TOTM :: Volume #10

#935: white Mei( 5600 make up)

Evil livestock secure does dares offend somebody? “孽畜安敢伤人? When does honored one round, Aaron flushed from the woods, bends the bow the nocking, an arrow hit a target the fierce tiger eyes. 干钧一发之际,亚伦从树林中冲了出来,弯弓搭箭,一箭就射中了猛虎眼睛。 Jade big brother?! „ “玉大哥?!“ side Jing and side Xiaolong just like seeing family member, is extremely excited is calling. 方镜与方晓龙宛若看见了亲人,极其激动得叫着。 Makes you run remote mountain Old Lin, suicides? „ “让你们跑来深山老林,寻死呢?“ Aaronbreathlessand shot several arrows, has not actually hit a target. 亚伦“气急败坏“地又射了几箭,却没有射中。 side Xiaolong sees this, the bull horn bow that will carry hastily handed over. 方晓龙见此,连忙将背着的牛角弓递了过去。 Aaron actually wavedto be inadequate, run! „ 亚伦却挥挥手“不成了,快跑!“ Saw that wicked tiger to throw, Aaron grabbed two small hands only immediately, fled fast. 见着那恶虎又扑了过来,亚伦立即抓着两小只的手,飞快奔逃。 In jungle, cannot distinguish clearly what direction. 密林之中,也分不清什么方向。 Suddenly! 忽然! side Jing slides, rolls into a pitch, is implicating side Xiaolong and Aaron also rolled. 方镜脚下一滑,就滚入一个斜坡,拖累着方晓龙与亚伦也滚了下去。 Bang! 砰! side Jingshuai on the ground, felt that Five Viscera and Six Bowels must split, askedus at a loss...... where? „ 方镜摔在地上,感觉五脏六腑都要裂开,茫然问道“我们……是在何处?“ side Xiaolong feels the forehead, crawled, has a look at all around, called outseems like a mountain valley, well? There has a hole! „ 方晓龙摸着额头,也爬了起来,看看四周,叫道“好像是一个山谷,咦?那里有个洞!“ You first treat here, I have a look! „ “你们先待在这里,我去看看!“ Aaron did not pass on responsibilities, pulls a branch to work as the club, walked, opened outside vine with the clubprobably is really the serving cave...... in as if also something. „ 亚伦当仁不让,扯了一根树枝当哨棒,走了过去,用棒子挑开外面的藤蔓“好像真是伺山洞啊……里面似乎还有些东西。“ He lights the torch, walked, thought aloud. 他点燃火折子,走了进去,自言自语道。 side Xiaolong and side Jing follow hastily, sees in the caverns, above the dikes, has villains, is making various movements, impressively is «Hundred Yang Record»! 方晓龙与方镜连忙跟上,就看到洞穴之内,岩壁之上,有着一个又一个的小人,正做出各种动作,赫然是《百阳图录》! This is Aaron arranges certainly personally. 这当然是亚伦亲手布置的。 After all with these two small aptitude only, he thought that Omei cannot have a liking for others seriously, can only first batardeau seedling encourage one. 毕竟以这两小只的资质,他觉得峨眉当真看不上人家,只能先堰苗助长一番了。 As for these cultivation method origins? 至于这些功法的来历? He attempts to pervert early, can trace to side Leshui, is Li Family and Zhao Family...... may be called the veins be clear. 他早做了手脚,可以追溯至方乐水,然后就是李家赵家……堪称脉络清晰。 These two young brats are also not necessarily able to leak so many news. 况且,这两个小兔崽子也未必会泄露这么多消息。 If you can realize dry Yang Zhenqi , the people of high skill by Omei was seen exactly, some actually such a point of prospects, acknowledge as teacher Omei. „ 若是你们能练成乾阳真气,又恰好被峨眉的高人见到,倒是有那么一分指望,拜师峨眉。“ Aaron ponder to say secretly, can it be that subsequently calls out in alarmthis...... what peerless martial arts? „ 亚伦暗自忖道,继而惊呼“这莫不是……什么绝世武功?“ Photos! „ “照啊!“ side Xiaolong pats palmsleads to fall the cliffs to result in the fortuitous encounters, in the story-telling script story does not write? Today should our three people send Vary! „ 方晓龙一拍手掌“主角掉崖得奇遇,话本故事里不都是这么写的么?今日合该咱们三人发发利市!“ He was not many said, immediately is studying the villain on dike, started to make various movements. 他也不多说,立即学着岩壁上的小人,开始做出各种动作。 , Also is, as if already quite the same as absorbed. 一遍下来,又是一遍,似乎已经浑然忘我。 Nearby side Jing has not actually started to take action, but is looking at these murals, the mouths keep muttering anything, obviously is reciting with single-hearted devotion. 旁边的方境却没有开始行动,而是望着这些壁画,嘴里不停喃喃着什么,显然是在专心背诵。 Aaron also fits out the infatuated appearance, is actually observing two people progress at heart, nodside Xiaolong is secretly smart, was actually inferior to side Jing steadily...... „ 亚伦也装成痴迷其中的模样,心里却在观察两人进度,暗自点头“方晓龙过于机灵,却不如方镜稳重了……“ At this moment, the distant place transmits a great roar suddenly! 就在这时,远方忽然传来一声巨吼! The sound like the cow, its air/Qi soars to the heavens! 其声如牛,其气冲霄! In the Aaron heart moves, goes out of the cave, when sees does not know, to the night, a full moon has overhung the sky, when is the Tai Yin normal position. 亚伦心中一动,走出山洞,就见不知何时,已经到了夜晚,一轮圆月高挂天空,正是太阴正位之时。 The old dragon pool direction, vermilion monster qi is shooting up to the sky together, scarlet such as the pill pill of fire, is not living in the beat under the moonlight. 老龙潭方向,一道朱红色的妖气正冲天而起,其中还有一枚赤红如火的丹丸,正在月光之下不住跳动。 Is that doing year of vermilion Ha...... is drawing support from the moonlight, quenchings its Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality and monster qi? „ “是那头干年朱蛤……正借助月华,淬炼本身内丹与妖气?“ This monster, Aaron has actually discovered. 这头妖怪,亚伦其实早就发现了。 And, has been able to survive some doubts near Mount Emei. 并且,对其一直能在峨眉山附近生存很有些疑惑。 But at this time, actually gets a sudden inspiration suddenly, calculates that some clueso that's how it is...... this doing year of vermilion Ha, to constantly the big medicine that somebody prepared! „ 但此时,却忽然灵机一动,算到了一些端倪“原来如此……这头干年朱蛤,是给某人准备的一味大药!“ In Aaron thinks of this point, in the boundless nighttime sky, shines together the sword glow suddenly! 就在亚伦想到此点之时,茫茫夜空之中,忽然亮起一道剑芒! This sword light majestic like thunder, one tears the curtain of night, just like to daytime, its potential, if racing thunder, has person's shadow together, the right person sword unites, a sword cut off the monster qi heavenly pillar, took out that fiery-red Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality. 剑光堂皇如雷,一下撕裂夜幕,宛若到了白昼,其势若奔雷,当中有一道人影,正身剑合一,一剑斩断了妖气天柱,从中取出了那枚火红色的内丹。 Moo!!! „ “哞!!!“ The old dragon pool innumerable pond water was separated instantaneously, middle appears a giant frog. 老龙潭无数潭水被瞬间分开,当中浮现出一头巨大的蛤蟆。 Its whole body is dark red, just like the scarlet blood, the eye bulge, sends out the sparkling golden light, the cry is to actually be similar to the calf is ordinary. 它全身殷红,宛若赤血,眼睛凸起,发出闪闪金光,叫声却是如同牛犊一般。 Antiquity variation- millennium vermilion Ha! 上古异种—千年朱蛤! At this time, this variation that Sword Immortal is roaring to the sky in loudly, is quite angry. 此时,这头异种正对着天空中那位剑仙大声咆哮,极为愤怒。 sword light collects, appears a white robe Daoist, it must the white eyebrows, the body linger white/in vain fresh air, seems like quite somewhat features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality. 剑光一敛,现出其中一位白袍道人,其白须白眉,身上萦绕着一圈清气,看起来颇有几分仙风道骨。 At this time Litaud vermilion Ha Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality, shouting „ I am Omei white Mei, borrows the Fellow Daoist Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality to use...... vermilion Ha Fellow Daoist especially, my Omei shelters your several hundred years, this causes and effects then should by the Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality repayment, and...... Old Daoist also borrowed one bottle hundred years of earth fire fluidto come specially „, made up for Fellow Daoist most damages sufficiently, but also asked Fellow Daoist to appease anger! „ 此时手里托着朱蛤的内丹,喝道“我乃峨眉白梅,特来借道友内丹一用……朱蛤道友,我峨眉庇护你数百年,这因果便该以内丹偿还,并且……老道还特意去借了一瓶“百年地火液“来,足以弥补道友大部分损伤,还请道友息怒!“ Now the Omei palm teaches, is simultaneous/uniform Miao an honorable person, has built the Yuan god impressively, was known as that the Yuan god disperses the immortal, the magical skill is immeasurably deep. 如今峨眉掌教,乃是齐妙一真人,赫然已经修成元神,号称元神散仙,道行深不可测。 This Priest white Mei, said simultaneous/uniform Miao a peer, is Omei Elder! 这位白梅道长,说起来还是齐妙一的同辈,也是峨眉长老! Doing to the previous generation aptitude is insufficient, has not peeped Golden Pill Great Way, then from dying in a sitting posture to go. 奈何前世资质不够,未曾一窥金丹大道,便自坐化而去。 This one was sought by simultaneous/uniform Miao, cultivates the profound light. 这一世被齐妙一重新寻了回来,也才堪堪修炼到玄光。 However barely escapes death, good master Menwei he to plan, saw opportunity of the Pill Formation eventually. 不过两世为人,又有一个好师门为他筹谋,终究是见到了一丝结丹之机。 Before the trip, simultaneous/uniform Miao one has calculated, so long as refining up this variation vermilion Ha Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality, the white plum Daoist must be able achievement Golden Pill! 此行之前,齐妙一已经算定,只要炼化这头异种朱蛤的内丹,白梅道人必能成就金丹! Although......, even if achievement Golden Pill, pill will not be probably high, but the Golden Pill Ancestral Master life and magic power actually do not change! 虽然……纵然成就金丹,大概丹品也不会很高,但金丹宗师的寿元与法力却不会变! white Mei pats the universe bag, takes out a black jade small bottle, after opening, appears just like the liquid of magma, in the heart is thinking secretlySect Master Senior Brother has the word, the world myriad things, have the fate and destiny, the causes and effects pester, cannot do without checking...... the ascetic to cultivation to become a lay priest, is big destiny and big lucky reason, but if the non- upper body sky overhead, does not accumulate the external work, instead overs-pick spirit medicine and spirit material, easy buckle destiny, gradually, on the destiny deterioration, inexorable fate originally! „ 白梅一拍乾坤袋,取出一只黑玉小瓶,打开之后,现出其中宛若岩浆的液体,心中暗自想着“掌门师兄有言,世间万物,都有定数与气运,因果纠缠,不可不查……修道者本来能修炼入道,已经是大气运、大福缘,但若不上体天心,不积外功,反而滥采灵药与灵材,就容易折损本身气数,久而久之,就气运衰败,劫数自来!“ This doing year of vermilion Ha deferred to the fate, several hundred years ago should be eaten by the natural enemy, is Senior Brother keeps its life specially, shelters under Mount Emei, this report this/should also! „ “这干年朱蛤原本按照命数,数百年前就该被天敌吃了,是师兄特意留它一命,庇护于峨眉山下,此报该还!“ Even so, I seize its Daoist prescriptions or exercises to achieve immortality, will backlash, in the future will have the twists and turns and inexorable fate......, so long as reduces and solves by this earth fire fluid most, in the future the inexorable fate must be able to wear down most...... this to call pecking and sipping, to have the day to decide. „ “纵然如此,我强抢它的内丹,还是会有反噬,日后就有波折与劫数……但只要以此地火液化解大半,日后劫数也必能消磨大半……这叫一饮一啄,皆有天定。“ These side door loose cultivator, without true inheritance, the unclear number of days...... often dozens over a hundred years declined, where has my Omei so fine to excel at the Early Heaven uncanny prediction, has not fought is then in an impregnable position. „ “那些旁门散修,没有真传,不明天数……往往数十上百年就自行衰落了,哪有我峨眉如此精擅先天神算,未战便立于不败之地。“ The millennium vermilion Ha cry was smaller, as if clearly recognized the reality finally. 千年朱蛤叫声小了一些,似乎终于认清现实。 white Mei then hehe smiles, floating according to falling sword light, handed over the earth fire fluid, simultaneously said with a smilethis is from an exchange of blows friendship grows, Fellow Daoist, if did not shut out, this poor Daoist is willing to receive you for mountain-protecting spirit beast, in the future will also calculate a family background...... „ 白梅这才呵呵一笑,飘然按落剑光,将地火液递了过去,同时笑道“这是不打不相识,道友若不嫌弃,贫道愿意收你为护山灵兽,日后也算有个出身……“ In white Meidi crosses the earth fire fluid, vermilion Ha actually opens mouth suddenly, blowout together scarlet mist! 就在白梅递过地火液之时,那朱蛤却忽然一张嘴,喷出一道猩红雾气!
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