TS :: Volume #19

#1805: foresight calculation method

Knowing the limitation, Lu Yin is excited, the white, is next to the highest level gray crystal card, how many?”. 识相,陆隐激动,白色,仅次于最顶级灰色晶卡,“多少?”。 Not know Shang Qing said. “不知道上清道。 Lu Yin accepted hopefully. 陆隐满怀期待的收下了。 Two people also raise the head, see only one person to run out of the palace, was wielded to pat conveniently by the Giant Beast roaming corpse, the like this scene they see were many, already is numb. 两人同时抬头,只见一人冲出宫殿,被巨兽游尸随手一挥拍死,这样的场景他们见的多了,都已经麻木。 Suddenly, the Giant Beast roaming corpse stops the footsteps, was motionless. 忽然的,巨兽游尸停住脚步,不动了。 Lu Yin and Shang Qing looking at each other, Giant Beast roaming corpse has never stopped. 陆隐上清对视,巨兽游尸从未停过。 The next quarter, the palace inclines, Giant Beast roaming corpse relaxes, then, many things fall from the palace, most is the corpse. 下一刻,宫殿倾斜,巨兽游尸直起了腰,然后,不少东西从宫殿内掉落,最多的就是尸体。 Lu Yin and Shang Qing are surprised, this is, stretches oneself? Can the corpse also stretch oneself? 陆隐上清惊讶,这是,伸懒腰?尸体还能伸懒腰? The Giant Beast roaming corpse stretches oneself also on a meeting, later continues to limp leads the way, the ground fell one bunch of things. 巨兽游尸伸懒腰也就一会,随后继续步履蹒跚前行,地上掉了一堆东西。 Lu Yin two people hurry, another direction, not far beside, some people look up Giant Beast roaming corpse to pass through, calmly stands, turns around as if to depart, at this time, Lu Yin Domain just covered, this person of figure,[ 58 novel www.58xs.vi p] turns around slowly. 陆隐两人赶紧过去,另一个方向,不远之外,有人抬头望着巨兽游尸走过,静静站立,转身似乎要离去,这时,陆隐场域刚好覆盖,此人身形一顿,[58小说www.58xs.vip]缓缓转身。 Taking advantage of a mistake Lu Yin suddenly startled, lifts the foot to stride in the Star Origin universe to vanish. 正在捡漏的陆隐突然惊咦,抬脚跨入星源宇宙消失。 The Shang Qing surprise, what matter makes Lu Yin not pick the thing unexpectedly? He also calculates to understand Lu Yin, definitely has the important matter, thinking, to pursue hastily, but all around looked, which not know Lu Yin went. 上清诧异,什么事让陆隐居然连东西都不捡?他也算了解陆隐,肯定有大事,想着,连忙要追过去,但四周看了看,不知道陆隐去哪了。 The distant place, that person raises head to look at Giant Beast roaming corpse, Lu Yin treads from the Star Origin universe, „are you also living? Star Seeking Girl. 远处,那个人仰头看着巨兽游尸,陆隐星源宇宙踏出,“你还活着?采星女”。 this person precisely Star Seeking Girl, many people think that she died, Star Seeking Sect vanishes, has not thought that unexpectedly appear here. 这个人正是采星女,很多人以为她死了,采星门都消失,没想到居然出现在这。 Star Seeking Girl looks at Lu Yin, shows a faint smile, causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman, Brother Lu, met. 采星女看着陆隐,微微一笑,倾国倾城,“陆兄,又见面了”。 Lu Yin looks at the face of Star Seeking Girl smile, I think that you died. 陆隐看着采星女微笑的脸庞,“我以为你们死了”。 Star Seeking Girl said with a smile, New Human Alliance needed us to look for the thing for them, how to kill us?”. 采星女笑道,“新人类联盟需要我们替他们找东西,怎么会杀我们呢?”。 Said, Star Seeking Sect was destroyed is you do?” Lu Yin asked. “这么说,采星门被摧毁是你们自己做的?”陆隐问道。 Qing Feng / cool breeze blows, brings wisp of beautiful hair, after Star Seeking Girl hair strokes the ear, reveals the snow white nape of the neck, only has like this, can evade seizing of New Human Alliance. 清风拂面,带起一缕秀发,采星女发丝捋到耳后,露出雪白的脖颈,“只有这样,才能避过新人类联盟的抓捕”。 Why doesn't seek help Glorious Palace?”. “为什么不求助荣耀殿堂?”。 Brother Lu thought that Glorious Palace can protect us? Said, Old Chen will personally act? Although my Star Seeking Sect a little affects, has not actually been able to move the Half-Ancestor powerhouse to protect, where compares favorably with Brother Lu, after Supreme Competition, Archsaint Heavenly Master personally acts to protect, turns bad luck into good Star Seeking Girl to envy repeatedly. 陆兄觉得荣耀殿堂可以保护我们吗?还是说,禅老会亲自出面?我采星门虽然有点影响,却还无法请动半祖强者保护,哪比得上陆兄,至尊赛后,上圣天师亲自出面保护,多次逢凶化吉”采星女羡慕。 Now where are you at?” Lu Yin asked. “你们现在在哪?”陆隐问道。 Star Seeking Girl salutes slightly, Eternal Clan is extremely powerful, even if Brother Lu has the strength of self-preservation, still not necessarily has to protect my Star Seeking Sect strength, but also asked Brother Lu do not ask, making my Star Seeking Sect get down tranquilly, when which day of Brother Lu need, my Star Seeking Sect surely assisted full power, asked Brother Lu do not forget once agreement. 采星女微微行礼,“永恒族太过强大,即便陆兄有自保之力,也未必有保护我采星门的力量,还请陆兄不要多问,让我采星门平静下去,待哪一天陆兄需要,我采星门必当全力相助,也请陆兄不要忘了曾经的约定”。 Initially Lu Yin asked Star Seeking Sect foresight calculation, Star Seeking Girl to make Lu Yin pledge, in the future the Celestial class great misfortune, retains Star Seeking Sect fire seed, this is Lu Yin gives the commitment of Star Seeking Sect. 当初陆隐采星门卜算,采星女陆隐承诺,将来有一天人类大劫,保留采星门一丝火种,这就是陆隐采星门的承诺。 My haven't forgot, but, is actually what great misfortune?” Lu Yin is curious. “我没有忘记,但,究竟是什么大劫?”陆隐好奇。 Star Seeking Girl shakes the head, my not know, the great misfortune will definitely arrive, but actually is anything, is unable foresight calculation. 采星女摇头,“我也不知道,大劫肯定会到来,但究竟是什么,无法卜算”。 Why you think that I can retain your Star Seeking Sect fire seed? Perhaps I am also unable to defend oneself Lu Yin to say. “那你凭什么认为我可以保留你采星门火种?说不定我也自身难保”陆隐说道。 Star Seeking Girl eye light bright looks at Lu Yin, „can Brother Lu still remember initially Starry Sky War College Ten Institution Tournament as well as The Strongest Competition?”. 采星女目光明亮的看着陆隐,“陆兄可还记得当初星空战院十院大比以及最强大比?”。 Lu Yin nods, naturally remembers, that twice big ratio raises the starry sky for his to a certain extent, how to forget, especially The Strongest Competition bumped into Wang Yun, causes the Starry Sky Tree identity exposure. 陆隐点头,“当然记得”,那两次大比一定程度上替他名扬星空,怎么会忘记,尤其最强大比碰到了王云,导致树之星空身份泄露。 The Star Seeking Girl corners of the mouth bend the beautiful curve, initially I once thought foresight calculation Brother Lu, but Brother Lu not in the foresight calculation range, therefore my foresight calculation The Strongest Competition result, according to that result, checking calculation Brother Lu future. 采星女嘴角弯起美丽的弧度,“当初我曾想卜算陆兄,但陆兄不在卜算范围,所以我卜算最强大比结果,根据那个结果,验算陆兄的未来”。 Lu Yin is surprised, checking calculation in the future? How to say?”. 陆隐惊奇,“验算未来?怎么说?”。 Star Seeking Girl shakes the head, is very difficult to explain, this is my own foresight calculation point. 采星女摇头,“很难解释,这是我自己卜算的一个点”。 Initially by this point foresight calculation my should with me together in Starry Sky War College learn/study Star Seeking Girl, first institute chief. “当初以这个点卜算我的应该是与我一同在星空战院学习的采星女吧,第一院首席”。 One of my nine avatar. “我的九分身之一”。 Said, at that time you me regarded person who can entrust?” Lu Yin is strange, the spoken language filled did not trust. “这么说,那时候你就把我当成可以托付的人了?”陆隐怪异,言语充满了不信任。 Star Seeking Girl smiles pale, of course not, is only a point, or a variable, I want to make foresight calculation by your variable. 采星女淡笑,“当然不是,只是一个点,或者说,一个变数,我想以你这个变数做更多卜算”。 But you also once helped True Martial Night King Lu Yin say. “可你还曾帮过真武夜王陆隐道。 Star Seeking Girl looks at Lu Yin, Brother Lu and a True Martial Night King wartime, I had also once said to you, that day was in his life steps the magnificent time, possibly was in the life the darkest time, I have also said to you, cannot calculate his future. 采星女看着陆隐,“陆兄真武夜王一战时,我也曾对你说过,那一天是他一生中踏上辉煌的时刻,也可能是一生中最黑暗的时刻,我也对你说过,算不到他的未来”。 The Lu Yin eye narrows the eyes, „, therefore you not only took me as to select foresight calculation at that time, once by True Martial Night King was a point?”. 陆隐眼睛眯起,“所以那时候你不仅以我为点卜算,也曾以真武夜王为点?”。 Said accurately, takes you as the point, True Martial Night King as the reference, made second foresight calculation, because I am unable Star Seeking Girl to say direct foresight calculation to you. “准确的说,是以你为点,真武夜王作为参考,做出的第二个卜算,因为我无法直接卜算到你”采星女道。 Lu Yin does not understand the Star Seeking Girl words, but his know, on oneself, Star Seeking Girl has made repeatedly foresight calculation, stated differently his haven't direct foresight calculation, but is foresight calculation own enemy, close to True Martial Night King is also this reason. 陆隐根本不理解采星女的话,但他知道,在自己身上,采星女做过多次卜算,不同的是他没有直接卜算自己,而是卜算自己的敌人,靠近真武夜王也是这个原因。 „The first time is The Strongest Competition, the second time is True Martial Night King, what is the third time?” Lu Yin asked that he did not like being planned, but Star Seeking Girl has never planned him, but conducted foresight calculation to his enemy, this made him have a strange feeling. “第一次是最强大比,第二次是真武夜王,第三次是什么?”陆隐问道,他不喜欢被人算计,但采星女从未算计过他,只不过是对他的敌人进行卜算,这让他有种奇怪的感觉。 Star Seeking Girl once again salutes, foresight calculation is unable to state clearly together, Brother Lu, I to you from harmless, had once helped Brother Lu, will entrust Brother Lu the Star Seeking Sect future, as long as in the future Brother Lu has needed, Star Seeking Sect settledly whole-heartedly, hopes that Brother Lu will treat with respect. 采星女再次行礼,“卜算一道无法言明,陆兄,我对你从无恶意,也曾帮过陆兄,更将采星门的未来嘱托陆兄,将来但凡陆兄有所需,采星门定当全力以赴,也希望陆兄以诚相待”。 The Lu Yin hesitation moment, helps me check a character. 陆隐沉吟片刻,“帮我查一个字”。 Brother Lu please say that” Star Seeking Girl said. 陆兄请说”采星女道。 Lu Yin light say/way, muddy. 陆隐淡淡道,“浊”。 Star Seeking Girl is puzzled, muddy? What do you mean?”. 采星女不解,“浊?什么意思?”。 Lu Yin said, on this character, muddy, foresight calculation, asking Senior Zhu to act foresight calculation, tells me any result that your foresight calculation arrived at. 陆隐道,“就这一个字,浊,卜算,请珠前辈出面卜算,把你们卜算到的任何结果都告诉我”。 Star Seeking Girl nods, good, in view of this, the girl said goodbye, right Brother Lu, the gate of danger Funeral Garden, New Human Alliance will definitely do everything possible to destroy, Funeral Garden involved the ancient times secret even to inherit, Eternal Clan not whatever it exists, Brother Lu was careful. 采星女点头,“好,既如此,小女子告辞了,对了陆兄,葬园之门危险,新人类联盟肯定会想尽办法破坏掉,葬园牵扯出了远古的隐秘甚至传承,永恒族不会任由它存在,陆兄小心了”。 Is looking at the Star Seeking Girl leave back, the Lu Yin ponder, if Ok, he wants to force Star Seeking Girl know said that but some people cannot reluctantly. 望着采星女离开的背影,陆隐沉思,如果可以,他想逼迫采星女知道的都说出来,但有些人不能勉强。 Moreover Star Seeking Sect has truly helped him several times, he is not the person of returning evil for good, wanting them to be able foresight calculation to the related muddy information, but Lu Yin has not reported too in a big way hopes, cannot check Mr. Mu, counts on Star Seeking Sect? impossible. 而且采星门确实帮过他数次,他不是恩将仇报的人,希望他们能卜算到有关浊的情报,不过陆隐也没报太大希望,连木先生都查不出来,指望采星门不可能 Actually he wants to have a look at the Star Seeking Sect energy in a big way, checks a muddy character to draw out anything, initially Xuan Jiu for his foresight calculation, caused to spit blood, Star Seeking Sect is a little ability. 他只是想看看采星门能量究竟有多大,查一个浊字能引出什么,当初玄九替他卜算,导致吐血,采星门还是有点能力的。 The lake surface is peaceful, since outside could not see, only then throws a stone to go to be have a look whether can draw out anything. 湖面太平静,从外面看不出,只有丢一块石头进去才能看看是否可以引出些什么。 Mixes spring water, this is the plan of Lu Yin, hopes moving that Star Seeking Sect this stone can stir. 搅动一池春水,这就是陆隐的打算,希望采星门这块石头能搅的动。 Returns the place that the Giant Beast roaming corpse stretches oneself, Shang Qing is waiting in that side also cultivator squats terrifiedly in that. 返回巨兽游尸伸懒腰的地方,上清在那等着,旁边还有一个修炼者蹲在那惶恐不安。 Lu Yin has not paid attention to that cultivator, picked the surplus things, falling basically is some corpses, weapon anything, but these weapons are very ordinary, looked some people's battle in the palace fall. 陆隐没理会那个修炼者,把剩余东西都捡了,掉落的基本都是一些尸体,武器什么的,而那些武器还都很普通,一看就是有人在宫殿内争斗掉落。 Lu Yin inspects Congealing Space Ring in corpse one by one, found two weapon debrises, but also ok, does not waste to wait. 陆隐挨个检查尸体内的凝空戒,找到了两个武器碎片,还行,不枉费等候一场。 I, can I walk? My anything has not picked, cultivator that squats on the ground flutters to ask, he recognized, these two named Shang Qing, represented Glorious Palace, was more fearful, the region that East Border Alliance Alliance Leader Lu Yin, his cultivate was was located in west Inner Universe, although was far away with East Border Alliance, but the chaotic god sects merged into East Border Alliance it is said that their will also be sooner or later matter. “我,我能走了吗?我什么都没捡”,那个蹲在地上的修炼者颤声问道,他认出来了,这两人一个叫上清,代表了荣耀殿堂,一个更可怕,东疆联盟盟主陆隐,他修炼所在的地域位于内宇宙西面,尽管与东疆联盟相距甚远,但据说就连乱神宗都并入东疆联盟,他们那也是早晚的事。 Lu Yin shot a look at his one eyes, eye light let that cultivator round of cold, the hurried frightened say/way, Alliance Leader Lu, villain anything has not picked, but heard that had the giant to go around to walk at the back of the palace, saw exactly experienced, just arrived is held by this Sir, anything has not really picked. 陆隐瞥了他一眼,目光让那个修炼者发寒,急忙恐惧道,“陆盟主,小人什么都没捡呐,只是听说有巨人背着宫殿绕圈行走,恰好看到才来见识见识,刚到就被这位大人抓住,真的什么都没捡”。 I heard that? Who said?” Lu Yin asked with amazement. “听说?谁说的?”陆隐惊讶问道。 That cultivator said, „the outside world spread over, some people said that in Funeral Garden had the giant to carry ancient times the palace to go around to walk, often the falling precious treasure, had the weapon, the rare treasure, inherited cultivation techniques wait/etc. 那个修炼者道,“外界都传遍了,有人说葬园内存在巨人背着远古宫殿绕圈行走,时常掉落珍贵宝物,有武器,异宝,还有传承功法等等”。 Lu Yin knits the brows, when?”. 陆隐皱眉,“什么时候?”。 That cultivator thinks, was very long, Funeral Garden opening shortly, being should more than ten days. 那个修炼者想了想,“很久了,葬园开启没多久,距今应该十多天了吧”。 More than ten days ago, Lu Yin also haven't sees this Giant Beast roaming corpse, in other words before he arrives, here already exposed. 十多天前,陆隐没有看到这个巨兽游尸,也就是说在他到来之前,这里已经暴露了。 At this time, the distant place, Giant Beast roaming corpse conducted the back in the palace to go out of together silhouette, tore void, lifted the foot to step forward. 这时,远处,巨兽游尸背上宫殿内走出一道人影,撕裂虚空,抬脚跨出。 Lu Yin recognizes, is that seven refiner, hasn't he died unexpectedly? Stayed not the short time in inside. 陆隐认得,是那个七段炼器者,他居然没死?在里面待了不短的时间。 Seven refiner as Star Envoy, can through Star Origin universe shuttle void, however does not have the significance regarding the Giant Beast roaming corpse, wields conveniently, crushes void, even wants is still useless through Star Origin universe escape, was patted into the bloody water by a palm of the hand. 七段炼器者身为星使,可以通过星源宇宙穿梭虚空,然而对于巨兽游尸来说没意义,随手一挥,粉碎虚空,即便想通过星源宇宙逃离也没用,被一巴掌拍成了血水。 Lu Yin chill, but that cultivator cannot understand, only saw that the Giant Beast roaming corpse wields conveniently, void hit to explode a mosquito probably, the rupturing bloody water sprinkled. 陆隐恶寒,而那个修炼者根本看不懂,只看到巨兽游尸随手一挥,虚空就好像打爆了一只蚊子,爆裂血水洒落。 Alliance Leader Lu, this Sir, villain anything has not really picked, but has a look, the villain can pledge, does not pass on you two news here, right, the villain can also buy own life that cultivator to say with the information flustered. 陆盟主,这位大人,小人真的什么都没捡,只是看看,小人可以发誓,绝不将您二位在这里的消息传出去,对了,小人还可以用情报买自己的命”那个修炼者慌张说道。 Shang Qing is curious, information?”. 上清好奇,“情报?”。 That cultivator selects nods, swallows the saliva, is not far in the direction that the villain comes, has, there is gate of the Funeral Garden. 那个修炼者点头,咽了咽口水,“就在小人来的方向不远,有,有一座葬园之门”。 Lu Yin turns the head to look to him, eye light shines, „the gate of Funeral Garden can go out?”. 陆隐转头看向他,目光发亮,“能出去的葬园之门?”。 That cultivator nods, is, but was occupied by the expert, wants to hand over Congealing Space Ring. 那个修炼者点头,“是,不过被高手占据,想要出去必须交出凝空戒”。 Lu Yin and Shang Qing looking at each other, expert? To them, is Jiu Han that level is a expert, that is Star Envoy, looks over the universe, how many Star Envoy can have? But visits Funeral Garden how many? 陆隐上清对视,高手?对他们来说,达到九涵那个层次的才算是高手,那可是星使,纵观宇宙,星使能有多少?而踏足葬园的又有多少?
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