TODI :: Volume #4 一战封神

#312: Peer Yun Zhongjun

Chapter 312 travelling together Yun Zhongjun 第312章同行者・云中君 The Wu Wang itself/Ben thinks, oneself in the tactic and heart, already was acts bashful. 吴妄本以为,自己在战术和心脏这一块,已经算是拿捏住了。 To him experienced to the ancient times strong god Yunmeng god and Sleeping God Brother Yun Zhongjun's a series of operations, suddenly felt...... 一直到,他见识到了远古强神云梦之神、自家睡神老哥云中君的一连串操作,突然觉得…… He is chaste. 他还是纯洁的。 White clouds that his dao heart, such as in the blue sky stretches! 他的道心,就如蓝天之中舒展的朵朵白云! This Yun Zhongjun really can consider as finished! 这个云中君实在太能算了! Decides the idea from Yun Zhongjun Carries out a ticket in a big way runs Starts, Wu Wang does not see Yun Zhongjun's form on a half month, does not know that this brother was busy at anything. 自云中君定计【搞一票大的就跑】开始,吴妄就半个多月不见云中君的身影,也不知这老哥到底忙什么去了。 Wu Wang can only cultivation, wait for the news in low spirits, constantly adjusts itself while convenient in the position ; 吴妄只能闷头修行,等待消息,顺便不断调整自己所在方位; Under protecting and sustaining of Sounding Snake / Mingshe, he in Western Plains and Central Mountain the place of border, conceals is getting deeper and deeper. 鸣蛇的护持下,他在西野中山的边境之地,藏的越来越深。 Even, Wu Wang cannot bear the suspicion, Brother Yun Zhongjun has not contacted with himself for half a month, because of losing the own trail...... 甚至,吴妄忍不住怀疑,云中君老哥半个月没联系自己,是因失去了自己的踪迹…… After the previous time Heavenly Dao organization small-scale meeting, the necklace that Mother gave unties some restriction, Wu Wang started to derive divine power to pour into itself crazily. 经过上次的天道组织小型交流会,母亲给的项链解开了某种禁制,吴妄开始疯狂汲取神力灌注自身。 Although compared with previously sleek/moist thin silent, so swallowing up divine power, will have some waste inevitably. 虽然比起此前‘润物细无声’,这般‘鲸吞’神力,不可避免会产生些许浪费。 But under nowadays situation, can grow stronger as soon as possible, must grow stronger as soon as possible. 但现如今的局势下,能尽早变强,自是要尽早变强。 Derives divine power to have what use? 汲取神力有何用处? Regarding Wu Wang, the except strengthening fights the body, the most important use, is own accumulated raises the Star God bloodlines. 对于吴妄而言,除却强化战躯,最重要的用途,就是自己的蕴养星神血脉。 This is also a living spiritual cultivation good journey, mostly uses in Innate God trains trusted aide expert to use. 这也是一种生灵修行路途,大多用在先天神培养心腹高手所用。 Star God source essence and blood on such as a seed, on that desert island that in Wu Wang and Jing Wei meet initially, was Wu Wang made the initial transformation. 星神本源精血就如一粒种子,在吴妄精卫初遇的那座荒岛上,为吴妄进行了最初的改造。 Wu Wang when Human Territory cultivation, constantly obtains Vicious Spirit divine power to supplement themselves and admits power of stars quenching unceasingly, lets own within the body Star God bloodlines little to become. 吴妄人域修行时,不断得到凶神神力补充、不断接纳星辰之力淬炼自身,已是让自己体内的星神血脉小成。 This is far from the value of displaying this drop of essence and blood. 这远远没有发挥出这滴精血的价值。 Has the limit of this drop of source essence and blood, Wu Wang games body, hammers casts to endure to compare the Star God god body most likely (80%) intensity. 有这滴本源精血的极限,就是将吴妄躯,锻铸到堪比星神神躯八成的‘强度’。 Theoretically, under the function of this drop of Star God source essence and blood, the limit of Wu Wang body strength, should be equal to a Star God main body palm. 理论上来说,在这滴星神本源精血的作用下,吴妄身体力量的极限,应该等同于星神本体一只手掌。 But in fact...... 而实际上…… Wu Wang and Mother controlled the Star God body. 吴妄母亲控制了星神的身躯。 If not for the Star God body must serve as deters Heavenly Palace sword, Cang Xue has hollowed out the Star God god body, trains second Star God Wu Wang! 若不是星神身躯还要用做威慑天宫的‘剑’,苍雪早就挖空了星神神躯,将吴妄培养成第二个星神 Now, the Star God Cult reading strength transforms divine power continuously, the Star God injury restores day after day. 现在,星神教的念力源源不断转化成神力,星神的伤势日渐恢复。 Several thousand years, this god body can be on the verge of death from the severe wound probably again, restores the severe wound to be possible the live condition. 大概再有几千年,这具神躯就能从重伤濒死,恢复成重伤可活的状态。 Raises while convenient ; 顺带一提; Because in the dream the seclusion 300 years, Wu Wang the strength of divine thought obtained the enormous enhancement, said that the boundary also entered into Heavenly Immortal Realm intermediate stage. 因梦中闭关三百年,吴妄神念之力得到了极大增强,道境也迈入了天仙境中期 At this time his mind moves into the Star God god body, has been possible to control the god body to make some simple movements. 此时他心神入驻星神的神躯,已可控制神躯做一些简单的动作。 Although begins using the strength of Star God body forcefully, should still make Wu Wang feel quite weary, but he because of not erupting divine power will fall into the comatose condition. 虽然强行启用星神身躯之力,依然会让吴妄感觉颇为疲倦,但他已不会因爆发神力而陷入昏迷状态。 Star God star airdrop javelin, Is a Wu Wang trump card! 星神星空投标枪】,已算是吴妄的一道杀手锏! So swallowed half a month divine power. 就这般吞了半个月的神力 This day afternoon, Wu Wang chest front necklace ray gradually gloomy, the placard in the Wu Wang chest, lends the wisps of icy cold aura. 这日午后,吴妄胸前项链光芒渐渐暗淡了下去,自行帖在吴妄胸口,散发出一缕缕冰凉气息。 Wu Wang around the body spiritual light surges like the tide unceasingly, the photo his facial features are bright and are gloomy from time to time from time to time. 吴妄身周神光如浪潮般不断涌动,照的他面容时而明亮、时而阴暗。 The light black divine power cover ten zhang (3.33 m) away, actually this place phenomenon completely hidden. —— is the Sounding Snake / Mingshe writing skill. 十丈之外的浅黑色神力罩,却将此地异象完全隐去。——自是鸣蛇的手笔。 divine power absorbs has come to the end, speed of Wu Wang body strengthen naturally also slow. 神力吸纳已告一段落,吴妄身躯变强的速度自然也就慢了下来。 His lightly exhaled, around the body spiritual light restrains all, the whole body skeleton flip-flop the chaotic sound, oneself aura rises suddenly and drops, later hidden enters within the body all. 轻轻呼了口气,身周神光尽数收敛,浑身骨骼噼啪乱响,自身气息暴涨、跌落,随后尽数隐入体内。 The Yin-Yang decides Nascent Spirit, the stars hammers my body. 阴阳定元神,星辰锻我身。 Wu Wang opens the right hand, has not urged the round of Star God bloodlines, without using any Great Dao, the strength of only mortal body grasps gently. 吴妄张开右手,没有催发星神血脉,没有动用任何大道,单凭肉身之力轻轻一抓。 The universe swings slightly the ripples unexpectedly! 乾坤竟荡起微微涟漪! Wu Wang even feels itself, touched a canvas...... 吴妄甚至感觉自己,触碰到了一块画布…… Is this stars treasure body that three young god divine power train? 这就是三小神神力培养出的星辰宝体? this instant, Wu Wang to divine power and god nuclear, had the intense hope inevitably. 这一瞬,吴妄不可避免地对神力、神核,产生了强烈渴望。 But he alerts immediately, in regards itself, Yuan divine thought read aloud the purifying the mind law secret art, so longs for drew, to unravel, how one after another analyzed dao heart to think that and told itself some most basic truth. 但他立刻警醒,內视自身,元神念诵清心法诀,将这般渴望拉出来、抽丝剥茧,一条条地分析自己道心如何想的,并告诉自己一些最基本的道理。 Wu Wang Wu Wang, do not become the desire slave, do not become the divine power slave. 吴妄吴妄,不要成为欲望的奴隶,更不要成为神力的奴隶。 You to achieve the own goal, choose this road fast strengthen ; 你是为了达成自己的目标,才去选择这条路快速变强; To not stiffen and for pleasant sensation, eliminates other free wills the power that survives in the world. ’ 不是为了变强、为了快感,才去剥夺其他自由意志在天地间生存的权力。’ The heart just exuded these to read thinks, Wu Wang then could not bear laugh in one's heart two. 心底刚泛起这些念想,吴妄便忍不住暗笑了两声。 When oneself became such proper. 自己啥时候变得这么正经了。 At this time. 正此时。 Brother, Wu Wang ~ “老弟,无妄~” The Wu Wang ear center of escribed circle bottom heard Yun Zhongjun's shout simultaneously. 吴妄耳旁心底同时听到了云中君的呼喊声。 He stands up immediately, looks following the direction that the voice transmits, actually sees there is only one group of white fog. 他立刻站起身来,顺着嗓音传来的方向看去,却见那里只是一团白茫茫的云雾。 „Here comes, already prepare! Comes to see a play!” “来这边,已经布置好了!过来看戏!” Wu Wang somewhat is for a while perplexed, bringing hidden place avoidance Sounding Snake / Mingshe to walk toward that fog, then, sank to the land by the fog package. 吴妄一时有些不明所以,带着暗处躲避的鸣蛇朝那云雾走去,而后被云雾包裹、沉入了大地之中。 Mentioning is also funny. 说来也是好笑。 Solemn Yun Zhongjun, in Great Desolate air/Qi god, before long ago years , the god of famous Yunmeng, nowadays in Heavenly Palace is hanging title helping dormancy young expert Sleeping God ; 堂堂云中君,大荒中的‘气’神,久远岁月前鼎鼎大名的云梦之神,现如今在天宫挂着‘职称’的助眠小能手睡神; Walks the Great Desolate non- flying, likes drilling. 行走大荒不飞天,偏喜欢钻地。 Tells the truth, this brother escapes the ability that and hides, absolutely is great antiquity alone one grade. 有一说一,这老哥遁地和遁形的本领,绝对是洪荒独一档。 Yun Zhongjun brings seven of Wu Wang and Sounding Snake / Mingshe in the land features turns eight to turn, after transferring several double-hour, arrives under a mountain ridge. 云中君带着吴妄鸣蛇在地脉之中七拐八拐,转了几个时辰后,才抵达一处山脊之下。 On the mountain ridge is arranging the continuous palace group. 山脊上排着连绵的殿群。 Wu Wang induced sketchily, this place has more than ten Innate God unexpectedly. 吴妄粗略的感应了下,此地竟有十多名先天神 And not only the God terminal loses god level young god, two strengths endure compared with existence of Heavenly Palace god. 其中不只是神灵末端的‘丢神级’小神,还有两位实力堪比天宫正神的存在。 Even, Wu Wang detected Young Life Manager Great Dao indistinctly ; 甚至,吴妄隐隐约约察觉到了少司命大道; Hides in underground, the nose of Wu Wang made an effort to smell smelling, determined this was the fragrance that Young Life Manager was in sole possession. 躲在地下,吴妄的鼻子用力嗅了嗅,确定了这就是少司命独有的香气。 Brother, here does?” “老哥,在这里搞?” Here does,” Yun Zhongjun side Wu Wang present, narrows the eye to smile, has the courage?” “在这里搞,”云中君在吴妄身旁现行,眯眼笑着,“有没有胆子?” No, said goodbye!” “没有,告辞!” Yeah! Do not walk absurdly! The brother took the trouble to arrange for a half month in this! Many ten thousand years have not done a matter attentively!” “哎!别走啊妄!老哥在这费心布置了半个多月!多少万年没这么用心做过一件事了!” Yun Zhongjun take action like the electricity, turns head to be going to slide Wu Wang of person to hold on, says with a smile: 云中君出手如电,扭头就将要溜人的吴妄拉住,笑道: Hurried anything, here brothers prepare, you waited to dig the god nuclear and that's the end! “慌个什么,这里老哥都布置好了,你就等着挖神核就是了! Right, your necklace does divine power save has the upper limit? ” 对了,你这项链神力存储是有上限的?” Un,” Wu Wang a little does not prefer slightly. “嗯,”吴妄略微有点不情愿。 After all assigns/life importantly. 毕竟命最重要。 That might as well,” Yun Zhongjun with a smile a fumble in sleeve. “那无妨,”云中君笑吟吟地在袖中一阵摸索。 Listens to bite the bell dang a chaotic sound, this ancient God pulled out two earrings and three rings directly, but also said the sentence specially: 就听叮铃咣噹一阵乱响,这古神直接掏出了两只耳环、三枚戒指,还特意道了句: This is lends your! Does not deliver! Can save the divine power treasure, is seriously rarely seen “这是借给你的!可不是送的!能存储神力的宝贝,当真不多见” Wu Wang received with a smile, arches cup the hands to Yun Zhongjun: „The little brother was actually disrespectful.” 吴妄笑着接过,对云中君拱拱手:“那小弟就却之不恭了。” Yun Zhongjun ridicules: How, your facial skin thick didn't already lose this god?” 云中君笑骂:“怎得,你这脸皮之厚已经不输本神了?” Then from could not compare...... was right, Brother, first said why you elected in this place.” “那自还是比不了的……对了,老哥,先说说你为何选在此地。” Wu Wang changes the topic calm, has worn three rings in the left hand, hid under the black armor glove. 吴妄淡定地岔开话题,已是将三枚戒指戴在左手,藏在了黑甲手套下。 That two different model earring was used a rope to string together by him, temporarily received. 那两只造型各异的耳环被他用一根绳索串起,暂时收了起来。 Yun Zhongjun: „ Actually I do not want to do the matter at first such in a big way, but I investigated in secret in Western Plains, spied on many life and Innate God dreamland, here flaw are most. 云中君:“其实我最初也没想把事情搞这么大,但我在西野暗中探查了一圈,窥探了不少生灵和先天神的梦境,就这里破绽最多。 Not only the flaw are many, but also specially...... interesting. ” 啧啧,不只是破绽多,还特别……有趣。” Wu Wang and Sounding Snake / Mingshe top of the head emitted the one after another mushroom question mark. 吴妄鸣蛇的头顶冒出了一只只蘑菇般的问号。 Yun Zhongjun explained several with a smile. 云中君笑着解释了几句。 Nothing but is the love between this place Innate God hates the rival in love. 无非就是此地先天神之间的爱恨情仇。 Western Plains is at entire Great Desolate, is quite mysterious the place. 西野在整个大荒来说,都是较为‘神奇’之地。 Here Hundred Clans combines, mountainous multi- forest, and area in Great Desolate Nine Plains slightly obviously narrow and small, has no rare and precious valuable ore. 这里百族混杂,多山多茂林,且面积在大荒九野中稍显狭小,也没什么珍稀宝矿。 Since old times, Great Desolate Western Plains is Wild Land, many strong gods disdained in this place fall occupy, this caused this place to have the present situations of many young gods. 自古,大荒西野就是蛮荒之地,诸多强神不屑在此地落居,这才导致了此地存在诸多小神的现状。 The Western Plains peak, once had hundred young gods to divide the own territory in this place. 西野巅峰时期,曾有过百小神在此地划分自己的领地。 Heavenly Palace also turns a blind eye to Western Plains, so long as these young gods abide by Heavenly Palace several big principles, whatever they enjoy the god to live in this place. 天宫西野也是睁一只眼闭一只眼,只要这些小神遵循天宫的几大原则,也就任由他们在此地享受神生。 A time long time and day are long, these young gods will produce various types of contradictions inevitably. 时间一久、日子一长,这些小神不可避免会产生各种矛盾。 In these young gods, will always have some ambitious gods, is thinking the prestige of winning over the influence and promotion in the God industry, thus seeks a higher god position in Heavenly Palace. 这些小神中,总不免会有一些野心勃勃之神,想着拉拢势力、提升在神灵业界的威望,从而在天宫谋求个更高的神位。 In the system of Heavenly Palace, there is an god position to have divine power, a higher god position is corresponding many divine power. 天宫的体系中,有神位就有神力,越高的神位对应着越多的神力 In the course of contacts, the Western Plains numerous young god half sticks together, formed several fixed factions. 一来二去,西野众小神半数抱成了团,形成了几个固定的派系。 Presented the faction, has the friction inevitably, they start to contend unceasingly ; Sometimes the sound makes was too big, will then draw on reproving of Heavenly Palace. 出现了派系,就不可避免存在摩擦,他们明里暗里开始不断相争;有时动静弄的太大了,便会招来天宫的训斥。 In these more than ten Innate God that Yun Zhongjun chooses temporarily gathering place, included main God of three big factions. 在云中君选择的这十几名先天神暂时聚集之地,就囊括了其中三大派系的主要神灵 However, this is only its one. 然而,这只是其一。 You look at these young gods,” in Yun Zhongjun disdains completely, a total of 13, male god Goddess accounts for half reluctantly respectively, but among them had once had intimate relationship that the present maintains, has 26 probably.” “你看这些小神,”云中君目中满是不屑,“总共十三个,男神女神勉强各占一半,但他们之间曾有过的、现在保持的男女关系,大概有二十六条。” cough!” !” The Wu Wang one breath breath walked the fork, the face suppresses red, this?” 吴妄一口气息走叉,脸都憋红了,“这?” Yun Zhongjun can the hand obstruct the surface, sighs with emotion: 云中君不由得以手遮面,感慨道: Brother as Innate God, felt that a little loses face. “老哥身为先天神,都感觉有点丢人。 Extinguished, do not think, here God not clean, persecuting the life they were the experts, met the Human Territory expert atmosphere not to dare to breathe. 灭了吧,别多想,这里的神灵没有一个干净的,迫害生灵他们都是行家,遇到人域强者大气都不敢喘。 Handles them, calculates that helped the life of place of Western Plains make a meager contribution. ” 搞定他们,也算帮西野之地的生灵做点微薄的贡献了。” Extinguishes!” “灭!” A Wu Wang hand grips the god spear/gun, but the under foot is entirely still. 吴妄张手握住断神枪,但脚下纹丝不动。 Yun Zhongjun is actually calm smiles, warm sound said: 云中君却是淡定的一笑,温声道: You do not need take action, the brother to show one's skill to you, and looks is.” “你不必出手,老哥自是要给你露一手,且看就是。” The words fall, Yun Zhongjun around the body exuded light mist, their three as if completely vanished in the world. 话语落下,云中君身周泛起了一层薄薄的雾气,他们三者仿佛自天地间完全消失。 Meanwhile ; 与此同时; In these Divine Palace, two female Innate God exuded to be stranded intent, each one rested. 那些神殿之中,有两位女性先天神泛起了困意,各自去小憩了一阵。 After waking up, their expression are many some changes, seems somewhat anxious, a god paces back and forth, a god draws on two maidservant blow, bow, pluck, and sing. 醒来后,她们表情多有些变化,似乎有些焦虑,一神来回踱步,一神招来两名侍女吹拉弹唱 Underground, hidden place. 地下,暗处。 Yun Zhongjun big hand pressed the Wu Wang shoulder, the Wu Wang heart clear projection had had above all sorts of situations. 云中君大手摁住吴妄肩头,吴妄心底已清晰投影出了上面发生的种种情形。 Yun Zhongjun said: I have bustled about half a month in this place, only the bad shooting, only needs the patient waiting later, from being clear.” 云中君道:“我已在此地忙碌半个月,只差临门一脚,稍后只需耐心等待,自见分晓。” Brother acts independently is, does not need scruples me.” “老哥放手施为就是,不必顾忌我。” Look,” Yun Zhongjun selected the sentence in a soft voice, their two could not have repressed.” “看,”云中君轻声点了句,“她们两个已是按耐不住了。” Wu Wang observes with total concentration, that two appearance quite beautiful female Innate God started the action respectively, entered other Innate God main halls. 吴妄聚精会神地观察,那两名容貌颇美的女性先天神各自开始了行动,进入了其他先天神的大殿。 Soon, matter evolved three waves of God to meet respectively, discussed half double-hour to a double-hour respectively. 不多时,事情就演变成了三波神灵各自碰面,各自商议了半个时辰到一个时辰。 Afterward, 13 Innate God return to Divine Palace respectively, deliberately avoided each other, had not met face to face. 随后,十三名先天神各自回返自己神殿,刻意避开了彼此,互相之间没有打照面。 Situation by three factions managed God to press. 事态似被三个派系的主掌神灵压了下来。 Has waited till midnight ; 一直等到了半夜时分; Yun Zhongjun puts out a puppet from the sleeve, to a puppet point, a female Innate God figure is lying down gently silently, divine soul unexpectedly is stave silent quietly, the forehead presented the small hole. 云中君自袖中拿出一只木偶,对着木偶轻轻一点,一名女先天神身形无声无息地躺倒,神魂竟无声无息悄然破碎,额头出现了小小的孔洞。 If Yun Zhongjun so strong god, copes so young god, there is to do mental arithmetic to have no interest, and ahead of time completed the arrangement...... 如云中君这般强神,去对付如此小神,还是有心算无心,且提前做好了布置…… Although Wu Wang wants to praise this brother several, but some truly quarts do not export. 虽然吴妄很想夸这老哥几句,但确实有些夸不出口。 The power gap is too big. 实力差距着实太大。 divine power of this fellow can only waste, this is the necessary introduction,” Yun Zhongjun sinking sound said sentence. “这家伙的神力只能浪费了,这是必要的引子,”云中君沉声道了句。 Wu Wang nods , to continue to observe the subsequent change. 吴妄点点头,继续观察后续变化。 The guard discovery in Divine Palace is not right, immediately hurries to shout. 神殿内的侍卫发现不对,立刻慌忙呼喊。 More than ten young god simultaneously rush to this place, Young Life Manager also comes in this place, inspects the condition of that young god. 十多小神齐齐赶到此地,少司命也在此地现身,检查那名小神的状态。 Had died, Great Dao belongs to the god courtyard, divine soul has broken.” “已是死了,大道归于神庭,神魂已破碎。” „?” “啊?” Other 12 young god in an uproar. 剩余的十二名小神一片哗然。 Also does not know that what kind of Yun Zhongjun resorted to method, Young Life Manager cannot look through this young god how to be killed, even is unable to find out any charm or the say/way rhyme. 也不知道云中君动用了哪般手段,少司命未能看破这小神如何被杀的,甚至无法查出任何神韵或者道韵。 Young Life Manager is just about to report Heavenly Palace this matter, goes back the corpse belt/bring of this young god ; 少司命正要将此事禀告天宫,将这小神的尸身带回去; Behind her crowd of Western Plains god, had actually started the quarrel. 她背后那群西野神祇,却已开始了争吵。 12 young gods divide three piles to stand, start to accuse unceasingly, rapidly evolves to open the mouth to rail. 十二名小神分三堆站立,开始不断指责,迅速演变成开口谩骂。 This said that in his previous dream has an omen, deciding is someone behavior ; 这个说他此前梦中有所预兆,定是谁谁所为; That said that this plunders divine power to have nothing to do with that deciding is the previous private grudges, some people secretly take action. 那个说这与那掠夺神力者无关,定是此前私怨,有人暗自出手 The scene somewhat is quite chaotic. 场面颇有些混乱。 Young Life Manager has not controlled the field with enough time, this place and discovered some evidence, the one after another traces, threw another two faction body filthy water smoothly. 少司命还没来得及控场,此地又发现了些许证据,一条条蛛丝马迹,将脏水顺利泼到了另外两个派系身上 The suspicion and question, evolved the quarrel and insult rapidly. 猜疑、质疑,迅速演化成了争吵、辱骂。 The mood of these young gods are somewhat unusual, as if in the subconscious recognized is someone below violent treachery, the opposite party wants while to retaliate randomly. 这些小神的情绪有些异常,似乎潜意识里认定了就是谁谁下的毒手,对方是想趁乱报复。 Young Life Manager came to mediate for quite a while, actually cannot recall these 12, nearly had gotten ideological steel seal Western Plains young god. 少司命居中调解了半天,却挽回不了这十二名,已近乎被打上了‘思想钢印’的西野小神。 The Yun Zhongjun biggest advantage, lies in Heavenly Palace does not know his existence. 云中君最大的优势,就在于天宫并不知他的存在。 So tossed about for three days, the contradiction radical eruptions between these more than ten young gods, must hit take action greatly. 如此前后折腾了三天,这十多名小神之间的矛盾彻底爆发,已是要大打出手 Young Life Manager was successfully mad to flinging the sleeve goes. 少司命成功被气到甩袖而去。 She warned these Innate God just before leaving, if they dare at this time its internal strife, Heavenly Palace could not forgive them. 她临走警告了这些先天神,他们若是敢此时其内讧,天宫自是饶不了他们。 The numerous Western Plains god is only sane also, not real take action. 西野神祇理智还在,并未真的出手 Young Life Manager walks, the young gods of these three factions lift up their Divine Palace to depart respectively ; Because dreads that plunders divine power spirit, each one does not dare to leave behind, three faction sticking together hug quite tight. 少司命一走,这三个派系的小神各自扛起他们的神殿离去;又因畏惧那掠夺神力的‘幽灵’,各自不敢落单,三家派系抱团抱的颇紧。 Also so, crossed two days. 如此,又过了两日。 Yun Zhongjun has held troops, observes calmly the development. 云中君一直按兵不动,静观事态发展。 Sounding Snake / Mingshe asked that his when take action, Yun Zhongjun smiles not to speak. 鸣蛇问他何时出手,云中君笑而不语。 Wu Wang actually understands, Young Life Manager must not be far away ; This moment Yun Zhongjun is doing, with Young Life Manager separates spatial gambling. 吴妄却是明白,少司命必未远离;此刻云中君在做的,就是与少司命的隔空博弈。 Two days turned round on the 2nd, two days how many. 两日复两日,两日何其多。 These three factions clash one after another, although the numerous Western Plains god has not only been out take action, but their Hundred Clans expert, have the quite a lot casualty. 这三家派系接连爆发冲突,虽众西野神祇并未下场出手,但他们手下的百族高手,已有颇多死伤。 Western Plains is unstable, this place must erupt a small-scale god war in this place probably immediately. 西野动荡不安,此地好像马上要在此地爆发一场小型神战。 The decree that Heavenly Palace one day transmits three Great Master of Fate, restrains by force this place chaotic situation —— Who first take action, Heavenly Palace sure kill it. 天宫一日传来三道大司命的旨意,强压此地混乱局势——【谁先出手,天宫必杀之】。 Sneak attacked to extinguish a young god to start from Yun Zhongjun, altogether crossed 19 days. 自云中君偷袭灭了一名小神开始,总共过了一十九日。 Young Life Manager comes again, admonishes their cannot to continue mutually hostilely ; But the Heavenly Palace custom does not limit the Innate God solution private grudges, she is unable to interfere too. 少司命再次现身,规劝他们莫要继续互相敌对;但天宫规矩并不限制先天神解决私怨,她也无法干涉太多。 The long time urged the idle work, the Young Life Manager also been mad pretty face ice was cold, screened out the god health/guard that this place was stationed in directly. 久劝无功,少司命也被气的俏脸冰寒,直接抽走此地驻扎的神卫。 She returned to Heavenly Palace directly, is disinclined again the matter of Western Plains. 她直接回返了天宫,懒得再西野之事。 Therefore, Wu Wang asked Yun Zhongjun: Our present take action?” 于是,吴妄问云中君:“咱们现在出手?” When the time comes,” Yun Zhongjun has not said with a smile, „should not be anxious, waits for 19 days also to might as well again, that side Human Territory, Human Sovereign had not found the breach.” “还未到时候,”云中君笑道,“不要急,再等十九日也是无妨,人域那边,人皇还没找到突破口。” Good,” Wu Wang had not asked, sits in meditation in the land features simply, mediates divine power. “好,”吴妄并未多问,干脆就在地脉中打坐,调解自身神力 Finally, after Yun Zhongjun introduction scatter the 52 nd day. 终于,云中君引子撒出去后的第五十二日。 Great Desolate Central Mountain, earth-shaking thunder sound, Human Territory jumps out three gangs of elite Cultivator armies suddenly, attacks the Central Mountain center, rips open the Heavenly Palace defense line directly. 大荒中山,石破天惊一声雷响,人域突然窜出三股精锐修士大军,直插中山腹地,将天宫防线直接撕开。 The news has not passed to Western Plains, that side war the eruption half double-hour, Yun Zhongjun had not just sighed gently. 消息尚未传到西野,那边大战刚爆发不过半个时辰,云中君轻轻叹了口气。 Wu Wang.” 无妄。” Can begin?” “要动手了?” The Wu Wang spirit shakes. 吴妄精神一震。 Un,” Yun Zhongjun complied with the sound, entrained 12 puppets from the sleeve. “嗯,”云中君应了声,自袖中拽出了十二只木偶。 Fineness that very these puppets manufacture, above is drawing dense and numerous spell, the respective forehead has jade talisman of fingernail size. 这些木偶制作的十分精细,其上画着密密麻麻的符咒,各自额头都有一只指甲盖大小的玉符 Yun Zhongjun holds to sprinkle the fog these puppet packages, the manner also becomes somewhat dignified, the voice resounds in the Wu Wang heart. 云中君掌中洒出云雾将这些木偶包裹,神态也变得有些凝重,嗓音在吴妄心底响起。 This matter quite loses money god virtue. “此事颇为亏损神德。 Today my take action does these matters, actually without other plans, has nothing to attempt, but wants to make you feel relieved to me. 今日我出手做这些事,其实没有其他算计,也没有任何企图,只是想让你对我放心。 After this next best matter, your I share weal and woe ; 此次之事过后,你我荣辱与共; If this matter exposes, nowadays world order, will not accommodate you, will not accommodate me. 若此事暴露,现如今的天地秩序,既不会容你,也不会容我。 I cannot think that other can make you trust my means completely, road that but we must take from now on, must trust each other, therefore offers this bad plan. 我想不到其他能够让你完全信任我的办法,但今后我们要走的路,又必须互相信任,故出此下策。 Wish the Heavenly Dao to emerge, your I ended the misery of life, opens the world brand-new order. ” 愿天道兴起,你我结束生灵之苦难,开辟天地崭新秩序。” Wu Wang is staring at Yun Zhongjun's facial features, wants to penetrate the camouflage of his Sleeping God, sees Yun Zhongjun expression at this moment. 吴妄凝视着云中君的面容,想透过他睡神的伪装,看到云中君此刻的表情。 Wu Wang said repeatedly: 吴妄重复道: Wish the Heavenly Dao to emerge, your I ended the misery of life, opens the world brand-new order.” “愿天道兴起,你我结束生灵之苦难,开辟天地崭新秩序。” Yun Zhongjun smiles safely, to Wu Wang raised brows. 云中君安然一笑,对吴妄挑了挑眉 Following close on, him is pointing at provokes the fog gently, 12 puppet yun have spiritual light. 紧跟着,他手指轻轻拨弄云雾,十二只木偶酝起神光 That 12 small god mood have the little changes, they who have arrived in the respective eruption critical point, the summon subordinate, simultaneously go toward that mountain ridge. 那十二名小神情绪出现少许变化,早已抵达各自爆发临界点的他们,召唤部下,齐齐朝着那处山脊而去。 After half double-hour . 半个时辰后。 Yun Zhongjun crumb that 12 puppets ; 云中君捏碎了那十二只木偶; Wisp of breeze has blown the mountain ridge, these God followers, changed to the bloody water all, melts in the world, returns in the natural spiritual energy. 一缕微风吹过山脊,这些神灵的追随者,尽数化作了血水,消融于天地间,回归于自然灵气。 Wu Wang put on black armor, breaks open the rock layer and shooting up to the sky arrogantly. 吴妄套上了黑甲,自大地中破开岩层、冲天而起。 After the moment, this place left behind 12 God corpse. 片刻后,此地留下了十二具神灵尸身 Also half double-hour. 又过半个时辰。 Some Innate God discovered that this place unusual form, an unrest will erupt from now on, sweeps across Great Desolate extremely quickly, vibrated the Nine Plains world. 先天神发现此地异状,一场骚乱自此地爆发,极快地席卷大荒,震动了九野的天地。
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