TS :: Volume #19

#1806: Swallows a day of wild goose

Wait, what Lu Yin remembered, stares to Shang Qing, just about to speaks, lived, a palm of the hand claps the corona that cultivator conveniently, turns the head stare Shang Qing, is your Glorious Palace person?”. 等等,陆隐想起了什么,盯向上清,刚要说话,顿住了,随手一巴掌将那个修炼者拍晕,又转头盯着上清,“是不是你们荣耀殿堂的人?”。 Shang Qing is puzzled, why asked?”. 上清不解,“为什么这么问?”。 I found the gate of Funeral Garden can go out before, was guarded Lu Yin to say by your Glorious Palace Star Envoy rank transformation person. “我之前找到一座可以出去的葬园之门,被你们荣耀殿堂星使级别改造人看守”陆隐道。 Shang Qing shakes the head, I am not clear, has not been informed. 上清摇头,“我不清楚,没得到通知”。 Lu Yin no longer talks too much with him, arrives by the bloody water that seven refiner were patted fast, suppresses the nausea to pick up Congealing Space Ring by Star Energy, opens, pours inside thing. 陆隐不再与他多言,快速来到七段炼器者被拍死的血水旁,强忍着恶心以星能捡起凝空戒,打开,将里面的东西倒出。 This harvest is good, in this seven refiner Congealing Space Ring has many weapons, does not know that is whose he or, the quality is good, apart from weapon also over a hundred million cubic Star Crystal Essence, various bottles of cans , the incomplete jade, seemingly inherits cultivation techniques similarly, but already is incomplete, useless. 这次收获还不错,这个七段炼器者凝空戒内有不少武器,也不知道是他的还是谁的,品质都不错,除了武器还有上亿立方星能晶髓,各种瓶瓶罐罐,还有残缺的玉石,看上去类似传承功法,但已经残缺,没用。 apart from these, rest of them are similar Zhuqi Aristocratic Family token and so on useless thing, only had the same thing to arouse the Lu Yin interest, that was a map, Lu Yin allocates the map, surprised, unexpectedly was the map of that palace. 除了这些,其余大多是类似铸器世家令牌之类的无用之物,唯有一样东西引起了陆隐兴趣,那是一张地图,陆隐将地图平摊,惊讶,居然是那座宫殿的地图。 No wonder this fellow is so long in, he in draw map, but is useful? Also does not know that the plan gives anyone. 怪不得这家伙在里面那么久,他是在绘制地图,但有什么用?也不知道绘制给谁。 On the map described each place in palace in detail, has the region of danger to label specially, Lu Yin eye light has swept, without planning Exploration, he has not grasped escapes the arm that Giant Beast roaming corpse brandishes, Ce Word Secret Technique, transfers greatly usefully not necessarily. 地图上详细描绘了宫殿内的各个地方,有危险的区域更是特意标注,陆隐目光扫过,没打算去探索,他可没把握逃过巨兽游尸挥舞的手臂,策字秘,大挪移阵都未必有用。 Suddenly, a design god on Lu Yin stare map corner, that design is not a palace, but is a design of lifeform, was described by this seven refiner with emphasis, is more obvious than any labelling. 蓦然的,陆隐盯着地图一个角落上的图案愣神,那个图案并非宫殿,而是一只生物的图案,被这个七段炼器者重点描绘,比任何标注都明显。 What is most essential, this lifeform, Lu Yin has seen. 最关键的是,这个生物,陆隐见过。 This is a lifeform of feeling strange, No Eyes does not have the four limbs, does not have the ear mouth and nose, the body surface such as the hill surrounds, is layer upon layer upward. 这是一只奇怪的生物,无目无四肢,无眼耳口鼻,体表如丘陵环绕,层层向上。 Does not exist in the lifeform of existing cognition, but Lu Yin has seen, and impression is profound. 在现有认知的生物中并不存在,但陆隐就是见过,而且印象深刻。 When strange sect accepts Aura of Death, Lu Yin saw the man who that seems like Death God easily suppresses a sun-blocking lifeform, that lifeform and this design mold same. 在奇宗接受死气时,陆隐看到了那个似乎是死神的男子轻易镇压一只遮天蔽日的生物,那个生物与这个图案一模一样 After that Lu Yin found the time to investigate, in all lifeform of human cognition, does not have that lifeform, that lifeform was not this time, only belonged to that back era that Lu Yin saw. 自那之后,陆隐抽时间调查了一下,在目前人类认知的所有生物中,并不存在那种生物,那种生物不属于这个时代,只属于陆隐看到的那个背影的时代 If that back is really Death God, dares to Death God take action, this lifeform, perhaps to be Ancestral Realm. 如果那个背影真的是死神,敢对死神出手,这个生物,或许祖境 The bloodstained front piece that before obtained made Lu Yin confirm that back was Death God , he looked up to the palace, this lifeform was described in the palace, is not unusual, their itself was a time. 之前得到的染血衣襟让陆隐更加确认那个背影就是死神,那么,他抬头看向宫殿,这个生物被描绘在宫殿内,也不稀奇了,他们本就是一个时代的。 But if, is really a time, how does this palace preserve? Is the past was too remote, this Funeral Garden, what origin also? Unexpectedly even these things can preserve, as if spans the space and time, connected the ancient times. 可是,如果真是一个时代,这座宫殿又是如何保存的?年代太久远了,这葬园,又是什么来历?居然连这些东西都可以保存,仿佛跨越时空,连接到了远古。 This map?” Shang Qing came, inquiry. “这副地图?”上清来了,询问。 Lu Yin receives the map, no map. 陆隐直接收起地图,“没什么地图”。 just recently. 刚刚的”。 What does not have, you misread. “什么都没有,你看错了”。 A Shang Qing dumbness, I will not snatch. 上清一阵无言,“我又不会抢”。 The Lu Yin eye light danger, dares to snatch, you ended. 陆隐目光危险,“敢抢,你就完了”。 Shang Qing does not know how to reply. 上清都不知道怎么回答。 Don't forget, you also owed me money the Lu Yin reminder to say. “别忘了,你还欠我钱”陆隐提醒道。 Shang Qing is confused, does not determine the opens the mouth, „didn't I give you Mebius bank crystal card?”. 上清迷茫,不确定开口,“我不是给你梅比斯银行晶卡了?”。 That is buys the money of rare treasure Lu Yin to say naturally. “那是买异宝的钱”陆隐理所当然道。 Shang Qing purses the lips, does not know how to communicate with Lu Yin, thinks or considers as finished, when rescues a compensation of oneself life, goes out to find the way to make a money to him, „do you also want to follow this Giant Beast roaming corpse?”. 上清抿嘴,不知道怎么跟陆隐沟通,想了想还是算了,就当救自己一命的补偿,出去想办法弄点钱给他,“你还要跟着这头巨兽游尸?”。 Lu Yin looks at Giant Beast roaming corpse who the distant place walked away step by step, shakes the head, does not follow, goes in easily, coming out difficult, I have not wanted dead, with too costs time. 陆隐看了看远处一步步走远的巨兽游尸,摇了摇头,“不跟着了,进去容易,出来难,我还不想死,跟着太耗费时间”。 Shang Qing said, I do not follow, he looked at all around, Funeral Garden is very big, I plan to have a look, you?”. 上清道,“我也不跟着了”,他看了看四周,“葬园很大,我打算多看看,你呢?”。 I must go out, do not die, even if must die, still owing my money also died Lu Yin to emphasize again. “我要出去一下,你别死了,就算要死,也把欠我的钱还完了再死”陆隐强调。 The Shang Qing forced smile, knew, relax, Brother Lu, sees again. 上清苦笑,“知道了,放心吧,陆兄,再见”。 Saying goodbye Lu Yin returns said, two people distinguish, toward south, toward north, the Giant Beast roaming corpse goes toward the East. “再见”陆隐回道,两人就此分别,一个往南,一个往北,巨兽游尸则朝着东方而去。 ... Inner Universe, Controlled Beast Stream steers the influence is Divine Disposition Hall, but has product Tang and Two Character Hall under Divine Disposition Hall, steers entire Controlled Beast Stream. 内宇宙,驭兽流界掌舵势力为神品堂,而在神品堂之下有一品堂和二品堂,掌舵整个驭兽流界 In Controlled Beast Stream starry sky Giant Beast is extremely numerous, starry sky Giant Beast and person are different, not must achieve Exploration Realm in the starry sky to roam through, many starry sky Giant Beast birth, for this reason, Controlled Beast Stream wants the coming out means that to make the outer covering of similar spaceship outside starry sky Giant Beast, can protect controlled beast cultivator accompaniment starry sky Giant Beast in the space shuttle. 驭兽流界内星空巨兽极多,星空巨兽与人不同,并非一定要达到探索境才可以于星空遨游,很多星空巨兽出生就可以,为此,驭兽流界想出来办法,在星空巨兽外制造类似飞船的外壳,可以保护驭兽修炼者陪同星空巨兽于太空穿梭。 Two Character Hall situated in Controlled Beast Stream most surrounding, is the Divine Disposition Hall subordinate gatekeeper, once only then few two Enlightenment Realm assumed personal command, moreover was most common Enlightenment Realm, for example died Khadga in Lu Yin hand came from Two Character Hall. 二品堂位于驭兽流界最外围,属于神品堂麾下的看门人,曾经只有寥寥两位启蒙境坐镇,而且还都是最普通的启蒙境,比如死在陆隐手中的卡德加就来自二品堂 Appears from various universe places from the gate of Funeral Garden, in Two Character Hall also presented the gates of three Funeral Garden, Divine Disposition Hall sent the disciple to enter unceasingly, only for Exploration Funeral Garden. 葬园之门从宇宙各处出现,二品堂境内也出现了三座葬园之门,神品堂不断派弟子进入,只为了探索葬园 However these disciples, cannot have the contact with Divine Disposition Hall, unavoidablily, Divine Disposition Hall only has to send out the Enlightenment Realm powerhouse to enter. 然而那些弟子,一个都没能与神品堂取得联系,不得已,神品堂唯有派出启蒙境强者进入。 Before the gate of Funeral Garden, in the Controlled Beast Stream range, can come and go out, Lu Yin ordered Eight Great Streams to steer influence can only to retain the gate of Funeral Garden can pass in and out, Mountain God did not care, because they only had one. 驭兽流界范围内,可以出入的葬园之门之前只有一座,陆隐下令八大流界掌舵势力只能保留一座可以进出的葬园之门时,山神并不在意,因为他们只有一座。 But in several days before, in the Two Character Hall range some gate of people Funeral Garden goes out suddenly, is identified as the gate of Funeral Garden Controlled Beast Stream second can come and go out freely. 但就在前几天,二品堂范围内一座葬园之门突然有人走出,被确认为驭兽流界第二座可以自由出入的葬园之门。 This made Mountain God excited, he has not felt relieved the Lu Yin words on, how possibly to destroy one. 这让山神激动了,他才没把陆隐的话放心上,怎么可能摧毁一座。 Now in the network the news about Funeral Garden passes on noisily, does not know that which the news from, Funeral Garden has various ancient inheritance in brief, some people obtained ancient times the rare treasure, some people obtained ancient times the compounded drug, but also some people obtained the blood red fruit, after gobbling up , the strength increased wait/etc., Glorious Palace has not prevented Funeral Garden to appear. 如今网络上关于葬园的消息传得沸沸扬扬,也不知道消息来自哪,总之葬园内有各种古老的传承,有人得到远古异宝,有人得到远古丹药,还有人得到血红果实,吞吃后实力大增等等,荣耀殿堂也并未阻止葬园出现。 This makes many people think that in Funeral Garden contains the huge chance. 这让很多人认为葬园内蕴藏天大机缘。 Mountain God is very definite, the gate of Funeral Garden because first can come and go out brought in the legend for him the feather of lifeform, swallows a day of wild goose. 山神就很确定,因为第一座可以出入的葬园之门为他带来了传说中生物的羽毛,吞天雁。 The legend, ancient times ancient times swallowed a day of wild goose, took void as the food, used Star Origin as the water, average man cannot sees, the body covered day Star Moon, the cry cries to vibrate the universe. 传说,远古的远古有一只吞天雁,以虚空为食,以星源为水,常人不可见,身体覆盖日月星辰,鸣啼可震动宇宙。 Although the volume is big, because of the particularity of its feather, like illusory, can not touch any material object, the free shuttle is void, even can be unreal in the Star Origin universe. 尽管体积大,但因为其羽毛的特殊性,如同虚幻,可以不触碰任何实物,自由穿梭虚空,即便在星源宇宙内都可以虚幻。 That is a mysterious lifeform. 那是一种神奇的生物。 Mountain God obtained a feather that swallows a day of wild goose, saw ancient times to swallow a day of wild goose to cry indistinctly, making him have the faint trace fuzzy induction to the space, this induction started his another understanding of cultivate. 山神就得到了一根吞天雁的羽毛,隐约看见远古吞天雁啼鸣,令他对空间有了丝丝模糊的感应,这种感应开启了他对修炼的另一层理解。 Because of this experience, he is containing ancient times the chance to believe in firmly to Funeral Garden , the fact also truly so, how he possibly gives up the gate of Funeral Garden ruins another to come and go out freely, looks forward to the gates of Controlled Beast Stream many several Funeral Garden, quite makes Divine Disposition Hall rob the Funeral Garden chance. 正因为这个经历,他对葬园内蕴藏远古机缘深信不疑,事实也确实如此,他怎么可能舍得毁掉另一座可以自由出入的葬园之门,巴不得驭兽流界多几座葬园之门,好让神品堂抢夺更多葬园机缘。 not only Mountain God, Liu Qian waits for the person also to think that definitely, the gate of Funeral Garden they destroy sets the example, how to be willing to give up the Funeral Garden chance. 不止山神,刘千决等人同样是这么想的,他们摧毁的葬园之门不过是做做样子,怎么可能舍得放弃葬园的机缘。 The misfortune is following. 厄运随之而来。 Two Character Hall encounters the slaughter, several Enlightenment Realm died, the disciple casualty are innumerable, vibrates Mountain God. 二品堂遭遇屠杀,数名启蒙境死亡,弟子死伤无数,震动山神 Mountain God is angry, immediately charges into Two Character Hall, arrived time discovers the starry sky range, numerous stars were destroyed, is also destroyed together with the gate of Funeral Garden that can come and go out freely, Controlled Beast Stream this casualty over ten thousand, moreover is the elite disciple, only has the elite disciple to protect the gate of this Funeral Garden competently, these elite disciples are not Two Character Hall, but is Divine Disposition Hall. 山神大怒,当即冲向二品堂,到的时候发现星空范围,众多星球被摧毁,连同那一座可以自由出入的葬园之门也被摧毁,驭兽流界此次死亡人数过万,而且都是精英弟子,也唯有精英弟子够资格守护这座葬园之门,这些精英弟子可不是二品堂的,而是神品堂的。 The losses of these elite disciples make Divine Disposition Hall nearly present the fault/chasm, in young generation of disciple, only then few several people, because goes out informed and experienced, but has not died. 这些精英弟子的损失让神品堂近乎出现断层,年轻一辈弟子中,只有寥寥数人因为外出历练而没有死。 Mountain God wants to trace the murderer, but, the opposite party method was ruthless late, obviously has the ingredient of warning, the strength is quite good, even if has not arrived at Star Envoy, is still close to the Star Envoy expert absolutely infinitely, moreover is good at the concealment trail. 山神想要追查凶手,但迟了,对方手段狠辣,明显带有警告的成分,实力相当不俗,即便未到星使,也绝对是无限接近星使的高手,而且善于隐匿踪迹。 Mountain God from has been informed to arrive at Two Character Hall again, already over the past one day, a day of enough that person escaped very much far. 山神从得到通知再到二品堂,已经过去一天时间,一天的时间足够那个人逃得很远了。 Not only the gate of that Funeral Garden loses, the Divine Disposition Hall disciple is the loss is more numerous, making Mountain God get angry roars extremely. 不仅那座葬园之门损失,神品堂弟子更是损失众多,让山神怒极咆哮。 However Mountain God issued the seal command, this matter can not pass on, otherwise is unable to explain to Lu Yin, gate of impossible ordinary Funeral Garden makes so many experts protect. 不过山神还是下了封口令,这件事不得传出去,否则无法对陆隐解释,一座普通的葬园之门不可能让那么多高手守护。 Nowadays, anybody goes out from Funeral Garden, is extremely careful, after some people go out, even observes the surrounding time not to have, at the maximum speed is directly smooth, because each Funeral Garden out, almost some countless person stare. 现如今,任何人自葬园内走出,都慎之又慎,有的人出去后连观察周围的时间都没有,直接以最快的速度要溜,因为每一座葬园之门外,几乎都有无数人盯着 Goes to look for the chance, but can also the seat belt the chance leave person be too few are too few. 进去找机缘,还能安全带着机缘离开的人太少太少。 No one prevents others to enter the gate of Funeral Garden, will only prevent the person who comes out from the gate of Funeral Garden to slip away. 没人阻止别人进入葬园之门,只会阻止从葬园之门出来的人溜掉。 Also only then the expert of Lu Yin this rank fearless goes out from the gate of Funeral Garden. 也只有陆隐这种级别的高手才无惧从葬园之门走出。 Lu Yin following that cultivator finger/refers of direction, truly found one to be able leave the gate of Funeral Garden, some there truly person of guards, is a middle-aged person, the look are also arrogant, and has Seal, looks is the Sixth Continent expert, but has not arrived at Star Envoy, is only Enlightenment Realm, moreover is only 30 ten thousand combat power Enlightenment Realm. 陆隐顺着那个修炼者指的方向,确实找到了一座可以离开葬园之门,那里也确实有人看守,是个中年人,神色倨傲,并有印照,一看就是第六大陆高手,但未到星使,只是启蒙境,而且还只是三十多万战力启蒙境 This person's palm of the hand in front of Lu Yin cannot support continually. 这种人在陆隐面前连一巴掌都撑不住。 Therefore was seeing the moment that Lu Yin arrives is directly smooth, was actually trampled by Lu Yin on the ground, offers Congealing Space Ring bitterly and astringently. 所以在看到陆隐到来的一刻直接就要溜,却还是被陆隐一脚踹在地上,苦涩献上凝空戒 This person of grief and indignation, this thinks shortly after Funeral Garden opening, without so many experts enters, he takes 30 ten thousand Enlightenment Realm to cultivate, sufficient runs amuck some time, the fact showed that truly has no expert to come, he also truly snatches something, does to bumps into Lu Yin early, all did without charge diligently. 此人悲愤,本以为葬园开启不久,没那么多高手进入,他以三十多万启蒙境修为,足以横行一段时间,事实证明确实没什么高手来,他也确实抢到些东西,奈何这么早碰到陆隐,所有努力白做了。 Lu Yin is very happy, is happy, even somewhat appreciates this person, continues to look, diligently, you very promising. 陆隐很开心,非常开心,甚至有些赞赏这个人,“继续看着,努力吧,你很有前途”。 this person contributed a tribulation crystal for him unexpectedly, Lu Yin has not thought that in Funeral Garden had the tribulation crystal unexpectedly, although were not many, was useless to him, but sold also to be able value a lot of money, but this thing the unshakeable stockout, sold to some who people to want, but also rushed to want. 这个人竟然为他贡献了一块劫晶,陆隐没想到葬园内居然有劫晶,虽然不多,对他没用,但卖出去也能值不少钱,这玩意可是雷打不动的缺货,卖给谁都有人要,还都抢着要。
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