TEIBF :: Volume #6

#533: Besieging

Yang dragon was killed, clouds the Ling'er pressure audience! 杨龙被杀,云灵儿威压全场! Common Divine Storehouse Realm eight heavy did not say the Ling'er opponent! 寻常神藏境八重根本不是云灵儿的对手! Many people looked, Yang dragon probably was the expert who a Heavenly Paradise side sent in secret, wanted the vertical prestige, to a human federation demonstration of authority. 许多人都看出来了,杨龙大概是洞天福地一方暗中派遣出来的高手,想要立威,给人类联邦一个下马威。 However was instead said Ling'er instead kills, in turn gave a Heavenly Paradise side huge demonstration of authority. 然而却反被云灵儿给反杀,反过来给了洞天福地一方一个巨大的下马威。 Confrontation, has started!” “交锋,已经开始了!” Although seems like in many people, now is advocating has not arrived, Wudang Sect Master Zhang Qing is deep, although has appeared, but has actually indicated the standpoint, is only neutral, does not want representative Heavenly Paradise and human federation to be the enemy. 虽然在许多人看起来,如今正主还未到,武当掌门张青冥虽然已经出现,但是却已经表明立场,只愿意中立,并不愿意代表洞天福地与人类联邦为敌。 Yang dragon, is first rushing cloud Ling'er, is actually replaces both sides to test each other foot soldier attendant. 无论是杨龙,还是先一步赶到的云灵儿,其实都不过是代替双方试探彼此的一个马前卒而已。 Although the foot soldier attendant of this rank, truly already no small matter. 虽然这种级别的马前卒,确实已经非同小可。 However compares their back respective station powerhouse , can only be a cutting edge, rather than decision each other result key. 不过相比起他们背后各自站着的强者而言,也只能是一个先锋,而非决定彼此胜负的关键。 Big courage!” Unexpectedly, sonic boom drinks, transmits from the distant place horizon. “好大的胆子!”蓦地,一声爆喝,从远处天边传来。 The people look up, actually sees, in void, several forms walked slowly, each form has the terrifying power and influence that is inconceivable. 众人纷纷抬头看去,却见,在虚空之中,几道身影缓缓走了过来,每一道身影都带着难以想象的恐怖威势。 Six terrifying forms come in waves, the power and influence that they release, almost gave to suppress the world. 足足有六道恐怖的身影联袂而来,他们释放的威势,几乎将天地都给镇压住了。 The strength of everyone not under Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy, true Divine Storehouse Realm well-know figure. 每一个人的实力都不下于神藏境九重,真正神藏境之中的佼佼者 Casual, can trigger the attention of the world, let alone is so many people also appears, thinks, makes one tremble sufficiently. 随便一个,都能引发全球的关注,何况是这么多人同时出现,想一想,都足以让人颤栗。 Their bodies are releasing the astonishing god rosy cloud, hiding the sky and covering the earth, the terrifying. 他们的身上都在释放着惊人的神霞,铺天盖地,恐怖极了。 Everyone facial expression stagnated, came, the Heavenly Paradise expert came. 所有人神情一滞,来了,洞天福地的高手来了。 In Wudang Mountains a silence, clouds that Ling'er just cut to kill Yang dragon, immediately brought in the counter-attack of Heavenly Paradise. 武当山上一片寂静,云灵儿刚刚斩杀了杨龙,顿时就引来了洞天福地的反击。 Or these extremely expert, has ambushed, but has not waited for their equal Lu Xuan, instead was clouds Ling'er. 或者说,那些绝顶高手,早就已经埋伏好了,不过没有等来他们相等的陆轩,反而是等来了云灵儿 In many hearts cannot help but somewhat despairs. 许多人心中不由得有几分绝望。 The human federation in extremely the number of expert, is inferior completely. 人类联邦在绝顶高手的数量上,到底还是完完全全不如的。 Even Zhang Qing deep neutrality, but Heavenly Paradise can still discover several at any time, even more experts extremely blow the human federation. 即便张青冥中立,但是洞天福地依然可以随时找出数位,甚至更多的绝顶高手镇住人类联邦。 Moreover it is said that that ten are also not in Heavenly Paradise the only ten big experts, but is only part. 而且据说,那十个还不是洞天福地之中仅有的十大高手,不过只是其中一部分而已。 Said accurately, is the Absolute Beginning Dao intimate expert. 准确的说,是和太初道亲近的高手。 In other words, the Heavenly Paradise back is hiding more terrifying existence, even in hearsay god boundary. 也就是说,洞天福地背后隐藏着更加恐怖的存在,甚至还有传闻中的化神境。 Although Lu Xuan is powerful, however seems like in the people, he is also only a person, how can beat so many powerful enemies. 陆轩虽然强大,但是在众人看起来,他也不过只是一个人而已,如何能够击败这么多的强敌。 In extremely the number of expert, the human federation really complete does not get the advantage. 在绝顶高手的数量上,人类联邦真的完完全全不占优势。 Six people walked step by step, among the moments, had arrived front that clouds Ling'er. 六人一步一步的走了过来,片刻之间,就已经来到了云灵儿的面前。 Six people coldly looks to say Ling'er, pressure as if collapsed by pressure the horizon. 六人冷冷的看着云灵儿,身上的威压仿佛压塌了天际。 Even in their eyes, without others, in the entire Wudang Mountains all human federation the big shot of cultivation world was disregarded by them directly. 甚至他们的眼中,都没有其他人,整个武当山上各方人类联邦的修行界的大佬都被他们直接无视了。 Only has cloud Ling'er in their eyes. 唯有云灵儿才在他们的眼中。 They are not deliberately despise, but in their eyes does not have these expert extremely, this makes these experts feel aggrieved. 他们并不是刻意去蔑视,只是他们的眼中都没有这些绝顶的高手,这样更让那些高手觉得憋屈。 Because this is always some of them felt, now is also disregarded. 因为这从来都是他们有的感觉,现在也被人这么无视了。 But in many hearts pledged secretly, now they because of the relations of the world principle, but also does not have the means to catch up with these people quickly. 而很多人心中暗暗发誓,现在他们因为天地法则的关系,还没有办法很快追上这些人。 However who knows, in such a recovering world, their strengths has the possibility possibly to chase on these Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy powerhouses extremely in the future, even is exceeds Divine Storehouse Realm also possibly to have. 但是谁都知道,在这么一个正在复苏的世界之中,他们的实力极有可能未来可能追赶上这些神藏境九重的强者,甚至是超越神藏境也不是没有可能。 Thirty years the river goes east thirty years the river goes west, bullies the youngster to be poor not. 三十年河东三十年河西,莫欺少年穷。 You then say Ling'er? Your brave, dares to kill our Heavenly Paradise Sect Master, is it possible that thinks, in Heavenly Paradise no one?” “你便是云灵儿?你的胆子很大,敢杀我们洞天福地掌门,莫非是以为,洞天福地之中无人了么?” The middle-aged man who wears the black clothes looks to say Ling'er, his waist is matching treasure blade, seems like an enormous constriction, suppresses stubbornly is saying Ling'er. 一个身穿黑衣的中年男子看着云灵儿,他的腰间配着一口宝刀,看起来有一种极大的压迫感,死死的压制着云灵儿 But suppresses facing the terrifying terrifying of this collapse world, clouds that Ling'er had not been crashed directly, but light looks that this middle-aged man said: Is Heavenly Paradise Sect Master, killed also killed!” 而面对这一股塌陷天地的恐怖恐怖压制,云灵儿没有被直接压垮,只是淡淡的看着这个中年男子说道:“不过是一个洞天福地掌门,杀了也就杀了!” Good, good, good, good to kill also killed, I had heard that Lu Xuan was wild, did not pay attention to others, never expected that his disciple was not under him slightly!” “好,好,好,好一个杀了也就杀了,我早就听说过那个陆轩猖狂,不将别人放在眼里,没想到他的弟子也是丝毫都不在他之下呢!” That black clothes man hears this words, cannot help but facial expression all of a sudden cold. 那个黑衣男子听到这个话,不由得神情一下子冷冽了下来。 Spoke any idle talk with her, heard that she is that Lu Xuan direct disciple, first killed him, cuts off that Lu Xuan right-hand said again!” “和她多说什么废话,听说她是那个陆轩嫡传弟子,先杀了他,斩断那个陆轩的左膀右臂再说!” At this time, an old woman says slowly, but she just opened the mouth, is cold incomparable killing intent. 此时,一个老妪缓缓开口说道,但是她刚刚开口,便是冷冽无比的杀意。 On her killing intent wreaks havoc, in her hand, is leaning on a walking stick, on this walking stick, in an instant, erupted the dazzling ray. 她身上的杀意肆虐,在她的手上,拄着一根拐杖,这一根拐杖上,刹那间,就爆发出了刺眼的光芒。 The ray infiltrates, like one ** the day was ordinary, ascended slowly. 光芒渗透,如同一**日一般,缓缓升腾了起来。 Bang!” “轰!” That ** the day toward clouds the Ling'er direction pounded to fall. 那一**日朝着云灵儿的方向砸落了下来。 But clouds Ling'er to be unhurriedly, in her back, melted a giant demon clan obviously. 而云灵儿不慌不忙,在她的背后,显化出了一个巨大的魔族。 This giant demon clan palm of the hand that ** day cranking up smashing. 这个巨大的魔族一巴掌就将那一**日给拍成了粉碎。 That ** after the day, is a giant incomparable walking stick, both sides collided ruthlessly. 那一**日之后,是一根巨大无比的拐杖,双方狠狠碰撞到了一起。 But clouds that Ling'er does not fear this walking stick, does not fear that old woman. 而云灵儿也并不惧怕这一根拐杖,也并不怕那个老妪。 clouds that Ling'er is really powerful, can contend with Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavily, no wonder he dared a person to come!” “云灵儿果然强大,可以抗衡神藏境九重,难怪他敢一个人亲身前来了!” He even in powerful, is still hard to escape besieges, his were too few, if Cloud Pavilion Villa does not have the reinforcements again, only feared that clouds Ling'er is difficult to run away today dies!” “不过他就算是在强大,也难以逃脱围攻吧,他人数太少了,云轩山庄如果再没有援兵到的话,只怕云灵儿今天难逃一死!” The people discuss spiritedly, clouds that behind Ling'er that giant demon clan, a palm of the hand racket drew back the attack of that old woman, showed by the absolute strength, his strength is not inferior in the Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy experts extremely. 众人议论纷纷,云灵儿背后的那一尊巨大的魔族,一巴掌拍退了那老妪的进攻,以绝对的实力展现出了,他的实力并没不逊色于神藏境九重的绝顶高手。 Let the people exclaim in surprise at the same time, makes many people be worried, words if this had continued, then clouds that Ling'er only feared is difficult to run away dies. 让众人惊叹的同时,也让许多人都在担心,如果继续这样子下去的话,那么云灵儿只怕难逃一死。 These Heavenly Paradise Sect Master, Sect Master moved the real anger, only feared that will not easily let off says Ling'er. 这些洞天福地掌门,宗主一个个都动了真怒,只怕是不会轻易放过云灵儿了。 But clouds the Ling'er strength in powerful, when can also resist. 而云灵儿的实力在强大,又能够抵挡到什么时候呢。 The old woman was repelled, but has not been discouraged, even the facial expression does not have many changes, but became the sinister and vicious, looks that clouds Ling'er said: You are very powerful, but can resist the attacks of our several people, today we to cut to kill your master to come, since you came, that first killed you, when the time comes cuts to kill your master again!” 那老妪被击退,但是并没有灰心,甚至神情都没有多少变化,只是变得更加阴鸷了起来,看着云灵儿道:“你很强大,但是又能够抵挡得住我们几个人的攻击呢,今天我们是为了斩杀你的师父而来,不过既然你来了,那就先杀了你,到时候再去斩杀你的师父!”
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