VY :: Volume #9

#899: Chooses Lesser Saint Technique

In silent main hall. 寂静的大殿中。 Zhou Yuan along motley stone column slow vanguards, he is calm and composed even in press of work, having a relish is staring at each passing by stone column, above that will say Lesser Saint Technique is careful observing and emulating back and forth. 周元沿着一根根斑驳的石柱缓慢前行,他好整以暇,饶有兴致的盯着每一根路过的石柱,将其上的那道小圣术皆是仔仔细细的来回观摩。 Although is unable to observe and emulate the method of cultivation, but induces terrifying aura that faint trace is releasing to overflow, can actually make him have enough awe to that mysterious Law Domain Origin and yearned. 虽说无法观摩出修炼之法,但感应着那一丝丝泄溢出来的恐怖气息,却是能够让得他对那种神秘的法域本源产生出足够的敬畏与向往。 When is observing and emulating these Lesser Saint Technique, Zhou Yuan issued a small target in the heart to oneself, first achieves Law Domain Realm! 在观摩着这些小圣术的时候,周元则是在心中对自己下达了一个小目标,先达到法域境 As if not far, when he breaks through Divine Palace, steps into Heavenly Sun Realm, crosses Nascent Origin Realm again, that directly to Law Domain! 似乎也不远,等他突破神府,踏入天阳境,再过得源婴境,那就直接到法域了! Diligently! 努力! Zhou Yuan inspired to oneself in the heart, then takes a step to move toward the front motley stone column again, this stone column above light group, black qi winds around, is faint revealed that the black mirror of palm of the hand size, in the mirror surface has black qi to change into the ancient typeface together. 周元在心中给自己鼓舞了一番,然后再度迈步走向前方的斑驳石柱,这石柱上面的光团内部,黑气缭绕,隐隐间显露一道巴掌大小的黑镜,镜面上有黑气化为古老的字体。 Profound Demon Mirror Technique!” 玄魔镜术!” Zhou Yuan induced slightly, eye, this Lesser Saint Technique is actually only marvelous, seeming like can shine upon the enemy, duplicates directly the opposite party, and has some strengths of opposite party. 周元微微感应了一下,眼露奇光,这道小圣术倒是奇妙,似乎是能够映照敌人,直接是将对方复制出来,并且具备对方的一些实力。 However marvelously actually marvelous, but really must really to the war, should only be able to play some roles of harassment, after all Zhou Yuan does not believe, this Profound Demon Mirror Technique can duplicate the opposite party complete strength, such words were also too abnormal, even true Saint Origin Technique, is still hard to achieve. 不过奇妙倒是奇妙,但真要真实对战的时候,应该还是只能起到一些骚扰的作用,毕竟周元可不相信,这玄魔镜术能够复制出对方完整的实力,那样的话也太变态了,就算是真正的圣源术,也难以做到吧。 Therefore he after sighing one , to continue to take a step. 所以他在感叹一番后,继续迈步。 Many motley stone columns were bridged over by Zhou Yuan, in rare Lesser Saint Technique unceasing falls pleasant. 诸多斑驳石柱被周元跨过,一道道在外界难得一见的小圣术不断的落入眼中。 Nine Birds Fan!” 九禽扇!” Li Fire Heavenly Cover!” 离火天罩!” Dark North Sword Scripture!” 北冥剑经!” „......” “......” Short hundred zhang (3.33 m) distances, Zhou Yuan walked the half-stick of incense time obstinately, that volumes of Lesser Saint Technique look at Zhou Yuan almost not to move the step, more saw that behind more is the heart is hard to take itchy, even has the impulsion that wish whirls away all. 短短不过百来丈的距离,周元愣是走了半柱香的时间,那一卷卷小圣术看得周元几乎是挪不动步伐,越看到后面越是心痒难耐,甚至都有着一种想要尽数卷走的冲动。 However although covets much, but Zhou Yuan has not made the choice as before, because in these Lesser Saint Technique, he has not had that excited feeling. 不过虽然眼热得不少,但周元依旧还是未曾做出选择,因为在这些小圣术中,他并没有生出那种心动的感觉。 Therefore he receives the innermost feelings, has not made the choice carelessly , to continue to choose. 于是他秉承内心,没有胡乱做出选择,继续挑选。 Although his step is slow, but the main hall has the end after all, therefore, when Zhou Yuan arrives at the final several stone columns, the vision finally is some stays. 只是他的步伐虽慢,但大殿终归是有着尽头,于是,当周元来到最后几根石柱的时候,目光终于是有些停留。 On his front stone column, has the golden light group together, in the light group, there are one volume of golden page. 在他面前的石柱上,有着一道金色光团,光团内,有一卷金页 Giant Spirit Divine Art!” 巨灵神诀!” Zhou Yuan licked the lip, this Lesser Saint Technique, is fleshly body Origin Technique, when cultivate successfully, displays, Heaven and Earth Origin Qi swallows into the endo-abdominal, the body sudden rise hundred zhang (333 m), thousand zhang (3.33 m), ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), are ordinary just like the great god , moves the mountain reclamation sufficiently, destroying the strength is full. 周元舔了舔嘴唇,这道小圣术,算是一种肉身源术,一旦修成,施展开来时,天地源气吞入腹内,身躯暴涨百丈,千丈,万丈,宛如巨神一般,举手投足间,足以搬山填海,毁灭力十足。 This is one type truly Lesser Saint Technique that is used to fight, if cultivate successfully, is self-evident regarding the promotion of battle efficiency. 这是一种真正用来战斗的小圣术,若是修成,对于战斗力的提升不言而喻。 Zhou Yuan hesitated the moment, then took a deep breath, must stretch out the palm to grasp to that golden page. 周元踌躇了片刻,然后深吸一口气,就要伸出手掌对着那金页抓去。 But in Zhou Yuan palm distance that golden page more and more recently, some flash, his facial expression fine motion suddenly, faint seemed like heard a slight thunderous sound, therefore his palm stopped, some doubts leaning looked excessively to not far away. 而就在周元手掌距离那金页越来越近时,某一瞬间,他神情忽的微动,隐隐的似乎是听见了一道细微的雷鸣声,于是他的手掌停住,有些疑惑的偏过头看向不远处。 Sees only there, but also has a motley stone column. 只见得那里,还有着一根斑驳石柱。 This somewhat makes him surprised, because he remembers obviously, in this main hall only then 39 stone columns, at present this, when also braves? 这让得他有些惊疑,因为他明明记得,这大殿内只有三十九根石柱,眼前这根,又是什么时候冒出来的? Zhou Yuan hesitates slightly, then is the starting to walk step, arrived in front of that stone column slowly. 周元微微犹豫,然后便是迈开步伐,缓缓的来到了那一根石柱面前。 Top the stone column, in the light group, there is thunder ray to reappear, that thunder ray especially unusual, presents the black and white two colors unexpectedly, an extremely special flavor. 石柱顶部,光团之内,有雷光浮现,那雷光格外的奇特,竟是呈现黑白两色,给人一种极为特殊的韵味。 thunder ray passed over gently and swiftly, has the ancient typeface to flash before. 雷光掠过,有古老字体闪现。 Yin Yang Thunder Pattern Mirror?” 阴阳雷纹鉴?” ... ... Is filling in the sandalwood study room, Chi Jing and Mu Ni are staring at the present light microscope, the light microscope, is choosing Lesser Saint Technique Zhou Yuan. 充满着檀香的书房中,郗菁木霓盯着眼前的光镜,光镜内部,便是正在挑选着小圣术周元 This little fellow is very nitpicking.” Mu Ni saw that Zhou Yuan chose for quite a while not to have the result, cannot help but smiled one pale, said. “这小家伙还挺挑剔。”木霓见到周元挑选了半天没有结果,不由得淡笑一声,道。 Chi Jing said with a smile: Aunt Ni, the Zhou Yuan's potential is not bad, in the future my Heaven Abyss Territory not necessarily cannot again appear(ance) Law Domain.” 郗菁笑吟吟的道:“霓姨,周元的潜力可是不差,未来我天渊域不见得不会再出现一位法域。” In no one, Chi Jing becomes incomparable being intimate with the name of Mu Ni, obviously relations of both sides are extremely near. 在没有人的时候,郗菁木霓的称呼变得无比的亲近,显然双方的关系极近。 Favors him?” “这么看好他?” Mu Ni smiles, at once says: It is said now in Heaven Abyss' Heavenly Cave also has the hearsay he is your Honored Elder Chi Jing handsome man...” 木霓一笑,旋即道:“据说如今天渊洞天内还有传闻他是你这位郗菁元老的面首呢...” Chi Jing curls the lip, said: Then nothing but is Sect Master Xuan Kun that old thing puts to be disgusting in secret I, does not need to care, this old fogy this time suffers a loss , can only do these small methods.” 郗菁撇撇嘴,道:“无非便是玄鲲宗主那老东西暗中放出来恶心我的,没必要在意,这老家伙此次吃了大亏,也就只能搞这些小手段了。” Mu Ni meaningful say/way: Right? I also really think that you have what relations.” 木霓意味深长的道:“是吗?我还真以为你们有什么关系呢。” Say/Way that Chi Jing maintains composure: What relations we can have, is difficult to be inadequate Aunt Ni also really to think that I will have a liking for Divine Palace Realm?” 郗菁不动声色的道:“我们能有什么关系,难不成霓姨还真觉得我会看上一位神府境啊?” When is speaking, her pupil light has looked in the light microscope, when must see when Zhou Yuan puts out a hand to a stone column is grasping, the eyebrow selects, said: Giant Spirit Divine Art? This fellow also is really the violence.” 说着话时,她的眸光一直看在光镜内,待得见到周元伸出手对着一根石柱抓去时,眉尖微挑,道:“巨灵神诀?这家伙还真是暴力呢。” However, the palm that in the light microscope Zhou Yuan stretches out stopped finally, then suddenly shifts to a stone column is going. 不过,光镜内周元伸出的手掌最终又是停了下来,然后忽然转向对着一根石柱而去。 Changed the mind?” “又改变主意了?” Chi Jing is startled, then looked that to that stone column that Zhou Yuan moves toward, when she looks at that black and white thunder ray, immediately the cheeks cannot bear changes, said: Aunt Ni, this does Yin Yang Thunder Pattern Mirror place here?!” 郗菁一怔,然后看向周元所走向的那根石柱,而等到她瞧得那黑白雷光时,脸颊顿时忍不住的一变,道:“霓姨,这阴阳雷纹鉴怎么也放在这里?!” What's wrong? What issue has? It is also one volume of Lesser Saint Technique.” Aunt Ni shows a faint smile. “怎么?有什么问题吗?它也是一卷小圣术啊。”霓姨微微一笑。 Chi Jing becomes silent, Yin Yang Thunder Pattern Mirror indeed is also only Lesser Saint Technique, but it is different from other Lesser Saint Technique, other Lesser Saint Technique are only Law Domain expert creates, but this Yin Yang Thunder Pattern Mirror, is actually her master Great Venerable Cang Yuan creates! 郗菁哑然,阴阳雷纹鉴的确也只是小圣术,但它跟其他的小圣术不一样,其他的小圣术只是法域强者所创,可这阴阳雷纹鉴,却是她的师父苍渊大尊所创! Moreover Great Venerable Cang Yuan after creating this technique, has not taught to anyone, after all at that time Chi Jing had stepped into Law Domain Realm, naturally no longer needs Lesser Saint Technique, therefore this technique gave Mu Ni taking care. 而且苍渊大尊在创出此术后,也未曾传授给谁,毕竟那个时候郗菁已经踏入了法域境,自然不再需要小圣术,于是此术就交给了木霓保管。 Mu Ni may never take the thing of master, she always treats as the treasure to hide! 木霓可从来不会将师父的东西拿出来,她一向都当做宝贝藏着呢! But how at present, does she actually place in this technique the palace?! 可怎么眼下,她却是将此术放在了殿内?! The Chi Jing look fluctuates, heart fierce one tight, this is Aunt Ni is probing Zhou Yuan! 郗菁眼神变幻,心头猛的一紧,这是霓姨在试探周元 Did she discover the Zhou Yuan's status?! 她发现了周元的身份?! Nearby that the Mu Ni white hands are carrying the scented tea, gently sips, pupil light swept Chi Jing one, said with a faint smile: What's wrong? Do you as if look a little anxious?” 在那一旁,木霓玉手端着香茗,轻轻的一抿,眸光扫了郗菁一眼,似笑非笑的道:“怎么?你似乎看起来有点紧张?” Chi Jing dry say/way: No, how can.” 郗菁干巴巴的道:“没有,怎么会呢。” That is good.” “那就好。” The Mu Ni lazy depending on chair, holds the fragrant cheek, pupil light has a brilliant meaning is staring in the light microscope, slow leisurely said: „It seems like, this little fellow with that old thing is very predestined friends, after all the common person may be unable to detect that Yin Yang Thunder Pattern Mirror mysterious...” 木霓慵懒的靠着椅子,托着香腮,眸光却是带着一种灼灼之意的盯着光镜内,慢悠悠的道:“看起来,这小家伙跟那个老东西还是挺有缘的啊,毕竟寻常人可无法察觉到那阴阳雷纹鉴的玄妙呢...” Is mentioning the old thing three word-time, usually temperate Patriarch Mu Ni, somewhat clenches jaws. 只是,在说起老东西三个字时,素来温和的木霓族长,也是有些咬牙切齿。 Chi Jing regarding this, can only the corners of the mouth pull out. 郗菁对此,只能嘴角微抽。 She has been able to determine, Aunt Ni possibly really detected anything... 她已经能够确定,霓姨可能是真的察觉到了什么...
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