TPW :: Volume #10

#951: The heart of puppet

The Shi Mu vision dodges, falls on the red sphere in hand, has sized up carefully. 石牧目光一闪,落在手中的赤色圆球上,细细打量了一番。 This sphere on the fist size, does not know that is any material quality, the superficial cloth has red spirit marks, if there is a life to flash, flashes on and off erratically. 这圆球也就拳头大小,不知是什么材质,表面布有一圈圈赤色灵纹,如有生命般闪动,明灭不定。 He just paid attention, discovered that this ball side leaves that red armor rice puppet the chest, then is condensing the puppet of body from the rock magma, immediately stopped the movement. 他刚刚留意了一下,发现此球方一离开那赤甲傀儡的胸口,那正在从岩浆中重新凝聚身体的傀儡,顿时停止了动作。 Rock magma that these originally surged, leaves the puppet body along with the sphere, but stagnated, coagulated a first half person, second half actually extremely not natural law rock. 那些原本正在涌动的岩浆,也随着圆球离开傀儡身体,而停滞了下来,凝固成了一块上半人身,下半却极不规则的岩石。 Shi Mu has not gone to look at already to change into rock the red armor rice puppet, but is the hand is holding that red sphere, emits Divine Sense to search into. 石牧没有去看已经化为岩石的赤甲傀儡,而是手捧着那颗赤色圆球,放出神识探入其中。 He can the clear feeling, in this red sphere, contain some special energy, is lending very formidable Fire Attribute principle aura. 他能够清晰的感受到,这赤色圆球之中,蕴含着某种特殊能量,散发着十分强大的火属性法则气息。 Reason that red armor rice puppet can have God Realm cultivation base, is mostly related with this. 那赤甲傀儡之所以能够拥有神境修为,多半与此有关。 Shi Mu Fellow Daoist , what in your hand is taking is the heart of puppet.” At this moment, the voice of water witch, resounds in the heart of Shi Mu suddenly, sounds somewhat excitedly upside-down. 石牧道友,你手中拿着的乃是傀儡之心。”就在这时,水灵子的声音,突然在石牧的心中响起,听起来倒有几分激动。 Usually in has not seen you to be so initiative, I had not asked that unexpectedly mentioned these with me on own initiative. Said, does this thing have what using?” Shi Mu returns to say. “平日里可没见你这么主动,我都没问,居然主动跟我说起这些。说说吧,这东西有何用?”石牧回道。 Hehe, this thing was the thing of our antiquity time, I saw somewhat was being unavoidably sigh with emotion and excited. Must say that the heart of this puppet has what using, that naturally entrusts with the puppet life, let its be able the motion to be free...... You did not excel at Dao of Puppet, these you do not need to understand.” Water witch Hehe smiles, said. 嘿嘿,这东西乃是我们上古时期的物件,我见着了不免有些感慨和激动。要说这傀儡之心有何用,那自然是赋予傀儡生命,让其能够行动自如了……你不擅傀儡之道,这些你就不用了解了。”水灵子嘿嘿一笑,说道。 Since I cannot use, you did tell me these to do?” The Shi Mu brow tip selects, asks. “既然我用不上,你告诉我这些干什么?”石牧眉梢微挑,问道。 Told you to be naturally useful. Should you already discover? In your hand heart of the puppet, the implication has the Fire Attribute principle, you can try to perceive through meditation, comprehends the strength of principle regarding you, may have not the small benefit.” A water witch thread of conversation revolution, said. “告诉你自然是有用了。你应该已经发现了吧?你手中的这个傀儡之心之中,蕴含有火属性法则,你可以试着参悟一下,对于你领悟法则之力,可有不小的裨益。”水灵子话锋一转,说道。 Shi Mu hears this word, at heart actually one happy, received that red sphere, in the heart the plan and other matters, found a time to perceive through meditation well. 石牧听闻此言,心里倒是一喜,将那赤色圆球收了起来,心中打算等此件事了,找个时间好好参悟一番。 He turns the head to look toward side. 他转头朝着旁边看去。 Feng Li is still fighting with that black puppet, but currently speaking, already got the winning side completely, so long as spends some time again, then can tidy up. 冯离还在和那个黑色傀儡交手,不过从目前来看,已经完全占据了上风,只要再花些时间,便能收拾掉。 Another side, [gold/metal] Yuan clan people facing that golden puppet, are actually hit is then difficult. 另一边,金猿一族众人面对那个金色傀儡,却是打的便非常艰难。 The opposite party after is a God Realm puppet, but they are only one crowd of Sacred Realm, even if Sacred Realm peak Patriarch floats the lump, has not the small disparity from God Realm. 对方毕竟是一具神境傀儡,而他们只是一群圣阶而已,即便是圣阶巅峰的族长浮坨,距离神境还是有不小的差距。 The golden puppet personal appearance is nimble and resourceful, the whole person changes into a series of golden afterimage, in the mouth spouts big piece swift and fierce incomparable golden light, unifies handle handle [gold/metal] blade, [gold/metal] sword, hits like rain to the [gold/metal] ape clan people. 金色傀儡身形灵动,整个人化为一连串金色残影,口中喷出大片凌厉无比的金光,凝聚成一柄柄金刀,金剑,如雨般打向金猿族众人。 Although this sword rain attack the power and influence is very big, but is quite stereotypical. 这剑雨攻击虽然威势很大,不过却比较呆板。 This no wonder, after all does not have the puppet attack of spirit wisdom. 这也难怪,毕竟是没有灵智的傀儡攻击。 Attack that even if so, God Realm has is fierce, although [gold/metal] Yuan clan people resist strongly, but in an instant several injured, one of them through died by the [gold/metal] sword. 即便如此,神境存在的攻击何等厉害,金猿一族众人虽然竭力抵御,但转眼间还是有数人受伤,其中一人更是被金剑穿心陨落。 Floats the lump to grasp a giant [gold/metal] round weapon, the edge is thick sharp golden gears, the high and low fluttering, anxious quick revolving, exudes the sharp sound from out of the blue. 浮坨手持一个巨大金轮兵器,边缘是一根根粗大锋利的金色齿轮,上下翻飞,急快旋转,发出锐利的破空声。 The [gold/metal] round center actually strange monkey face design, the crack mouth smiles, is strange, making the person look like fearful. 金轮中央却有一个诡异的猴脸图案,裂嘴而笑,非常诡异,让人看来不禁一阵心寒。 This moment [gold/metal] round weapon rays of light puts greatly, condenses a giant [gold/metal] to turn shadow, fast the rotary cutting, will fall on the above [gold/metal] blade [gold/metal] sword twists all broken. 此刻金轮兵器光芒大放,凝聚成一个巨大金轮虚影,飞快旋转切割,将落在上面的金刀金剑尽数绞碎。 If not it resisted the attack of most golden sword rain by strength of the, other people are unable to support hence. 若非其以一己之力抵挡住了大半金色剑雨的攻击,其余人根本无法支撑至此。 Floats lump of this moment complexion to be dignified, pants for breath slightly, obviously the stimulation of movement [gold/metal] wheel resists the sword rain attack also to be for him strenuous. 浮坨此刻脸色凝重,微微喘息,显然催动金轮抵挡剑雨攻击对他来说也非常吃力。 Golden puppet personal appearance in a flash falling in the one side, golden light spurts, the sword rain attack stops immediately. 金色傀儡身形一晃的落在一旁,一口金光喷完,剑雨攻击顿时一停。 Quick! Cloth ten Fang Tongyuan!” Floats the lump to see with own eyes this scenery great happiness, in the mouth sends out shouts out immediately. “快!布十方通源阵!”浮坨眼见此景顿时大喜,口中发出一声大喝 Person of just right ten people this moment other [gold/metal] Yuan clan, hear this words to move immediately, the form rocked, stands to float nearby the lump. 此刻其他金猿一族之人正好十个人,听闻此话立刻行动,身影晃动,站到了浮坨附近。 Big piece golden light from [gold/metal] ape clan people bright, each other is fast connected, then gathers to arrive all on the middle floating lump. 大片金光从金猿族众人身上亮起,彼此飞快相连,然后尽数汇聚到了站在中间的浮坨身上。 Floats lump of whole body golden light greatly Sheng, has shone enough the several fold compared with before, lends a powerful wild aura, is not smaller and weaker than the golden puppet, the whole person looks like as if a golden war-god. 浮坨全身金光大盛,比之前亮了足足数倍,散发出一股强悍狂暴的气息,丝毫不比金色傀儡弱小,整个人看起来仿佛一个金色战神。 Golden puppet slow one breath, big mouth, spouts big piece golden light once more, unifies innumerable [gold/metal] sword, overcomes once more maliciously. 金色傀儡缓过一口气,大口一张,再次喷出大片金光,凝聚成无数金剑,再次狠狠打下。 Floats the lump lightly snort|hum, waved the [gold/metal] to turn Magical Treasure to throw the hand. 浮坨轻哼一声,挥手将手中金轮法宝扔了出去。 Meanwhile his ten fingers of gearing, several golden glow fly to shoot, dodges the submerging [gold/metal] that passes to turn in Magical Treasure. 同时他十指连动,十几道金芒飞射而出,一闪而逝的没入金轮法宝中。 The [gold/metal] turns Magical Treasure to express humming sound the shaking cry immediately, the surface appears the big piece, if has essence golden light, condenses at the same time the huge incomparable golden round shield, dozens zhang (3.33 m), covered all people fully. 金轮法宝顿时发出嗡嗡的震鸣,表面浮现出大片如有实质的金光,凝聚成一面巨大无比的金色圆盾,足有数十丈大小,笼罩住了所有人。 However round shield surface is not the smooth shape, appears golden sharp thorns, as if the hedgehog is common. 不过圆盾表面不是平滑形态,浮现出一根根金色尖刺,仿佛刺猬一般。 Bang bang bang! 砰砰砰! The bang that a series of [gold/metal] iron junctions strike, innumerable [gold/metal] sword hits on the golden round shield, although the golden round shield shivers unceasingly, but the sign of disruption does not have slightly, such easily resisted a wave of sword rain attack. 一连串的金铁交击的巨响,无数金剑打在金色圆盾上,金色圆盾虽然不断颤抖,但是丝毫碎裂的迹象也无,就这么轻易抵挡住了一波剑雨攻击。 [gold/metal] Yuan clan all people sees with own eyes this scenery, on the face reveals the happy expression. 金猿一族诸人眼见此景,脸上都露出喜色。 Roar!” In the golden puppet eye the ominous light dodges, exudes one to roar. “吼!”金色傀儡眼中凶光一闪,发出一声怒吼。 Its huge personal appearance swoops, jumps onto midair impressively, appears sky over the golden round shield. 它庞大身形飞扑而出,赫然跃上半空,出现在金色圆盾上空。 The golden puppet arm wields, big piece dazzling golden light appears, lingers on its arm, condenses a handle dozens zhang (3.33 m) golden color great blade edge, sends out dazzling incomparable rays of light, the naked eye is almost unable to look straight ahead, can see golden rune faintly in glittering, sends out the fearsome aura fluctuation. 金色傀儡手臂一挥,大片刺目金光浮现而出,萦绕在它的手臂上,凝聚成一柄数十丈长的金色巨刃,散发出耀眼无比的光芒,肉眼几乎无法直视,隐隐能看到金色符文在其中闪烁,散发出可怖的气息波动。 Floats the lump to see with own eyes this scenery, the complexion big change, bites the tip of tongue fiercely, opens mouth blowout together blood essence, integrates the [gold/metal] to turn in Magical Treasure. 浮坨眼见此景,脸色大变,猛地一咬舌尖,张口喷出一道精血,融入金轮法宝之中。 Surrounding golden round shield rays of light suddenly one bright, the thickness also increased three points. 周围的金色圆盾光芒猛然一亮,厚度也增加了三分。 Floated the lump just to complete these, golden puppet already swoops, both hands junction grasped, grasped the golden great blade edge in the hand. 浮坨刚刚做完这些,金色傀儡已经飞扑而下,双手交握,将金色巨刃握在手中。 Golden great blade edge rays of light pasts, changes into a handle golden color great sword, bright eye-catching, as if a handle operates a day of great sword, is insufferably arrogant. 金色巨刃一阵光芒流转,化为一柄金色巨剑,煌煌夺目,仿佛一柄开天巨剑,不可一世。 The golden puppet arm wields, the golden great sword cuts loudly maliciously toward the golden round shield. 金色傀儡手臂一挥,金色巨剑轰然朝着金色圆盾狠狠斩下。 ! 嗤嗤! The golden round shield deeply is punctured one immediately greatly hollow, but the golden round shield is also quite tenacious, although shivers fiercely, but ties tight unexpectedly unceasingly, had not been struck to be broken. 金色圆盾立刻被深深刺出一个巨大凹陷,不过金色圆盾也极为坚韧,虽然剧烈颤抖,但竟然紧绷不断,没有被一击而碎。 Under the round shield, floats the lump and the others complexion to be dignified, raves full play Cultivation Technique, is pouring into whole body True Qi Formation crazily, gathers to float on the lump, maintains the golden round shield not to be defeated and dispersed. 圆盾之下,浮坨等人脸色凝重,一个个狂吼着全力运转功法,将全身真气疯狂注入阵法之中,汇聚到浮坨身上,维持金色圆盾不溃散。 Both sides for a while unexpectedly present the potential of deadlock. 双方一时竟然呈现出僵持之势。 Sound that the golden puppet sends out being depressed, body golden color armor brilliance Sheng, innumerable golden rune depart from inside suddenly greatly, then gathers together golden light, integrates in the golden great sword, the golden armor luster was dim immediately. 金色傀儡发出一声闷闷的声音,身上金色铠甲陡然光华大盛,无数金色符文从里面飞出,然后汇聚成一道金光,融入金色巨剑中,金色铠甲色泽顿时黯淡了很多。 His arm raises, the golden great sword surface appears immediately golden flame, the prestige can increase immediately, on the golden round shield appears immediately cracks, then must disrupt shortly. 其手臂一扬,金色巨剑表面立刻浮现出一层金色火焰,威能立刻大增,金色圆盾上立刻浮现出一道道裂纹,眼看便要碎裂。 Floats the lump to see this, complexion big change. 浮坨见此,脸色大变。 As golden round shield appears crack, backlash of a great strength from the golden round shield returns. 随着金色圆盾浮现出裂缝,一股巨力从金色圆盾上反噬而回。 Floats a lump of opens mouth to spout a big blood, whole body golden light fast weakens, the aura also rapidly falls. 浮坨张口喷出一大口鲜血,全身金光飞快减弱,气息也迅速滑落。 The strength of backlash transmits to return continuously, floats a lump of this moment strength fast to be actually weaken, the resistance strength flies to reduce, saw that the body then must be routed by the strength of this backlash. 反噬之力源源不断传递而回,浮坨此刻力量却又飞快减弱,抵御力飞减,眼看身体便要被这股反噬之力击溃。 In his eyes appears a crazy color, turns the head to look suddenly to nearby clansman, in the mouth fast mumbles, the opens mouth spouts ten bloody glow, dodges to submerge body week ten clansman within the body. 他眼中浮现出一丝疯狂之色,豁然转头看向旁边的族人,口中飞快念念有词,张口喷出十道血光,一闪没入身周十个族人体内。 Ten people of body skins appear immediately the big piece scarlet, then the body ballooning gets up fiercely. 十人身体皮肤立刻浮现出大片血色,然后身体猛地鼓胀起来。 Shi Mu sees this, the pupil shrinks slightly, in the eye flashes through the color of detesting. 石牧见此,瞳孔微微一缩,眼中闪过憎恶之色。 these [gold/metal] ape clansman in abundance complexion big change, but has not waited for them to make anything, the body then loudly explodes, changes into ten bloody glow, submerges all floats lump in within the body. 这些金猿族人纷纷脸色大变,不过未等他们做出什么,身体便轰然爆裂,化为十道血光,尽数没入浮坨体内。 Floats lump of body one flip-flop to make noise, the body rose suddenly in a big way several points, the aura soared once more, compared with also wanted the formidable several points a moment ago. 浮坨身体一阵“噼啪”作响,身体猛然涨大了几分,气息再次飞涨,比起刚才还要强大几分。 His both eyes appears at this moment blood red, in the mouth mumbles, directs. 双目此刻浮现出一层血红色,口中念念有词,一指点出。 Dazzling golden light spouts from the fingertip together, submerges the golden circle to turn Magical Treasure. 一道刺目金光从指尖喷出,没入金色圆轮法宝 The golden round shield disrupts loudly, but all golden light heavy drinker absorbing water flow the [gold/metal] to turn in Magical Treasure. 金色圆盾轰然碎裂,不过所有金光长鲸吸水般流回金轮法宝中。 The [gold/metal] turns Magical Treasure to send out rumble shakes cry, spouts the big piece golden color brilliance toward all around. 金轮法宝发出隆隆震鸣,朝着四周喷出大片金色光焰。 Above monkey face design suddenly one lived, the monkey mouth opens, the lip thick or thin golden color flame spouts from the monkey mouth together, rapid incomparable dodged to pierce the golden puppet head. 上面的猴脸图案忽的一下活了过来,猴嘴张开,一道碗口粗细的金色火焰从猴嘴中喷出,迅疾无比的一闪洞穿了金色傀儡的脑袋。 Golden puppet body immediately one stiff, the next quarter its head explodes suddenly, changes into the innumerable fragments. 金色傀儡身体顿时一僵,下一刻它的脑袋猛然爆裂,化为无数碎片。 The headless corpse of golden puppet falls from midair, layer on layer pounds on the ground, was motionless. 金色傀儡的无头尸体从半空落下,重重砸在地上,不动了。 Floats the lump also to fall from midair, the body aura fast is weaken, drops the Sacred Realm peak quickly. 浮坨也从半空落下,身上气息飞快减弱,很快重新跌落回圣阶巅峰。 As soon as he falls to the ground, immediately throws on the golden puppet corpse, turns the hand to grasp the [gold/metal] to turn Magical Treasure, cutting cuts maliciously in the golden puppet chest, cut a yawn. 他一落地,立刻扑到了金色傀儡尸体上,翻手抓过金轮法宝,狠狠切割斩在金色傀儡胸口,斩出了一个大裂口。 His hand has extended, grasps a sphere quickly, the heart of puppet Shi Mu just took out, but this is the golden color, sends out the intermittent metal spiritual root principle to fluctuate. 他手伸了进去,很快抓出一个圆球,正是石牧刚刚取出的傀儡之心,不过这颗是金色的,散发出阵阵金属性法则波动。 Ha Ha! Finally made me obtain!” Floats in a lump of eye to reappear the crazy color, laughs. “哈哈!终于让我得到了!”浮坨眼中浮现出疯狂之色,哈哈大笑。 The next quarter, his big mouth suddenly, swallows golden sphere one. 下一刻,他大嘴蓦的一张,将金色圆球一口吞下。 Shi Mu stands in not far away at this moment, will float the lump to strike to kill the golden puppet the process to look clearly in the eye, saw with own eyes that opposite party swallows the heart of puppet, in the eye reveals the surprised color. 石牧此刻站在不远处,将浮坨击杀金色傀儡的过程清晰看在眼中,眼见对方一口吞下傀儡之心,眼中露出惊讶之色。 Water witch, is this is doing? Is perceiving through meditation the puppet principle at heart?” His sound transmission and water witch exchanges. “水灵子,他这是在干什么?难道在参悟傀儡之心里的法则?”他传音和水灵子交流。 Not and water witch responded, floats a lump of whole body to shine dazzling golden light, the body surface appears spider-web general golden color traces, spread quickly the whole body. 未及水灵子回应,浮坨全身亮起刺目之极的金光,体表浮现出一根根蜘蛛网一般的金色纹路,很快蔓延到了全身。 The aura that it lends fast promotes, in a while, unexpectedly direct breakthrough Saint boundary peak! 其散发出的气息飞快提升起来,没过多久,竟直接突破圣境巅峰! Soars to the heavens golden light to send out to go toward all around, forms bright incomparable golden ripples, submerged its form in inside. 冲天金光朝着四周散发而去,形成一道道明亮无比的金色涟漪,将其身影淹没在了里面。 Shi Mu sees with own eyes this scenery, on the face reveals to shock expression. 石牧眼见此景,脸上露出震惊神色 Is it possible that floated the lump in this place, breakthrough bottleneck, the achievement God Realm? 浮坨莫非就在这个地方,突破瓶颈,成就了神境 This was extremely also unthinkable. 这也太过匪夷所思了吧。
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