VY :: Volume #12

#1120: Blood pill

Ancient Origin Heaven somewhere. 古源天某处。 This is an ancient forest, the trees in forest stands erect like the giant, the branches and leaves spread, cover the sky blocks out the sun, such as makes threatening gestures ghost. 这是一片古老的森林,森林内的树木如巨人般矗立,枝叶蔓延,遮天蔽日,如张牙舞爪般的鬼影。 The forest has swamp exist(ence) that many are too deep to see the bottom, in the swamp is surviving sinister ancient beast, all sorts of crises proliferate, making here side strategic place. 森林内部有诸多深不见底的沼泽存在,沼泽内生存着阴险的古兽,种种危机遍布,令得此处成为了一方险地。 But at this time, in this environment bad forest, has many tents, the tent is covered by many branches and leaves, is covering up the trace. 而此时,在这环境恶劣的森林内,却是有着诸多营帐,营帐被许多的枝叶覆盖,遮掩着痕迹。 In the huge camp, can see many coming and going person's shadows, but the entire camps are filling a depressing atmosphere, on the face of everyone, writes all over is worrying even frightened. 庞大的营地中,能够见到许多来来往往的人影,只不过整个营地都是弥漫着一种压抑的气氛,每个人的脸庞上,都是写满着担忧甚至恐惧。 Here, is the Blue Profound Heaven temporary supreme headquarters. 这里,就是苍玄天的临时大本营。 In this month, they already like stray cur replacement ten several times of supreme headquarters... 在这一个月内,他们已经如丧家之犬般的更换了十数次的大本营... In a sentry post tower in camp, has form together to sit cross-legged, sparking baldy in this camp particularly conspicuous. 在营地内的一座哨塔上,有着一道身影盘坐着,一颗闪亮的光头在这营地内分外的显眼。 Person who however the surroundings come and go when seeing this baldy form, will all stop the footsteps, casts the respectable vision. 不过周围来来往往的人在见到这光头身影时,皆是会停下脚步,投去尊敬的目光。 Because he is the temporary leader of present Blue Profound Heaven all parties influence in Ancient Origin Heaven. 因为他就是如今苍玄天各方势力在古源天内的临时领头人。 Blue Profound Sect, Chu Qing. 苍玄宗,楚青 During this month, if not for Chu Qing strives to turn the tide, even prevents the pursuit of opposite party repeatedly, perhaps their here will have more people to fall into the Saint Palace's hand, it is said that the Saint Race person in that Saint Palace, even red pill will swallow the person refinement of captive directly, extremely bloody terrorist. 这一个月间,若不是楚青力挽狂澜,甚至屡屡阻挡住对方的追击,恐怕他们这里将会有更多人落入圣宫的手中,据说,在那圣宫中的圣族之人,甚至会将俘虏的人直接生生的炼制成丹丸吞食,极为的血腥恐怖。 Oh...” “唉...” Chu Qing feels the smooth sparking top of the head, in the surface calm calm, in the heart is heaving a sigh. 楚青摸着光滑闪亮的头顶,面上淡定从容,心中却是在唉声叹气。 He does not understand how he became the leaders of these people muddleheaded... 他也不明白他怎么就稀里糊涂的成了这些人的领头人... At that time Li Xuan slaughtered, he to protect the Blue Profound Sect's disciple, has to bravely step forward to fight with that fellow, actually at that time both sides had not decided the victory and defeat, but could look at that Li Xuan very much to be shocking about his strength, after all previously the Chu Qing weary never showed the excellent strength, he as if hated inappropriate small transparent general. 当时那李轩大开杀戒,他为了保护苍玄宗的弟子,不得不挺身而出跟那家伙斗了一场,其实当时双方也没分出胜负,不过看得出来那李轩对他的实力很震惊,毕竟此前楚青惫懒得从未展现出过人的实力,他似乎恨不得当个小透明一般。 But who didn't expect, in this ordinary day languid baldy, the strength is not unexpectedly inferior in Li Xuan. 可谁都没想到,这个平日里懒洋洋的光头,竟然实力并不逊色于李轩。 After that large unit unceasing withdrawing of Blue Profound Heaven, shift..., but Saint Palace is in hot pursuit, during this month, does not know that erupted many fights. 此后苍玄天的大部队不断的后撤,转移...而圣宫则是穷追不舍,这一个月间,不知道爆发出了多少场战斗。 But past time, Chu Qing can also fish in troubled waters, but his appear(ance), gives to stare at him on the vision of countless hope now, this wants to catch a fish by hand is unlikely! 而以往的时候,楚青还能浑水摸鱼,可现在他一出现,就无数道期盼的目光将他给盯着,这想摸鱼都不太可能啊! Chu Qing felt that he was somewhat thinly and pale tired recently. 楚青感觉他最近都累得有些憔悴了。 Do not repent here, when!” “别在这里自怨自艾了,都什么时候了!” However in the meantime, the chilly sound resounds from behind together suddenly. 不过就在此时,一道清冷的声音突然自后面响起。 Chu Qing has turned the head, then sees together the slender tender body, latter that chilly beautiful appearance, caused here that depressing atmosphere as if becomes bright several points, many vision unceasing shot from the four directions. 楚青转过头,便是见到一道修长的娇躯,后者那清冷绝美的容颜,引得此处那压抑的气氛仿佛都是变得明亮了几分,诸多的目光不断的从四方射来。 Junior Sister Qingchan.” Chu Qing greeted hastily. 卿婵师妹啊。”楚青连忙打招呼。 That appearance is beautiful, makings chilly female, precisely Li Qingchan. 那容颜绝美,气质清冷的女子,正是李卿婵 Li Qingchan shot a look at his one eyes, she too understood the Chu Qing temper, immediately ill-humoredly said: These days the issue among all influences, is I am helping you process, you also make an appearance on at crucial moment, what having is quite tired? The artificial words, these matter you do completely.” 李卿婵瞥了他一眼,她对于楚青的性子实在是太了解不过了,当即没好气的道:“这段时间各方势力间的问题,都是我在帮你处理,你也就关键时候露个面而已,有什么好累的?再矫情的话,这些事情全部你自己去做。” Chu Qing hurried to crawl, revealed to laugh foolishly: Yeah, Junior Sister this, Senior Brother I should not be wrong.” 楚青赶紧爬了起来,露出憨笑:“哎,师妹别这样,师兄我错了。” Li Qingchan does not have the thoughts to chat with him, is pressed the willow eyebrows saying: „The person who goes to look for the reinforcements, some returned to the unit, but has not had the news.” 李卿婵却没心思跟他说笑,蹙着柳眉道:“出去找寻援军的人,有一些归队了,但都未曾带回来好消息。” Chu Qing also sighs, said: Does not have the means that Ancient Origin Heaven is so big, wants to bump into other Heaven Territory influences is not easy, moreover even bumped into, the opposite party knows to have Saint Race exist(ence), the big probability does not want easily to mix.” 楚青也是叹了一口气,道:“没办法,古源天这么大,想要撞见其他天域的势力也没那么容易,而且就算撞见了,对方知晓有圣族存在,大概率是不想轻易掺和的。” Our aspects... are not very good.” “我们的局面...很不好啊。” Li Qingchan is also somewhat silent, the struggle of this Ancient Origin Heaven extremely brutal, this is was not informed and experienced, but is war between a all Heavens, their Blue Profound Heaven is weakest in all Heavens, the nature stared easily. 李卿婵也是有些沉默,这古源天之争太过的残酷,这已经不是什么历练了,而是一场诸天间的战争,他们苍玄天诸天中最弱,自然容易被盯上。 Saint Palace these rebels... are really deserves death!” Li Qingchan is clenching teeth, charming face including the ghost, these days, their Blue Profound Sect's disciple also has the casualty, some even are the people who she is familiar with. 圣宫这些叛徒...真是该死!”李卿婵咬着牙,俏脸含煞,这段时间中,他们苍玄宗的弟子也是有着死伤,其中一些甚至就是她所熟悉的人。 Chu Qing deeply aspirates, he is looking at the gloomy forest, complexion becomes sinks to congeal: Junior Sister, I always feel some anxious... in opposite party moon/month unceasing is pursuing us, seemingly seems like does not plan to let off us, but every can make us find the gap one time to retreat, I felt that was too a little skillful.” 楚青深吐了一口气,他望着阴暗的森林,面色变得沉凝许多:“师妹,我总是感觉到一些不安...对方这一个月中不断的在追击我们,看似似乎是不打算放过我们,但每一次都能让我们找到缺口撤退,我感觉有点太巧了。” Li Qingchan one startled: „Is your meaning they make us escape intentionally?” 李卿婵一惊:“你的意思是他们故意让我们逃脱的?” Chu Qing slowly said: I am indefinite, perhaps was I am too sensitive.” 楚青缓缓的道:“我也不确定,或许是我太敏感了。” He is staring at Li Qingchan, said: Junior Sister, if finally were really to that step, I will win some time for you, when the time comes, you lead the Blue Profound Sect's disciple with other Senior and Junior Brothers, the direct dispersion fled, can live many are many, as for Ancestral Qi main lineage, first do not think temporarily.” 他盯着李卿婵,道:“师妹,如果最终真是到了那一步,我会为你们争取一些时间,到时候,你和其他的师兄弟带着苍玄宗的弟子,直接分散逃离,能活多少是多少吧,至于祖气主脉,暂时就先别想了。” The Li Qingchan white hands grip tightly, her eye socket somewhat blushes, because she knows, perhaps once to that step, Chu Qing can only pay with the life the price to shield them. 李卿婵玉手紧握,她眼眶有些发红,因为她知道,一旦到了那一步,恐怕楚青就只能付出生命的代价来掩护他们。 In Big Senior Brother of this weary, is ordinary is far-fetched, but really arrived at the critical moment, he can stand to pay all fulfills his Big Senior Brother responsibility. 这个惫懒的大师兄,平常里不靠谱,但真到了关键时刻,他还是能够站出来付出一切来履行他这个大师兄的责任。 Chu Qing looks at the Li Qingchan appearance so, sighed one, at once says with a smile: Also leaves was too worried, perhaps my feeling is wrong..., moreover this does not have the person who looks for the reinforcements not to come back, perhaps has miracle appear(ance).” 楚青瞧得李卿婵这般模样,叹了一声,旋即笑道:“不过也别太担心,说不定我的感觉是错误的...而且这不是还有一些找寻援军的人还未曾回来么,说不定就有奇迹出现。” Li Qingchan bites the lip gently, the heart is actually such as this dim forest, cannot see too many radiance. 李卿婵轻轻咬了咬嘴唇,心却是如这昏暗的森林,看不见太多的光芒 The miracle, where has can easily appear(ance)... 奇迹,哪有这么容易就能够出现啊... ... ... At the same time. 同一时间。 In mountain valleys away this forest quite some distances. 在距这片森林颇有些距离的一座山谷中。 In the mountain valley, the tent proliferates, has the guard patrol of communication to shuttle back and forth, a sternness. 山谷内,营帐遍布,有来往的守卫巡逻穿梭,一片森严。 Is tall, the face handsome man walks the towards the mountain valley deep place, the patrolman of communication when seeing him, all looks lowering the head of awe. 一名身材高大,面庞英俊的男子走向山谷深处,来往的巡逻者在见到他时,皆是面露敬畏的低头。 This person of precisely Saint Palace's Captain, Li Xuan. 此人正是圣宫的队长,李轩。 Li Xuanmian does not have the mighty waves, regards others without the thing, but when treats he arrives at the mountain valley deep place, on the face is also has the color of thick veneration to reappear, when especially he sees that is built on the two forms of high place, that type venerates becomes warmer. 李轩面无波澜,视旁人于无物,而待得他来到山谷深处时,脸庞上又是有着浓浓的尊崇之色浮现出来,特别是当他见到那立于高处的两道身影时,那种尊崇变得更为的热烈了。 Two Senior Brother.” “两位师兄。” After Li Xuan arrives at that two forms, respectful sound said. 李轩来到那两道身影之后,恭声道。 Hears the sound, that two forms then turn around, that is two body joyful long men, they all are wear a look of the temperate happy expression, but that is faint the terrifying of their within the body sending out to fluctuate, was actually even/including Li Xuan feels the constriction. 听到声音,那两道身影这才转过身来,那是两名身躯欣长的男子,他们皆是面带温和笑意,只是那隐隐间从他们体内散发出来的恐怖波动,却是连李轩都是感觉到了压迫感。 Present two people, the person of precisely Saint Race! 眼前的两人,正是圣族之人! Also is two Captain of the Saint Race team he invited. 也是他所请来的这支圣族队伍的两位队长 Captain. 队长吉摩。 Vice Captain Wei Tuo. 副队长韦陀。 They seemingly do not have much difference from human, but on the face has faintly discernible light pattern, in the forehead also has together the vertical mark, under the vertical mark, there is any thing in agitation slightly, is passing a strange feeling. 他们看上去似乎与人类没太大的区别,只是脸庞上有着若隐若现光纹,眉心间也有着一道浅浅的竖痕,竖痕之下,有什么东西在微微的鼓动,透着一股诡异感。 Is Li Xuan Junior Brother.” “是李轩师弟啊。” Smiles to Li Xuan, said: What's wrong? Can that Blue Profound Heaven person have in the direction that we design is running away?” 吉摩冲着李轩笑了笑,道:“如何?那苍玄天的人可有按照我们设计的方向在逃窜?” Li Xuan nodded, respectful sound said: All defer to the design of Senior Brother, the half a point is not bad.” 李轩点点头,恭声道:“一切都按照吉摩师兄的设计,半分不差。” Satisfied nodded: That was good, waited all their to the position, can draw in a net.” 吉摩满意的点点头:“那就好,等他们尽数的到了位置,就可以收网了。” Li Xuan hesitant, asked: Does not know that Senior Brother compels that position them, actually to have what intention? I thought that starts to root out as soon as possible is safer, drags for a long time, feared that brings in troublesome.” 李轩犹豫了一下,问道:“不知道吉摩师兄将他们逼到那个位置,究竟是有什么用意?我觉得还是尽快下手斩除更稳妥一些,拖得越久,怕引来麻烦。” Nearby Wei Tuo smilingly is staring at Li Xuan, is only the faintness in that pair of eyes, is to make being popular hair cold: Li Xuan Junior Brother, the unnecessary matter do not ask, all illuminated the office that we said to be good.” 一旁的韦陀笑眯眯的盯着李轩,只是那一对眼眸中的淡漠,却是让得人心头发寒:“李轩师弟,多余的事情就不要问了,一切照我们所说的办就好了。” Li Xuan was staring by the vision of Wei tuo, the whole body is also exuding the chill in the air, immediately hastily nods: What Senior Brother lesson is.” 李轩被韦陀的目光盯着,浑身也是泛着寒意,当即连忙点头:“师兄教训的是。” Hi, Wei Tuo should not be so serious.” “嗨,韦陀你不要那么严肃嘛。” Of green clothes beckons with the hand, genial draws Li Xuan to go forward, is pointing below scene: Hehe, you come to see, this is completely relaxed?” 一身绿衣的吉摩摆了摆手,和善的拉着李轩上前,指着下方的景象:“呵呵,你来看看,这一幕可是让人心旷神怡?” Li Xuan vision is looking to the front endocrater in, then a chill in the air then wells up the crown of the head from the sole. 李轩目光对着前方的巨坑中看去,然后一股寒意便是自脚底涌上天灵盖。 Sees only there, a great cauldron in flaming burns, on the great cauldron inscribes many ancient rune, but at this time, before that great cauldron, has unceasingly by the seal the Origin Qi person's shadow is throwing into the great cauldron. 只见得那里,一座巨鼎在熊熊燃烧,巨鼎上面铭刻着诸多古老的符文,而此时,在那巨鼎前,正有着一个个被封印了源气的人影被不断的丢进巨鼎之内。 Sad and shrill pitiful yell sound penetrating non-stop, appalling. 凄厉的惨叫声响彻个不停,让人毛骨悚然。 Blue Profound Heaven person who these people, previously they captured. 那些人,都是此前他们抓获的苍玄天的人。 Some being infatuated is looking at this, at once his palm move, sees only in that great cauldron to have one group of blood light to run out, finally falls in his hands, changed into ten several red red pill. 吉摩有些陶醉的望着这一幕,旋即他手掌一招,只见得那巨鼎内有着一团血光冲出,最后落在他的手中,化为了十数颗红色的丹丸 He forces in red pill the mouth, gently is chewing, the comfortable moan makes noise. 他将一颗丹丸塞进嘴中,轻轻的嘴嚼着,舒服的呻吟出声来。 Really is better with the plasma pill flavor that human refines...” “果然还是用人类炼制出来的血源丹味道更好啊...” Sighed one, explained to Li Xuan: This plasma pill is in my Saint Race most popular blood pill, frequently takes, not only strengthens Origin Qi, but can also make the fleshly body strengthen, might be considered as is marvelous.” 吉摩感叹一声,冲着李轩解释道:“这血源丹可是我圣族之中最为流行的血丹,经常服用,不仅增强源气,还能够令得肉身变强,堪称是奇妙。” Pitifully in our Saint Race Four Heavens, but was very difficult to seek for so many human to refine plasma pill, hehe, the struggle of this Ancient Origin Heaven, made me solve the mouth to be greedy actually.” “不过可惜在我们圣族四天中,可是很难找寻到这么多人类来炼制血源丹了,呵呵,此次古源天之争,倒是让得我解了口馋。” His lip bright red desire drops, strange dense. 他的嘴唇鲜红欲滴,诡异森然。 Li Xuan can Junior Brother try?” He is smiling, gives Li Xuan blood-red red pill. “李轩师弟要试试吗?”他微笑着,将一颗血红丹丸递给李轩。 Li Xuan complexion a little fluctuates, but he felt that the happy expression on cheeks seems like in little restraining, finally put out a hand to receive, forces in the mouth, difficult swallowing down. 李轩面色有点变幻,但他感觉到吉摩脸颊上的笑意似乎是在一点点的收敛,最终伸手接过,塞进嘴中,艰难的吞了下去。 Haha.” “哈哈。” Then laughs, then patted Li Xuan shoulder, resembling is approves to him very much. 吉摩这才大笑起来,然后拍了拍李轩的肩膀,似是对他很是认同。 Li Xuan Junior Brother felt relieved that this time you contributed to the great merit, in the future we will also be stronger to your Saint Palace's support, at that time, your Saint Palace was Blue Profound Heaven control.” “李轩师弟放心吧,此次你立了大功,未来我们对你们圣宫的扶持也会更强,那个时候,你们圣宫就将会是苍玄天的主宰者。” Has our Saint Race support, other all Heavens various clans, what can also be?” “有我们圣族支持,其余诸天各族,又能算个什么?” When that in the future, when my Saint Race series Heavenly Origin World, these all race, are only the pig sheep that my Saint Race rears in a pen.” “在那未来,等我圣族一统天源界时,那些所有种族,都不过只是我圣族圈养的猪羊罢了。” Laughter that hears, Li Xuan is also nods, in the eye has the meaning of resolution to flow gently. 听到吉摩的笑声,李轩也是轻轻点头,眼中有着坚定之意流淌。 Right, Saint Race is among this Heaven and Earth most formidable race, does not have any race influence can resist their strengths, therefore their Saint Palace's choice is right, as soon as possible turning in Saint Race, can let the survival that human barely manages to maintain a feeble existence in the future. 没错,圣族才是这天地间最强大种族,没有任何种族势力能够抵挡他们的力量,所以他们圣宫的选择才是对的,尽早的投靠于圣族,未来才能够让得人类苟延残喘的生存下来。 These impenetrably thickheaded people, are can only after all the dead end. 那些冥顽不灵的人,终归是只能死路一条。 The «Venerable Yuan» correct chapter will continue in green beans update, in station no advertisement, but also asked everyone to collect and recommend the green beans! 元尊》无错章节将持续在青豆更新,站内无任何广告,还请大家收藏和推荐青豆! 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