UB :: Volume #8

#708: Maintenance

Shi Yu all, were wiped to disappear in Universe. 时宇的一切,都在宇宙中被抹消。 Besides specific a group of people, everyone forgot that like comet rise the king of Conferred Gods Battle, exists with the unthinkable speed achievement Universe strongest terrifying. 除了特定的一批人外,所有人都忘记了那个如彗星般崛起的封神之王,以匪夷所思速度成就宇宙最强的恐怖存在。 However, vast Universe, never lacks the powerhouse. 不过,浩大的宇宙,从来不缺强者。 Shi Yu vanishes, naturally can have newly sits the position of Universe Overlord to the high life again. 时宇消失,自然会有新的至高生灵重坐宇宙霸主之位。 Also naturally can have the new life, the card said the Universe level, was to high, the name shook the entire world 也自然会有新的生灵,证道宇宙级,位列至高,名震寰宇 Shi Yu starts the contract Universe innumerable years later, the Universe pattern had had the enormous change. 时宇开始契约宇宙无数年后,宇宙格局已经发生了极大的变化。 Milky Way is this side region, has become the tonic Race paradise. 银河系这方地域,已经成为了补品种族的乐园。 Becoming innumerable tonic Race long-awaited Sacred Place. 成为了无数补品种族梦寐以求的圣地 The reason does not have it, because only from slightly has not risen, said the peerless powerhouse of Universe level by the Ginseng Tot Race card, in this Breakthrough Universe level. 原因无它,只因为有一个从微未崛起,以参宝宝种族证道宇宙级的绝世强者,在此突破宇宙级。 Ginseng Tot seizes a day of good fortune, by one's effort, rewrote the Universe tonic Race fate, making some not have battle efficiency Race, had 82 Chinese net quickest renewals! Opportunity that the cultivation strengthen, can protect oneself. 参宝宝夺天造化,以一己之力,改写了宇宙补品种族的宿命,让一些丝毫没有战斗力的种族,拥有了82中文网最快更新!修炼变强,得以自保的机会。 Innumerable tonic Race called him is Ginseng Monarch, thinks that it was greatest existence. 无数补品种族称呼其为参天帝,认为其是最伟大的存在。 Naturally also some innumerable Race, wished one could to rip the Ginseng Tot skin, after all, although tonic Race cultivated «God after» is not the easy matter, but also more or less changed some Race to relate, making many Race have an empty stomach. 当然也有无数种族,恨不得撕了参宝宝的皮,毕竟,虽然补品种族修炼《天帝经》也不是易事,但也多多少少改变了一些种族关系,让不少种族饿肚子。 However, stands is looking at Sun and Moon in Xiao Zi on-board Ginseng Tot, does not care about these. 不过,站在小紫星上的参宝宝望着日月,才不在乎这些。 Without many people knows, this Ginseng Monarch, is actually some by beast pet of person of forgetting, all that it makes also to help that person as soon as possible contract Universe. 没有多少人知道,这个参天帝,其实是某被遗忘之人的宠兽罢了,它所做的一切也都是为了帮助那个人尽快的契约宇宙 200 years “200年了 Ginseng Tot presses the Dr. hat, felt oneself were too stupid, although successful through „the heart of God card said that the Universe level however actually spent the entire 200 years. 参宝宝压了压博士帽,感觉自己太笨了,虽然成功通过“天帝之心”证道宇宙级但是却花费了整整两百年。 200 years regarding it, regarding Shi Yu, were too possibly long a point. 200年对于它来说,对于时宇来说,可能都太长了一点。 However fortunately, oneself success Breakthrough, had not fallen short of everyone's anticipation finally, had collected the entire Universe Immortality Elixir mighty force, what continuous is Shi Yu is transmitting the nutritious strength. 不过还好,最终自己还是成功突破了,没有辜负大家的期待,已经汇集了全宇宙不死神药伟力,源源不断的为时宇传递着滋补之力。 Day after day, year after year 日复一日,年复一年 Shi Yu only knows that beast pet are trying hard, he can feel each beast pet to transmit to give oneself force clearly. 时宇只知道宠兽们都在努力,他能清晰感受到每一只宠兽传递给自己的力量 Especially Ginseng Tot should be Breakthrough the Universe level. 尤其是参宝宝・・・・・应该是突破宇宙级了吧。 Shi Yu was getting more and more sober, chaos, he felt that oneself had a very long dream, probably gives a cursory look and gains shallow understanding general in the dreamland form, experienced the memory of previous generation. 时宇越来越清醒了,混混沌沌中,他感觉自己做了一个很长的梦,像是以梦境形式走马观花一般,重新经历了前世的记忆。 Shi Yu felt, this should also be the resistance of Universe Will, the opposite party wants to be perished by oneself in the previous generation memory, forgets this life. 时宇感觉,这应该也是宇宙意志的反抗,对方想让自己沉沦在前世记忆中,忘记今生。 However it does not know, when Shi Yu with the empress contract, has been exercising good resistance, Wormie force, lets Shi Yu regarding the dreamland, has the extremely high sensitivity. 不过它不知晓,时宇在和女皇契约之时,已经锻炼出了不错的抗性,并且,虫虫力量,也让时宇对于梦境,有着极高的敏感度。 It failed. 它又失败了。 Also has what method, caused.” Shi Yu opens the mouth, but, waits for his, is actually eternal black darkness, as if, does not need any new method. “还有什么手段,都使出来好了。”时宇开口,不过,等待他的,却是永恒的黑,似乎,根本不需要什么新的手段。 So long as is stranded Shi Yu in this eternal black darkness, making Shi Yu not have means perfection fusion, then on foot 只要把时宇困在这永恒的黑中,让时宇没办法完美融合,那就足矣 Shi Yu in same place, then for a very long time ponders, said: „ Is my strength the utilization to Space and Time has not gone through a strategic pass, the understanding is not in place. 时宇愣在了原地,然后久久沉思,道:“是我对时空之力的运用还不过关,理解还不到位。 Contract and fusion Universe, the key lies in Space and Time. “契约、融合宇宙,关键在于时空 I forgot any important step, Universe Will is disturbing my memory. “我忘记了什么至关重要的步骤,宇宙意志又在干扰我的记忆。 Shi Yu truly, feels contract Universe, which step but also missed. 时宇确实,感觉契约宇宙,还差了哪一步。 He truly remembers, but at this moment, whatever, could not think 他确确实实记得,但这一刻,无论怎么样,也都想不起来了 And seems like the ideological imprisonment to be the same, letting Shi Yu is unable to ponder toward that side. 并像是思想禁锢一般,让时宇无法向着那边思考。 Akame, you remember. 赤童,你记得吗。 Ni “咪 Does not remember. “也不记得了吗。 Shi Yu is lost in thought that but cuts off with the relation of Outside World pitifully completely, besides can feel the beast pet nutritious strength, was unable to accept any information from Outside World. 时宇陷入了沉思,但可惜与外界的联系全部断绝,除了可以感受到宠兽们的滋补之力外,已经无法接受到来自外界的任何信息。 No! 不! Nutritious strength! 滋补之力! Shi Yu stares, suddenly the patient sensation the continuous nutritious strength, the attempt is harvesting some information 时宇一愣,忽然耐心的感知着源源不断的滋补之力,尝试从中收获一些信息 The nutritious strength of different scale transmit one after another, as if composed skewers of codes, constructed news! 不同规模的滋补之力接连传递,彷佛组成了一串串代码,构建了一条条讯息! This is Rin initially, compulsion let „the darkness password that” Shi Yu learned/studied. 是凛当初,强制让时宇学习的“号密码”。 This darkness, will not be detected and aim by Universe Will, can actually compose the important news. 这种号,并不会被宇宙意志察觉与针对,却可以组成至关重要的消息。 Draw, ok, sometimes, spatial “平,行,时,空 Under a brain stabbing pain, Shi Yu stares suddenly, wants to understand anything. 大脑一阵刺痛下,时宇忽然一愣,想明白了什么。 Universe Universe, you can shield me and Akame memory, has taken the enormous effort, you are unable to shield each 82 Chinese net quickest renewals! The Universe level beast pet memory, is unable to be complete, disturbs our complete memories!” 宇宙宇宙啊,你能屏蔽我和赤童的记忆,就已经费了极大力气了吧,你无法屏蔽我每一只82中文网最快更新!宇宙宠兽的记忆,更无法完完全全,干扰我们的全部记忆!” Your impediment, has the loophole finally. “你的阻挡,终有漏洞。 I thought that you really made me forget contract Universe most essential one step. ” 我想起来了,你果然让我忘记了契约宇宙最关键的一步。” Not only need make Beast Space consciousness forcefully fusion this Universe, but must expand unceasingly, complete parallel Universe of fusion 11 discipline! Only by doing so, can with Universe Space and Time perfection fusion, become the lord of Universe thoroughly! “不仅仅要让御兽空间意识强行融合宇宙,还要不断扩张,融合11纪的全部平行宇宙!只有这样,才可以与宇宙时空完美融合,彻底成为宇宙之主! Shi Yu laughs, realized this point said that wants to go a step further expansion fusion completely parallel Universe, first the most main point, is Space and Time attainments 时宇哈哈一笑,意识到了这一点就好说了,想进一步扩张融合全部平行宇宙,首先最主要的一点,就是时空造诣 But to own Space and Time attainments, Shi Yu is very confident, after all, even that side Shiyu special Universe, he can pass through 而对自己的时空造诣,时宇还是很有信心的,毕竟,连时雨那边的特殊宇宙,他都能穿越过去 !! !! Shi Yu read the expansion, but at the same time, he also welcomed a Universe most vigorous resistance, was different from first several psyche disturbances, this time, turned completely, Space and Time shook!!! 时宇一念扩张,不过与此同时,他也迎来宇宙最激烈的一次反抗,不同于前几次的精神干扰,这一次,完完全全变成了,时空震荡!!! Universe Will, like a struggling prey, is revolting against the hunting of Shi Yu. 宇宙意志,就像一个挣扎的猎物,反抗着时宇的狩猎。 Brought manifestation, is the intense Space and Time shake, the Space and Time seismic wave of substantializing, each endures to compare the attack of Universe level, shells on Shi Yu. 带来的体现,就是强烈的时空震荡,实质化的时空震波,每一道都堪比宇宙级的攻击,轰击在时宇身上。 !! !! The Shi Yu fusion process, spits a blood crazily, the feeling or Universe this crudest straightforward resistance, to his influence freshman some. 时宇融合过程,狂吐一口鲜血,感觉还是宇宙这次最粗暴直白的反抗,对他的影响更大一些。 If Universe can continuously this, will then disturb his contract inevitably, but, merely is only one time, Shi Yu felt the injury that Universe shakes, affected much lightly. 如果宇宙能一直这样,那么势必会干扰他契约,不过,也仅仅只是一次,时宇就感觉宇宙震荡的伤害、影响轻了不少。 Displacing, is in Beast Space, one is floating the spirit sword, gradually presents a faint trace fissure. 取而代之,是御兽空间中,一把漂浮着的灵剑,逐渐出现一丝丝裂痕。 Akame, started similar Scapegoat Divine Skill. 赤童,发动了类似替死鬼神技 I resist, as soon as possible contract.” The Akame firm opens the mouth, Shi Yu also knows that at this time this is the best method, making Akame share the pressure on oneself, by own boost to Akame of Universe level, was resisted this rank Space and Time to shake can insist very long Time. “我来抵挡,尽快契约。”赤童坚定的开口,时宇也知道此时这是最好的方法,让赤童给自己分担压力,被自己强化宇宙级的赤童,抵挡这种级别的时空震荡还是能坚持很长一段时间的。 So long as as soon as possible 只要自己尽快 Gave you.” Shi Yu nods, then invested in contract Universe with all one's heart. “交给你了。”时宇点了点头,然后一门心思投入到了契约宇宙中。 Time passes slowly. 时间慢慢流逝。 Shi Yu in speeding up consciousness expansion speed as far as possible, at this time his consciousness, the grave has extended that parallel Space and Time that Shiyu was at 时宇在尽可能的加快意识扩张速度,此时他的意识,已经墓延回了时雨所在的那个平行时空 As the consciousness of Shi Yu spreads, Shi Yu can also feel, the resistance of Universe is getting more and more intense. If were once, a Shi Yu absolutely not contract resistance so intense life this time, Shi Yu really did not have the means 随着时宇的意识蔓延,时宇也可以感觉到,宇宙的反抗越来越激烈。如果是曾经,时宇绝对不会契约一个反抗如此激烈的“生命”不过这一次,时宇实在是没有办法了 Perhaps Beast Master arrives at the pinnacle, is to experience all different situations contracts. Was quick, immediately.” 或许一个御兽师走到极致,就是要体验所有不同情况的契约吧.“快了,马上了。” Shi Yu is getting more and more excited, because he felt, oneself consciousness, gradually wanted fusion complete Universe Space and Time. Akame, feels not to have!” 时宇越来越激动,因为他感觉,自己的意识,逐渐就要融合全部的宇宙时空了。“赤童,感受到没有!” Shi Yu joyful shares 82 Chinese net quickest renewals with Akame! Situation, but is quick, the Shi Yu delay is incomparable. 时宇欣喜的跟赤童分享82中文网最快更新!情况,不过很快,时宇呆滞无比。 Discovered that the small sword in Beast Space, when does not have long known, thorough shatter, lost the life sign, only leaves behind the last wisp of spirit strength, lingers in the Shi Yu whole body, prevents for him is attacking 发现御兽空间中的小剑,早已经不知道何时,彻底破碎,失去了生命迹象,只留下最后一缕灵力,萦绕在时宇周身,替他阻挡着攻击 Akame dissipated thoroughly 赤童彻底消散了 I! “我! The next quarter, the Shi Yu eyeground reveals to condense the incomparable firmness, said: Immediately I can become Universe maintenance. When the time comes, will resurrect you.” 下一刻,时宇眼底露出凝聚无比的坚定,道:“马上我就可以成为宇宙维系者.到时候,会将你复活。” The time flies, the resistance of Universe is still continuing, the Shi Yu contract is also continuing. 时光飞逝,宇宙的反抗还在继续,时宇的契约也在继续。 Akame was Shi Yu strives for most precious Time, how long Shi Yu did not know this Time, but he indistinct sensation arrives now, Akame should in this Time, complete Breakthrough of Universe level. 赤童时宇争取了最宝贵的一段时间,时宇也不知道这段时间有多久,不过他现在隐约感知到了,赤童应该在这段时间,已经完成了宇宙级的突破 What a pity, oneself as Beast Master, by the Universe Will disturbance, the entire journey cannot notice the Akame condition 可惜,自己作为御兽师,被宇宙意志干扰,全程没能注意到赤童的状态 Akame has not died! 赤童没有死! It looks like in Shi Yu, so long as become the lord of Universe, in oneself eyes, does not have death. Oneself can also resurrecting Akame 时宇看来,只要自己成为了宇宙之主,在自己眼里,就没有“死亡”可言。自己还可以复活赤童 You struggle again, when my contract completes, erases your consciousness thoroughly, no matter pays what price, you know, I do.” Shi Yu threat opens the mouth. “你再挣扎,等我契约完成,就彻底抹除你的意识,不管付出什么代价,你知道的,我做的到。”时宇威胁开口。 Bang. 轰隆。 The terrifying power and influence, erupts from Shi Yu, at this moment, Universe, although is still shivering, but in the resistance, seems to be also disclosing a fear. 恐怖的威势,从时宇身上爆发,这一刻,宇宙虽然还在颤动,不过反抗中,似乎还透露着一丝恐惧。 Vast boundless beast Space and Time, with infinite vast Universe Space and Time, under being intertwined of strength of Space and Time, however agrees at this moment courageous last. 浩瀚无垠的御兽时空,与无限浩大的宇宙时空,此刻在时空之力的交缠下,勐然契合最后一笔。 New Universe maintenance, birth. 新一任宇宙维系者,诞生了。
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