TLLFCI :: Volume #5 全新征程

#602: Intrepid opponent

So in the situation, Lin Tianming shoots first with one hand and then the other immediately. lan 这般情况下,林天明顿时左右开弓。阑 At that moment, sees only the part of great bear sword ray in his hand to flash, after wielding a sword, is a fist rumbles in a hurry. 那一刻,只见他手中的天罡剑光芒一闪,在挥出一剑过后,匆忙之间又是一拳轰出。 In a flash, the part of great bear sword rumbles directly, after that is convenient is the Lin Tianming steel common fist. 一瞬之间,天罡剑径直轰出,其后方便是林天明钢铁一般的拳头。 Two attacks of Lin Tianming are quick, in the blink of an eye has arrived at the dead ahead of Yuan lion beast. 林天明的两道攻击很快,眨眼工夫就已经降临元狮兽的正前方。 But Lin Tianming this action , is to make the Yuan lion beast somewhat accidental/surprised, as if thinks that Lin Tianming human Cultivator, is impossible the body that has one and it compares, more impossible initiative and it meets the tough head-on with toughness. 林天明这一番举动,也是让元狮兽有些意外,似乎认为林天明一个人类修士,根本不可能拥有一副和它比拟的躯体,更不可能主动和它硬碰硬。 However in fact, Lin Tianming so plans. 然而事实上,林天明就是如此打算的。 In his opinion, he is the law body double resting body, its intensity is not weak in Yuanshi the beast, the speed is not empty. 在他看来,他是法体双休的身躯,其强度也不弱于元狮兽,速度更是丝毫不虚。 But the talent of Yuan lion beast is unique, but can also move with the aid of that strange space crack instantaneously, only feared that the general attack is very difficult to go well. lan 而元狮兽的天赋独特,还能借助那诡异的空间裂缝瞬间移动,只怕一般的攻击很难得手。阑 So in the situation, might as well near body fights hand-to-hand to divert the body of Yuan lion beast, then seizes the chance to look for the opportunity. 这般情况下,还不如近身肉搏牵制住元狮兽的身躯,然后趁机寻找机会。 So long as can divert the Yuan lion beast, under the arrange/cloth Earthly Fiends Sword Formation surrounds it again, the magical powers of Yuan lion beast will definitely sell at a discount greatly. 只要自己能够牵制住元狮兽,再布下地煞剑阵将其困住,元狮兽的神通必然会大打折扣。 By that time, this Yuan lion beast, even if there is skill , can only allow to be oppressed in Earthly Fiends Sword Formation. 到那时候,这元狮兽纵使有万般本事,在地煞剑阵内部也只能任人宰割。 Has such goal, Lin Tianming to make this seemingly crazy action, to enhance strong points and avoid weaknesses actually. 带着这样的目的,林天明才会做出这样看似疯狂的举动,实则是为了扬长避短罢了。 But at this moment, as the attack of part of great bear sword was shunted by the Yuan lion beast. 而此时此刻,随着天罡剑的攻击被元狮兽躲开。 Afterward, a Lin Tianming fist direct and sharp claws upfront of Yuan lion beast shakes hardly in the same place. 随后,林天明一拳直接和元狮兽的利爪正面硬撼在一起。 Bang......” lan “砰……”阑 A loud sound transmits, sees only Lin Tianming and Yuan lion beast respectively shaking draws back by the strength of huge counter- shaking is very far, the distance that Lin Tianming retrocedes is longer. 一声巨响传来,只见林天明和元狮兽各自被巨大的反震之力给震退很远,其中林天明后退的距离更长一些。 But Yuan lion beast during retreat face upwards to angrily roar, the appearance of looking fierce is really the pain. 而元狮兽在后退的同时仰天怒吼一声,龇牙咧嘴的模样甚是痛苦。 Reviews the Lin Tianming expression, where at this time similarly also very to goes. 反观林天明的表情,此时同样也好不到哪去。 And in his within the body, the whole body vitality turns crazily wells up, complexion is taking turn pale, a scarlet blood overflows from the corners of the mouth, that moment that even the five main internal organs (entrails) in shook a moment ago hardly, cannot bear tremble slightly. 并且在他体内,全身气血疯狂翻涌,脸色一阵青白交替着,一丝猩红的鲜血从嘴角溢出,甚至连五脏六腑在刚才硬撼的那一刻,都忍不住微微震颤起来。 Thus it can be seen under this strikes, Lin Tianming bore the huge pain similarly. 由此可见在这一击之下,林天明同样承受了巨大的痛苦。 Is good because of some Lin Tianming early expectations, and bears the painful the endurance to be extremely astonishing. 好在林天明早有预料,并且承受痛苦的耐力极其惊人。 Although the body strength of this Yuan lion beast is not weak in him, but generally speaking, but also in the Lin Tianming tolerance range. lan 虽然这元狮兽的身躯力量不弱于他,但总的来说,还在林天明的承受范围之内。阑 Moreover Lin Tianming has other goals, now facing such aspect, war intent of whole person still continues to surge upward. 而且林天明本身就带着其他目的,如今面对这样的局面,整个人的战意仍然持续高涨。 As for opposite Yuan lion beast, the spirit wisdom is extremely good, now saw that Lin Tianming will withstand itself to strike unexpectedly will be from now on safe and sound, will be seems somewhat strange. 至于对面的元狮兽,灵智极其不俗,现在见到林天明承受自己一击过后竟然安然无恙,也是显得有些奇怪。 After all human Cultivator solely depends upon the body, can unexpectedly compared with the monster beast that the talent different reported that this was the inconceivable matter. 毕竟一个人类修士仅仅依靠身躯,竟然能和天赋异禀的妖兽相比,这本就是不可思议的事情。 Then, the Yuan lion beast look color of dreading is more obvious, entire figure also. 如此一来,元狮兽眼神中的忌惮之色更加明显,整个身形也随之一顿。 Sees this, Lin Tianming knows at heart, this is an extremely good opportunity. 见到这一幕,林天明心里知道,这是个极其不错的机会。 Therefore, his sudden racket waist, 72 evil spirits sword instantaneous lasings, are less to cover the potential of ear to scatter in all directions by the news thunder. 于是,他突然一拍腰间,七十二柄地煞剑瞬间激射而出,以讯雷不及掩耳之势四散开来。 This numerous evil spirits sword falls rapidly, finally submerges underground vanishes does not see. lan 紧接着,这众多地煞剑迅速落下,最终没入地下消失不见。阑 But the Lin Tianming movement is quick, all are completing suddenly. 林天明的动作很快,一切都在瞬息间完成。 Saw that the evil spirits sword entire tribe position, the Lin Tianming look is overjoyed, the law pinches in a hurry definitely, one after several other miraculous glow bombardments in some corner. 眼看着地煞剑全部落位,林天明神色大喜过望,匆忙之间法决一掐,接连几道灵光轰击在某一个角落。 Buzz humming sound......” “嗡嗡嗡……” , The ground flees suddenly suddenly the light screen, quick is centered on the Yuan lion beast together forms complete knot. 瞬息间不到,地上突然窜起一道光幕,很快就以元狮兽为中心形成一个完整的结界。 Such a scene, indicates that entire Earthly Fiends Sword Formation also revolves thoroughly in this moment. 这样的一副场面,也预示着整个地煞剑阵也在这一刻彻底运转起来。 Also that moment of before tying forming, the Yuan lion beast also saw the Lin Tianming intention. 也就在结界形成的那一刻之前,元狮兽也看出了林天明的意图。 Therefore, the Yuan lion beast hurried claw rumbles, wants to break further acting of Lin Tianming. lan 于是,元狮兽匆匆忙忙一爪轰出,希望打断林天明的进一步动作。阑 But Lin Tianming has completed overwhelming majority movements at this time, and in the heart also expected that what kind of response the Yuan lion beast will have. 林天明此时已经完成了绝大部分动作,并且心中也预料到元狮兽会有怎样的反应。 Then, saw that sword knot will soon form, the Yuan lion beast will also be stranded by Earthly Fiends Sword Formation in sword, own goal will also achieve, Lin Tianming naturally cannot readily make the Yuan lion beast achieve wishes. 如此一来,眼看着剑阵结界即将形成,元狮兽也将被地煞剑阵困在剑阵之中,自己的目的也将达成,林天明自然不会轻易让元狮兽如愿。 So in the situation, Lin Tianming in that moment that the Yuan lion beast moves, immediately erupts the part of great bear nine sword magical powers. 这般情况下,林天明在元狮兽动的那一刻,立刻爆发出天罡九剑这门神通。 Shortly, the part of great bear sword the lasing, cut toward the head of Yuan lion beast immediately. 顷刻间,天罡剑顿时激射而出,朝着元狮兽的脑袋斩了下去。 At this time, the Yuan lion beast also felt the sword air/Qi that the top of the head transmitted to fluctuate, that great strength the aura of taxes, let its skin some prickings. 这时候,元狮兽也感受到了头顶传来的剑气波动,那种强大又税利的气息,让它的皮肤都有些刺痛感。 Although Yuan lion beast urgent wants to leave this place, but sky over this top of the head part of great bear sword imposing manner is uncommon, is unable to neglect the threat that this strikes. 尽管元狮兽迫切的想要离开此地,但这头顶上空的天罡剑气势不凡,根本无法忽视这一击的威胁。 After all, the distance between Yuan lion beast and Lin Tianming was not far, on this day the might of astral sword is also powerful, even if the body of Yuan lion beast is powerful, is impossible to withstand the Lin Tianming magical powers to strike at will. lan 毕竟,元狮兽和林天明之间的距离本就不远,这天罡剑的威力也非常强悍,哪怕元狮兽的躯体强大,也不可能随意承受林天明的神通一击。阑 Then, the Yuan lion beast explodes draws back at the same time transfers the claw, the front surface bumped into the part of great bear sword. 如此一来,元狮兽爆退的同时调转了爪子,迎面碰上了天罡剑。 ......” “噗……” That flash, a delightful metal collision sound spreads one after another, resounded through in the entire canyons quickly. 那一瞬间,一阵悦耳的金属碰撞声接连传出,很快响彻了整个峡谷之间。 At this time took a broad view to look, saw only the sharp claws of part of great bear sword and Yuan lion beast that metal general degree of hardness interwines, caused innumerable sparks flying in all directions to come. 这时候放眼望去,只见天罡剑和元狮兽那金属一般硬度的利爪交织在一起,造成了无数火花四溅开来。 After several breath, the flame also diverges, entire battlefield line of sight then clear pleasant. 几个呼吸后,火光随之散去,整个战场的视线进而清晰入眼。 But this time Yuan lion beast was shaken again drew back a distance, stands firm after body with great difficulty, starts to look fierce to angrily roar, the appearance looks somewhat painful. 而此时的元狮兽再度被震退了一段距离,好不容易稳住身型过后,就开始龇牙咧嘴怒吼起来,样子看上去有些痛苦。 As for the part of great bear sword, was flown by a Yuan lion beast claw ball, finally was grasped by Lin Tianming in the hand. lan 至于天罡剑,则被元狮兽一爪弹飞,最后被林天明重新抓在了手中。阑 Also at this time, the attack of Yuan lion beast was stopped by Lin Tianming, entire Earthly Fiends Sword Formation also revolves thoroughly in this time. 也就在这时候,元狮兽的攻击被林天明阻拦,整个地煞剑阵也在此时彻底运转起来。 Shortly, the sword air/Qi in sword wanders around, the Yuan lion beast also feels the oppression strength that ties transmits, making its speed obviously stagnate. 顷刻之间,剑阵内的剑气四处游荡,元狮兽也感受到结界传来的压迫力,让它的速度明显一滞。 Facing such scene, the Yuan lion beast startled and anger, the condition was hot tempered. 面对这样的场景,元狮兽又惊又怒,状态更加暴躁了许多。 Sees this, Lin Tianming is joyful immediately. 见到这一幕,林天明顿时欣喜不已。 After all, the strategy that he previously planned is effective, Earthly Fiends Sword Formation also successfully revolved. 毕竟,他此前谋划的计策已经奏效,地煞剑阵也成功运转了起来。 Nowadays, the Yuan lion beast by sword was one of them sleepily, so long as he controls the sword reduction range firmly, thus further compresses the existing space of Yuan lion beast. 现如今,元狮兽被剑阵困在其中,只要他牢牢掌控剑阵缩小范围,从而进一步压缩元狮兽的生存空间。 By that time, the talent magical powers of Yuan lion beast receive a sword diversion, he will want to defeat this Yuan lion beast also to be only easier. lan 到那时候,元狮兽的天赋神通受到剑阵的牵制,他想要击败这只元狮兽也将更加容易。阑 Understands this, Lin Tianming starts to implement immediately. 明白这点,林天明立刻开始实行起来。 In that flash, sees only Lin Tianming to wield frequently begins the part of great bear sword, erupted massive attacks to kill toward the Yuan lion beast instantaneously. 那一瞬间,只见林天明频繁挥动手里的天罡剑,瞬间爆发出大量攻击朝着元狮兽杀了过去。 Lin Tianming is controlling Earthly Fiends Sword Formation continually, at the maximum speed narrows scope the range of covering. 紧接着,林天明持续操控着地煞剑阵,以最快的速度缩小笼罩的范围。 He is very clear, be only a sword covering range is smaller, the process of suppression Yuan lion beast is also more relaxed. 他很清楚,只有剑阵笼罩的范围越小,镇压元狮兽的过程也更加轻松。 Otherwise, the striking power of Yuan lion beast is very strong, if were seized the Earthly Fiends Sword Formation weak period to clash by it, the plan of that his trip will also waste all previous efforts. 否则的话,元狮兽的攻击力很强,万一被它抓住地煞剑阵的虚弱期冲了出来,那他此行的计划也将前功尽弃。 Fully realizes this, Lin Tianming this time attack just like the tide to be the same, coordinates a sword interior again originally in the sword air/Qi of random walk, instantaneously becomes incomparably crowded. 深知这点,林天明此时的攻击犹如潮水一般,再配合剑阵内部本就在游走的剑气,瞬间变得无比密集。 But he does that also for does not give Yuan lion beast any respite the opportunity. lan 而他这么做,也是为了不给元狮兽任何一丝喘息的机会。阑 However, the spirit wisdom of Yuan lion beast is really not even so low. 然而即便如此,元狮兽的灵智果然不低。 When it feels the pressure that sword knot creates, in addition sky over top of the head dense and numerous sword air/Qi attack, although the might of these attacks are not very strong, is almost hard to give it to bring the fatal threat. 当它感受到剑阵结界带来的压力,加上头顶上空密密麻麻的剑气攻击,虽然这些攻击的威力并不是很强,几乎难以给它带来致命的威胁。 But these attacks are very intensive, even if the defensive power of Yuan lion beast is astonishing, is impossible to achieve neglects completely. 可这些攻击十分密集,哪怕元狮兽的防御力惊人,也不可能做到完全忽视。 Except for this, these attacks raid continuously, is diverting every action and every movement of Yuan lion beast continually. 除此以外,这些攻击接连不断袭来,持续牵制着元狮兽的一举一动。 So in the situation, the Yuan lion beast has to conduct moves aside and even counter-attacks, thus makes the point that it attacks continue to weaken. 这般情况下,元狮兽又不得不进行一些躲闪乃至反击,从而让它进攻的锋芒持续减弱。 However the Yuan lion beast spirit wisdom is very high, very decisive. 不过元狮兽灵智很高,也十分的果断。 It seems to be clear, in this everywhere attack has many not to threaten, even his defense skin armor is hard to break through. lan 它似乎明白,这漫天攻击中有许多没有威胁,甚至就连他的防御皮甲都难以攻破。阑 Therefore, it can definitely neglect part of attacks, uses the self-defence strength to go to some hard anti- attacks purely. 因此,它完全可以忽略一部分攻击,纯粹利用自身的防御力去硬抗一些攻击。 But it can take advantage that this opportunity, attacks sword knot as soon as possible, does everything possible to escape from this range. 而它则可以趁这个机会,尽快攻击剑阵结界,想尽办法逃出这个范围。 Only then flees, its aspect will be reversed. 只有逃离出去,它的局面才会得到扭转。 Otherwise , to continue like, is no different than the lukewarm water to boil the frog, sooner or later will be towed by Lin Tianming. 不然的话,像这样持续下去,无异于温水煮青蛙,迟早都会被林天明生生拖死。 Therefore, the Yuan lion beast chooses a position to find out the claw suddenly, the giant and sharp two sharp claws, pat one after another directly in tying on side light screen. 于是,元狮兽选择一个方位突然探出爪子,巨大又锋利的两只利爪,接连正面拍在结界的一面光幕上。 As for its behind large number of sword air/Qi attack, the Yuan lion beast does not attend to at this time. 至于它身后的大量剑气攻击,元狮兽此时丝毫不顾了。 As one intermittent the sound transmits, sees only massive sword air/Qi bombardment in conducting the back of Yuan lion beast. lan 随着一阵阵噼里啪啦的声响传来,只见大量的剑气轰击在元狮兽的背上。阑 At once, massive sparks flying in all directions, resound along with a hoarseness roar. 一时之间,大量火花四溅,伴随着一声声嘶吼声响起。 But this lot of sword air/Qi contacted skin armor of Yuan lion beast, quick are shot to fly, finally dissipated thoroughly in the world. 而这大量的剑气接触了元狮兽的皮甲,很快就被弹飞出去,最终彻底消散在天地之间。 As for the Yuan lion beast is stuffy snort/hum several, his back presents the scar that some depths vary. 至于元狮兽则是闷哼几声,其背部出现一些深浅不一的伤痕。 Is good is powerful because of the vitality of Yuan lion beast, and skin coarse meat is thick, is only that thick skin armor, can resist gold/metal pill's initial Cultivator to attack at will. 好在元狮兽的气血强大,并且皮糙肉厚,光是那一层厚厚的皮甲,就能抵挡一名金丹初期的修士随意攻击。 Although cultivating of Lin Tianming is talented, but attacks ordinary is also hard to give the Yuan lion beast to bring enough wound. 虽然林天明的修为实力不俗,可普通攻击也难以给元狮兽带来足够的创伤。 So in the situation, Lin Tianming these stop attacks are hard to play the too big effect. 这般情况下,林天明这些阻拦性的攻击难以起到太大的效果。 But at this moment, the Yuan lion beast while the strength of this counter- shaking, charged into the dead ahead sword barrier with the strength. lan 而此时此刻,元狮兽则趁着这股反震之力,借力冲向了正前方的剑阵壁垒。阑 Meanwhile, the two sharp claws of Yuan lion beast, the impartial racket is in tandem tying the barrier same position. 与此同时,元狮兽的两只利爪,一前一后不偏不倚的拍在结界壁垒的同一个位置。 Bang bang......” “砰砰……” Two explosive sounds transmitted, see only on a sword barrier to swing the ripples, and quick swayed crazily. 两声爆响声传来,只见剑阵壁垒上荡起了涟漪,并且很快疯狂摇晃起来。 But at this time, Lin Tianming enclasped the mind, is controlling the normal operation of Earthly Fiends Sword Formation full power. 而这时候,林天明抱紧心神,全力操控着地煞剑阵的正常运转。 As for that flash, he had actually seen the intention of Yuan lion beast, wants to make some rows the measures to stop. 至于刚才的那一瞬间,他其实已经看出了元狮兽的意图,也想做出一些列的措施去阻拦。 However was a pity very much, his round of attack just ended, wants to erupt the new attack to stop the Yuan lion beast again, obviously already without enough time. 然而很可惜,他一轮攻击刚刚结束,再想要爆发出新的攻击去阻拦元狮兽,明显已经来不及了。 Except for this, Lin Tianming simply has not thought that this Yuan lion beast so will be only decisive, will give up the back large number of sword air/Qi attack unexpectedly, rather withstand/top these to injure to clash a fencing barrier. lan 除此以外,林天明根本没想到这只元狮兽会这么果断,竟然会放弃背后的大量剑气攻击,宁愿顶着这些伤害去冲击剑阵壁垒。阑 But such accident, indeed makes Lin Tianming be somewhat caught off guard. 而这样的变故,也的确让林天明有些措手不及。 Is good because of Lin Tianming regarding this only Yuan lion beast, is always maintaining the alert of high rigidity, and he himself is also spars the generation of rich experience. 好在林天明对于这只元狮兽,一直以来保持着高刚度的戒备,并且他自己也是个斗法经验丰富之辈。 Also in the Yuan lion beast lays out the sharp claws, Lin Tianming at the shortest time, displayed the pinnacle Earthly Fiends Sword Formation. 也就在元狮兽拍出利爪之时,林天明以最短的时间内,将地煞剑阵发挥到了极致。 Also because of this, in Earthly Fiends Sword Formation swayed after several, finally returned to normal. 也正因为如此,在地煞剑阵摇晃了几下过后,最终还是恢复了正常。 Meanwhile, Lin Tianming erupts massive attacks rapidly, diverts the attention of Yuan lion beast again, thus seizes the chance to narrow scope the Earthly Fiends Sword Formation covering range. 与此同时,林天明迅速爆发出大量攻击,再一次牵制元狮兽的注意力,从而趁机缩小地煞剑阵的笼罩范围。 The Lin Tianming movement is quick, organized the new round attack instantaneously. 林天明的动作很快,瞬间就组织了新一轮的攻击。 But this time Yuan lion beast saw that strikes cannot go well, is becomes more manic, its look color of dreading is richer. lan 而此时的元狮兽见到一击未能得手,也是变得更加狂躁,其眼神中的忌惮之色更加浓郁。阑 However at this moment, the situation does not give Yuan lion beast any time, the opportunity and panting for breath. 不过此时此刻,局势根本不给元狮兽任何时间,以及喘息的机会。 In an instant, the Lin Tianming new round attack comes, and before might of each sword air/Qi is by far . 转眼之间,林天明新一轮的攻击如约而至,并且每一道剑气的威力远胜之前。 Not only so, Lin Tianming erupts the part of great bear nine sword magical powers again, hopes that can result in a more tremendous pressure on the Yuan lion beast. 不仅仅如此,林天明再度爆发天罡九剑这门神通,希望能够给元狮兽造成更大的压力。 But in fact, indeed so. 而事实上,也的确如此。 Facing this moves mountains attack, the Yuan lion beast does not want to pay attention is not good, because the ordinary attack of Lin Tianming can also neglect reluctantly, but the attack of that merit law magical powers, is as good as an ordinary spirit technique. 面对这排山倒海般的攻击,元狮兽不想理会也不行,因为林天明的普通攻击还能勉强忽视,可那功法神通的攻击,丝毫不亚于一门普通的灵术。 Under such attack, even if the third-order late monster beast that the talent different reported that also does not dare easily to meet the tough head-on with toughness. 在这样的攻击下,哪怕是天赋异禀的三阶后期妖兽,也不敢轻易硬碰硬。 So in situation, on the side of Yuan lion beast, if wants the means to attack a fencing barrier, changes must divert attention to care about Lin Tianming. lan 这般情况下,元狮兽一边要想办法攻击剑阵壁垒,一变又必须要分心顾及林天明。阑 Therefore, the Yuan lion beast can only two accept a challenge but. 于是,元狮兽无奈之下只能两线应战。 , The both sides new round attack collides suddenly together. 瞬息间不到,双方新一轮的攻击碰撞在一起。 Suddenly, the entire canyon hears the explosive sound, along with intermittent painful low roar. 一时间,整个峡谷内部传来噼里啪啦的爆响声,伴随着阵阵痛苦的低吼声。 But the sword interior flame scatters, the powerful fluctuation scatters in all directions. 而剑阵内部火光四溅,强大的波动四散开来。 In that flame, the attack of Lin Tianming is ordinary like the tide, one after another raids. 在那火光之中,林天明的攻击如同潮水一般,一轮接着一轮的袭来。 Meanwhile, Lin Tianming seizes the chance to narrow scope a sword covering range. 与此同时,林天明趁机缩小剑阵笼罩的范围。 After to the bang, this time Yuan lion beast falls consecutive several rounds of comprehensively leeward, injury has proliferated the whole body, many places are bruised and lacerated, when entire aura comparison peak, obvious dispirited. lan 经过连续数轮的对轰,此时的元狮兽全面落入下风,身上的伤势已经遍布全身,其中不少地方皮开肉绽,整个气息比较巅峰之时,明显萎靡了许多。阑 But this time Earthly Fiends Sword Formation , the rapid reduction under the control of Lin Tianming, quick arrived at more than hundred zhang (3.33 m) range. 而此时的地煞剑阵,也在林天明的操控下迅速缩小,很快就到了百多丈范围。 By this time, Earthly Fiends Sword Formation intensity already very stable, even if Lin Tianming no longer gives the Yuan lion beast to bring any pressure, whatever it attacks at will can also insist the period of time. Looking at it like this, this time aspect was controlled by Lin Tianming thoroughly, this also indicates that the life of Yuan lion beast, is being on the verge of death. 到了此时,地煞剑阵的强度已经十分稳固,哪怕林天明不再给元狮兽施加任何压力,任凭它随意攻击也能坚持一阵子。这样看来,此时的局面彻底被林天明掌控,这也预示着元狮兽的性命,已经是危在旦夕的局面。 At this time, Lin Tianming sees the present scene, the innermost feelings cannot bear joyfully. 这时候,林天明见到眼前的场景,内心忍不住欣喜不已。 But in his heart, was true shocking by the strength of this Yuan lion beast. 而在他内心,也属实被这元狮兽的实力给震惊到了。 These more than ten rounds attack processes, he is the firepower full, was only a supernatural power consumed more than half. 要知道,就这十余轮的攻击过程,他可谓是火力全开,光是一身的法力就消耗了过半。 Under like this high-intensity attack, even if he feels somewhat strenuously. lan 在这样的高强度攻击下,哪怕是他都感觉有些吃力。阑 Suddenly, his complexion somewhat pale color, aura also following dispirited. 一时间,他的脸色有些苍白之色,气息也跟着萎靡了一些。 However when he noticed that the Yuan lion beast was stranded in Earthly Fiends Sword Formation firmly, Lin Tianming suppresses the innermost feelings forcefully the excitement, and immediately hits 12 spirit, the oath must defeat this powerful monster beast as soon as possible. 不过当他看到元狮兽被牢牢困在地煞剑阵里面,林天明强行压制住内心的激动,并且立刻打起了十二分精神,誓要将这只强大的妖兽给尽快击败。 ...... ……
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