TEIBF :: Volume #6

#531: My hand/subordinate not dying obscure individual

Different with the Wudang Faction disciple who in these Heavenly Paradise is born, a Wudang disciple of Earth lineage/vein, is basically born on Earth, since childhood is also the citizen being law-abiding. 和那些洞天福地之中诞生的武当派弟子不同,地球一脉的武当弟子,基本都是在地球上诞生的,从小也是奉公守法的公民。 spirit qi recovers does not have many annual things to them, the thought of their thought eventually average person, particularly now human federation powerful far surpass all previous political power. 灵气复苏对于他们来说都是没有多少年的事情,他们的思维终究还是普通人的思维,尤其是现在人类联邦的强大远超过历代政权。 Offended such a might, escapes from the overseas free and unrestrained opportunity not to have continually, theoretically world under the rule of human federation. 得罪了这样一个强权,连逃出国外逍遥自在的机会都没有,理论上全球都在人类联邦的统治之下。 Only if they can run away to Moon come up! 除非他们能逃到月球上去! clouds the miss, why to frighten them!” “云姑娘,何必吓唬他们!” At this time, Zhang Qing actually says deeply suddenly. 此时,张青冥却陡然开口说道。 Everyone's vision fell Zhang Qing ming body, don’t know Zhang Qing ming was anything planned, this time, Wudang Faction contracted the location of this congress. 所有人的目光都落到了张青冥的身上,不知道张青冥是什么打算,这一次,武当派承包了这次大会的场地。 It seems like in many people, clearly was the plan stands this side Heavenly Paradise. 在许多人看起来,分明是打算站到了洞天福地这一边了。 To come the human federation to come to send a punitive expedition, is the natural matter. 想来人类联邦前来兴师问罪,也是理所当然的事情。 My this calculates that frightens? I represent the human federation now officially, asked that opens Daoist Priest one, your Wudang Faction this time is to stand on the side of Heavenly Paradise?” “我这算吓唬么?那我现在正式代表人类联邦,问张道长一句,你们武当派这一次,是不是要站在洞天福地一边?” clouds that Ling'er says. 灵儿开口说道。 The Zhang Qing deep opens the mouth said: This matter, I provide a location, making both sides be able the peace to discuss, regarding opposes with the human federation, that is impossible, our Wudang Faction, those who lived in ages with the royal government was not an enemy!” 张青冥开口说道:“此事,我只是提供一个场地,让双方能够和平商量,至于说和人类联邦作对,那是不可能的,我们武当派,历朝历代都不和朝廷为敌!” The people heard Zhang Qing ming saying that somewhat was immediately stunned, everyone has not thought, before swept away all obstacles in the Japanese district, the appearance that was ferocious, finally actually with the meaning of human federation resistance. 众人听到张青冥这么说,顿时有些愕然,所有人都没有想到,之前在日本大区之中所向披靡,那凶相毕露的样子,最后却没有要和人类联邦对抗的意思。 Zhang Qing ming to the matter that the Japanese district handles, it may be said that is causes a stir in the world, the leader in Japanese district more than once to the human federation complaint, but was pressed by the human federation. 张青冥对日本大区做的事情,可谓是轰动全球,日本大区的首领不止一次向人类联邦控诉,只是被人类联邦压下来了而已。 In the Japanese district, Zhang Qing has even been able to achieve the effect that the young child stops cries deeply. 在日本大区,张青冥甚至已经可以达到小儿止啼的效果。 However the people think, Wudang Faction for these years, as if is also this style, or these cultivation influences also many are so, particularly after Liu Bowen cuts the dragon vein, almost rarely has the influence able with the person in power to oppose. 不过众人想了想,武当派这么多年来,似乎也都是这个风格,或者说,那些修行势力也多是如此,尤其是在刘伯温斩龙脉之后,几乎很少有势力会和当权者作对。 Conversely, many cultivation influences will send the disciple to join the present age government, this is also the usual approaches of many influences. 相反的,许多修行势力都会派遣弟子加入当世的政府,这也是许多势力的一贯做法。 But Wudang Faction is also one of them. 武当派也是其中之一。 Zhang Qing ming looks that clouds in the Ling'er heart to sigh with emotion, such disciple, even in Heavenly Paradise, were still outstanding, but such existence, had several in the human federation. 张青冥看着云灵儿心中感慨,这样的弟子,即便是在洞天福地之中,也是出类拔萃,而这样的存在,在人类联邦却有数个之多。 This is the present human federation, with the lapse of time, the strength of human federation will be only getting stronger and stronger. 这还是现在的人类联邦,随着时间的推移,人类联邦的实力只会越来越强。 By that time, capital that Wudang Faction has not resisted, after understanding human federation strength, Zhang Qing ming makes the choice immediately. 到那个时候,武当派就更没有对抗的资本了,在了解到了人类联邦的实力之后,张青冥立刻就做出了选择。 Although in Heavenly Paradise also has a more powerful card in a hand. 虽然洞天福地之中还有更加强大的底牌。 The card in a hand that however that type of human federation was called the nuclear bomb was also very powerful, the method of various technical side, did not have the strength to hit back facing Heavenly Paradise. 但是人类联邦的那一种叫核弹的底牌也很强大,还有各种各样科技侧的手段,面对洞天福地也并非是毫无还手之力。 So long as strives some time, human federation powerful is almost visible, only if Heavenly Paradise can strangle the development of human federation. 只要争取到一段时间,人类联邦的强大几乎是肉眼可见的,除非洞天福地可以扼杀了人类联邦的发展。 However from the present, such success ratio was really small, the human federation situation has become, the rise was only the issue of time. 但是从现在来看,这样子的成功率实在是太小了,人类联邦大势已成,崛起只是时间的问题。 My Wudang Faction disciple is always totally dedicated to one's country, not for sect of calamity world!” “我武当派弟子历来精忠报国,并非是为祸天下的宗门!” The Zhang Qing deep opens the mouth said. 张青冥开口说道。 Hopes that clouds the Ling'er miss can bring this matter!” “希望云灵儿姑娘能够将这个事情带到!” clouds that Ling'er looks at Zhang Qing ming, nods, in the heart sighs with emotion, this matter made the master expecting, the master actually knows ahead of time Zhang Qing ming operative attitude, inherited differently with other Heavenly Paradise cultivation. 灵儿看着张青冥,点了点头,心中感慨,这个事情还是让师父给料到了,师父竟然提前就知道了张青冥的合作态度,和其他的洞天福地修行传承不同。 All with like that in Heavenly Paradise that the master expects is not the monolithic bloc, still some influences do not want with the current political power eruption conflict. 一切都和师父所料的那般,洞天福地之中也并不是铁板一块,依然有些势力并不想和当今的政权爆发冲突。 Heard that you are the Lu Xuan apprentice? Since came, that do not walk, when your master came, takes you to walk again!” “听说你是陆轩的徒弟?既然来了,那就别走了,等你师父来了,再来接你走!” Unexpectedly, in the meantime, an indifferent sound conveys from the back side of the mountain. 蓦地,就在此时,一声冷漠的声音从后山之中传来。 In an instant, the people only felt that at present a flower, from the direction of back side of the mountain, a majestic form walks slowly, the body incomparable vigorousness, seems like a scary oppression strength. 刹那间,众人只感觉眼前一花,从后山的方向,一个雄壮的身影缓缓走了过来,身躯无比的雄健,看起来有一种骇人的压迫力。 Presents all experts, only thought that the whole body is shivering, skeleton in shivering slowly. 在场所有的各方高手,都只觉得浑身在颤抖,骨骼在缓缓的颤抖。 Many people saw that together form time, had arrived at the front of people. 许多人看到了那一道身影的时候,已经来到了众人的面前。 Very powerful, very powerful! 很强大,非常的强大! In many hearts with amazement, before this person is not, any that in Heavenly Paradise this arriving ten big expert knows. 许多人心中骇然,这个人不是之前所知道的洞天福地这一次降临的十大高手之中的任何一个。 However is also normal, everyone was also clear, Heavenly Paradise will not only arrive at ten big experts absolutely, will also have many other experts to arrive. 不过也正常,所有人也都清楚,洞天福地绝对不会只降临了十大高手,还会有其他诸多的高手降临。 But clouds that Ling'er also opens the mouth to ask: Who you are, in report, my subordinate not dying obscure individual!” 而云灵儿也只是开口问道:“你又是何人,报上名来,我的手下不死无名之辈!” Titan fist gate Sect Master, Yang dragon!” This stature vigorous middle-aged man says slowly. “大力神拳门门主,杨龙!”这个身材雄健的中年男子缓缓开口说道。 The people can see, his double fist seems the earthenware cooking pot is so big, is tall, is more than two meters. 众人可以看到,他的双拳好似砂锅那么大,身材高大,足足有两米多。 No matter what who can look, his mortal body has tyrannicalally how. 任谁都看得出来,他的肉身有多么的强横。 In his nostrils is emitting the white smog, oneself will wrap during fog wind around. 他的鼻孔之间都在喷吐着白色的烟雾,将自身包裹在一片云雾缭绕之中。 Depends on you?” clouds that Ling'er sneers, looks at Yang dragon. I heard this time arriving has ten big experts, besides Daoist Priest here, should have other nine, how not to see the person's shadow, unexpectedly wants you to come out to keep up appearances!” “就凭你?”云灵儿只是冷笑一声,看着杨龙。“我听说这一次降临的有十大高手,除了在这里的张道长之外,应该还有其他九个,怎么都不见人影,居然要你出来撑场面!” The Yang dragon nostril unceasing opening, a complexion fierceness, what status he is, when has looked down upon. 杨龙的鼻孔不断的张大,脸色一片狰狞,他是何等样的身份,什么时候给人这么看不起过。 Unexpectedly shuts out him is not that ten becomes famous for a long time expert. 居然嫌弃他不是那十个成名已久的高手。 clouds Ling'er light saying: Depends on you also to catch me to threaten my master? You my closed/pass unable to cross, let alone was my master!” 灵儿淡淡的说道:“就凭你也想抓我来威胁我的师父?你连我这一关都过不了,何况是我师父!” Although my master must kill you only to need a finger, but by the strength of my master, kills you is really killing a chicken with an ox cleaver, cut you, I enough!” “虽然我师要杀你只需要一根手指,不过以我师的实力,来杀你实在是杀鸡用牛刀,斩你,我就够了!” clouds that Ling'er says slowly, has not paid attention to Yang dragon from the start. 灵儿缓缓开口说道,压根也没将杨龙放在眼里。 Although this Yang dragon cultivation base is powerful, perhaps is the Divine Storehouse Realm eight heavy peaks, from the Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy also only bad one pace. 尽管这个杨龙的修为非常强大,恐怕已经是神藏境八重巅峰,距离神藏境九重也只差一步之遥。 Said that is one of the Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy under most powerhouses, an issue does not have. 说是神藏境九重之下的最强者之一,一点问题都没有。 However in clouds the eye of Ling'er, that at all is not anything. 但是在云灵儿的眼中,那根本不算什么。 But Yang dragon period instead smiles extremely, says: Good, good, good, is good, I also wants to seize you, making Lu Xuan be cautious about harming evildoers lest the innocent be hurt, since you want dead, I helped you be good!” 而杨龙气极反笑,开口说道:“好,好,好,好得很,本来我还想擒下你,让陆轩投鼠忌器,不过既然你想死的话,那我就成全你好了!” In a twinkling, Yang dragon True Yuan erupts instantaneously, is ordinary like a round of disc, in an instant, exploded to split seven color rays directly. 说时迟那时快,杨龙身上的真元瞬间爆发,如同一轮圆盘一般,刹那间,直接爆绽出了七彩的光芒。 spirit qi of the world also flooded into Yang dragon within the body at an astonishing speed. 天地的灵气也以一个惊人的速度涌入进了杨龙的体内。
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