TPIOSBHTC :: Volume #13

#1228: The thoughts of chaos Great Emperor do not guess

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Rumble...... 轰隆隆…… Rumble...... 轰隆隆…… Rumble...... 轰隆隆…… The dark green deity with Kui to the bang, hit pitch-dark, the livelihood does not have up. 苍天神与蛮奎对轰,打的昏天黑地,日月无光。 The two made really hot, starts not to start a weight. 二者都打出了真火,下手开始没有个轻重。 As can be seen. 可以看到。 In the so intense showdown, the dark green deity appears accomplishes a task with ease. 在如此激烈的对决之中,苍天神显得游刃有余。 Except that just started, because underestimates distressedly to Kui's strength outside, the follow-up fight, all controls in the field firmly the situation. 除了刚开始因为对蛮奎的实力估计不足有所狼狈外,后续战斗,皆牢牢把控场中局势。 Relative, Kui from starting opens greatly gathers greatly, until now still opened greatly gathers greatly, but various flaws are white, was caught by the dark green deity is one beats savagely. 相对的,蛮奎从开始的大开大合,到如今的仍旧大开大合,但各种破绽白出,被苍天神抓到便是一顿暴打。 Is good is thick because of Kui this goods skin coarse meat, the whole body mark surges, changes into the tyrannical defense. 好在蛮奎这货皮糙肉厚,周身蛮纹涌动,化为强横防御。 How whatever the dark green deity attacks to kill, is hard broken to guard, the defensive power may be called pervert. 任由苍天神如何攻杀,就是难以破防,防御力堪称变态 So hits, feared that is not means!” “这般打下去,怕也不是一个办法啊!” Heaven looks to the chaos Great Emperor, how has the inquiry then to handle affairs. 苍天子看向混沌大帝,多有询问接下来该如何行事。 Kui fights the dark green deity seems very actually intense, but this actual result is seriously barely satisfactory. 蛮奎大战苍天神看上去倒是很激烈,但这实际效果当真差强人意。 only merely hits intense, does not have any substantive effect. 仅仅只是打的激烈而已,没有任何实质性的效果。 The fight of pointless, obviously is the unreasonable fight. 没有意义的战斗,显然就是不合理的战斗。 The chaos Great Emperor facing the heaven child inquiry, does not have any expressed. 混沌大帝面对苍天子询问,没有任何表示。 He stands in peacefully same place, is looking at the fight of distant place, does not have any spoken language. 他安静的站在原地,望着远处的战斗,没有任何言语。 Heaven is helpless. 苍天子无奈。 The thoughts of chaos Great Emperor he is not fully correct, can only look that to most understands Great Emperor thoughts willow Huanyue. 混沌大帝的心思他猜不透,只能看向最懂大帝心思的柳浣月。 Heaven, peaceful looks well, Great Emperor own discretion.” “苍天子,安静的看着就好,大帝自有分寸。” In willow Huanyue the eyes full is the affections, looks to the chaos Great Emperor, said. 柳浣月眼中满是爱意,望向混沌大帝,如此说道。 She indeed understands the chaos Great Emperor compared with others, but is also limited. 她的确比别人更加了解混沌大帝,但也有限。 The thoughts of chaos Great Emperor do not guess, guesses you not to guess clearly. 混沌大帝的心思你别猜,猜来猜去你也猜不明白。 Waits for would rather peacefully, the man who because can let her eyeful admire, all performs inevitably during its control. 倒不如安静等待,因为能让她满眼爱慕的男人,必然一切尽在其掌控之中。 Rumble...... 轰隆隆…… Rumble...... 轰隆隆…… Rumble...... 轰隆隆…… Ha haha...... happy, is really the happy, dark green deity, you in the ruthless role of this time achievement legend, can make so happy worthily, you who I hit are second.” “哈哈哈……痛快,真是痛快,苍天神,你不愧是在这个时代成就传说的狠角色,能让我打的如此痛快,你是第二个。” After Kui , the half range was almost beaten savagely. 蛮奎后半程几乎被暴打。 But this goods did not feel shamed, instead exciting straight stamping one's foot. 但这货并不感觉是被羞辱,反而兴奋的直跳脚。 The uncivilized nationalities are existences of fiercer the more one fights. 蛮族都是越战越勇的存在。 And in Kui's ideology, simply has not been defeated this matter, because he always believes, oneself will return sooner or later. 且在蛮奎的意识形态中,根本没有失败这种事,因为他始终相信,自己早晚会打回来。 At this moment to fighting the dark green deity, making his whole person burn. 此刻对战苍天神,让他整个人都燃了起来。 Kui, calls a halt, I do not want with your showdown!” “蛮奎,停手吧,我并不想与你对决!” The dark green deity expressed reluctantly regarding Kui this pestering endlessly fight style. 苍天神对于蛮奎这种胡搅蛮缠的战斗风格表示无奈。 No!” “别啊!” Kui in the hand the spiked club, this piece of heaven and earth trembles in a flash. 蛮奎一晃手中狼牙棒,这片天地都是一颤。 „Our showdown just started, how you on the dispirited, came, is fighting 300 rounds with me.” “咱这对决才刚刚开始,你怎么就萎靡了,来来来,与我在大战三百回合。” Is saying, is goes forward one step, wanting to continue the crazy war. 蛮奎说着,便是上前一步,欲要继续疯狂大战。 Kui!” “蛮奎!” Suddenly! 忽然! The voice of back chaos Great Emperor conveys. 背后混沌大帝的声音传来。 Hears the voice of chaos Great Emperor, Kui full is on the face of full beard, immediately a baby unhappy appearance. 听闻混沌大帝的声音,蛮奎满是大胡子的脸上,当即一副宝宝不开心的样子。 Boss, my just came the interest in get on the brakes, is to unhealthy!” 老大,我这刚来兴致就刹车,可是对身体不好的!” Kui's appearance that is the suitable grievance. 蛮奎的模样那是相当的委屈。 He is inborn, likes fighting, meets dark green deity type to make him with great difficulty make the happy opponent, he really does not hate to stop. 他天生好战,喜欢战斗,好不容易遇到苍天神这种能够让他打痛快的对手,他是真的舍不得停下来。 Outside has a better opponent, goes.” “外面有更好的对手,去吧。” The chaos Great Emperor said a word, that just also put in great inconvenience to Para barbarian Kui, immediately knife edge. 混沌大帝言语一处,那刚刚还委屈巴拉的蛮奎,当即支棱了起来。 Good Boss!” “好嘞老大!” Kui words, grasp the inherited spiked club without delay, kills to the people outside this back side of the mountain restricted area. 蛮奎二话不说话,手持祖传狼牙棒,杀向这后山禁地外的众人。 You two also go!” “你们两个也去!” The chaos Great Emperor continues to open the mouth. 混沌大帝继续开口。 Heaven and in willow Huanyue the heart move. 苍天子与柳浣月心中一动。 Really. 果然。 The thoughts of Great Emperor do not guess, guesses does not guess clearly. 大帝的心思你别猜,猜来猜去也猜不明白。 Now outside at this moment, the Great Emperor makes them go to fight unexpectedly, this...... 如今此刻,大帝竟然让他们去外面战斗,这…… Although the two do not understand why the Great Emperor has such order. 二者虽不明白大帝为何有如此命令。 But since they follow the Great Emperor, will then obey his director. 但他们既然跟随大帝,便是会听其指挥。 After the two follow closely Kui, leaves the back side of the mountain restricted area, appears in the surrounding. 二者紧随蛮奎之后,离开后山禁地,出现在外围。 Kui and willow Huanyue the emergence, making the people surprised. 蛮奎与柳浣月的出现,让众人惊讶。 Two's given name is quite resounding, in present cultivation world, it can be said that likes thunder reverberating in one's ears. 二者的名号极为响亮,在如今的修仙界,可以说是如雷贯耳。 However. 但是。 The instance when heaven presents, in the field the atmosphere had the huge change immediately. 当苍天子出现的瞬间,顿时场中气氛发生了巨大的变化。 Dreadful killing intent surges, just like the tsunami, rushes to heaven. 滔天杀意涌动,宛如海啸般,涌向苍天子。 Heaven, you have a face the heaven pavilion!” “苍天子,你还有脸回苍天阁!” Dark green valuable day first having a fit of bad temper, the whole person just like a wicked dog, wanting to tear into shreds heaven. 苍宝天第一个炸毛,整个人宛若一条恶犬,欲要将苍天子撕碎。 Laughable, laughable, is really laughable.” “可笑,可笑,真是可笑。” Heaven is calm and calm. 苍天子从容而淡定。 I am the dark green Son of Heaven's son, this heaven pavilion itself/Ben is my family, I go home, how also to concern the face the issue.” “我乃苍天王之子,这苍天阁本就是我家,我回家而已,怎么还关乎到脸面的问题。” Said a word, making the dark green valuable day speechless, does not know how unexpectedly should reply. 如此言语,让苍宝天哑然,竟不知该如何回答。 On the other hand, you are the bystanders.” “话又说回来,你们才是外人吧。” The heaven index light has swept the dark green valuable day and Jiang people. 苍天子目光扫过苍宝天与姜家众人。 I do not go home for a long time, how my heaven pavilion changed surnamed Jiang!” “我许久不回家,我苍天阁怎么就改姓姜了啊!” Said a word, has all referred. 如此言语,皆有所指。 Good heaven, I to know that your non- ordinary person, looks now, if so.” “好一个苍天子,我就知道你非等闲之辈,如今看,果真如此。” Jiang Tongwang heaven, in the heart has the vigilance. 姜通望着苍天子,心中颇有警惕。 This heaven definitely has the big plot. 这个苍天子绝对有大阴谋。 The betrayal heaven pavilion, absolutely not only because of decayed of present heaven pavilion, has the reason that the bystander does not know inevitably. 其背叛苍天阁,绝对不仅仅是因为如今苍天阁的腐朽,其中必然有外人所不知道的原因。 Even. 甚至。 This reason only then heaven child oneself knows, even the dark green deity does not know. 这个原因只有苍天子自己知道,就算是苍天神也不会知道。 Yo...... said aiyu your Jiang Jia pang, you also really breathed!” “哎呦呦……说你们姜家胖,你们还真喘上了啊!” Heaven is not the good stubble. 苍天子可不是什么善茬。 Verbal battle group of Confucians, the resentment heaven pavilions and Jiang people are hard to deal, quite blasting open. 舌战群儒,怼的苍天阁与姜家众人难以应对,相当炸裂。 With his spending many argument, do not suppress him, seeks his main body, grasps the heaven pavilion to give dark green deity pavilion main handling him.” “不要与他多费口舌,将他镇压,寻到他本体,将其抓回苍天阁交给苍天神阁主处置。” The vault of heaven caught the key of issue to be. 苍穹抓到了问题的关键所在。 Immediately. 顿时。 In heaven pavilion, dark green valuable day, vault of heaven, dark green Huan, gray, four king level expert acts strongly, kills to heaven, the potential must its suppression at the scene. 苍天阁之中,苍宝天,苍穹,苍桓,苍苍,四位王级强者强势出手,杀向苍天子,势要将其镇压当场。 This is heaven pavilion own matter, idea that the Jiang people have not wanted to participate in obviously. 这是苍天阁自家的事,姜家众人显然没有想要参与的想法。 However. 不过。 Kui is looking at the Jiang people, licked the lip. 蛮奎望着姜家众人,舔了舔嘴唇。 Wash moon/month younger sister, do not meddle, they are my.” “浣月妹子,你不要插手,他们都是我的。” willow Huanyue hears this words, is glad idly, she does not like beginning in any case. 柳浣月听闻此话,乐得清闲,反正她也不喜欢动手。 cough cough......” Kui clears throat, waste of Jiang, you on together, otherwise your Grandpa Kui I hits does not satisfy a craving.” ……”蛮奎清了清嗓子,“姜家的废物们,你们一起上,不然你蛮奎爷爷我打的不过瘾。” Kui grasps the inherited spiked club, is sending out the dreadful ominous air/Qi. 蛮奎手持祖传狼牙棒,散发着滔天凶气。 That bronze bell pupil, the sending out making a debut say/way kills off. 那铜铃般的眸子,散发出道道杀光。 Merely only to holding, in the Jiang people, then has the yellowbelly to reveal to fear intent. 仅仅只是对持而已,姜家众人之中,便是有胆小者露出惧意。 Also does not blame them, because only Kui is extremely savage and overbearing. 也不怪他们,只因为蛮奎太过凶残与霸道。 Uncivilized nationalities this once with the race that the dragon clan fought, at this moment, showed its terrifying background. 蛮族这曾与龙族争锋的种族,在此刻,彰显出其恐怖的底蕴。 Kui, you little bluffs and blusters here, the uncivilized nationalities are not once uncivilized nationalities, you......” “蛮奎,你少在这里耀武扬威,蛮族已不是曾经的蛮族,你……” Jiang Douhua has not spoken, Kui is changes into the ominous wind to enter in the Jiang people together. 姜斗话还没有说话,蛮奎便是化为一道凶风杀入姜家众人之中。 Jiang is not the good stubble. 姜家也不是善茬。 Kills facing Kui, immediately unfolds Divine Ability respectively, launches the war with Kui. 面对蛮奎杀来,当即各展神通,与蛮奎展开大战。这个主角明明很强却异常谨慎最新章节地址: : 这个主角明明很强却异常谨慎全文阅读地址: 这个主角明明很强却异常谨慎txt下载地址: 这个主角明明很强却异常谨慎手机阅读: ( the thoughts of Chapter 1228 chaos Great Emperor do not guess) 为了方便下次阅读,你可以点击下方的"收藏"记录本次(第1228章混沌大帝的心思你别猜)阅读记录,下次打开书架即可看到! please( QQ, blog, WeChat and other ways) recommend this book to your friend, support thank you!!( 喜欢《这个主角明明很强却异常谨慎》请向你的朋友(QQ、博客、微信等方式)推荐本书,谢谢您的支持!!(
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