VY :: Volume #9

#899: Chapter 896? Exposition

Chapter 897? 0? 2 expositions 第897章?0?二暴露 When Zhou Yuan places Myriad Techniques Hall tenth day, is built on the stone column beforehand form like the rock finally is fierce trembles, both eyes that then that shuts tightly then in this time opening slowly. 周元身处万术殿第十天时,那如磐石般立于石柱之前的身影终于是猛的一颤,然后那紧闭的双目便是在此时缓缓的睁开。 In both eyes, full exclaims in surprise and wild with joy color. 双目之中,满是惊叹与狂喜之色。 Because after the sensibility of this entire ten days of time, he finally that Yin Yang Thunder Pattern Mirror Origin Technique mark, imprint in Divine Palace, although in this period difficult, what well is shocking but not dangerous, but also is smooth. 因为经过这整整十天时间的感悟,他终于是将那“阴阳雷纹鉴”的源术印记,烙印在了神府之中,期间虽说艰难,但好在的是有惊无险,还算是顺利。 The Zhou Yuan intention moves, then sinks to Divine Palace, sees only in this time Divine Palace, there is glittering together black and white thunder ray mark exist(ence), that mark is complex, even Zhou Yuan sensed about on the 10 th, cannot understand its mystery to be at as before thoroughly. 周元心念一动,便是沉入神府,只见得此时神府之内,有一道闪烁着黑白雷光的印记存在着,那道印记复杂深奥,即便是周元感悟了将近十日,依旧是未能彻底明了其奥妙所在。 However what is good because of being the mark 10%, in the future will want by Origin Qi and Divine Soul unceasing disciplining, then can display its mighty energy. 不过好在的是印记10%,往后只要以源气神魂不断的磨练,便是能够发挥出其威能 Naturally, wants to display Lesser Saint Technique complete mighty energy, that is not Divine Palace Realm, even is not Heavenly Sun Realm can achieve, only has Nascent Origin Realm or Law Domain Realm, just now can true shows Lesser Saint Technique mighty energy. 当然,想要发挥出小圣术的完全威能,那不是神府境,甚至也不是天阳境能够做到的,唯有源婴境或者法域境,方才能够真正的将小圣术威能展现出来。 However even if not complete mighty energy, the Lesser Saint Technique strength, is still far from Heaven Origin Technique may compare. 不过即便并非是全部的威能,小圣术的力量,也远非天源术可比。 In Divine Palace, countless Origin Qi Star glittering, has starlight to fall in torrents, falls in that black and white thunder and lightning mark, but the mark all comes are welcome, is ordinary just like black hole, that boundless vigorous Origin Qi swallowing all into. 神府内,无数源气星辰闪烁,有着星光倾泻而下,落在那黑白雷电印记上,而印记则是来者不拒,宛如一个黑洞一般,将那磅礴雄浑的源气尽数的吞入其内。 Moreover incessantly is Origin Qi, Divine Soul between Zhou Yuan forehead, in crosses into power of Divine Soul Divine Palace, then swamps into the mark. 而且不止是源气,周元眉心间的神魂,也是在将神魂之力渡入神府内,然后涌入印记之中。 This is Yin Yang Thunder Pattern Mirror perhaps the uniqueness, other Lesser Saint Technique, need Origin Qi warm and nourish, but it is different, it needs Origin Qi and Divine Soul dual strengths. 这就是“阴阳雷纹鉴”的奇特之处,其他的小圣术,或许只是需要源气温养,可它却不同,它需要源气神魂的双重力量。 Origin Qi is Yang, Divine Soul is Yin. 源气为阳,神魂为阴。 This is the comprehension of Zhou Yuan ten days time, in other words, wants to be precise the Origin Technique mark, needs blending of Origin Qi and Divine Soul, otherwise, the list has its one, is unable to cultivate the mark. 这是周元十日时间的领悟,也就是说,想要凝炼出源术印记,需要源气神魂的交融,否则的话,单有其一,根本无法修出印记。 This technique is matching Chaos Spirit Sharpening Visualization Art simply. 此术简直就是搭配着混沌神磨观想法而成的。 Is the master creates worthily, to with the lineage/vein disciple also is really friendly.” Zhou Yuan is filled with all sorts of feelings, then well satisfied withdrawal Divine Palace, is stooping to the present motley stone column a ritual. “不愧是师父所创啊,对同脉弟子还真是友好。”周元感慨万分,然后心满意足的退出神府,对着眼前的斑驳石柱弯身一礼。 But in the meantime, the space violent fluctuation of Zhou Yuan whole body, he knows this again withdraws from the sign of main hall, is not startled, stays calm. 而就在此时,周元周身的空间再度剧烈的波动起来,他知晓这是退出大殿的迹象,也不惊慌,保持镇静。 Space Distortion, all around fluctuates, next quarter Zhou Yuan appear(ance), in that was filling in the sandalwood flavor study room. 空间扭曲,四周变幻,下一刻周元就又出现在了那充满着檀香味道的书房之中。 When his appear(ance), the two forms in study room then concentrated on his body the vision. 当他出现时,书房内的两道身影便是将目光投注到了他的身上。 Zhou Yuan is somewhat strange, because he discovered that the Xi Jing vision seems like with a helplessness, but that Mu Ni senior statesman, is the faint smile. 周元有些奇怪,因为他发现郗菁的目光似乎是带着一种无奈,而那位木霓元老,则是似笑非笑。 Zhou Yuan, congratulates you, resulted in one volume of good Lesser Saint Technique.” Mu Ni said with a smile. 周元,恭喜你啊,得了一卷不错的小圣术。”木霓笑吟吟的道 Zhou Yuan can ignore the Mu Ni that somewhat strange look, said hastily: Also must many thanks the Mu Ni senior statesman direct.” 周元顾不得木霓那有些古怪的眼神,连忙道:“还得多谢木霓元老指点。” Mu Ni said with a smile: What thanked me to make? You are many thank you that master.” 木霓笑道:“谢我做什么?你还是多谢谢你那师父吧。” Zhou Yuan heart fierce shakes, in the surface actually maintains composure, said: My master? My master not in Heaven Abyss Territory.” 周元心头猛的一震,面上却是不动声色,道:“我的师父?我的师父并不在天渊域啊。” He where?” The Mu Ni smile said. “那他在哪里?”木霓微笑道。 Zhou Yuan stagnates, said with a smile dry/does: What does the Mu Ni senior statesman pay attention to my nameless master to make?” 周元一滞,干笑道:“木霓元老这么关注我那无名师父做什么?” He, if also nameless, this Primordial Heaven also does have several people famous?” Mu Ni light snort/hum said. “他如果还算无名的话,这混元天还有几个人有名?”木霓轻哼道。 Zhou Yuan did not have the means that can only look to Xi Jing, but latter to his awkward smiled, said: Aunt Ni she knew.” 周元没办法了,只能看向郗菁,而后者冲着他尴尬的一笑,道:“霓姨她知道了。” The Zhou Yuan corners of the mouth pull out, did his expose?! 周元嘴角一抽,他这就暴露了?! Xi Jing is looking at the Zhou Yuan that a little collapse look, helplessly said: Originally she is indefinite, but you obtained Yin Yang Thunder Pattern Mirror under her nose „”, which her can also not be indefinite? ” 郗菁望着周元那有点崩溃的眼神,无奈的道:“本来她也不确定的,但你都在她眼皮底下得到了“阴阳雷纹鉴”,她哪还能不确定?” Zhou Yuan is depressed immediately, indeed that Yin Yang Thunder Pattern Mirror is the bait that the Mu Ni senior statesman puts, is to probe his status! 周元顿时郁闷起来,敢情那“阴阳雷纹鉴”是木霓元老放出来的诱饵,就是想要试探出他的身份! He looks at that face gentle Beautiful Woman person, in the heart is smiling bitterly at present, these Law Domain expert, really no is the good stubble. 他瞧着眼前那一脸温柔的美妇人,心中苦笑,这些法域强者,果然没一个是善茬。 However although the status was revealed that but Zhou Yuan being frightened extremely, has not looked at the Xi Jing look after all, although is somewhat helpless, but does not have any to worry about the color, obviously she did not think that this matter by Mu Ni is known will bring anything to trouble. 不过虽说身份被揭穿,但周元并没有太过的惊惶,毕竟看郗菁的神色,虽说有些无奈,但并没有什么担忧之色,显然她并不觉得此事被木霓知道会带来什么麻烦。 Little fellow, can say now, now where that old thing is at?” Mu Ni graceful is carrying the scented tea, said with a smile lightly. “小家伙,现在可以说说,那老东西现在在哪吧?”木霓优雅的端着香茗,轻笑道。 Zhou Yuan say/way embarrasedly: Master is all right actually, but actually for some reasons, cannot return Primordial Heaven.” 周元讪讪的道:“师父倒是没事,但却因为某些原因,不能归来混元天。” Mu Ni sipped the red lip, can look, her body relaxed in this time slightly, wants to come to determine the Cang Yuan life and death situation finally. 木霓抿了抿红唇,看得出来,她的身子在此时微微的放松了许多,想来是终于确定了苍渊的生死情况。 I know that he has the important matter to plan, we cannot meddle.” Mu Ni sighed gently, can compel unable to return to Primordial Heaven the Cang Yuan strength like that which her does not know that was gambling between what kind levels, is facing that level, so long as her one day has not stepped into Saint Realm, could not meddle. “我知道他是有大事谋划,我们插不了手。”木霓轻轻一叹,能够将苍渊那般实力都逼得不能回混元天,她哪不知道是何种层次间的博弈,面对着那种层次,只要她一日未曾踏入圣者境,就插手不得。 Zhou Yuan selects nods, said: Mu Ni senior statesman...” 周元点头,道:“木霓元老...” Since you are the Cang Yuan disciple, along with Xi Jing called me Aunt Ni.” Mu Ni temperate say/way. “既然你是苍渊的弟子,就随郗菁叫我霓姨吧。”木霓温和的道。 Zhou Yuan looked at Xi Jing one, saw that after the latter is also selects nods, therefore not artificial, said: Aunt Ni.” 周元看了郗菁一眼,见到后者也是点点头后,于是就没有矫情,道:“霓姨。” Simultaneously in the heart whispered, did this Elder Mu Ni as if relate with Master Cang Yuan is not common... is hard to be inadequate is really teacher's wife is inadequate? 同时心中嘀咕,这木霓长老似乎关系跟苍渊师父不一般啊...难不成还真是师娘不成? Aunt Ni, has the matter about my status, must keep secret, will otherwise bring some unnecessary trouble.” The Zhou Yuan reminder said. 霓姨,有关于我身份的事情,务必要保密,否则会带来一些不必要的麻烦。”周元提醒道。 Mu Ni small head nodded , indicating to know. 木霓螓首微点,表示知晓。 Since moreover Aunt Ni can know my status, that Sect Master Xuan Kun they can also detect?” Asking that Zhou Yuan cannot bear, the Aunt Ni status is different, if knows his status actually safe, but if they are known by Sect Master Xuan Kun, is to make people be hard to feel relieved. “另外既然霓姨能知晓我的身份,那玄鲲宗主他们会不会也会有所察觉?”周元忍不住的问道,霓姨身份不同,如果知晓他的身份倒是无事,可如果被玄鲲宗主他们知道,却是让人难以放心。 Mu Ni chuckle, said: They will not know, I will detect, actually I had also observed and emulated Chaos Spirit Sharpening Visualization Art in the past, regarding this quite familiar, in addition Xi Jing to your unusual regarding as important, therefore had a suspicion to probe.” 木霓轻笑一声,道:“他们不会知晓的,我会有所察觉,其实是当年我也观摩过混沌神磨观想法,对此颇为的熟悉,再加上郗菁对你非同一般的看重,所以才生出了一点疑心想要试探一下。” However finally... as if unexpected good.” At this point, she cannot bear smiles to make noise. “而结果呢...似乎出乎预料的好。”说到此处,她也忍不住的笑出声来。 On the Zhou Yuan face feels terribly hot, he bit the bait before the table manners, is somewhat silly. 周元脸上火烧火燎,他之前咬饵的吃相,想必是有些傻乎乎的。 The Mu Ni look is gentle, pupil light looked at Zhou Yuan one, then took out green stone Diaozhui from the sleeve, in the green stone, has strength of continuous emergence that vitality rushes extremely. 木霓神色温柔,眸光看了周元一眼,然后从袖中取出了一枚绿石吊坠,绿石之中,有着极为澎湃的生机之力源源不断的涌现。 I look at you to seem like cultivation Origin Technique of need vitality, happen to this field of endeavor is I excels, this is jade marrow that I refine „”, contains the boundless vitality, in the future when your cultivation, does not need to seek for the essences of these ancient wood again. ” “我看你似乎是修炼过一种需要生机的源术,正好此道是我所擅长,这是我所炼制的“生生玉髓”,其中蕴含着磅礴的生机,往后你修炼时,也不必再去找寻那些古木之精。” Un, considers me to give you small gift on first meeting of this younger generation.” “嗯,就当是我给你这晚辈的一个小小的见面礼吧。” Zhou Yuan is looking at that green stone Diaozhui, been able to bear swallowed saliva, vitality Origin Technique that Mu Ni said that should be he cultivation Taiyi Azure Wood Marks, although this technique has not brought many to him fight addition, but can actually bring extremely the formidable fleshly body restore strength to him. 周元望着那绿石吊坠,忍不住的吞了一口口水,木霓所说的生机源术,应该就是他所修炼太乙青木痕,此术虽然没有给他带来多少的战斗加成,但却是能够给他带来极为强大肉身修复力。 If not depends this technique guard, Zhou Yuan and person fight, does not dare aggressive like that. 如果不是仗着有此术护身,周元与人战斗,也根本不敢那般的凶悍。 This technique the precise azure wood mark needs unceasingly supplemented by the vitality in essence of ancient wood, trouble quite, Mu Ni gives his now jade marrow, can actually make him some time exempt this extra worries. 只是此术所凝炼的青木痕需要不断的以古木之精内的生机补充,颇为的麻烦,如今木霓给他的这“生生玉髓”,却是能够让得他在一段时间内免去这种后顾之忧。 Therefore, root originally did not reject! 所以,根本就拒绝不了! Aunt Ni, the master has your such female friend, is really the good fortune of his old man.” Zhou Yuan respectful receiving jade marrow, hanging unrestrained/no trace of politeness on neck, then earnest say/way. 霓姨,师父有您这样的红颜知己,真是他老人家的福分。”周元恭恭敬敬的接过“生生玉髓”,毫不客气的挂在了脖子上,然后认真的道。 Mu Ni is covering the mouth, among the facial features full is the happy expression, obviously likes regarding the words of Zhou Yuan this sweet-talking very much. 木霓掩着嘴,眉眼间满是笑意,显然对于周元这嘴甜的话很是喜欢。 Nearby Xi Jing looked at Zhou Yuan one ill-humoredly, this fellow, can flatter. 一旁的郗菁没好气的看了周元一眼,这家伙啊,也太会拍马屁了。 Buzz! 嗡! But in the meantime, stream of light, sneaked in the Xi Jing brain suddenly air-splitting. 而就在此时,忽有一道流光破空而出,钻进了郗菁脑中。 Xi Jing both eyes narrow the eyes, pupil light obviously swift and fierce. 郗菁双目微眯,眸光微显凌厉。 What's wrong?” Mu Ni sees that to ask. Xi Jing curls the lip, said: „The news that elder group spreads, said the north Three Mountains Union some changes, does not know that actually must make anything.” “怎么了?”木霓见状问道。郗菁撇撇嘴,道:“长老团传来的消息,说北边的三山盟有些异动,也不知道究竟要做什么。” The Mu Ni willow eyebrows slightly wrinkle, said: Three Mountains Union these years were actually getting more and more domineering, in the past Cang Yuan, they don't dare to have jumping of least bit?.” 木霓柳眉微皱,道:“三山盟这些年倒是越来越跋扈了,以往苍渊在的时候,他们可是不敢有半点的蹦?。” Xi Jing said: They also play do not play tricks, I will process as soon as possible.” 郗菁道:“他们也玩不出什么花样,我会尽快处理。” She stands up, looks to Zhou Yuan, said: Since you obtainYin Yang Thunder Pattern Mirror, that then first disciplines quite, moreover own strength did not want laxly, now nine territories have been discussing Nine Territories Conference, time also shortly. ” 她站起身来,看向周元,道:“既然你已得到“阴阳雷纹鉴”,那接下来就先好生磨练,另外自身的实力也不要松懈了,如今九域已经在商讨九域大会,想必时间也不久了。” These opponent on Nine Territories Conference, are not Lu Xiao can compare, cannot despise absolutely.” 九域大会上的那些对手,可不是吕霄能比的,万万轻视不得。” Zhou Yuan selected nods, the look is serious, then these days, he indeed needed to close up well one time. 周元点了点头,神色郑重,接下来这段时间,他的确需要好好的闭关一次了。 Not yet precise Mountain Spirit Pattern, Forest Spirit Pattern, this that the polish of oneself Divine Palace and obtains newly Yin Yang Thunder Pattern Mirror, needs he to calm down sensibility well and disciplines... 不论是尚未凝炼的山灵纹,林灵纹,还是自身神府的打磨以及新得到的这“阴阳雷纹鉴”,都需要他静下来好好的感悟与磨练...
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