VY :: Volume #7

#604: Saint Child leaves

Thump! 咚! The Zhao Jing grandiose body collapse when place, has the low and deep sound biography to swing to open, the entire square, as if trembled in this time trembled, naturally, trembled, but also has the heart of that countless bystander. 赵鲸壮硕的身躯倒塌在地时,有着低沉声音传荡而开,整个广场,仿佛都是在此时颤了一颤,当然,随之而颤,还有着那无数围观者的心脏。 All vision, in this time is bringing thickly with amazement, looks at that right arm to explode broken to become Xuemo, does not know the life and death Zhao Jing. 所有的目光,都是在此时带着浓浓的骇然,望着那右臂爆碎成血沫,不知生死的赵鲸 Above pavilion. 楼阁之上。 That was carrying the teacup, was waiting for leisurely Heavenly Ghost Palace Liu Fu chief that Blue Profound Sect loses face, this time complexion coagulates together, in the eye is panic-stricken and fears, almost cannot conceal has welled up. 那原本端着茶杯,悠哉悠哉等待着苍玄宗出丑的天鬼府刘符首席,此时的面色凝固在一起,眼中惊骇与恐惧,几乎是掩饰不住的涌了出来。 kā chā. 咔嚓 The teacup in hand, by pinching that a person palm of the hand cannot bear must the pulp. 手中的茶杯,更是被人一巴掌忍不住的捏得稀巴烂。 How possible...” He has swallowed saliva, somewhat difficult say/way. “怎么可能...”他咽了一口唾沫,有些艰难的道。 However in this time building, nobody had the mood to ridicule him, because of other chief, similarly is the complexion vibration is looking at present this. 不过此时的楼上,已经没有人有心情来嘲笑他,因为其他各宗的首席,同样是面色震动的望着眼前这一幕。 Formerly Zhou Yuan and Zhao Jing applied the body, then the Zhao Jing right arm exploded broken becomes of everywhere blood froth, really comes shock extremely. 先前周元赵鲸搽身而过,然后赵鲸右臂爆碎成漫天血沫的那一幕,实在是来得太过的震撼了。 Everyone didn't expect, formerly fought has been occupying overwhelming superiority Zhao Jing, flickers under that merely, by Zhou Yuan thorough routing. 谁都没想到,先前战斗中一直都是占据着绝对优势的赵鲸,仅仅只是在那下一瞬,就被周元彻彻底底的击溃。 That Zhao Jing is not the obscure individual, chief that but is listed second in Saint Palace! 赵鲸可不是什么无名之辈,而是在圣宫中排名第二的首席啊! This in entire Blue Profound Heaven all chief, absolutely can arrange first five exist(ence)! 这在整个苍玄天所有首席中,都绝对能排进前五的存在 Various chief complex vision, go to Blue Profound Sect that say/way young form, compared with other chief, Zhou Yuan this Saint Origin Peak's chief, the reputation or the qualifications, as if rank to occupy in Blue Profound Sect seven big chief end. 各宗首席复杂的目光,投向苍玄宗那道年轻的身影上,与其他的首席相比,周元这位圣源峰的首席,不论是名声还是资历,似乎都是在苍玄宗七大首席中排名居末。 This also causes various chief not to calculate attaching great importance to extremely to him, even if heard the Zhou Yuan's success before, but is also holding some half believing and half doubting mentalities. 这也导致各宗的首席对他并不算太过的重视,即便之前听闻了周元的战绩,但也是抱着一些将信将疑的心态。 However at this time, when brutal reality puts at present, they have to receive the mentality of that profaning, displaces, dignified with dreading, even, but also has one to fear intent. 不过此时,当残酷的现实摆在眼前的时候,他们不得不将那种轻慢的心态收起,取而代之的,是凝重与忌惮,甚至,还有着一丝惧意。 That Blue Profound Sect youngest chief disciple, has proven all with the strength. 那位苍玄宗最为年轻的首席弟子,已经用实力证明了一切。 Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace that female chief, is long breathing a sigh of relief, then looks to nearby Zuoqiu Qingyu, sighed: Qingyu, your this friend, was really too aggressive.” 百花仙宫那位女首席,也是长长的舒了一口气,然后看向一旁的左丘青鱼,感叹道:“青鱼,你这朋友,真的是太凶悍了。” Indeed was too aggressive, directly by the most positive stance, stiffly broke to pieces the Zhao Jing arm bang. 的确是太凶悍了,直接是以最为正面的姿态,硬生生的将赵鲸的手臂轰碎开来。 Zuoqiu Qingyu winked winking peach blossom attractive eyes, impact that actually at this time her in the heart is under not compared with other person of few, although because she has the confidence to Zhou Yuan, but also at most thinks actually the latter can spell with Zhao Jing does not know one's place. 左丘青鱼眨了眨桃花般诱人的眼眸,其实此时她的心中所受到的冲击不比其他人少,因为虽说她对周元有着信心,但其实也顶多认为后者能够和赵鲸拼得不分上下。 But at present this, that Zhao Jing obviously is almost by Zhou Yuan killing. 但眼下这一幕,那赵鲸显然是差点被周元生生的打死。 „When this fellow, how compared with previous time met has stiffened these many!” In her heart whispered, then the beautiful pupil looked to that Heavenly Ghost Palace Liu Fu chief, said: Snort, now always does nobody again suspect Zhou Yuan?” “这家伙,比上次见面时怎么变强了这么多!”她心中嘀咕一声,然后美眸看向那天鬼府刘符首席,道:“哼,现在总没人再怀疑周元了吧?” Liu Fu lowers the head is tidying up water stain silently, the look is somewhat distressed, too does not dare to meet the Zuoqiu Qingyu words, because of this time him, was shocked maneatingly by Zhou Yuan's. 刘符低头默默收拾着身上的水渍,神色有些狼狈,不太敢接左丘青鱼的话,因为此时的他,也是被周元的凶悍震撼住了。 He does not want to annoy such troublesome person, therefore at present, is few speeches for wonderful. 他不想惹上这么麻烦的人,所以眼下,还是少说话为妙。 Looks at this appearance, Zuoqiu Qingyu is the big feeling is also comfortable, then no longer pays attention to him, but goes to a pair of beautiful pupil the square that say/way became the slender form that a countless line of sight focuses attention on. 瞧得他这幅模样,左丘青鱼也是大感舒坦,然后便是不再理会他,只是将一对美眸投向广场上那道成为了无数道视线瞩目的修长身影。 In the parapet place, Lu Chunjun and Ning Zhan are also staring under, two people complexion, are appears extremely dignified. 在栏杆处,吕纯钧宁战也是凝望着下方,两人的面色,都是显得极为的凝重。 „A fist of very powerful.” 好强的一拳。” Ning Zhan slowly said: His fleshly body, cultivation to the extremely profound situation, that Zhao Jing, could not compare him.” 宁战缓缓的道:“他的肉身,已经修炼到了极为高深的地步,就连那赵鲸,都比不上他。” Their Northern Sea Dragon Suppressing Palace, has the method of fleshly body cultivation, but in Northern Sea Dragon Suppressing Palace many chief, nobody can be Zhou Yuan this degree similarly. 他们北溟镇龙殿,也有着肉身修炼之法,但在北溟镇龙殿的诸多首席中,同样无人能够达到周元这种程度。 Perhaps, only then in Saint Child, can seek. 或许,只有圣子中,才能找寻得出来。 Although Lu Chunjun both eyes cannot see, but he can actually feel formerly that two astonishing strength to bumping, stronger, should then belongs to Zhou Yuan. 吕纯钧虽然双目看不见,但他却是能够感觉到先前那两股惊人力量的对碰,其中更强的一道,应该便是属于周元 That fist...” “那一拳...” Lu Chunjun has estimated in the heart, finally slowly said: He has arrived at our front.” 吕纯钧在心中估量了一下,最终缓缓的道:“他又走到了我们的前面。” Ning Zhan flexure scratching the head, helplessly said: Really is a anomaly, I thought this meeting, before can snow, shame! But looks at now this, even if hits again, cannot hit completely.” 宁战挠了挠头,无奈的道:“真是个变态啊,我原本以为这次见面,能够一雪前耻呢!但看现在这样子,就算再打一场,也完全打不过啊。” The Lu Chunjun lip angle moves, resembles has smiled, he is stroking the heavy sword of shouldering gently, hoarse say/way: Has a goal in front, is good, he will make me have the chase power.” 吕纯钧唇角动了动,似是笑了一下,他轻轻的抚摸着背负的重剑,沙哑的道:“有着一个目标在前方,也挺好的,他会让我有着追逐的动力。” You know... cultivation in that sword prison, whenever I am unable to persist in withstanding, I will think about him.” “你知道吗...在那剑狱中修炼,每当我无法坚持承受的时候,我就会想起他。” Ning Zhan silent, said: Although you were blind, but can't such spoil itself?” 宁战沉默了一下,道:“虽然你瞎了,但也不能这么糟蹋自己吧?” Scoffs! 嗤啦! Sharp Sword Qi from Lu Chunjun fingertip suddenly to launch, is together ordinary just like crescent moon, shoots towards Ning Zhan maliciously. 一道锋锐的剑气吕纯钧指尖暴射而出,宛如弯月一般,狠狠的射向宁战 Ning Zhan hehe smiles, palm, Origin Qi surges, has formed brown Origin Qi dragon head unexpectedly, then pouches that Sword Qi, then Origin Qi fierce shake, finally gradually returns to normal. 宁战嘿嘿一笑,掌心一曲,源气涌动间,竟是形成了土黄色的源气龙头,一口便是将那剑气吞进,然后源气剧烈的震荡,最终渐渐的平复下来。 Cracks a joke.” “开个玩笑而已。” ... ... In square. 广场上。 Tang Muxin, Baili Che and the others similarly are dumbfounded looks at that to collapse slowly Zhao Jing that good after long time, they just now go to that inconceivable vision arrive on front Zhou Yuan. 唐沐心,百里澈等人同样是目瞪口呆的望着那缓缓倒塌下去的赵鲸,好半晌后,他们方才将那不可思议的目光投向来到面前的周元身上。 Junior Brother Zhou Yuan, your strength, grow stronger!” Tang Muxin took a deep breath, cannot bear said after a sigh. 周元师弟,你的实力,又变强了!”唐沐心深吸一口气,忍不住的感叹道。 They formerly also, because the Zhou Yuan choice and Zhao Jing touch hardly, but the heart lives puzzled, however at this time, that type puzzled was thorough untying... Because of that extreme fierce and brutal Zhao Jing, in the Zhou Yuan eye, is similar to the tiger that the paper sticks is in their eyes ordinary, holds breaks. 他们先前还在因为周元选择与赵鲸硬碰而心生不解,然而此时,那种不解算是彻底的解开了...因为那在他们眼中极端凶暴的赵鲸,在周元眼中,却只是如同纸糊的老虎一般,一捅就破。 Other chief are the look somewhat is also complex, especially Baili Che, complexion takes turn pale, he may scold the Zhou Yuan idiot a moment ago, but he knows now that is not Zhou Yuan is stupid, but is his eyesight is too low. 其他首席也是眼神有些复杂,特别是百里澈,面色青白交替,他刚才可骂了周元蠢货,可现在他才知道,不是周元蠢,而是他眼力太低。 Now but when Zhou Yuan, compared with their