TEIBF :: Volume #7

#609: Three delicacies of the land congress, outstanding heroes complete(ly) arrive

Lu Xuan and don’t know Lu Xiu will follow him to treat as the only opportunity that Three Immortal Gate[Door] rose, the time that after all Three Immortal Gate[Door] declines was too long, since the ancient times is not powerful sect, in sect has not had any fierce character. 陆轩不知道陆修将跟随他当做了三仙门崛起的唯一机会,毕竟三仙门没落的时间太久了,自古以来也不是什么强大的宗门,宗门之中也没有出过什么厉害的人物。 But follows Lu Xuan that now rises possibly is their only one can promote the qualifications of sect step position. 而跟随现在崛起的陆轩可能是他们唯一一个能够提升自己宗门阶位的资格。 Similar Three Immortal Gate[Door] such sect were too many, it may be said that is innumerable, if adds on historically destroyed completely these again, that is ordinary like the stars of space, spins the spinning to extinguish. 类似三仙门这样子的宗门太多了,可谓是数不胜数,如果再加上历史上被灭掉的那些,那更是如同天上的繁星一般,旋起旋灭。 To escape own destiny the shackles, is easier said than done, now he sees an opportunity finally, how possibly to let off. 想要摆脱自身的命运的枷锁,又谈何容易,现在他终于看到了一个机会,怎么可能放过。 Quick, the Lu Xuan invitation flew like the snowflake to major sect, particularly three mahatma places, divine sword mountain village, Ghost Gate Sect, Lingxiaoge. 很快,陆轩的邀请函如同雪片般飞向了各大宗门,尤其是三大圣地,神剑山庄,鬼门宗,凌霄阁。 These three mahatmas and Absolute Beginning Dao, as ruling the colossus of entire world, when received the invitation of Lu Xuan, actually during all fell into was silent. 这三大圣地并太初道,作为统治着整个天下的庞然大物,在接到了陆轩的邀请的时候,却俱都陷入了沉默之中。 In the invitation wrote plainly, inviting Sect Master of each influence, Old Ancestor to come to attend the Three Immortal Gate[Door] three delicacies of the land congress, discussed the world situation. 邀请函上写明了,邀请各个势力的掌门,老祖前来参加三仙门的三仙大会,商量天下大势。 And arrives at Earth to the future major influences, puts out a concrete regulation, sets aside a say/way. 并且对将来各大势力降临地球,拿出一个具体的章程,划分出一个道道来。 Big tone, big breadth of spirit!” “好大的口气,好大的气魄!” Some person cannot help but to praise sighed, Lu Xuan big of the handiwork, it may be said that is unprecedented melts now. 有人不由得赞叹道,陆轩的这个手笔之大,可谓是旷古烁今。 Even before Absolute Beginning Dao still dares to invite and Absolute Beginning Dao one has merely or sect of deep or shallow relations. 要知道,即便是之前太初道也仅仅只是敢邀请与太初道一系有着或深或浅关系的宗门 But has not thought that must gather the entire world to put out one set of standard of restraining all the people. 而没有想过,要聚集整个天下而拿出一套约束天下人的规范。 But Lu Xuan has such breadth of spirit, there is such a method! 陆轩有这样的气魄,也有这样的手段! If trades to be the average person to propose that perhaps such request, had been taunted, overreaches oneself. 如果换做一般人提出这样的要求,恐怕早就被人嘲讽,不自量力。 However Lu Xuan just the destruction Absolute Beginning Dao, power and influence Zhengsheng, was known as the young generation of first expert, even is the world's fourth expert under three mahatma Old Ancestor merely. 然而陆轩才刚刚覆灭了太初道,威势正盛,号称年轻一辈第一高手,甚至仅仅位列三大圣地老祖之下的天下第四高手。 Such status and rallying point, are naturally able, there is qualifications to issue such summons. 这样的身份地位和号召力,自然有能力,也有资格发出这样的号召。 Old Ancestor of three mahatma places does not dare to issue such summons, hehe, this Lu Xuan, big breadth of spirit!” “连三大圣地的老祖都不敢发出这样的号召,嘿嘿,这个陆轩,好大的气魄!” Not only the big breadth of spirit, he also has such qualifications, throughout the ages, destroys completely a sacred place single-handedly, besides him, but also who?” “不只是好大的气魄,他也有这样的资格,古往今来,单枪匹马灭掉一个圣地的,除了他之外,还有谁?” Don't forget, his back is standing the Earth Federation, I and others, if wanted to arrive at the Earth Federation, who can go round him, now he also merely is only the Half-step god boundary, can he also for a lifetime so?” “别忘了,他背后站着地球联邦,我等如果想要降临地球联邦,谁能绕开他,现在他还仅仅只是半步化神境,难道他还会一辈子都如此么?” A stone arouses thousand overlapping waves, the people discusses spiritedly. 一石激起千层浪,众人议论纷纷。 However at the same time, countless people are also leaving to go to Three Immortal Gate[Door] to come, obviously this three delicacies of the land congress, will decide that time in the future Heavenly Paradise arrives at the world the regulation. 不过与此同时,无数人也在动身前往三仙门而来,显然这一次的三仙大会,将会决定未来洞天福地降临天下的章程。 Three mahatmas add on the result that Lu Xuan consulted finally obtains again, the person who even if did not go, must observe, qualifications that because they have not observed. 三大圣地再加上陆轩最后磋商得出的结果,哪怕不去的人,都要遵守,因为他们都没有不遵守的资格。 If not observe, perhaps will face three mahatmas together with the attack of Lu Xuan. 如果不遵守的话,恐怕会面临三大圣地连同陆轩的打击。 Almost can say, in the whole world is the enemy, becomes autocratic traitor to the people, always becomes the people of autocratic traitor to the people to have no good end. 几乎可以说,是在举世为敌,成为独夫民贼,历来成为独夫民贼之人都没什么好下场。 It is not everyone is Lu Xuan, can have a bloody road. 不是所有人都是陆轩,可以杀出一条血路。 Suddenly, in Three Immortal Gate[Door] the tide of people surges, usually in influential figure of keeping aloof, many even are for possible 20 years, 30 years did not appear in the front old seniors of people also appear in the front of people. 一时间,三仙门内人潮涌动,平日里一个个高高在上的大人物,许多甚至可能二十年,三十年都不出现在众人的面前的老前辈也都出现在了众人的面前。 Beside Three Immortal Gate[Door], gathered did not have the qualifications to enter innumerably participates in cultivator of three delicacies of the land congress, although these cultivator cultivation base were not weak, but must say that the participation three delicacies of the land congress, actually fell far short, simply did not have the qualifications to enter. 三仙门之外,聚集了无数没有资格进入参加三仙大会的修行者,虽然这些修行者修为也不算弱,但是要说参与三仙大会,却还是差得远了,根本没有资格进入其中。 They also know actually, does not dare to be dissolute, after all can enter big shot, casual can hang to hit them with ease. 他们倒是也知道,并不敢放肆,毕竟能够进入其中的大佬,随便一个都可以轻松吊打他们。 Is present so many big shot to be present, if they dare to cause trouble, that does not bring about own destruction. 在场那么多的大佬在场,他们如果敢闹事的话,那不是自寻死路。 Let alone, Lu Xuan in legend, that terrifying existence. 更别说,其中还有一个传说中的陆轩,那种恐怖的存在了。 Even Absolute Beginning Dao can destroy completely, cuts to kill their several, no one dares to oppose radically. 太初道都能灭掉,斩杀他们几个,根本没什么人敢反对。 That is not Nanling Old Ancestor, my God, he has not died in a sitting posture, dozens years ago had been known as that died in a sitting posture, now unexpectedly also in!” “那不是南岭老祖么,我的天,他不是已经坐化了么,几十年前就已经号称坐化了吧,现在居然还在!” Far more than is Nanling Old Ancestor, I also saw does not endure the Grandmaster, my God, is a character of antique level!” “何止是南岭老祖,我还看到了不忍大师,我的天,又是一个老古董级别的人物!” Today the characters of various antique levels appear were getting more and more, was really scary!” “今天各种老古董级别的人物出现的越来越多了,真是太吓人了!” Many people are shocked in or many years have not made an appearance, or has spread died in a sitting posture the news old monster to act. 许多人震惊于一个个或者多年没露面的,或者已经传出坐化了的消息的老怪物纷纷出面。 In order to attend this three delicacies of the land congress, many sect can say time, discovered all the mastery. 为了参加这一次的三仙大会,许多宗门可以说,都是找出了全部的底蕴。 Because only then the Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy above experts are qualified for attending this three delicacies of the land congress time, some similar Three Immortal Gate[Door] such sect, altogether are also qualified for participating on a person. 因为只有神藏境九重以上的高手才有资格参加这一次的三仙大会,有的类似三仙门这样的宗门,总共也就一个人有资格参加。 In such congress, basic on does not have any right to speak. 在这样的大会之中,根本就没有任何话语权。 Besides three mahatmas, many sect are inviting Old Ancestor in oneself sect, comes to keep up appearances. 除了三大圣地之外,许多宗门都在纷纷请出了自己宗门之中的老祖宗,前来撑场面。 Each once moved the world, usually in saw casually triggers the world to cause a stir sufficiently, but now appearance one after another here, the people is almost numb. 每一个都曾经名动天下,平日里随便看到一个都足以引发天下轰动,但是现在一个接一个的出现在了这里,众人几乎都麻木了。 But above conference site that at this time, the three delicacies of the land congress is, enough over a thousand people have sat well. 而此时,三仙大会所在的会场之上,足足上千人都已经坐定。 The Three Immortal Gate[Door] disciple whole body that the distant place takes care of ties tight completely, even somewhat trembling with fear. 远处服侍的三仙门的弟子全部都浑身紧绷,甚至有几分战战兢兢 They had not seen such many experts gather the together aspect. 他们还从来都没有看到过如此之多的高手聚集到一起的局面。 Even is not over a thousand Divine Storehouse Realm experts, but is over a thousand Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy experts, particularly in their Divine Sense, these over a thousand Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy experts, the aura of everyone just like a Divine Mountain to be generally palatial, making them feel that has a feeling of total destruction. 甚至都不是上千的神藏境高手,而是上千神藏境九重的高手,尤其是在他们的神念之中,这上千神藏境九重的高手,每个人的气息都犹如一座神山一般巍峨,让他们感觉到有一种灭顶之灾的感觉。 Also these experts restrain aura fortunately automatically, avoids resisting, otherwise, makes them be killed by shock depending on pressure sufficiently livingly. 也亏得这些高手都自动收敛身上的气息,避免对抗,否则的话,光凭身上的威压就足以让他们被活生生震死。 But in conference site, even their Sect Master, no status, because is the organizer, is the landlord can sit in the high-rank place. 而在会场之中,连他们的宗主,都没有什么地位,只是因为是主办人,又是地主得以坐在上位处。 In his not far away, three forms then just like stabilizing force to be ordinary, the atmosphere of anchorage audience. 在他的身边不远处,三个身影便犹如定海神针一般,定住全场的气氛。 But over a thousand Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy expert also dispersions naturally in the surroundings of these three people, formed three Great Formation camps. 而上千神藏境九重的高手也都自然而然的分散在这三个人的周围,形成了三大阵营。 But these three Great Formation camps are the present are also leading entire Heavenly Paradise the colossus of the world. 而这三大阵营也是现在主导着整个洞天福地的天下的庞然大物。 But these three forms, is present three mahatma places three Old Ancestor. 而这三道身影,则是现在三大圣地的三位老祖 Even three mahatma places the lord, same wants the low own head before them, bending down to do to be small. 即便是三大圣地的之主,在他们三人面前一样要低下自己的头颅,俯身做小。 Even if were many Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy experts saw these three forms were hard to cover the excitement in heart, this was three big is alive the god. 哪怕是许多神藏境九重的高手看到了这三道身影都难掩心中的激动,这可是三大在世神啊。
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