TIWYCC :: Volume #4

#311: proud tender plant manager

3-0! From score, Top very neat solution these three fights! Pushing onward of striding bravely forward spring final!” The babies are also giving oneself summary statement finally. “3-0!从比分来看,Top十分干净利落的解决掉这三场战斗!昂首阔步的挺进春季总决赛!”娃娃也在最后给出自己的总结陈词。 The scene Top fans cannot repress the innermost feelings exciting mood again, makes an intermittent voice, takes this to come the players who gain the victory for the field on courageously to inspire! 现场Top的粉丝们再也按捺不住内心激动的情绪,制造出一阵阵声浪,以此来为场上奋勇取得胜利的选手们鼓舞! Actually from the process, EDG had once obtained some opportunities, if their first final “其实从过程来看,EDG一度取得过些许机会,如果他们第一把最终 In this chapter content renewal... 本章节内容更新中...
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