走上去这么高的地方吗?”夏瑜无奈地将她放下来,然后指了指还有几十层的台阶,问道。 Un......” Luoluo winked the big eye, the young bull did not fear that the tiger she not care nodded. “嗯……”落落眨了眨大眼睛,初生牛犊不怕虎的她毫不在意地点了点头。 Xia Yu has to draw her small arm, follows in side, the careful title deed looks at little girl that raises legs upward to step diligently. 夏瑜只好拉着她的小胳膊,跟在旁边,小心地照看着正在努力地抬腿往上迈的小姑娘 „......” Each first-order stone steps is not uh-huh high, Luoluo lifts her small short leg, can quite step with ease. “嗯哼……”每一阶石梯并不算高,落落抬起她小短腿,还是能够比较轻松地迈上去。 Today what Luoluo puts on is one pair takes with man (Han) is printing the white small cloth shoes of plum blossom the comparison builds, short, the simple design still gives people an exquisite lovable feeling! 落落今天穿的是一双跟身上的汉服比较搭的印着梅花的白色小布鞋,短短的,小小的,朴素的款式依然给人一种玲珑可爱的感觉! Saw only that small cloth shoes tread tread on the flagstone the short two steps, then advanced to the new stair. 只见那双小布鞋蹬蹬地在石板上走了短短的两步,然后又迈向新的一个台阶。 May let alone, little girl walk also very much goes all out, sporty appearance! 可别说,小姑娘走得还很卖力,劲头十足的样子! Xia Yu feared that Luoluo face upwards inverted/fall, carefully will be accompanying in the future, but in fact she grabs the big hand of Luoluo small arm, has almost not made an effort, looks that the daughter upward crawls step by step, had not shouted that shouted tired laboriously, Xia Yu could not bear sigh with emotion at heart. 夏瑜落落会往后仰倒,就小心地陪着,但实际上她抓着落落小胳膊的大手,就几乎没有怎么使劲,看着女儿一步步地往上爬,还不喊累喊辛苦,夏瑜都忍不住在心里感慨了起来。 Is really plucky! 真有毅力! Does not give people like her semblance that pretty feeling! 一点都不像她外表给人那种娇滴滴的感觉! Luoluo good! Come on!” Shi Yun follows in side, bored shouted to Luoluo 666. 落落好棒!加油!”施韵跟在旁边,都无聊地给落落喊起了666。 Luoluo turns a deaf ear, she stepped the small step very much dedicated, the forehead is emitting the careful beads of sweat, she has not thought quite the same as, only then the nose and mouth can hear the short breathing. 落落充耳不闻,她很专注地迈着小步子,额头都冒出细细的汗珠了,她也浑然未觉,只有鼻子、嘴巴会传来短促的呼吸声。 Finally, dozens levels of stairs, Luoluo walked! 终于,几十级的台阶,落落走完了! Xia Yu also wants to praise to display the impressive little fellow, but has not thought, walked, Luoluo a little could not control, sway and has lifted the right foot. 夏瑜还想夸奖一下表现得令人惊叹的小家伙,但没想到,都走上来了,落落还是有点控制不住,摇摇晃晃地又抬起了右脚。 It looks like looks like the appearance that she also wants to continue to crawl, but, front did not have the stair, little girl could not find the pivot that stepped on, the small short leg like this blurry and sway was lifted by her in airborne, but also stopped for several seconds. 看起来就像是她还想继续爬的样子,可是,前面没有台阶了,小姑娘找不到踩下去的支点,小短腿就这样被她迷迷糊糊、摇摇晃晃地抬在了空中,还停了几秒。 Was good, was good, we arrived, does not use again the crawling stair!” Xia Yu called one funnily. “好了,好了,我们到了,不用再爬台阶啦!”夏瑜好笑地叫了一声。 The crawling stair was used to it, Luoluo villain a little could not control oneself subconscious lifting foot, like this high raised legs to walk several steps, Mama was drawing her, otherwise, walked to throw down like this may not! She is also the feeling that a while gradually found to walk. 都爬台阶习惯了,落落小人儿有点控制不住自己下意识的抬脚,就这样高抬腿地走了几步,还是妈妈拉着她,不然,这样走路非得摔倒不可!她也是一会儿才渐渐找到走路的感觉。 ...... …… In the Nanyue University library has the universe, after passing through the gate, the bright light by the ceramic tile is shone upon, appears the entire library is bright insightful, various modernized facilities have it all, cannot look is the interior of historic building, said that is in the cbd building some work level estimate some people believes! 南粤大学图书馆里面是另有乾坤,进门之后,明亮的灯光被瓷砖映照着,显得整个图书馆都是敞亮通透的,各种现代化的设施一应俱全,根本看不出来是古建筑的内部,说是cbd大楼里某个办公层估计都有人信! Shi Yun really has the means that even if Xia Yu and Luoluo put on was very special man (Han) clothing/taking, Shi Yun also brought them. 施韵果然有办法,即便夏瑜落落穿的都是很特别的汉服,施韵也把她们带了进去。 Naturally, big small two ancient costume beautiful women very much attract the eyeball, they review the study the desk area to pass through from the students, many people could not bear turn the head to look! 当然,一大一小两个古装美女还是很吸睛的,她们从学生们复习学习的书桌区经过,好多人都忍不住转头看了过来! Even if pulls out cell phone photograph from the beginning embarrassed, after they walk, pulls out the cell phone, has photographed surreptitiously two backs. 即便是一开始不好意思掏出手机拍照的,等她们走过去后,也都纷纷掏出手机,偷拍了两张背影。 Xia Yu realized them in the back petty action, but, she has not cared, was bringing Luoluo, walked naturally. 夏瑜察觉到了他们在自己背后的小动作,不过,她没有在意,带着落落,大大方方地走过去。 Luoluo had not thought own this small skirt has any special place, if there are, that was makes certainly Luoluo more attractive, little girl put on happily, was vividly vivaciously follows very much in the Mama side. 落落并没有觉得自己这身“小裙子”有什么特别的地方,如果说有,那一定是让落落变得更加好看了,小姑娘高兴地穿着,也是很活泼地蹦蹦跳跳地跟在妈妈的身边。 Here many bookshelves! 这里好多书架啊! The book collection of Nanyue University library has several million volume, Xia Yu they are walking in a building hall, actually is also only some bookshelves and book collections, even if so, Luoluo also looks is dazzled. 南粤大学图书馆的藏书有数百万册,夏瑜她们走着的一楼大厅里,其实也只是很少的一部分书架和藏书,但即便如此,落落也是看得眼花缭乱的。 How so many? 怎么会有这么多的? In the book with own family/home compares, that was many are too really many! 跟自己家里的书比起来,那真的是多太多了! The eyeball of little girl black and shining transferred revolutions, looks accepts, in the look was disclosing with amazement. 小姑娘黑溜溜的眼珠子转了转,看得应接不暇,眼神里都透露着惊讶。 Looks for this book to come to see, the place of reading was very good, had found the book, I led you to pass.” Shi Yun said full of enthusiasm. “找本书来看吧,有一个看书的地方很不错,找到了书,我带你们过去。”施韵兴致勃勃地说道。 The book in hall was the new book recent years, Xia Yu took a fast look around, found book «Long jab Suspense Case Scene» that she has been interested in quickly. 大厅里的书都是近几年的新书,夏瑜扫视了一番,还是很快地找到了一本她感兴趣的书《直击悬疑的案件现场》。 Naturally, is only with one also insufficient, Xia Yu looked down to grab Luoluo of oneself skirt, this little girl was also likes reading! 当然,只是拿一本还不够,夏瑜低头看了看正抓着自己裙子的落落,这小姑娘也是喜欢看书的啊! On Xia Yu this bookshelf took a fast look around, finally, she turned out one to have the atlas of vivid cartoon: «Cartoon High and low 5000-- Qin and Han Dynasty Empire». 夏瑜这个书架上又扫视了一圈,终于,她翻出了一本有很多生动的漫画的图册:《漫画上下5000年——秦汉帝国》。 Walks, we read!” A Xia Yu hand is holding two books, a hand pulls the Luoluo small hand, the mood was saying very much happily. “走吧,我们看书去!”夏瑜一只手抱着两本书,一只手牵着落落的小手,心情很是愉快地说道。 She wants to transmit this to Luoluo joyfully, this then walks becomes not proper, is holding the hand also gently swings. 她想把这个快乐传递给落落,这便走路都变得不正经,牵着的手还轻轻摇起来。 Luoluo came under Mama positive mood influence, has smiled. 落落受到了妈妈积极的情绪影响,也是笑了起来。 She also the small tooth from the beginning, hee hee smiles with Mama! 她一开始还只是呲起小牙齿,跟妈妈“嘻嘻”一笑! Walks is walking, this happy mood rises sharply, little girl is swinging the arm with Mama, but also giggle smiles excitedly. 走着走着,这欢乐的情绪大涨,小姑娘妈妈摇着手臂,还兴奋地“咯咯”直笑。 This laughter, clear delightful, but in the library such peaceful environment is to also appear especially towering! 这笑声,清脆悦耳,但在图书馆这样安静的环境里也是显得格外突兀! Xia Yu shrank the head immediately, looked at all around very much embarrassed, she squats, raised up a finger with Luoluo breathing out. 夏瑜顿时缩了缩脑袋,很不好意思地看了看四周,紧接着,她蹲下来,竖起一根手指头跟落落“嘘”了一声。 Cannot speak loudly, cannot smile loudly, knows? Will disturb these uncle aunts to study!” Xia Yu has lowered the sound, said with daughter. “不可以大声说话,不可以大声笑,知道吗?会打扰那些叔叔阿姨学习的!”夏瑜压低了声音,跟女儿说道。 Luoluo looks at Mama ignorant, she can hear to understand, but does not know why or spoke loudly. 落落懵懵懂懂地看着妈妈,她能听得明白,只是不知道为什么要不大声说话。 But at this time, Luoluo is willing to obey is very amusing the direction of Mama, her obedient place a small head, the small mouth has closed, has only left behind that pair curved the eye that likes smiling is looking at Mama. 但这时候,落落还是愿意听“很好玩”的妈妈的指挥的,她乖乖地点了点小脑袋,小嘴巴闭上了,只留下了那一双弯弯的、爱笑的眼睛在看着妈妈
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