DNDB :: Volume #1

#20: ki burst and distant say/way

Stood firm in the seashore, Ye Chen shouted the tone slightly, then restrained the mind to adjust own aura. 站定在海边,夜辰微微呼了口气,然后收敛心神调整自己的气息。 According to the method that Turtle Immortal taught a moment ago, Ye Chen is revolving unceasingly the air/Qi in within the body, both arms making a circle, then fitting received the waist slowly. 按照龟仙人刚才所传授的方法,夜辰不断地运转着自己体内的气,双臂画圆,然后贴合一处缓缓地收于腰间。 Also in this flash, Ye Chen imposing manner as if had the tremendous changes, but had gone out of several steps Turtle Immortal also to stop the footsteps, has looked back to Ye Chen. 也就是在这一瞬间,夜辰身上的气势仿佛发生了翻天覆地的变化,而原本已经走出几步的龟仙人也停下了脚步,回过头看向了夜辰 Ka... Me... Ha... Me... Ha!!!!!” 龟……派……气……功……波!!!!!” Dazzling radiance bloomed in the Ye Chen's double palms, as Ye Chen both hands promote, together ki burst wave by unapproachable imposing manner to shooting. 刺眼的光华在夜辰的双掌间绽放了出来,而随着夜辰双手推出,一道气功波以着无可匹敌的气势冲射了出去。 The sea was divided into the two sides directly, has extended to the field of vision end. 大海直接被分成了两边,一直延伸到视野的尽头。 Displayed with Turtle Immortal a moment ago Kamehameha Wave When the scene is exactly the same! 就跟刚才龟仙人施展【龟派气功波】时的场景一模一样! ahhh...... ahhhhh......” 啊啊……啊啊啊……” Opened the mouth, Turtle Immortal is soon being startled the chin to fall. 张大着嘴巴,龟仙人惊得下巴都快要掉了。 Ye Chen unexpectedly such quick realized him Kamehameha Wave! 夜辰竟然如此之快就练成了他的【龟派气功波】! Displayed Kamehameha Wave After some Ye Chen also respites, only feel body weakness slightly. 施展了【龟派气功波】后,夜辰也微微有些喘息,只感觉身体一阵的乏力。 This was the one breath releases the normal reactions after a lot of air/Qi, after later became stronger within the body to have the air/Qi that are more, should not have this feeling again. 这是一口气释放出了大量气之后的正常反应,等以后变得更强体内所拥有的气更多后应该就不会再有这种感觉了。 Quite fierce, Ye Chen is quite fierce!” “好厉害,夜辰好厉害!” Is opening a bright and intelligent big eye, small Buku is calling out in alarm vivaciously, is also studying Ye Chen and Turtle Immortal appearance both hands fitting then pushes. 睁大着一双水汪汪的大眼睛,小舞空蹦蹦跳跳地惊呼着,然后也学着夜辰龟仙人刚才的样子双手贴合然后推射出去。 Just, small Buku, although made the similar movement, but anything has not actually happened finally. 只不过,小舞空虽然做了同样的动作,但结果却什么也没有发生。 Like this, why I will not be how good......” “怎么会这样啊,为什么我不行呢……” A depressed color of small Buku face, but Turtle Immortal and Sea Turtle at the same time also recover finally. 舞空一脸的郁闷之色,而一边的龟仙人海龟也总算回过神来。 Turtle and Turtle Immortal, you did not say that is Ye Chen must practice for several years to learn your Kamehameha Wave?” “龟﹑龟仙人,你不说是夜辰还要练几年才能学会你的【龟派气功波】吗?” How I and I know.” “我﹑我怎么知道啊。” Sea Turtle asked shocking, but Turtle Immortal was the beard is trembling. 海龟震惊地问道,而龟仙人则是胡子都在哆嗦。 Kamehameha Wave Is he spent the technique of peak the innumerable energy and painstaking care created, to realize it to have no one to be clearer than Turtle Immortal difficultly. 龟派气功波】是他花费了无数的精力和心血才创造出来的巅峰之技,要想练成它有多困难没有人比龟仙人自己更加清楚。 Looks that Ye Chen so learned own unique skill simply, Turtle Immortal really felt felt better the attack. 看着夜辰如此简单地就学会了自己的绝技,龟仙人真的感觉好受打击啊。 However, is different from Turtle Immortal their shock, Ye Chen is actually clear about own insufficiency. 不过,和龟仙人他们的震惊不同,夜辰却是清楚着自己的不足。 Although he put forth a moment ago Kamehameha Wave Looks with exactly the same of Turtle Immortal use, but actually also merely is only the impressive on the outside but lacking substance. 虽然他刚才使出的【龟派气功波】看上去和龟仙人使用的一模一样,但其实也仅仅只是虚有其表。 Changes a vivid view, if Turtle Immortal used a moment ago Kamehameha Wave Output 100 points air/Qi to create 1000 points destruction strength, then Ye Chen also used a moment ago Kamehameha Wave Output 100 points air/Qi to be most also created the 200~300 destruction strength. 换个形象的说法,如果说龟仙人刚才使用【龟派气功波】输出100点的气造成了1000点的破坏力,那么夜辰刚才同样使用【龟派气功波】输出100点的气最多也就造成了两三百点的破坏力。 The disparity between both are not a tiny bit! 两者之间的差距可不是一星半点! Naturally, this is also the normal matter, after all Ye Chen first uses Kamehameha Wave, The slight place is also not controls very well, if he uses from the beginning Kamehameha Wave Can reach Turtle Immortal such level is to even exceed him, that was strange. 当然了,这也是正常的事情,毕竟夜辰还是初次使用【龟派气功波】,许多细微的地方也还不是把控得很好,如果他一开始使用【龟派气功波】就能达到龟仙人那样的水准甚至是超越他,那才是奇怪了。 However, Ye Chen very self-confident, so long as his unceasing practice, he can also certainly be Turtle Immortal that degree. 不过,夜辰非常的自信,只要他不断的练习,他也一定能达到龟仙人的那种程度。 Even exceeds him! 甚至是超越他! The following day, Ye Chen is still continuing own practicing, every day besides making the most basic training is then practicing unceasingly Kamehameha Wave. 接下来的日子,夜辰依然继续着自己的修行,每天除了做最基本的训练之外便是不断地练习着【龟派气功波】。 Flashes by, the time passed by quickly for two years...... 白驹过隙,时间很快又过去了两年…… ...... …… The sound that various types of machineries thunder, an under foot of mountain, a constructional force gathers here, seems to be waiting for any important character. 各种机械轰鸣的声音,一座大山的脚下,一支施工队聚集在这里,似乎正在等候着什么重要的人物。 When does not want to be many, the form appears in the field of vision of people together, walks slowly to here from the distant place. 不要多时,一道身影出现在众人的视野中,缓缓地从远处向这边走来。 That is a form of seemingly 11~12 youngster, the facial features is firm and resolute, does not have slightly on same age youngster that pheasant air/Qi. 那是一个看上去十一二少年的身影,面容坚毅,没有丝毫同龄少年身上的那种雉气。 Sees only a that youngster red martial arts clothing/taking, the left of chest is embroidering one be in sharp contrast turtle character. The abundant god like the jade, is extraordinary, is also shouldering a giant valuable fan. 只见那少年一身红色武道服,胸口的左侧绣着一个黑白分明的“龟”字。丰神如玉,气质不凡,身后还背负着一把巨大的宝扇。 Ye Chen! 正是夜辰 After seeing Ye Chen appears, the team leader eyes of constructional force one bright, be all smile moves forward to meet somebody immediately: 看到夜辰出现后,施工队的队长双眼一亮,立马满脸堆笑地迎了上去: Ye Chen master, this time must trouble you.” 夜辰大师,这次又要麻烦你了。” Doesn't matter.” “没关系。” Nods lightly, Ye Chen returns said. 淡淡地点了点头,夜辰回道。 Ye Chen master, do you need to rest? Our here things have not worried.” 夜辰大师,您需要休息一下吗?我们这边的事情还不着急。” Does not use, I must complete to work a bit faster.” “不用了,我还要快点儿完成了工作回去。” Told me this request, I immediately started.” “把这次的要求告诉我吧,我马上就开始。” Good good, you wait a bit.” “好的好的,您稍等一下。” Has had several times of social dealings, the construction team leader is also clear the Ye Chen's character, does not dare to neglect, called to come that several experts immediately, making them tell Ye Chen the specific request of this construction. 已经打过了数次交道,施工队长也清楚夜辰的性格,不敢怠慢,立马将那几位专家叫上前来,让他们把这次施工的具体要求告诉夜辰 Their this constructional forces were planning that makes a connection with a distant say/way on the front mountain range and establishes one for the train general railroad, if according to the normal method will consume a huge amount of manpower, physical resources and time, and has danger that the mountain range collapses. 他们这只施工队正打算在前面的山脉上打通一条邃道并建立一条供火车通行的铁路,如果按照正常的方法将会耗费大量的人力﹑物力以及时间,而且还有着山脉坍塌的危险。 However, they do not plan to use the normal way, but wants please present Ye Chen master to use ki burst to make a distant say/way on this mountain range. 不过,他们并不打算使用正常的方式,而是想请眼前的这位夜辰大师使用气功在这条山脉上打出一条邃道。 The so exaggerating and strange way said that also no one believes that actually they did not believe before, is experiencing with own eyes will not believe from now on must believe. 如此夸张而又离奇的方式说出去也没有人信吧,其实他们以前也不信的,不过在亲眼见识过后不信也得信了。 You draw back.” “你们都退开一点。” Listened to these experts to say after some requests of this construction, Ye Chen grumble, stood directly under of mountain range, but these experts and constructors were hurry to fall back on behind. 听完那些专家说完了这次施工的一些要求后,夜辰也不磨叽,直接站到了山脉的下方,而那些专家和施工人员们则是赶紧退到了后面。 Knows that is the stirring moment, does everyone wink is gazing at Ye Chen, for fear that oneself missed any picture. 知道接下来就是震撼人心的一刻,所有人都一眨不眨地注视着夜辰,生怕自己错过了任何画面。 Under the behind everyone's gaze, Ye Chen also acted, the expiration adjusts own aura slightly, the both arms make a circle then fitting to receive in waist slowly 在后面所有人的注视之下,夜辰也行动了起来,微微呼气调整好自己的气息,双臂画圆然后贴合一处缓缓地收于腰间 Ka... Me... Ha... Me... Ha!!!!!” 龟……派……气……功……波!!!!!” radiance is dazzling, as the Ye Chen's double palm promotes, together ki burst wave of powerful to shooting. 光华刺眼,随着夜辰的双掌推出,一道强力的气功波冲射而出。 With huge thundering, the ki burst wave injection mountain range puts on to shoot in the mountain range to the line, even is also following the trend of mountain range often the turning round corner, until puts on to shoot from another side of mountain range finally. 随着一阵巨大的轰鸣,气功波射入山脉在山脉中穿射冲行,甚至还跟随着山脉的走势不时地拐弯转角,直到最后从山脉的另一边穿射而出。 Merely several seconds, several kilometers long perfect distant say/way complete! 仅仅几秒钟的时间,一条足足有数公里之长的完美邃道就此完成! ahhh...... ahhhhh......” 啊啊……啊啊啊……” Although has experienced over several times, but facing this type just like the miracle general mighty force, experts and constructors cannot help but opening the mouth, for a very long time could not speak. 虽然都已经见识过好几次了,但是面对这种宛若神迹一般的伟力,一众专家和施工人员还是不由得张大着嘴巴,久久地说不出话来。 Has completed.” “已经完成了。” The facial expression is usual, Ye Chen was saying to the constructional force teams leader. 气色如常,夜辰对着施工队的队长说道。 w-worthy of is Ye Chen master, is really the strange its technique.” 不﹑不愧夜辰大师,真是神乎其技。” This is this time reward, master please glance.” “这是此次的报酬,大师请过目。” Has gotten back one's composure, the construction team leader hurries a box that packed money gave Ye Chen. 回过了神来,施工队长赶紧将一个装满了钱币的箱子递给了夜辰 Roughly examined, Ye Chen also nodded: 大致检察了一下,夜辰也点了点头: Transaction was closed.” “交易完成了。” Also has not said anything again, under the vision of everyone that awe, Ye Chen goes far away gradually...... 也未再多说什么,在所有人那敬畏的目光之下,夜辰渐渐远去…… To be continued...... 未完待续……
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