VY :: Volume #5

#417: 5th pattern: Origin Break

On the earth, the endocrater appears, endocrater, five form life and death do not know that no one is able to imagine, before that ten count breaths, they are actually five strengths achieve Absolute Beginning Realm 6-layer Heaven expert(s)... 大地上,巨坑浮现,巨坑内部,五道身影生死不知,谁都无法想象,在那十数息之前,他们却是五位实力达到太初境六重天高手... However at this time, they actually directly by a pen solving. 然而此时,他们却直接被一支笔给解决掉了。 Zhou Yuan is looking float in front Heaven Primal Brush, although the facial features are tranquil, but that look deep place, actually passed over gently and swiftly an exclamation and joyful color. 周元望着悬浮在面前的天元笔,面容虽然平静,但那眼神深处,却掠过一丝惊叹与欣喜之色。 Obviously, mighty energy that Heaven Primal Brush shows, has exceeded his imagination. 显然,天元笔展现出来的威能,超出了他的想象。 Zhou Yuan stretches out the palm, slowly grips the Heaven Primal Brush pen body, in the eye presently is blazing, this handle once Saint Origin Weapon, after falling into his hand several years, now, finally is starts to reveal that the faint trace was towering. 周元伸出手掌,缓缓的握住天元笔笔身,眼中微现炽热,这柄曾经的圣源兵,在落入他手中数年后,如今,终于是开始显露出丝丝峥嵘了。 Had this thing, regarding him, without doubt is even more powerful. 有了此物,对于他而言,无疑是如虎添翼。 In the midair, Su Duan looks at five people that is acting recklessly, the eyelid beats, silent moment, finally goes to Zhou Yuan the dense vision, his didn't expect to Zhou Yuan, always all things is not really suitable, this is really makes his heart evil fire brave greatly. 半空中,苏锻望着那不知死活的五人,眼皮跳动,沉默了片刻,终于是将森然的目光投向周元,他没想到真对周元,总是诸事不顺,这实在是让他心头邪火大冒。 I do not believe that my solemn Flame Cauldron Sect Young Sect Master, today also uniform your Blue Profound Sect's ordinary disciple!” “我就不信,我堂堂炎鼎宗少宗主,今日还制服不了你一个苍玄宗的普通弟子!” Bang! 轰! When Su Duan that drinks coldly the sound gets up, vigorous Origin Qi is such as the rocket generally from its crown shoots up to the sky, that Origin Qi pressure, is indeed more tyrannical than the beforehand several people. 苏锻那冷喝声响起时,雄浑的源气便是如狼烟一般自其天灵盖冲天而起,那股源气威压,的确是远比之前的数人都要强横。 Su Duan complexion cold severe, both hands drawing close to slowly. 苏锻面色冷厉,双手缓缓的贴近。 Flaming! 熊熊! Crazy compression condensation of blazing and wild Origin Qi in his palms, finally has formed fireball of one group of roughly head/number of people sizes, fireball, is faint seems to have a cauldron shade. 炽热而狂暴的源气在其掌心间疯狂的压缩凝聚,最后形成了一团约莫人头大小的火球,火球内部,隐隐间似乎是有着一座鼎影。 Flame Cauldron Technique!” 炎鼎术!” Bear! 熊! The fireball lift-off, blasts out suddenly, Flame Cauldron of that combustion rises suddenly against the wind, changes into about the hundred zhang (333 m), the overhead is then mixing with the wild strength, maliciously to below Zhou Yuan suppression under. 火球升空而起,陡然炸开,其中那一座燃烧的炎鼎迎风暴涨,化为百丈左右,当头便是夹杂着狂暴的力道,狠狠的对着下方的周元镇压而下。 This Su Duan gets rid, is relentless, this Flame Cauldron Technique is high rank Lesser Heaven Origin Technique that their Flame Cauldron Sect is well-known. 苏锻出手,也是毫不留情,这炎鼎术乃是他们炎鼎宗闻名的上品小天源术 Flame Cauldron brings to howl blazingly , the Zhou Yuan look does not have anything to fluctuate actually, his hand is grasping Heaven Primal Brush, the snow white pen tip, has the point nether black trace to reappear suddenly in this time. 炎鼎带着炽热呼啸而下,周元眼神倒是没什么波动,他手握着天元笔,雪白的笔尖,忽然在此时有着点点幽黑纹路浮现出来。 Short counts breaths, snow white pen tip, is becomes jet black like black ink. 短短数息,原本雪白的笔尖,便是变得漆黑如墨。 Zhou Yuan grasps Heaven Primal Brush, the pen body shakes, long spear like the dragon, paints black brush to bring the profound light sharp, pierced the air, chooses the strongest stance directly, with that howls, but under Flame Cauldron hits together. 周元手持天元笔,笔身一震,长枪如龙,漆黑笔尖带起深邃之光,洞穿了空气,直接是选择最为强硬的姿态,与那呼啸而下炎鼎撞击在一起 Clang! 铛! The clear sound resounds through. 清脆的声音响彻而起。 Su Duan sees that the corners of the mouth raise wipe to sneer, the hand imprint changes: Explodes!” 苏锻见状,嘴角掀起一抹冷笑,手印一变:“爆!” Above Flame Cauldron, has the extreme wild fluctuation to bloom immediately. 炎鼎之上,顿时有着极端狂暴的波动绽放。 However, in that flash that Flame Cauldron is going to explode, just liked has wipes black light to pass over gently and swiftly, again then, sneering of Su Duan corners of the mouth was the direct coagulation, because he saw, when black brush in Zhou Yuan hand fell, but the suppression below Flame Cauldron divided into two unexpectedly directly, was cut to split by that nether black pen tip... 不过,就在炎鼎将要爆炸的那一瞬间,犹如是有着一抹黑光掠过,再然后,苏锻嘴角的冷笑便是直接凝固,因为他见到,当周元手中的黑笔落下时,镇压而下的炎鼎竟然直接是一分为二,生生的被那幽黑的笔尖斩裂开来... How possible...” The Su Duan pupil reduces, loses one's voice with amazement, his Flame Cauldron is by pure Origin Qi, violent wild, the collision, will then explode slightly, creates stronger destructive power. “怎么可能...”苏锻瞳孔紧缩,骇然失声,他那炎鼎乃是以纯粹的源气所化,极端的狂暴,稍稍碰撞,便会爆炸开来,造成更强的破坏力。 But at present, how to be cut the crack by Zhou Yuan one? 但眼下,怎么会被周元一笔斩裂? That feeling, just likes his Origin Qi Flame Cauldron, under Zhou Yuan that pen tip, extremely frail general... 那种感觉,就犹如他源气所化的炎鼎,在周元那笔尖之下,极其的脆弱一般... I do not believe!” “我不信!” The Su Duan face is twists, drinks severely, both hands close up, see only crimson Origin Qi to sweep across, has formed four Flame Cauldron in its front unexpectedly, each Flame Cauldron, is sending out the wild fluctuation. 苏锻面庞都是扭曲起来,一声厉喝,双手合拢,只见得赤红源气席卷而出,竟是在其面前形成了四座炎鼎,每一座炎鼎,都是散发着狂暴的波动。 Breaks him to me!” “给我砸碎他!” Four Flame Cauldron howl one after another, has not fallen, the ground has cracked fissures, obviously aggressive of Su Duan so offensive. 四座炎鼎接连呼啸而下,尚未落下,地面都已崩裂出一道道的裂痕,可见苏锻这般攻势之凶悍。 The hot blast howls, is tilting the Zhou Yuan's hair. 热风呼啸,掀动着周元的头发。 His raise one's head looks at Flame Cauldron that is dropping rapidly, the look does not have the mighty waves as before, in the hand the Heaven Primal Brush stroke the cold light, brush bristles of pen tip is jet black, glittering strange trace. 抬头望着急速落下的炎鼎,神色依旧没有波澜,手中天元笔划起寒光,笔尖的毫毛漆黑深邃,闪烁着奇异的纹路。 Clang! Clang! 铛!铛! The Heaven Primal Brush stroke black glow, just liked changed into four afterimage, was almost at the same time, as before is the heavily point, in has howled, but above below four Flame Cauldron. 天元笔划起黑芒,犹如是化为了四道残影,几乎是在同一时间,依旧是重重的点在了呼啸而下的四座炎鼎之上。 Chī! Chī! 嗤!嗤! Four howl, but below Flame Cauldron, as if stagnates in this flash. 四座呼啸而下的炎鼎,仿佛是在这一瞬间凝滞。 Again then, the black pen tip, is then bringing glittering black glow, from that Flame Cauldron, straight holds to put on, black glow like the electric current spread, four Flame Cauldron in this time, decomposition quietly, cracks... 再然后,黑色的笔尖,便是带着闪烁黑芒,从那炎鼎之中,笔直的捅穿,黑芒如电流般的蔓延,四座炎鼎就在此时,悄然的分解,崩裂... That rear Zuoqiu Qingyu is looking at this, is covers the small mouth that cannot bear, her also didn't expect, that Su Duan so wild Origin Technique offensive, may in front of Zhou Yuan's, be frail just likes the paper is ordinary. 那后方的左丘青鱼望着这一幕,都是忍不住的捂住小嘴,她也没想到,那苏锻如此狂暴的源术攻势,可在周元的面前,却是脆弱得犹如纸一般。 Why does not know, Zhou Yuan as if there is unique destructive power to be ordinary to these Origin Qi offensive. 不知道为何,周元似乎对这些源气攻势有着独特的破坏力一般。 In the midair, the Su Duan look is some delay, offensive that obviously this is proud, by Zhou Yuan so explaining easily, was not been small regarding his attack. 半空中,苏锻的眼神都是有些呆滞,显然他这引以为傲的攻势,却是被周元如此轻易的破解,对于他的打击不小。 How can like this?!” He muttered, in the past encountered with person, nobody dared the short distance to contact his Flame Cauldron radically, because Flame Cauldron Technique most fearful was this final explosion. “怎么会这样?!”他喃喃道,以往与人交锋,根本没人敢近距离接触他的炎鼎,因为炎鼎术最为可怕的就是这最后的爆炸。 But when formerly Flame Cauldron and Zhou Yuan collision, as if has a strange strength, suppressed wild Origin Qi directly, finally is quietly melts it. 但先前炎鼎周元碰撞时,仿佛是有着一股奇异的力量,直接是将狂暴的源气压制了下来,最后悄无声息的将其化解。 Is that black brush!” The Su Duan heart shakes, vision stubbornly is staring at Heaven Primal Brush in Zhou Yuan hand, on that pen tip, glittering strange black glow. “是那支黑笔!”苏锻心头一震,目光死死的盯着周元手中的天元笔,在那笔尖上,闪烁着诡异的黑芒 As if precisely these black glow, have torn his Origin Qi offensive easily. 似乎正是这些黑芒,轻易的撕裂了他的源气攻势。 Zhou Yuan raise one's head, he is looking at complexion pale Su Duan, smiles lightly, the palm shakes suddenly, Heaven Primal Brush in hand changes into stream of light to shoot up to the sky. 周元抬头,他望着面色铁青的苏锻,淡淡一笑,掌心猛然一震,手中的天元笔化为一道流光冲天而起。 Shuā! 唰! Heaven Primal Brush changes into together black glow, like lightning is going to Su Duan suddenly to stab, the rapidness of that speed, void is leaving behind vague afterimage merely. 天元笔化为一道黑芒,闪电般的对着苏锻暴刺而去,那速度之快,仅仅只是在虚空留下若有若无的残影 The sharp incomparable fresh breeze heads on, a Su Duan mouth drum, the next flash, sees only crimson Origin Qi to emit, just like billowing flame, rapid has formed shield of the thick Origin Qi in the front. 锋锐无匹的劲风扑面而来,苏锻嘴巴一鼓,下一瞬间,只见得赤红源气喷吐而出,宛如滚滚火焰,迅速的在面前形成了一面厚厚的源气之盾。 Chī! 嗤! The jet black pen tip, the hit of heavily on the shield of that Origin Qi, black glow glittering, again then, Su Duan is sight that the pupil reduces, under that black glow, his Origin Qi defense, just likes by corrosion is been unexpectedly ordinary, disruption gradually. 漆黑的笔尖,重重的撞击在那源气之盾上,黑芒闪烁,再然后,苏锻便是瞳孔紧缩的见到,在那黑芒之下,他的源气防御,竟是犹如被侵蚀一般,渐渐的碎裂开来。 As if that black glow, is facing any Origin Qi, has the strength of special destruction. 似乎那黑芒,面对着任何源气,都是有着专门的破坏之力。 Shuā! 唰! So in idea passing over gently and swiftly heart like lightning, Su Duan is a scalp fierce hemp, the personal appearance violent like lightning draws back at once, but also was this flash, the shield of Origin Qi ruptured. 这般想法闪电般的掠过心中,旋即苏锻便是头皮猛的一麻,身形闪电般的暴退,不过也就是这一瞬间,源气之盾爆裂开来。 The zhang (3.33 m) about black brush rapid reduction, changes into the normal shape, but its speed, will actually draw near an extremely astonishing situation in this time, even including Su Duan, merely can only see that the fuzzy shadow passed over gently and swiftly together. 丈许左右的黑笔迅速的缩小,化为正常形态,但其速度,却是在此时快到了一种极其惊人的地步,甚至连苏锻,都仅仅只能见到一道模糊的影子掠过。 Good quick speed!” “好快的速度!” Su Duan all startles the ghost to brave, this speed, quickly to surpassing his sensation. 苏锻骇得亡魂皆冒,这种速度,已经快到超出了他的感知。 Next flickers, but also does not need he to have any response, he is felt that a cold air direct impact throat, suddenly to retreat the personal appearance coagulated instantaneously, does not dare to have slight move again. 下一瞬,还不待他有任何的反应,他便是感觉到了一股寒气直冲咽喉,暴退的身形瞬间凝固,不敢再有丝毫的动弹。 The cold sweat flows from his forehead, because of this time in his throat first half inch position, slender black brush, static float, the pen tip locates black glow faintly discernible. 冷汗从他的额头上流下来,因为此时在他的咽喉前半寸的位置,纤细的黑笔,静静的悬浮着,笔尖处黑芒若隐若现 So long as the next quarter, this black brush, can pierce his throat. 只要下一刻,这支黑笔,就能够洞穿他的咽喉。 aura lingering heart of death. 死亡的气息萦绕心头。 Su Duan swallowed saliva, on the face has shown the dry smiling face, say/way that shivered slightly: You have won, here is your domain, we draw back immediately.” 苏锻咽了一口唾沫,面庞上露出干涩的笑容,微微颤抖的道:“你赢了,这里是你的地盘,我们马上退出去。” His look microstrip fears intent is looking below that say/way slender form, this time he, where is not clear, at present this seems is only 4-layer Heaven Zhou Yuan, is actually one is throwing over the wolf of sheepskin! 他眼神微带惧意的望着下方那道修长的身影,此时的他,哪里还不明白,眼前这个看上去只是四重天周元,其实就是一头披着羊皮的狼! That 4-layer Heaven, but to cover their ears and eyes! 四重天,不过只是为了掩人耳目而已! Hears the Su Duan words, Zhou Yuan was also shows the temperate smiling face, palm one move, Heaven Primal Brush shoots to return but actually, fell into his hand. 听到苏锻的话,周元也是露出温和的笑容,手掌一招,天元笔倒射而回,落入了他的手中。 He points at grinding suo gently the Heaven Primal Brush motley pen body, finally caressed that fifth ancient Origin Pattern, in the eye had passed over gently and swiftly similarly a shocking color. 他手指轻轻的磨挲着天元笔斑驳的笔身,最后抚过那第五道古老的源纹,眼中同样是掠过了一道惊艳之色。 That Su Duan all Origin Technique offensive, were broken it by him by one finally, main reason, then because of this fifth Origin Pattern exist(ence). 苏锻的所有源术攻势,最终都是被他以一笔破之,最主要的原因,便是因为这第五道源纹存在 Heaven Primal Brush, 5th pattern... 天元笔,第五纹... Number: Origin Break! 号:破源
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