VY :: Volume #11

#1075: Shock and awe

The Zhou Yuan light sound is reverberating in the spacious hall, was causes the air to stagnate directly several breaths. 周元平淡的声音在宽敞的大厅内回荡着,直接是引得空气都是凝滞了数息。 On the Han Jinhe three people of face was hanging permits some the happy expression, but at this time, the happy expression was actually little was stiff, they obviously were the didn't expect Zhou Yuan's reply so strong. 韩金鹤三人脸庞上原本是挂着许些笑意,可这个时候,笑意却是一点点的僵硬下来,他们显然是没想到周元的回答如此的强硬。 Three people look at each other one, in the eye all was passed over gently and swiftly anger. 三人对视一眼,眼中皆是掠过一丝怒意 Although they are loose cultivator, but also has the spell of good or bad fortune person, otherwise does not have present background, therefore the arrogance in their heart will not compare Heaven Abyss Territory's many top Heavenly Sun Realm to be weak actually. 他们虽然是散修,但也都是有所际遇的人,不然也不会拥有着如今的底蕴,所以他们的心中的傲气其实不会比天渊域的诸多顶尖天阳境弱。 They single rushed to the horizon in the past, is free and unrestrained, this time, if for that Ancient Origin Heaven's big chance, their not Guild Master does not move arrives at Heaven Abyss Territory. 他们以往独身闯天涯,也是逍遥自在的很,此次如果不是为了那古源天的大机缘,他们也根本不会主动来到天渊域 Moreover said strictly, even if they joined Heaven Abyss Territory, is still only the employment relations, when the Ancient Origin Heaven's matter crosses, they can leave Heaven Abyss Territory momentarily. 而且严格说起来,他们就算加入了天渊域,也只是雇佣般的关系,等到古源天的事一过,他们随时可以离开天渊域 Now in Primordial Heaven, all parties' influence including other eight territories, uses full power is gathering their these top loose cultivator, this also makes many loose cultivator position when production costs rise, prices rise too. 如今混元天内,各方的势力包括其他八域,都是在倾尽全力的招揽着他们这些顶尖散修,这也是令得诸多散修的身份地位水涨船高。 Arrives at Heaven Abyss Territory like Han Jinhe their these top loose cultivator, even the Heaven Abyss Territory's Nascent Origin Realm elder to them is polite, this made their arrogance abundant a point. 如同韩金鹤他们这些顶尖散修来到天渊域,就算是天渊域的源婴境长老对他们都算是客客气气,这就更加令得他们傲气盛了一分。 Because frame of mind high, when they see the Zhou Yuan so strong decline, suddenly is a little hard to accept unexpectedly. 正因为心气高了起来,当他们见到周元如此强硬的回绝时,一时间竟是有点难以接受。 In the Zhou Yuan right hand side, Qin Lian looked at him, the elegantly beautiful cheeks have not fluctuated, but in that pupil has a slight worry, previously Zhou Yuan rushed to here, the right of chancellor meeting, by him these five big honored elder status, Qin Lian does not certainly dare not to agree now. 周元右手侧,秦莲看了看他,冷艳的脸颊没有波动,但那眸子中却是有着一丝细微的担心,先前周元赶到此处,将主事的权利给接了过去,以他如今这五大元老的身份,秦莲当然不敢不同意。 She thinks Zhou Yuan slightly conciliation some, after all at present these three are not considered as their Heaven Abyss Territory's person, the Zhou Yuan's honored elder status will not necessarily have too major suppressed role to them. 只是,她原本以为周元会稍稍怀柔一些,毕竟眼前这三位不算是他们天渊域的人,周元的元老身份不见得会对他们有太大的压制作用。 If stirs up in their hearts to anger, turns around walks, when the time comes by them the prestige in loose cultivator, will definitely cause many people to follow, their these days gathering may waste. 如果激得他们心中忿怒,掉头就走,到时候以他们在散修中的威望,必然会引得不少人跟随,那他们这段时间的招揽可就白费了。 However although in the heart worries about the doubts, but Qin Lian has not interrupted finally, gave Zhou Yuan this honored elder enough face. 不过虽说心中担忧疑惑,但秦莲最终还是没有插嘴,算是给了周元这位元老足够的面子。 . 呼。 Han Jinhe complexion somewhat ice-cold, his took a deep breath, depressed anger in heart, looks straight ahead Zhou Yuan saying: It seems like Honored Elder Zhou Yuan could not have a liking for our these loose cultivator , such being the case, we do not need to remain to be humiliated.” 韩金鹤面色有些冰冷,他深吸一口气,压下了心中的怒意,直视周元道:“看来周元元老是看不上我们这些散修了,也罢,既然如此,我们也不必留下来受人折辱了。” He turns around to depart directly. 他直接转身就要离去。 Xue Qingmei and Wang Su also shake the head, this Heaven Abyss Territory youngest honored elder gives their feeling is the young air/Qi is abundant, it seems like that this time arrives at Heaven Abyss Territory also is really a mistake. 薛青梅王宿也是摇了摇头,这位天渊域最为年轻的元老给他们的感觉就是年少气盛,看来此次来到天渊域还真是一个错误。 The skill, the temperament is actually not big. 本事不如何,脾气倒是不小。 In their eyes passed over gently and swiftly contemptuous, is keeps silent must depart. 他们的眼中掠过一丝轻蔑,也是默不作声就要离去。 Zhou Yuan is looking at three people of backs, indifferently said: Walks then walks, my Heaven Abyss Territory does not need that type to mix the advantage hoodlum.” 周元望着三人的背影,淡淡的道:“走便走吧,我天渊域并不需要那种来混好处的混子。” Han Jinhe footsteps, complexion ice-cold, Zhou Yuan this saying has the prodding intention, but he actually cannot ignore, if Zhou Yuan publicizes when the time comes by this, without doubt is gives their reputation to discredit. 韩金鹤脚步一顿,面色冰冷,周元这话有激将的意图,但他却并不能置之不理,因为如果到时候周元以此宣扬出去,无疑是给他们的名声抹黑。 Therefore he sneers, not say/way then: Really is the joke, I and others, although does not dare to say can invincibly in Heaven Abyss Territory Heavenly Sun Realm, but if besides Elder Qin Lian and other few people, perhaps this Heaven Abyss Territory's Heavenly Sun Realm, but also few people can make us dread.” 于是他冷笑一声,并未回头的道:“真是笑话,我等虽不敢说能够无敌于天渊域天阳境,但若是除了秦莲长老等屈指可数的人之外,恐怕这天渊域的天阳境,还没几人能让得我们畏惧。” Naturally... in these people, perhaps and does not include your Honored Elder Zhou Yuan.” “当然...这几人内,或许并不包括你周元元老。” If not because of your honored elder status, won Lu Qing accomplishments depending on you...” Somewhat ponders the tone to here slightly, spoken language profound meaning, already extreme being clear. “若非是因为你这元老身份,光凭你赢了一个陆庆战绩...”语气到这里略微有些玩味,言语深意,已是极为的明确。 Dissolute!” The Qin Lian pupil is cold, berates makes noise. “放肆!”秦莲眸子冷冽,喝斥出声。 Under Zhou Yuan beckons with the hand, stops Qin Lian that loses one's temper, standing up slowly, said: Is hoodlum, may be useless by the mouth, tests didn't know suddenly?” 周元摆了摆手,制止下动怒的秦莲,缓缓的站起身来,道:“是不是混子,靠嘴可没什么用,来测试一下不就知道了?” This time, Han Jinhe they turn around finally, look strange is staring at Zhou Yuan, because looks at latter this stance, is this wants to intend to survey them personally? 这一次,韩金鹤他们终于是转过身来,眼神怪异的盯着周元,因为看后者这个架势,这是想要亲自出手测量他们? The Han Jinhe corners of the mouth hold the light happy expression, say/way that slightly somewhat mocked: Honored Elder Zhou Yuan, aren't you will want to touch the porcelain? Then finds an excuse to deduct us? That biography is not of pleasant to hear.” 韩金鹤嘴角噙着淡淡的笑意,略有些讥诮的道:“周元元老,你不会是想要碰瓷吧?然后找个理由扣下我们吧?那传出去可不好听呢。” Although Zhou Yuan previously defeated Lu Qing, is good accomplishments, but that Lu Qing compares with them is actually not a scale. 虽说周元此前打败了陆庆,也算是不错的战绩,但那陆庆跟他们比起来却不是一个档次。 However Zhou Yuan has not paid attention to their ridiculing to jeer, as before selfish say/way: Test is very simple, so long as your three people can in my Origin Qi pressure next motionless, even if you win, even if when the time comes you want the Captain position, is not cannot consider.” 然而周元并未理会他们的讥嘲,依旧自顾自的道:“测试很简单,只要你们三人能够在我的源气威压下一步不动,就算你们赢,到时候就算你们想要队长位置,也不是不能考虑。” Qin Lian hears this words, was slightly was startled that could not bear, what words was Zhou Yuan this? Actually wants to shock three people by the Origin Qi pressure? 秦莲听到此话,也是忍不住的微惊了一下,周元这是什么话?竟然想要凭借着源气威压就将三人震慑住? Actually does Zhou Yuan plan to make what? 周元究竟打算做什么? But shock , is not only she, that Han Jinhe three people gawked similarly staring, at once in the eye has the anger to ascend: Honored Elder Zhou Yuan, are you want to shame us?” 而震惊的不仅是她,那韩金鹤三人同样是愣了愣,旋即眼中有怒火升腾:“周元元老,你是想要羞辱我们吗?” In information that since they know, although Zhou Yuan is well known now in Primordial Heaven, but he steps into the Heavenly Sun Realm time to be limited after all, previously can defeat Lu Qing, that is also drawing support from some external force. 从他们知晓的情报中,周元虽说如今在混元天名气不小,但他毕竟踏入天阳境时间有限,此前能够击败陆庆,那也是借助着某种外力。 But the Han Jinhe three people, which strength regardless, want by far Lu Qing. 韩金鹤三人,不论哪一个的实力,都要远胜陆庆 Words that even if Zhou Yuan must independent combat with them, the odds of success is minimum, let alone this so-called can deter their three people by the Origin Qi pressure? 所以就算周元要跟他们单打独斗的话,胜算都极小,更何况这所谓的要凭借源气威压震慑住他们三人? Bang! 轰! However Zhou Yuan was actually disinclined to speak the idle talk with them again, complexion indifferent trod one step, that flash, two rounds of Glazed Heavenly Sun directly were appear(ance) in behind, 1.86 billion Origin Qi background erupted. 然而周元却是懒得再与他们说废话,面色漠然的踏出一步,那一瞬间,两轮琉璃天阳直接是出现身后,十八亿六千万的源气底蕴爆发而起。 hōng hōng! 轰轰 Entire void in this time fierce trembles. 整个虚空都是在此时剧烈的震颤起来。 The Origin Qi storm erupts from the Zhou Yuan whole body, that terrifying Origin Qi pressure is hiding the sky and covering the earth wreak havoc. 源气风暴自周元周身爆发开来,紧接着那股恐怖的源气威压便是铺天盖地肆虐而出。 When that pressure wreak havoc, Qin Lian and Han Jinhe three people of complexion simultaneously change. 当那股威压肆虐时,秦莲韩金鹤三人的面色同时一变。 Heavenly Sun Realm middle stage?!” 天阳境中期?!” 18 hundred million Origin Qi background?!” “十八亿源气底蕴?!” The Qin Lian eyes shock, she was shocked in Zhou Yuan broke through unexpectedly, shocked in Zhou Yuan this extremely terrifying Origin Qi background... 秦莲眼眸震惊,她震惊于周元竟然突破了,同时也震惊于周元这极为恐怖的源气底蕴... This is the first time that she Heavenly Sun Realm middle stage that sees 18 hundred million Origin Qi background! 这还是她第一次见到十八亿源气底蕴天阳境中期 This can compare favorably with top Heavenly Sun Realm late stage simply! 这简直能够媲美许多顶尖的天阳境后期了! In the Han Jinhe three people of eyes is also has to reveal with amazement, in their three people, was strongest by the Han Jinhe strength, achieved enough 1.9 billion Origin Qi background, but Xue Qingmei and Wang Su were about 1.8 billion. 韩金鹤三人的眼中也是有着骇然流露出来,他们三人中,以韩金鹤的实力最强,达到了足足十九亿的源气底蕴,而薛青梅王宿则是十八亿左右。 But three people of Origin Qi quality are less than Zhou Yuan, when Zhou Yuan this 18 hundred million background release, they felt immediately a tremendous pressure covers. 但三人的源气品质都不及周元,所以当周元这十八亿底蕴释放出来时,他们顿时感觉到一股巨大的压力笼罩而来。 Their floors, are kā chā one, changes into the powder. 他们脚下的地板,都是咔嚓一声,化为粉末。 How can...” In three people of hearts all turns the difficult situation, then crazy revolution Origin Qi, is clenching teeth to resist that hiding the sky and covering the earth as if continuous pressure stubbornly. “怎么会...”三人心中皆是翻起了惊涛骇浪,然后疯狂的运转源气,咬着牙死死的抵御着那种铺天盖地仿佛源源不断的威压。 The Zhou Yuan look is cold, he knows these three people of unruliness, the common method may be unable to subjugate, therefore first then arouses three people of anger, but then, so long as claps the tiny bits their anger palm of the hand, they naturally can restrain that arrogance. 周元眼神冷冽,他知晓这三人桀骜,寻常手段可镇服不了,所以一来便是激起三人的怒气,而接下来,只要将他们的怒气一巴掌拍得稀碎,他们自然会收敛那种傲气。 The Zhou Yuan palm grasps, Heaven Primal Brush's Promotion stimulated to movement in this time. 周元手掌一握,天元笔的晋升”在此时被催动。 Therefore, sees only Zhou Yuan behind two rounds of Glazed Heavenly Sun to start becomes radiant, Origin Qi background, starts sudden rise gradually. 于是,只见得周元身后的两轮琉璃天阳开始变得璀璨起来,源气底蕴,开始渐渐的暴涨。 1.9 billion! 十九亿! 2 billion! 二十亿 2.1 billion! 二十一亿! With terrifying Origin Qi pressure unceasing enhancement, in that Han Jinhe three people of eyes panic-stricken more and more thick, even Qin Lian is revolution Origin Qi that cannot bear resists, even if Zhou Yuan does not come to her, but that released the Origin Qi pressure that overflowed is to make her as before feels the faint trace oppression. 伴随着恐怖的源气威压不断的增强,那韩金鹤三人眼中的惊骇越来越浓,甚至连秦莲都是忍不住的运转源气抵御起来,即便周元并非是冲着她而来,但那泄溢的源气威压依旧是令得她感觉到了丝丝压迫。 Her vision stubbornly is staring at the Zhou Yuan form, vision glittering. 她的目光死死的盯着周元身影,眼光闪烁 Actually these months, she also obtained the Sky Spirit Sect large amounts of resources, even Sect Master Xuan Kun directed her personally, this is also caused her present Origin Qi background from initial 2.1 billion, upgraded 2.3 billion levels! 其实这几个月的时间中,她同样是得到了天灵宗大量的资源,甚至连玄鲲宗主都亲自指点了她,这也是导致她如今的源气底蕴从当初的二十一亿,提升到了二十三亿的层次! But this promotion , compared with Zhou Yuan this evildoer/monstrous talent, somewhat was actually not worth mentioning. 可这种提升,跟周元这妖孽比起来,却是有些不值一提了。 In hall, Han Jinhe three people of bodies under that stronger and stronger Origin Qi pressure, made the sound of creaking, in eye panic-stricken more and more abundant. 大厅内,韩金鹤三人的身体在那股越来越强的源气威压下,也是发出了嘎吱的声响,眼中的惊恐越来越盛。 Because they felt that has been going to arrive in the limit. 因为他们感觉已经将要抵达极限。 But the growth of Zhou Yuan that Origin Qi pressure, has not actually as if arrived at the end! 周元源气威压的增长,却似乎还没有到尽头! Three people that the Zhou Yuan look faint gaze is struggling desperately, next quarter, his sole fierce treads, Origin Qi background rises suddenly suddenly 200 million in this time! 周元眼神淡漠的注视着苦苦挣扎的三人,下一刻,他脚掌猛的一踏,源气底蕴在此时陡然暴涨两亿! Achieved 2.3 billion directly! 直接是达到了二十三亿! This is almost and present Qin Lian is impartial! 这几乎是与如今的秦莲持平! Bang! 轰! At this moment, that Han Jinhe three people are unable to withstand finally, stuffy, the corners of the mouth have the bloodstain to reappear, does not dare to resist hardly, figure distressed repetitive violently shoots draws back. 此时此刻,那韩金鹤三人终于是无法承受,一声闷哼,嘴角有血迹浮现出来,再也不敢硬抗,身形狼狈的连连暴射而退。 When they retrocede, Zhou Yuan behind two rounds of Heavenly Sun vanish instantaneously, that fearful Origin Qi pressure will also vanish shortly cleanly. 当他们后退时,周元身后的两轮天阳瞬间消失,那可怕的源气威压也是在顷刻间消失得干干净净。 That feeling, that such as storm wreak havoc one merely was only the illusion seemed to be ordinary previously. 那种感觉,仿佛先前那如风暴肆虐般的一幕仅仅只是幻觉一般。 However several people in field understand that possibly is not the illusion... 然而场中的数人都明白,那不可能是幻觉... Even Qin Lian, somewhat changes countenance at this time, her didn't expect Zhou Yuan's Origin Qi background actually has been able to be impartial with her . Moreover, her faint feeling, this 2.3 billion, perhaps are also not the Zhou Yuan's limits. 即便是秦莲,此时都是有些动容,她没想到周元的源气底蕴竟然已经能够跟她持平,而且,她隐隐的感觉到,这二十三亿,恐怕还并不是周元的极限。 Perhaps this fellow concerned about her face countenance, has not surpassed her directly. 这家伙或许只是碍于她的颜面,没有直接超过她而已。 In her heart exclaimed in surprise, then some looks at that belts of pitying color Han Jinhe third people some fears. 她心中惊叹,然后有些怜悯的看着那带着一些恐惧之色的韩金鹤三人。 These three fellows, it may be said that were arranged clearly by Zhou Yuan. 这三个家伙,可谓是被周元安排得明明白白。
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