DNDB :: Volume #2

#127: The chapter she is a monster

Interesting, will also bump into other superpower unexpectedly.” “有意思,竟然还会碰到其他的超能力者。” You cannot make a move, he is my.” “你们不许出手,他是我的。” Yes, Blue general!” “是,布鲁将军!” Treated as superpower Ye Chen, under the Blue general heart also raised the meaning of competition. 夜辰当作了超能力者,布鲁将军心下也升起了攀比之意。 Discards the pistol, pulled the sleeve, Blue general suspended wrestle posture 扔掉手枪,挽起了袖子,布鲁将军摆好了格斗的姿势 Boy, you heartily desperate, met my Blue general.” “小子,你就尽情地绝望吧,遇到了我布鲁将军。” You are also good Violet colonel is also good, you will all die today here!” “你也好紫罗兰上校也好,你们今天全都会死在这里!” oooooooh......” “哦喔喔喔喔……” A face callous cruel, then Blue general picks up the orchid fingers to smile like the woman common point. 一脸的冷酷残忍,然后布鲁将军拈着兰花指如同女人一般的尖笑起来。 Obviously is the big handsome fellow of golden-haired blue eyes, finally is actually the base man mother artillery, a Ye Chen chill, only felt that the whole body had the goosebumps. 明明是个金发碧眼的大帅哥,结果却偏偏是个基佬娘炮,夜辰一阵的恶寒,只感觉全身都起了鸡皮疙瘩。 I must start.” “我要开始了。” „!!!” “哦呀!!!” In the eye glittered the evil different ray, Blue general uses own superpower to lull the Ye Chen's body, then leapt the body, but then prepared to launch the attack to Ye Chen. 眼中闪烁起邪异的光芒,布鲁将军使用自己的超能力麻痹了夜辰的身体,然后跃身而起便准备对夜辰发动攻击。 However next quarter 然而下一刻 Bang!!!!! 砰!!!!! Ye Chen lifts the hand to wield, then Blue general then flies upside down, the body hit directly on the wall of distant place turned into pile of hashed meat! 夜辰抬手一挥,然后布鲁将军便倒飞出去,身体更是直接撞在远处的墙壁上变成了一堆碎肉! The style of this transformation makes on the entire aisle die suddenly general silent...... 这突然转变的画风让整个走道上都死一般的寂静…… Put down own hand, Ye Chen felt, he did not need to call what Saiyan Ye Chen, perhaps should call One Punch Man Ye Chen. 放下了自己的手,夜辰感觉以后他不用叫什么赛亚人夜辰了,或许应该叫一拳超人夜辰吧。 If other person of Ye Chen did not mind that plays with the opposite party, but Blue general that mother artillery base man indeed somewhat arrived at him disgustingly, that fellow really eliminates directly! 如果是其他人夜辰也不介意和对方玩玩,但是布鲁将军那个娘炮基佬的确有些把他恶心到了,那种家伙果然还是直接清除掉吧! Died and died, Blue general died!” “死﹑死了,布鲁将军死了!” Monster! He is a monster!” “怪物!他是个怪物!” Run!!!” “快跑啊!!!” Finally awakes the god to come, one crowd of Red Ribbon Army soldiers were scared, the crying ghost wolves flee howlingly everywhere. 终于醒过神来,一群红缎带军团的士兵都被吓破了胆,一个个哭鬼狼嚎地四处奔逃。 However came to come, could they also be inescapable?! 然而来都来了,他们还跑得了吗?! Ye Chen and Snake-hime princess acts together, a stream finger beam strikes to shoot, wanted to escape the soldier who to kill a cleanness these. 夜辰蛇姬公主一同出手,一道道指洞波击射而出,将那些想要逃跑的士兵杀了个干干净净。 Nearby Violet colonel body trembles, swallows the saliva difficultly. 一旁的紫罗兰上校身体发颤,艰难地咽了咽口水。 Really, these two people are also the monsters! 果然,这两个人也是怪物! Violet colonel felt suddenly incomparable rejoicing, her beforehand choice is really right, otherwise estimated at this moment she they are also same as Blue general...... 紫罗兰上校突然感觉无比的庆幸,她之前的选择果然是对的,不然此刻估计她也已经和布鲁将军他们一样了吧…… Meanwhile, base command post of Red Ribbon Army headquarters 与此同时,红缎带军团总部的基地指挥室 Tao Paipai, are you doing, do you want to betray me?!” 桃白白,你在干什么,你要背叛我吗?!” Looks that suddenly flushed to kill off Tao Paipai of all guards, Red chief commander that the startled anger happened simultaneously loudly shouted. 看着突然冲进来杀光了所有守卫的桃白白,惊怒交加的瑞特总帅大喝道。 Betrayal?” “背叛?” Red chief commander, I do not remember when oneself became to the subordinate who you give loyalty.” 瑞特总帅,我可不记得自己什么时候成了向你效忠的手下。” Scratched bloodstain on the hand, a Tao Paipai face cruel smiling face. 擦了擦自己手上的血迹,桃白白一脸残忍的笑容。 Heart next one cold, Red chief commander also knows own speaking incorrectly words, Red Ribbon Army chief commander that but he keeps aloof, naturally cannot go to submissive admitting mistakes. 心下一寒,瑞特总帅也知道自己说错话了,不过他可是高高在上的红缎带军团总帅,自然不会去低声下气的认错。 Tao Paipai, I am your employer.” 桃白白,我可是你的雇主。” You are not the world first killer, can give up own prestige making a move to your employer?!” “你不是世界第一的杀手吗,难道要放弃自己的信誉对你的雇主出手?!” Was calmed down by oneself, Red chief commander sinking sound said. 让自己冷静下来,瑞特总帅沉声道。 However Red chief commander did not say that this fortunately, a saying Tao Paipai anger leapt one to get up. 然而瑞特总帅不说这个还好,一说桃白白火气腾地一下就起来了。 Red chief commander, you think that whom this can blame?” 瑞特总帅,你以为这要怪谁?” Own opponent is what kind of monster is not clear, words your Red Ribbon Army must in today's destruction!” “连自己的对手是怎样的怪物都不清楚,话该你们红缎带军团要在今日覆灭!” However you not only court death, implicated me! Red chief commander, you said how I do want to ask you to do accounts?!” “而你不仅自己找死,更是连累了我!瑞特总帅,你说我要怎么找你算账?!” Sends out just like ice-cold killing intent of essence, Tao Paipai is turning toward Red chief commander to walk step by step. 身上散发着宛若实质的冰冷杀意,桃白白一步一步向着瑞特总帅走去。 Bang!!! 砰!!! At this moment, nearby Black staff officer rouses the trigger to want Tao Paipai to kill, but was actually lifted the hand then to hold the bullet by Tao Paipai one. 就在这时,一旁的布拉克副官勾动板机想将桃白白射杀,但却是被桃白白一个抬手便抓住了子弹。 Since you also want dead, that first dies.” “既然你也想死,那就先去死吧。” Cruel callous, Tao Paipai counted on the fingers a ball, the bullet submerged the head of Black staff officer, then the Black staff officer plump poured the ground. 残忍冷酷,桃白白屈指一弹,子弹没入了布拉克副官的脑袋,然后布拉克副官扑通一声倒到了地上。 Looks at Tao Paipai to kill Black staff officer with own eyes, Red chief commander also somewhat feared finally 亲眼看着桃白白杀死了布拉克副官,瑞特总帅也终于有些怕了 Tao Paipai, you cannot kill me!” 桃白白,你不能杀我!” I am your employer, was your senior customer.” “我可是你的雇主,是你的老客户了。” Guard! Guards!!!” “卫兵!卫兵!!!” Shouts unceasingly is yelling, looks is close to own Tao Paipai step by step, Red chief commander soon collapses! 不断地呼喊大叫着,看着一步步接近自己的桃白白,瑞特总帅都快要崩溃了! Red chief commander, looked in the past friendship I to you happy.” 瑞特总帅,看在以往的情份上我就给你一个痛快吧。” „The next generation, so should not be again stupid!” “不过下辈子,可不要再这么愚蠢了!” Under leading especially chief commander that panic-stricken look, Tao Paipai pierced his heart directly...... 在帅特总帅那惊恐的神色下,桃白白直接洞穿了他的心脏…… ...... …… Boss, I have massacred Red Ribbon Army Red chief commander and all cadres.” “老板,我已经杀掉红缎带军团瑞特总帅和所有的干部了。” Chocked up in various types of corpses manors, Tao Paipai said to Ye Chen respectfully. 摆满了各种尸体的庄园之中,桃白白恭敬地向夜辰道。 We go back.” “那我们就回去吧。” Stretches oneself, then Ye Chen called Flying Nebula, making Violet colonel sit to Flying Nebula above. 伸了伸懒腰,然后夜辰唤来了黑斗云,让紫罗兰上校坐到黑斗云的上面。 Several people floated airborne, but Buku and Chi-Chi of distant place also flew, two people held on Ye Chen's together 几人浮到了空中,而远处的舞空琪琪也飞了过来,两人一起抱到了夜辰的身上 Ye Chen!” 夜辰!” Played enough?” “都玩够了吗?” Un!” “嗯!” Rubbed Buku and Chi-Chi's small head, then Ye Chen revealed a callous color of face: 蹭了蹭舞空琪琪的小脑袋,然后夜辰又露出了一脸的冷酷之色: Snake-hime, ruins here.” 蛇姬,将这里毁掉吧。” Although the Red Ribbon Army high level has almost died certainly, but below also has the soldier who runs away to leap up. 虽然红缎带军团的高层几乎都已经死绝,不过下面还有许多逃蹿的士兵。 Eliminating evil thoroughly, Ye Chen is not the original works Dragon Ball Son Goku, even if evil bastard so long as hits everyone to be the friend, he may not have the soldier who the plan makes these run away again to go out to stir up trouble to damage others again! 除恶务尽,夜辰可不是原著【龍珠】中的孙悟空,即使再邪恶的坏蛋只要打一架大家都可以做朋友,他可没打算再让那些逃走的士兵再出去兴风作浪祸害其他人! Yes, master.” “是,主人。” On the face was also that callous smiling face, Snake-hime princess flew the front, then changed into the huge god snake stance under the gaze of people. 脸上亦是那冷酷的笑容,蛇姬公主飞到了前方,然后在众人的注视下化为了巨大的神蛇姿态。 ahhh...... ahhhhh......” 啊啊……啊啊啊……” What that and are that?” “那﹑那是什么?” Monster! Monster!!!” “怪物!怪物!!!” Run!!!!!” “快跑啊!!!!!” How could to have seen such colossus, below soldiers had been frightened insanely, was yelling panic-stricken runs away to leap up everywhere. 何曾见过这样的庞然大物,下方的士兵们都已经被吓疯了,一个个惊恐地大叫着四处逃蹿。 Humble and evil mortal, vanishes.” “低贱而又罪恶的凡人,消失吧。” From the sky resounds just like the God's sound, then Snake-hime princess the great snake opened the big mouth to spout one group of flame. 宛若神明的声音在空中响起,然后蛇姬公主所化的巨蛇张开大口将一团火焰喷出了出去。 Whistling whistling shouted...... 呼呼呼呼呼…… ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!” 啊啊啊啊啊!!!!!” In a flash, in a flash, entire Red Ribbon Army was then buried to extinguish merely thoroughly! 一瞬间,仅仅一瞬间,整个红缎带军团便被彻底葬灭了! Ye Chen, Buku and Chi-Chi naturally have nothing, but looks that at present that hell terrifying scene Tao Paipai cannot bear the corner of the eye jump even, as for sitting Violet colonel on Flying Nebula was the whole person is ignorant. 夜辰舞空琪琪自然没有什么,但是看着眼前那地狱般恐怖的场景即使桃白白也忍不住眼角直跳,至于坐在黑斗云上的紫罗兰上校更是整个人都已经懵了。 Monster and monster, is she a monster?” “妖﹑妖怪,她是妖怪吗?” The whole body is trembling, Violet colonel asked difficultly. 全身都在哆嗦,紫罗兰上校艰难地问道。 She is not tender strange, but is God, is born in God of the Snake Road of underground spring.” “她可不是什么娇怪,而是神明,诞生于黄泉的蛇道之神。” God and God?” “神﹑神明?” Ye Chen explained that but Violet colonel also showed the unbelievable look. 夜辰解释了一下,而紫罗兰上校也露出了难以置信的神色。 The corners of the mouth brought back a curve, then Ye Chen picked up Violet colonel chin 嘴角勾起了一道弧度,然后夜辰托起了紫罗兰上校的下巴 What's wrong, is very surprised?” “怎么,很惊讶吗?” Actually I am also a god, runs the Earth god.” “其实我也是神,掌管地球的神。” Later must display well, Violet colonel, from now henceforth you are the subordinate and servant of god......” “以后要好好的表现哦,紫罗兰上校,从今以后你可是神的部下与仆人……” To be continued...... 未完待续……
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