TT :: Volume #12

#1114: The analysis of dream

Zhou Bai only felt after own eye is bright with many colors a while ago, then appeared on a street in city. 周白只感觉自己的眼前一阵五光十色之后,便出现在了一座城市的街道上。 He raised the head, swept one everywhere, the discovery present city street and East Hua City resemble very much, but as if also contained the modern sci-tech of human beings time. 他抬起头来,四处扫了一眼,就发现眼前的城市街道和东华城很相像,但似乎又蕴含了智人时代的现代科技。 Moreover Zhou Bai also discovers the pedestrian on here road not to know why...... the arms of everyone hugged a cat. 而且周白还发现这里路上的行人不知道为什么……每一个人的怀里都抱了一只猫。 These lie down in the person arms cat wield the tail lazily, in the body are making the sound of snoring snoring unceasingly, will hug the person of cat then to accelerate, decelerate or stop on the spot. 这些躺在人怀里的猫懒洋洋地挥动着尾巴,身体里不断发出呼噜呼噜的声音,抱着猫的人便会加速、减速或者停在原地。 They as if can control human with the snoring sound. 他们似乎可以用呼噜声来控制人类。 This that Christina makes what at sixes and sevens dream is, by the cat control world?” 克莉斯缇娜做的这是什么乱七八糟的梦啊,被猫主宰的世界吗?” When Zhou Bai is thinking, suddenly saw that a black cat arrived at his front, a face pities looks at Zhou Bai saying: Giant you? Was abandoned by the main cat? Goes home with me.” 就在周白这么想着的时候,突然看到一只黑猫走到了他的面前,一脸怜悯地看着周白说道:“大个子你怎么了?被主猫抛弃了吗?跟我回家吧。” Was saying the black cat is nipping the Zhou Bai bottom of pants leg, must Zhou Bai to the distant place. 说着黑猫咬着周白的裤脚,要将周白拉向远处。 Soon also had other cats to be hugged, saw that Zhou Bai voiced the opinions. 很快又有其他猫被人抱着走了过来,看到周白纷纷发出感叹。 „, Good ugly vagrant person.” “哇,好丑的流浪人。” reveal, do you want to adopt this person? You are careful, many savage not own cats, you are careful by him are hit.” “露露,你要收养这个人吗?你当心点啊,很多野人不亲猫的,你当心被他打。” Hahahaha, he well funny oh, how to have such ugly person, I must photograph to pass to the cat to come up abundantly.” “哈哈哈哈,他长得好搞笑噢,怎么有这么丑的人,我要拍照传到猫博上去。” „......” Zhou Bai rolled the eyes, started Dream Sutra directly, the whole person then changed into invisible, flew the sky. “……”周白翻了个白眼,直接发动了大梦心经,整个人便化为无形,飞上了天空。 The world in consciousness, making him various Daoist Magic in reality have no use, only then Dream Sutra can steal the dreamland the sovereignty, making cultivator display all sorts of Divine Ability in the dreamland. 意识中的世界,让他在现实里的各类道法都没什么用处,只有大梦心经可以窃取梦境的主权,让修士在梦境之中发挥出种种神通 cultivation to profound place, even can control others 's dreamland directly, making one fall into the permanent deep sleep, or kills others 's will in the dream. 修炼到高深之处,甚至能够直接主宰他人的梦境,让人陷入永久的沉睡,又或者在梦中杀死他人的意志。 However the constitution of this dream is perfect, detailed and huge, Zhou Bai felt that here looks like a real world to be the same, letting him also only to display Dream Sutra in the dream makes some flights and stealths and so on simple ability. 不过这个梦的构成非常完善、详实、庞大,周白感觉这里就像是一个现实世界一样,让他也只能施展大梦心经在梦中做出一些飞行、隐形之类的简单能力。 With the standard in Dream Sutra, this is one is powerful, is hard the dreamland that subverts. 大梦心经中的标准来说,这是一个非常强大,难以颠覆的梦境。 The city of looks at under foot, Zhou Bai thinks: In this dream did the relations of person and cat invert? Christina where?” 看着脚下的城市,周白想到:“这个梦里人和猫的关系颠倒了吗?克莉斯缇娜又在哪里呢?” However next moment, Zhou Bai then saw the Christina form in a giant screen. 不过下一刻,周白便在一个巨大的屏幕里看到了克莉斯缇娜的身影。 Sees only this cat to lie on a platform, the tail moves unceasingly, was saying to the microphone excitedly: Mildew mainland, takes the cat as to revere.” 只见这猫趴在一个讲台上,尾巴不断甩动,正对着话筒激动地说道:“白毛大陆,以猫为尊。” In our world has tens of thousands of types as lovable as the kitty of limit.” “我们这个世界上有成千上万种可爱到极限的猫咪。” Our cat clan is this world's greatest race, we once saved this world.” “我们猫族是这个世界最伟大的种族,我们曾经拯救了这个世界。” Each cat clan has several thousand years of life span, our IQ is developed, deeply loves the nature, is infatuated with the art, is the world's happiest race.” “我们每一个猫族都有数千年的寿命,我们智商发达,热爱自然,醉心艺术,是世界上最美好的种族。” Next month election casts a Christina vote, because she will make the cat clan again great!” “下个月的选举投克莉斯缇娜一票,因为她会让猫族再一次伟大!” Zhou Bai listened to one then to curl the lip with something else in mind, but in the heart had doubts: Why will Christina now have such dream? What relations has with that magnanimous memory?” 周白听了一会便不以为然地撇了撇嘴,但心中却疑惑起来:“为什么克莉斯缇娜现在会做这么个梦?和那份海量记忆有什么关系?” Suddenly, Zhou Bai saw that behind Christina in screen suddenly presented a man, an opposite party blade held in the chest of Christina, assassinated the opposite party directly, then exclaimed toward the screen: Dies! human race will overthrow you! Dominant world!” 突然间,周白看到屏幕中的克莉斯缇娜背后突然出现了一个男人,对方一刀捅在了克莉斯缇娜的胸口,直接刺杀了对方,然后朝着屏幕吼道:“去死吧!人族将会推翻你们!统治世界!” But has not waited for him to pull out the blade, then saw that Christina jumped from him, haha said with a smile: Future I have informed me, the future human resistance will influence send people to assassinate me! You kill is a substitute person!” 但还没等他把刀拔出来,便看到克莉斯缇娜从他背后跳了出来,哈哈笑道:“未来的我已经通知我,未来的人类反抗势力会派人来刺杀我了!你杀的就是一个替身!” Then, more than ten cat clans then lie down in the arms of person, controlled the person to clash, the assassin pushed to the ground directly. 说罢,十多个猫族便躺在人的怀里,控制着人冲了出来,直接将刺客按倒在地。 But has not waited for the assassin to be brought to get down, was an assassin appeared in Christina behind, a blade pierced her body again. 但还没等刺客被带下去,便又是一名刺客出现在克莉斯缇娜的身后,再次一刀刺穿了她的身体。 Future we have known future you sent people to prevent future us to assassinate you, therefore we can also conduct two assassinations!” “未来的我们已经知道了未来的你们派人来阻止未来的我们刺杀你了,所以我们还能进行二次刺杀!” Then Christina jumped: Future I have sent people to inform my you to conduct two assassinations! I have been guarding against this! What you assassinate is only a pseudaelurus! Comes the cat! Brings to get down him!” 接着又有一只克莉斯缇娜跳了出来:“未来的我已经派人通知我你们会进行二次刺杀!我早就防着这一手了!你们刺杀的只是一只假猫!来猫啊!把他带下去!” But all had not finished, Zhou Bai egg looks at has Christina and assassin sorely unceasingly jumps, in an instant the corpse piled up with the live broadcast screen. 但一切还没有结束,周白蛋疼地看着不断有克莉斯缇娜和刺客跳出来,转眼间尸体就堆满了直播屏幕。 Is up to mischief?” “搞什么鬼?” Has not waited for the Zhou Bai ponder is too long, the whole world sudden dizziness, after all stagnate, he discovered that oneself wears the armor, stands in a top. 还没等周白思考太久,整个世界突然一阵天旋地转,当一切停滞下来后,他发现自己身穿盔甲,站在一片墙头上。 Christina wears the long gown, stands, in the front discussed: First the emperor does not start an undertaking half, but middle course death of the emperor, today next three points, Yizhou running low, the autumn of this honest critical life or death also......” 克莉斯缇娜则身穿长袍,站在前方念道:“先帝创业未半而中道崩殂,今天下三分,益州疲弊,此诚危急存亡之秋也……” Innumerable kitty looks at she, whispered shocking: Prime minister is quite fierce!” 无数猫咪震惊地看着她,纷纷低语道:“丞相好厉害!” Also without and other Zhou Bai responded, was an assassin jumped, a blade cut to Christina. 还没等周白反应过来,就又是一名刺客跳了出来,一刀砍向了克莉斯缇娜 Then presents Christina and assassin repeatedly in turn. 然后就又是重复地轮流出现克莉斯缇娜和刺客。 next moment is dizzy, Zhou Bai then saw that the whole world changes again, Christina wears the long skirt, was saying to one pack of white papers: This is the papermaking that I invent! Starting today! The cat cat has the character to write!” 下一刻再次天旋地转,周白便又看到整个世界再次大变,一只克莉斯缇娜穿着长裙,对着一叠白纸说道:“这就是我发明的造纸术!从今天开始!猫猫有字写!” Kitties that all around encircles all with shocking vision looks at she: Is quite fierce!” 四周围的猫咪们全用震惊地目光看着她:“缇娜好厉害!” Zhou Bai dark secretly thought: Must come.” 周白暗暗道:“又要来了吧。” As he expected, is the assassin and Christina appears again in turn, the quick field littered with corpses, the world changes again rapidly. 果然如他所预料的那样,再次是刺客和克莉斯缇娜轮流出现,很快尸横遍野,世界再次飞速变化。 Sees only Chris to step on a head of human shouts high: Nobilities rather have to plant!” 只见克里斯缇娜踩在一个人类的头上高喊道:“王侯将相宁有种乎!” next moment, a missile drops from the clouds directly, finally the halfway must by another missile interception, the missile that then intercepts probably by another missile interception...... 下一刻,一枚导弹直接从天而降,结果半路就要被另一颗导弹拦截,然后拦截的导弹又要被另一颗导弹拦截…… Zhou Bai saw that here also gradually understood: „The world of this dreamland, is one can the shuttle space and time, the historical unceasingly changed world.” 周白看到这里也逐渐明白了过来:“这个梦境的世界,是一个能够穿梭时空,历史不断被改变的世界。” Again is at present dizzy, suddenly returned to the present society, then saw that Christina stood in front of the training troughs, pointed at human saying: I announced! The new generation of cat labor breeding was born! I name them am the Zhou Bai person, this will be the world's most own cat, human that the most suitable kitties to play with!” 眼前再次天旋地转,突然又回到了现实社会,便看到一个个克莉斯缇娜站在了一个个培养槽前面,指着其中的人类说道:“我宣布!猫工繁育的新人类诞生了!我将他们取名为周白人,这将是世界上最亲猫,最适合猫咪们玩弄的人类!” Kitties face looks at Christina that all around encircles, exudes the sound of calling out in alarm shocking, looks at Christina to be self-satisfied. 四周围的猫咪们一脸震惊地看着克莉斯缇娜,纷纷发出惊呼之声,看得克莉斯缇娜志得意满。 This assassin has not appeared immediately, Zhou Bai discovered oneself lie down in training the trough, therefore he asked: Christina does not invent the papermaking?” 这一次刺客却没有马上出现,周白发现自己就躺在培养槽里,于是他问道:“克莉斯缇娜不是发明造纸的吗?” An orange cat jumps to say immediately: You talked nonsense anything! Dr. Christina is the world's most intelligent cat, is the expert of human breeding......” 一只橘猫立刻跳出来说道:“你胡说八道什么!克莉斯缇娜博士是世界上最聪明的猫,是人类繁育的专家……” Zhou Bai also asked: „Isn't Christina campaigning for the president?” 周白又问道:“克莉斯缇娜不是在竞选总统吗?” Christina shakes the head: My breeding has the flaw evidently, this only Zhou Bai IQ obviously has the issue. Castrated to sell to collect the research spending him.” 克莉斯缇娜摇了摇头:“看样子我的繁育还是有缺陷,这只周白智商明显有问题。把他阉了卖出去凑科研经费吧。” In Zhou Bai heart secretly thought: „The history of this world was changed unceasingly, but the residents in this world actually do not know this, even their majority sensation does not arrive at the change of history, because they in this history. Instead was my outcomer sensation to this point......” 周白心中暗道:“这个世界的历史在不断被改变,但是这个世界的居民们却不知道这点,甚至他们大部分都感知不到历史的变化,因为他们本身就在这历史之中。反而是我这个外来者感知到了这一点……” Thinks of here, in the heart of Zhou Bai moves suddenly, thinks before the time flows backwards, the palace clothing female has spoken a few words. 想到这里,周白的心中突然一动,想到了时光倒流前,宫装女子说过的一句话。 Our universes, do not have the true temparal-spatial model. Otherwise is impossible to have flowing backwards of space and time, to stop and even know in advance this matter.” “我们的宇宙,已经没有了真正的时空结构。不然不可能发生时空的倒流、停止乃至预知这种事情。” In the heart of Zhou Bai raised a clear(ly) to become aware suddenly: „The conflict that because the memory seal and time flow backwards...... is the consciousness of Christina transforming a dreamland the magnanimous memory? Preservation in subconscious?” 周白的心中突然升起了一丝明悟:“难道因为记忆封印和时光倒流的冲突……克莉斯缇娜的意识正在将海量记忆转化成一场梦境?保存在潜意识中?” In this dreamland all, although incredible, but is actually corresponding the content in her magnanimous memory?” “这个梦境中的一切虽然荒诞,但其实对应着她海量记忆中的内容?”
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