TEIBF :: Volume #6

#535: Has the invincible prestige

clouds the Ling'er physique truly unparalleled , can follow a Lu Xuan person only. 灵儿体质确实无双,也是唯一能够跟得上陆轩一家的人。 Therefore clouds that Ling'er many somewhat is proud, but Lu Xuan is taking advantage of these masters' heads, told says Ling'er, what was profound. 因此云灵儿多少还是有些骄傲的,而陆轩就是要借着这些高手之首,告诉云灵儿,什么叫天高地厚。 Although her natural talent is extremely high, physique unparalleled, but there is always a human beyond a human, there is Heaven beyond the Heaven, even by clouds Ling'er, was besieged by one group of realm tall passed/lived own experts extremely, will still be defeated. 虽然她天资极高,体质无双,但是人外有人,天外有天,即便是以云灵儿,被一群境界高过自己的绝顶高手围攻,依然会落败。 Lu Xuan, you may know, you are guilty of the most heinous crime!” At this time, that old woman who grasps the walking stick is staring at Lu Xuan, opens the mouth slowly said. 陆轩,你可知道,你是罪大恶极!”此时,那个手持拐杖的老妪盯着陆轩,缓缓的开口说道。 On the old woman face shows several points of indifferent facial expression, that walking stick stubbornly is pointing at Lu Xuan. 那老妪脸上露出几分冷漠的神情,那拐杖死死的指着陆轩 Guilty of the most heinous crime?” Lu Xuan sees the present old woman, as if somewhat looks familiar, should be the previous generation once had also had to do. “罪大恶极?”陆轩看着眼前的老妪,似乎有几分眼熟,应该也是前世曾经打过交道。 However should not have the too deep impression, perhaps is one by the powerful enemy who Lu Xuan cuts to kill. 不过应该也没有太深的印象,说不定是某一个被陆轩斩杀的强敌。 Good!” The old woman says slowly. Now you bleed off these by the Heavenly Paradise elite and talent that you catch, from abandoning martial arts, ties up to go to Heavenly Paradise to apologize!” “不错!”那老妪缓缓开口说道。“现在你放掉那些被你抓起来的洞天福地的精英和天才,自废武功,自缚前往洞天福地请罪!” Goes to Heavenly Paradise?” The Lu Xuan light opens the mouth said. I will go to Heavenly Paradise, but is now, wants to make me from abandoning martial arts, that is impossible!” “前往洞天福地?”陆轩淡淡的开口说道。“我会前往洞天福地,但是不是现在,想让我自废武功,那不可能!” Spoke any idle talk with him, takes him directly!” “和他多说什么废话,直接拿下他!” That wearing a sword middle-aged man loudly shouts, acted directly, his waist, wore a sword to sweep startled day blade glow directly. 那个佩刀的中年男子大喝一声,直接出手了,他的腰间,一口佩刀直接扫出了一道惊天的刀芒。 The blade glow erupted startled day light screen instantaneously, innumerable True Yuan condensed one, stood to divide toward Lu Xuan instantaneously. 刀芒瞬间爆发出了一道惊天的光幕,无数的真元凝聚到了一起,瞬间就朝着陆轩立劈了下来。 This is extremely terrifying strikes, the Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy terrors strike, in an instant, the vault of heaven vibrates. 这是极为恐怖的一击,神藏境九重的恐怖一击,刹那间,苍穹震动。 Under the sunlight, Lu Xuan wears a god splendor, seems being alive gods to be ordinary. 阳光下,陆轩身披一层神辉,好似一尊在世的神明一般。 He stretched out two fingers, that terrifying blade glow, in falling his front, by his two fingers clamping in hand, then fiercely one, that blade glow disintegration inch by inch comes together, changes into everywhere the luminous spot to scatter in all directions. 他只是伸出了两根手指,那恐怖的刀芒,在落到了他的面前,被他的两根手指给夹在了手中,然后猛地一并,那一道刀芒一寸一寸的崩碎开来,化为漫天的光点四散开来。 Very powerful!” “好强!” In many hearts shocks, the blade of middle-aged man that wears a sword, the vault of heaven is shivering. 许多人心中震撼,那佩刀的中年男子的一刀,天穹都在颤抖。 The entire Wudang Mountains are trembling slightly, in the entire Wudang Mountains all people can feel, astonishing Blade Qi that startled day blade light brings together forces the feeling of upper body. 整个武当山都在微微震颤,整个武当山上所有的人都能够感受到,那一道惊天的刀光所带来的惊人的刀气逼迫上身的感觉。 However the blade of that terrifying, was given to grip by the Lu Xuan two fingers, destroys completely directly. 但是那恐怖的一刀,就被陆轩两根手指就给夹住,直接灭掉。 That clouds that Ling'er is very terrifying, has not actually thought, compared with Lu Xuan, that at all is not anything, but feels dwarfed!” “那云灵儿已经很恐怖了,却没想到,和陆轩相比,那都根本不算什么,不过只是小巫见大巫而已!” Many people discovered, clouds Ling'er is very strong, even can jump over the step to contend with the Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy experts, has made many people dumbfounded sufficiently. 许多人发现,云灵儿已经很强了,甚至可以越阶抗衡神藏境九重的高手,已经足以让很多人都目瞪口呆。 However with Lu Xuan this superficial, clouds that compared with poor business conditions light making a move, obviously fell far short. 但是与陆轩这轻描淡写,云淡风轻的出手相比,显然还是差得远了。 Lu Xuan can be so superficial, says the poor business conditions to be light, its behind, naturally is Lu Xuan terrifying strength as the support. 陆轩能够这般轻描淡写,云淡风轻,其背后,自然是陆轩本身恐怖至极的实力作为支撑。 But these Heavenly Paradise six big experts also realized at this time finally, the fearfulness of Lu Xuan, far far surpass beforehand had said Ling'er. 而那些洞天福地的六大高手此时也终于意识到了,陆轩的可怕,远远超过了之前云灵儿 clouds that Ling'er gives their feeling to be far from at this time Lu Xuan to their intensity of feeling. 灵儿给他们的感觉远远没有此时陆轩给他们的感觉的强烈。 As if faces is not a human, but is a immemorial ominous beast, is dormant the ominous beast in abyss, possibly swallows the world momentarily. 仿佛面对的不是一个人类,而是一头太古凶兽,一头蛰伏在深渊之中的凶兽,随时都可能吞噬天下。 Takes this to strike for the beginning, a terrifying war broke out, that six big expert acted directly. 以这一击为开端,一场恐怖的大战爆发了,那六大高手直接出手了。 Immediately, everywhere rainbow light wreaks havoc, this innumerable rainbow light, just like bolts of white silk, interwove mutually, formed a standing net, covered toward Lu Xuan. 顿时,漫天的虹光肆虐,这无数的虹光,犹如是一道道的匹练,相互交织到了一起,形成了一张网,朝着陆轩笼罩了下去。 The attacks of various terrifying, vibrate the entire horizon, the ray that erupts, almost can vie with the livelihood, terrifying murdered to erupt. 各种各样恐怖的攻击,震动整个天际,那爆发出来的光芒,几乎可以和日月争辉,恐怖的杀伐爆发了开来。 Death!” “死!” These expert loudly roared, above the Heaven and under the earth, all rumble sounding together, the vault of heaven is collapsing in abundance. 这些高手纷纷大吼一声,天上地下,所有的一切轰隆隆的齐鸣,天穹都在坍塌。 Many people were frightened, felt the terrifying pressure, the world destroyed. 许多人都被吓到了,感受到了恐怖的的威压,世界毁灭。 But at this time, Lu Xuan moved, his both hands brandished the astonishing path, True Yuan condensed, but Cheng Hua became the fearful dragon scale, proliferated above his fist claw, changed to Golden Dragon directly. 而在这个时候,陆轩动了,他双手挥舞出了惊人的轨迹,真元凝聚而成化成了可怕的龙鳞,遍布在他的拳爪之上,直接化作了一条金龙 Golden Dragon roared, the hovering expansive sky, flew the horizon directly, the bang approached that huge internet. 金龙咆哮,翱翔长空,直接飞上了天际,轰向了那一张巨大的网络 In an instant, Divine Dragon is the show/unfolds invincible might, in a flash, tore into shreds that innumerable attack huge internet. 刹那间,神龙是展神威,一瞬间,撕碎了那无数的攻击所化的一张巨大的网络 What? That is how possible!” “什么?那怎么可能!” The old woman looks that Golden Dragon wreaks havoc, suppresses a side in the vault of heaven, tears into shreds entirely their attacks. 那老妪看着那一条金龙肆虐,在天穹镇压一方,将他们的攻击统统撕碎开来。 Attacks invincibly! 攻伐无敌! Lu Xuan displayed terrifying the ability of attacking, shocking world. 陆轩展现出了恐怖的攻伐的能力,震惊全球。 That six big expert, each strength suppresses the world sufficiently, even clouds that great strength of Ling'er, still contends with one of them. 那六大高手,每一个的实力都足以镇压全球,即便是云灵儿的强大,也不过是抗衡其中一人。 Facing six people of collaborations, same must suffer defeat, hit repetitive retreat. 面对六人的联手,一样要败北,被打的连连后退。 However Lu Xuan facing the similar attack, can actually break open their attacks easily, they attack jointly, might Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering. 但是陆轩面对同样的攻击,却能够轻而易举的破开他们的攻击,他们联手的攻击,威力惊天动地 However does not have the means to shake Lu Xuan! 但是却没有办法撼动陆轩 This had shown sufficiently, great strength of Lu Xuan! 这就已经足以证明,陆轩的强大! Lu Xuan acts, showed to contend with the unsurpassed elegant demeanors of six big top experts. 陆轩一出手,就展现出了可以抗衡六大顶尖的高手的无上风采。 Probably, Mr. Lu was stronger!” “好像,陆先生更强了!” Many Earth cultivator powerhouses are dumbfounded, contending with Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavily are very serious, let alone is these six big experts. 许多地球修行者的强者目瞪口呆,抗衡一个神藏境九重就已经是非常不得了了,何况是这六大高手。 In many mind, Lu Xuan deep and unmeasurable even more! 在许多人的心中,陆轩愈发的深不可测 No wonder that ten big expert wreaking havoc world time, land God have not acted, originally is in the heart confident, does not care!” “难怪那十大高手肆虐天下的时候,陆神都没有出手,原来是心中胸有成竹,并不在乎呢!” Was too strong, invincible, their Heavenly Paradise person is very strong, what's the big deal, our human federation also has the powerhouse, moreover with the lapse of time, will be only getting stronger and stronger!” “太强了,所向无敌,他们洞天福地的人很强,那又如何,我们人类联邦也有强者,而且随着时间的推移,只会越来越强!” Before the computer, before the television, are innumerable the person who pays attention to this is fighting, dumbfounded looks at this, besides hitting 666, they almost could not have said other words to come. 电脑前,电视前,无数在关注着这一战的人,都目瞪口呆的看着这一幕,除了打666之外,他们几乎已经说不出别的话来了。 That strength has gone beyond the category that they can understand, as if changed over to the mysterious side from the scientific side all of a sudden. 那种力量已经超越了他们所能够理解的范畴,仿佛是从科学侧一下子转入了神秘侧。 Very powerful, mediocre, powerhouse who unexpectedly can present this rank!” “好强,凡俗之间,居然能出现这种等级的强者!” Zhang Qing ming brow slightly pressed, stubbornly is staring at Lu Xuan above distant place vault of heaven. 张青冥眉头微蹙,死死的盯着远处天穹之上的陆轩 He has not thought, Lu Xuan can unexpectedly as strong as this situation, even in Heavenly Paradise, cannot be born such having god-given wisdom rare talent. 他万万没有想到,陆轩居然能强到这种地步,即便是在洞天福地之中,也诞生不出这样的天纵奇才。 He chose the neutrality before, but is for the discrete goal, an advice of Earth lineage/vein Wudang Mountains Sect Master is neutral. 他之前选择中立,不过只是出于谨慎的目的,还有地球一脉武当山掌门的劝告才中立的。 At that time he does not want the secular royal government to oppose with human federation nowadays, but this also conformed to the Wudang Faction consistent standpoint. 当时他是不想和人类联邦这个现如今世俗的朝廷作对,而这也符合武当派一贯的立场。 Now he feels, the initial judgment was really correct. 现在他才感觉,当初的判断实在是再正确不过了。 The great strength of Lu Xuan, far far surpass had had the Zhang Qing deep initial judgment. 陆轩的强大,已经远远超出了张青冥最初的判断。 Has the invincible prestige! 有无敌之威!
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