TOTM :: Volume #3

#238: Recruits( sought subscription)

Dissipation.” “消散吧。” Aaron to void, makes a fist gently. 亚伦对着虚空,轻轻握拳。 Jet black pyramid in yellow sand becomes illusory, finally vanishes without the trace...... 黄沙之中的漆黑金字塔变得虚幻,最终消失无踪…… Martin feels suddenly, oneself that pitch darkness dark vanishes with the suppression suddenly, he can leave Dream World finally. 马丁骤然感觉到,自己身上那一抹黑暗与压制骤然消失,他终于可以自行离开梦界了。 Thank you, Mister!” “谢谢您,先生!” He awes expresses gratitude to Aaron: Was you wrecked pyramid, saved us......” 他敬畏不已地向亚伦道谢:“是您击毁了金字塔,救了我们……” „...... That pyramid does not have the life, similarly understood that the ponder...... it is not willing to fight me hardly......” “不……那金字塔是有生命的,同样懂得思考……它只是不愿意跟我硬拼而已……” Aaron smiles: Naturally, saving you are part of transaction, I have completed.” 亚伦笑了笑:“当然,拯救你们是交易的一部分,我已经完成了。” He looks to that stupor falcon, shakes the head: „The condition of your teacher, is not very good......, even if the spirit body returns, perhaps will have the quite bad sequela......” 他看向那只昏迷的鹰隼,又摇了摇头:“你老师的状态,很不好啊……哪怕灵体回归,恐怕也会留下相当糟糕的后遗症……” That that this falcon extraordinariness present condition, was polluted by the spirit world, after waking up , might go crazy! 这只鹰隼非凡者现在的状态,就是被灵界污染,醒来之后说不定要发疯的那种! What to do? What to do?” “怎么办?怎么办?” Martin almost cries quickly. 马丁几乎快哭出来。 Finds the psychiatrist as soon as possible, perhaps or extraordinariness of Tajikistan...... can also be saved.” “尽快去找心理医生,或者‘塔’之非凡者……或许还有救。” Aaron beckons with the hand, turns around to leave. 亚伦摆摆手,转身就要离开。 Mister, this mister...... I have not known how should call you.” Martin looks at the Aaron back, called out hastily. “先生,这位先生……我还不知道该怎么称呼您。”马丁看着亚伦的背影,连忙叫道。 My name was Green.” “我叫格林。” Aaron beckons with the hand, the figure vanishes fast does not see. 亚伦摆摆手,身形飞快消失不见。 Martin is looking at this, can only abut own teacher with the small body, read aloud the incantation, left from the imaginary dreamland. 马丁望着这一幕,只能用小小的身体紧靠自己的老师,念诵咒语,从幻梦境中离开。 ...... …… Stave world......” “破碎的世界……” Fenghuang Street No. 27, Aaron opens the eyes slowly. 凤凰街27号,亚伦缓缓睁开双眼。 This analysis, is time makes him regarding the present spirit world, had some direct-viewing understanding. 这一次的初探,算是令他对于如今的灵界,有了一些直观的了解。 He looked at eye oneself right hand, discovered that in the palm were many several sunflower flower petals and spirituality crystallizes and smiles: But, without encountering danger, even if an extraordinariness even average person of first element, can pick many good things...... the benefit is too big in the spirit world, no wonder clear(ly) knows that the danger is very big, made one take place of the fallen as before.” 他望了眼自己的右手,发现掌心中多了几片太阳花花瓣与灵性结晶、不由又是一笑:“不过,如果没有遇到危险,哪怕一个第一原质的非凡者甚至普通人,都能在灵界捡到不少好东西……利益太大了,难怪明知道危险很大,依旧令人前仆后继。” Aaron arrives at the window, will open the window curtains, the discovery already to next morning, the golden sunlight punctured the darkness gradually. 亚伦来到窗边,拉开窗帘,发现已经到了第二天凌晨,金色的阳光渐渐刺破黑暗。 He will embroider the window curtains of golden lace to continue to pull open thickly, making the golden yellow sunlight sprinkle the room, lies on the bed, with contemplating to replace the sleep. 他将厚实绣着金色花边的窗帘继续拉开,让金黄的阳光洒落房间,躺在床上,用冥想代替睡眠。 ...... …… At noon. 中午时分。 Hunter bar. 猎人酒吧。 Boss!” “老板!” Wears wineshop attendant Barzin of the white shirt and black waistcoat to clean the drinking glass, sees Aaron to come, immediately goes out from the counter, bows a ritual. 穿着白衬衫、黑马甲的酒保巴尔金正在擦拭玻璃杯,看到亚伦进来,立即从柜台中走出,躬身一礼。 At this time the bar had not opened the door, various types of stools were put upside down on the round table, in the bar became silent. 这时候酒吧还没有开门,各种凳子被倒放在圆桌上,酒吧内变得寂静了许多。 Un......” “嗯……” Aaron looked for a position to sit down at will: Prepares some things of eating to me, is the liquor water in bar sufficient with the food reserve?” 亚伦随意找了个位置坐下:“给我准备一些吃的东西,酒吧里的酒水跟食材储备还充足么?” Had supplemented one batch, signed the long-term supply agreement with the merchant, they will send to us.” “已经补充了一批,跟商人签订了长期供货合同,他们会给我们送来的。” Barzin facial expression is respectful. 巴尔金神情恭敬。 He is only an average person, but knows mysterious indistinctly something, what also knows the beforehand control bar is a great person in mysterious. 他只是一个普通人,但隐约知晓神秘界的一些东西,也知晓之前控制酒吧的是神秘界中的一位大人物。 But now, the bar was quiet changed the master, he also wants to go on living, makes money to provide for the family, does not want to inquire into the secret secret. 而现在,酒吧悄无声息间换了主人,他还想活下去,挣钱供养家庭,丝毫不想探究幕后的秘密。 Very good, recently the bar was somewhat short of manpower, you can post several to recruit the announcement.” “很好,最近酒吧有些缺人,你可以去张贴几张招募启事。” Aaron also calculates to this wineshop attendant quite satisfied, but the fellows of several other some thoughts were fired by him without hesitation, therefore the bar recent manpower is somewhat insufficient. 亚伦对这个酒保还算比较满意,而另外几个有些心思的家伙都被他毫不犹豫地解雇了,因此酒吧最近人手有些不够。 Good, my prepares.” “好的,我这就去准备。” Barzin goes to the busy recruitment hastily the matter, in fact, in this city the unemployed were too many, the person who wanted to find a work was innumerable, so long as spread the news, definitely many applicants. 巴尔金连忙去忙招聘的事,实际上,这座城市中失业者太多了,想要找到一份工作的人数不胜数,只要放出消息,肯定就有很多应聘者。 Not long, Aaron is drinking the orange juice, after while enjoys the bar, roasting sausage that the kitchen makes with exploding chick. 没有多久,亚伦一边喝着橙汁,一边享用起酒吧后厨做的烤香肠与炸仔鸡。 In the leisurely and carefree life, the hand aimed confident 3 : 00 pm. 在悠闲的生活中,时针不疾不徐地指向了下午 3 点。 The motley sunlight sprinkles by the window, Aaron calmly sits, savors the leisurely and carefree comfortable life. 斑驳的阳光透过窗户洒落,亚伦就这么静静坐着,品味悠闲舒适的生活。 He comes Poore Mao Si, mainly to shift the attention of food lotus person. 他来普尔茅斯,主要还是为了转移食莲人的注意力。 In addition, is the collection material and preparation promote furnace the ceremony. 除此之外,就是搜集材料、准备晋升‘熔炉’的仪式。 But in fact, he does not worry. 但实际上,他并不着急。 After all, so long as slowly waiting ‚the strength of secret source the savings, he has card in a hand that throws off the table. 毕竟,只要慢慢等待‘秘源之力’的积蓄,他就有着掀翻桌子的底牌。 Although...... this strength possibly also has the hidden danger that he does not know. 虽然……这种力量可能也有他所不知的隐患。 Un, should write a letter.” “嗯,该写信了。” Aaron makes Barzin carry to come one cup of hot cocoa, meanwhile has the letter paper and fountain pen, writes fast. 亚伦让巴尔金端来一杯热可可,同时还有信纸与钢笔,飞快书写起来。 He prepares to Lya and Nicolas writes a letter, in the mailing address that in the letter/believes leaves behind is he in the Xiacheng District renting other safe house. 他准备给莉莉娅特与尼古拉斯写信,在信中留下的通信地址是他在下城区另外租的安全屋。 Does that somewhat troublesome, but does not have the matter of means. 这么做有些麻烦,但也是没有办法的事情。 This makes Aaron manufacture the thoughts of mysterious goods that has the contact effect, becoming more intense. 这让亚伦制作一件具备联络效果的神奇物品的心思,变得更加强烈起来。 Lya and Nicolas, our invisible anchorite met quietly is so long, was really somewhat excessive...... as for Percy, even......” “莉莉娅特一封、尼古拉斯一封,我们无形隐修会一下沉寂了这么久,真是有些过分啊……至于珀西,就算了……” Aaron puts in the envelope the letter, pastes on the postage stamp, the preparation later goes to other street delivery. 亚伦将信件放入信封,贴上邮票,准备之后去另外的街道投递。 At this moment, Barzin walked, bows saying: Boss, had the applicant to arrive.” 就在这时,巴尔金走了过来,躬身道:“老板,有应聘者到来了。” „? Such quickly? Bring makes me see.” “哦?这么快?带来让我见一见。” Aaron nods, sees Barzin to direct a man and a woman two applicants, is young, the female wear simple check skirt, a maroon long hair lets fall the shoulder, the facial features are sharp, other young fellow is the flax color shirt, the clothes somewhat is worn-out, looked that respectful has the hope to the Aaron vision. 亚伦点点头,看到巴尔金引进来一男一女两位应聘者,都非常年轻,女的穿着简单的格子裙,一头栗色长发垂落肩膀,脸型较尖,另外的男青年则是亚麻色衬衫,衣服有些破旧,看向亚伦的目光恭敬中带着渴望。 This is the boss in our bar, Mr. Potter.” Barzin said: Introduced you simply.” “这位就是我们酒吧的老板,波特先生。”巴尔金道:“简单介绍一下你们自己吧。” Mr. Potter, I, I am called Isabella, my anything can do! Please give me an opportunity.” “波特先生,我,我叫做伊莎贝特,我什么都能做!请给我一个机会。” Isabella firm say/way. 伊莎贝特坚定道。 Mr. Potter, I am called William, William Chagall! The Ryan county person, is going study in nearby grammar school at present, I want to look for the concurrent job that can the evening make, I believe my very suitable this position.” “波特先生,我叫做威廉,威廉・夏尔!莱恩郡人,目前正就读于附近的文法学校,我想找一份可以晚上做的兼职,我相信我很适合这个职位。” William is tall, in spoken language self-confident with vigor, making Aaron be somewhat infected. 威廉身材高大,言语中充满自信与活力,令亚伦都有些被感染。 Isabella, William...... the guests in our bar are quite uncouthly, violence...... you to work here, may encounter some unexpected situations, you determine the clear danger, and is also willing to continue to work here? Especially you, Isabella!” “伊莎贝特、威廉……我们酒吧的客人都比较粗鲁、暴力……你们在这里工作,可能会遇到一些意想不到的情况,你们确定清楚其中的危险,并且还愿意继续在这里工作么?特别是你,伊莎贝特!” Aaron sipped hot cocoa, asked leisurely. 亚伦抿了一口热可可,慢条斯理地问道。 I do not have the issue.” William replied fast. “我没有问题。”威廉飞快回答。 I...... I do not have the issue.” The Isabella personality somewhat seems to be spiritless, looks, is the man the type that likes bullying. “我……我也没有问题。”伊莎贝特性格似乎有些懦弱,看得出来,是男人很喜欢欺负的类型。 But no matter Aaron these, open the mouth saying: Very good, the operating time is 6 : 00 pm to 1 : 00 am, one week seven days, the weekly salary ten shillings, without the words of issue, go to work tonight.” 亚伦不管这些,开口道:“很好,工作时间是下午 6 点至凌晨 1 点,一周七天,周薪十先令,没有问题的话,今晚就过来上班吧。” This starting pay, places the green dense/woods city, somewhat was absolutely high, but after all is Poore Mao Si, the house price price slight increases, matter that also does not have the means. 这起薪,放在绿森市,绝对有些高了,不过毕竟是普尔茅斯,房价物价高企,也是没办法的事。
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