VY :: Volume #5

#417: Lopsided aspect

7-layer Heaven perfection!” 七重天圆满!” When Li Qingchan hears Bai Li from the sound transmission stone, when Qin Hai two people of shocking sounds, the beautiful elegant face is becomes somewhat is also ugly, her same didn't expect, Yang Xuan of this too big fame in Saint Palace, actually cannot have so the strength. 李卿婵传音石中听到白璃,秦海二人的震惊声音时,绝美的俏脸也是变得有些难看下来,她同样没想到,这个在圣宫中并没有太大名气的杨玄,竟然能够拥有着如此实力。 If Yang Xuan is only 7-layer Heaven late stage, Bai Li and Qin Hai collaborate, can contend with it actually, but this small promotion, is makes the Bai Li two people not have the slight odds of success again. 如果杨玄只是七重天后期,白璃秦海联手的话,倒是能够与其抗衡,可这小小的一点提升,却是令得白璃二人再无丝毫的胜算。 Obviously, this Yang Xuan, is this Saint Palace's hideaway method! 显然,这杨玄,就是此次圣宫的隐藏手段! Zhao Zhu, we leave.” Li Qingchan sound ice-cold [say / way], if she and Zhao Zhu does not meddle, perhaps Bai Li that side them, will collapse completely. 赵烛,我们动身吧。”李卿婵声音冰冷的道,如果她与赵烛再不插手的话,恐怕白璃他们那边,将会一败涂地。 When the time comes they have defended these two high-grade ore, that also 200 li (0.5km), this range, even cannot compare including Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace and Northern Sea Dragon Suppressing Palace. 到时候就算他们两人守住了这两片富矿,那也不过才200里,这种范围,甚至连百花仙宫北溟镇龙殿都比不上。 This will harm their Blue Profound Sect's reputation without doubt. 这无疑会损害他们苍玄宗的名声。 The sound transmission endolithic, Zhao Zhu was sound low and deep has also complied with one. 传音石内,赵烛也是声音低沉的应了一声。 Whoosh! 咻! Their personal appearance shoots up to the sky, vigorous Origin Qi sweeps away, must plunder to the region that Bai Li they are. 两人身形冲天而起,雄浑的源气横扫开来,就要对着白璃他们所在的区域掠去。 However, their personal appearance just plundered shortly , was has two to treadon the Origin Qi form to prevent in their front, impressively was Saint Palace's Wang Li as well as Cao Jinzhu. 不过,他们身形刚掠出不久,便是有着两道脚踏源气的身影阻挡在了他们的前方,赫然便是圣宫的王离以及曹金柱 Wang Li with a smile is looking at them, in the hand the crimson iron shot is sending out the terror temperature, said: Two, if gets rid, rather somewhat fell the status?” 王离笑吟吟的望着两人,手中赤红的铁珠散发着恐怖的温度,道:“两位若是出手的话,未免有些掉了身份吧?” Li Qingchan beautiful pupil micro cold, said: Wang Li, scram!” 李卿婵美眸微寒,道:“王离,滚开!” Wang Li shook the head, says with a smile: Saint Child to Saint Child, if two hands are itchy, my two people can accompany, but other place, is the battlefields of other people, lets them in a there minute of victory and defeat then.” 王离摇了摇头,笑道:“圣子圣子,若是两位手痒的话,我二人可以奉陪到底,但另外的地方,是其他人的战场,让他们在那里分个胜负即可。” Li Qingchan beautiful pupil ice even more is cold, she will know the Wang Li two people not to make concessions inevitably, such being the case, that can only use force. 李卿婵美眸愈发的冰寒,她知晓王离二人必然不会退让,既然如此,那就只能动用武力了。 She and Zhao Zhu looks at each other one, they all unemotionally, then has the abundant Origin Qi light beam to shoot up to the sky from their crown, radiance spreads, covers up the horizon, imposing manner heaven shaking. 她与赵烛对视一眼,两人皆是面无表情,然后便是有着雄厚的源气光柱自两人天灵盖冲天而起,光芒蔓延,遮掩天际,气势惊天 Bang! 轰! Two thousand zhang (3.33 m) Origin Qi mighty currents howl, has delimited the horizon just like the comet, billowing, inspires the sound of startling thunderclap. 两道千丈源气洪流呼啸而下,宛如彗星划过天际,滚滚之下,引动惊雷之声。 Looks at Li Qingchan, the Zhao Zhu two people are getting rid decisively, Wang Li also narrows the eyes with that Cao Jinzhu both eyes, next one flickers them to go forward one step, Origin Qi in their palm rapid gatherings, finally changed into two huge incomparable Origin Qi light wheel. 望着李卿婵,赵烛二人果断出手,王离与那曹金柱双目也是一眯,下一瞬两人上前一步,源气在他们掌心迅速的汇聚,最后化为了两道巨大无比的源气光轮 hōng hōng! 轰轰 The Origin Qi mighty current dashes on that Origin Qi light wheel, the time has the dreadful shock-wave to erupt, below ground cracks, massifs were pushed the flat land horizontally. 源气洪流冲撞在那源气光轮上,顿时间有着滔天般的冲击波爆发开来,下方的地面都是崩裂,一座座山丘被横推成平地。 That and other sounds, it may be said that are heaven shaking move. 那等动静,可谓是惊天动地。 In the midair, Li Qingchan, Zhao Zhu and Wang Li, Cao Jinzhu confronts to stand, vigorous Origin Qi tumbles in behind, or blazing or ice cold... 半空中,李卿婵,赵烛王离,曹金柱对峙而立,雄浑源气身后翻滚,或炽热或冰寒… The sound that both sides fight is enormous, even links that to locate remotely Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace, the region that Northern Sea Dragon Suppressing Palace guards has induced, immediately that Feng Ying and Northern Sea Dragon Suppressing Palace Saint Child was appear(ance) in the battle not far away place. 双方交手的动静极大,甚至连那遥远处百花仙宫,北溟镇龙殿所镇守的区域都是有所感应,当即那冯莹与一位北溟镇龙殿圣子便是出现在了交战不远处的地方。 Hit unexpectedly...” The Feng Ying beautiful pupil concentrates, normal, Saint Child of several sides, can occupy a region steadily, no one will rob to force, this is an unspoken rule. “竟然打起来了…”冯莹美眸一凝,正常来说,几方的圣子,都能够稳占一片区域,谁也不会去抢夺逼迫,这算是一种潜规则。 But at present Blue Profound Sect and Saint Palace, were actually Saint Child make war. 但眼下偏偏苍玄宗圣宫,却是圣子开战了。 It is said was Saint Palace launched the attack to the region that Blue Profound Sect guarded, now has compelled to fall back on the last region the Blue Profound Sect's disciple.” That Northern Sea Dragon Suppressing Palace Saint Child, approaches Feng Ying, said in a low voice. “据说是圣宫苍玄宗镇守的区域发动了攻击,如今已将苍玄宗的弟子逼退到最后一块区域。”那位北溟镇龙殿圣子,靠近冯莹,低声说道。 Feng Ying willow eyebrows slightly one pressed, between Blue Profound Sect and Saint Palace originally has the gratitude and grudges, moreover one was the once Blue Profound Heaven first sect, another is the present first sect, the friction of both sides was not naturally small. 冯莹柳眉微微一蹙,苍玄宗圣宫之间本就有着恩怨,而且一个是曾经的苍玄天第一宗派,另外一个是现在的第一宗派,双方的摩擦自然不小。 The struggle of this Flame Marrow Veins, their Hundred Flowers Immortal Palace and Northern Sea Dragon Suppressing Palace, because the distance is farthest, therefore does not plan to occupy the big end, but has let one step, therefore is not big with the Saint Palace's conflicts of interest. 此次炎髓脉之争,他们百花仙宫北溟镇龙殿因为距离最远,所以并不打算占据大头,而是让了一步,所以和圣宫的利益冲突并不大。 But Blue Profound Sect does not have the plan of this concessions, but Saint Palace usually must occupy well, the conduct is overbearing, now two sides touch together, definitely will stimulate the contradiction. 苍玄宗却没有这种让步的打算,而圣宫素来都是要占据最好的,行事霸道,如今两方碰在一起,必然会激发矛盾。 Is facing confrontation of both sides Saint Child, although Feng Ying and some Li Qingchan friendship, but is not good to meddle, after all this is the gratitude and grudges between two big giant sects. 面对着双方圣子的对峙,虽说冯莹李卿婵有些交情,但也不好插手,毕竟这已经是两大巨头宗派间的恩怨了。 Wang Li and Cao Jinzhu clarified must entangle the Li Qingchan two people, did not make them go to support, at present... Also can only hope that other Blue Profound Sect's disciples, can block Saint Palace's to attack.” 王离曹金柱摆明了要缠着李卿婵二人,不让他们前去支援,眼下…也就只能希望苍玄宗的其他弟子,能够挡住圣宫的进攻了。” She shook the head, sighs. 她摇了摇头,叹息一声。 ... Bang! 砰! On the crimson earth, has three wild Origin Qi collision together maliciously, the earth direct avalanche gets down, the naked eye obvious shock-wave sweeps across, the blown sand walks the stone. 赤红的大地上,有着三道狂暴的源气狠狠的碰撞在一起,大地直接崩塌下去,肉眼可见的冲击波席卷开来,飞沙走石。 Snort! 哼! In shock-wave wreaks havoc, has two stuffy pshaws to resound, at once two form suddenly to launch draw back, the sole applies the deep trace in the ground, the behind rock moves slightly, was broken by that strength. 而在冲击波肆虐间,有着两道闷哼声响起,旋即两道身影暴射而退,脚掌在地面上搽出深深的痕迹,身后的岩石稍稍碰触,便是被那股力道震碎开来。 Two form standing firm forcefully, precisely Bai Li and Qin Hai two people. 两道身影强行的稳住,正是白璃秦海二人。 However this time two, are obviously distressed, complexion is somewhat pale, has the blood to drop in their fingertip, Origin Qi that the whole body rushes, is some disorder. 不过此时的两人,都是微显狼狈,面色有些苍白,在他们的指尖有着鲜血滴落,周身澎湃的源气,也是有些紊乱。 He He, I have said that you do not have what odds of success, why resists stubbornly?” In that front mist and dust, a spoken parts robe form goes out gradually, Yang Xuan is looking at them, shows a faint smile, said. “呵呵,我说过,你们并没有什么胜算,何必顽抗?”在那前方的烟尘中,一道白袍身影缓步走出,杨玄望着两人,微微一笑,道。 In his whole body, Origin Qi like rocket ascension, sincerely congealing reality. 在他的周身,源气如狼烟般的升腾,厚重而凝实。 Honest tumbles out Flame Marrow Veins, this time, is not one's turn your Blue Profound Sect to come with our Saint Palace to compete.” The smiling face of Yang Xuan corners of the mouth, is bringing contemptuously. “老老实实的滚出炎髓脉吧,这一次,轮不到你们苍玄宗来和我们圣宫争夺。”杨玄嘴角的笑容,带着轻蔑。 Has a dream!” “做梦!” However replied his, was Bai Li and Qin Hai that like Origin Qi that the high sea surged, then, the wild offensive, then just like the rainstorm, came again. 然而回答他的,是白璃秦海那如怒涛般涌动的源气,再然后,狂暴的攻势,便是宛如暴雨,呼啸而来。 Acts recklessly.” “不知死活。” Yang Xuan shook the head slightly, above double palm, huge Origin Qi raising slowly. 杨玄微微摇了摇头,双掌之上,庞大的源气缓缓的升起。 Since you do not know the limitation, that can only break the leg to throw...” “既然你们不识相,那就只能打断腿扔出去了…” ... Beside that Flame Marrow Veins crater. 在那炎髓脉火山口之外。 On a mountain top, Elder Wu is looking at front two Origin Qi light microscopes, together, what reveals is Li Qingchan, Zhao Zhu and Wang Li, confrontation of Cao Jinzhu. 一座山头上,乌长老望着面前的两块源气光镜,其中一块中,显露的是李卿婵,赵烛王离,曹金柱的对峙。 But other same place, then by Bai Li and Qin Hai that Yang Xuan suppresses stubbornly. 而另外一块,便是被杨玄死死压制住的白璃秦海 Perhaps looked at so the appearance, Bai Li and Qin Hai cannot insist the too long time in the hand of Yang Xuan. 看这般模样,白璃秦海恐怕在杨玄的手中坚持不了太久的时间。 Elder Wu complexion extremely ugly, originally in his appraisal, the strength of disciple Saint Palace sends, he had expected, therefore after the contrast, he gave Li Qingchan them to issue has most little competed for 600 li (0.5km) high-grade ore mission. 乌长老面色极为的难看,原本在他的评估中,圣宫派来的弟子的实力,他都有所预料,所以经过对比,他才给李卿婵他们下达了最少争夺600里富矿的任务 But his didn't expect, Saint Palace intentionally has actually played shady move, sending one to be able by the disciple who the seal hid the strength, this directly destroyed his all plans. 但他却没想到,圣宫故意耍了一个阴招,派了一个能够以封印隐藏实力的弟子,这就直接破坏了他的所有计划。 Looks at now this, Saint Palace planned unexpectedly domain that their Blue Profound Sect selects all occupies. 看如今这样子,圣宫竟然是打算将他们苍玄宗选中的地盘尽数的占据。 Really goes too far! 实在是欺人太甚! The Elder Wu look contains ones anger looks to not far away Saint Palace elder, however this time latter, actually returns with a contemptuous smiling face. 乌长老眼神含怒的看向不远处的圣宫长老,然而此时的后者,却只是回以一个轻蔑的笑容。 Around crater, at this time these all parties influence, exudes the low talking in whispers sound in this time, their front have the Origin Qi light microscope similarly, obviously they in various methods, are also spying on Flame Marrow Veins. 火山口周围,此时那些各方势力,也是在此时发出低低的窃窃私语声,他们的面前同样是有着源气光镜,显然他们也是在各施手段,窥探着炎髓脉中。 But looks from their these unceasingly to Elder Wu here vision, knew this time Blue Profound Sect's situation. 而从他们那些不断看向乌长老这边的目光来看,都是知晓了此时苍玄宗的处境。 This time, seems like is only the struggle of Flame Marrow Veins, but the regulations are Saint Palace and collisions between Blue Profound Sect these two colossus, but from the present situation, should be Saint Palace got the absolute winning side. 这一次,看似只是炎髓脉之争,但实则是圣宫苍玄宗这两个庞然大物之间的一次碰撞,而从眼下的情况来看,应该是圣宫占据了绝对的上风。 Such words, Blue Profound Sect this time, feared that was must be pressed one by Saint Palace unavoidably. 如此的话,苍玄宗此次,怕是难免要被圣宫压一头了。 ... Bang! Bang! 砰!砰! The intense fight is continuing in the crimson mineral lode, the wild Origin Qi unceasing eruption, the fight complementary waves, in confusion made this region one piece. 激烈的战斗在赤红的矿脉间持续着,狂暴的源气不断的爆发,战斗的余波,令得这片地域一片狼藉。 Shout! 呼! Bai Li and Qin Hai clench teeth tightly, the support, the sweat drops following the cheeks with hardship. 白璃秦海紧咬着牙,苦苦支撑,汗水顺着脸颊滴落。 Origin Qi of their whole body, is more and more weak. 他们周身的源气,已是越来越弱。 Their vision, look at the white clothing form that front that is coming gradually, has not actually flinched, instead clenches teeth, Origin Qi erupts, the form flushed like the electricity. 他们的目光,望着前方那缓步而来的白衣身影,却是没有退缩,反而是一咬牙,源气爆发,身影如电般的冲了出去。 Bang! 轰! However quick, their form once again distressed flying upside down. 不过很快的,他们的身影再度狼狈的倒飞了出去。 Outside the crater, all influence has exuded the low sigh, this Blue Profound Sect's disciple is actually tenacious, what a pity, tenacious cannot make up for the both sides strength the disparity. 火山口外,各方势力都是发出了低低的叹息声,这苍玄宗的弟子倒是顽强,可惜,顽强并不能弥补双方实力的差距。 The Elder Wu palm grips tightly, on the arm blue vein is beating, is staring in the eyes of Saint Palace elder, killing intent surges. 乌长老手掌紧握,手臂上青筋跳动着,盯着圣宫长老的眼中,杀意涌动。 ... Beyond that Flame Marrow Veins central area. 在那炎髓脉核心圈外。 At the same time under the giant flag, Zhou Yuan is sitting cross-legged, his eye hangs, does not have the slight sound, he can hear in the ear in the sound transmission stone, that Bai Li and Qin Hai sound, is getting more and more weak. 一面巨大的旗帜之下,周元盘坐着,他的眼目微垂,没有丝毫的声息,他能够听见耳中传音石中,那白璃秦海的声音,越来越微弱。 Several other disciples, is the situation is not wonderful. 其他数位弟子,也是情况不妙。 Obviously, in this time central area, Bai Li their situations, less optimistic. 显然,此时的核心圈内,白璃他们的情况,不容乐观。 He lifts the face, both eyes narrow the eyes is looking at the remote place that the finger gently are striking the knee, fell into the long-time silence, but finally, he begins supinely long expiration. 他抬起脸,双目微眯的望着遥远处,手指轻轻的敲打着膝盖,陷入了长久的沉默,不过最终,他仰起头长长的吐了一口气。 Really is...” “真的是…” Your this, but will harm my mission failure...” “你们这样,可是会害得我任务失败的啊…” He muttered, if the domain had been snatched by Saint Palace, their this time mission, can only end up to turn out the appraisal of failure without doubt, when the time comes, Heaven Merit naturally do not think. 他喃喃道,如果地盘都被圣宫抢去了,他们此次的任务,无疑只能落得失败的评价,到时候,天功自然也是别想了。 He sighed, although regarding Elder Wu as well as his other people to his negligence, he also has the opinion, but at this time, even if for his together Heaven Merit, cannot continue to sit by and do nothing. 他叹了一口气,虽然对于乌长老以及其他人对他的忽视,他也不是没有意见,但这种时候,就算是为了他那一道天功,也不能继续坐视不管了。 Therefore, Zhou Yuan curls the lip slightly, standing up slowly. 于是,周元微微撇嘴,缓缓的站起身来。 This was sent into exile to central area beyond, almost must the forgotten person, be planned finally must meddle. 这位被放逐到核心圈之外,几乎要被人遗忘的人,终于是打算要插手了。 ( These days met in Hangzhou, therefore can only guarantee as far as possible every day had one.) (这几天都在杭州开会,所以只能尽量保证每天有一更。)
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