VY :: Volume #9

#900: Calmly cultivates four Origin Pattern

After Zhou Yuan obtains Yin Yang Thunder Pattern Mirror this Lesser Saint Technique, the time blinked then passed by half a month. 周元取得“阴阳雷纹鉴”这道小圣术后,时间眨眼便是过去了半个月。 In these a half moon/month, the four pavilions aspect was also appear(ance) the huge change. 这半个月中,四阁的局面也是出现了巨大的变化。 First is Fire Pavilion, after Zhou Yuan that method, the Fire Pavilion high level has traded the blood near half, this has created not the small shake without doubt, these new on Fire Pavilion high levels, with Lu Xiao, Zhu Lian and other established high levels do not satisfy the need, after all this is digging their Sky Spirit Sect foundation. 首先是火阁,在经过周元那番手段后,火阁高层将近一半都是换了血,这无疑是造成了不小的震荡,那些新上的火阁高层,与吕霄,朱炼等老牌的高层并不对路,毕竟这是在挖他们天灵宗的根基。 Therefore regarding these newly appointed Fire Pavilion high levels, Zhu Lian, Zuo Ya and other Sky Spirit Sect the disciples after the discussion, has chosen from intense aiming at each aspect. 所以对于这些新上任的火阁高层,朱炼,左雅天灵宗的弟子在商讨之后,选择了从各个方面的激烈针对。 Although Lu Xiao little acts, but his buttocks after all in Sky Spirit Sect, therefore has also tacitly approved Zhu Lian, Zuo Ya and the others the procedures, this gave these non- Sky Spirit Sect disciple high level to create the enormous pressure without doubt, after all must discuss the strength, background anything, they naturally impossible to compare with Sky Spirit Sect. 吕霄虽然甚少出面,但他的屁股终归是在天灵宗,所以也默认了朱炼,左雅等人的作法,这无疑就给那些非天灵宗弟子高层带来了极大的压力,毕竟真要论起力量,底蕴什么的,他们自然不可能跟天灵宗相比。 These Sky Spirit Sect disciples, please come out casually a within sect high level, can bring the huge pressure to them. 这些天灵宗弟子,随随便便请出来一位宗内高层,就能够给他们带来巨大的压力。 But what is good because of being, they know that present four pavilions, Lu Xiao no longer is the biggest thigh... They have not chosen by no means! 但好在的是,他们知道如今的四阁,吕霄已经不再是最大的大腿...他们也并非是没有选择! That new Chief Pavilion Lord, is the four pavilions backbone. 那位新任的总阁主,才是四阁的顶梁柱。 Therefore, the high level of these non- Sky Spirit Sect disciple, starts to reverse to Zhou Yuan in abundance. 于是,这些非天灵宗弟子的高层,开始纷纷倒向周元 But waiting for a long time Zhou Yuan is also at the right moment statement, berated Zhu Lian severely, Zuo Ya and the others, making them not dare flagrant. 而等待许久的周元也是适时的表态,严厉喝斥了一番朱炼,左雅等人,令得他们不敢过于的明目张胆。 Then, Fire Pavilion, the overwhelming majority personnel are start to go to Zhou Yuan, this makes his many words, the order be able now smooth in Fire Pavilion circular. 如此一来,火阁内部,绝大部分的人员都是开始投向周元,这让得他的诸多话语,命令如今已经是能够顺利的在火阁内部通传。 But Zhu Lian, Zuo Ya also feels somewhat desperately, finally Zuo Ya regarding this change is unable to endure, held directly the matter the Sky Spirit Sect high level. 朱炼,左雅对于这种变化也是感到有些绝望,最终还是左雅无法忍受,直接是将事情捅到了天灵宗高层。 Sect Master Xuan Kun has not acted, but under his tacitly consenting, some Sky Spirit Sect high levels starts to launch an attack in Heaven Abyss' Heavenly Cave, said that Zhou Yuan vacillated the stability of four pavilions, does not match the position of this Chief Pavilion Lord! 玄鲲宗主并没有出面,但在他的默许下,一些天灵宗高层则是开始在天渊洞天内发难,说周元动摇了四阁的安定,不配这总阁主之位! However these launch an attack have not created the too big result, because this time, not only Xi Jing acts to get down its forcing, usually did not ask that the Mu Ni senior statesman of Heaven Abyss' Heavenly Cave business, has made the sound, after all Fire Pavilion, the non- Sky Spirit Sect disciple are more, they support the Zhou Yuan's words all, this gave Zhou Yuan to bring the open and aboveboard momentum. 不过这些发难并没有造成太大的结果,因为此次不仅郗菁出面将其力压下去,就连素来不问天渊洞天事务的木霓元老,都是发出了声音,毕竟火阁内部,非天灵宗弟子更多,他们尽数支持周元的话,这就给周元带来了堂堂正正的声势。 Is facing two senior statesmen's support outwardly, these Sky Spirit Sect high levels can only draw back resentfully, moreover it is said the days, is unattractive including Sect Master Xuan Kun complexion some. 面对着两位元老的明面支持,那些天灵宗的高层只能悻悻而退,而且据说那几日,连玄鲲宗主面色都有些不好看。 After this matter, Sect Master Xuan Kun is furious, berated Lu Xiao ruthlessly, Zhu Lian, Zuo Ya and the others, that incompetent two characters, almost carved on their foreheads. 此事之后,玄鲲宗主震怒,狠狠的喝斥了吕霄,朱炼,左雅等人,那无能二字,几乎是刻在了他们的脑门上。 Zhu Lian, Zuo Ya and the others stopped finally, Fire Pavilion, the Sky Spirit Sect disciple morale is greatly disappointed. 朱炼,左雅等人终于是消停了下来,火阁内部,天灵宗弟子士气大受打击。 Contending of Fire Pavilion, by thorough disintegration, biggest resistance of Zhou Yuan in four pavilions was also dissipated. 火阁的抗衡,被彻底的瓦解,周元四阁中最大的阻力也就消散。 After that the 2nd date, Mountain Pavilion Pavilion Lord Han Yuan visited Zhou Yuan personally, that manner was very clear, was been remnant by the Zhou Yuan bucket including Fire Pavilion, if he does not know the limitation, perhaps the Mountain Pavilion result must be more miserable than Fire Pavilion, therefore usually had Han Yuan of self-knowledge, has chosen admitting defeat rapidly. 在那之后的第二日,山阁阁主韩渊亲自拜访了周元,那番态度已经很明确,连火阁都被周元斗残了,如果他再不识相,恐怕山阁的结局比火阁还要更惨,所以素来都有自知之明的韩渊,迅速的选择了服软。 Faces admitting defeat of Han Yuan, Zhou Yuan has not been displaying extremely aggressively, after slightly does strikes, is puts Han Yuan to depart. 面对着韩渊的服软,周元也并没有表现得太过咄咄逼人,在略作敲打后,便是放韩渊离去。 Hence, in four pavilions had the explicit answer finally, from now on the future, the Zhou Yuan this Chief Pavilion Lord sound, is the four pavilions strongest sound! 至此,四阁之内终于是有了明确的答案,从今往后,周元这位总阁主的声音,将会是四阁的最强之音! When the four pavilions internal situation is slowly steady, Zhou Yuan straightforwardly has actually been the waving the arms about storekeeper, after gives Yi Qiushui all business, he then started his closing up calmly to cultivate. 而当四阁内部的局势缓缓平稳下来时,周元却是直接了当的做了甩手掌柜,在将一切的事务交给伊秋水后,他便是开始了他的闭关静修。 ... ... Four Spirit Return to Origin Pagoda, Mountain Territory. 四灵归源塔,山域 Zhou Yuan's third Origin Pattern, has finally chosen Mountain Spirit Pattern. 周元的第三道源纹,最终选择了山灵纹 Because this Origin Pattern is having the amplification fleshly body effect, but remaining Forest Spirit Pattern, is partial to the fleshly body restore, but on this point he had Taiyi Azure Wood Marks, therefore the demand does not calculate but actually urgently. 因为这道源纹拥有着增幅肉身的功效,而剩下的林灵纹,则是偏向肉身修复,而这一点上面他已经有了太乙青木痕,所以需求倒不算是最为的迫切。 In the Mountain Territory upper air, is filling the blue-yellow mist. 山域的高空上,弥漫着苍黄的雾气。 That mist is not genuine mist, but by the countless tiny yellow sand gathering, these yellow sands floods within Heaven and Earth, unceasing howling wreak havoc, but Mountain Spirit Pattern origin marks, hidden in these yellow sands. 那雾气并非是真正的雾气,而是由无数细小的黄沙汇聚所化,那些黄沙充斥于天地间,不断的呼啸肆虐,而山灵纹源痕,就隐藏于这些黄沙之中。 The yellow sand is tiny, however is hard just like the fine iron, sweeps across on the body, immediately strokes the countless tiny blood hole, but the yellow sand sees the blood already to melt, implication origin marks, integration within the body gradually in this process. 黄沙细小,然而却是宛如精铁般坚硬,席卷在身体上,顿时击打出无数的细小血孔,而黄沙见血既融,其中蕴含的源痕,也会在这个过程中渐渐的融入体内。 Zhou Yuan sits cross-legged on a bare mountain top, whips high quality Mountain Origin Pattern in the body, then the sleeve robe wields, over a thousand return to origin treasure coin simultaneously appear(ance), the direct sacrifice burns. 周元在一座光秃秃的山头上盘坐下来,将高品质山母纹拍打在身躯上,然后袖袍一挥,上千枚归源宝币同时出现,直接祭燃。 wū wū! 呜呜 Next flickers, in the upper air has the yellow sand tornado howls, directly soars Zhou Yuan. 下一瞬,高空上有着黄沙所化的龙卷呼啸而下,直奔周元所在而来。 Zhou Yuan is looking at that Yellow Dragon sandstorm, the look is tranquil, both eyes are closing gradually, whatever that dreadful yellow sand wells up, submerges his body covers. 周元望着那黄龙般的风沙,神色平静,双目则是渐渐的闭拢,任由那滔天黄沙涌来,将他的身躯淹没笼罩。 ... ... Precise of Mountain Spirit Pattern, has spent Zhou Yuan entire one month. 山灵纹的凝炼,花费了周元整整一个月的时间。 This process, does not calculate how difficult, after all in having Wind Spirit Pattern, under the experience of Fire Spirit Pattern, regarding the condensation of origin marks, Zhou Yuan was already considered as on is familiar and easy, in addition the consumptions of Mountain Origin Pattern as well as several tens of thousands return to origin treasure coin, Zhou Yuan one month are precise Mountain Spirit Pattern, in his opinion does not calculate shocking everybody extremely. 这个过程,并不算多么的艰难,毕竟在有了风灵纹,火灵纹的经验下,对于源痕的凝聚,周元早已算得上是轻车熟路,再加上山母纹以及数万归源宝币的消耗,周元一个月时间凝炼出山灵纹,在他看来也不算太过的惊世骇俗。 Naturally... This is in his opinion. 当然...这是在他看来。 Must know other four pavilions people, even if Lu Xiao, in the past was precise together complete Origin Pattern, the time that spends also at least exceeds six months, but present Zhou Yuan, is actually forcibly will consume to reduce the several fold this time, these has certainly the multiple factors, births of four Mother Pattern, his own Divine Soul formidable as well as... Four Spirit Return to Origin Pagoda core place chaos Spirit Sharpening to his looking. 要知道四阁其他的人,即便是吕霄,以往凝炼出一道完整的源纹,那所消耗的时间也起码是超过半年的时间,可如今的周元,却是硬生生的将这个时间消耗减少了数倍,这其中当然是有着多重的因素,四母纹的诞生,他自身神魂强大以及...四灵归源塔核心处混沌神磨对他的关照。 precisely gathered these many factors, Zhou Yuan can complete for one month to be precise Mountain Spirit Pattern the magnificent feat. 正是集合了这么多的因素,周元才能够完成一个月凝炼出山灵纹的壮举。 But Zhou Yuan after being precise Mountain Spirit Pattern, actually not any propaganda, even his Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling has not told, because he thought significance that this matter has not disseminated wantonly. 周元在凝炼出山灵纹后,却并没有任何的宣传,甚至他连伊秋水,叶冰凌都没告诉,因为他觉得这种事情并没有大肆传播的意义。 Therefore, after being precise Mountain Spirit Pattern, Zhou Yuan does not have rest of moment, goes to that last Origin Pattern the vision directly, Forest Spirit Pattern. 于是,在凝炼出山灵纹后,周元没有片刻的歇息,直接是将目光投向那最后一道源纹,林灵纹 He wants four Origin Pattern all gatherings in one, why because does not know, when he after being precise third Mountain Spirit Pattern, dark he has a feeling, when four Origin Pattern true gathering bodies, as if has some unusual changes. 他想要将四道源纹尽数的汇聚于一身,因为不知道为何,当他在凝炼出第三道山灵纹后,冥冥中他有着一种感觉,当四道源纹真正的汇聚一体时,似乎是会有着一些奇特的变化。 ... ... The time in Zhou Yuan's closes up, rapid passing. 时间在周元的闭关中,迅速的流逝。 When Zhou Yuan has closed up roughly one-and-a-half month, tranquil for a long time Heaven Abyss Territory, is once again somewhat vibrates. 而当周元闭关了约莫一个半月的时候,平静许久的天渊域,则是再度的有些震动起来。 So vibration, from two reasons. 这般震动,来自两个原因。 First, the Nine Territories Conference time was determined finally, this is the important matter that entire Primordial Heaven all parties top influences pay attention, by having grand degree, is among the best in Primordial Heaven absolutely. 一是九域大会的时间终于确定,这是一件整个混元天各方顶尖势力都关注的大事,论起盛大程度,在混元天内绝对算是名列前茅。 But that initiates the second reason of vibration, then situated in Heaven Abyss Territory north Three Mountains Union, once again causes trouble in north, provocative Heaven Abyss Territory's is dignified, suddenly, initiates countless to be angry. 而那引发震动的第二个原因,便是位于天渊域北面的三山盟,再度在北面生事,挑衅天渊域的威严,一时间,引发无数愤怒。
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