TRSFPUS :: Volume #7

#658 Part 1: Startled certainly colorful composer

Chapter 658 startled certainly colorful composer 第658章惊才绝艳的作曲家 " Cube Corporation " the person does not have the mistake. 「Cube公司」的人没有错误。 Different with Katou Yusuke. 加藤悠介不同。 The opposite party have not played «Clannad» this game after all, is not naturally able to make exactly the same thing. This is the antiwar crime. 对方毕竟没有玩过《Clannad》这款游戏,自然无法做出一模一样的东西来。这是非战之罪。 But those words. 但还是那句话。 Here Katou Yusuke comes for satisfied, will therefore not choose on. 加藤悠介来这边是为了称心如意的,所以不会选择将就。 Therefore, even the opposite party expresses the mood of contradiction, he does not plan to compromise. 因此,即使对方表现出抵触的情绪,他也不打算妥协。 He is knitting the brows gently, in the memory deep place excavation search of mind a while, then opens the mouth to say slowly: 他轻轻皱着眉,在脑海的记忆深处挖掘搜索一阵子,而后缓缓开口道: „...... The matter about game music, I have not wanted to create obstacles for your meanings. Existing song style with my ideal has very big difference, therefore I did not say good.” “……关于游戏音乐的事情,我没有想要刁难贵方的意思。只是现有的曲子风格跟我理想的有很大差异,所以我才说不行。” The acoustic manufacture asked immediately: 音响制作马上发问: That, can you tell us in detail your specific request? Explanation time also please avoid using the ambiguous fuzzy phrase, clearly expressed as far as possible.” “那么,您能详细告诉我们您的具体要求吗?说明的时候还请避免使用暧昧模糊的字眼,尽量明确表达。” Katou Yusuke looked at her one eyes, looks at the sound prison, hesitates saying: 加藤悠介看了她一眼,把目光投向音监,沉吟道: Mr. Goto, I am not the specialized music person, is unable to express like you. Can melody that the words, I can roughly snort/hum I want?” “后藤先生,我不是专业的音乐人士,无法像你们那样表达。可以的话,我能大致哼一下我想要的旋律吗?” Hey ~ hummed?” “嘿诶~哼唱吗?” Goto hears this saying, reveals expression that has a relish, then nods happily. 后藤听到这话,露出饶有兴致的表情,然后痛快地点头。 Un, this idea is good! Katou little elder brother you although hmph hmph to look that does not use shy.” “嗯,这主意不错啊!那加藤小哥你就尽管哼哼看吧,不用害羞。” Regarding this, the sound manufactures a face to show neither approval nor disapproval, watches changes quietly. 对此,音响制作一脸不置可否,静观其变。 The following mixing sound master curls the lip, in the heart laughs. 后面的混音师撇了撇嘴,心中发笑。 Must say that composes this thing to be seemingly simple, even if a three -year-old child can also hmph hmph casually two, but if wants to write not only of pleasant to hear and conforms to the mainstream the melody, but is completely a different matter. 要说作曲这东西看似简单,哪怕是一个三岁小孩儿也能随便哼哼两句,但要是想写出既好听又符合主流的旋律,可就完全是另一码事了。 Without selects the expertise approaching body, if the average person wants to write to use the song on commercial work, can only describe with four characters- 若是没有那么点专业知识傍身,普通人要想写出能用在商业作品上的曲子,只能用四个字来形容- Dream of a fool! 痴人说梦! Mixes the sound master is thinking, while revealed expression that looks at the joke. 混音师一边这么想着,一边露出了看笑话的表情。 Katou Yusuke has not paid attention to these to mix with the subtle malicious look, supervises the nod to express best wishes to the sound. 加藤悠介没有理会那些夹杂着微妙恶意的眼神,冲音监点头致意。 That, first is a theme song.” “那么,首先是一首主题歌。” He clears throat, ferments slightly, the opens the mouth sonorous singing gets up. 他清了清喉咙,稍微酝酿一下,开口清唱起来。 Dumpling ~ dumpling ~ dumpling ~ dumpling ~ dumpling ~ dumpling, respected family.” “团子~团子~团子~团子~团子~团子,大家族。” With him, as soon as the opens the mouth, the people all stare. 随着他一开口,众人皆是一愣。 This is...... nursery song-?? 这是……儿歌-?? The sound supervises cannot help but dumbfounded. 音监不由得傻眼。 The acoustic manufacture knits the brows. 音响制作皱眉。 Mixes the sound master to disdain. 混音师不屑。 Three people of facial expressions vary, but has not opened the mouth to break. 三人的神情各异,但也没开口打断。 Benefit anything did not say, also covers another hand on his back of the hand, closely buckles with his ten fingers, might transmit the support the same as make an effort to get hold. 惠什么也不说,把另一只手也覆盖在他手背上,与他十指紧紧相扣,像是要传递支持一样用力握紧。 Katou Yusuke feels this point, the look looks askance to look warm toward her, the tender feelings smile. 加藤悠介感受到这一点,眼神温暖地侧目朝她望去,柔情一笑。 Mischievously makes trouble roasts dumpling ~ the kidney bean paste dumpling of gentle good intention.” “顽皮捣蛋的烤团子~温柔好心的豆沙团子。” Everyone ~ everyone ~ crowded together, formed hundred people families.” “大家~大家~凑在一起,组成了百人大家族。” Dumpling baby ~ forever crosses happily joyfully.” “团子宝宝~永远过得幸福快乐。” Dumpling old person ~ always smiled to narrow the eye.” “团子老人~总是笑得眯起了眼。” - 紧接着- Dumplings harmony happiness hand in hand, encircles a great circle ~ ~ ~ “团子们其乐融融手拉手,围成一个大圆圈~~~” The beautiful melody flows out, the rising vice- song becomes makes an arrest all of a sudden. 优美的旋律流泻出来,上扬的副歌一下子变得抓人。 People: „-!?” 众人:“-!?” Dumplings build up the small town, on-board smiles to smile radiantly in the dumpling ~ “团子们建起小镇,在团子星上笑开颜~” Space has the rabbit to beckon ~ moon mother-in-law ~ “天上有兔子在招手~还有大大的月亮婆婆~” Happy matter ~ sad matter, rubs one group completely ~ ~ ~ “把开心的事~悲伤的事,全部揉成一团吧~~~” The melodious end tone flutters in the air, was full of the vitality and energy. Just like beautiful music lingering in the air, three days lingering on faintly. 悠扬的尾音飘荡在空气中,充满了生机与活力。宛如余音绕梁,三日不绝于耳。 As the singing sound stops, the indoor presents the short blank, only remains the weak breathing. 随着歌声一停,室内出现短暂的空白,只剩微弱的呼吸声。 Mr. Goto.” The Katou Yusuke looking straight ahead front, this is ancient Hezhu this role theme song, how do you feel?” “后藤先生。”加藤悠介直视前方,“这是古河渚这个角色的主题歌,你觉得怎么样?” Un ............ “嗯…………” The sound supervises slightly has the hesitation to frown, feels the chin to ponder over earnestly, after long time, asked: 音监略有踌躇地皱着眉头,摸着下巴认真琢磨,半晌后问道: That what...... Katou little elder brother you did not say that hummed simply? How did this even compose fixed-style verses has??” “那个啥……加藤小哥伱不是说就是简单哼唱一下吗?这怎么连填词都有了??” Katou Yusuke has not answered this issue, said: 加藤悠介没有回答这个问题,又道: ancient Hezhu the theme song that „...... in brief, I want is this. The musical instrument takes the xylophone piano as, after the first chapter finished, the lattern half vice- song must join with the sound.” “……总之,我想要的古河渚的主题歌就是这个。乐器以木琴为主钢琴为辅,第一篇章结束后,后半部分的副歌要加入和声。” Lattern half?? This saying meant that...... the Katou little elder brother you do have the complete song?” “后半部分??这话的意思是说……加藤小哥你已经有完整的曲子了?” „...... Is, can achieve?” “……算是吧,能做到吗?” How...... shouldn't say? Allows me first to think.” “唔……该怎么说呢?容我先想一下。” The sound prison was saying closes the eyes, the head continuously sways gently up and down, probably simulates that melody in the mind. 音监说着闭上双眼,脑袋不住轻轻上下摇晃,像是在脑海中模拟那段旋律。 After a while, he opens the eye quickly, the look slightly somewhat shining. 过了一会儿,他倏地睁开眼睛,眼神微微有些发亮。 „The meaning......, this is not very a little interesting. The Katou little elder brother do you want the xylophone and piano? These musical instruments our company has! Comes with me, we chat this carefully.” “有点意思……不,这很有意思。加藤小哥你要木琴和钢琴是吧?这些乐器我们公司都有!跟我来吧,我们仔细聊聊这个。” The language finishes, then walks hurriedly outward. 语毕,便风风火火地朝外走去。 Katou Yusuke naturally cannot hesitate, draws the benefit to follow together. 加藤悠介自然不会迟疑,拉着惠一同跟上。 The acoustic manufacture and mixed the sound master to look at one mutually, pursued. 音响制作和混音师互相看了一眼,也追了上去。 Then, the group shift from the control room to the musical instrument room. 就这样,一行人从控制室转移到乐器室。 Goto hit telephoned, shouted the name can shoot the helper of xylophone to come. Simply after the opposite party explained the melody, he himself before the piano sits down. 后藤打了一通电话,喊了名会弹木琴的帮手过来。简单向对方说明一下旋律后,他自己在钢琴前坐下。 Ok, Katou little elder brother, everything is ready, our on the spot instrumental ensemble this theme song! You sang although, we look to coordinate your.” “好了,加藤小哥,万事俱备,我们现场合奏一下这首主题歌吧!你尽管唱,我们会看着配合你的。” Good.” “好。” Katou Yusuke nods, regarding this does not have stage fright, stands before the microphone directly. 加藤悠介点点头,对此也不怯场,直接站在麦克风前。 Confirmed after he prepares, the sound supervised to the xylophone master caused a meaningful glance. 确认他准备好以后,音监对木琴师使了一个眼色。 Ding ding-dong ~ 叮叮咚~ With the zither music that sounds clearly, the youngster also opens the mouth. 伴随着清脆敲响的琴音,少年也随之开口。 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ “~~~~~~” This time, the Katou Yusuke sonorous singing becomes different. 这一次,加藤悠介的清唱变得不同。 After being many accompaniment of xylophone, the melody did not have beforehand monotonous immediately, becomes has the rhythm and autokinetic effect very much. 多了木琴的伴奏以后,旋律立马就没了之前的单调,变得很有节奏感与动感。 The fresh/live note leaps in the indoor lithely, the tweedle and singing sound, jump in the ear of people one after another. 鲜活的音符在室内轻盈跃动,琴声与歌声相和,一个接一个地跳进人们的耳朵里面。 Until- 直到- Dumplings harmony happiness hand in hand, encircles a great circle ~ ~ ~ “团子们其乐融融手拉手,围成一个大圆圈~~~” That moment when the vice- song resounds. 当副歌响起的那一刻。 The body of audience shakes as if by prior agreement, on the skin raises up goosebumps suddenly, actually holds the breath with rapt attention, raises up the ear to listen carefully. 观众们的身躯不约而同地一震,皮肤上骤然竖起一层鸡皮疙瘩,却又屏息凝神,竖起耳朵细听。 The room becomes exceptionally peaceful. 房间变得异常安静。 With the youngster clean melodious voice, the beautiful melody lingers in the air, emotion plentiful and wonderful interesting to listen. 伴随着少年干净悠扬的嗓音,优美的旋律萦绕在空气里,情感丰满又美妙动听。 Listens to that extremely influential singing sound, the acoustic manufacture somewhat to change countenance, felt oneself like brought a completely strange world, feels incomparably familiar. 听着那极富感染力的歌声,音响制作不禁有些动容,觉得自己就像被带到了一个完全陌生的世界,却又感到无比熟悉。 Mixes the sound master to stare the big eye startled, on the face full is incredible. 混音师愕然瞪大眼睛,脸上满是不可置信。 " This is how possible-!?!? " 「这怎么可能呢-!?!?」 In the head jumps this thought. 脑袋里蹦出这个念头。 He is opening the mouth, the expression solidification. 他愣愣地张着嘴巴,表情凝固。 Mainly is, the matter that at present has surpassed his cognition completely! 主要是,眼前所发生的事情完全超出了他的认知! Is this possible?? 这怎么可能呢?? How does a layman possibly write to obtain this melody??! 一个外行人怎么可能写得出这种旋律呢??! Those words-! 还是那句话-! Composes this line seemingly simply, actually threshold relative high. 作曲这行看似简单,实则门槛相当之高。 As a rule, the melody that the average person who does not have the expertise compiles, basically only has a chaotic character! 通常来说,一个没有专业知识的普通人编写出来的旋律,基本只有一个乱字! Let alone the upholstery and mood of what paragraph proceeded in an orderly way, the antithesis neatly is an issue! 别说什么段落的铺垫和情绪的循序渐进了,就连对仗工整都是个问题! However Katou Yusuke is actually different-! 然而加藤悠介却是不同-! Issue that these are very difficult to grasp to the average person, has not appeared in the opposite party mouth unexpectedly! 这些对普通人来说很难掌握的问题,在对方口中竟然一点都没有出现! Arranging of youngster is exquisite, rhythm strong and ups and downs. 少年的编曲精妙,节奏感强而且起伏跌宕。 Although in that some redundant paragraphs, but the opposite party actually used some changes ingeniously, making the entire first program more splendid. 尽管那里面有许多重复的段落,可对方却巧妙地使用了一些变化,让整首曲目变得更加出色。 Mixes the sound master is listening to near the ear that warm moving, as if can bring back the people glorious memory the melody, cannot help but thinks song that oneself previously made. 混音师听着耳边那温馨动人的、仿佛能勾起人们美好回忆的旋律,不由自主想到了自己先前所做的曲子。 Thinks carefully, own thing also is really inferior to others probably...... 仔细想想,自己的东西好像还真不如人家的…… His innermost feelings are both complex and aggrieved, finally falls into disconsolately. 他的内心是既复杂又憋屈,最后陷入惆怅。 Hui'an geostationary is standing, both eyes stare at the central youngster, the pupil that the tendrils vine, the wave ripples at heart drags gently. 惠安静地站着,双目凝望中央的少年,心里头枝枝蔓蔓,水波荡漾的瞳孔温柔摇曳。 Ding ~ ding ~ thump. 叮~叮~咚。 Finally, the singing sound and tweedle stopped together. 最终,歌声与琴声一同停了下来。 The xylophone master puts down zither | Jean hammer, looked at one to fall into the silent people, was astonished gives the appraisal. 木琴师放下琴锤,看了一眼陷入沉默的众人,而后讶异地给出评价。 Ok, this song does really well. “可以啊,这曲子做得真不错。 The melody simple of pleasant to hear, arranges colorful, and sound sense of depth . Moreover the power also very makes an arrest, the only issue is a more suitable girl to sing. 旋律简单好听、编曲丰富多彩、和声层次感强,而且感染力也挺抓人的,唯一的问题就是更适合女孩子唱。 Although this little elder brother's voice is not coarse, but was short of the slender and elusive feeling, cannot display that spiritual energy. What a pity, was really a pity. ” 这位小哥的声音虽然不难听,但是少了点纤细和空灵感,表现不出那种灵气。可惜了,真的可惜了。” Sees a he exasperated appearance, the sound supervises to ridicule immodestly. 见到他一副唉声叹气的模样,音监不客气地笑骂起来。 Knock it off you. Others are not the specialized singer, are you short in this pick a bone from an egg, have the skill you also to write such a song to come to see?” “拉倒吧你。人家本来就不是专业的歌手,你少在这鸡蛋里挑骨头,有本事你也写出这么一首曲子来看看?” Two people relations seem good. 两人的关系似乎很好。 Facing taunting that the sound supervises, the xylophone master shrugs the arm, then looks with the somewhat earnest look to Katou Yusuke. 面对音监的挖苦,木琴师只是耸了耸肩膀,而后用有些热切的眼神望向加藤悠介 Many did not say, the song that the little elder brother makes really has the level very much. Where do you take a higher position? Is interested in coming our to take office?” “多的不说,小哥做的这首曲子真的很有水平。请问你是在哪里高就?有兴趣来我们这就职吗?” hears word, including Katou Yusuke, the people are startled. 闻言,包括加藤悠介在内,众人不禁为之一怔。 However the next quarter, the sound supervised kicks on the buttocks of xylophone. 不过下一刻,音监就一脚踢在了木琴师的屁股上。 Fool, others are our company's customer, did your brain shatter?” “笨蛋,人家可是我们公司的客户,你脑子坏掉了吗?” What? Customers? I am ask that if others if wants?” “啥?客户又怎么了?我就是问问呗,万一人家要是愿意呢?” Asked your head! Asked you to leave day in day out the dwelling old at home, cared about a outside matter. “问你个头!都叫你别老一天到晚宅在家,多关心点外面的事情了。 You open the eye to be attractive, the Katou little elder brother the copyright sold a hundred million cartoonist a while ago! You also want to invite others, could you invite you? ” 你睁大眼睛好好看看,加藤小哥可是前段时间版权卖了一个亿的漫画家!你还想聘请人家,你请得起吗你?” „-!?” “啊-!?” The xylophone normal university is startled, probably notices this matter, stares the big eye to look to Katou Yusuke one fiercely, the rear reveal was astonished, said one was you. 木琴师大吃一惊,像是才注意到这件事情,瞪大眼睛对着加藤悠介一阵猛瞧,最后面露惊异,说了一句原来是你。 That seemed looking that the scarce animal same look makes Katou Yusuke a little uncomfortable. 那仿佛在看稀缺动物一样的眼神让加藤悠介有点不舒服。 When he wanted to say anything, the following sound manufactured, and " should not be disrespectful on the grounds of please the guest to company " , seeming like a little off-line xylophone master promoted the room. 正当他想要说些什么时,后面的音响制作走了上来,并以「请不要对公司的客人失礼」为由,把看上去有点脱线的木琴师推出房间。 „...... Really is was extremely sorry, our staff you put to trouble to Mr. Katou....... I must before myself apologized to you impolitely, the program that you compiled was really splendid. Sorry.” “……真是非常抱歉,我方的员工给加藤先生您添麻烦了。还有……我也要为自己之前的无礼向您道歉,您编写的曲目真的非常出色。对不起。” The acoustic manufacture expression apologized sincerely, the attitude depth bowed straight. 音响制作言辞诚恳地道歉,态度端正地深鞠一躬。 Person who has the talent where, regardless of will be respected, this is an universal truth. 有才的人无论在哪里都会受到尊重,这是一个四海皆准的道理。 Mixes the sound master to see her response, mood five senses mixed Chen, simultaneously has to acknowledge the song that others make is really good. 混音师见到她的反应,心情五味杂陈,同时又不得不承认人家做的曲子是真好。 The sound supervises is glad to see him succeed actually, toward arriving at side benefit somebody asked: „Does Katou little elder brother, this song name?” 音监对此倒是乐见其成,朝走到惠身旁的某人问道:“加藤小哥,这首曲子叫什么名字?” «Dumpling Respected family».” “《团子大家族》。” The people hear this name to stare, probably feels some simple straightforward. 众人听到这个名字不由一愣,像是觉得有些过于简单直白。 Katou Yusuke has no interest in haggle over these, observes the situation a musical instrument room. 加藤悠介无心计较这些,环视一圈乐器室。 Mr. Goto, some of my also other songs wants to demonstrate, can ask you to help?” “后藤先生,我还有一些其他曲子想要演示,可以拜托你帮忙吗?” Other songs??” “还有其他曲子??” Eye that the sound supervises one bright, sure! What musical instrument do you need? I find the person to accompany to you.” 音监的眼睛一亮,“当然可以!你需要什么乐器?我找人给你伴奏。” Good, that had the work.” “好,那就有劳了。” The Katou Yusuke politeness expressed thanks, accepted safely. 加藤悠介礼貌致谢,安然接受下来。 This matter has no hospitable air/Qi, to work. 这种事情没什么好客气的,一切都是为了工作。 Then, two people exchange the musical instrument that needs to use uninhibitedly. 就这样,两人旁若无人地交流起需要用到的乐器。 The acoustic manufacture and mixes the sound master to stand the audit. 音响制作和混音师站着旁听。 Hui Zhao a chair sat down in slightly far point place, puts out the cell phone. 惠找了一张椅子在稍远一点的地方坐下,拿出手机。 When confirmed after good Katou Yusuke demand, the sound supervised quickly to look for many helpers. 等到确认好加藤悠介的需求以后,音监很快找来了许多帮手。 Has the ball guitar, the bowed instrument, blowpipe musical instrument...... various almost talents have. And also includes that expelled xylophone master, even mixed the sound master also to go forth to battle to be the keyboard hand. 有弹吉他的、拉弦乐器的、吹管乐器的……几乎各种人才都有。其中也包括那位被赶走的木琴师,甚至连混音师也上阵担任了键盘手。 As the increasing number of people join, the room also becomes lively. 随着越来越多的人加入,房间也变得热闹起来。 Katou Yusuke was encircled by a musician in the middle, was telling calm freely the melody that want, and often hummed one on the spot. 加藤悠介被一众乐手围在中间,淡定自若地讲述着自己想要的旋律,并不时现场哼唱一段。 The speed that he hummed was not fast, sometimes will also stop the ponder a while, probably in the consideration follow-up design and engagement. 他哼唱的速度并不快,有时还会停下来思考一阵子,像是在考虑后续的设计与衔接。 Although is a little off and on, but supervises them at the sound looks like very normal. 虽然有点断断续续,但在音监他们看来却十分正常。 After all composes this thing is not the matter of getting it done in one action, when the Katou Yusuke anything resembles sang «Dumpling Respected family» was so smooth, instead seemed not normal. 毕竟作曲这东西本就不是一蹴而就的事情,如果加藤悠介什么都像唱《团子大家族》时那么流畅,反而才显得不正常。 Musicians are listening patiently, once for a while asked some issues, and has been explained from the Katou Yusuke mouth. 一众乐手们耐心地听着,时不时提出一些问题,并从加藤悠介口中得到解答。 After all issues explain, the musicians take up oneself musical instrument, starts experimentally the performance. 等到所有问题都解答完毕后,乐手们纷纷抄起自己的乐器,开始尝试性地演奏。 First what plays is «Small Control». 首先演奏的是《小小的手心》。 In an instant, the beautiful melody spreads in the room. 刹那间,优美的旋律在房间扩散开来。 In this song used " Dumpling Respected family » vice- song paragraph, the main tuning slightly falls. 这首曲子里面使用了《团子大家族》的副歌段落,主调略降。 Dubbing in music is primarily the piano and xylophone, assists to join voices the exaggeration the grand sadness, the timbre that plays is pure and elusive, has the picture feeling very much. 配乐以钢琴和木琴为主,佐以合声器渲染出盛大的悲伤,奏出的音色纯净又空灵,很有画面感。 Finally. 一曲终了。 Not is only the audience, performer are also surprised extremely, feels to express admiration for the splendid degree of this song. 不仅是观众,就连演奏者自己也惊讶万分,为这曲子的出色程度感到啧啧称奇。 Has not given them the too much time to taste, second «Moist Cry» immediately starts to play. 没有给他们太多时间回味,第二首《潮鸣》马上开始演奏。 It begins in a gentle melodious way, builds one type with the matching of piano and stringed musical instrument peaceful and atmosphere of ponder, making one as if place oneself near a tranquil and beautiful coast. 它以一种温柔悠扬的方式开场,用钢琴和弦乐器的搭配营造出一种安静而沉思的氛围,让人仿佛置身于一个宁静而美丽的海岸边。 With the gradual advancement of program, the melody of piano and stringed musical instrument also strengthens, seems the ocean waves is whipping the shore slowly. 随着曲目的逐渐推进,钢琴和弦乐器的旋律也随之加强,仿佛是海浪慢慢拍打着岸边。 Meanwhile, the performance of guitar and percussion instrument gradually is also intense, the rhythm is getting more and more obvious, like the mutual surging of sea breeze and great waves. 同时,吉他和打击乐器的演奏也渐渐激烈,节奏越来越明显,如同是海风和浪涛的相互激荡。 Finally, in the high tide part of entire program, the performance of stringed musical instrument and percussion instrument reached the peak. 最后,在整个曲目的高潮部分,弦乐器和打击乐器的演奏达到了顶峰。 The intense music expressed the enormous force that the ocean waves brought intuitively, as well as that beautiful magnificent scene. Make people feel the mystery of nature profoundly. 紧张激烈的音乐直观表达了海浪带来的巨大力量,以及那美丽壮观的景象。让人们深刻感受到了大自然的神奇。 Unmanned speech, the moved beautiful timbre flutter in the room, might touch the people heart softest part, fall in the blues. 无人讲话,只有伤感美丽的音色在房间里飘荡,像是要触动人们心底最柔软的部分,叫人情绪低落。 The musicians are silent for a very long time, only thought that the chest is somewhat depressed. The female music production cannot bear do not remove the fine hairs from face, gently wipe corner of the eye. 乐手们久久沉默着,只觉得胸口有些发堵。女性音乐制作更是忍不住别开脸,轻轻擦拭眼角。 Then is third «Desire to become true Place». 接着是第三首《愿望成真的地方》。 Its melody is simple and pure, takes the piano and guitar as the main accompaniment, joined some gentle stringed musical instruments as the embellishment. 它的旋律简单而纯净,以钢琴和吉他为主要伴奏,加入了一些轻柔的弦乐器作为点缀。 The entire first song expressed the meaning of life and true meaning, the warm timbre injected the profound and pure emotion for this subject. Moved actually flutters, deeply is arousing the resonance of audience. 整首曲子表达了生命的意义和真谛,温暖的音色为这种主题注入了深刻而纯粹的情感。伤感却又轻扬,深深引发着听众的共鸣。 The musicians look is depressed, look at each other in blank dismay is not knowing that should say anything, somewhat is suddenly moved. 乐手们神色苦闷,面面相觑着不知该说什么,一时间都有些怅然若失。 Katou Yusuke stands in central, just like is the conductor of orchestra, announced the preparation of next song. 加藤悠介站在中央,犹如是乐团的指挥家,宣告下一首曲子的准备。 However everyone still also immersed in that light moved aftertaste, is not willing to wake up. 然而大家仍然还沉浸在那淡淡伤感的余韵中,不愿意醒来。 Mixes the sound master to shake the head, in the mouth exudes one weakly sigh sighed, has been convinced thoroughly. 混音师摇摇头,口中发出一声微弱的嗟叹,已经彻底服气。 The level of opposite party was higher than him were too more, in which disparity big to letting the person envying this mood felt unnecessary, was only left over the respect. 对方的水准比他高太多了,其中的差距大到让人连嫉妒这种情绪都觉得多余,只剩下敬仰。 Generally speaking, the composer mainly has four important considerations in the process of creation game music. 一般来说,作曲家在创作游戏音乐的过程中主要有四个重要考量。 Respectively is the emotional expression, the game demand and time pressure, and compatibility of music. 分别是情感表达、游戏需求、时间压力、以及音乐的适应性。 A celebrated work Qu only then mastered the above these skills, can create satisfyingly, game dubbing in music of high level. 一名作曲家只有掌握了以上这些技能,才能创作出令人满意的、高水准的游戏配乐。 Behind this not only needs the deep music theory with the sound knowledge, but must be able to integrate in the work these elements ingeniously. 这背后不仅需要有深厚的音乐理论与和声知识,而且还要能巧妙地将这些元素融入到作品中。 In addition, issue that the interactivity between player and music must consider. 除此之外,玩家与音乐之间的交互性也是必须要考虑的问题。 Mixes in the sound teacher's as industry old person, participated in the game music of manufacture being countless, and made personally has been the satisfied work. 混音师作为行业内的老人,参与制作的游戏音乐早就不计其数,并且也亲手做出过感到满意的作品。 However-! 然而-! That needs to consume lots of time and painstaking care, even must have the work that the inspiration can complete. 那都是需要耗费大量时间与心血,甚至还必须要有灵感才能完成的工作。 Creates so many high levels like this several hours in continuously the song, even if he has a dream does not dare to imagine. 像这种几小时内连续创作出这么多首高水准的曲子,他就算做梦也不敢想象。 Katou Yusuke waits for a while slightly, proposed again must conduct the next instrumental ensemble, and expressed that this will be last. 加藤悠介稍微等待一会儿,再次提出要进行下一首合奏,并表示这将是最后一首。 This time, the musicians have not refused again, anticipated that plays «Two Fool», lets the cheerful melody and sprightly rhythm resounds through the room. 这一次,乐手们没有再推三阻四,期待地演奏起《两个笨蛋》,让欢快的旋律和明快的节奏响彻房间。 This song used the piano, guitar, harmonica, trumpet and other combinations of musical instrument, the melody lively smooth and rich autokinetic effect. 这首曲子采用了钢琴、吉他、口琴、小号等多种乐器的组合,旋律轻快流畅而富有动感。 bent/tune wind exaggerated the relaxed happy feeling, builds one vital, the sunny scene, making the person following music the rhythm not sway from side to side voluntarily, alleviated just melancholy mood. 曲风渲染了轻松愉快的感觉,打造出一个充满活力、阳光明媚的场景,让人不自觉地跟着音乐的节奏扭动起来,缓解了刚刚的忧郁心情。 Finally, all songs play completely, the instrumental ensemble drops the curtain under the joyful atmosphere. 最后,所有曲子全部演奏完毕,合奏在愉悦的氛围下落下帷幕。 Katou Yusuke nods satisfied, felt like that finally comfortably a point, a secretly thought/passage this is «Clannad» that he is familiar with. 加藤悠介满意地点点头,心里终于觉得舒服了一点,暗道一声这才是他熟悉的《Clannad》。
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