TOTM :: Volume #3

#239: Monetary reward hunter( asked monthly ticket)

The night falls. 夜幕降临。 In the hunter bar was filled by the noise sound. 猎人酒吧中又被喧嚣声充满。 As on a collection and distribution center of monetary reward hunter, one of the mysterious entrances, here will never lack the guest outwardly in secret. 作为一处明面上赏金猎人的集散地、暗中神秘界的入口之一,这里永远也不缺少客人。 Is only this bar, every month can provide over 500 pounds profit for vulture, no wonder Maige will hold here not to put stubbornly. 仅仅只是这一个酒吧,每月就能为‘秃鹫’提供超过500镑的利润,难怪麦格会死死抓住这里不放。 Aaron has not gone to black Queens, he sits in the bar a corner, the front puts one glass of bee sweet wines, in the heart is pondering silently. 亚伦并未前往黑皇后区,他就坐在酒吧中一个角落,面前放着一杯蜂蜜酒,心中默默思考着。 If sells the beer merely the profit, even if Barzin does dead not possible one month to gain 500 pounds, only if blocks each mysterious person to collect the road toll, and ensure they are unable to enter the motion castle from other 19 entrances......’ ‘如果仅仅只是卖啤酒的利润,那哪怕巴尔金干到死也不可能一个月赚500镑,除非拦住每一位神秘人收过路费,并且保证他们无法从其余19个入口进入移动城堡……’ This is also certainly unlikely, therefore before hunter bar , the biggest source of income, becomes the platform of monetary reward hunter, it issues the duty to the monetary reward hunters, even can receive the monetary reward, crop......’ ‘这当然也不太可能,因此猎人酒吧之前最大的收入来源,是成为赏金猎人的平台,它向赏金猎人们发布任务,甚至可以代为领取赏金,从中收成……’ The gangster who the composition of monetary reward hunter is very complex, has the police officer of departure, to have no way out the spying of robust man, the hopeful young people and amateur concurrent job that flees, even some beginning mysterious extraordinariness! 赏金猎人的组成很复杂,有离职的警员、走投无路的壮汉、充满希望的年轻人、业余兼职的侦探、亡命的匪徒本身、甚至一些初涉神秘界的非凡者! They mostly have the security status demand, this gave the hunter the bar platform survival soil. 他们大多都有保密身份的需求,这就给了猎人酒吧这种平台生存的土壤。 Naturally, the trust is also very important, because of the well-informed monetary reward hunter, has long known that the hunter bar traded the news of boss. 当然,信任也很重要,因为消息灵通的赏金猎人,早已知道猎人酒吧换了老板的消息。 Also can continue to trust bar platform, was very difficult to say. 还会不会继续信任酒吧这个平台,就很难说了。 Aaron sipped bee sweet wine, looks that William and Isabella two people wear the waiter clothing/taking of black and white interaction, in crowded is going through difficultly. 亚伦抿了一口蜂蜜酒,看着威廉与伊莎贝特两个人穿着黑白相间的侍者服,在拥挤的吧内艰难穿行着。 Often has the fellow of getting drunk, claps a palm of the hand in the Isabella plentiful buttocks ruthlessly, making this female attendant feel indignant but not daring to speak out, can only attempt to kill people with the look- this often is not able the retreating in fear molester, only to obtain more whistlings and vulgar language. 不时就有喝醉的家伙,在伊莎贝特丰满的臀部狠狠拍上一巴掌,让这位女侍应生敢怒不敢言,只能尝试用眼神杀人-这往往根本无法吓退骚扰者,只能得到更多的口哨与污言秽语。 Boss......” “老板……” Barzin is carrying the tray personally, was on Aaron one pack of muffins: „It seems like two rookies also to do can......” 巴尔金亲自端着托盘,为亚伦上了一叠松饼:“看起来两位新人干得还可以……” Regarding this matter, he becomes accustomed. 对于这种事情,他还是习以为常的。 In fact, the hostesses in this nearby most bars, have the work of concurrent job stand street girl, so long as is willing to spend enough money, can carry off. 实际上,这附近大多数酒吧的女招待,都有兼职站街女郎的工作,只要舍得花足够的钱,就可以带走。 Isabella chooses this place to go to work, at heart also some consciousness. 伊莎贝特选择来这种地方上班,想必心里也有一些觉悟。 Naturally, hunter bar here, Aaron no matter, although these, but also stipulated that after must be gets off work, is good . Moreover, also cannot be the force. 当然,在猎人酒吧这里,亚伦虽然不管这些,但也规定必须是下班之后才行,另外,也不能是强迫。 Oh...... this population quality urgently needed promotion...... is not right, the man drinks, basically this morality......’ ‘唉……这人口素质急需提升啊……不过也不对,男人喝了酒,基本都这德性……’ Regarding the previous generation, regardless of the men of what ages like 18 -year-old female view, Aaron too does not approve. 对于前世不论什么年龄段的男人都喜欢十八岁女性的说法,亚伦是不太赞同的。 Is most men only likes a woman obviously- that is attractive! 明明是绝大多数男人都只喜欢一种女人-那就是漂亮的! At this time, the gate of bar was shoved open suddenly, a guy of short inch hair, in the hand is carrying another person, probably carried a chicken young to be the same, before arriving at the bar . 这时候,酒吧的门忽然被推开,一个短寸头发的大汉,手里拎着另外一个人,好像拎一只小鸡仔一样,来到吧台前。 The bar immediately becomes peaceful, kept off the drunkards on guy road is too busy runs off, but also some people read the name of guy in a low voice: Is lunatic Carl...... heis chased down by blood snake help/gang it is said ‚, had not been thrown into the multi- somme River unexpectedly.” 酒吧顿时变得安静,原本挡在大汉路上的醉鬼们都忙不迭地跑开,还有人低声念出了大汉的名字:“是‘疯子’卡尔……据说他被‘血蛇帮’追杀,竟然还没被丢进多索姆河啊。” Not only that you look in his hand, is the value 15 pounds savage Baffert!” “不仅如此,你看他手上,是价值15镑的‘野人’巴菲尔!” Several are obviously more capable, the body does not have the monetary reward hunter vision of how much liquor air/Qi to be profound, is looking at standing up, arrives at bar later Aaron. 几个明显精干许多,身上也没有多少酒气的赏金猎人目光深邃,望着站起身,来到吧台之后的亚伦 This happen to can make them confirm the hunter bar was whether the same as before! 这正好可以让他们验证一下猎人酒吧是否还跟以前一样! This mister...... here......” “这位先生……我们这里……” William Chagall goes forward one step, on the face has the smile, but had not said that was shoved open arbitrarily. 威廉・夏尔上前一步,脸上带着笑容,但还没有说完就被蛮横地推开。 Bang, Baffert's head was knocked layer on layer/heavily on the bar, a little bit blood falls along the stage table edge. 砰的一声,巴菲尔的脑袋被重重磕在吧台上,一滴滴鲜血沿着台桌边缘落下。 Comes one cup to add ice Wales!” “来一杯加冰威尔士!” Carl voice is low and deep, his facial features are profound, bridge of the nose tall very/straight, is unique, in the deep blue eye pupil seems full of the crazy meaning. 卡尔声音低沉,他五官深邃,鼻梁高挺,富有个性,蔚蓝的眼眸中似乎饱含疯狂之意。 Really is a lunatic......, although the bar also continues this work, but first comes the bar generally to the cipher, then does in the back lane secretly, where has is so direct?’ ‘果然是个疯子……虽然酒吧也承接这种活儿,但一般都是先来吧台对暗号,然后在后巷偷偷干的,哪有这么直接来的?’ Aaron had the direct-viewing understanding regarding the monetary reward hunter of this named Carl crazily, the expression invariable say/way: Head store does not sell adds ice Wales, later please say that comes one cup of not guitteaux! As for pulling out, us compares the beforehand small advantage 1/3......” 亚伦算是对于这个名为‘卡尔’的赏金猎人之疯狂有了直观的了解,表情不变道:“本店已经不卖‘加冰威尔士’,以后请说‘来一杯莫吉托’!至于抽成,我们比以前便宜三分之一……” According to Barzin said, the business of receiving as agent for somebody else monetary reward, vulture must receive 3/10 to use for the handling charge before. 根据巴尔金所说,代领赏金的业务,之前‘秃鹫’是要收十分之三作为手续费的。 After Aaron takes responsibility, gave to lower, 1/5 were enough. 亚伦做主之后就给调低了一番,五分之一就足够了。 Carl is staring at Aaron, as if a wicked wolf. 卡尔盯着亚伦,就仿佛一头恶狼。 That type is frightened Aaron by the feeling that the predator gazes, instead makes nearby Isabella cover the lip, as if the next quarter must cry to be the same. 那种被掠食者注视的感觉没有吓到亚伦,反而让旁边的伊莎贝特捂住嘴唇,仿佛下一刻就要哭出来一样。 Confronted was less than ten seconds, Carl nods, tranquil say/way: That gives me to come one cup of not guitteaux!” 对峙了不到十秒,卡尔点点头,平静道:“那给我来一杯莫吉托!” Aaron filled one cup of plain boiled water at will, places in front of Carl, simultaneously extracts 12 currency values is 1 pound paper money, presses under the cup. 亚伦随意灌了一杯白开水,放在卡尔面前,同时抽出12张面额为一镑的纸币,压在杯子下方。 „The beforehand boss will at least deliver one glass of Wales beer.” “以前的老板至少会送一杯威尔士啤酒。” Carl is mumbling, holds up the drinking glass to toss down, takes in the pocket the money under cup. 卡尔嘟囔着,举起水杯一饮而尽,将杯子下的钱收进口袋。 Before was before, now, the custom changed.” “以前是以前,现在,规矩变了。” The expression that on the Aaron face smiles is invariable, caused a color to Barzin. 亚伦脸上微笑的表情不变,对巴尔金使了个颜色。 Barzin goes forward immediately, lets William helper, is dragging Baffert of remaining unconscious, after going, kitchen. 巴尔金立即上前,让威廉帮手,拖着昏迷不醒的巴菲尔,一路去了后厨。 Not long, Aaron also came, is looking at the ground prey, said to Barzin: Sends to the place that him he should go, then receives money......, if bumps into repudiates a debt, does not need to pester, comes back to tell me!” 没有多久,亚伦也进来了,望着地上的‘猎物’,对巴尔金道:“将他送去他该去的地方,然后收钱……如果碰到赖账的,不用纠缠,回来告诉我!” He did not collect taxes was good, in this world, no one can depend on his money! 他不收税就不错了,在这个世界上,没有人能赖他的钱! Yes, Boss!” “是,老板!” Why Barzin does not know, the body shakes suddenly, felt that today the temperature as if lowers, complied hastily loudly. 巴尔金不知道为什么,身体忽然一抖,感觉今天气温似乎更低了一些,连忙大声答应下来。 Oh...... this damn time, compelling me to become in one to produce.” “唉……这个该死的时代啊,逼得我不得不成为了一个中产。” Aaron with cracking a joke the general tone, sighed was saying. 亚伦用开玩笑一般的语气,叹息着说道。 In this time, does not make any work completely, only depends upon the land or the rentier class of investment profit, widely regards as the member of the upper-class by the society and newspaper. 在这个时代,完全不做任何劳动,只依靠土地或者投资盈利的食利者阶层,才被社会与报纸杂志普遍视为上等人。 But the dependence mental labor obtains the reward, in aristocrat opinion as before is the behavior that betrays itself to work, therefore does not enter the upper circles of society! 而依靠脑力劳动获得报酬的,在贵族看来依旧是出卖自身劳动的行为,所以不入上流社会! As for betraying the physical strength maintains the livelihood, below these, is the class/flow of worker farmer. 至于出卖体力维持生计的,就更等而下之,是工人农夫之流。 Finally even works does not have, can only depend upon to go begging and provide relief, must be dismissed human simply the ranks. 最后连工作都没有,只能依靠乞讨与救济的,简直就要被开除出人类的行列了。 Was dismissed person, not meddlesome. 被开除出人的行列,并非什么好事。 For example previous generation Eastern in the ancient times, in Confucian scholar eyes person, only arrives at the civilian lowly, is the land-holding peasant rank. 比如前世的东方古代,儒生眼中的‘人’,最低只到小民,也就是自耕农级别。 As for again below class/flow of tenant farmer and servant, already was dismissed people the ranks, can therefore same treat with the pig dog cattle, the optional maltreatment kills is not the matter, will not therefore go bad the reputation, arouses the disapproval! 至于再下的佃户、仆役之流,已经被开除出‘民’的行列,因此可以跟猪狗牛羊一样对待,随意虐待打杀都不是事,更不会因此坏了名声,引起非议!
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