VY :: Volume #2

#128: Grey robe youth

A mountain, on summit. 一座大山,山巅上。 Zhou Yuan sits cross-legged in the precipice, both eyes shuts, in his top of the head above three chi (0.33 m), a baby fist size, cream crystal ball float, just likes holy light radiance descends, covers Zhou Yuan. 周元盘坐于山岩,双目微闭,在他的头顶上方三尺,一颗婴儿拳头大小,乳白色的水晶球悬浮着,犹如圣光般的光芒降落下来,将周元笼罩。 But in its forehead, has phantom Divine Soul to sit cross-legged together, is absorbing that continuously holy light greedily, holy light enters in Divine Soul, was faint makes it many precise. 而在其眉心处,有着一道虚影般的神魂盘坐,贪婪的吸收着那一缕缕圣光,圣光进入神魂之中,隐隐间令得其多了一丝凝炼。 So cultivation, continued a about double-hour, Zhou Yuan just now slowly will have opened both eyes. 这般修炼,持续了将近一个时辰,周元方才缓缓睁开了双目。 Cream crystal ball on top of the head, falling slowly, submerged in his forehead finally unexpectedly, but at this time in its forehead, illusory Divine Soul sits cross-legged, just in the Divine Soul top of the head, was appear(ance) cream crystal ball, was sending out holy light unceasingly, a faint trace was precise Divine Soul. 头顶上的乳白色水晶球,徐徐的落下,最后竟是没入了他的眉心中,而此时在其眉心处,虚幻的神魂盘坐,只不过在神魂头顶,也是出现了一颗乳白色的水晶球,不断的散发着圣光,一丝丝的凝炼着神魂 holy light that cream crystal ball sends out, just likes a light cover, is protecting Zhou Yuan's Divine Soul, was not invaded by any foreign object. 那乳白色水晶球散发出来的圣光,犹如一圈光罩,将周元的神魂保护着,不受任何外物侵染。 Zhou Yuan finished cultivation, somewhat regrettable shaking the head, although he can feel Divine Soul even more precise, but throughout is actually not able to break through to Void Realm late stage. 周元结束修炼,有些遗憾的摇摇头,虽说他能够感觉到神魂愈发的凝炼,但却始终无法突破到虚境后期 This Divine Soul cultivation, if is really difficult.” Zhou Yuan sighed one. “这神魂修炼,果真艰难。”周元感叹一声。 However Zhou Yuan also knows that the matter of cultivation, a footsteps pit, cannot finish in a hast, therefore quick has restrained the mentality, the personal appearance falls gently to descend the mountain. 不过周元也知道修炼之事,一个脚步一个坑,不能急于求成,所以很快就收敛了心态,身形飘落下山。 In spacious forests. 空旷的林间。 When Zhou Yuan comes back, sees Yao Yao, Lu Luo they sits there, in their front, Tun Tun is holding in the mouth Origin Beast that was just hunting and killing, then in front of its delighted running up to Yao Yao, has arched the arch. 周元回来时,就见到夭夭,绿萝两人坐在那里,在她们的面前,吞吞正叼着一头刚刚猎杀的源兽,然后它欢喜的跑到夭夭面前,拱了拱。 Obviously, it is the plan wants to make Yao Yao roast to eat. 显然,它是打算想让夭夭给它烤起来吃。 Cannot.” However, Yao Yao has swept its one lightly, said. “不会。”不过,夭夭只是淡淡的扫了它一眼,说道。 Tun Tun has gawked staring, then looks to Lu Luo. 吞吞愣了愣,然后又看向绿萝 green-haired young girl winked big eye, bright smiles, then shakes the head, said: I will not work.” 绿发少女眨了眨大眼睛,灿烂的笑起来,然后摇摇头,道:“我也不会干活耶。” Obviously, this is also a clothes the young lady who puts out a hand to be waited on hand and foot, to do how possibly to bake this heavy manual labor? 显然,这也是一个衣来伸手饭来张口的大小姐,怎么可能会做烧烤这种粗活? Tun Tun directly, weak has lain. 吞吞直接就焉了,无力的趴了下来。 Were also many young great aunt.” Zhou Yuan is also helpless looks at this, this goes to a cultivation meeting, they can be hungry are dumbfounded, will not work. “又多了一个小姑奶奶。”周元也是无奈的看着这一幕,他这去修炼一会,她们就能饿得大眼瞪小眼,死活不会干活。 Zhou Yuan walked, Tun Tun is exuding the delighted low roar to him immediately. 周元走了上来,吞吞顿时对着他发出欢喜的低吼声。 little bastard, on this time knows that flatters me.” In the Zhou Yuan belly scolded one, but walked, busy, skins the blood that Origin Beast, finally getting angry frame. 小畜生,也就这个时候知道讨好我。”周元肚子里面骂了一声,但还是走了上去,一通忙碌,将那源兽剥皮去血,最后上了火架。 Hasn't broken through?” Looks at Zhou Yuan to be busy, Yao Yao is a little slightly embarrassed, asking of care. “还是没突破?”瞧得周元忙忙碌碌,夭夭稍微有点不好意思,关心的问道。 Zhou Yuan shrugs. 周元耸耸肩。 If can absorb one drop „ the Divine Soul source, you should be able to break through. ” Yao Yao thinks that said. “如果能够吸收一滴“神魂本源”的话,你应该就能够突破了。”夭夭想了想,道。 The Lu Luo small hand is holding the fragrant cheek, said: But Elder Sister Yao Yao you did not say that must absorb that „ the Divine Soul source, needs two Origin Material to achieve the perfect effect? ” 绿萝小手捧着香腮,道:“但是夭夭姐姐你不是说,要吸收那“神魂本源”,需要两种源材才能达到完美效果吗?” What that two did Origin Material call to come?” “那两个源材叫什么来着?” The Zhou Yuan connection said: Nether Soul Grass, Vermilion Blood Fruit.” 周元接口道:“魂冥草,朱血果。” His frowned head, said: These two Origin Material do not calculate sees, is not good to look.” 皱了皱眉头,道:“这两种源材不算多见,不好找。” Lu Luo said with a smile: „It is not anxious, when we arrived at Saint Vestige City, should be able to buy these two Origin Material.” 绿萝笑道:“不急,等我们到了圣迹城,应该就能够买到这两种源材。” Saint Vestige City, is outside Saint Vestige Land one of the hugest several cities, simultaneously Saint Vestige City City Lord's Mansion, is in Saint Vestige Land this vast region one of the strongest influences. 圣迹城,乃是圣迹之地外最为庞大的几座城市之一,同时圣迹城城主府,也是圣迹之地这片辽阔地域中最强的势力之一。 Zhou Yuan their trip of goals, are Saint Vestige City, only then there, can close Saint Vestige Land. 周元他们此行的目的,就是圣迹城,只有到了那里,才能够最为的接近圣迹之地 Zhou Yuan selects nods, now looks like also only then so. 周元点头,如今看来也只有如此了。 That can Gu Family, have the trouble? We took away their Gu Family supreme treasure, they feared that will not give up.” Zhou Yuan said suddenly. “还有那古家,会不会有麻烦?我们拿走了他们古家至宝,他们怕是不会善罢甘休。”周元忽然道。 Yao Yao said: We announced their plot, present Gu Family already was perhaps badly battered, feared that does not have the time to pay attention to us again, but our many protection is always good.” 夭夭道:“我们公布了他们的阴谋,现在的古家恐怕早已焦头烂额,怕是没有时间再理会我们,不过我们多一点防备总是好的。” Zhou Yuan selects nods. 周元点头 Has spent half double-hour, roasts finally that Origin Beast, Zhou Yuan takes out the dagger, has both cut one to two young girl, then has divided the larger part to one side crazy mouth-watering Tun Tun. 花费了半个时辰,总算是将那源兽烤好,周元取出匕首,给两位少女都是切了一块,然后分了一大半给一旁狂流口水的吞吞 Thump!” “咚咚!” However, when they enjoy earnestly, suddenly felt that the earth vibrates. 不过,就在他们埋头享用时,忽然感觉到大地震动起来。 Three people all are raise one's head, is looking at the remote mountain, sees only some there suddenly many Origin Beast in a panic escapes, just likes the rear area has any fearful thing to be ordinary. 三人皆是抬头,望着深山,只见得那里忽有许多源兽仓惶的逃跑出来,犹如后方有着什么可怕之物一般。 Wasn't Gu Family will pursue?” Lu Luo startled say|way. “不会是古家追来了吧?”绿萝惊道。 Zhou Yuan brow micro wrinkle, the whole body has Origin Qi to surge, vision tight is staring at the jungle deep place, there, his faint feeling an extremely swift and fierce fluctuation. 周元眉头微皱,周身有着源气涌动起来,目光紧紧的盯着密林深处,在那里,他隐隐的感觉到一股极为凌厉的波动。 Really is the Gu Family pursuing troops? 真的是古家的追兵? In the Zhou Yuan vigilant vision, after long time, the jungle deep place, has broadcast rustle the sound, then, he then sees again, together person's shadow, slowly from remote mountain. 周元警惕的目光中,半晌后,密林深处,传来了沙沙的声音,再然后,他便是见到,一道人影,缓缓的从深山中走了出来。 Along with going out of that person's shadow, Zhou Yuan just now sees clearly him. 随着那道人影的走出,周元方才将他看清楚。 That is a grey robe youth, the youth is shouldering a handle black heavy sword, in his both eyes place, is actually twining together the black cloth, but, his step as before is even so steady. 那是一名灰袍青年,青年背负着一柄黑色重剑,在他的双目处,却是缠绕着一道黑布,不过即使如此,他的步伐依旧稳健。 Moreover, in the place of his walking past, trees, is splitting quietly, the break place smooth like the mirror. 而且,在他走过之地,身旁的树木,都是悄然的裂开,断裂处光滑如镜。 Good fierce Sword Qi!” “好厉害的剑气!” Zhou Yuan looks at this both eyes to twine the youth of black cloth, the look becomes extremely dignified, the imposing manner that the latter body transmits, lets his whole body skin in the stabbing pain, obviously, this carries the youth of black sword, the strength extremely astonishing. 周元望着这双目缠绕着黑布的青年,眼神变得极为的凝重,后者身上传来的气势,让得他浑身皮肤都在刺痛,显然,这背着黑剑的青年,实力极为的惊人。 That grey robe youth comes gradually, finally arrived at Zhou Yuan their here. 那灰袍青年缓步而来,最后来到了周元他们这里。 Roar! 吼! Tun Tun exuded the low roar, in mouth has black light to reappear. 吞吞发出了低吼声,嘴中有着黑光浮现。 The footsteps of grey robe youth, obviously is also realized that has some extremely powerful exist(ence) at present. 灰袍青年的脚步顿了顿,显然也是察觉到了眼前有着一些极强存在 Zhou Yuan vigilant is staring at the grey robe youth, so long as the latter has the change slightly, they will get rid. 周元警惕的盯着灰袍青年,只要后者稍有异动,他们就将会出手。 Therefore, the atmosphere suddenly became silent. 于是,气氛一时间变得寂静了下来。 gū gū. 咕咕 However, the atmosphere next quarter was broken by the sound suddenly together, then the Zhou Yuan three people are the look are then strange, because that sound in the belly of grey robe youth enters the stage very dazzles extremely passes on impressively at present from this. 不过,气氛下一刻忽然被一道声音所打破,然后周元三人便是眼神怪异起来,因为那声音赫然是从眼前这个出场极为酷炫的灰袍青年的肚子里面传出来。 The scene all of a sudden became awkward. 场面一下子就变得尴尬了。 Grey robe youth face as if was also indetectable slightly vibrated, finally was the hoarse start to talk: Hungry three days.” 灰袍青年脸庞似乎也是不可察觉的微微抖动了一下,终于是沙哑的开口:“饿了三天了。” pū chī. 噗嗤 Lu Luo cannot bear smiles to make noise. 绿萝率先忍不住的笑出声来。 Zhou Yuan has also pulled corners of the mouth, Brother, such presence of eye-catching, actually used such awkward presence to be white. 周元也是扯了扯嘴角,兄弟,这么拉风的出场,却用了这么尴尬的出场白。 However he also relaxed, evidently is not the Gu Family pursuing troops. 不过他也是松了一口气,看样子不是古家的追兵。 Happen to has the thing, can eat together.” Zhou Yuan has referred to also the remaining half barbecues. “正好有东西,可以一起吃。”周元指了指还剩下的半只烤肉。 That grey robe youth is selecting nods to Zhou Yuan, has been then implicated, impolite has taken that half barbecue, starts in a somewhat savage way, wolfs down. 那灰袍青年对着周元点头,然后在一旁坐了下来,也不客气的取过那半只烤肉,开始以一种有些凶残的方式,狼吞虎咽。 Zhou Yuan was frightened by this table manners, said: In this remote mountain everywhere is Origin Beast, won't kill itself to roast is eating?” 周元被他这吃相吓到了,道:“这深山中到处都是源兽,不会杀了自己烤着吃吗?” The grey robe youth swallows the meat in lower jaw, said: Will not do, will be unpalatable.” 灰袍青年吞下嘴中的肉,道:“不会做,会难吃。” Zhou Yuan he he smiles, is Sir, is he is also Great Zhou's Your Highness good, arrived here quick change has become the chef?! 周元呵呵一笑,都是大爷,他好歹也是大周的殿下好不好,怎么到了这里都快变成厨子了?! The Lu Luo white hands are supporting the fragrant cheek, smiling is staring at the grey robe youth, leisurely said: didn't expect here, will see in the hearsay unexpectedly Jian Dynasty Sword Blind...” 绿萝玉手撑着香腮,笑眯眯的盯着灰袍青年,悠悠的道:“没想到竟然会在这里,见到传闻中剑王朝剑瞎子...” ( High price asked artist to draw a Yao Yao's picture, tomorrow will issue, wants to look can add public micro letter, in micro letter searched public number Heavenly Silkworm Potato then.) (高价找画师画了一张夭夭的画,明天会发布,想看的可以加公众微信,微信里面搜索公众号天蚕土豆即可。)
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