WDDE :: Volume #11

#1035: Dragon Emperor puppet destruction!

Two Peerless powerhouses project on the ground from the space, from underground overthrows the space again. 两位绝世强者从天上打到地上,再从地下打倒天上。 Hits all meets a cruel death, vanishes in puff of smoke. 将一切都打得粉身碎骨,灰飞烟灭。 Entire world light able to move unhindered, tearing vault of heaven. 整个世界光影纵横,撕裂苍穹。 However, consumption is in ground these Heavenly Grave Priest, Strength of Divine Dragon Temple regiment. 然而,耗费的都是地面上这些天墓祭师,还有神龙圣殿军团的力量 Sub-Emperor( the Dragon Emperor puppet) obtains Moon Temple Cultivation Technique, mainly two goals, the first goal, suppresses the Dragon Emperor puppet within the body chaotic energy to explode the rest. The second goal, has been similar to plane Divine Power, can absorb the energies of all Divine Dragon Bloodline. 亚帝龙帝傀儡)得到月球圣殿功法,主要有两个目的,第一目的,镇压龙帝傀儡体内混乱的能量爆息。第二目的,得到类似于位面神力,可以吸取所有神龙血脉者的能量。 But Lan Ling through Transcend Heaven Divine Dragon Great Tower, is absorbing similarly also Strength of Divine Dragon Bloodline to condense Dragon Emperor Doppelganger, then and Dragon Emperor puppet fight. 兰陵通过通天神龙巨塔,同样也是在吸收神龙血脉者的力量凝聚出龙帝分身,进而和龙帝傀儡战斗。 800 Heavenly Grave Priest fall freely, but duplicate revolts, but has established god Dragon Blood to vow, and has signed the energy contract. Therefore can only become the Lan Ling energy carrier, goes all out to be swallowed. 800名天墓祭师尽管降而复叛,但是已经立下了神龙血誓,并且签下了能量契约。所以只能成为兰陵的能量载体,拼命地被吞噬着。 However, what Lan Ling swallows is 800 Heavenly Grave Priest, but what the Dragon Emperor puppet swallows is 900 Heavenly Grave Priest, in addition several hundred thousand Saint Temple Army groups. 然而,兰陵吞噬的是800名天墓祭师,而龙帝傀儡吞噬的是900名天墓祭师,加上几十万圣殿军团。 Lan Ling in merely is only Doppelganger that in energy shield fights, but Sub-Emperor( the Dragon Emperor puppet) is the energy main body, moreover had been strengthened by Moon Temple. 兰陵能量罩内战斗的仅仅只是一个分身,而亚帝龙帝傀儡)是能量本尊,而且被月球圣殿强化过。 Therefore, each round attack, Dragon Emperor puppet Strength compared with Lan Ling Doppelganger strong 20% . Moreover the energy that it can swallow enough is Lan Ling two times. 所以,每一轮攻击,龙帝傀儡的力量都比兰陵分身强20,而且它能够吞噬的能量足足是兰陵的两倍。 Because of so, after the crazy bang has killed entire one hour. 正是因为如此,疯狂轰杀了整整一个小时之后。 That falls 800 Heavenly Grave Priest that but duplicate revolts have collapsed directly on the ground, their bloodlines energies had almost been swallowed completely by Lan Ling. 那降而复叛的800名天墓祭师已经直接瘫倒在地上了,他们的血脉能量已经几乎被兰陵全部吞噬完了。 These 800 Heavenly Grave Priest Strength are getting more and more weak, Lan Ling Doppelganger is also getting more and more weak. 这800名天墓祭师力量越来越弱,兰陵分身也越来越弱。 ...... …… Bang......” “轰……” Lan Ling Doppelganger and Dragon Emperor puppet last time to bang. 兰陵分身龙帝傀儡最后一次对轰。 The ray explodes shoots! 光芒爆射! Lan Ling Dragon Emperor Doppelganger instantaneous disrupts fiercely, turns to the golden yellow ray innumerably. 兰陵龙帝分身瞬间猛地碎裂,变成无数到金黄色的光芒。 Has battled entire one hour, comet hits Earth to be common, crazy tearing has shelled for one hour, finally first time decided the victory and defeat. 激战了整整一个多小时,彗星撞击地球一般,疯狂撕裂轰击了一个多小时,终于第一次分出了胜负。 The Dragon Emperor puppet won. 龙帝傀儡赢了。 The Lan Ling Doppelganger first time was crushed! 兰陵分身第一次被击碎! In all person eyes, Lan Ling Doppelganger gradually condenses again, Dragon Emperor Doppelganger that but these time condenses wanted slightly, only then trivial several kilometers. 在所有人眼中,兰陵分身再一次渐渐凝聚,只不过这一次凝聚出来的龙帝分身要小了许多,只有区区几千米。 Sub-Emperor( the Dragon Emperor puppet) overlooks Lan Ling saying: You lost.” 亚帝龙帝傀儡)俯视着兰陵道:“你输了。” Lan Ling said: Lost one move.” 兰陵道:“只是输了一招而已。” Sub-Emperor said: Among us fight, so long as lost one move, is the quantitative change initiates the qualitative change. You forever could not win, because you were only Doppelganger, did not have me to be so strong. Strength that you can swallow, merely only then my half. This fight, you simply do not have any opportunity.” 亚帝道:“我们之间的战斗,只要输了一招,就是量变引发质变。你永远赢不了的,因为你只是一个分身而已,本就没有我这么强。你能够吞噬的力量,仅仅只有我的一半而已。这一场战斗,你根本没有任何机会的。” Lan Ling can swallow, only then 800 Heavenly Grave Priest, but the Dragon Emperor puppet can swallow has 900 Heavenly Grave Priest, several hundred thousand temples. These people kneel in front of the Dragon Emperor puppet, displayed their giving loyalty, became its follower. 兰陵能够吞噬的只有800名天墓祭师,而龙帝傀儡可以吞噬的却有900名天墓祭师,还有几十万圣殿。这些人都跪在龙帝傀儡面前,表现出了他们的效忠,成为它的信徒。 Your this at is not true plane Divine Power.” Lan Ling sneers saying: Is only energy Cultivation Technique that Moon Temple grants.” “你这根本不是真正的位面神力。”兰陵冷笑道:“只是月球圣殿赐予的能量功法而已。” Sub-Emperor said: So long as can achieve similar effect, who pays attention? You lost, you must end!” 亚帝道:“只要能够达到同样的效果,谁又理会?你输了,你要完了!” Ten thousand meters high Sub-Emperor , to continue to swallow Divine Dragon Bloodline Strength crazily. Immediately the 900 Heavenly Grave Priest also both legs of its subordinates one soft, almost must kneel on the ground directly. But that several hundred thousand Saint Temple Army group eyes are dizzy a while ago, almost cannot stand. 万米之高的亚帝,继续疯狂吞噬神龙血脉力量。顿时它麾下的900名天墓祭师也双腿一软,几乎要直接跪在地上。而那几十万圣殿军团则眼前一阵昏眩,也几乎站立不住。 Sub-Emperor( the Dragon Emperor puppet) must settle to fight, therefore nearly swallows crazily. Immediately, its gold war-god general body raises again, again increases, from over ten thousand meters great directly to 15,000 kilometers, to 20,000 meters high. 亚帝龙帝傀儡)要了结战斗了,所以近乎疯狂地吞噬。顿时,它黄金战神一般的身躯再一次拔高,再一次变大,从上万米之巨直接到了15000千米,到了20000米之高。 In inverse proportion, at this time Dragon Emperor puppet enough 20,000 meters high. But Lan Ling Dragon Emperor Doppelganger, has five kilometers high merely. 此消彼长,此时龙帝傀儡足足20000米之高。而兰陵龙帝分身,仅仅只有五千米高。 The Sub-Emperor whole body is glittering, eye-catching threatening. But Lan Ling Dragon Emperor Doppelganger, then the god is only dim. It seems high under stands sentences, only by volume, Lan Ling Dragon Emperor Doppelganger, only then opposite party 1/10. 亚帝浑身金光闪闪,夺目逼人。而兰陵龙帝分身,则神光黯淡。看上去高下立判,单论体积而言,兰陵龙帝分身只有对方的1了。 Victory and defeat has decided that the result has decided.” Tian Daoqi said with a sigh. “胜负已定,结局已定。”天道奇叹息道。 Gu Ban sighed: Right, the victory and defeat has decided.” 古斑叹息道:“没错,胜负已定了。” ...... …… 20,000 meters high Sub-Emperor( the Dragon Emperor puppet) arrives in front of Lan Ling Doppelganger slowly, a fist bang kills fiercely. 20000米高的亚帝龙帝傀儡)缓缓走到兰陵分身面前,猛地一拳轰杀出去。 Bang......” “轰……” Instantaneous, Lan Ling Dragon Emperor Doppelganger is similar to the shell is ordinary, departed hundred li (0.5km) directly. 瞬间,兰陵龙帝分身如同炮弹一般,直接飞出了百里。 But the Sub-Emperor lightning flies generally, overtakes Lan Ling Dragon Emperor Doppelganger , a fist bang kills fiercely. 亚帝闪电一般飞出去,追上兰陵龙帝分身,又猛地一拳轰杀。 Ping ping......” “砰砰砰砰……” The following picture somewhat was frigid, Sub-Emperor is shelling Lan Ling Dragon Emperor Doppelganger crazily. 接下来的画面就有些惨烈了,亚帝疯狂地轰击着兰陵龙帝分身 Lan Ling goes all out to struggle, wants to counter-attack, 800 Heavenly Grave Priest solid bloodlines Strength that but was swallowed by him have exhausted, therefore Strength and Sub-Emperor differed far. It is not able to counter-attack, is unable to stand up from failure. 兰陵拼命地想要挣扎,想要反击,但是被他吞噬的800名天墓祭师实在血脉力量耗竭了,所以力量亚帝相差得太远了。无法反击,无法翻身。 Then, incomparable Burning with righteous indignation in the Sky Temple eye appeared. 就这样,在天空圣殿眼中无比热血沸腾的一幕出现了。 The Dragon Emperor puppet holds down Lan Ling Doppelganger, crazily suddenly to beat up. 龙帝傀儡按住兰陵分身,疯狂地暴揍。 In every second various schemes great fist bombardment, each fist pounds, light crushes some Lan Ling god, crushes his huge Doppelganger. 每秒钟上百计巨拳轰击,每一拳砸过去,就将兰陵的神光击碎一些,都将他巨大的分身击碎一处。 After several thousand fists shell, Lan Ling Dragon Emperor Doppelganger merely only remaining half, moreover ray also very dimness. 几千拳轰击之后,兰陵龙帝分身仅仅只剩下一半了,而且光芒也非常之黯淡。 The Sky Temple three big giants, Huai Bingyi and the others looked at Burning with righteous indignation. 天空圣殿的三大巨头,怀病已等人看得热血沸腾 But in Floating Heaven Palace, Fu Lingxi Fu Zilin looks fearful and apprehensive. 浮天宫内,伏灵兮伏子临看得心惊胆战。 Especially Fu Zilin, entirely does not believe all that at present has, in his eyes the father is most formidable, will be is impossible to lose. 尤其伏子临,完全不相信眼前发生的一切,在他眼中父亲是最最强大的,是不可能会输的。 No, my father will not lose, my father is fiercest.” “不,我父亲不会输,我父亲是最厉害的。” I have said you, you lost.” Sub-Emperor( the Dragon Emperor puppet) holds the neck of Lan Ling Doppelganger, every single word or phrase said: Now settles all.” “我说过你,你输定了。”亚帝龙帝傀儡)抓住兰陵分身的脖子,一字一句道:“现在就了结一切吧。” Sub-Emperor swallows biggest Strength crazily , to promote the acme the energy of fist implication, then aims at Lan Ling Dragon Emperor Doppelganger head fiercely suddenly to strike. 亚帝疯狂吞噬最大的力量,将拳头蕴含的能量提升到极致,然后对准兰陵龙帝分身的头颅猛地暴击。 Bang......” “轰……” Lan Ling Dragon Emperor Doppelganger, met a cruel death again, vanishes in puff of smoke, changed to the innumerable rays. 兰陵龙帝分身,再一次粉身碎骨,灰飞烟灭,化作了无数光芒。 No............” Fu Zilin did not shout loudly one, almost wanted the faint in the past. “不……不……”伏子临高呼一声,几乎要昏厥过去。 Huai Bingyi was stirred up the bloodlines to fall prostrate by this opens, loudly exclaimed: Ten thousand victories!” 怀病已被这一幕激得血脉偾张,大吼道:“万胜!” Several hundred thousand Saint Temple Army groups lift up high the arm, great shout: Ten thousand victories!” 几十万圣殿军团高举手臂,大声呼喊:“万胜!” ...... …… Also quarter! 又过了一刻钟! Floating Heaven Palace Transcend Heaven Divine Dragon Great Tower below, condensed Lan Ling Dragon Emperor Doppelganger. 浮天宫通天神龙巨塔的下面,又凝聚出了一个兰陵龙帝分身 Just, is been now minimal by 800 Heavenly Grave Priest within the body bloodlines Strength that he swallowed, therefore this Lan Ling Doppelganger merely only then trivial hundred meters . Moreover the ray was dim. 只不过,现在被他吞噬的800名天墓祭师体内血脉力量已经微乎其微了,所以这个兰陵分身仅仅只有区区百米了,而且光芒已经非常黯淡了。 Sub-Emperor flew, falls on the Lan Ling Doppelganger front. It is continue swallow crazily, swallows, swallows...... 亚帝飞了回来,落在兰陵分身的面前。它在继续疯狂地吞噬,吞噬,吞噬…… Immediately, the bloodlines energies of 900 Heavenly Grave Priest within the body were really swallowed too ruthlessly, the both legs one soft knelt on the ground directly. Several hundred thousand Saint Temple Army roll one to stagger, almost the faint falls to the ground. 顿时,900名天墓祭师体内的血脉能量实在是被吞噬得太狠,双腿一软直接跪在了地上。几十万圣殿军团一阵踉跄,几乎昏厥倒地。 But this golden war-god general Sub-Emperor body raises again, becomes has 30,000 meters high huge. 而这位黄金战神一般的亚帝身体再一次拔高,变得足足有30000米高巨大。 At this time, Lan Ling Doppelganger merely only then his foot plate was high. Completely is the difference of an ant and giant. 此时,兰陵分身仅仅只有他的脚底板高了。完全是一个蚂蚁和巨人的区别。 Lan Ling, now you in my eyes, were really similar to ants, my casual foot can stamp you, the casual finger can grind you.” Sub-Emperor( Dragon Emperor Doppelganger) said. 兰陵,现在你在我的眼中,真的如同一个蝼蚁了,我随便一只脚就可以将你踩死,随便一根手指头就可以将你碾碎。”亚帝龙帝分身)道。 Lan Ling said: However, this merely is only my Doppelganger. My main body as before complete complete, formidable incomparable.” 兰陵道:“然而,这仅仅只是我的分身而已。我的本尊依旧完整无缺,强大无比。” Sub-Emperor( the Dragon Emperor puppet) said: What significance does that have? The war that we carry on, not only the energy shield person was looking, beside energy shield these surrender your person also to look. You lose such miserably, you sweep the floor imposing. Nobody will regard this is your Doppelganger, all people only will see you to lose to me, the Demon Emperor Lan Ling invincible prestige has destroyed. Once your perfection golden body destroys, these will surrender your person to betray completely. Then I led all Heavenly Grave Priest, all Saint Temple Army groups kill, has the trivial 300 people that you bring by your, radically irresistibly. Losing that therefore this fights, will make you lose the entire war, expels Sky Temple you until me.” 亚帝龙帝傀儡)道:“那又有什么意义?我们进行的这一战,不但能量罩的人在看,能量罩之外那些投降你的人也在看。你输得这么惨,你威风扫地。没有人会把这当成是你的分身,所有人就只会看到你输给了我,魔帝兰陵的无敌信誉已经毁灭了。你的不败金身一旦毁灭,那些投降你的人全部都会背叛。那么等我带领所有天墓祭师,所有圣殿军团杀出去的时候,凭借你一人还有你带来的区区300人,根本无法抵抗。所以这一战的输,会让你输掉整个战争,直到我将你逐出天空圣殿。” This Sub-Emperor said is reasonable, the decisive battle of Lan Ling and Sky Temple are more is the war of confidence, the war of potential. 这位亚帝说得非常有道理,兰陵天空圣殿的决战更多是信心之战,势之战。 So long as Lan Ling is unbeaten a golden body, the person in abundance treachery Sky Temple, Lan Ling finally even can win by default. So long as he defeats one time, the perfection golden body is disillusioned, that will of the people will fall to the enemy. 只要兰陵保持不败金身,天空圣殿之人就会纷纷倒戈,兰陵最后甚至可以不战而胜。但只要他败一次,不败金身破灭,那就会人心沦陷。 All people of surrender will again rebel, Sky Temple all influences will again unite, unites in the Sub-Emperor subordinates, carries on the war of counter-attacking to Lan Ling. 所有投降的人就会再一次反叛,天空圣殿所有势力就会再一次团结在一起,团结在亚帝麾下,对兰陵进行反攻之战。 At that time, Sky Temple that Sub-Emperor unites as one in addition, really has the possibility all pursues Lan Ling and Flame Demon Empire Strength. 到那个时候,亚帝加上团结一致的天空圣殿,确实有可能将兰陵炎魔帝国力量全部驱逐出去。 Once this, means Lan Ling at the outright failure of war of Sky Temple. 一旦这样,就意味着兰陵天空圣殿之战的彻底失败。 You lost, you ended!” Sub-Emperor said: You lose is not only a fight, but is the entire war. I must be run over and die with a finger now, after all people see all these, completely will be disillusioned to your invincible confidence. Your perfection golden body, thoroughly becomes the shame.” “你输了,你完了!”亚帝道:“你输掉的不仅仅是一场战斗,而是整个战争。我现在要用一根手指头碾死了,所有人见到这一切后,对你的无敌信心就会彻底破灭。你的不败金身,就会彻底成为耻辱。” Then, a Sub-Emperor deep place finger, in Lan Ling Doppelganger toward ground holds back slowly. 说罢,亚帝深处一根手指,缓缓地朝地面上的兰陵分身按压过来。 Lan Ling Dragon Emperor Doppelganger has hundred meters high at this time, but Sub-Emperor one finger enough about two kilometers. The so huge contrast, is makes people feel tiny of Lan Ling, but big of this Sub-Emperor. 兰陵龙帝分身此时只有百米之高,而亚帝的一根手指就足足近两千米长。如此巨大的反差,却是让人感觉到兰陵的渺小,而这位亚帝的高大。 Nobody thinks that this is only Lan Ling Doppelganger, visually seems, is Lan Ling is tiny, Sub-Emperor is broad. 没有人会去想这只是兰陵分身,从视觉上看上去,就是兰陵渺小,亚帝恢宏。 A Sub-Emperor kilometer finger has pressed, hundred meters high Lan Ling Dragon Emperor Doppelganger according to the ground, makes an effort to grind directly. 亚帝千米长的手指按了下来,直接将百米高的兰陵龙帝分身按在地面上,用力一碾。 Instantaneous, the Doppelganger ray disruption of Lan Ling, boils up a Si Si remnant broken ray. 瞬间,兰陵分身光芒碎裂,迸出一丝丝残碎光芒。 „......” Fu Zilin does not see this, almost wanted the faint in the past. “不……”伏子临见到这一幕,几乎要昏厥过去。 However, he actually clenches the teeth, is not willing the faint in the past, because he does not believe at present this real. 但是,他却咬紧牙关,不肯昏厥过去,因为他绝不相信眼前这一幕是真的。 Huai Bingyi sets out to exclaim loudly: Demon Emperor Lan Ling ended! Lan Ling died! He is a clumsy mischief-doer, now finally was exposed the evildoer's disguise, has revealed he shameless small and weak truth. Dragon Emperor your majesty long live, long live, long live!” 怀病已起身大声吼道:“魔帝兰陵完了!兰陵死了!他就是一个跳梁小丑,现在终于被揭露了画皮,露出了他无耻弱小的真相。龙帝陛下万岁,万岁,万万岁!” Immediately, all Heavenly Grave Priest, all Saint Temple Army groups kneel down neatly, loudly exclaimed: Lan Ling died, Dragon Emperor your majesty long live, long live!” 顿时,所有天墓祭师,所有圣殿军团整齐跪下,大吼道:“兰陵已死,龙帝陛下万岁,万岁万万岁!” Huai Bingyi said: Except must completely, utterly destroy wickedly! Dismembers the Demon Emperor bad child Fu Zilin chaotic sword, puts to death by dismemberment the execution Fu Lingxi!” 怀病已道:“除恶必尽,斩尽杀绝!将魔帝的孽种伏子临乱剑分尸,将伏灵兮凌迟处死!” Sky Temple three big giants one startled, the instinct wants to prevent. 天空圣殿三大巨头一惊,本能地想要阻止。 However Huai Bingyi shouted, could not prevent. 但是怀病已已经喊出来了,已经阻止不了了。 Then, Huai Bingyi led several hundred Heavenly Grave Priest to crash in Floating Heaven Palace, must tears to shreds Fu Zilin and Fu Lingxi. 接着,怀病已率领着几百名天墓祭师冲进了浮天宫内,要将伏子临伏灵兮碎尸万段。 Huai Bingyi hates to the marrow of the bones to Fu Lingxi and Fu Zilin, even if disobeys the Sky Temple three big giants, must tear to shreds them. 怀病已伏灵兮伏子临真的是恨之入骨,哪怕违逆天空圣殿三大巨头,也要将她们碎尸万段。 However...... In this time! 然而……就在此时! Suddenly, Sky Temple trembles fiercely. 忽然,天空圣殿猛地一阵震颤。 Then, sky fiercely one dark. 然后,天空猛地一暗。 One intermittent dizzy! 一阵阵天旋地转! Bang......” isolates Demon Emperor Lan Ling outside energy shield stubbornly, energy shield that Moon Temple provides, breaks to pieces directly fiercely, vanishes without a trace. “砰……”死死把魔帝兰陵隔绝在外面的能量罩,月球圣殿提供的能量罩,直接猛地碎开,消失得无影无踪。 Surrounds the Hell Knight fourth child's energy prison, vanishes instantaneously without a trace. 紧接着,困住地狱骑士老四的能量囚牢,也瞬间消失得无影无踪。 Then...... 然后…… The Demon Emperor Lan Ling main body, strided in Sky Temple third gradually. 魔帝兰陵的本尊,一步一步跨入了天空圣殿第三层。 He walks gradually, body is getting higher and higher, from 2-3 meters, 30,000 meters, 40,000 meters, 50,000 meters...... 他一步一步地走过来,身体越来越高,从两三米,30000米,40000米,50000米…… Finally, the direct foot steps on the day, the head supports the ground. 最后,直接脚踩天,头撑地面。 He arrives at the Sub-Emperor front, sneers saying: Stupid may not and Dragon Emperor puppet, I used Doppelganger a moment ago and you fight, clear(ly) knows can lose actually also fights with you, why? First consumes your energy, second uses diversionary tactics, I condensed another small Doppelganger to go to Universe Tower. The Universe Tower information goes nonstop to Moon Temple, this indestructible energy shield, your Spiritual Manipulation, came from Moon Temple. After I small Doppelganger enters Universe Tower, the ease has interrupted and energy connection of Moon Temple. Therefore, energy shield vanished. But you...... Also has separated and Spirit relation of Moon Temple!” 他来到亚帝的面前,冷笑道:“蠢不可及的龙帝傀儡,刚才我用分身和你战斗,明知道会输的却还和你打,为什么啊?第一消耗你的能量,第二声东击西,我凝聚了另外一个小小的分身去了宇宙塔宇宙塔信息直通月球圣殿,这个坚不可摧的能量罩,还有你的精神控制,全部来自月球圣殿。我一个小小的分身进入宇宙塔后,轻而易举就截断了和月球圣殿的能量连接。所以,能量罩就消失了。而你……也断开了和月球圣殿精神联系!” Tens of thousands meters high Demon Emperor Lan Ling main body, is despising Sub-Emperor, is despising Sky Temple all people. 几万米高的魔帝兰陵本尊,藐视着亚帝,藐视着天空圣殿的所有人。 Idiot, stupid may not and trash.” “蠢货,蠢不可及的垃圾。” Fight ended!” “战斗结束了!” Then, Lan Ling lifts fiercely starts,( the Dragon Emperor puppet) steps on maliciously toward Sub-Emperor! 然后,兰陵猛地抬起脚,朝着亚帝龙帝傀儡)狠狠踩下去! ...... …… Note: First delivers, Bai Qiu supports, does obeisance to ask the monthly ticket, thank you! 注:第一更送上,拜求支持,拜求月票,谢谢大家!
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