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#4502: Fog

Zi Chen gawked , his energy changed. 紫宸愣了,不知不觉间,他的能量就变了。 Is feeling itself from another angle, he discovered that oneself is outside a law of human form the day demon. 从另外一个角度感受着自身,他发现自己就是一个人形的法外天魔。 With at present this man, no difference. 跟眼前这个男子,根本没什么区别。 „Are you spirit clan?” “你是灵族?” Zi Chen recovers, the opposite party appears towering, but has not displayed maliciously, otherwise before snow clothes, is impossible to be separated from the battlefield. 紫宸回过神来,对方突兀出现,但并没有表现出恶意,要不然雪裳之前也不可能脱离战场。 The so powerful spirit clan, he has not seen. 只是如此强大的灵族,他并没有见过。 Takes a broad view at Saint Spirit World, these expert he all knew, strongest also hides from the revering king in shell, only if the present person is the standard mountain. 要知道,放眼圣灵界,那些强者他全都认识,最强的也不过就是躲在壳里的尊王,除非眼前之人是格山。 But he saw the standard mountain, the opposite party has also taught him to cut the technique of mountain, naturally knows that the opposite party was not. 但他见过格山,对方还传授了他斩山之术,自然知道对方不是。 The men asked: What spirit clan?” 男子笑问:“什么灵族?” Zi Chen expression changes again, the opposite party is not the spirit clan, that was outside law the day demon. 紫宸神色再次发生变化,对方不是灵族,那就是法外天魔了。 This is outside a law that turns into human(ity) day demon, is mistaken as the same clan him? Therefore hasn't killed itself? 难道说这是一个变成人类的法外天魔,把他误认为是同族?所以才没有杀自己? The opposite party are carrying Zi Chen, enters that city, then Zi Chen discovered, in this grand city, the person are unexpectedly many. 对方拎着紫宸,进入那座城市,然后紫宸发现,这座宏伟的城市中,人竟然不少。 Or is outside law of human form the day demon. 或者说是人形的法外天魔。 How can like this?” Zi Chen does not think clearly. “怎么会这样?”紫宸想不明白。 The men enter in the city, is still carrying Zi Chen, Zi Chen discovers outside many law the day demon to visit him along the way, expression somewhat oddly. 男子进入城中,依然拎着紫宸,沿途紫宸发现不少法外天魔都在看着他,表情有几分古怪 Zi Chen is very blurry, actually these are the person, is outside law the day demon? 紫宸很迷糊,这些究竟是人,还是法外天魔? Arrived at a street, the man carries Zi Chen to enter in a tavern. 来到一处街道,男子拎着紫宸进入了一家酒馆里。 In the tavern has three tables of people to drink, saw after two people come, is smiles. 酒馆里有三桌人在喝酒,看到二人进来之后,一个个都是微笑起来。 „Is this that Brat?” The robust man who is growing the full beard looks at Zi Chen, he sat one table, on the table has pot liquor, a bowl, without food that goes well with wine. “这就是那个小子?”一位长着络腮胡子的壮汉看着紫宸,他一个人坐了一桌,桌子上有一壶酒,一个碗,没有下酒菜。 Another two tables of three people of two people, are drinking, similarly does not have the vegetable/dish. 另外两桌一个三人一个两人,都在喝酒,同样没菜。 „It is not he can also anyone, has not seen is so timid.” The men sat, hit a sound to refer, came a pot!” “不是他还能有谁,就没见过这么胆小的。”男子坐了下来,打了一个响指,“来一壶!” The men rush to receive the hand, but is late, the previous full beard said surprisedly: „Was Alva, you injured?” 男子赶忙收手,但已经迟了,先前的络腮胡子惊奇道:“阿尔瓦,你受伤了?” Other two tables of five people of hears sound, then, the eye look at Zi Chen, probably is sizing up one to treasure the species. 其他两桌五人闻声,纷纷回头,眼睛看着紫宸,像是在打量一个珍惜物种。 „Was Brat, you injures Alva?” The full beard asked. 小子,是你伤了阿尔瓦?”络腮胡子问道。 „It is not, is he himself injures.” Zi Chen hurries to shake the head, the looks of these people are very bad, he naturally cannot acknowledge. “不是,是他自己伤的。”紫宸赶紧摇头,这些人的眼神很不善,他自然不会承认。 Then, is he must put out a hand to grasp the remnant sword, indeed was injures itself, Zi Chen has not deceived people actually. 说起来,也是他要去伸手抓残剑的,的确算是自己伤了自己,紫宸倒是没有骗人。 This Brat some ways, let in me while my general idea/careless the move.” Alva acknowledged actually, if no absolute strength, he also really must not come back. “这小子有些门道,趁我大意让我中了招。”阿尔瓦倒是承认了,如果不是拥有着绝对的力量,他还真就要回不来了。 Zi Chen vigilant looks at all around, then he discovered that these people laugh taking pleasure in others' misfortunes, not for the meaning that Alva vents anger. 紫宸警惕的看着四周,然后他发现这些人幸灾乐祸的大笑起来,并没有为阿尔瓦出气的意思。 Actually are you who?” “你们究竟是谁?” Looks at the people in tavern, asking that Zi Chen cannot bear again: Outside law day demon?” 看着酒馆里的众人,紫宸再也忍不住的问道:“法外天魔?” All around laughter was bigger. 四周的笑声更大了。 Zi Chen also said: Is the spirit clan? But why haven't I seen you?” 紫宸又道:“是灵族?可是为什么我没有见过你们?” The full beard said with a smile: Your this Brat, but also is very interesting, issue so many you, said that you name, from where?” 络腮胡子笑道:“你这小子,还挺有意思,问题这么多的你,说说自己叫什么名字,来自哪里?” I called Zi Chen, from Saint Spirit World.” Zi Chen can only first introduce itself, then looks at everyone. “我叫紫宸,来自圣灵界。”紫宸只能先介绍自己,然后看着大家。 Saint Spirit World?” “圣灵界?” The people hear stare, then looked mutually, the meaning without introduced oneself, the full beard shakes the head, I have not listened to this place, you?” 众人听闻都是一愣,然后互相看了看,却没有自我介绍的意思,络腮胡子摇了摇头,“我没听过这个地方,你们呢?” No.” “没有。” Listens to the name, seems like a very interesting place.” “听名字,似乎是一个挺有趣的地方。” Saint Spirit World, is inside the holy spirit?” “圣灵界,里面都是圣灵吗?” Does not have any fame, perhaps is a small place.” “没有什么名气,或许是一个小地方。” These smiled in the people of drinking. 这些在喝酒的人都笑了起来。 Listens the words that the people are not seeming like crack a joke, Zi Chen to ask: Actually are you who?” 听着众人不像是开玩笑的话,紫宸问道:“你们究竟是谁?” The full beard drank liquor, laughing, we are outside law the day demon!” 络腮胡子喝了一口酒,大笑着,“我们是法外天魔啊!” Others follow to laugh. 其他人跟着哄笑起来。 Zi Chen shakes the head, is not right, I have not seen you in Saint Spirit World, you not too possible are outside law the day demon, is here the immortal legal community? I had arrived at the immortal legal community!” 紫宸摇了摇头,“不对,我在圣灵界没有见过你们,你们也不太可能是法外天魔,难道这里是仙法界?我已经不知不觉间走到了仙法界!” The people are still laughing, as if heard the extremely joke of pleasant to hear. 众人还在哈哈大笑着,似乎听到了极为好听的笑话。 With a smile, the people were then silent, in the cheerful atmosphere, were many moved some. 只是笑着笑着,众人便沉默了起来,原先还欢快的气氛里,多了一些伤感。 Because of immortal legal community these three characters? 难道是因为仙法界这三个字? Zi Chen amazed looks at the people. 紫宸惊异的看着众人。 The full beard filled liquor ruthlessly, immortal legal community, if not some people raises again, my his mother almost forgot the goal of coming here trial.” 络腮胡子狠狠的灌了一口酒,“仙法界啊,如果不是再次有人提起,我他娘的都快忘了来这里试炼的目的了。” Alva raps the desktop to sigh: Trial carries innumerably, where the gate of our immortal legal community toward opens does not know, but also is really the failure.” 阿尔瓦敲击着桌面叹道:“试炼无数载,我们连仙法界的门朝着哪边开都不知道,还真是失败啊。” Looks at the doubts Zi Chen, Alva said: Brat, you come certainly from a small place, felt world, only then you one is right?” 看着疑惑的紫宸,阿尔瓦说道:“小子,你一定是从一个小地方来得,觉得世间只有你们一界对不对?” Zi Chen nods, the Saint Spirit World region is infinite, the standard outsourcing has the gods, demons and monster three clans, said that is the places of four clan paragenesis. 紫宸点了点头,圣灵界地域无限,格外包含着神、魔、妖三族,说起来算是四族共生之地。 Alva shouted hurries the liquor, simultaneously puts out a hand to hint Zi Chen to sit down. 阿尔瓦喊了一声赶紧上酒,同时伸手示意紫宸坐下。 A very fat man takes pot liquor two bowls to walk, without the food that goes well with wine, Alva first to oneself one cup, then gave Zi Chen but actually one cup, many years ago, beginning us this place time, is like you. We also think, this world is so big, thinks that we will be promoted in the fight, becomes the first person, enters is our immortal legal communities, creates a magnificence again.” 一个很胖的男人拿着一壶酒两个碗走来,没有下酒菜,阿尔瓦先给自己倒了一杯,然后又给紫宸倒了一杯,“在很多年前,我们初来此地的时候,跟你是一样的。我们也以为,这个世界就那么大,也以为我们会在战斗中晋级,成为第一人,进入属于我们的仙法界,再创一片辉煌。” Zi Chen face look changes, because he thinks that is not only he, reveres the king also to think. 紫宸的脸色变了,因为他就是这么想的,不仅仅是他,就连尊王也是这么想的。 Pitifully, we trial treated many years later, finally discovered that we made a mistake, is completely mistaken!” “可惜呀,我们在试炼界待了很多年后,终于发现我们错了,大错特错!” Alva is pointing at himself, said: I come from Asura, an extremely huge world, the star are innumerable, life endless!” 阿尔瓦指着自己,道:“我来自修罗界,一个极其庞大的世界,星球无数,生命无尽!” Alva is pointing at the full beard, he came from six, the domain should not Asura be small , he from thousand Spirit World, they also came from the different places.” 阿尔瓦又指着络腮胡子,“他来自六道界,地盘应该不比修罗界小,还有他,来自千灵界,还有他们也都来自不同的地方。” How can like this?” Zi Chen is confused. We also want to know how like this, must go to the immortal legal community obviously, kept trial, moreover saw so many strangers. Naturally, now we have been used. ” “怎么会这样?”紫宸一头雾水。我们也想知道怎么会这样,明明要去仙法界,却留在了试炼界,而且还看到了这么多的陌生人。当然,现在我们已经习惯了。” Alva said: Asked you to come, was because you were too discrete, several times close to did not come, therefore is thinking helped your, told you ahead of time, vainly hoped for not to have the road ahead, here was the end point!” 阿尔瓦说道:“之所以去叫你过来,是因为你太谨慎了,数次靠近都不进来,所以就想着帮你一把,同时也提前告诉你,梦想没有前路,这里就是终点!” Did not need to proceed again, where was the same.” “不用再往前走了,哪里都一样。” one to taste, the flavor is very good.” “喝一口尝尝,味道很不错的。” Alva holds up the liquor bowl, shows a faint smile to Zi Chen, one bowl of liquor get into the stomach, shouted one really crisply! 阿尔瓦举起酒碗,冲着紫宸微微一笑,一碗酒下肚,喊了一声真爽! Zi Chen also held up the bowl, but just drank one, raised one's wine cup spitting, was crisp, could not miss many with the water. 紫宸也举起了碗,但刚刚喝了一口,就把酒给吐了出来,爽个屁,跟水差不了多少。 At this moment, is also confused, is black, the white two old people. 此时此刻,同样一头雾水的,还有黑、白两位老人。 Trial under two people of control, changed...... 原本在二人控制下的试炼界,发生了变化…… txt downloading address: txt下载地址: Cell phone reading: 手机阅读:
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