VPAATS :: Volume #3

#215: Robbing in small woods

Robbing in Chapter 215 small woods 第215章小树林里的抢劫 Yang Ming now and Fang Tian study is the murder is not only skillful, now study basically after is some murders, how to cover the scene, processes the corpse the knowledge. 杨明现在和方天学习的已经不仅仅是杀人技巧了,现在学的基本上都是一些杀人后怎么掩盖现场,怎么处理尸体的知识。 This is also a very important knowledge, after the murder, carries on corresponding cover, not only need very high skill, must have good psychological quality. Those who let Yang Ming not know whether to laugh or cry, Fang Tian makes Dong Jun not know where from made n many corpses, studied the processing method for Yang Ming. It is said these from an outside medical college. 这也是一门十分重要的学问,杀人后,进行相应的掩盖,不但要很高的技巧,也要有十分好的心理素质。让杨明哭笑不得的是,方天董军不知道从什么地方弄来了n多的死尸,供杨明学习处理方法。据说这些都来自外地的一家医科大学。 Besides using Corpse Melting Powder, many types the way of processing the corpse. Corpse Melting Powder is compels to have no other choice but to use, according to Fang Tian, Corpse Melting Powder very precious, is quite scarce. Moreover is not he can compound. 除了用化尸粉外,还有很多种处理掉尸体的方式。化尸粉乃是逼不得已才使用的,据方天说,化尸粉十分的珍贵,比较稀少。而且不是他能够配制出来的。 This Corpse Melting Powder is your Master Ancestor, is my master, in the past once had the graciousness in Miao Clan Elders. He is a Gu technique master, this Corpse Melting Powder is he bestows to your Master Ancestor, is good are not each time many because of this thing amount used, has used my this generation, used 50% many.” Fang Tian said: „After I give you, you must save to use, to use up, but did not have.” “这化尸粉是你的师祖,也就是我的师傅,当年曾有恩于一个苗族的长老。他是一个蛊术的高手,这化尸粉就是他赠送给你师祖的,好在这个东西每次用量都不多,一直用到我这一辈,才用去了一半多。”方天说道:“我给你后,你一定要省着点儿用,用完了,可就没有了。” Miao Clan? Gu technique?” The Yang Ming's innermost feelings tremble, has remembered Lan Ling. Does not know that she is now good? Walked such one all day, hasn't she contacted with? Now, should she already to Yunnan? 苗族蛊术?”杨明的内心一颤,又想起了蓝凌。不知道她现在好不好?已经走了这么一整天了,她怎么还不和自己联系?现在,她应该已经到云南了吧? Fang Tian saw that the Yang Ming's look is somewhat strange, naturally does not know that he is the Lan Ling matter headache, but also thinks that he is strange Gu technique and Corpse Melting Powder has anything to relate, therefore explained: Actually this Corpse Melting Powder is also a gu, the gu is one bacteria or the small insect that these Miao people train. This you this character can look from gu, so-called gu is the insect insect under character has container dish character, in other words, abundantly the insect in container is the gu. This Corpse Melting Powder is gu one, it is not the chemical, the chemical is the sulphuric acid does not have such formidable corrosiveness. This is a bacteria, usually is at the dormant state, will meet the human body to regain consciousness, and rapid growth will reproduce, will swallow the human body of person. After being separated from the carrier of human body, rapidly will die the vaporization, cannot duplicate to collect the use. This thing is actually not strange in the genuine Miao people hand, it is said really black Miao Clan and white Miao Clan war time, this Corpse Melting Powder is used for the fast processing enemy side corpse.” 方天见到杨明的神色有些古怪,自然不知道他在为蓝凌的事情头痛,还以为他是奇怪蛊术化尸粉有什么联系呢,于是解释道:“其实这化尸粉也是一种蛊,蛊是那些苗人培养的一种细菌或是小虫子。这点你从‘蛊’这个字就可以看出来,所谓‘蛊’就是虫子的‘虫’字下面有一个器皿的‘皿’字,也就是说,盛在器皿里的虫子就是蛊。这个化尸粉就是蛊的一种,它不是什么化学药品,化学药品就算是硫酸也没有这么强大的腐蚀性。这是一种细菌,平时处于休眠状态,一遇到人体就会苏醒,并迅速生长繁殖,将人的肉体吞噬。当脱离人体的载体后,就会迅速死去汽化,不能重复收集使用。这个东西其实在真正的苗人手中并不稀奇,据说实在黑苗族和白苗族战争的时候,这种化尸粉就是用来快速处理敌方尸体的。” Yang Ming nodded, the heart said that perhaps the Lan Ling grandmother also meets the compound of this type of thing. 杨明点了点头,心道,或许蓝凌的外婆也会这种东西的配制。 In the morning because of the Lan Ling reason, the evening that Yang Ming had, therefore the fixed training also shortened the time every day, he does not want to give up halfway, therefore decided that continued to carry on the strengthening to train to oneself using evening's time. 因为蓝凌的原因,早上杨明起的晚了一些,所以每天固定的训练也缩短了时间,他不想半途而废,所以决定利用晚上的时间继续对自己进行强化训练。 The speed and strength type of thing are if unable to move forward , one will inevitably lag behind, at least when initially becomes is this. Yang Ming does not want to foster own inertia. Thinks of here, Yang Ming north the small woods like school walks. 速度和力量这种东西都是不进则退的,至少在初成的时候是这样。杨明不想养成自己的惰性。想到这里,杨明就像学校北面的小树林走去。 Evening's small woods, appear Xiao Suohe especially are lonely. Especially when at the late autumn, here is nobody passes through. 晚上的小树林,显得格外的萧索和冷清。尤其是时以深秋,这里更是没有人经过。 Ah! a sad and shrill female voice has streaked across the silencing nighttime sky. 啊!”一声凄厉的女声划破了静寂的夜空。 Yang Ming stares, this greater part of the night, can it be that attractive female ghost? However Yang Ming did not fear that these ghosts and gods anything, his fast dodging to uncle's side, hid own form. Calm and vigilant looks to all around. 杨明一愣,这大半夜的,莫不是倩女幽魂了?不过杨明可不怕这些鬼神啊什么的,他快速的闪到了一颗叔的旁边,隐藏了自己的身影。冷静而警惕的向四周望去。 This is these days, after habit that Hitman/Assasin training of system forms. Situation unusual time, wants first to look for one to shield own position. 这是这一段时间来,经过系统的杀手培训所养成的习惯。情况异常的时候,要第一时间找一个可以掩护自己的位置。 In the darkness, hides under the shadow of big tree, is the best shield. The big tree not only can cover the attack of outside effectively, will also make own goal not obvious. 黑暗中,隐藏在大树的阴影下,是最好的掩护。大树不但可以有效的遮挡外界的攻击,而且会使自己的目标变得不明显。 However obviously nobody notes Yang Ming, Yang Ming had determined through the observation direction that the sound conveys. In not far away, under the moonlight, a young girl of wear white clothing is squatting on the ground, a face panic-stricken looks at present a black clothed man of holding the blade. 不过显然没有人注意到杨明,杨明通过观察已经确定了声音传来的方向。在不远处,月光下,一个穿着白衣的少女正蹲在地上,一脸惊恐的看着眼前一个持刀的黑衣男子。 The side of young girl has a small pocket, inside thing scattered place. Yang Ming by own night vision function, sees clearly these things that in the bag scattered is some straw mushrooms. 少女的身边有一个小口袋,里面的东西散落了一地。杨明凭借自己的夜视功能,看清了袋子里散落的那些东西是一些草菇。 „Do you want to do?” The young girls look at the present black clothed man very panic-stricken. “你要干什么?”少女十分惊恐的看着眼前的黑衣男人。 Actually, the sound that the young girl spoke was not loud, however in the silent nighttime, Yang Ming can clear listened to be clear she to say each character that even if did not listen clearly, by the Yang Ming's ability can also clear reading out her lip language. 其实,少女说话的声音不大,但是在寂静的黑夜里,杨明还是可以清晰的听清楚她说的每一个字,就算听不清楚,凭借杨明的能力也可以清晰的读出她的唇语。 Takes the body valuable thing, wallet, cell phone and necklace!” The Men in Black hold up the blade in hand, the threat said. Just, the voice of Men in Black also somewhat shivers. “把身上值钱的东西都拿出来,钱包、手机、项链!”黑衣人举起手中的刀,恐吓道。只不过,黑衣人的声音也有些颤抖。 Yes, today is his first time comes out to take by force. He compels to have no other choice. 是的,今天是他第一次出来打劫。他是逼不得已的。 Generally has to rob the person of experience not to implement to rob to this sparsely inhabited woods, but Hou Zhenhan thinks that robs can only in the alley or remote mountain Old Lin. He by television and novel influence was too serious. However caught up also skillfully, today just arrived in the small woods, saw one to bend the waist to squat picks the mushroom on the ground the young miss, therefore Hou Zhenhan took the dagger to compel. 一般有抢劫经验的人是绝不会到这种人烟稀少的树林里实施抢劫的,但是侯震撼以为,抢劫只能在小路或是深山老林里面。他被电视和小说影响的太严重了。不过赶得也巧,今天刚到小树林里,就看见了一个弯着腰蹲在地上采蘑菇的小姑娘,于是侯震撼就拿着匕首逼了过去。 Has not actually thought that this young miss had shouted suddenly, had a scare Hou Zhenhan. However Hou Zhenhan thinks immediately here is woods, some people will not pass through have put down the heart. 却没想到这个小姑娘突然大喊了一声,将侯震撼也吓了一跳。不过侯震撼随即想到这里是树林,根本不会有人经过才放下了心。 His for fear that young miss will revolt, yes, the knife takes scary, he never has the plan that anything kills people. If not compelled, he will not come out to rob. Therefore, the Hou Zhenhan surface installs, although tranquil, but the innermost feelings actually rush to surge. 他生怕小姑娘会反抗,是的,刀子只是拿出来吓人的,他从来就没有什么杀人的打算。如果不是生活所迫,他也不会出来抢劫。所以,侯震撼的表面装的虽然平静,但是内心却是澎湃激荡的。 Hopes she can the little darling takes to give me money, I really am compel to have no other choice but Ah! to wait for money to save a life, my not competent this matter!” “希望她能乖乖的把钱拿出来给我,我实在是逼不得已啊!要不是等着钱救命,我也不能干这种事情呀!” Very strange, Yang Ming heard the aspiration of that black clothed man unexpectedly! Yang Ming can affirm that he has not started talking absolutely. Yang Ming is somewhat annoyed, why own does special ability appear in urgent very situation each time? It is not able to calm the mind to ponder that by oneself how this ability uses! 十分怪异,杨明居然听到了那个黑衣男人的心声!杨明可以肯定,他绝对没有开口说话。杨明有些恼火,为什么自己的这种异能每次都是在十分紧急的情况下才出现呢?让自己都无法静下心来细想这个能力到底是怎么使用的! I do not have the cell phone subconsciously......” Lin Zhiyun has covered the pocket of oneself jeans with the hand. In that 1200 yuan, are this month makes the wages that the family education just received. “我没有手机……”林芷韵下意识的用手捂住了自己牛仔裤的口袋。那里面有1200元钱,是自己这个月做家教刚领到的工资。 Now, father's leg also not completely good, these money are used to give him to buy the medicine, cannot present to snatch! However Lin Zhiyun does not have any social experience, her present movement, clarifies is the no 300 taels of silver buried. 现在,父亲的腿还没有完全好,这些钱是用来给他买药的,可不能让眼前的这个人抢去了呀!不过林芷韵还是没什么社会经验,她现在的动作,摆明就是此地无银三百两。 What in your trouser pocket is what? With gives me to have a look!” The black clothed man realized obviously the Lin Zhiyun movement, has drunk to ask. “你裤子口袋里的是什么?拿出来给我看看!”黑衣男人显然察觉到了林芷韵的动作,喝问道。 Does not have...... Saying that anything......” Lin Zhiyun has not stuttered. “没……没什么……”林芷韵结结巴巴的说道。 Nothing? Snort! Do you begin or wait for me begin?” The black clothed man does not believe obviously. “没什么?哼!你自己动手还是等着我动手?”黑衣男人显然不信。 I...... These money I cannot give you!” Lin Zhiyun stubborn saying. “我……那些钱我不能给你!”林芷韵倔强的说道。 Doesn't give? Why doesn't give? You did not fear that I have killed you?” The black clothed man approached one step, shining knife, under moonlight, flood pitiful white light. “不给?为什么不给?你不怕我杀了你?”黑衣男人逼近了一步,明晃晃的刀子,在月光下,泛着凄惨的白光。 These money, I...... Cannot give you...... Asked you...... Let off me......” on the face of Lin Zhiyun to reveal a helplessness. “这些钱,我……不能给你……求求你了……放过我吧……”林芷韵的脸上露出了一丝无奈。 „Are you ask for money or awfully?” The Men in Black see at present this young miss so on did not say that is somewhat angry. He sees robbing in movie, the robber uses the knife, the people who then robbed frighten on own initiative to pull out the wealth, present, what's the matter! “你是要钱还是要命?”黑衣人见眼前这个小姑娘如此的不上道,有些恼怒。他看到电影里的抢劫的,抢劫犯一动刀子,那被抢劫的人都吓得主动将钱财掏出来,眼前的这个,怎么回事儿! I......” Lin Zhiyun clenched teeth, said: My money buys the medicine for my father...... I cannot give you......” “我……”林芷韵咬了咬牙,道:“我的钱是给我爸爸买药的……我不能给你……” Buys the medicine?” The Men in Black stare, but gets angry immediately: You talked nonsense! Visits you such white and tender attractive, looks is the children of wealthy families, you will lie will not scatter!” “买药?”黑衣人一愣,不过随即怒道:“你胡扯!看你长得这么白嫩漂亮,一看就是有钱人家的孩子,你撒谎都不会撒!” Did Lin Zhiyun listen somewhat not to know whether to laugh or cry, is good-looking on the family|home in rich? This is any logic! However on the mouth must explain: This...... Big brother, my money really gives my father to buy the medicine...... I have not deceived you!” 林芷韵听了有些哭笑不得,长得漂亮就得家里有钱么?这是什么逻辑呀!不过嘴上还得解释道:“这位……大哥,我的钱真是给我爸爸买药的……我没骗你!” Hasn't deceived me? In the world where has such skillful matter? I come out to amass money, to give my mother sees a doctor! You are booing, buys the medicine for your father?” “没骗我?世界上哪有这么巧的事情?我出来抢钱,就是为了给我妈看病!你倒好,是给你爸买药?” At this moment, Yang Ming also understood why this Men in Black must rob. Originally has difficulties Ah! is only, does that girl, how such look familiar? Where has seen? 事到如今,杨明也明白了这个黑衣人为什么要抢劫了。原来是有苦衷啊!只是,那个女孩子,怎么这么眼熟呢?在什么地方看见过呢? Yang Ming was much better compared with the eyesight of Men in Black, in the evening rumbled black thump, the Men in Black could not see clearly the Lin Zhiyun clothing, if in the daytime, can see, on her was some cheap stall goods . Moreover the clothing washed some flood was white! This person can be a rich man! 杨明比黑衣人的眼力好多了,晚上黑咕隆咚的,黑衣人也看不清林芷韵的穿戴,要是在白天,一眼就能看出,她身上都是些便宜的地摊货,而且衣裤都洗的有些泛白了!这种人能是有钱人么! Clarity that however Yang Ming can actually look, this girl said that perhaps is also the truth, two poor man Ah! 但是杨明却能看的清楚,这个女孩子说得,或许也是真话,两个可怜人啊! Yang Ming shook the head, he also prepared in the method of violence or kills that black clothed man uniform. However now, he has to change the mind. 杨明摇了摇头,本来,他还准备以暴力的手段将那个黑衣男子制服抑或是干掉。但是现在,他不得不改变了主意。 Yang Ming sighed, raised legs walked toward black clothed man and that girl's direction. Walks, said loudly: How much money do you want?” 杨明叹了口气,抬腿向黑衣男人和那个女孩子的方向走了过去。边走,边大声说道:“你想要多少钱?”
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