TM :: Volume #41

#4071: To Cui

Zi Chen walked, before leaving, held the fist, considered the crime, doing is very polite. 紫宸走了,离开前抱了拳,告了罪,搞得还很客气。 Looked like He really to coordinate Zi Chen to complete one a fight that sought for demon clan remnant was the same. 就像是何家真的配合紫宸完成了一场寻找魔族余孽的战斗一样。 What ascends starts to tell that everyone processed the post-war matters concerned, came the noisy matter regarding previously Zi Chen, kept silent. 何登开始吩咐大家处理战后事宜,对于先前紫宸来闹的事情,只字不提。 Other representatives, silently watches all these. 其他的代表,默默的把这一切看在眼里。 Has saying that this what Dengcai is most intelligent. 不得不说,这个何登才是最聪明的。 As for that what Zhan, is the lord who a brain does not figure out. 至于那个何盏,则是一个脑子拎不清的主。 Looks for the trouble of Saint Thunder Clan, embarrassing Saint Thunder Clan, he is glad to see very much, but does not represent their in heart to accept this matter. 圣雷族的麻烦,让圣雷族难堪,他很乐意看到,但并不代表他们心中接受此事。 After all various Great Saint clans exist remote, is not only one family that grasped the soul soldier to refine the technique, can provoke. 毕竟各大圣族存在久远,可不是区区一个掌握了魂兵炼制技艺的家族,就能挑衅的。 Told the people first handle the matter, what Deng turns around to say to a representative: " , Really sorry, today in the clan had so big matter, feared that was unable to discuss with everyone temporarily, but also asked everyone to give us several days time, for these days we will make the arrangement to everyone. " 吩咐了众人先处理好事情,何登转身冲着一众代表说道:"诸位,实在抱歉,今日族中发生了如此大的事情,怕是暂时无法与大家商议了,还请大家给我们几日时间,这几天我们会给大家做好安排。" This city biggest inn, is He opens, arranging these people naturally is not a problem. 这座城市最大的客栈,就是何家开的,安排这些人当然不成问题。 These representatives left. 这些代表们都离开了。 He changed the head of household, then inevitably is in the internal conflict of interests, what Deng said that requires several days time to subside, that is also because has the Saint to revere to assume personal command, without the Saint reveres to speak, this infighting, will unable to do well will let He Jia fen disintegration body. 何家换了家主,接下来必然是内部之间的利益之争,何登说需要几日时间平息,那也是因为有圣尊坐镇,如果没有圣尊发话,这场内部争斗,搞不好会让何家分崩解体。 Because what Zhan assumes the family many years, the benefit entangles, wants to eradicate difficultly. 因为何盏坐镇家族多年,相互间的利益盘根交错,想要连根拔起极难。 May have the Saint to revere in differently, in the face of the absolute strength, what this head of household, the scapegoat who can only be regarded this event. 可有圣尊在就不一样,在绝对的实力面前,何盏这个家主,只能被当成此次事件的替罪羊。 But in fact this time event, is because he processes does not work as happened. 而事实上这一次的事件,也是因为他处理不当才发生的。 If there is not blocked Pei Wenyao very early in the morning outside, shame desirably, the buckle Saint Thunder Clan face, Zi Chen one will not remove the front door. 如果一早没有把裴文耀拦在外面,刻意的羞辱,折损圣雷族的脸面,紫宸也不会一来就拆大门。 Zi Chen leaves, heavy Hao also walked. 紫宸离开的时候,重昊也走了。 Pei Wenyao also followed Zi Chen to leave, after leaving the city, three people then stopped. 裴文耀也跟着紫宸离开了,离开城市之后,三人便是停了下来。 " Goes back, this matter does not need to care, future He will certainly go to Saint Thunder Clan personally. Compared with the building up soldier technique of He, we are the buried treasures that cannot excavate. " "回去吧,此事无需在意,今后的何家一定会亲自去圣雷族的。比起何家的炼兵技艺,我们可是有一座发掘不完的宝藏。" Resulted in the Zi Chen words, Pei Wenyao in heart calm many, he asked: " Don't you go back? " 得了紫宸的话,裴文耀心中淡定了不少,他问道:"你不回去?" " A place must go, it is estimated that demon clan remnant on conceals there, I must look. " Zi Chen said. "还有一个地方要去,估计魔族余孽就藏在那里,我得去看一看。"紫宸说道。 " Really has demon clan remnant? " Pei Wenyao surprised saying. "真有魔族余孽?"裴文耀吃惊的说道。 " Otherwise, when really I am pester endlessly. " The Zi Chen sinking sound said: " Perhaps in the near future, in Saint Spirit World will have the important matter to happen. " "要不然呢,真当我是来胡搅蛮缠的。"紫宸沉声说道:"或许不久的将来,圣灵界之中就会有大事发生。" Zi Chen and azure according to leaving this region, the heavy Hao's figure appeared, he asked: " Where receives round trip? " 紫宸与青依离开了这片区域,重昊的身形显现而出,他问道:"接下来去哪里?" " Goes to no Luo Starfield. " "去无罗星域。" The Zi Chen next goal is Cui. 紫宸的下一个目标是崔家。 No Luo Xingyu who Cui is, is one piece to various Great Influence quite remote influences. 崔家所在的无罗星宇,是一片相距各大势力都较为遥远的势力。 In this piece of Starfield, and has no big fame resources, the fame of Cui is not considered as that too big. 在这片星域之中,并没有什么大名气的资源,崔家的名气也不算是太大。 But makes Zi Chen keep thinking on, is because previous time loses world one line, Zi Chen had the quite profound impression to Cui Liang. 但之所以让紫宸惦记上,也是因为上次失落世界一行,紫宸对崔靓有了较为深刻的印象。 Zi Chen arrives at outside the mansion of Cui, compared with that free family, Cui wanted much low-key. 紫宸来到崔家的府邸之外,比起那个招摇的家族,崔家则是要低调了不少。 Zi Chen stand forth, outside the mansion of Cui has four people to protect. 紫宸向前走去,崔家的府邸之外有四人守护着。 Sees Zi Chen and azure after the arrival, four people set up in an array, is a person of sinking sound said: " Comer who? " 看到紫宸与青依到来之后,四人一字排开,为首一人沉声道:"来者何人?" Zi Chen said indifferently: " The pursuit demon clan remnant person, fast makes way! " 紫宸漠然说道:"追击魔族余孽的人,速速让开!" Four people are startled, is very puzzled. 四人为之一怔,很是不解。 The Zi Chen footsteps have not stopped, azure according to slowed down the step slightly, staggered with Zi Chen half-length. 紫宸的脚步没停,青依则是稍稍放缓了步伐,与紫宸错开了半身。 Came the person to say bewildered words, then must clearly rush, this made four people somewhat helpless, after all had not had this matter. 来人说了一句莫名其妙的话,接着又要明闯,这让四人有些不知所措,毕竟曾经还不曾发生过这种事情。 At this moment, from opening wide in mansion front door, goes out of one person to come, " who I think am, this is not solemn Saint Thunder Clan Sir Zi Chen, how to have free time today my Cui? " 就在这时,从敞开的府邸大门之中,走出一人来,"我以为是谁,这不是堂堂圣雷族紫宸大人吗,怎么今日有空来我崔家了?" Is an old man, smiling welcomed. 是一位老者,一脸微笑的迎了上来。 These four Holy Ghost are not the guard, after hearing the words of old man, the heart is one startled, looks at again to Zi Chen time, the look changed. 这四位连圣灵都不是的守卫,听到老者的话后,心头都是一惊,再次看向紫宸的时候,眼神发生了变化。 The Zi Chen fame was too big, they have naturally listened, even in spare time, but also has had an appraisal to Zi Chen. 紫宸的名气可是太大了,他们自然听过,甚至在茶余饭后,还对紫宸有过一番评价。 Sees today unexpectedly is advocating. 没想到,今日竟然见到了正主。 " You get down, Sir Zi Chen is received by the old man personally. " Old man beckons with the hand to say. "你们都下去吧,紫宸大人由老夫亲自来接待。"老者摆了摆手道。 When four people of hears sound held the fist in the other hand, left looked at Zi Chen one, looked at azure according to one, can follow in Zi Chen person, was not ordinary. 四人闻声抱拳,离开时又看了紫宸一眼,同时也看了青依一眼,能够跟在紫宸身旁的人,可不一般。 " Does not know that Sir Zi Chen this time comes Cui, has what advice? " Old man smiles to ask. "不知紫宸大人此次前来崔家,有何指教?"老者微笑问道。 Zi Chen said: " I pursue demon clan remnant to come, suspected that they ran up to Cui. " 紫宸说道:"我追击魔族余孽而来,怀疑他们跑到了崔家。" " ? This matter? " The facial expression of old man changes. "哦?还有此事?"老者的神情一变。 Zi Chen said: " You thought that I do seem like am joking with you? " 紫宸说道:"你觉得我像是在跟你开玩笑?" The old man sinking sound said: " At demon clan matter, no one dares to crack a joke. " 老者沉声说道:"在魔族这件事上,没有人敢开玩笑。" Zi Chen said: " Therefore, blocks me dead? " 紫宸说道:"所以,拦我者死?" The old men are sideways to give way to traffic immediately, " , if Sir Zi Chen suspects Cui, please along with me come. " 老者立刻侧身避让开来,"如果紫宸大人怀疑崔家,请随我来。" Zi Chen stride stand forth. 紫宸大步向前走去。 The old men follow in Zi Chen behind, said: " At demon clan matter, the old man also assumes the attitude of zero tolerance, therefore then Sir Zi Chen you looks freely, optional looking, the old man will accompany in the side. " 老者跟在紫宸的身后,说道:"在魔族这件事情上,老夫也是呈零容忍的态度,所以接下来紫宸大人你尽管找,随意的找,老夫都会陪在身边。" Zi Chen has not spoken, continuously stand forth. 紫宸没有说话,一直向前走去。 The attitude and He of Cui are clearly opposite, this lets Zi Chen that wants to get angry, could not find the opportunity. 崔家的态度与何家截然相反,这让想发火的紫宸,都找不到机会。 But in this case, Zi Chen affirmation even more, between Cui and demon clans cannot be inseparable from. 但在这种情况下,紫宸愈发的肯定,崔家与魔族之间脱不了干系。 With thorough of Zi Chen, the increasing number of people knew the news that Zi Chen arrives, comes to watch. 随着紫宸的深入,越来越多的人得知紫宸到来的消息,纷纷前来观看。 Saw that Zi Chen is so unscrupulous in Cui, in the eyes of many had the discontented color. 看到紫宸在崔家如此肆无忌惮,不少人的眼睛里都有了不满之色。 But also merely is only discontented, had not said including a complaint, this makes Zi Chen very helpless. 但也仅仅只是不满,却连一句抱怨都没有说,这让紫宸很无奈。 " I must go to here to have a look. " "我要去这里看看。" Zi Chen points at a building to say. 紫宸指着一栋建筑说道。 On the face of old man has the color of feeling embarrassed. 老者的脸上有着为难之色。 " What's wrong, isn't convenient? " Zi Chen looks at the opposite party. "怎么,不方便?"紫宸看着对方。 " Is nine star place of closing up, some are not quite easy to do. " Old man said. "是一位九星的闭关之地,有些不太好办。"老者说道。 Zi Chen said lightly: " Nine star nothing more, I also think that is which great person, if he were unhappy, drawing to hit one to be good. Forgot to tell you, in some time ago, me extinguished dozens nine star Holy Ghost that colluded with the demon clan, moreover their soul soldiers every, one and destroyed by me. " 紫宸淡淡说道:"九星而已,我还以为是哪个大人物,他如果不高兴,拉出来打一顿就好了。哦,忘记告诉你了,就在不久前,我一个人灭了几十位勾结魔族的九星圣灵,而且他们人手的那件魂兵,也被我一并打碎了。" The person who these follow, on faces had the meaning of anger, obviously Zi Chen this does not give Cui the face. 那些跟着过来的人,一个个的脸上都是有了愤怒之意,显然紫宸这是丝毫不给崔家面子。 " Catching the demon clan spies is important, I did not discuss with you, the special time treats by rights ought to specially. " "抓魔族奸细要紧,我就不跟你们商量了,特殊时刻理当特殊对待。" Zi Chen walked directly, naturally is not knocks on a door to enter, but broke strongly the front door, only walked. 紫宸径直走了进去,当然不是敲门而入,而是强势破碎了大门,就这样走了进去。 This is causes trouble without doubt, suddenly various killing intent appear in the surrounding. 这无疑是来闹事的,一时间各种杀意在外围浮现。 But they as if received the compulsory order, no one provokes on own initiative. 但他们似乎接到了强制性的命令,没有一个人主动挑衅。 That closing up nine stars were awakened by noise, but has not said anything, but swallowing an insult made Zi Chen search. 那位闭关的九星被吵醒,但也没有多说什么,而是忍气吞声的让紫宸搜查了一遍。 Naturally has achieved nothing. 自然是一无所获。 Zi Chen goes out from the room, looks at these angry crowds, taunted: " Is your looks at me is not feeling well? " 紫宸从房间走出,看着那些愤怒的人群,嘲讽道:"你们这是看我不爽吗?" No one responded. 没有人回应。 Zi Chen said with a smile: " But I like looking that your looked I am unable to do to my appearance uncomfortable. Or, hits me? " 紫宸笑道:"但我就喜欢看你们这幅看我不爽又无法奈何我的样子。要不,上来打我?"
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