UB :: Volume #8

#707: History of change

Milky Way department! 银河系! Outside Xiao Zi star! From 小紫星外!自 Shi Yu decides this day contract Universe, no one has said goodbye, except for own beast pet. 时宇决定契约宇宙这一天,谁也没有告别,除了自己的宠兽们。 Under the gaze of beast pet, deep breath one breath, closed both eyes. 只是在宠兽们的注视下,深呼吸一口气,闭合双眼 Body, heart and intent “身、心、意 Except that has entered Akame in Beast Space, other beast pet are gazing in outside 除了已经进入御兽空间中的赤童,其他宠兽都在外边注视着 The body of Shi Yu, the Space and Time ripple fills the air at this time, the figure vanishes slowly, beast pet know, Shi Yu this is the first step, transforms all becomes 82 Chinese net quickest renewals! Beast Space Will. 时宇的身上,此时时空波纹弥漫,身形慢慢消失,宠兽们都知道,时宇这是第一步,将一切都转化成为了82中文网最快更新!御兽空间意志 Becoming final Universe Will, first becomes Beast Space this small-scale Universe Universe Will. 成为最终的宇宙意志,先成为自己御兽空间这个小型宇宙宇宙意志 Only by doing so, has the coordinated qualifications, goes to and big Universe conducts the contract. 只有这样,才有对等的资格,去和大宇宙进行契约。 Is the contract, rather is in the following to subdue|grams! 与其说是契约,不如说是以下克上! Invades it, replaces it! 侵占它,取代它! ying!!” With disappearance of Shi Yu, beast pet at this moment, but can also feel the Shi Yu sound, but can also feel existence of Shi Yu, even can also communicate with Shi Yu !!”随着时宇的消失,宠兽们此刻,还能感受到时宇的声音,还能感受到时宇的存在,甚至还能跟时宇沟通 However, slowly. 不过,慢慢的。 With passing of Time, as Shi Yu attempts to let Beast Space and Universe Space and Time resonance and fusion, he entered the most difficult time, at this moment, he does not have the unnecessary energy, branches out the thoughts and Outside World beast pet chatted. 随着时间的流逝,随着时宇尝试让御兽空间宇宙时空共鸣、融合,他进入了最艰难的时刻,这一刻,他就没有多余的精力,来分出心思和外界宠兽们聊天了。 Even, pondered that something are somewhat hard to achieve. 甚至,就连自己思考一些事情都有些难以做到。 Because, he must greet, is Universe Will does not know that is intense resistance one by one 因为,他也要迎接,是宇宙意志不知道算不算强烈的反抗一一 No one knows that before these 11 eras, Universe also experienced many time restarted, had several to maintain, if 谁也不知道在这11个纪元之前,宇宙还经历了多少次重启,曾经有过几个维系若 Under recommendation, trades source app to pursue the book really easily-to-use, here downloads www.huanyuanapp.com everyone to go to try quickly.】 【推荐下,换源app追书真的好用,这里下载www.huanyuanapp.com大家去快可以试试吧。】 These maintenance, possibly pursue the supreme great strength inborn, may not think that the relatives and friends followed Universe to restart died, but the lord of forced achievement Universe. 那些维系者,可能天生追求至高无上的强大,也有可能不想自己、亲朋好友伴随宇宙重启死去而被迫成就宇宙之主。 When their contract Universe Will with holding to read anyone not to know, but attempted to break the Universe Will defense line with the language offensive, Shi Yu possibly first. 他们契约宇宙之时的意志与执念谁也不知晓,不过用语言攻势尝试打破宇宙意志防线的,时宇可能还是第一个。 Although the consciousness the mold lake, however the happy small mouth of Shi Yu, still talked endlessly is talking over 意识虽模湖,但是时宇的甜蜜小嘴,依然喋喋不休的念叨着 little Yu, the small eon, do not revolt, with my contract. “小宇啊,小宙啊,别反抗了,跟我契约吧。 We promise you, 10 billion years, this process you do not need to revolt, Time arrives, I leave. “咱答应你,就100亿年,这个过程你也不用反抗,时间一到,我自己走人。 We when becomes friends, you looked that previous generation maintenance beast pet wants to kill you, I saved you! “咱就当交个朋友,你看上一代维系者宠兽想弄死你,还是我救了你! Always restarts does not have meaning “老是重启也没意思・・・ It seems like in the instinct general Shi Yu mouth, has not jumped the redundant words, to possibly has the consciousness, but possibly does not have consciousness Universe, such is talking incessantly. 似乎是本能一般时宇的口中,就没蹦出重复的话,对着可能有意识,但也可能没意识的宇宙,就那样唠叨着。 Actually, knows that becomes Universe maintenance, Universe Will will still not destroy, still after will revolt, Shi Yu also had the new goal. 其实,知道成为了宇宙维系者,宇宙意志依然不会毁灭,依然会反抗后时宇就又有了新的目标。 Now this side Universe, after all is others family/home, so long as he becomes lord of the Time Universe, received exchange growth Time to be good. 现在这方宇宙,毕竟是别人家的,他只要成为一段时间宇宙之主,来换取发育时间就好了。 After seeing the Wormie create world of discipline dream, Shi Yu felt, perhaps they can also pursue a higher boundary 看到了虫虫的梦之创世纪后,时宇觉得,或许他们还可以追求更高的境界 For example, oneself create side real Universe. 比如,自己创造一方真实的宇宙 When the time comes, but also is this side Universe maintenance, did not matter, but also the power in original Universe, has nothing 到时候,还是不是这方宇宙的维系者,也就无所谓了,还权于原宇宙,也没什么 Ni follows Shi Yu consciousness the mold lake together, Akame, Beast Space and Universe Space and Time overlaps mutually fusion, places internal her, is bigger than the Outside World Eleven and the others pressure. “咪・”跟着时宇一起意识模湖的,还有赤童,御兽空间宇宙时空相互重叠融合,身处内部的她,远比外界十一它们压力要大。 Outside World. 外界 As Shi Yu starts contract Universe, beast pet also look at each other one mutually, nods, departed respectively. 随着时宇开始契约宇宙,宠兽们也互相对视一眼,点了点头,各自离去了。 Without the restraint of Beast Master, then, big of Universe, is their stages. 没有了御兽师的约束,接下来,宇宙之大,皆是它们的舞台。 However, these beast pet goals, only has one. 不过,这些宠兽的目标,也只有一个。 Helps Shi Yu. 时宇 Has not reached the Universe level beast pet, oneself find the way to go to practice and training, cultivates, went to the Breakthrough Universe level to achieve beast pet of Universe level, then found the way to amass money, earned the resources, feeds back Shi Yu 没达到宇宙级的宠兽,自己想办法去历练,去修炼,去突破宇宙级而达到了宇宙级的宠兽,则想办法敛财,赚取资源,来反馈时宇 „” Eleven is ready to fight to leave, planned that duplicate/restores carves the old route in match Persia, was not depended upon Beast Master to become Universe by oneself to be strongest, becomes new Universe Overlord, founds entire Universe richest Milky Way Legion, builds invincible fight people Clan Iron Eater Clan goes on an expedition Universe for oneself, gains the resources! “嗷・・”十一摩拳擦掌离开,打算复刻赛波斯的老路,让自己不依靠御兽师成为宇宙最强,成为新的宇宙霸主,创建全宇宙最有钱的银河军团,打造一支无敌的战斗民食铁兽为自己征战宇宙,赚起资源! he/she.( Was time.)” Ginseng Tot also left this place, plans to continue to disseminate the main road, wants the strength of volume of entire Universe tonic Race, feeds back itself, is Shi Yu conducts 82 Chinese net quickest renewals! Nutritious, for the Breakthrough Universe level. “伊。(是时候了。)”参宝宝也离开了此地,打算继续传播大道,要集全宇宙补品种族之力,反馈自己,为时宇进行82中文网最快更新!滋补,也为了自己突破宇宙级。 Each beast pet has own goal. 每一只宠兽都有着自己的目标。 Shortly, Milky Way is in powerhouse, discovered when major beast pet of character, start to enliven in various Universe places suddenly alone. 没多久,银河系内的强者,就发现了时字的各大宠兽,忽然之间开始独自活跃在宇宙各处。 This makes Blue Star Will wait/etc. understand, perhaps Shi Yu has started contract Universe 这让蓝星意志等明白,时宇恐怕已经开始契约宇宙 Shi Yu started contract Universe, from the beginning only then Shi Yu beast pet knew, later, saw the Shi Yu beast pet condition, had the Shi Yu acquaintance to guess correctly these one after another. 时宇开始契约宇宙了,一开始只有时宇宠兽们知晓,随后,看到时宇宠兽们的状态,陆续有时宇的熟人猜到了这些。 However, most makes some people not realize right, the first round of resistance that Universe Will starts. 不过,最让一些人意识到不对劲,还是宇宙意志开始的第一轮反抗。 The Overlord star, Universe Overlord in deep sleep, however opens the eye courageous, cold snort/hum. 霸主星内部,沉睡中的宇宙霸主,勐然睁开眼睛,冷哼一声。 Started. “开始了吗。 Go away, do not try to disturb me. “滚开,不要试图干扰我。 It thought aloud, does not know is saying anything. 它自言自语,不知道在说些什么。 Different insect mother nest. 异虫母巢。 Obtains the strength of Wormie Bloodlines feedback, is closing up attacks higher boundary different Insect Queen, courageous however opens the eye. 得到虫虫血脉反馈之力,正在闭关冲击更高境界的异虫女王,也勐然睁开眼睛。 This is the Universe first resistance mechanism. 这就是宇宙的第一道反抗机制吗。 The Universe kings, first time felt, Universe Will, is wiping to disappear the Shi Yu existence trace. 宇宙帝王们,第一时间感受到了,宇宙意志,正在抹消时宇的存在痕迹。 First manifests, remembers. 最先体现的,就是记忆。 In Universe, all life regarding the Shi Yu memory, slowly dissipation 宇宙内,所有生命对于时宇的记忆,慢慢消散 Different from Shi Yu contract empress that time, is beast pet gradually forgets, the bystander is not affected, this time, is and Shi Yu has contract beast pet to be not affected, but did not have the bystander of contract connection to receive the significant disturbance of Universe Will with Shi Yu. 不同于时宇契约女皇那次,是宠兽们逐渐遗忘,外人不受影响,这一次,则是和时宇有着契约的宠兽不受影响,但和时宇没有契约关联的外人受到了宇宙意志的严重干扰。 However, this degree of disturbance, regarding the Universe kings, naturally can revolt against Universe Will to wipe with ease to disappear their memories, but also insufficiently. 不过,这种程度的干扰,对于宇宙帝王们来说,自然可以轻松反抗宇宙意志想抹消它们的记忆,还不够。 But, regarding the Universe emperor , was very terrifying. 但,对于宇宙帝王之下,就很恐怖了. Next arrives at Blue Star each young Beast Master that regards Shi Yu is the idol, on arrives at Jewel Cat such Super God peak, is indistinct, they are startled slightly, always felt that forgot anything. 下到蓝星每一个视时宇为偶像的年轻御兽师,上到宝石猫这样的超神巅峰,隐约间,他们微微一怔,总感觉忘了点什么。 Space and Time is revising, some history that even Shi Yu once made, record the Shi Yu literature and television work also to be revised and wiped to disappear. 时空正在修正,甚至时宇曾经创造的一些历史,一些纪录时宇的文献、影视作品也都被修改、抹消。 Facing wants to control own Shi Yu, Universe Will this is must thoroughly from the source level, completely eliminates Shi Yu. 面对想掌控自己的时宇,宇宙意志这是要彻底从本源层面,彻底消除时宇 Almost with many Time, trim Universe, had almost not forgotten Shi Yu this name, with forgetting Shi Yu beast pet and experience. 几乎没有用多少时间,整片宇宙,都几乎忘记了时宇这个名字,也跟着忘记了时宇宠兽、经历。 11 eras, the biggest historical fault/chasm, a strangest Lost History phenomenon appears like this. 一个11纪元,最大的历史断层,一个最离奇的失落的历史现象就这样出现。 This point, Shi Yu actually has the expectation, because the master of no matter if it is black leopard destruction god, is mainland life, when they in attempting to control Universe, encountered Universe such resistance. 这一点,时宇其实早就有预料,因为无论是黑豹破坏神的主人,还是大陆生命,它们在尝试主宰宇宙时,也都遭遇了宇宙这样的反抗。 First, then forgot by Universe thoroughly. 首先,便是被宇宙彻底遗忘。 However, really can completely forget. 不过,真的能忘干净吗。 Universe Will is unable to change the Universe level the memory, this gave a Shi Yu card BUG opportunity 宇宙意志还是无法改变宇宙级的记忆,这就给了时宇一个卡BUG的机会 Shi Yu does not care about the person who does not know to 82 Chinese net quickest renewals! Own memory, if 20 years ago, he may the vanity pursue reputation, but now, has become Universe most powerhouse so many years, has not mattered. 时宇不在乎不认识的人对82中文网最快更新!自己的记忆,如果是20年前,他或许会很虚荣的追求名声,但是现在,已经成为宇宙最强者这么多年,已经无所谓了。 So long as is these relational good acquaintances, without forgetting oneself were OK. 只要是那些关系不错的熟人,没有忘记自己就可以了。 But wants to achieve this point, is not difficult. 而想做到这一点,并不困难。 Milky Way is the Archaeological Union headquarters, President Lu Qingyi stands in the garret, look a little confused is looking at Starry Sky, always felt oneself forgot what important matter, is in any event, she cannot think that was anything. 银河考古协会总部,会长陆青依站在阁楼上,眼神有点迷茫的望着星空,总感觉自己忘记了什么重要的事情,可是无论如何,她也想不起来是什么了。 Warned. “咛。 However in the meantime, Starry Sky color Slime, opens the Space and Time door, appeared in her front. 不过就在此时,一只星空颜色的史来姆,打开时空门扉,出现在了她的面前。 You are Lu Qingyi looks at Susu, even has forgotten the memory about Susu, all memories about this piece of Universe, was revised becomes does not have Shi Yu to exist. “你是・・”陆青依看着素素,甚至已经遗忘了关于素素的记忆,关于这片宇宙的一切记忆,都被修正成为了没有时宇存在。 Warned.” Susu puts out a Memory Droplet appearance the falling decoration, gave the opposite party “咛。”素素拿出一个记忆水滴模样的坠饰,交给了对方 Lu Qingyi is startled slightly, has taken Memory Droplet, the next flash, Blue Star, Donghuang, Pingcheng, the split statue, can Listen to Voice of History Genius, start from all sources, concerns Shi Yu all memories, returns with the help of Susu thoroughly. 陆青依微微一怔,拿过记忆水滴,下一瞬间,蓝星,东煌,平城,裂开的石像,能聆听历史之音天才,从一切源头开始,关乎时宇的一切记忆,在素素的帮助下彻底回归。 This process, Lu Qingyi is so shocked they broke out in a cold sweat, layer on layer/heavily panting for breath 这个过程,陆青依惊出一身冷汗,重重喘息着 Susu 素素 Is I!” Susu happy say/way. “是我!”素素开心道。 This is one of the contract Universe side effects. “这个就是契约宇宙的副作用之一吗。 Un, yes. “嗯,是的。 Was lucky has you Lu Qingyi lingering fear: „ My memory was rewritten unexpectedly completely, I had not detected completely. Incurring “多亏了有你・・・”陆青依后怕道:“我的记忆竟然全部被改写了,我完全没有察觉。招 Has not related, has me, this is Shi Yu gives my duty.” Susu said: „, I helped others. “没关系的,有我在,这是时宇给我的任务。”素素道:“那么,我就去帮助其他人了。 That, his situation how. “那个,他情况怎么样了。 Does not know.” Susu shakes the head to say “不知道。”素素摇了摇头道 Right “是吗 Shi Yu has not made Susu restore entire Universe about his memory, such will cause a more intense resistance of Universe, memory that but the restoration of minimum scale is worth restoring. 时宇没让素素恢复全宇宙关于他的记忆,那样会引起宇宙的更强烈的反抗,只是极小规模的恢复着值得恢复的记忆。 No one has thought, this process, long incomparable, is Shi Yu and between Universe Will, first round of fierce confrontation 谁也没想到,这个过程,就漫长无比,是一场时宇宇宙意志之间的,首轮激烈对抗 Universe is losing absorbed, force was being weakened.” Has not known how long, the consciousness of Shi Yu mold lake, was more sober, how he did not know the Outside World situation, how long also has not known. 宇宙正在遗忘我,力量正在被削弱。”不知道过了多久,时宇模湖的意识,清醒了一些,他也不知道外界情况怎么样了,也不知道过了多久。 The physical strength that he feels, is sliding rapidly, but, has the continuous physical strength, makes up from Outside World 他感觉的体力,正在急速下滑,不过,却又有源源不断的体力,从外界进行补 Should be Eleven, Wormie and Ginseng Tot they 应该是十一虫虫参宝宝它们・
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