VY :: Volume #15

#1485: The gods see the god

Is built on Zhou Yuan of edge to look at that bubbling like a caldron dark(ness), he can the faint induction, in that dark(ness) process countless corrosion, the thing of worn down two big terrifying, in this moment, appear(ance) some being fleeting equilibrium sense. 立于边缘的周元望着那鼎沸的黑暗,他能够隐隐的感应到,那黑暗中经过无数侵蚀,消磨的两大恐怖之物,在这一刻,出现了某种稍纵即逝的平衡感。 In this flickers, Zhou Yuan has no hesitation, even if that dark(ness) makes people feel the incomparable fear at present, but he understands, this is that last opportunity that he waits. 在这一瞬,周元没有任何的犹豫,即便眼前那黑暗让人感到无比的恐惧,但他明白,这就是他所等待的那最后一丝机会。 Therefore, he direct one step treads, jumps to leap. 所以,他直接一步踏出,纵身一跃。 Breaking in resolutely to that dark(ness). 毅然决然的冲入到了那黑暗之中。 As his footsteps step into that flash, he felt immediately two pressure covered to come, that two pressure, making the Zhou Yuan clear feeling anything be called tiny. 而随着他脚步踏入那一瞬间,他顿时感觉到了两股威压笼罩而来,那两股威压,让周元真真切切的感觉到了什么叫做渺小。 At this time the Saint God will as well as Absolute Divine Curse Poison, as if are two like mountain giant grindstone, but Zhou Yuan, then places two giant grindstone middle ants. 此时圣神意志以及绝神咒毒,就仿佛是两座如山般的巨磨,而周元,便是身处两座巨磨中间的蝼蚁。 Even if two giant grindstone are catching up to the opposite party, but that falls in torrents but below ample force, was makes Zhou Yuan be under the destruction attack as before. 即便两座巨磨只是在冲着对方发力,可那倾泻而下的余力,依旧是让得周元遭遇到了毁灭般的攻击。 In short several breaths, Saint Dragon Body that Zhou Yuan that is proud is ground instantaneously most, only head with the previous half body, pitiful insisted with hardship. 在短短数息间,周元那引以为傲的圣龙之躯瞬间被碾碎大半,唯有一颗脑袋与上半截身躯,凄惨的苦苦坚持。 Places that outside world, lets the Saint mighty force that countless Law Domain expert goes after like ducks sufficiently, here is ordinary like the young wife of being a scapegoat, just braved, by strength of grinding two terrifying. 放在那外界,足以让得无数法域强者趋之若鹜的圣者伟力,在这里却是如同受气的小媳妇一般,刚刚冒出来,就被两股恐怖之力生生的碾碎。 At this moment, Zhou Yuan experienced anything to be called to let the person to rub to pinch. 这一刻,周元体验到了什么叫做任人揉捏。 Moreover, along with fleshly body and Saint mighty force was ground, Zhou Yuan also feels that to come from Absolute Divine Curse Poison and corrosion of Saint God will distortion evil thought. 而且,伴随着肉身圣者伟力被碾碎的时候,周元还感受到了那来自绝神咒毒圣神意志扭曲恶念的侵蚀 The Zhou Yuan's intelligence was being polluted, his face becomes in this time twists extremely, the boundless evil thought raised in the heart, making his corners of the mouth reveal the strange and exaggerating curve. 周元的神智在被污染,他的面庞在此时变得极度扭曲,无边恶念在心中升起,让得他嘴角露出了诡异而夸张的弧度。 However his deep in one's heart is also preserving several points of pure brightness, he understands, he must defend strictly spiritual platform, cannot let the mood by the evil thought radical infection, otherwise he is really of difficult the opportunity stand up. 不过他的内心深处还保存着几分清明,他明白,他必须紧守灵台,不能让得自身情绪被恶念彻底的感染,否则他就真再难有翻身之机。 But, under corrosion of thing of these two big terrors, wants to defend the conscience and pure brightness, is easier said than done? 可是,在这两大恐怖之物的侵蚀下,想要守住本心与清明,又是谈何容易? Zhou Yuan can detect, as corrosion of two terrorist forces are getting more and more serious, in his double pupil, gradually has scarlet comes out with dark(ness) simultaneous emergence. 周元能够察觉到,随着两股恐怖力量的侵蚀越来越严重,他的双瞳中,也是渐渐的有着猩红与黑暗同时的涌现出来。 „It is not good, Zhou Yuan, must insist!” “不行,周元,要坚持住啊!” Suddenly, Zhou Yuan bites the tip of tongue, is drawing support from that more and more scarce pure brightness, he was revolves directly Ancestral Dragon Scripture. 猛然间,周元一咬舌尖,借助着那越来越稀少的清明,他直接是运转起了祖龙经 Origin Qi starts to surge according to route galloping of Ancestral Dragon Scripture in within the body, is indistinct, seems has ancient Dragon's roar to resound, but under this Dragon's roar, the evil thought and chaotic mood in the Zhou Yuan heart ascending has slowed down unexpectedly. 源气开始在体内按照祖龙经的路线奔腾涌动起来,隐隐约约间,仿佛是有着古老的龙吟声响起,而在这龙吟声下,周元心中升腾的恶念与混乱情绪竟然是有所减缓下来。 However, the Zhou Yuan also faint feeling, this slowing down is only temporary, because is getting bigger and bigger along with his here sound, as if that corrosion, is wearing down mutually the Saint God will and Absolute Divine Curse Poison, will fall in torrents to come in the strengths of more dissipation, is relying on the instinct, they feel this unnecessary small insect, since jumps fiercely, that should erase earlier... 不过,周元也隐隐的感觉到,这种减缓只是暂时的,因为伴随着他这里的动静越来越大,似乎那正在互相侵蚀,消磨间的圣神意志与绝神咒毒,也是在将更多散逸的力量倾泻而来,凭借着本能,它们还是觉得这种多余的小虫子,既然蹦哒得厉害,那就应该早点抹除掉... But is facing this nearly hopeless situation, a Zhou Yuan also not better way, he can do only, then clenches the teeth, is defending strictly the pure brightness, suffering with hardship. 但面对着这种近乎绝境,周元也并没有更好的办法,他唯一能做的,便是咬紧牙关,紧守着清明,苦苦的煎熬。 He knows, what kind of difficulty, he cannot giving up easily. 他知道,不论是何等的艰难,他都不能轻易的放弃。 Because his here, once gives up, then he and Yao Yao, perhaps really again no opportunity. 因为他这里一旦放弃,那么他与夭夭,或许就真的再无任何一丝机会了。 Yao Yao...” 夭夭...” I will not give up! Believes me, I can lead you to come back.” “我不会放弃的!相信我,我一定会带你回来。” dark(ness) deep place, was full of the distortion, Zhou Yuan that the black tide of evil thought covers gradually, sends out the low light language. 黑暗深处,那被充满着扭曲,恶念的黑潮渐渐掩盖的周元,发出低低轻语。 ... ... Bang! 轰隆! Saint Race Heaven Territory world's wall, in this time by Spiritual God great hand tearing slowly, brought in the countless panic-stricken vision. 圣族天域界壁,在此时被神灵巨手缓缓的撕裂开来,引来无数惊恐目光。 But with tearing of world's wall, 3rd God look indifferent making a move again, sees only under that slender jade finger point, void has the countless god of journeys strength forming, subsequently changed into the supernatural power meteorite whip directly under. 而随着界壁的撕裂,第三神眼神漠然的再度出手,只见那纤细玉指点下,虚空中有无数道神力成形,继而直接是化为了神力陨石急坠而下。 hōng hōng! 轰轰 The supernatural power meteorite is burning the god fire, has delimited the horizon, has the strength of destruction, just like the disaster to arrive to Saint Race Heaven Territory. 神力陨石燃烧着神火,划过天际,带着毁灭的力量,犹如天灾般对着圣族天域降临下去。 That and other strengths, once falls, definitely will cause the enormous destruction. 那等力量一旦落下,必然会造成极大的破坏。 countless Saint Race life frightened pray. 无数圣族生灵恐惧的祈祷起来。 Buzz! Buzz! 嗡!嗡! However, in that supernatural power meteorite will soon howl when next, in the Saint Race Heaven Territory land, has giant black lotuses suddenly broken. 不过,也就是在那神力陨石即将呼啸而下时,圣族天域的大地上,突然有着一道道巨大的黑莲破地而出。 The black lotus blooms, just like holding up a day of column, then welcomed the supernatural power meteorite that these crashed. 黑莲绽放,宛如擎天之柱,然后迎上了那些坠落的神力陨石。 hōng hōng hōng! 轰轰轰 Vibrates the Heaven and Earth great sound to resound through in this time, the storm that supernatural power dashing causes, swept across entire Heaven and Earth directly, does not know that initiated many crazy Wind Sea to howl. 震动天地的巨声在此时响彻而起,那神力冲撞所引起的风暴,直接是席卷了整个天地,不知引发了多少狂风海啸。 However in addition, these supernatural power meteorites have not really fallen in these Saint Race Heaven Territory land. 不过除此之外,那些神力陨石倒未曾真的落在这些圣族天域的大地上。 Outside world's wall, Cang Yuan, Jin Luo and the others saw this, the look also becomes dignified, can coming from the 3rd God supernatural power offensive reduces and solves, this is not four Ancient Saint that Saint Race that only remains can accomplish obviously. 界壁外,苍渊,金罗等人见到这一幕,神色也是变得凝重起来,能够将来自第三神的神力攻势化解,这显然不是圣族那仅剩的四位古圣能够办到的。 Therefore, that making a move, inevitably is that Saint God. 所以,那出手者,必然是那位圣神 It, regained consciousness! 祂,苏醒了! At this moment, Cang Yuan, Jin Luo and the others in the heart raised one fear that is hard to reduce and solve, that fear, from shadow that in ancient times that World Extinguishing War leaves behind. 这一刻,苍渊,金罗等人心中升起了一种难以化解的恐惧,那种恐惧,是自远古那场灭界之战中所留下的阴影 That Saint God formidable and terrifying, inscribe in the memory of all Heavens life, forever is unable to erase. 那位圣神强大与恐怖,铭刻在诸天生灵的记忆中,永远无法抹除。 Even at this time in their front, but also has 3rd God, but at this moment, all Saint, are felt as before ices all over the body coldly. 即便此时在他们的前方,还有着第三神,但此时此刻,所有圣者,依旧是感觉到通体冰寒。 In all Saints is scared, in the summit of that Saint Ancestor Heaven's Saint Mountain, has nine Cailian peanuts suddenly long, the lotus flower unceasing growth, wears out finally void, directly was appear(ance) beside world's wall. 而在诸圣胆寒间,在那圣祖天的圣山之巅,突然有着一朵九彩莲花生长而出,莲花不断的生长,最终穿破虚空,直接是出现在了界壁之外。 Nine color lotus flowers in all Heavens Saint that alarmed and afraid vision slowly blooms. 九彩莲花在诸天圣者那惊惧的目光中徐徐的绽放开来。 In the lotus flower, there is a person's shadow together to sit cross-legged. 莲花之中,有一道人影盘坐。 That person's shadow, a black clothes, the black hair hangs loose behind, his body is slender, his face a fuzzy feeling, looks sketchily, as if also brings one type is seeming to have met before familiar. 那道人影,一身黑衣,黑发披散身后,其身体修长挺拔,他的面庞给人一种模糊感,粗略看去,仿佛又带着一种似曾相识般的熟悉。 That is because its average man not obvious, everyone to Its cognition, is one imagination to its appearance. 那是因为其本相常人不可见,所有人对祂的认知,都是自身对其面目的一种想象。 However a little may not only change, that in its forehead, has black to set upright eye of slightly stretch/open He, seems dark(ness) the place of pinnacle, even if the Saint's vision several breaths in the above stays, the Saint soul will be defeated and dispersed, forever will fall dark(ness). 不过唯有一点不可变化,那就是在其眉心处,有着一枚黑色竖目微微张合,其中仿佛是黑暗极致之处,即便是圣者的目光在其上面停留数息,都将会圣魂溃散,永坠黑暗 The black clothes man sits cross-legged in nine color lotus flowers, It lifts to look that was at to 3rd God, as for his rear all Heavens army, It has not actually looked at one from beginning to end. 黑衣男子盘坐于九彩莲花中,祂抬首看向了第三神所在,至于其后方的诸天大军,祂却从从始至终都未曾看过一眼。 3rd God, your I met finally truly.” It smiles to say. 第三神,你我终于是真正的见面了。”祂微笑道。 The 3rd God pupil light faint gaze Saint God, has not been replying. 第三神眸光淡漠的注视着圣神,并未答话。 Saint God sees that to shake the head: Was too desolate, must know you to be able appear(ance), because I alarmed the Ancestral Dragon residual will in the past.” 圣神见状摇了摇头:“太冷淡了,要知道你能出现,可还是因为吾当年惊动了祖龙残留意志。” You, although receives Ancestral Dragon's will to live, but you after all are not Ancestral Dragon, you and do not need to protect these like the ants life.” “不过你虽然秉承祖龙意志而生,但你终归不是祖龙,你并没有必要守护这些如蝼蚁般的生灵。” „When Beginning of the Universe, Ancestral Dragon the body transformed into myriad things, It also wants to take the Innate Spiritual God material, casts the god bone for the myriad things, made its carrying/sustaining divine nature, then, this myriad things all had became the potential of god, but your I was all born from the Innate Spiritual God material, if were cast ten thousand fetish bones, this world did not have your my so Innate Spiritual God again.” 天地初开时,祖龙身化万物,祂还欲取先天神灵物质,为万物铸就神骨,令其承载神性,如此一来,这万物就皆是有了成神之潜力,可你我皆是自先天神灵物质中所诞生,若是被铸成了万物神骨,这世间就再无你我这般先天神灵。” Fortunately finally I have to become the energy of lucky avoiding disaster, among the prompt concealment chaos, this so makes It read wants to fail, made the potential that this world myriad things have not been enthralled forever...” “所幸最后吾有趋吉避凶之能,及时隐匿混沌之间,这才让得祂这般念想落空,也令得这世间万物永远没有入神的潜力...” Meanwhile, will have your my appear(ance) finally.” “同时,也才会最终有你我的出现。” The Saint God sound spreads in this vast empty space, was makes that rear all Heavens Saint whole body tremble, because they in the Saint God spoken languages, seemed like detect what huge secret. 圣神的声音在这浩渺虚空间传开,却是让得那后方的诸天圣者浑身都是颤栗了起来,因为他们在圣神的言语间,似乎是察觉到了什么天大的秘辛。 Why that is from ancient to present, regardless of the all Heavens life what kind of startled certainly colorful, but is actually not able some people able to take that step, visits the domain of god. 那是为何自古到今,不论诸天生灵何等的惊才绝艳,但却始终无法有人能够迈出那一步,踏足神的领域。 Originally, because of this Heaven and Earth myriad things, the flaw was still. 原来,是因为这天地万物,尚有一处缺陷所在。 Collection free good book Pays attention to v.x Book friend supreme headquarters Recommends novel that you like, gets the cash red package! 【收集免费好书】关注v.x【书友大本营】推荐你喜欢的小说,领现金红包! But that flaw, is the so-called god bone, the thing of carrying/sustaining divine nature. 而那缺陷,便是所谓的神骨,承载神性之物。 Therefore, 3rd God, you really should thank me.” Saint God drew the final conclusion. “所以,第三神,你真的应该感谢我。”圣神下了最后的定论。 3rd God indifferently said: How do you want me to thank?” 第三神淡淡的道:“那你要我如何感谢?” Saint God said with a smile lightly: Naturally with me together, exterminates this world life, turns over to the ancestor its bloodline strength, at the appointed time your I can aspire to seize to the high strength.” 圣神轻笑道:“当然是与吾一起,灭绝这世间生灵,将其血脉力量归祖,届时你我便可问鼎至高之力。” 3rd God is staring at Saint God like the starry sky profound indifferent double pupil, said: No, you spoke incorrectly, wants to control the strength of that first sequence, becomes to the high god, the light swallows these all Heavens lives to be insufficient, between you and me... are impossible to coexist.” 第三神如星空般深邃漠然的双瞳盯着圣神,道:“不,你说错了,想要掌控那第一序列之力,成为至高之神,光吞噬这些诸天生灵并不够,你与我之间...也不可能并存。” Saint God becomes silent, shakes the head to say with a smile at once: When your I first exterminate this all Heavens life, at the appointed time solves this problem again is not?” 圣神哑然,旋即摇头笑道:“待你我先将这诸天生灵灭绝,到时再来解决这个问题不是更好吗?” 3rd God said: Saint God, this and other words of useless cheating, saves the province, when other days of all Heavens life extermination, was you acts to me.” 第三神道:“圣神,这等无用哄骗之言,还是省省吧,否则等这诸天生灵灭绝之日,就是你对我出手之时了。” Saint God sighed, somewhat worried rubbed the forehead, said in a soft voice: It seems like and broke off conversation.” 圣神叹息一声,有些苦恼的揉了揉额头,轻声道:“看来又谈崩了啊。” If that is right, that only energy, first swallowed you...” “若是如此,那就只能,先将你吞噬了吧...” He in standing up slowly from nine color lotus flowers, outstretched the both arms, has the great indifferent sound in this time, reverberates in all Heavens' each corner. 他自九彩莲花中缓缓的站起,伸开了双臂,有宏大漠然的声音在此时,回荡于诸天的每一个角落。 I announced in this, the first true god fights through the ages...” “吾在此宣布,古往今来第一场真正的神战...” Now opened.” “现在开幕了。”
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