VY :: Volume #14

#1319: Chasing

Team that is led by the deep spring in seeing Zhou Yuan neatly when leads the person to turn around on running, gawked gawked, then erupted laughing boisterously. 那由渊泉所率领的队伍在见到周元干脆利落的带着人掉头就跑时,也是愣了一愣,然后爆发出了哄然大笑。 Their actually didn't expect this all Heavens' team so weak, still had not bumped, the direct selection escapes... 他们倒是没想到诸天的队伍如此的软弱,尚还没有碰一碰,就直接选择逃命... all Heavens only then these goods?” 诸天就只有这些货色吗?” On this soft foot shrimp, dares to compete for the mystical place with my Saint Race?!” “就这种软脚虾,也敢与我圣族争夺秘境?!” Many Saint Race expert laugh, then when their vision looks to the deep spring, is actually discovered latter brow slightly wrinkle looks at Zhou Yuan and the others to run away the direction that said lightly: This leader is a smart person, although escapes is a matter that makes one ridicule, but also is the reason.” 诸多圣族强者大笑,然后他们目光看向渊泉时,却是发现后者眉头微皱的望着周元等人逃窜的方向,淡淡道:“这领头者是个聪明人,虽然逃跑是个让人嘲笑的事情,但也最是理智。” Other Saint Race expert are smiling nodded, said: It seems like the intelligent soft foot shrimp.” 其他圣族强者笑着点点头,道:“看来是个聪明的软脚虾。” Deep spring does Captain, how do now?” Some people asked. “渊泉队长,现在怎么做?”有人问道。 The deep spring hesitated several breaths, decisive say/way: First pursues, ate this forces completely, then overcomes the Saint column the node of this region, radiates other regions by this.” 渊泉沉吟了数息,果断的道:“先追上去,将这支人马全部吃了,然后就将这片区域的节点打下圣柱,以此辐射其他区域。” Is relying on some intuitions, he feels like cannot extremely letting off easily at present this forces. 凭借着一些直觉,他感觉似乎不能太过轻易的放过眼前这支人马 Does not need, for one crowd of waste do waste the time? Or deep spring Captain you lead the person to make the proper business, I led some people to extinguish them on the line.” A strength said in Saint Race expert of Law Domain second boundary. “没必要为了一群废物这么浪费时间吧?要不渊泉队长你率人做正事,我带一些人将他们灭了就行了。”一位实力在法域第二境的圣族强者说道。 Deep spring vision glittering, direct rejection: Does not need to violate the danger, this time cannot change anything, everyone sends out, to catch up with them to cut together to kill directly.” 渊泉目光闪烁了一下,直接拒绝:“没必要犯险,这点时间改变不了什么,所有人一起出动,追上他们直接斩杀。” Sees the deep spring to face a all Heavens team of so waste like this carefully, Saint Race expert of that Law Domain second boundary cannot help but curls the lip, but does not dare to offend former's dignity finally, therefore nods should under. 见到渊泉面对着一支如此废物的诸天队伍都这样的小心,那位法域第二境的圣族强者不由得撇了撇嘴,但最终还是不敢触犯前者的威严,于是点头应下。 The next quarter, the deep spring form takes the lead violently shoots, the rapidness of its speed, was torn continually void, but in its rear area, many Saint Race expert rapid following, combative. 下一刻,渊泉身影率先暴射而出,其速度之快,连虚空都被撕裂开来,而在其后方,诸多圣族强者迅速的跟上,杀气腾腾。 Zhou Yuan, they pursued!” 周元,他们追上来了!” In that front, Wu Yao watched a rear sound, the reminder said. 在那前方,武瑶看了一眼后方的动静,提醒道。 Zhou Yuan was also turns the head to look at one, when especially when he when seeing that deep spring took the lead to chase down unexpectedly, a brow wrinkle, cannot help but facing their strengths only to be the second-class team, that deep spring slight relaxation, instead has not been full power chases down, this did not plan to give their tiny bit opportunities obviously. 周元也是转头看了一眼,特别是当在他在见到那渊泉竟然领头追杀时,眉头不由得一皱,在面对着他们这种实力只能算是二流的队伍,那渊泉都没有丝毫的放松,反而是全力追杀,这显然是不打算给他们一丝一毫的机会啊。 Zhou Yuan, they in rapid being close, what to do?” Ai Tuanzi also made noise, opposite party strength lineup strong in them, this chasing down, clearly is also the opposite party has the advantage. 周元,他们在迅速的接近,怎么办?”艾团子也是出声了,对方实力阵容强于他们,这种追杀,显然也是对方更有优势。 The Zhou Yuan vision flashes, at once sound transmission says: Everyone approaches my nearby five hundreds of zhang (333 m).” 周元目光微闪,旋即传音道:“所有人靠近我附近五百丈。” In team other person of hearing this, although some doubts, but quickly adjusted the position. 队伍中其他人闻言,虽然有些疑惑,但还是迅速的调整了位置。 Zhou Yuan sees that the palm grasps, Heaven Primal Brush flashes before, his pen tip has delimited, carried over the countless ray of light mark, these light/only mark condenses, the next quarter, just like formed a giant light wing, light wing appear(ance) in Zhou Yuan behind, fanned, among everyone will cover. 周元见状,手掌一握,天元笔闪现而出,他笔尖划过,带出了无数道光痕,那些光痕凝聚,下一刻,犹如是形成了一道巨大的光翼,光翼出现周元身后,扇动之间,也将其内的所有人覆盖。 8th Rank Origin Pattern, spotlight wing!” 八品源纹,追光翼!” After Zhou Yuan's Divine Soul achieves Roaming Spirit Realm, he is following Yao Yao these days, similarly is also cramming ferociously Origin Pattern cultivation, after all moderns understand nature, Roaming Spirit Realm Divine Soul, is he contends with the Law Domain expert only method now, naturally cannot negligence. 周元的神魂达到游神境后,他这段时间跟随着夭夭,同样也在恶补着源纹修行,毕竟从表面看来,如今游神境神魂,算是他抗衡法域强者的唯一手段,自然不能过于的忽视。 Buzz! 嗡! The huge wingspan light/only moves, immediately among Heaven and Earth the strong winds writings, Zhou Yuan and the others the speed rises suddenly suddenly, the team that the rapid recent deep spring will lead all of a sudden casts off. 巨大的光翼展动,顿时天地间狂风大作,周元等人速度猛然暴涨,一下子就将迅速最近的渊泉所率领的队伍甩开。 But is facing Zhou Yuan and the others the suddenly rising speeds, that deep spring also gawked, said: Unexpectedly Roaming Spirit Realm expert?” 而面对着周元等人的暴涨速度,那渊泉也是愣了一下,道:“竟然还有一位游神境强者?” This 8th Rank Origin Pattern, only has Roaming Spirit Realm just now to be able inscribe. 这种八品源纹,唯有游神境方才能够刻画 This was a little actually annoying, Roaming Spirit Realm Divine Soul, if facing the war, the deep spring does not have the least bit to dread, may in this chasing down, the function that Roaming Spirit Realm can take, can actually let person headache quite. 这倒是有点烦人了,游神境神魂,如果正面对战的话,渊泉是没有半点忌惮,可在这种追杀中,一名游神境所能够取到的作用,却能够让人颇为的头疼。 But just them, without Roaming Spirit Realm. 而刚好他们这边,没有游神境 Deep spring vision glittering, the look is somewhat cold and gloomy, the next quarter, he ties seal single-handed suddenly. 渊泉目光闪烁,眼神有些森冷,下一刻,他单手猛然结印。 Extinguishes the soul tune!” “灭魂曲!” Vast Origin Qi surges, formed a giant face in its behind faintly, that face is strange, only has giant mouth stretch/open He, but strange sound wave erupts suddenly, that sound wave has no destruction regarding the entity material, but if affects Divine Soul, can actually tear into shreds it instantaneously. 浩瀚源气涌动,隐隐在其身后形成了一张巨大的面孔,那面孔诡异,唯有巨嘴张合,而一股奇异的音波陡然间爆发,那音波对于实体物质没有什么破坏,可若是波及神魂,却是能够将其瞬间撕碎。 Strange sound wave swings to come from the rear biography, the Zhou Yuan brow the wrinkle, felt immediately forehead Divine Soul was vibrating. 诡异音波自后方传荡而来,周元眉头顿时皱起,感觉到了眉心神魂在震动。 The opposite party are affecting his Divine Soul. 对方在影响他的神魂 But he must keep the speed at this time, is hard to divert attention to block that sound wave corrosion. 可此时他必须保持速度,难以分心去阻绝那音波侵蚀 However is good because, he is not one person. 不过好在,他也并非是一人。 Tun Tun!” Zhou Yuan drinks lowly. 吞吞!”周元一声低喝。 Tun Tun appear(ance) in the Zhou Yuan top of the head, was looking rear area, the next quarter, its mouth opens suddenly, has heaven shaking to move the place the beast roar to roar, that roared, is flooding the innate Saint Beast pressure, unexpectedly was gradually resisted that strange sound wave. 吞吞出现在了周元头顶上,望着后方,下一刻,其嘴巴陡然张开,有惊天动地的兽吼声咆哮而起,那咆哮中,充斥着先天圣兽的威压,竟是渐渐的将那诡异音波抵御了下来。 8th Rank Saint Beast?” sound wave was broken, deep spring appearance cold and gloomy, previously he detected Tun Tun's exist(ence), in his sensation, this Saint Beast strength, is in this team strongest. 八品圣兽?”音波被破,渊泉面目更为的森冷,此前他就察觉到了吞吞的存在,在他的感知中,这圣兽的实力,算是这支队伍之中最强的了。 I must look at that today how long but actually you can escape!” “我倒要看你们今天能逃多久!” In the deep spring voice full is killing intent, the next quarter, he received sound wave, increases speed again suddenly. 渊泉声音之中满是杀意,下一刻,他收了音波,再度猛然提速。 Chasing erupts again. 追逃再度爆发。 Suddenly, is the half day time passes. 眨眼间,便是半日时间过去。 Two team escape crazily, pursues crazily, this most of the day later, both side almost anything things have not been done, all consumed here. 两支队伍一个疯狂逃,一个疯狂追,这大半天下来,两方几乎什么事情都没做,就全都耗在这里了。 Zhou Yuan, when do we want to escape?” Ai Tuanzi the face is asking painstakingly. 周元,咱们要逃到什么时候啊?”艾团子苦着脸问道。 Zhou Yuan cracks into a smile, said: What to be anxious? We can constrain Saint Race head forces, is gains.” 周元咧嘴一笑,道:“急什么?我们能够拖住一支圣族头部人马,已经算是赚了。” Ai Tuanzi is helpless, although probably this truth, but also is really a little aggrieved, but she also understands, opposite party overall strength nearly steamroll they, therefore evades its point is the most sane choice. 艾团子无奈,虽然好像是这个道理,但还真是有点憋屈啊,不过她也明白,对方整体实力近乎碾压他们,所以避其锋芒是最为理智的选择。 Perhaps Your Highness, they are plan to exhaust your Divine Soul strength.” Su Youwei delicate eyebrows slightly pressed, the reminder said. 殿下,他们或许是打算耗尽你的神魂力量。”苏幼薇秀眉微蹙,提醒道。 Zhou Yuan nodded, he knows certainly the plan of opposite party, said: That has a look is my Divine Soul first exhausts, their patience first exhaust.” 周元点点头,他当然知晓对方的打算,道:“那就看看是我的神魂先耗尽,还是他们的耐心先耗尽吧。” He does not believe, such a Saint Race's head team, the meeting is willing to be used for all time with their such a seems like only the second-class team is consuming. 他可不相信,这么一支圣族的头部队伍,会愿意将所有的时间都用来跟他们这么一支看上去就只是二流的队伍耗着。 But just like also Zhou Yuan expects, at this time in that rear chasing down team, has the difference in appear(ance). 而也正如周元所料,此时在那后方的追杀队伍中,已是有分歧在出现 Deep spring Captain, we consumed the too much senseless time here, we a node have not grasped now, this way, how do we gain military achievement?!” The Law Domain second boundary some are impatient, been able to bear making noise. “渊泉队长,我们在这里耗了太多无谓的时间,我们现在连一处节点都还未曾掌握,这样下去,我们如何获取战功?!”一名法域第二境也有些不耐烦了,忍不住的出声。 Such remarks, immediately brought in much should be simultaneous. 此言一出,顿时引来了不少的应同声。 Previously I said that this team strength is not strong, giving me came to be good, does not absolutely need to waste the precious time completely on them.” Another Law Domain second boundary also opens the mouth to say. “先前我就说了,这支队伍实力不强,交给我来就行了,根本没必要将宝贵的时间全部浪费在他们身上。”另外一名法域第二境也开口道。 The subordinate four Law Domain second boundaries, two famous metropolises speak frankly the opposition now, this made the deep spring brow also wrinkle, he is looking at remote place that as before the team that fled dashes about wildly, in the eye somewhat the meaning of being unwilling, power of Divine Soul of opposite party should unable to persist in being too long, if kept the speed to pursue, can write off them inevitably. 麾下四名法域第二境,如今两名都直言反对,这让得渊泉眉头也是皱了起来,他望着遥远处那依旧在亡命狂奔的队伍,眼中有些不甘之意,对方的神魂之力应该无法坚持太久了,如果保持速度追击下去,必然能够将他们抹杀。 But such will spend more time, but looks at now under the response of forces, obviously thought the opposite party is unworthy. 但那样将会消耗更多的时间,而看如今麾下人马的反应,显然是觉得对方不值得。 Stemming from some intuition, the deep spring thought should extinguish that team as soon as possible. 只是,出于某种直觉,渊泉还是觉得应该尽早灭了那支队伍。 However, if he insists on so, subordinate forces will unable to say some offcenter, because this Saint Race will send out, will have the military achievement request, if they will consume the time on this team, when the time comes will cause military achievement is too low, perhaps will bring in many ridicules even to punish. 不过,如果他执意如此的话,麾下人马说不得会有些离心,因为此次圣族出动,是有战功要求的,如果他们将时间耗在这支队伍身上,到时候导致战功太低,恐怕会引来许多的嘲笑甚至惩罚。 Therefore, after hesitating counted breaths, the deep spring must sigh, said: Scarlet fine gold, their words, give you to be responsible.” 于是,在沉吟了数息后,渊泉只得叹了一口气,道:“赤鎏,他们的话,就交给你来负责。” The person of that named scarlet fine gold, precisely was previously requested by him the Law Domain second boundary that leads the team to chase down, his time hearing this, a look loosen, said immediately: Captain felt relieved, I will kill not to remain them.” 那名为赤鎏之人,正是此前要求由他来率队追杀的法域第二境,他此时闻言,顿时神色一松,道:“队长放心,我会将他们杀得一个不留。” The deep spring shakes the head, said: You cannot a person lead the team.” 渊泉摇摇头,道:“不过你不能一个人率队去。” Said that he waves, two Law Domain second boundary expert hesitant, finally nods. 说完他挥了挥手,身旁的两位法域第二境强者犹豫了一下,最终点头 They will assist you.” The deep spring said. “他们会协助你。”渊泉说道。 That scarlet fine gold sees that complexion some are unattractive, opposite party strongest exist(ence), but is 8th Rank Saint Beast, deals relied on his strength sufficiently, the deep spring must send the two Law Domain second boundaries, is this does not believe his ability? 那赤鎏见状,面色有些不好看,对方最强的存在,不过就是一头八品圣兽,凭他的实力足以应对,渊泉还要多派两名法域第二境,这是不相信他的能力吗? He wants to refute, but saw the deep pool spring god coldly, immediately can only swallow the words, helpless nodded. 他想要反驳,但见到渊泉眼神冷冽了下来,顿时只能吞了话语,无奈的点点头 Completed the assignment, the deep spring also no longer hesitant, look quiet cold a distant place escaped the cheerful team, turned around directly, branched out part of forces, rapid departure. 做好了分配,渊泉也就不再犹豫,眼神幽冷的了一眼远处逃得欢快的队伍,直接转身,分出了一部分人马,迅速的离去。 But rear sound , is detected by Zhou Yuan immediately. 而后方的动静,也是在第一时间被周元所察觉。 Also is left over the three Law Domain second boundaries...” “还剩下三名法域第二境...” Although the opposite party divides forces, this to them is a good news, but opposite party also extremely discrete, left behind the three Law Domain second boundaries unexpectedly, this little comes as a surprise to Zhou Yuan's. 虽然对方分兵,这对于他们来说算是一个好消息,但对方也极为的谨慎,竟然留下了三位法域第二境,这还是有点出乎周元的意料。 But if they also continue to choose to escape, this stretch of war zone obviously by that deep spring all occupies. 可如果他们还继续选择逃的话,这片战区显然将会被那渊泉尽数的占据。 Then, this dragging did not have the significance. 如此一来,这种拖延也就没了意义。 Zhou Yuan vision glittering, gradually has the ominous light to condense. 周元目光闪烁,渐渐的有凶光凝聚。 Everyone...” “各位...” His eye of ring of light regards, the sound reached in the team in the ear of everyone. 他目光环视,声音传进了队伍中每个人的耳中。 We are want to eat the meat to return empty-handed, looked at then this, therefore... gave to pull out the life, prepared to do!” “我们是想要吃肉还是空手而归,就看接下来这一场了,所以...把命都给掏出来,准备干吧!”
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