TCOC :: Volume #18

#1736: Pursuit

Dragon Slayer had kept off by Seal completely. 屠龙士全部被禁制挡了回来。 Is looking at the near at hand dragon soul, this is the unsurpassed delicacy, they actually can only do looks at, is unable to approach. 望着近在咫尺的龙魂,这就是无上的美味,他们却只能干看着,根本无法靠近。 This taste does not feel better, stared in a big way the eye, the eyeball quickly jumped. 这种滋味儿着实不好受,一个个都瞪大了眼睛,眼珠子都快蹦出来了。 „” “嗷” Dragon Slayer face upwards the long and loud cry, the anger soars to the heavens, toward leading to the Fourth Level stairway roared. 屠龙士仰天长啸,怒火冲天,朝通往第四层的楼梯口咆哮。 Tang Zheng heard their roaring, aloof, if did not have the time, he definitely kept the elimination opposite party, where gave back to the opportunity that they roared. 唐铮听见了他们的怒吼,无动于衷,若是没有时间了,他肯定留下来消灭对方,哪里还给他们咆哮的机会。 He pushes to the front, then each yet higher goal supposes Seal, does not give Dragon Slayer to torment Dragon Hun the opportunity. 他一马当先,接下来每一层楼的都设下禁制,不给屠龙士荼毒龙魂的机会。 Is the following floor, in which dragon soul is more formidable, if after Dragon Slayer absorbs, the strength will also jump over terrifying. 越是后面的楼层,其中的龙魂越强大,若是屠龙士吸收之后,实力也将会越恐怖 Tang Zheng will certainly not look on this matter occurrence, supposes Seal completely, does not give Dragon Slayer any opportunity. 唐铮当然不会坐视这种事情发生,全部设下禁制,不给屠龙士任何机会。 But he does not have the happy strength, because, the form of Dragon Slayer leader does not have the trail lost to view, does not have the means to know that actually the leader went to which a yet higher goal. 但他却没有一点高兴的劲头,因为,屠龙士首领的身影杳无踪迹,没办法知道首领究竟去了哪一层楼。 Dragon god fragment, he definitely rushed to this thing.” Tang Zheng concludes to say. “龙神碎片,他肯定是奔着这东西去了。”唐铮断定道。 sōu! 嗖! He directly pursued the ninth building, may not have the form of leader, he looked at the stair to tenth building, the facial color is sinking. 他一口气直接追到了第九层楼,可还是没有首领的身影,他望着通往第十层楼的台阶,面色一沉。 The tenth building must practice Dragon Shenjue to enter the step version to enter, but the leader actually opened access goes. 第十层楼必须要修炼龙神决进阶版才能进入,但首领却畅通无阻地进去了。 This has given his enormous pressure, made him very silly, actually did the opposite party accomplish this point? 这给了他极大的压力,却也令他十分糊涂,对方究竟是怎么办到这一点的? That is the tenth building. 那可是第十层楼啊。 He does not have the time to think, takes a deep breath, whiz one also rushed to the tenth building, may as before be completely empty, does not have the form of Dragon Slayer leader. 他没时间多想,深吸一口气,嗖的一下也冲上了第十层楼,可依旧是空空如也,没有屠龙士首领的身影。 Hissing! 嘶! Tang Zheng holds breath cold air, look becomes gloomy gets up, the under foot keeps, fast arrived at 11 th, a ghost does not have. 唐铮倒吸一口凉气,眼神变得阴沉起来,脚下不停,飞快地到达了第11层,一个鬼影都没有。 In his heart becomes anxious, fast rushed to the tenth two-story building. 他心中变得焦急起来,飞快地冲上了第十二层楼。 When his foot just stepped this yet higher goal, sees to have a silver form to the 13 th stairway place. 当他的脚刚踏上这一层楼时,就看见通往第13层的楼梯口处有一个银色的身影。 In the Tang Zheng heart one suddenly, the whole body alert, loudly shouted to clear the way: Stop!” 唐铮心中一突,浑身戒备,大喝道:“住手!” The opposite party is displaying divine ability, big a yet higher goal ripples the terrifying aura, where Tang Zheng has not been understanding that attempt of opposite party, stops immediately loudly. 对方正在施展神通,偌大的一层楼都荡漾着恐怖的气息,唐铮哪里还不明白对方的企图,立即大声制止。 How this motion not to have an effect, the opposite party has turned head, coldly looked at his one eyes, thinks little, has turned head. 奈何这番行动根本没起作用,对方扭过头来,冷冷地看了他一眼,不以为意,又扭过头去。 Tang Zheng was disregarded unexpectedly. 唐铮竟然被无视了。 Tang Zheng stared in a big way the eyeball, flew into a rage saying: I called you to stop.” 唐铮瞪大了眼珠,勃然大怒道:“我叫你停下来。” He does not have two words, the profound storehouse sword erupts the radiant ray in his hands, his personal appearance dodges, has swooped to the enemy. 他没有二话,玄藏剑在他手中爆发出璀璨的光芒,他身形一闪,已经飞扑向了敌人。 This person naturally is the Dragon Slayer leader, hears the back sound from out of the blue, the imposing manner that as well as that blots out the sky, he did not have the means to disregard finally. 这人当然就是屠龙士的首领,听见背后的破空声,以及那铺天盖地的气势,他终于没办法无视了。 His big hand wields backward, a silver ray flies to shoot, has hit the profound storehouse sword exactly. 他大手向后一挥,一股银色的光芒飞射而出,恰好击中了玄藏剑。 Bang! 轰! After a dull thumping sound, the profound storehouse sword almost lets go to fly, thus it can be seen the might of leader. 一声闷响后,玄藏剑差点脱手飞出去,由此可见首领的威力。 Tang Zheng remains unmoved, the sword flower blooms from hand, blooms just like thousand tree ten thousand tree pear flowers, the sword light in an instant surrounded the enemy. 唐铮不为所动,剑花从手中绽放出来,宛如千树万树梨花绽放,剑光刹那间就包围住了敌人。 The leader pupil shrinks slightly, is astonished however said: Really has such big skill, in Dragon Clan, when had your this master?” 首领瞳孔微微一缩,讶然道:“竟然有这么大的本事,龙族之中,何时出了你这种高手?” Tang Zheng cold snort|hum, said: You are Dragon Clan, actually betrays Dragon Clan, but also leads other people, damages Dragon Clan, swallows other Dragon Clan dragon souls, was really too mean and shameless.” 唐铮冷哼一声,道:“你身为龙族,却背叛龙族,还带领其他人,祸害龙族,吞噬其他龙族的龙魂,真是太卑鄙无耻了。” The leaders snort contemptuously, laugh saying: „Am I mean and shameless? The position of Dragon King was me, had actually been won by that damn fellow, how can I not get angry?” 首领嗤之以鼻,大笑道:“我卑鄙无耻?龙王之位本来就属于我,却被那该死的家伙夺走了,我如何能不怒?” „Did you do such crazed matter?” Tang Zheng compels to ask. “那你就干出了此等丧心病狂的事?”唐铮逼问道。 Dragon Clan is unkind to me, I naturally also on the non- righteousness, destroy Dragon Clan, makes that old thing looks at him actually wrong odd, who truly most suits works as Dragon King.” The leaders said indignantly. 龙族对我不仁,我自然也就不义,毁灭龙族,让那老东西瞧一瞧他究竟错的有多离谱,谁才是真正最适合当龙王的。”首领愤愤不平地说。 The old thing in Tang Zheng very clear opposite party mouth definitely is the father of opposite party, once old Dragon King. 唐铮很清楚对方口中的老东西肯定就是对方的父亲,曾经的老龙王。 Your actions showed wise of old Dragon King exactly, if he gave you position of Dragon King, that was makes Dragon Clan move toward the destruction.” The Tang Zheng rebuttal said. “你的所作所为恰恰说明老龙王的英明,若是他将龙王之位交给你,那才是让龙族走向毁灭。”唐铮反驳道。 „Do I lead Dragon Clan to move toward the destruction?” The leaders scoff to say with a smile deprecatingly: I lead Dragon Clan to move toward magnificently am right, you looked that present Dragon Clan moved toward the destruction.” “我带领龙族走向毁灭?”首领不以为意地嗤笑道:“我带领龙族走向辉煌才对,你看如今的龙族才是走向了毁灭。” But all these get up because of you.” Tang Zheng adds. “可这一切都是因你而起。”唐铮补充道。 Leader cold snort|hum, said: Because of me how, but gets up? This is the price that Dragon Clan should pay.” 首领冷哼一声,说:“因我而起又如何?这就是龙族应该付出的代价。” You are really a lunatic, impervious.” Tang Zheng shakes the head, lost the interest of theory thoroughly, points at the staircase to give an oral account: You want to go to 13 buildings is right?” “你果真是一个疯子,不可理喻。”唐铮摇摇头,彻底失去了理论的兴趣,指着楼梯口说:“你想去13层楼对吗?” I not only wants to go to the 13 th building, but also wants to go to a higher floor.” The leaders not mince matter their intention, said cockily. “我不但想去第13层楼,还想去更高的楼层。”首领丝毫不掩饰自己的意图,神气活现地说。 Why did you pause?” Tang Zheng asked facetiously. “那你为什么停步了?”唐铮戏谑地问道。 Small Seal, you think that can block the footsteps that I go forward really?” The leaders asked. “小小禁制而起,你以为真的可以挡住我前进的脚步吗?”首领反问道。 Seal cannot block, I.” Tang Zheng did not determine whether Seal can block the leader, after all, his strength was too formidable. 禁制挡不住,还有我。”唐铮不确定禁制是否能够挡住首领,毕竟,他的实力着实太强大了。 Even if so, this doesn't have him? 纵然如此,这不还有他吗? Saw only him to block dutifully between the leader and staircase, imposing did not fear, look firmly looks at he. 只见他义无反顾地挡住在了首领和楼梯之间,凛然不惧,眼神坚定地看着他。 The leaders disdain curled the lip, said: Acts recklessly, really feels disappointed, I have killed you first, then seizes the dragon god fragment.” 首领不屑地撇了撇嘴,说:“不知死活,真是扫兴,那我先杀了你,再去夺龙神碎片。” „Do you such want the dragon god fragment? I make you look, open mind.” Tang Zheng lowers roars, whole body Dragon's Prestige suddenly, flood dazzling golden light. “你就这么想要龙神碎片吗?那我就让你瞧一瞧,开开眼界。”唐铮低吼一声,浑身龙威勃,泛起了刺眼的金光。 He looks like a metal statue, five fingers one had the change, changes makes huge Dragon Claw. 他就像是一个金人,五指唰的一下发生了变化,变作一个巨大的龙爪 Hū! 呼! Dragon Claw grasps to the leader, threatens, Dragon's Prestige is sends out, this is Dragon Shen Dragon's Prestige, can restrain other Dragon Clan specially, Dragon King is no exception. 龙爪向首领抓去,气势汹汹,龙威更是散发出来,这是龙神的龙威,专门可以克制住其他龙族,连龙王也不例外。 Initially, Tang Zheng frightened Dragon Clan with the prestige of dragon god, Dragon Clan did not dare the revolt, now he thinks one's old tricks heavy. 当初,唐铮就是用龙神之威震慑住了龙族,龙族连反抗都不敢,如今他想故技重施。 After all, the dragon god fragment has the awesome effect to Dragon Clan, the opposite is also one of the Dragon Clan, impossible not affected. 毕竟,龙神碎片对龙族都有震慑作用,对面也是龙族之一,不可能不受影响。 The leader whole body trembles, is looking at Tang Zheng unbelievable, asked: „Did you fuse the dragon god fragment?” 首领浑身一颤,难以置信地望着唐铮,问道:“你已经融合了龙神碎片?” The leaders had seen Dragon Shen, is not naturally strange to Dragon's Prestige of dragon god, has recognized. 首领曾经见过龙神,对龙神的龙威自然不陌生,一眼就认了出来。 The Tang Zheng happily corners of the mouth raise, said: Your actually somewhat eyesight vigor.” 唐铮得意地嘴角一扬,道:“你倒是有几分眼力劲。” The leader facial color sinks, said: You also match the [say / way] to melt the closure god fragment, absurd.” 首领面色一沉,道:“你也配道融合龙神碎片,岂有此理。” His big hand searched changes has made Dragon Claw, silver Dragon Claw grasped directly to Tang Zheng, he unexpectedly not by the influence of prestige of dragon god. 他大手一探变作了龙爪,银色的龙爪径直抓向唐铮,他竟然不受龙神之威的影响。 Tang Zheng stared in a big way the eyeball unthinkably, called out in alarm said: „Is this possible? How don't you fear the prestige of dragon god?” 唐铮匪夷所思地瞪大了眼珠,惊呼道:“这怎么可能?你怎么不怕龙神之威?” The leaders snort contemptuously, said with a smile crazily: Ha, I, if fears the prestige of dragon god, how dare naturally to betray Dragon Clan, how can also oppose with Dragon Clan.” 首领嗤之以鼻,狂笑道:“哈哈哈,我若是惧怕龙神之威,当然又岂敢背叛龙族,又如何能与龙族作对。” In a twinkling, Dragon Claw covered Tang Zheng. 说时迟,那时快,龙爪笼罩住了唐铮
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