UB :: Volume #3

#246: Would-be god beast Makros Tortoise

Outside Emperor Wu's Relic, the crowd is chaotic. 武帝遗迹外部,人群混乱。 Was looking at competition well, suddenly was transmitted, no matter what who compels ignorant. 原本正在好好的看比赛,忽然被传送出来,任谁都懵逼。 In this case, actually a strength status higher person is more vacant. 这种情况下,其实实力地位越高的人就越茫然。 However, they have to calm down fast, manages the general situation. 但是,他们还不得不快速冷静下来,主持大局。 Father.” “爸。” President Bai looked at Legend Bai Ming. 白会长看了一眼白鸣传奇 The Legend Bai expression is dignified. 白传奇表情凝重。 Mother.” He explodes the swearing directly, the shock looks at this time sky. “妈的。”他直接爆粗口,震惊的看着此时的天空。 The red big eye does not have. 红色大眼已经没了。 However a moment ago that constriction 但是刚才那种压迫感 Absolutely is a totem level lifeform!! 绝对是一尊图腾级生物!! Oh. 乖乖。 Flash Legend Bai on. 一瞬间白传奇就一身冷汗。 In Emperor Wu's Relic, a totem level lifeform of hidden??? 武帝遗迹内,还有一尊隐藏的图腾级生物??? This matter 这种事 Emperor Wu's Relic was developed for dozens years, unexpectedly no one has discovered. 武帝遗迹被开发几十年,竟然谁也没有发现过。 Lost in the contact with vestige.” “失去了与遗迹内部的联系了。” At this time, touched rock pillar Commander Bai to say gently fast, the expression was ugly. 这时,轻轻触摸着岩柱的白团长快速说着,表情难看。 The President Bai expression also extremely, the family, feels ugly at this time odd extremely. 白会长表情也难看万分,这一家人,此时都觉得离谱万分。 The people recalled the situation. 众人回忆起刚才的情况。 Shi Yu with the Chen Yu showdown, both sides has not been deciding the victory and defeat, finally, Relic Space vibrates suddenly, the sky presents pair of huge red both eyes. 时宇正在和陈御对决,双方还未分出胜负,结果,遗迹空间忽然震动,天空出现一对巨大的红色双眼 Their clear heard a few words. 他们清晰的听到了一句话。 Is together the terrifying sound, scolded trivial Iron Eater, that meaning seems saying the turtle first under heaven, very discontented Shi Yu and Chen Yu to fighting process. 是一道恐怖的声音,骂了一句区区食铁兽,那意思仿佛是在说乌龟天下第一,很不满时宇陈御的对战过程。 Then, did not have then, everyone was transmitted. 然后,就没有然后了,所有人都被传送了出来。 The outside world, Bai Xi and Lu Qingyi look at each other in blank dismay. 外界,白溪陆青依面面相觑。 They seek for the Shi Yu form, what a pity, had not found. 她们两人寻找起时宇的身影,可惜,没有找到。 Suddenly, they two not good premonitions, on the face cannot help but appear one pile of heavy lines. 忽然,她们两个都有一种不好的预感,脸上不由得浮现一堆黑线。 Senior Sister I made a mistake, I am really silly, real 学姐我错了,我真傻,真的 Now, Bai Xi understood the Principal Feng sentiments. 现在,白溪体会到封校长的心情了。 Because the Ghost Battlefield top totem Shi Yu regains consciousness, stimulation. 亡灵战场的顶级图腾因为时宇苏醒,刺激吧。 Ancient Metropolis Beast Master therefore had a scare. 古都上上下下的御兽师都因此被吓了一跳。 Now, when this stimulation appears near own, Bai Xi discovers the beforehand comprehension, radically also insufficient pain. 现在,当这种刺激出现在自己家附近,白溪发现之前的领悟,根本还不够痛。 This time, really pain! 这次,才是真的痛! Regardless of how saw, Shi Yu annoyed some totem probably 刚才的一幕无论怎么看,都像是时宇惹到了某只图腾 Very good, this returned to the vestige not only to go bad, but also came out a totem, Bai Xi felt oneself spread on the important matter. 很好,这回遗迹不仅坏了,还出来个图腾,白溪感觉自己摊上大事了。 Do not be first anxious.” Lu Qingyi deep breath one breath. “先别紧张。”陆青依深呼吸一口气。 Judged with her rich doing dead experience, matter has not been in the worst situation. 以她丰富的作死经验来判断,事情还没到最糟糕的地步。 She has informed Principal Feng, prepares to look for Titled Legend to have a look at the situation. 她已经通知起封校长,准备找封号传奇过来看看情况。 Perhaps, not necessarily is the hostile totem.” She said. “或许,不一定是敌对图腾。”她道。 Can the totem in Emperor Wu space, a possibility, by the totem that nine column seals suppress , is Emperor Wu beast pet. 能在武帝空间中的图腾,一个可能,是被九柱封印镇压的图腾,还有一个,则是武帝宠兽 So long as is not the former, all have the leeway of reverse. 只要不是前者,就一切还有反转的余地。 All these, unthinkable, odd, but at present, first should do, definitely crowd management. 这一切,匪夷所思,离谱的很,但是眼下,最先应该做的,肯定还是管理人群。 Legend Bai said: First keeps the order, the scattered personnel and take inventory the population to the point of safety.” 白传奇道:“先维持秩序,疏散人员到安全地点并清点人数。” His speed way, this matter, was carried out by President Bai and Commander Bai fast. 他快速道,这件事,也由白会长白团长快速去执行了。 But Legend Bai, then guarded outside the vestige, prevented the mutation. 白传奇,则镇守在了遗迹外,防止异变。 If really has the totem level lifeform, is precisely in the hostile situation, perhaps entire Wuling City, can become the ruins instantaneously. 如果真的有图腾级生物,且是敌对的情况下,整个武陵市,恐怕会瞬间成为废墟。 The second-level city has not resisted the totem the ability. 二级城市可没有抵挡图腾的能力。 But his bad old man, resisted Overlord-level Creature at the most, Totem Creature, that coped with by Titled Legend. 而他一个糟老头子,对抗霸主级生物就顶天了,图腾生物,那得由封号传奇来对付。 Quick, under the management of Royal Beasts Unit, the order was maintained. 很快,在御兽兵团的管理下,现场秩序被维持了住。 And almost with how long, President Bai and the others had not determined a matter. 并且几乎没有用多久,白会长等人就确定了一件事。 Can preliminarily determine, at that time all was transmitted in the Relic Space people, except for Shi Yu “可以初步确定了,当时所有在遗迹空间的人都被传送了出来,除了时宇 Except for Shi Yu “除了时宇 This result obtains, the outside world, Legend Bai and the others are almost the instantaneous face is black, a subtle egg sore feeling. 这个结果一得出,外界,白传奇等人几乎是瞬间脸黑,有一种微妙的蛋疼感。 Sins!!!” “造孽啊!!!” This matter must say that are not related with Shi Yu, kills him not to believe! 这事要说跟时宇没关系,打死他都不信! At this time, must say that the mood changes intensely, definitely Shi Yu. 此时,要说心情变化最为激烈的,肯定还是时宇了。 In Emperor Wu's Relic of nobody left, Shi Yu does not know that goes with what mood facing sky that to huge both eyes. 空无一人的武帝遗迹中,时宇根本不知道用什么心情去面对天空那对巨大的双眼 Eleven, Ginseng Tot and Wormie left from Beast Space as if by prior agreement, and Shi Yu equally is anxiously dignified, looks at that pair of red great eye. 十一参宝宝虫虫都不约而同从御兽空间自行出了来,和时宇一样凝重、紧张的看着那双红色巨眼。 My “我 Shi Yu now even in slow, still knows oneself spread on the matter. 时宇现在就算在迟钝,也知道自己摊上事了。 Red both eyes that however fortunately, in the sky presents does not have to hurt his meaning probably. 不过还好,天空中出现的红色双眼好像没有伤害他的意思。 Ok, I and you haggle over anything.” “算了,我和你计较什么。” The serious sound conveys, dizzy, Shi Yu only felt that at present one absent-minded, appeared in a brown desolate earth world. 沉重的声音传来,天旋地转一下,时宇只感觉眼前一恍惚,紧接着就出现在了一处棕色的荒土世界。 After arriving here, the Shi Yu pupil further contracted, saw clearly red great eye the appearance of master. 来到这里后,时宇瞳孔进一步收缩,看清了红色巨眼的主人的模样。 This is Shi Yu has seen at present the biggest lifeform. 这是时宇目前见到过的最大的生物。 Its body just like mountain tall, the length of body estimated that was over a hundred meters, but also investigating Gigantify condition Eleven is extremely huger. 它的身躯犹如山高,体长估计达到了上百米,还要比究极巨化状态的十一还要庞大。 This is a turtle class lifeform, the whole body is the drab, is close to the color in land extremely, above the tortoise shell as if carries a hill, but most shocks, is its body that astonishing black scars, making it seemingly tyrannical incomparable. 这是一只龟类生物,浑身为土褐色,和大地的颜色极为接近,龟壳之上仿佛背着一座山丘,但是最为震撼的,还是它身躯那一道道触目心惊的黑色伤痕,使它看上去暴虐无比。 Shi Yu at present, Archaeodex crazy change. 时宇眼前,考古图鉴疯狂变化。 Name: Makros Tortoise 【名称】:重玄 Attribute: earth 【属性】:土 Species Tier: Advanced Overlord( accurate myth) 种族等级】:高等霸主(准神话) Growth Level: Totem level 成长等级】:图腾级 Species Skill:??? 种族技能】:??? Energy content:??? 【能量值】:??? Introduction: In the legend one of the Emperor Wu four big battle-pet, can control the gravity. 【介绍】:传说中武帝四大战宠之一,可以操控重力。 Rumble.” “咕噜。” Sees the material of Archaeodex demonstration, Shi Yu flickers swallows several saliva crazily. 看到考古图鉴显示的资料,时宇一瞬狂咽数口口水。 Heavy, Makros Tortoise??!! 重,重玄??!! „Are you Makros Tortoise???” “你是重玄???” Shi Yu very shocking opens the mouth. 时宇非常震惊的开口。 This, this. This 这,这。这 The Emperor Wu period, the Emperor Wu material only spreads the part. 武帝时期,武帝的资料只流传下来部分。 People only know that he has dragon Xing, the bird shape, the turtle shape and tiger shape beast pet, is frequently the fit object, regarding other beast pet materials, then has lost in the history, is unable to inspect , Emperor Wu turtle shape beast pet, is Makros Tortoise. 人们只知道他有龙形、鸟形、龟形、虎形宠兽,是经常合体的对象,对于其他宠兽资料,则已经在历史中丢失,无法考察,其中,武帝的龟形宠兽,便是重玄 Evolved to be close to Mythical Species, the strength reached the totem level, can be called certainly existence of god beast. 一只进化到了接近神话种族,实力更是达到了图腾级,可以被称为准神兽的存在。 Un??? Is I.” “恩???是我。” Although had passed in 2000, but can spread regarding own name, Makros Tortoise is very satisfied. 虽然已经过去了两千年,但是对于自己的名字能流传下来,重玄还是非常满意的。 Meanwhile, the Shi Yu expression is fiercely earnest. 与此同时,时宇表情猛地认真起来。 Right that you said that trivial Iron Eater, surely does not have the means with being called compared with the turtle clan of immortal spirit auspicious beast, unexpectedly my is unbearably angry the opponent to train the turtle clan said weakly.” “您说的对,区区食铁兽,肯定是没办法跟被称为仙灵瑞兽的龟族相比的,我那是气不过对手竟然把龟族培养的那么弱才那么说的。” My dream, obtains an approval of strong turtle clan!” “我的梦想,就是得到一只强大龟族的认可!” Eleven:??? 十一:??? ying chirp??” “嘤嘤嘤??” Iron Eater, Iron Eater obviously was how fiercer than the turtle. 食铁兽怎么了,食铁兽明明比乌龟厉害啊。 ~ “唔~” yi!” “咿!” Wormie and Ginseng Tot urged Eleven to be low-key and low-key. 虫虫参宝宝十一低调、低调。 You are strong, but looks at the overall race, Iron Eater indeed did not compare with the turtle clan of being lost in thought beast. 你强是强,但是看整体种族,食铁兽的确跟出过神兽的龟族比不了。 That is natural.” “那是自然。” Saw that Shi Yu recognizes instigated, Makros Tortoise vision twinkle. 见到时宇认怂,重玄目光闪烁。 Also calculates on your little rascal to say. 还算你小鬼上道。 However, said this saying, Makros Tortoise was a little actually afraid. 不过,说出这话,重玄其实有点心虚。 It hesitates, looked to Shi Yu and Eleven. 它沉吟一下,看向了时宇十一 Although Iron Eater is ordinary, but you are good, it was also the outstanding person in Iron Eater.” “虽然食铁兽一般,但你们还不错,它也算是食铁兽中的佼佼者了。” Your this Beast Master as if not just cultivate, but also simply has not developed its bloodlines potential, essential does not do, then worries to carve the engraved inscription to make anything.” “只不过你这个御兽师似乎不怎么会培育,还根本没有把它的血脉潜力开发出来,关键的一步不做,那么着急刻铭文做什么。” Shi Yu:??? 时宇:??? Eleven:? 十一:嗷? Now, the Shi Yu mood was returned to normal initially. 现在,时宇的心情算是初步平复了下来。 Knew in Emperor Wu's Relic actually still to have Emperor Wu beast pet, although he shocked and is shocked, but present Makros Tortoise at least is at least friendly. 知道了武帝遗迹中竟然还存在一只武帝宠兽,他虽然非常震撼、震惊,但起码眼下的重玄至少还算友善。 But, Makros Tortoise a few words, they gave Shi Yu directly entire are ignorant. 可紧接着,重玄的一句话,直接把时宇他们给整懵了。 Bloodlines potential?” The Shi Yu vacant say/way, Eleven also has any special bloodlines. “血脉潜力?”时宇茫然道,十一还有什么特殊血脉吗。 Makros Tortoise shot a look at Eleven, said: Ok, was so long, you do not know also normally, was it the birth time has had what accident/surprise.” 重玄瞥了一眼十一,道:“算了,这么久了,你们不知道也正常,它是不是出生时候出现过什么意外。” It is the royal family bloodlines in Iron Eater, in ten thousand selects one, is the special atavism situation, but, if its parental strength is insufficient, may cause it the awakening bloodlines failure when the birth, looks at its appearance, should be the awakening bloodlines failed, in this situation can also live, the luck is very good.” “它是食铁兽中的王族血脉,万中挑一,属于特殊的返祖情况,但是,如果它的父母实力不够,可能会导致它在出生时觉醒血脉失败,看它的样子,应该是觉醒血脉失败了,这种情况下还能活下来,运气十分不错。” Shi Yu people:() 时宇众人:() Shi Yu is a little all of a sudden disorderly. 时宇一下子有点凌乱。 Iron Eater, so-called royal family? 食铁兽,还有所谓的王族? Do the bloodlines awaken the failure? 血脉觉醒失败? Therefore, the meaning of Makros Tortoise is, Eleven the body was physically weak in childhood , because the bloodlines do awaken the pot of failure? 所以,重玄的意思是,十一小时候身体弱,是因为血脉觉醒失败的锅? Eleven: ying chirp? 十一:嘤嘤嘤? In front of Makros Tortoise such monster, it does not dare to show is in itself the Panda King air/Qi field. 重玄这样的怪物面前,它不敢展现自己身为熊猫王的气场。 However, the Makros Tortoise words, make Eleven be lost in thought. 不过,重玄的话,却让十一陷入了沉思。 Really are oneself also Panda King? 自己还真是熊猫王 Your meaning is, Eleven it is the Iron Eater royal family, again the method of awakening bloodlines.” Shi Yu asked. “您的意思是,十一它是食铁兽的王族,并且,还有重新觉醒血脉的方法吗。”时宇问。 Makros Tortoise: Naturally has.” 重玄:“当然有。” Compares ordinary Iron Eater, the Iron Eater royal family can awaken shortly after the birth independently the deterrent, no longer needs to achieve King Level to awaken, the deterrent will also become their Species Skill.” “相比普通的食铁兽,食铁兽的王族在出生后不久就能自主觉醒威慑,不再需要达到君王级才能觉醒,威慑也会成为它们的种族技能。” In addition, the Iron Eater royal family is militant, will is powerful, the appetite is astonishing, the vitality is tenacious, special race talent, is not ordinary Iron Eater can compare.” “除此之外,食铁兽的王族好战、意志强大,食量惊人,生命力非常顽强,还有特殊的种族天赋,可不是普通的食铁兽能比。” What kind of, wants to let its awakening royal family bloodlines.” “怎么样,想让它觉醒王族血脉吗。” The Shi Yu flash is excited. 时宇一瞬间兴奋。 fuck. 卧槽 Is the deterrent transformation Species Skill??? 威慑转化为种族技能??? Deters this skill, although was can only awaken beast pet to King Level independently, but, was actually not every beast pet Species Skill. 威慑这个技能,虽然是只宠兽到了君王级都能自主觉醒,但是,却不是每一只宠兽种族技能 Only then in these beast pet races special royal family, has the Species Skill deterrent, their unified characteristics, are Awakened Level can awaken independently the deterrent, does not need to wait till King Level. 只有那些宠兽种族中特殊的王族,才拥有种族技能威慑,它们统一的特点,就是觉醒级就能自主觉醒威慑,不用等到君王级 Deterring this skill is indeed easy-to-use, Shi Yu has selected Miraculous the Eleven deterrent in addition, pitifully, Skilldex was unable to promote again, the showing current deterrent at all is not Eleven Species Skill. 威慑这个技能的确好用,时宇已经把十一的威慑加点到了出神入化,不过可惜,技能图鉴已经无法再提升,说明当前威慑根本不是十一种族技能 But according to Makros Tortoise said that if Eleven becomes the Iron Eater royal family , the deterrent then may the transformation is Species Skill, promoted to nearly to enter a rank? 但按重玄所说,如果十一成为了食铁兽的王族,那么,威慑便有可能转化为种族技能,提升到近进乎道级别了? Ok.” Shi Yu discovers this turtle senior accidental/surprised friendliness. “可以吗。”时宇发现这个龟前辈意外的友善。 The turtle worthily is the auspicious beast. 乌龟不愧是瑞兽啊。 This wave, is the day falls the auspicious omen simply. 这波,简直是天降祥瑞。 Thinks the fart to eat, why I must help you.” Makros Tortoise said. “想屁吃,我为什么要帮你。”重玄道。 Shi Yu and Eleven:? 时宇十一:? Shi Yu grasped the fist of Ice Dragon Blade to be all of a sudden hard, was hateful. 时宇握着冰龙之刃的拳头一下子就硬了,多可恨啊。 He withdrew the words, this Makros Tortoise, with that Dragonkin Turtle master same personality bad 他收回刚才的话,这个重玄,跟那个龙血龟的主人一样性格恶劣
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