TEIBF :: Volume #11

#1042: A Lu Xuan war becomes famous

Entire Zhao Family the erosion over 1/3, many people Bedevilment had not known. 整个赵家已经糜烂了超过三分之一,许多人都已经入魔而不自知。 Everyone 's first response was Zhao Family ended, now has Immortal King to assume personal command personally, Zhao Family did not even have this possibility the resistance. 所有人的第一反应就是赵家完了,现在有仙王亲自坐镇,赵家甚至连反抗都没有这种可能性。 However what no one has thought that facing this aspect, in Zhao Family strongest Great Principle Golden Immortal Old Ancestor personally acts unexpectedly, coordinates Heavenly Court, will be corroded Bedevilment clansman entirely catch everything in one net. 然而谁也没想到的是,面对这种局面,赵家之中最强的大罗金仙老祖竟然亲自出面,配合天庭,将其中被腐蚀入魔的族人统统一网打尽 Enough 1/3 clansmen were grasped are killed, the entire Zhao Family vitality damages severely! 足足三分之一的族人被抓被杀,整个赵家元气大伤! However finally also escapes, had not wiped out by Heavenly Court even/including root directly! 但是最终也逃过一劫,没有被天庭直接连根拔除! After all who knows, Zhao Family assumes the prison state many years, in the clan has some people infected by the demon air/Qi unavoidably, but makes everyone not think, unexpectedly had such many Bedevilment and was eroded. 毕竟谁都知道,赵家坐镇狱州多年,族中难免有一些人被魔气感染,只是让所有人都没有想到的是,居然有如此之多的人入魔和遭到了腐蚀。 In addition, Zhao Family also put out very many benefits to give the universe pavilions and other group of deities. 除此之外,赵家还拿出了非常多的利益让给太虚阁和其他各路神仙。 Only this time, Zhao Family damages severely on the vitality, within the minimum ten thousand years were impossible to recover, even if it also several Great Principle Golden Immortal assumed personal command , still could not prevent it toward the fact that the third-class influence slid. 只这一次,赵家就元气大伤,起码万年之内是不可能恢复元气了,哪怕其还有几尊大罗金仙坐镇,也依然阻挡不住其朝着三流势力滑去的事实。 If were not Zhao Family that several Great Principle Golden Immortal blew all strongly, perhaps entire Zhao Family must be eradicated. 如果不是赵家的那几尊大罗金仙强势镇住了一切,恐怕整个赵家就要被连根拔起。 All parties ate the Zhao Family flesh, this satisfies departs. 各方分食了赵家的血肉,这才满意离去。 But at this time, all talents will re-focus on arriving at the body of Lu Xuan truly, these a big event that shook the entire Heaven, terminates in several days, the turbulence and influence that but brings just started at this time. 而此时,所有人才真正将注意力转回到了陆轩的身上,这一场震荡了整个天界的大事件,在几天之内完结,但是所带来的动荡和影响此时才刚刚开始而已。 But this matter is also called the murder case that a diary triggers. 而这个事情也被人戏称为一本日记引发的血案。 Everyone has not thought, merely is only a diary, unexpectedly makes Zhao Family lose such big, has to cut the slough personally, breaks the arm to escape. 所有人都没有想到,仅仅只是一本日记而已,居然就让赵家损失如此之大,不得不亲自斩掉腐肉,断臂逃生。 But creates all these, is only cultivation has not filled hundred years of little fellow unexpectedly. 而造成这一切的,竟然只是一个修行还没满百年的小家伙。 Yes, in many eye of Great Principle Golden Immortal and Immortal King, but also less than hundred -year-old Lu Xuan, really also can only be a little fellow. 是的,在很多大罗金仙仙王的眼中,还不到百岁的陆轩,真的也只能算是一个小家伙而已。 Many people exclaimed in surprise that can cut to kill Great Principle Golden Immortal in Lu Xuan unexpectedly, with the lapse of time, the increasing number of people through all kinds of methods, return to original state the beginning to end that fought at that time. 许多人更是惊叹于陆轩居然能够斩杀一尊大罗金仙,随着时间的推移,越来越多的人通过各种各样的方法,还原了当时那一战的始末。 Many people with amazement, even if Lu Xuan hit Zhao Jing one to be caught off guard, made Zhao Jing drop directly from the Great Principle Golden Immortal strength, however the later fight, simply was also the textbook rank. 许多人都骇然了,哪怕陆轩打了赵靖一个措手不及,直接让赵靖从大罗金仙的战力跌落下来,但是之后的战斗,简直也是教科书级别的。 This operation is not only makes many Great Principle Golden Immortal panic-stricken, many Golden Immortal also indicated, oneself were almost scared to death. 这种操作不仅仅是让很多大罗金仙为之惊骇,就连许多金仙也表示,自己差点被吓死了。 The Golden Immortal limit instead kills Great Principle Golden Immortal, this type operates them to never have such thoughts, even if were this Great Principle Golden Immortal first caused heavy losses, to them, this was also at all not the matter that was possible to achieve. 金仙极限反杀大罗金仙,这种操作他们想都不敢想,哪怕是这个大罗金仙先被重创了,对于他们来说,这也是根本不可能做到的事情。 A Lu Xuan war becomes famous! 陆轩一战成名! Instead kills Great Principle Golden Immortal by Golden Immortal, this also makes his reputation direct move the world, not only by far Heavenly Court discussed the talent of grand ceremony so to be simple. 金仙反杀大罗金仙,这也让他的名声直接名动天下,远远不只是一个天庭论才大典的天才这么简单。 Makes Zhao Family such colossus cause heavy losses on by one's effort, the vitality damages severely, within the minimum ten thousand years do not have the means to restore the peak. 就以一己之力让赵家这样的庞然大物被重创,元气大伤,起码万年之内都没有办法恢复到巅峰。 The name of Lu Xuan, starts to be remembered by the increasing number of people! 陆轩之名,开始被越来越多的人记住! But during Heaven like this is blustery, crossed for ten days. 而天界就在这样的风起云涌之中,渡过了十天。 Heavenly Court discussed the grand ceremony, on the day of the finals, finally arrival. 天庭论才大典,决赛这一天,终于到来。 The people who all can arrive at the scene have carved up all seats, remaining, although cannot arrive at the scene directly, actually also through all sorts of Divine Ability and Spell, is watching this war. 所有能够抵达现场的人都已经瓜分了所有的座位,剩下的虽然不能直接抵达现场,却也通过种种神通法术,观看着这一战。 Heavenly Court discussed grand ceremony finally finals. 天庭论才大典最后决赛现场。 Wears deep blue color long gown together, roughly 20 -year-old high and low youth is joining hands behind the back to stand. 一道身穿湛蓝色长袍,约莫着二十岁上下的青年背手而立。 His facial features are handsome, the eyebrow flies into the temple, seeming like the heroic spirit is full, the stature is great, just like existence that is unable to explain. 他的五官俊朗,眉飞入鬓,看起来英气十足,身材伟岸,宛如一尊无法言喻的存在。 Meanwhile he is also the entire conference site, is as for the present entire Heaven the target of paying attention, Nangong aristocratic family unsurpassed Old Ancestor, Nangong is boundless. 同时他也是整个会场,乃至于现在整个天界都在关注的目标,南宫世家无上老祖,南宫无垠。 Although is only Golden Immortal, but has a bearing, can be on par Immortal King!” “虽然只是金仙,但是却自有一番气度,可以比肩仙王啊!” That has what strange , he is Immortal King is reincarnated, has such bearing is not the natural matter?” “那有何奇怪的,要知道,他可是仙王转世,有这样的气度不是理所当然的事情么?” „, This war, seriously is the war of unprecedented monster, that Lu Xuan limit instead kills Great Principle Golden Immortal, making the Zhao Family vitality damage severely, this Nangong can share the honor with Lu Xuan boundlessly, only feared that is not the good stubble!” “啧啧,这一战,当真是前所未有的怪物之战,那陆轩极限反杀大罗金仙,让赵家元气大伤,这南宫无垠可以和陆轩齐名,只怕也不是什么善茬!” Many people were discussing, Lu Xuan has shown the astonishing strength, what pleasant surprise is the don’t know Nangong can also bring to everyone boundlessly. 许多人在议论,陆轩已经展现出了自己惊人的实力,就是不知道南宫无垠还能给所有人带来什么样的惊喜。 I look at his appearance, seemed not worried the threat that Lu Xuan brings, a confident appearance, only feared also has own card in a hand!” “我看他的样子,似乎并不担心陆轩带来的威胁,一副胸有成竹的模样,只怕也是有着自己的底牌!” Today can feast one's eyes on!” “今日可以一饱眼福了!” „Since perhaps this has been ten thousand years war of the strongest talent!” “恐怕这是万年以来最强的天才之战吧!” Facing the innumerable vision, Nangong is boundless, does not seem to seen, the sensation to all these, he has not been adjusting own internal energy, maintaining is in peak condition. 面对无数的目光,南宫无垠面无表情,仿佛不曾看到,不曾感知到这一切,他在调整自己的气机,维持在巅峰状态。 This war, he must win the championship inevitably. 这一战,他势必要夺冠。 Unexpectedly, an enormous and powerful pressure scatters in all directions in the entire conference site, the people look, during is boundlessly void, the form is together partly visible, sits well above a throne. 蓦地,一股浩荡威压在整个会场四散开来,众人纷纷看去,在无垠虚空之中,一道身影若隐若现,端坐在一张王座之上。 Was the Emperor comes!” “是帝君来了!” Many people opened oneself discernment, actually does not see clearly that together form, as if had the innumerable say/way invisible barriers to prevent their spying on. 许多人纷纷睁开了自己的法眼,却都还是看不清楚那一道身影,仿佛有无数道无形的屏障阻挡了他们的窥探。 Sitting well, incomparable power and influence, is letting the person with amazement. 只是端坐着,就有一种无比的威势,让人骇然。 This throne dominates above everyone, even Immortal King also in its, meaning that rules the world, but actually no one dares to propose that the tiny bit objection, Immortal King is no exception. 这一张王座凌驾于所有人之上,甚至连仙王也在其下,有一种君临天下的意味,但是却没有人敢提出一丝一毫的异议,就连仙王也不例外。 Which Emperor is?” Some people twittering, no one know in a low voice until now is actually which Emperor must arrive, Heavenly Court aspect regarding this unexpectedly unprecedented security. “是哪一尊帝君?”有人低声呢喃,到现在为止都没有人知道究竟是哪一尊帝君要降临,天庭方面对此竟然前所未有的保密。 Keep them from guessing, actually this coming person is who? 让他们无从猜测,这一次前来的人究竟是谁? Without a doubt, this together form is a Emperor, even if only one clone, makes them feel the tremendous pressure sufficiently. 只是毫无疑问,这一道身影是一个帝君,哪怕只是一个分身,也足以让他们感受到巨大的压力。 However a moment later, the Emperor as if had realized own competition, restrained own imposing manner, making the people unable to feel that boundless imposing manner again. 不过只是片刻之后,那帝君仿佛就已经意识到了自己的喧宾夺主,收敛了自身的气势,让众人再也感觉不到那一股磅礴的气势。 However as we all know, this truly is a Emperor, real Emperor. 但是所有人都知道,这确实是一个帝君,货真价实的帝君。 Even if restrains the complete aura now, makes people unable to neglect! 哪怕现在收敛起了全部的气息,也让人无法忽视! The trend of attention Emperor many people meet the instinct, but the tone of speech restrained, they are well aware, own words, cannot hide the truth from the Emperor. 许多人还是会本能的关注帝君的动态,只是说话的语气收敛了很多,他们心知肚明,自己的话,根本瞒不过帝君。 However a moment later, the scene boiled again, until now, Lu Xuan has not appeared unexpectedly, appears the Emperor must be later. 不过片刻之后,现场就再度沸腾了起来,到现在为止,陆轩竟然都未曾出现,比帝君出现的还要更晚。 „The courage of this Lu Xuan was also too big, unexpectedly appeared later than the Emperor, he thinks that oneself also did want honored compared with the Emperor inadequate?” “这陆轩的胆子也太大了吧,竟然出现的比帝君还要晚,难道他以为自己比帝君还要尊贵不成?” Even if the Emperor does not care, he still made many people keep thinking sufficiently on!” “即便帝君不在意,他也足以让许多人惦记上了!”
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